Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 8
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_*AOR RIGHT war HOT OWN A HOME OR fix UP THE OLD OJIKT The Algona Building and lLoan Association has ample funds to ad- Tatice at a very, low rate of interest for the purpose of building, re- toodeling and refinancing desirable first mortgage loans on Algona property. We will be pleased to have you call at our office for further Information. THT ALGONA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Office located 1st door north of Iowa STATE BANK cotwrt APVANCB. ALSOEX. Laird & McCullough I! FUNERAL DIRECTORS PHONE 521 ALGONA, IOWA Assmt. $223.92 187.80 6.02 66.02 100.54 33.05 66.24 103.69 73.61 115.68 69.07 117.21 51.85 12.04 91.02 30.26 NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT OF BENEFITS IN THE MATTER OF DRAINAGE DISTRICT NO. 84, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA PLUM CREEK TWP. 96-28 Description Section Emmet Paetz S% SEVi SE% 24 Phillip J. Aman NE14 NEM 25 Phillip J. Aman S% NW% NE& 25 Phillip J. Aman SW% NEVi, 25 Phillip J. Aman SEJ4 NE% 25 James P. Larson & Lewis E. KrantzE% NEVi SW J 4. 25 James P. Larson & Lewis E. KrantzE 2-3 SE% SE& SW& <te iE% NV 2 SEVi SWM, 25 James P. Larson & Lewis E. KrantzNEVt SEi4 25 James P. Larson & Lewis E. KrantzNW% SEVi 25 James P. Larson & Lewis E. KrantzSWVi SEVi 25 James P. Larson & Lewis E. KrantzSEVi SEVi 25 Cental Life Assurance Soc NEVi NEVi 36 Central Life Assurance Soc N% NWVi NEVi & SEVi NWVi NEVi 36 Central Life Assurance Soc XE% SWVi NEVi 36 Central Life Assurance Soc SEVi NEVi 36 Adel G. Norton, Edna S. Ferguson & Eleanor M. Wanzer E 2-3 NEVi NEVi NWVi . .36 WESLEY TWP. 96-27 Cecelia Mary Ann Gollner NWVi NEVi 29 Cecelia Mary Ann Gollner SWVi NEVi 29 . Cecelia Mary Ann Gollner WV 2 SEVi NEVi 29 Cecelia Mary Ann Gollner E'/2 NEVi NWVi & SWVi iNEVi NWV4 29 Cecelia Mary Ann Gollner SEVi NWVi 29 Lena Schuler NEVi SWVi 29 Cecelia Gollner NWVi SWVi 29 Lena Schiller SWV4 SWV4 29 Lena Schuler SEVi SWVi 29 Jurgen C. Skow W% NEVi SEVi 29 Jurgen C. Skow NWVi SEVi 29 Jurgen C. Skow SWVi SEVi 29 Jurgen C. Skow W% SEVi SEVi 29 Andrew Gollner SWVi SWVi NEVi 30 Charles & Margareta Ainley S Va NEVi NWVi 30 Charles & Margareta Ainley SEVi NWVi 30 Southern Trust & Commerce Bank of San Diego, Calif., Admin SV 2 NWV4 NWVi 30 Southern Trust & Commerce Bank of San Diego, Calif., Admin SWVi NWVi 30 R. H. Miller NEV4 SWVi 30 R. H. Miller NWVi SWVi 30 R. H. Miller SWVi SWVi 30 R. H. Miller SEVi SWVi 30 Cecelia Mary Ann Gollner NEVi SEVi 30 Cecelia Mary Ann Gollner NWVi SEVi 30 Lambert Brethorst SWVi SEVi 30 Lambert Brethorst SEVi SEVi 30 Equitable Life Assurance Soc NEVi NEVi 31 Equitable Life Assurance Soc NWVi NEV4 31 Equitable Life Assurance Soc SWVi NEVi 31 Equitable Life Assurance Soc SEVi NEVi 31 F. L.; Adams NEVi NWVi 31 F. L. ; Adams NWVi NWVi 31 F. L. Adams SWVi NWVi 31 F. L. Adams SEVi NWVi 31 Essie McMahon NEVi SWVi 31 Essie McMahon NEVi NWVi SWVi 31 Essie McMahon NEVi SEVi 31 Essie McMahon NWVi SEVi 31 Essie McMahon SEVi SEVi 31 John Brinkman SWVi SEVi 31 Michael Schrauth WVa NEVi NEVi ,..32 Michael Schrauth NWVi NEVi 32 Michael Schrauth SWVi NEVi 32 Michael Schrauth NWVi SEVi NEVi 32 W. P. & M. P. Brewster NEVi NWVi 32 W. P. & M. P. Brewster .' SEVi NWVi 32 Henry, M. P. W. P. Brewster NWVi NWVi 32 Henry, M. P. W. P. Brewster SWVi NWVi 32 Ole Peterson N% NWVi SWVi & W 1-3 iS% NWVi SWVi 32 Ole Peterson W 1-3 SWVi SWVi ex. ry 32 1 NEW OFFICERS ARE ELECTED BY FENTON AID Fenton, Aug. 22—The Methodist Aid met Friday at the church, Mesdames Clarence Menz, Jacob Zweifel, Carrie Voight, and Boy Chrls- chilles, hostesses. Officers were elected: president, Mrs. O. H. Schmidt; vice, Mrs. W. E- Stoeber; secretary, Mrs. G. W. Newel; treasurer, Mrs. F. P. Newel. Musical numbers included an instrumental duet, Ardis Voight and Betty Jean Schwartz, and a piano solo, LaVonne 'Newel. Standard Bearers Name Officers— Sixteen Standard Bearer members met at the Methodist church last week Monday, and officers w«re elected: president, Donna Jean Mailey; vice, Ruth Glaus; secretary, Nettie Weisbrod; treasurer Gladys Stoeber. After the meeting the group drove to the river north of town for a picnic supper. Witters Make Stop Here— The Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Witter were dinner guests at W. E. Stoe- Acrobats at Kossuth Pair ber's last week were en route to Lake Mills from Tuesday. They their home. at the Okobojis, 80.86 106.64 24.04 32.79 111.15 91.62 67.59 148.65 151.57 58.57 179.25 116.63 51.04 30.59 27.78 126.17 6.01 43.50 189.01 140.96 124.50 124.48 136.48 111.01 98.97 106.47 118.53 63.09 108.08 182.95 78.10 98.33 114.43 24.09 9.04 3.02 111.48 41.31 153.76 21.02 where they attended a Methodist Bible Institute. Mr. Witter is a former pastor here. New Deal Bridge Club Meets— The New Deal bridge club was entertained at four tables at Ray Stoeber's last week Tuesday evening in honor of the K. O. Stephensons, who have moved to Algona. Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Meyer won high score prizes, and Dorothy Gerhard a travel prize. Osborns Off for The C. L. Osborns left Saturday to visit relatives in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, also the world's fair and The Dells in Wisconsin. Mrs. Osborn was formerly Maxine Weisbrod and before marriage was the Advance's Fenton correspondent. Group Leaves for Visits— The Henry Theesfelds, the Chas. Theesfelds, and the Clarence Theesfelds left last week Wednesday to visit relatives in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Gene Hammond, Mallard, is in charge of the PAUL AND ILOUIS OETZ, trapeze artists, will present several acts at •* the Kossulh fair for all four days, September 6-8. Both are finished gymnasts, and for years shoved with the largest circuses. Theesfeld barber shop during their absence. Leave for the Coast— Mrs. Fred Behnke, of Maywood, Calif., left one day last week, after a week with relatives here. She was accompanied by Mrs. Herman Luedtke, and they were to visit relatives or friends in Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, and California. Kennit Kohlstedt Has Operation— Kermit Kohlstedt had an appendicitis operation at the General hospital, Algona, last week Monday, and ihis mother, Mrs. Mary Kohlstedt, stayed at the Ingersoll home there while he was in the hospital. Four to World's Fair- Mary Jamieson, Emm«tsburg, Lester Weisbrod, Mrs. H> P. Weis- 39.05 I brod, and Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod left Sunday for a week at the world's 63.06 96.13 24.04 151.54 63.09 69.84 87.63 34.55 34.55 PRAIRIE TWP: 95-27 Kunz Farm Co N% W 1-3 NWVi NWVi ex. ry 5 8.25 Louis Kutschara SWVi SWVi .'. 5 51.04 Louis Kutschara SV& NWVi SWVi & W J /& VT ,. . NWVi NW% SW.tt ".5 '15.02 Northwestern Mut. Life Ins Co. of Wisconsin N% E% NEViNEVi ex. ry. V T .. . & W9i NEVj, NEVi 6 141.68 Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co. I of Wisconsin NWVi NE% ex ry 6 144.01 Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co. ° f Wisconsin SW% NE% 6 97.57 Northwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co. Of Wisconsin W% SEVi NEVi 6 8853 Joe J. Cink & Mary c. Cink EVi SEVi SWVi 6 No tax Joe J. Cink & Mary C. Cink NEVi SEVi 6 13727 Joe J. Cink & Mary C. Cink SEVi SEVi 6 129.71 Joe J. Cink & Mary C. Cink NWVi SEVi 6 49 52 Joe J. Cink & Mary C. Cink E% SWVi SEVi 6 43.71 H. N. Boshell NEVi NEVi 7 135.01 H. N. Boshell NWVi NE% 7 No tax H. N. Boshell N% SWVi NEVi 7 No tax H-N. Boshell NV6 SE% NE% 7 Notax Lambert Brethorst EM> NEVi NWVi 7 No tax H. N. Boshell NE% SEVi NW% 7 Notax Herman Kutschara W% NEVi NWVi 8 30.03 Herman Kutschara NWVi NWVi 8 48.06 Herman Kutschara NVi SWVi NWVi 8 6.01 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company Right of way 86.36 Public Highways in Plum Creek Tp. included in District 82 52 Public Highways in Wesley Tp. included in District 23718 Public Highways in Prairie Tp. included in District 65 98 Primary Highway Number 18 South of Sections No. 31 and 32 Tp. 96-27 f 112.89 Owners of the above described lands, comprising Drainage District No. 84 of Kossuth County, Iowa, and to all actual occupants and to all persons having or claiming any right, title or interest in and to the above described lands: fair. ™,- f ** K ^ « °*. you are hereb y notified that the Commissioners appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, to inspect and reclassify the lands within said Drainage District and benefltted bv the improvements constructed within said Drainage District in manner as provided by law, and to make an equitable apportionment upon said lands of the costs and expenses of reconstruction and repair of the improvements-within said Drainage District and which now remain unpaid did on the 1st day of August, 1933, make their report to the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa. That the real estate owned or occupied by you and each of you and situated within said Drainage District No. 84, a description of which is set opposite the name of the owner thereof in the foregoing schedule, has been reclassifled by said commissioners; that the amount of special assessment for the purpose of raising money sufficient to pay for reconstruction and repairs within said District, and which now remain unpaid, as apportioned to each tract of land, by said commissioners, is set opposite the description of each tract of land on which said assessment is made in the foregoing schedule. That said classification is also Intended to stand as a basis of all future assessments connected with said Drainage District unless the same may be hereafter changed by the Board of Supervisors. For further particulars as to said classification you are referred to the report of the Commissioners now on file in the office of the County Auditor. That said report will come on for hearing before the Board of SUD- ervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, in Algona, Iowa, on the 12th dav of Sept., 1933, at 2 o'clock P. M, that all objections to said report must be made in writing and filed with the County Auditor of Kossuth Countv Iowa, before 2 P: M. on the 12th day of Sept., 1933. Dated at Algona, Iowa,this 10th day of August, 1933. E. J. BUTLER, County Auditor. Surprise for Lydla areyers— Lddia Meyers was taken by surprise at her home last week Monday, when friends came to help her celebrate a birthday anniversary. Other Fenton News. Mrs. Wilbert Holldorf, Mrs. Carrie Voight, Mrs. R. N. Kyle, and Alice Glaus were at Algona last week Tuesday, and Mrs. Blla Sarchett, aunt of Mrs. Holldorf from Oregon, came here with them for a visit. The Nels Kroghs and the Steffin Berkness family, Lakefield, Minn., visited from Friday till Monday at John Kramer's. Mrs. Kramer is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Krogh and sister of Mrs- Berkness. The Dick Mounts, Lohrville, visited the John Micfclicks at Ben Mitchell's 'last week. Mr. Mount and Mr. Micklick are Lohrville high school teachers. iRoy Scott, Des Moines, and H. A. Scott, Fremont, were overnight guests of the latter's nephew, W. R. Wolfe, last week Wednesday The c- F. C. Laages, Edith Laage, and Betty Jean Schwartz left Saturday to spend the weekend with Des Moines relatives The E. D. Whites returned last week Monday from a summer vacation spent with relatives at Rockford and 'Rockwell City. The Donald Weisbrods, the Herman Luedtkes, and Ernest Luedtke left Friday for a fishing vacation in northern Minnesota. Jean and Elinor Ann Denker of Lester, are spending the week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod. Mrs. O. H- Schmidt was hostess to the Hook & Needle club last week Wednesday. CROWD OF 165 ATTEND C, E, RALLY AT BURT CBurt, Aug. 22—Some 165 young people attended a county Christian Endeavor rally at the Presbyterian church here Sunday afternoon and evening. They were from Wesley, Bancroft, Algona, Lu Verne, Lakota, iLone Rock, and Burt. The afternoon program consisted of devotions conducted by the Rev. R. Bernsten, special music, quiet hour led by Alice Angus, Lone Rock, and an address, "A Christian Looks at the Future," -by the Rev. S. H. Aten. A potluck supper was served, and at 6:30 a Christian Endeavor meeting was held in charge of the Lu Verne society, assisted by Wesley and Burt. The Rev. S. M Gladstone, Lone Rock, delivered an address. A district rally will be held at Rolfe September 21-22. Atens Entertain Many Visitors— The IRobert' Leecks, Sioux Falls, spent part of last week at the Rev. S. H. Aten's. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Leeck, Sioux Falls, spent last week Wednesday and Thursday there, and the W. A. Barnes family, Aberdeen, S. D., are spending this week at the same home. Robert and William are Mrs. Aten's brothers, and Mrs. Barnes her sister. Volentlnes In Minnesota Trip— . Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Volentine, daughter Winsome, son George and Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Volentine, all of Fairmont, spent from last week Wednesday to Saturday at Roy Volentine's, Kerkhoven, Clarence Volentine's, De Graff, Edw. Kruger's, Raymond, and William Kruger's Atwater, all in Minnesota. World War Nurse Here- Mrs. Sidney Barteau, Oak Park, ter, Wis., and at Clinton. J. G. Thaves and his two sisters at Lakota drove to Wells, Minn., Sunday to bring home Mrs. Thavea and her son Bobbie, who had spent a week with 'relatives at Waseca, Minn. Mrs. Grace Gibbons, of Fenton, visited Lura .Sewick last week Tuesday and Wednesday. Evelyn Behrmann, Bancroft, was Evelyn's guest Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Retz returned to their home at Strawberry Point last week Wednesday, after a few days with Mrs. Retz's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Marlow. Mr. and Mrs. Zelora Armstrong came from Des Moines Sunday and took Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Armstrong and Mrs. Niel Nielson, Spencer, there for a week's visit. Mrs. W. A. MaeArthur and Mrs. C. C. Smith spent last Thursday at the Okobojis, guests of Mrs. Mac Arthur's brother, >Dr. Edwin Bannick, Rochester, Minn. J. G. McDonald, L. A. and W. W. Boettcher, John Sewick, and Chas'. Hanna attended an evening ball game at Corwith last Thursday. Mrs. B. W. Brooke and her daughter (Dorothy returned Saturday from Chicago, where they spent a couple of days at the fair. Mrs. iN. I. Morness, 'daughter Doris, and son Darwin returned Saturday from St. James, Minn., where they visited relatives. Mrs. George Fries, Milwaukee, and a daughter arrived Friday for a week at Emil Leeck's. Mrs. Leeck and Mrs. Fries are cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yopp spent the week-end at home. They had been at Oskaloosa and other points for several weeks. Dovie Elliott accompanied her brother Park, Buffalo Center to What Cheer last week Wednesday to visit relatives. . . Mrs. Fred Rosencranz and Mrs. Raymond Rosencranz, Spencer, and day, August 31, at 2 o'clock flit the church. , t The Charles Amans spent Sun* day Afternoon at Algona and brought home the daughter Lulu, who had spent a week with relatives. ; Mrs, Helen Medrlck, Mason ,Clty, spent Sunday afternoon at Orvllle Hedfick's. Three 6f her 1 children live at Orville's. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Currafi were dinner guests at A. iL. Greenfield's Friday, and Edith Graen- field went home with them for a week or two. Mr. and Mrs. Hallard Snyder, north of Sexton, on the Doctor Adams farm, are spending a week with relatives at Humeston. Mrs, John Huff Sr. and her son Ray are looking after the farm. The OEldon Harrises, St, Charles, 111., arrived last week Wednesday for a visit till Monday with Bl- 'don's mother and other relatives. Marie Harris, Neva Olsen, and Loo 'Steven, with Milton Giddings, Wesley, got home last,, week Wednesday from the world's fair. The W. C. Taylors got home last week Wednesday from a week at their old home near Cambria and Humeston. They found the crops poor there because of drought. Mrs. W. Z. Miller and her daughter Lois have returned from Sioux City, where they visited the daughter, Mrs. Philip Thornton, formerly Ruth Miller. bWik, Wid id whom it may concern; , v ' , You fcnd each 6f jrott are hereby notified that the Application of the plaintiff in the above entitled cause is now on, file in the office of the Clerk , ot the 'District Court in Worth county, loWa, WayJng for an 6fder for pialfttiff to sell the North Half of Lot Four In Block Fiftysix in the Town of Algona Kossuth county, Iowa. Yoil are further notified that one B. J. Murtagh, of Algona, Iowa, ha offered the sum of $1600 for sai< real'estate. You are further notified that the hearing on said application Is se for the 2nd day of September, 1D33 at 10 o'clock a. m. at the Cour House at Northwood, Worth county, Iowa, 'at which time you may appear and file objections, if any you have, why said petition should not be granted, and prior to or al said hearing you may submit other and further offers for the said real estate. Dated this 21st day of August, Dated at I?, 1933. ° f said, ?on a , Io 60-52 Alma The Fred Nehrings spent Sunday near Goldfield, guests of Mrs. Nehrlng's sister, a Mrs. Johnson. Both couples celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. 1933. 50 H. D. KEPLER, Attorney for Plaintiff. Legal* NOTICE OF HEARING ON APPLF- CATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM TAX EXEMPTION LAW To Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that at 8 o'clock p. m. on the 4th day of September, 1933, at W. J. Stewart's residence in Portland twp., Iowa, there will be conducted a hearing on the application of the School Board for exemption from S. F. 131, 46th G. A., known as the Beatty- Bennett tax reduction law, Because of the following reasons: High school tuition, unlocked for repairs. At said hearing any interested taxpayer may appear and file objections either written or oral in reference to the exemption set out above, the application for which is now pending in the office of the State Comptroller. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 22nd day of August, 1933. •E. R. COLUN'SON, President MRS. AGNES STEWART, Sec'y NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 3763.,. State of Iowa, Kossuth county ss. In District Court. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of S. R. Merrlam, deceased, dated February 27, 1924, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 19th day of September,1933, Is .fixed for hearing proof of .same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said county, or the Clerk of eaid Court; and at nine o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned all persons Interested are hereby notified and re- Virtue of fl pe K «"«. ed to me from District Court Iowa, on a said Court u, 1933, in favor Plaintiff, and as defendant, Hundred Fo Dollars and seven and -29/100 crulng costs Xficttt| , *" d o-wit: Block Jail's and I will One property, or Proceed to much may foe necessary o execution, with costs at public m Ughest bidder, f or on the 13th day of at the east door of n Algona, i n 'owa, at the t^ Conn! Kossuth J attendance' will he undersigned 9 gatedth, sl5 t hllayoti Plaintiff's Attorney. NOTICE TO SELL REAL ESTATE In the District Court of the State of Iowa within and for Worth county. D - w - Superintendent of Banking, Receiver, Plaintiff, vs. Northwood Savings Bank, Northwood, Iowa, 'Defendant. To the Creditors and Depositors of ler baby visited last Thursday at P- L. Pratt's. Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Peters and Mrs. and parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Stahl, and her sister, Mrs. J. W. Dorrance. Mrs. Barteau was Kossuth's best known World war nurse. Picnic at Mrs. Schwletert's— Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee and Mrs. Berthat Schwietert entertained 20 women at a ten-ten picnic at the Sgisbee farm .home Friday. A wiener roast closed the afternoon. Holding's to World's Fair— The C. L. Holdings and J. N. Holding Jeft Monday for OPontiac, 111., to visit the Archie Holdings attend the world's fair, and see the Wisconsin Dells. W. II. Vogel's Brother Sick— W. H. Vogel and his son Willis left Monday for where Mr. Vogel Lake Friday. The Hans Koestlers, Edw. Moyer, For Furnace Repairs Smoke Pipes Phone 351 A. W. — at— Johnson's Hardware •A. light fortvtr burning., A voice that is never stille, /7 In the dark silence of the night there is one light fi* ever burning—one voice that is never stilled. That light u the light in the telephone central office. That vole* ii the voice of your telephone. In the dead of night a fire breaks out —the alarm miut be given. A child is taken sick—the doctor miut bo called. A thief enters the home—the police muit be summoned.. A single call may be worth more to yo» than the service costs in a lifetime. Huron, s. was called D., by 33-34 Clean Cotton Rags Wanted Lee Reed Plays Course in 'Par* [Held from 'Last Week.] Lee Reed, ardent golfer, parred the Algona Country club course with 36 strokes last Thursday evening. This was the first time the local course had been made at par in several years. Mr. Reed parred seven holes, made a birdie on No. 7, and got one stroke over par on the long No. 5 fairway. He was playing with a group called the "Thundering Herd" or "Nickel Gang." It was his second round that day, and with a score of 41 for the first nine holes he achieved a total of 18 holes in 77 strokes, which places him in the expert class. By way of penalty the tournament committee now threatens to reduce his already low handicap in a tournament now in progress. In State Fair Contest. Joan Lois, 25-months daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 'Fred Schoby, Lu Verne farmers, has been entered in this year's state fair baby health contest. The mother, formerly Ruby La Rose, a Canada girl, was once .to the, employ of Mrs. N. C. Rice, Algona. word of the illness of his brother Gottlieb, Hansen Station Is Mo Ted— I. W. Hansen has finished moving his service station and other buildings to the corner a half mile Mrs. Chafee Has Operation _ Mrs. W. R. Chafee was operated on Monday at her home for the removal of a tumor. Leona Blerstedt is nurse. New Roof for Store— The Smith Bros. Store got a new roof last week. Fred Lavrenz and his crew did the work. Other Burt News. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Stewart Lynd, Minn., visited from last week Wednesday to Monday at W. H. Klamp's. They came to see Mr' Stewart's mother, Mrs. Mary Stewart, who was seriously injured in an automobile accident a week ago Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Isenberger, Clarion, also visited the Klamps Sunday. Their daughter Mabel has been at the Klamp home for a week or two. Helen and Ruth Nichtern, Graettinger, came Sunday for a week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Carney. Their parents, Nichtern, «.brought them and spent' the SEE THE WORLD'S FAIB THE BEACOJf WAY CAII TOE ADYAJfCJE here. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer with them. day ^ came Fern and Mary Frances Carney, Algona, spent several days last week at .the local Carney ttome. They also are grandchildren. Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle and her son Dean drove to Des Moines Saturday to meet the daughter Rachel, returning from St. Genevleve, Mo. where she spent three weeks at her uncle Dr. Clare Clapsaddle's. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Koestler and Beada Kollasch got fcome Sunday from a ten day trip during which they visited relatives at miwaukee ana Ladysmitii and lUcbJsnd Cea- Sunday. The Arthur and Robert iLeasons Algona, visited at Emmetsburg Sunday, and also went to West Bend. F. E. Rubey went to Ames Saturday to visit a daughter and look after business, returning Monday Evelyn Neitzel visited from last week Wednesday till Sunday at Thor and Fort Dodge. The schools will open September 4. The teaching force will be the same as last year's. •Donald Davenport, Gladbrook, iw days at the * n En n Mrs< Donald Weir went to Estherville Friday to visit relatives two days. The Iver Nordins are moving in pllllllWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 't'lllllllllllllllrHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHItlllllllll boys one day One of Roy Ollom'o tll nad his tonsils removed last week. Clara Schwietert went to Hampton last Thursday to visit Gladys J-iUmley. Willis Chipman left Monday for Milwaukee to look lor work. Sexton The Archie Aliens and David Sullivan, Des Moines, were Sunday visitors at Harvey Steven's. Mrs. Allen and Mr. Sullivan are cousins of the Stevens. Herman Wise has been elected delegate, Harvey Steven alternate, S? n, ,f, 7 earl y Northwest Iowa Methodist conference at Humboldt in beptember. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hodein for hir H ng or birthday dinner to .honor of Mr Hodgin's mother. Mrs. Hodgia was formerly Pearl Steven The fourth quarterly church conference here will be held Thurs- ^^^SSBSHHSSHHSH^^MM^^^, LOANS $50 to $300 Spend Two Days at the WorkPs Fair " Yet Miss but One Work Day! via Beacon Way 8 , am ve B^B The Cost 5,30 a. m . Tue . d . y . Round trip on railroad, 7.90 can be arranged to vice that you wllflikr 110311 56r —See— H, N. KRUSE State Street e«enti.l. the Sheridan-Plaza hotel for two day.. Include, ad- nu...on to fair, mea l., '"•importation. Total Days Days pull Week <R. R. fare 21,85 $27,85 (R-R. fare included) $42.8$

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