Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1933 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 4
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Specials Navy Beans, 3 Ibs. Raisins, 1 pound bag Post Toasties, 2 large pkgs. Robb-Ross Wheat jCereal, pkg. Council Oak Coffee, pound bag 'Alaska Pink Salmon, 2 tall cans Robb-Ross Biscuit Flour, per pkg. White Meat Tuna, No. 1-2 can .White Laundry Soap, 10 bars Soap Flakes, Silver Leaf, 5-lb. box Superb Amber Syrup, 10 pound pail Fresh Bologna, per pound Honey, new crop, 3 cakes Hominy, 2 cans Superb Napkins, 80 in pkg. .Council Oak Malt, per can Spices, all kinds, 3 for 14c 25c 19c 14c 25c 25c 15c 19c 19c 29c 49c lOc 25c 15c 10c 49c 25c LONE ROCKIHAS DELEGATION AT COUNTY RALLY l,one Rock, Aug. 22—From here attending a county Presbyterian ihristian Endeavor rally at the 'resbyterian church, Burt, Sunday were the Rev. S. M. Gladstone, daughters Beulah and Margaret, ion Robert, Dorothy and Vern Dacken, Cleo and William Hobson, /era Morris, Esther and Ellwyn lodden, Muriel Long, Ronald ihrlstenson, Sally and'Lois Whitehill, James Hall, Russell Dacken,' iarold Angus, and Etta Bacon. A >ot-luck supper was served. Mite Society Makes Bandages— The Mite society met last Thurs- lay with Mrs. Eugene Hotlus. Scripture was read, followed toy irayer by the Rev. S. M. Gladstone. .hirley Marlow gave a reading, and Mr. Gladstone spoke- Bandages were made to be sent to the Woman's Presbyterial society £or missions at Fort Dodge. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Edward Ferris. Party Honors Dorothy Blerstedfr— A "birthday party was given in honor o£ Dorothy Bierstedt last week Monday evening at the Blackford park, Algona. Attending: Robert and Walter Schmidt, Wil- Ired :Radig, Russell Gross, Lyle and 3 atrick Marlow, Kathryn Stebritz, Imogene (Roderick, Gladys and Eveyn Bierstedt, Margaret Householder, and Dorothy Macumber. Cream Checks Listed— The ten highest cream checks ssued by the creamery for last month went to E. -C. Bierstedt, $91.39; Robert Schmidt, $89.94; H. W. Hobson, $7'5.«5; W. C. Heiter, f74.56; Lemuel Marlow, $68'70; A. Hutchinson, $59.44; J. A. Numan $57.93; Fred Hacak, $57.91; Mrs. Agnes McBride, $56.23; and C. M. Gross,' $53.06. . Group to World's Fair- Mr, and Mrs. N. L. Cotton and Roy Hines, employe at W. '< J. Cotton's, left Saturday for the -world's fair, via Ames, where they were joined by Mrs. Harley Shellito and her daughter Norma. They, were to visit the Cotton son Angus, and expect to be gone a week. Anguses Yisit World's Fair— R. T. Angus and his daughters Alice and Lillian, accompanied a Mr. Tuttle to Cedar Falls a week ago Friday and continued to Chicago to visit relatives and attend the Century of Progress. Mr. Angus also visited in Indiana with an old neighbor, David Bear. Story of Transport Thrillt World's Fair Throngt ^•^•-••i MISS SHOW AT ;R GUEST RVINGTON Irvlngton, Aug. 22-Mrs. Alvln Weber gave a shower In honor. of Dorothy Johnson last -week Wednesday afternoon. noon was spent at ^ ess had gifts concealed The. after- ess parts of the house, and with each group there was an alarm, each set to go off at a different time,, Whenever an alarm rang^ games were stopped till Miss Johnson had lo- ** ""rr ***..._ - »»«1- - —•«*«*« t*tB1*A ** ""rr ***..._ cated the gifts mostly former The guests were 4-H club girls: Gladys and Bernlce Jensen, Ine, Mary, Florence, and Black, Dorothy Schulz, EHle Paul- Elsie Egel, Auth Black, Koepke, Kathryn McEnroe and Ruby Eunice Mtodwrge Wolfe plan to leave i*te thlg week tor Illinois bo visit relatives and attend the world's telf. The children, Gall rind Helen, Will' stay at John The Travel and Transport Building at the southern end of A Century of Progress—the Chicago World's Fair, Is the mecca of thousands of Visitors dally. Under Its unique cable-suspended dome, and throughout Its long exhibition halls are hundreds of displays dramatizing the story of man's achievements during the past one hundred years In transporting himself and his goods. All modes of travel are depicted, there betng •omethlng of interest for everyone.' The Travel and Transport Building lii one of the many which to the public after the 50-ccnt gate admission Is paid. , . and Bernlce Burllngame, Anne Kain, Winifred Friday, who Is staying with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hiserodt, Mrs. Hlserodt, and Mrs. John Johnson. Dance at Shelter House— A number of young people from this vicinity attended a dance recently at the Shelter House In the Ambrose A. Call, park. The dance was given by (Pauline Black, Marguerite Skilling, Leo Jordan, — Donald RoWson, with music nlshed by Everett Bowman's Muriel spent last Thursday at Lawrence iLaldley's, Esthervllle. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wells, Blue Earth, their son Keith, and William Reynolds, Huniboldt, visited Mrs. Reynolds' daughter, Mrs. A. D. Newhrough Friday. Mrs. John Rath and her son Dickinson Asks Support in Efforts to Curb Tax Spending Ylsconsin Group Visits Here— Guests at Alex Radig's last week vere Mrs. Albert Krause, Berlin, Wis-; Mrs. Anna Kelling, Albion, Wis.; and the Emil Polzins, Lebannon, "Wis. They and the Emil jaabs family visited the F. A. Ma:umbers last week Monday. Clothes Cleaned? Better let us dry clean your Fall coats, suits, and dresses! Reliable work at the lowest price Don't neglect having your furs repaired now. MODERN DRY CLEANERS Phone 537. Lawrence accompanied the William Raths to Buffalo Lake, Minn., Sunday to visit Mr. Rath's uncle, Henry Rath. Mrs. Jennie Whitford and her daughter Irene returned Saturday from a visit with the daughter, Mrs. Roscoe Whitehill, (Floodwood, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schultz and. Charles Zoller attended a three-day Iowa municipal league convention at Decorah last week. The L. J' Hollisters spent the week-end with the Elmer Thompsons, Platt, S. D. Mr. Hollister and Mr. Thompson are cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Rosendahl, of Superior, were Sunday guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Krause. The Alex Kruegers were Sunday guests of Mrs. Krueger's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Blanchard, Irvington. Carl Wiener and David Lynch, Swea City, left last week Monday for Chicago to attend the world's hristenson Cattle at Fair- Calvin Householder and Mainard ienrich trucked two loads of .cattle for P. M. Christenson to Mason iity Saturday. The cattle are being exhibited at the north Iowa fair. Louisiana Woman Visits Here— Mrs. Lillian Pearce, employed by the Industrial Finance & Thrift Corporation, Monroe, tLa., arrived Monday for a week at the parental F. A. Macumber's. Newbroughs Attend Reunion— Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Newbrough and their daughter Grace attended a Newbrough reunion at the Olson park, Fort Dodge, Sunday. STAIRS MADE HER GASP FOR BREATH iPenalty of Excess Fat 'Although she has lost but 7 Ibs. ot her overweight, this woman finds that 7 Ibs. has made a remarkable difference to her. Her letter reads: "I am 53 years Other Lone Rock. Mrs- William Mouw, four children, and Elmus Kerr, all of Pipestone, Minn., came Friday to visit Mrs. Mouw's sister and Mr. Kerr's The old and my height is 5 ft. year I weighed 154 Ibs. I (Last have been taking a half-teaspoonful of Kruschen Salts, making no change in my diet. Now I am less round the hips, and only weigh 147 Ibs. dressed. But I feel lighter and can now run upstairs, which before Used to make me gasp for breath. Everyone says how well and fit I Moko."—(Miss) J. H. Kruschen is an ideal blend of 6 •separate salts which help body or- function properly niece, Mrs. Jack Quinn. Quinss, Mrs. Mouw, and three daughters of Mrs. Mouw left Sunday for a week with relatives at Muscatlne, Davenport, and Rock Island. Mr. Kerr and Mrs. Mouw's son returned to Pipestone. Mrs. Katherine Reed, Dakota City, her son Junior, and her father, William Krause, who works for the Williams Construction company, near LIvermore, drove up Saturday evening, and Junior remained for a visit at R. L. Padgett's and Mr. Krause for a Sunday visit at his home here. The Padgetts took Mr. Krause back Sunday evening. •Robert Schmidt, son Fred, and the Arthur Riedels returned Sunday from a visit with relatives at Watertown, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schmidt, the latter's sister, Alvera Klatt, and Loretta Meyers, who accompanied them, got home Tues- fair. The Frank Dackens have guests, Mr. and Mrs. William Stimple, of Norman, Okla., and four children. Mrs. N. L. Cotton attended an "Old Friends" party at Mrs. T. M- Sarchett's, Burt, last Thursday. Russell Dacken and Etta Bacon, Algona, were Sunday dinner guests at the Rev. S. M. Gladstone's. Alma Madison, R. N., came home last Thursday, after having cared for a case at Armstrong. Maxine and Mary Ann Flaig attended a party for Ruth Pijahn at August Pijahn's Saturday. Ersel Blanchard is helping at the iLone Rock bank this week, during N. L. Cotton's absence. •Emil Kraft left last week Wednesday on a business mission to Milwaukee.. Madeline Latimer, of Bancroft, spent last week with the Jack Quinns. : • The G. J. Robisons, Battle Creek, came Sunday to visit at Fre<i Genrich's. The Busy Friday club meets this week Friday with Mrs. Alex Krue- iSenator Dickinson spoke before the Rotary' club August 14 on government finances. He showed a daily report issued by the treasury department which gave the expenses of the federal government, which run as high as ten million dollars a day and In a year amount to more than three billion dollars. • The present income of the government is only two billion dollars a year, he said. Thus the federal government is now spending a billion dollars a year more than it gets in revenue and taxes, and the national debt is increasing every year that the budget is not bal-. anced. The debt is now the largi est it has ever been except in wartime. Yet everyone is asking for more public works, to be paid for by the national government, more help for the farmer, more relief of every kind. The R. F. C. has loaned a lot of money, but the more it loans the more is wanted. There will be a limit if the government has finally to take over the railroads and other semi-public industries because they are unable to pay their debts. The senator is, however, of the opinion that we must take the side of the government as regards these loans and protect the credi' of the nation. We now have a light form of inflation, for we have gone off the gold standard. The president is mpowered to-inflate more if he ares tp do so, but up to now there las been no monetary inflation. The Senator's remarks centered around. the thought that the government's credit will not stand up under too large a public debt and hat one way to curb growth of the debt is for the people to cease ask- ng for help insofar as it can be avoided and help themselves after the fashion ot the^ pioneers. Lotto Creek Wins With Hit in Ninth liotts Creek, Aug. 22—An exciting ball game was played by Fenton and Lotts Creek Sunday at Fenton. It was close throughout, and Fenton looked like the winner in the eighth inning, when the score stood 4-3. But in the ninth ILotts Creek came to bat with two out and made a hit which scored two men on bases. This made the score 5-4 in iLotts Creek's -favor. The battery for Fenton was Kucker and Krause; for Lotts Creek, Gross and Wichtendahl. Farm Fire Near Lone Rock. Lone Rock, Aug. 15—A fire at Henry Kueck's, north of town, did little damage Monday. Mr. Kueck was repairing the washing machine when a spark ignited gasoline. He suffered burned hands which required medical attention. and lur- _ j Arrows." This new orchestra consists of four boys: Everettt Bowman, saxophone; Russell Cook, banjo; Verle Schmidt, guitar; Ernest Egel, traps. The orchestra has had a number of engagements and is reported to te satisfactory. Illinois Group Ylslts Her*-; Visitors at the John Schulz home are Mrs. Schulz's sister, Mrs. Cecelia Walton, Dwlght, 111., her niece, and the latter's husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown, DesPlaines, 111., and their children.. They arrived early last week, and were accompanied by Dorothy Schulz, who had been visiting them .and other xelatlves in Illinois for a number of weeks. Mrs. Studer Critically Sick- Mrs. Jewell Studer, near Corwith, who gave birth to a daughter a few weeks ago, is now a patient at the Kossuth hospital, and is in critical condition. She is a victim of poisoning which has spread through her system, and so far physicians have not been able to counteract it. Mrs. Studer was removed from the home to the hospital Saturday. Belmond Woman Has Birthday— The William Parsons family, of Belmond, Mrs. Rachel Shackelford, son Edward, Eunice Thompson, and Merrill Parsons were Sunday guests at the Morris Parsons home. The occasion was in celebration of Mrs. William Parsons' birthday. Mrs. Morris Parsons plans to go to Belmond 'for a several days visit this week Wednesday. Watermelon Feast Is Given— Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller entertained at a watermelon fete last week Wednesday evening. Guests were the Russell Frys, the Elliot and Fred Skillings, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Gregson, the Charles Har- Other The John Schul* family recently returned from Illinois, where they visited Mrs. Schule's mother, Mrs. J, M. Peterson, of Dwlght, who has been in poor health., Mrs. Schulz reports her mother now much improved. The Schulzes also attended a Schulz reunion at Pontlac and the fair ••at Chicago. The Dan Schulzes, Kanawha, also attended the reunion, Mrs. Ralph Lage and her three sons recently went to Mason City With the E. E. Dyes to visit them, and Betty Dye remained at the Lage home to visit her cousin, Dorothy Lage. Mr. Lage drove to Mason City to get his wife and children Sunday evening. Mrs. Lage and Mrs.Dye are sisters. John Mcllhattln, brother of Mrs, Samuel Reaper, plans to return to Lanark, 111., late this week to attend to business affairs. He will return soon.' Mr. Reaper, who has been bedfast for several months with anemia and complications, is reported about the same. The A. McLeans, Mrs. P. w Grobe, and the K. P .Roneys spent Saturday at Mason City. They were accompanied over by Mrs. Henry Mason Jeanne, wh •he McLeans. Mr. and Mrs racatloned last *,»,. ' The Morris ame Sunday t die, who hag . b ridges for several' Mrs. Maurice ** days with Mrs -KM?' and Mrs. A . D. at itobert Mrs. Po r i )Us SI day at o. L. Mil Mr. and MM returned late 'a cago where they, at the world's fai • Church service, the usual bath school at „ The: Aid meets'thls day at the Annex- h I] dames Martin BeckS Mrs. Mabel Pott er J the week-end with lers. Ernest Egel i snow | the Blbort garage A,] Dick Watson M severe case oj tonslllt ADDING MACHINE ROLLS AT THE ADVANCE ger. Four Corner* : gans to 'maintain a splendid degree of fcealth—It builds up energy and strength while you're reducing to (normal wedght. Get Kruschen Salts at E. W. Lusby or any other live druggist in the .world—a jar lasts 4 weeks and costs not more than 85 cents- and day. Mrs. Before Taking That Vacation Trip get Aetna Accident Tickets. Full coverage at low cost. We have them on hand at all times. H. N. KKCSE INSUKANCE AGENCY Telephone 125 Algona, Iowa H»ve • Good Time Don't*rcfUM the good things to eat «nd drink on account of youi stomach. Enjoy the thine* r«« Mke;- iut take a harmless Epicure right after. It prevent* upset utomnch, «*. heartburn, next mornlni headache. In eaae of dutreu, Epicure flit* oolck relief. Mo<t effective 4m to iU triple Mtion. Corrects acMitr. «wtfc*« irritated ***** tlaut*, promote* bowel health. 11 tor J5c er 9 for » dune. At all •*"**••• EPICURE Glaus Helmke, daughter !va, and Kathryn and Gretchen Helmke, all of Renwick, spent last week Wednesday and Thursday with Mrs. Helmke's daughter, Mrs. Otis Sanders, and Beryl Sanders accompanied them home for a visit. Mrs. Watson Shick, her father, Charles Lingenfelter, her son Charles, and Ruby Riddle, of Burt, drove to Charles City last week Wednesday to visit Mrs. Shick's cousin, Sager Snedley. The Rev. S. M. Gladstone, his family, Etta Bacon and Russell Dacken, Algona, and Verne and Dorothy Dacken had a social gathering at the Eugene Hofius home Friday evening. The Clarence Ackersons left last week Wednesday to visit Mrs. Ackerson's brother, M. J. Nemmers, of Waterloo, and another brother, George, at Nashua, returning Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Blanchard, and J. M. Blanchard drove to Emmetsburg last week Monday evening, and the men attended a Standard Oil meeting. Supervisor and Mrs. Charles Morris, the latter's father, Ernest Krueger, Burt, and the latter's daughter Ruth spent Sunday at Albert Krueger's, Fairmont. Mrs- Frank Flaig, daughters Mary Ann and Maxine, Mrs. Al#x Krueger, and the latter's daughter The Four 'Corners M. & D. club will meet at Howard WUham's next Sunday, and families are invited, each to furnish its own sandwiches, a covered dish, and dishes, also a number for a program. Dinner will be served at 1 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs- Chester Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. Carl S«p were business callers at Spencer one day last week. Evelyn Nickerson and the A. R. Cruikshanks got 'home last Thursday from the world's fair. The Fern Hulings, Britt, were Sunday dinner guests at J. P. Nickerson's. Marjorie and Ruth Cruikshank have come home, after several days with their cousin, Evelyn Cruikshank. Mr. and Mrs. William Drayton, William Rich, and the latter's daughter Ruth left Monday for the world's fair. They were to visit the Horace Draytons, Sycamore, 111., and the Edw- Pudeskes, Davenport. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Worster, Algona, are with the Drayton children and doing the chores. Mr. and Mrs. iLurhl Fessler, of Ringsted, spent Sunday night with the J. P. Nickersons. They were en route liome from the world's fari. Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Larson and Mr. and Mrs. Franz Teeter got home from Chicago Sunday- Mr. and Mrs. Quentin Bjustrom were Sunday dinner guests of the Etna Mitchells. Mrs. N. R. Robinson, Mrs. Ray Lowman, and the latter's daughter Jacqueline were dinner guests of the C. N. Robinsons Sunday. Pauline and Kathleen, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Seip, spent part of last week with the Chester Robinsons. Services were held at the Good Hope Methodist church Sunday, after a three weeks vacation. . -, - v* If your elephant wants to ride on top IT'S ALL RIGHT WITH A CHEVROLET The M. & D. week Thursday club with meets Mrs. this Eula Rich; roll call: current events. A musical program will be given The committee, in charge is Edna Mitchell, Lepna Walker, and Ira Witham. We didn't actually plan on elephants when we chose the bodies for the new Chevrolet, But we did choose bodies rigid enough, and strong enough, to support six tons of elephant, or anything else you can name. . . . fisher bodies . . . steel bodies plus a hardwood frame ... exactly the same type of bodies used on all 12 and 16-cylinder cars. Steel alone is not enough to make you as safe and secure as we want you to be in a Chevrolet. A steel body, welded into a solid wall of protection plus resilien t hardwood reinforcing to take up stress, absorb shocks and prevent the steel from following its natural tendency to buckle under pressure makes the sturdiest body of all— the kind used on the Chevrolet, and on no other low-priced car. Remember that when you buy a car. Be sure to get all you pay for ... the super-safety of a steel-plus-wood Fisher body. CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., DETROIT, MICH. '445 TO '565 Motor* Value. STEEL ALONE IS AW ENOUGH STEEL BODY HARDWOOD FRAME STRONG,SAFE BODY BY FISHER KOHLHAAS BROS., Distributors Wesley Auto Co* Wesley fisher Garage, Boderlck A»to Co., lone Bock Service Motor Co., Burt . . for taking money out of taxpayers 1 p< You have never seen this man, but if you a car you have been his victim. His name is "Hi" DRIVING COST. He is foryouonthe street that isLEss-THAN For every mile you drive on such a exacts his sly tribute. He makes you toy tires, more gasoline. He runs up your re] High Driving Cost makes "cheap 1 dear at any price. .This has been proved, and for all, by impartial surveys of driving! on all types of road surfaces. These W show that with even moderate traffic, ty of transportation—paving cost plus drr"" —is less on CONCRETE than on any ott even including an unpaved dirt roadway. If you're interested in getting the r your taxes — and in lower taxes, a* CONCRETE for the streets you want an It saves you money as a motorist. It M 1 money as a taxpayer—for conc«n* f less to maintain. And CONCRETE streets ter looking, easier to ride on, safer weather. Insist 1 on CONCRETE tor your sit the most and best street for the and the maximum employment to* PORTLAND CIMINT HMbbtli BvlWIng, Pw MoJnW, "*»| DO YOU WANT THESES ON THE AVERAGMj mile to «ii|v« on ether p*re- meoU writ* b» Cement "„ of the money s

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