Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 7
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KOSSUTtt COttNTT ADVANCE. ALGQM ^^^^MilawManB^^^^^ • -^^H^^a^^ ' ^^^^Bi^^^K^A 4^Bi^HiHHI^HHBI^B^P • ^^m^^^v yesteraay, alter a VISIT; since sun- , B100 _ n g_ on day with the former's parents, Mr. w or °dTfair and Mrs. W. T. Presnell. Mr ' releases shown. i poor releases not |«n« you must see^ tioblnson go |$the_boys , August ln made a sucker, lost his money to society crooks—calls for his Chicago pals—then the clean-up. At least 100 laughs. ^^^ • • ^*v^^»' "^^^•P*-' The Rev. T. J. Davern Is driving a new Chevrolet- The Interior of the Goeders store was repainted over the week-end. iDorothy Sellstrom is helping at the Christensen store this week. The O. L. Letferts left yesterday for Chicago to attend the world's fair. The W. E, Lairds are spending this week at their Clear Lake cottage. The Bdw. Hackbarths motored to Gaylord, Minn., Saturday to visit relatives. Ruth Stokes, secretary to a Minneapolis doctor, spent the week-end at home. Mrs. W. D. Nugent and Elizabeth have moved into the Chubb apartments. Mrs. Anne Prankl is having «* week's vacation from the Chrlschil- les.fe Herbst.store. Mrs. S. B. French and Mrs. C. D Fellows left Friday for five days at the world's fair. Gertrude Long had her tonsils removed at the General hospita Charlotte, and'two daughters left yesterday, after a visit since Sun- yearslat the Basket Grocery. Mrs. Steph-1 Archie Hutchison taaft been <m.|einaUng <ma*-ot handmade clocks -" St. enson is a daughter ot Mr. and 0 £ the doubting Thomases who]is on exhibition. " "• Peterson, Algona. cation which iBIoonvington, Several auto loads ot "hoboes" visited Algona Saturday noon to advertise Britt's annual Hobo day this week Tuesday. A 'hobo" 'band accompanied the boosters. H. T. Miller, Oklahoma ~.-_, arrived Sunday for a week Louis. Mrs, junus .reierson, AIBUH». wisecrack at golfers cnasing a aie muo umiu-von™ ». 0 —~- — County Auditor E. J. Butler, his Lawrence. Johannesen, Bancroft, glorified pill around a pasture, children and animals. Another 1 in- famdly. his mother, Mrs. Nona But- was in town Tuesday and stopped but ne nas re tormed. He and Mrs. tercstlng fea ture is a reproduction ler, and the latter'a sister, Mrs. at the Advance office to.renew his Hutchison accepted an /nvitetton h w , lfc bjf gpMjI Catherine O'Brien, both of Whltte- subscription. He got home last to dlne Friday with their daugh* ° lle piO neers when there were oil* • lay for a week's va- Thursday from a week at the ter> Mrs . C . Q. Drummond, and her ;}"__»"; J e , n the wmmm itf t Th«f Includes visits at world's fair, accompanied by Mr. husband at the home of Mr. Drum- b __ ldl * , s only large enough to and at the and Mrs. John Johannesen, Law- mo nd's brother, who IB schools su- P™ ™* though one other person i . . ,.__ Mrs. perln tendent at Humboldt. Atter ^u ld !tand inside The BacltttDe* Viorl^.. il l_.«t«1 n j A ..oVila In. I COU10. SWIm msme. iHO D<M.n.»«ow an ice-cave near De* a. uuii" U w..—...--—•, and John's mother, big the Suntiay and Monday, August 27-8 Sunday matinee, 1-3 o'clock The world's great artist! •One ot the new specials(GEORGE! la in\*i*»iw*. t »*••• — • i ijmllllfCllUcllit «*v wxi*i»» ****•«»• ——««TM,.= w w ttpardslev andlKatherme Johanhesen, and her dinner the men Inveigled Archie in- .SiSSASlS and Junior daughter Olga. The Johannesens L, a game O f golf against his pro- Br ? lr^ exnected home"this live on their own 240-acre farm U estSi and ln the course of the <T EH^S S? AfSSMUSjK ^JTKiSsr fS- &&£?£& S h <±. «*«. e_, * « flfcWJS?BMS SZ world's fair spent a few months with her Mrs . B lla Hartshorn, of Grand and daughter Marjorie at Chicago, Is Rapids, Mich., who was here re- last visiting the A. Hutchisons and H. cen tly, writes that for some time \,CllVl_r LFW*»1 VW *!»» • *«»— *._. ~- i l^TY U**J ° * **V*Wvm«.. - - -- bert Potratz, of Lotts Creek. chilles & Herbst store. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas and Mr. and Mrs. Chester „.. Dr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman, Ban- man , Cherokee, spent Sunday croft, left Sund* ' ~^~ "" °" V the World's 'fair. • JLIIC .w union. **» w • man* »w.Mv,i"»fiv.•«•»•»« — - former Harig girls and sisters. tore marriage at Sioux City Satur iw,.a WOTIS qnrpnspn who man- day, was a schoolmate of Fr~~" Mrs. nans aorensen, w»« iu««« .'i.i ««• min«u'Ei r>Viornkpp - '±r^a,t SKsls.-aKaff aiw Oi ji«i*»ww* w j. uw^i"* —-• She visited the Cowles . [other former Algona families at coness ,i, ome a t wana -iwipius . Des Moines just before coming to wWch sne has held 24 years and go U Algona. Her daughter Gwendolyn to Ba ttle Creek, Mich., where she T-onpntiv drove from California to ». n - taken general supervision ot u . « , — AlgOna. - ncl UaUgllLCl v»r»^i.«v.j" ^Q r>ai/LLti \^IBG«V, 1W»V^»»., TT«WV „.. „..„ , ,-...«., - spent Sunday wun recen ti y drove from California to j, ag t aken general supervision ot croft, left Sunday for a week at Frances Zender. Mrs. Scnoone- Ch|cago . and is seeking employ- , a -community center." She will al- The women are man,-who.was. Olive Linkswller be- there . so do the housekeeping and such jment there. " Mr. and Mrs. John Cleghorn, of JOBBERS lOOST" |le»p for Hfe * over a 60 (jiment. |k "IjKEPWOBTH — in ! and Thrills A „. J "Three Musketeers flBest this season! Aug. 29 and 80 matinee, 2:30. I do many things tor' love! infonnation gives thi i praise. •. • •' lud 20 Minutes of Fun. i Arbuckle In "Home You , Bean" .-.'.&•*> I "Shuffle Off the Buffalo" lot the special animated car r i revolves around a bab lieuse, where orders for in •are received and storks se: p deliver. Plenty of laugh in this one. yesterday morning. (Helen Goeders had an operation for appendicitis at the Kossuth hospital this morning. Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Nugent left last Thursday for a week's vacation at the world's fair. Bernice Joynt, Mallard, left Friday night, after several days at her uncle C. A. Joynt's. "»r. anu ana, ju«" v>»v, e ""-"» — Memphis, Tenn., left Monday, after several days at E. L. Gilbert's in To- Plum Creek township. Mr. Cleg- i itiVfinwiMVlln 10~ I Jr'iuui v^i ecu. w *>»»«»..».. -— — babv daWhter spent horn, a nephew ot a Mr. Hyde, was Daoy uauBniBi ope" • , hntne at Jack- \iaiil.t t vamc »c\jv..fcv*j *« .---son. BenJ. F. Sorensen. She has as yet'mad^ no mans on going back. ^eJ-end witTMTandMrlw: I reared -^^T^'S^^^ff^lsSSSs?:?-: mer drug store, Mason City, but will return September 4 to begin his senior year in high school here. Bobby Dewel went to Evanston, 111. Saturday night for ten days with his brother, Dr. ». F. Dewel. He saved his own money for the !l" U11U1U \j> J\i iHJj*iu ot p '.IJLC -a«*»^^» »i»o w«**» •»»— .-— ^ Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Good spent trip and is attending the world s - r. and Mrs. I . , G. D. Shumway returned Tuesday from Iowa City, whence he haa - . . . . the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. I fair. George Good at Spirit Lake. Vaughn 'Rising and Norman Vaughn 'Rising and Norman from Iowa Cy, wence Walker left Saturday night for a gone the previous day tor his moth- te world's fair. er who had an examination at the few (lays at the world's fair. Barber Tellotsen, o£ Nevada, ' , now helping out at Bill's barber shop, next west of the creamery. gone tne pieviuuo u»j LW» ««« -—_| er, who had an examination at the is. University hospital there last week. Harold Falkenhainer was here 33L Ol U1U ureamcij. <nttiui\i *-' c*i«i^«»"— 41 -» "— , Mrs H E- Rist and her brother, over the week-end. He came with C. W/Nicoulin, spent Monday at,, a fellow employe in the audit de- Mason City on a business mission.' partment at the statehouse at ues Ange Roorda, who had taught at Moines and returned to Des Moines LuVerne during the last few years, will teach this year at Clear Lake. Mr and Mrs. Kenneth Mercer and Dr. and Mrs. C- D. Sohaap are spending the week at the Okobojlis. •Helmuth Huenhold, Bernard Bun- llVCO) -CT113. IT »»«• •*•»•« «-• — are sisters. Twenty-six relatives Joined in a reunion at Henry Frambach's, east of Whittemore. •Former Attorney-general Ben J. Gibson, Des Moines, and his family stopped for lunch at State's Cafe here Tuesday, and the son Wendell called on Donald P. Dewel. The boys were Sigma Nu fraternity brothers at Iowa City. Wendell enters the Harvard law school this tall. p. A. Danson drove to Mason City Tuesday to meet and bring here Mrs. Danson's mother, Mrs. 1>. B. Lawton, White Bear Lake, Minn., and the latter's father, John Thayer, St. Paul. Mr. Thayer, Who is great-grandfather of the Danson & . .._ . «« _i-i nt*ti1 war (jvZHIHUiMfcj' ticitw* • **"•** " ••- — __ do the housekeeping and such other work as does not Involve Ul/Jlci wu*n. <*» x*«wu «— eye strain, in the meantime directing the work ot young es. Algona oldtimers Mrs. Hartshorn as the of the late C. W. Parker- Postmaster and Mrs. S. J. Backus and their daughters Beth and Blea nor returned Sunday from Du mciiikfiiia »»-ui" "v*»«—, 1 JIUL ictuiiiou. kji*..««j —-•— — sings in broadcasts, having a fine buqiie, where they spent the week tenor voice. Last Thursday even- \ end w ith Mr. and Mrs. Thnma The J.B.B'8. are coming again. We announce that very soon we will put on a Junior Business Builders campaign. This will be the fourth one we have staged In Algona, all of them; very successful. Mothers, we want your iboy or girl between the ages of 8 and IB, one to a family, to work for us by entering a business contest for some very valuable prizes. Please encourage the children. It win t>» a great benefit to them and the contest will be interest- Ing and exciting. Watch our west window and this paper, for further announcements. E. W. Lusby war • , kofske, and Don Mertz left Saturday tor a week at the world's fair. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goetz, of Wesley, became parents of a 10%lb. girl at the Kossuth hospital Tuesday. Evelyn Bode left Sunday for a Sunday. , , .L Call Dickinson, Des Moines, spent the week-end with Mrs. Dickinson and their son, who are visiting Mr. Dickinson's parents, Sen. and Mrs. L. J. Dickinson, two weeks. , Mrs. S. E. McMahon and Mrs. Jos. Harig left Sunday for a week at the world's fair. They will visit Marian McMahon, who is employed model kitchens of an A. & P- gl C«w-&* c*«*»«*»•»••-•- — child, Is an 89-year-old Civil veteran. , H. M. Hauberg, president of the Algona Rotary club, spoke before the Emmetsburg club last week Tuesday on his recent trip to Boston, where he attended: a convention of Rotary International. M. P. Haggard, M. H. Falkenhainer, and K. O. James, went to Emmetsburg with him In ._._ carnival. we'ek'aVthe world's £air. A former | Mr- and Mrs M. eTassmate from Grecley accompan- | drove Mankato led her. -The Rev. P C. McMahon Monday, and urove to ivittimt*i.w ATIW«——.* f —— I there met Mrs. McMahon's mother, "The Rev P- J. Braner left Mon-' M rs. Elizabeth'Mangan, who ..took day momn\g to attend a district Mrs .McMahon to Minneapolis tor a Evangelical synod at Eldora Aug-weeksjisit^ R> Q Bjustroirii ^S: 2Re ^^ 'and Mrs. A..C. BJustrom Whitte- 'VCj^CtJl*** *»*«-•*-' w« — T vm 87, has for the last few weeks been at her daughter Mrs. - E. J- Murtagh's. - - a r. .-/. more, returned Tuesday from W --. the *•* ----- * _ , world's fair. soority sis- A. E. Fox, Beverly Hills, Calif., leaves tomorrow, after a visit since er^MM*!?. E. Worster, and his I sisters. Mrs. G. C. Stewart and Mrs. till ....... . . The T. iL. Larsons got home last Thursday night from the M. H. Falkenhainer summer cottage at Lake Court D.Oreilles, Wis., where i they had spent near two weeks. The Eugene Murtaghs are there now but are expected home soon. The Falkenhalners left yesterday for Lake Court d'Oreilles. Melvin, son of Frank Shiits, spent Tuesday and yesterday here with •his father. He works at Mason ,City and was to leave today to Join 1 a Mason City company of the National Guard in an encampment at Des Moines. He has had two years ot training In the C. M. T. C.. and he enlisted in the Guard at Mason Rev. Henry Koch, Colum- pCU UlL Ulll* vrL ft working at'the iic..«^.« »v»-~--* and cracked a bone in his toe. Last week Monday a calf stepped on the same toe and broke another bone. Mr. Johnson has had six operations since 1914, and he has had «•»«' broken twice since 1927. HL now retired from farming, and he plans to do saleswork as soon as| his foot has recovered. Mrs. K. E. Wight, Clayton, M., : and her two children. left Dy car Sunday for home, after .a visit with Mrs. Wight's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C- H. Bailey. Crops in that state have suffered this year from an extended drought, with practically nothing left, -Mrs. Grocery Week End Specials pra , Wight reported. There has been no rain all summer. New Mexico grows varied crops including much corn and maize, and there is some ranching, but there is now so little feed that cattle are being shipped north for feeding. Mr. Wight is in the oil business Corn Flakes Rice Flakes..! Bran Flakes Whole Wheat Flakes ' '• Canned Corn Red Beans Sauerkraut Fork and Beans or Hominy 2icrl9c 3forl9c guests of William Mann cttoge Hor . New to you-* cast of 2,000 people. ba Anna north of town, stroke Sunday afternoon, 1 much improved. Mrs T P. Harrington, Victor Hiserodt are Mann at the >F. J. «« hnrn at their a t the Okobojis we lc ». ^"""ij ."kTS—>, • t s*jss?&SF-rSl %-JT. tSS a £S3j.. ? .--..«t--r Cut Rate GROCERY^ • END - SPECIALS employed by O, J. F ebaker, Fort Dodge came home Saturday for a light or. ana Mrs. "• »• «•»•_•» — -but' is tnetsburg, and their daughter. Mrs Ja'ck McDonald, spent a day last her son week here, and Mr. McDonald re- turned to Emmetsburg with them lt £ ° r MS e Georg; e H d> Free and her son ' George Ls r p S e e nt last Thursd.y with came friends at Sanborn. The late Mr. 'several Free once lived at Sanborn, andLhe had for many years before he died City The . , bus, Ohio, his mother, Mrs. William Koch, and his sister, Mrs- Minnie Lucas, both of Steubenville, Ohio, spent the week-end with the C. E. Heises. They are old acquaintances whom Mr. Heise had not seen in more than 20 years. Mrs. Koch and Mr. Helse knew each other long ago in Germany. •B J Murtagh and J. A. McDonald 'returned Saturday from Des Moines, where they had spent several days, looking after business affairs. :Mr. McDonald, played: golt with Gardner Gowles Sr. and found f ath- . Uneman has been transferred Iowa F al, the IrasfaS-rV"' here last ot ,*— o, —— a Mrs. C. F. Lathrop s. Mrs. A. A. Bishop_and her son '. and G. Soap, P bars lib. Cream Cheese, 2 Ibs. 29c I MrS. A« A« oio»***i» — •"*- , , and ' James went to Iowa City yesterday •1- to attend exercises at the state tUVlU in which _Buth Bishop uiii" c *° iv J received a master's degree. 'employed will all return tomorrow They il a re . Mr and Mrs. M. E. Worster Mrs. rualtor's office Des , Mr. and Mrs. ^ ---^; tv, 0 week-end at J. C. biewm *>, j»-•? uover.v Cake Honey, 2 for 15c Jar lids, 1 dozen I came The Rev. T. Mrs. A. from visits with relatives Lanark and Savanna L 111. nnar , At a torney and Mrs. C. W. Conner es Moines, (Frances and Matilda maS Kossuth and Des Moines riends have gone to CM-ago to at- end the world's lair. They will be White 5 Ibs 10 Ibs Cocoa,. 2 Ibs. big value- **^ Peaches, Apricots, Pineapple, Berries, Pears, Cherries 2 cans , 29 C — "Busiest IJttle Store in Town" Bearings aepartur* ball bearfngs and Wmpkto roller ' bear- We tsayry a line of bearings for tractors. automobiles. Save time and money by bearings from us. ' . Joe Greenberg £zss%t%%s&. Canada. _ ^^ ^ ff __ Peterso n left en way from home two weeks. autb. McMahon. Georgia au. . mean, Bancroft,, and .Charles Akre - n, Bancro,, . e to Fort Dodge Sunday^ ai- ed the-tun-ertl of 'Angela Frank, Alpha Chi Omega sorority sister of girls at the state university. r. . . - monl and their daughter pent Sunday here and Car oent auHuaj uv.~ ——- -• , st-rsffasfS.?* •sawsftriff-a ^''•tfSSfl.S.SSS hauer s went to Fort Dodge Saturday expecting to find work there i the stores employ more labor un- fair. She is staytog^with a.1 WlvU VJ*»iu»i-*-» •w**"»*" j -*-- — i him a good player. Many years ago Mr. McDonald was stenographer and typist for Cowles. ft. Murtagh when they were in the real estate business here. ».„.,,» Mrs. Ella F. Morrison returned to Sheldahl with Supt. Frank M. iSarchett and his son Marquard, who came Saturday, and went back Sunday. Mr. Sarchett visited his mother, Mrs. Chas. W. Sarchett, vho is Mrs- Morrison's sister, Saturday and Sunday forenoon. Marquard's cousin, Claude Reece, near Ledyard, -went to Sheldahl with the j party tor a visit. •Tonsilectomies were performed on Victor Erdman, Wesley, Mary Kirsch, Algona, and Bobby Miner at the Kossuth hospital last week. An appendicitis operation was performed on Oliver Ely, Wesley, Friday and Tony Kramer, Bode, had a major operation the same day. Mrs. William Dodds had an operation Tuesday, and Duane Jensen a minor operation the same day, . Mr. andrMrs. K. O. .Stephenson have moved into the Angus house on East Call Street, now,.owned lyMrs. N. L. Cotton, Lone Rock, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Angus. Mr. Stephenson. who was till recently associated with his father, O. J. Stephenson; former district court clerk, in a Fenton grocery store, is now employed Coast to Coast Stores h _._ .pening With Manufac turers Concession Sale SALE NOW IS GOING ON jf Grand Over Labor Day Bargain Fares to Everywhere Tires Tires Batteries Extra Heavy Tractor Oil, per gal. —————1^^^™»^™ Motor Oil, 100 per cent Pure Pennsylvania Base •• o«\_ O M»All«kv«a ¥f\v /^ 2 gallons for 75c per gallon UA/Olt BLADES 5 blades for Cattle Ply Spray 69c gallon SOAP CHIPS 2 large boxes I9c CLOTHES LINKS 50ft. SOAP 10 bars laundry STORAGE BATTERIES Tir« GUARANTEED 12,500^ MILES ling tor a several months stay on and Mrs. H- I Here's a rail chance to go- Places- onpud a few days or a week at me (Spend a few aay iFair _ enjoy ^j week-end with jeft last night, —-Sunday with her nxoth- OTI _ os, Cosgrove. —"«"• da'uSter, Alice, Mrs. W. *>•.""•'•;' i long aeiv».^ „„„,- . stoux Falls S. C-, came Saturday tiV e or friends—or take the g?f5Sl visit __ J}or a v^ion (you can be gone as| Mr. and Mrs. Sam The Sturdy tire to all that the name imp lies-sturdy and dependable. It has ma4e •* •• • a host of friends. , 3 GALLONS 07 On F»?!E WITH EYUOT^ PAW OF MPTOOT TffiES 1 gallon free wUtt purchase of ft swgle Ure, Smith, . . latter's motber, Mrs Ma^ry Firman Laing, K l£)ng aa 13 day8!) „, . refDjaiafied, nayments "•— servle. delegates W- Becker let. Region Auxiliary Sioux City. They Abou t Ic a mile in coache^-actu- H trip only 29x4.40-21 (_iQ_.,__icrAO_"_j 29x4'.75-20 II———-——- HJ» 30x4.50-21 t 30x4.75-21 28x4.75-19 29x5.00-19 30x5,00-20 M| fi»ff: PaiBte andVamUbe» inuo-y i-v* w***w**»v» --T-spending several days at i fair before going home, been visiting Mrs- Fyed- motber, Mrs. E. C- ?»<*• B. BlacWP^^^l 8 *^*5 Ms BJiig I atu^JliO tost , ieen wfth; 'his b Minimum round , Sleeping csr rates t»~ 'agent Ipr Coast j<

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