Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1933 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 11
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17. !.!»»»• KOS3UTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA PAGE THMBj sr "PLAYS" COLOR AND LIGHT WITH MUSIC A new kind of show, synchroniz- Advance Pub, Co., pub. proc.. Haggard & Waller, pub. proc. Ronald Heetland, bty Arnold Griese, bty Carl Walters, bty • •• ohn Stcinman, cutting weeds Ij. Thoreson, weed commissioner Wm. Shirley, expense Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau, appropriation . J, McKvoy, exp [aurlce C. McMahon, exp. ... Carl Dahlhauser, exp Checkomltcr Co., serv. contract Koch Brothers, sup Boone Blank Book Co., sup... Fkllar & Chambers Co., sup.. United Chemical Co.. sup Metropolitan Supply Co., sup. Klipto Loose Leaf Co., sup. .. McClnin Co., sup Botsford Lumber Co., sup. ... Nelson Hardware Co., sup. ... Elk cleaners, sup. ... Norton Machine Works, sup.. Sorenson Drug, sup. Algona Ins. Agency, ins Mary K. Sands, salary 130.W 206.40 .60 .80 .25 4.50 11.90 39.28 270.83 8.71 30.55 214.70 ay Godden, drag. ... German Runksmeler, drag, ohn Simmons, drag Frank Ciapsaddle, drag. G. W. Qunder, drag. ... Fred Butterfleld, drag. .. 31.95 2.0S 1.65 20.25 4-1.50 81.1 2.00 2.95 125 s.90 1.9G 20.00 70.00 Scott, drag. Gade, labor , Cennedy Bros. Co., assign. V«nneuy JJ1UO. v^w., ««.»r>. irt/IA I-Hlbert Severiena. labor iw.w 15. G. Stenstrom, labor 20.25; Chas. Redemake, rent Sandy 900 Mrs 6 Agnes'c.'Bl'inkman, rent 6.001 Mra M. L. Stedman .. ..... 6 60 Bertha M. Murray, rent Clara 1 2S i Neltzel ••• ••: 2.50.E. J'. Murtagh, Adm., rent Ed 4500 Bclsch 4s'.00'Vic Johnson, rent Bob Stevens 7.00 2.50 (Fred Klein Chas. Hansen •Glen «aln •• Frank Spelcher Moe & Sjogren, prov. J, Stelnman ... ... .Vanderwerf Albert Young, labor B. J. Palmer, labor John Droesslcr, labor ... B. G. Brink, labor John A.- Erlckson, labor J, W. Swanson, labor ... Sorensen Drug, sup Chrlschllles & Herbst, sup 375 49.00 14.00 49.00 15.00 15.00 1.50 Kohlhaas & Spillea. sup. H.jfi Beed Hardware, sup. Town Mut. D-w'ellinS Ins. Co., !„« 3.41.1 A. B. Twcetcn, sup. Kossuth Co. Implement !Co., sup. ... Joe Greenberg, sup Kohlhaas Bros. Garage, sup. .. Geo. L. and D. E. Miller Co., Norton Machine Works, sup. . Clappa Master Service, sup. ... A H. 'Hundeby, sup Lalng & Muckey. sup. 11.40 20.45 4.00 A. A. Vande'rllnden, rent John son ••. R. A. Evans, med. aid ... ... Jess Umberhauer 1.50 Chas. Gunder . 2.60 Minnie Stelnman l.eo M. St. John 31.00 Mrs. Callles 2.25 •Geo. Hunt • •• i- 60 Mrs. Dan Harris Co. Farm) 16.00 Chaa Hanson 2.00 Mrs. Stedman ".To Mrs. Mlnard (Co. Farm) 0.00 Mrs. Nyall (Co. Farm) . 7.00 6.00 76.00 49^25 P. V. Janse, med. aid 7,90 1 6.10 5.75 3.00' 37.42 8.60 34.10 .36 J, August Peterson, sup i».w >F. A. Griffith, sup 27.48 10.50 iFrank 'Flalg, sup Botsford Lumber Co., sup. .. F S. Norton & Son, sup. .. . Delbutch Super Service, sup. Electric Service Co.. sup. Lalng'& Muckey, labor .. H. Coleman, labor COTJ1RT FUND Matthew C. Grier, reporter Matthew C. Grler, reporter P. A. Danson, J. P. fees ... __.... H. B. White. J. P. fees %'1S| Men's {Reformatory, sup. . >F W. Green, marshal J -iS; Glbbs Cook Tractor fc k Nlta Isaacson, witness ... Robert Vlnson. witness ... arl Dahlhauser, sheriff . A. Danson, J. P. fees . A. Newvllle, constable M. Dye, mayor ...... • Behrmann, J. P. lees . J. Doleschal, marshal .60: Fred Peterson 5.00 Haze) 'Bowman 26.60 Ben (Potter »•<» G. M. White 56.00 Mr. and Mrs. FranAsen. 7.00 Carl Taft 13.00 Lewis Olson . £-*™ Wm. Kuhn 4.00 166.7 . 4.W J.W loo 'cm K.OO uf, M.0» F.I -i V'< 16.60 47.59 Orvllle Dlxon 2.00 ing color, light and music as a pre- Miir*""" Today— j u ^ e Bn<1 8e uing for motion pic- Etionstration will DO ; ^^ jg SUndard Oi i. 3 contribution L w ins hall this wee K . Century of Progress Exposi- f) n m. under the aus ^^ fj, j Kaschmitter eie- Tnrough opera tion of special projection machines in a. giant red crown in the center of the dome of the Travel and Transport Guild- Ing, the Interior walls ot the dome ' Agent Itles will discuss to poultry rals- light patterns and colors. At the same time the building is lllled with .special modern music, in which sounds ot Industry at work are a dominating theme.. The motion pictures, which are also thrown from the red crown on four large screens at once tell the story o£ oil, described by a poet in one of the inscriptions as "the ake' Keller, constable ;. B. White, J. P. fees tractors, turbines, automobiles." The complicated electrical equipment by which the show is developed is operated almost without human action by the playing of a single record in a controllophone system. The record gives the cue to each piece of equipment as its turn is reached and. cuts it out when it has played its part. ** A. 'Newvllle, constable .. .. -- uwniuimu. xuui \^\j. t .>••, ohn Hutchison, mayo^r 4 -™ i Economy_Welding Works^.sup. Of -^"governments Iflons and agencies do b terms of the NRA iurs of labor. Uad becn herc two .. Behnke, Lutheran teacher at "Webster City, will go back this •week Tuesday, after two months with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Behnke. Elmer Behnke leaves soon for Chicago to resume attend- Fenton 9.00 Co., sup. Barton-Warner Co.. sup J. D. Adams Co.,_ sup ,'safford Stamp Works, sup. ... Austin-Western Road Mach Co., mach ..' Sargent Machine Co., sup. .... Ft Dodge Steel & Foundry Co. aup *• Owatonna Tool Co., sup. , Carl Johnson, marshal I Carl am 2.80 Carl Dahlhauser, exp. o£ con- The George Schoenwetters, Gar- D., attended the Legion celebratio here last Thursday. They are fo mer Fenton residents. Mrs. R. M. Brandt,* De Smet, S "rived I at > A Hutchison, commissioner E. J. McBvoy, clerk .••••• Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff .. Ole Moe, witness Bernard Olson, witness Dr. Lundqulst. witness »•«" J. M. Dye, witness ... F W Green, assistant Mrs. John Selfert, witness 21.00 18.10 5.00 5.00 2.30 2.10 John Schumacher, maint. gravel j.tro.'iw John Schumacher, malnt gravel Henry Johnson, sup Philip Petroleum Corp., sup. .. J W. Swanson, maint. gravel, j'. W. Swanson, malnt. gravel Coast to Coast Store, sup J. A. Roberts, bridges Champlin Refining Co., sup. .. Standard Oil Co., sup City Oil ibTmlunday to Mr. ance at the Concordia "red Bruhn, Cylinder, college. Teachers' in named Arlene Marie. first child. Mrs. (Bruhn Hilda Meyer, and her b Mr. and Mrs - Herman | o! town. r "ifeeie Mother- Mrs. Joseph Eisele, [Alice, and Mrs. Conrad one day last ner, visited Sunday with Mrs - opion at a Fairmont hospita! The Edwin Behnkes, or Bennett, accompanied oy Henry, son o£ Mr. and Mrs. Albert Behnke, are visit- Ing relatives here. Henry had been at Bennett some time. Mrs. Edwin Behnke was formerly Ann Vaudt, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt. ter, who had spent a week here, 1 went home with them. The 'Henry Newels and the Henry | Johnsons, Kanawha, attended the Two Fined at Hurt. Burl, Aug. 15—W. L. Clai'h ot Ti- .jrrnan Bode's, Wesley. Iras formerly Mary Eise has a new daughter. _s Here Again— •Mrs. Bay Oliver have re- i Mason City' and are the C. B. Holdrldge for. Oliver has for some I In the employ of the lice Oil company. _..Ault Sick— [land Plumley, formerly teen confined to oed of her parents two [he was formerly Hazel onsons. . , ^ Legion celebration here last Thurs- Boone, and Eu E e " e . Be | n ^"' -' day They are former Fenton resi- tonka, were arrested Sunday oy dents. Mrs. Paul Hecht, Chicago, Mrs. Hecht .Marshal Steward for drunkenness and and disorderly conduct on tn .Ethel Jones 2.00 51.90 Geo. Dunn «•«> 6.00 Lottie Smith \-<*L 229.78 Abe Conneley l.™ 26.61 Mrs. Art Neltzel J.jj 2500 E. F. Jonea J.ou Chas. Johnson •• »•«• 115 47 John N. Kenel'lck. mtd. aid . 118'.00 Nowell 3-W 150.05 D. Newman «-J" 2170 Dutton J"<™ 11.76 Mathison '•"" C. Johnson f'jfi 60 Bill Johnson "•£> 36.15' Clnlr Robinson •• •>•<" C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid .. 1130 Myrtle St. John 26.09 635 Mrs. Schmidt A w 64'20 Clapp's Master Service, gas for Ralph Forsthe hrlschilles & Herbst, sup Mrs. 11669 Kuhn ; 141 Mrs. Wilbur St. John, care of 300 Myrtle St. John •••• <*- WJ 8'.40 Mrs. Mary Taylor, care Mrs. 58.91 Frandsen ••• ••• "V' 4.03 W. T. Peters, med. aid L. 295.80 i Lynch 21.42| SUPERVHSOR DIST. NO. 3 44.96 i> r . F. L. Adams, med. aid 94.42 John B6.hr 2.00 2.09 2.90: 48.0 17.50 23.00 .81 2.90 5.25 | 3.00 3.00 Emory Chapin, witness £i« H. J. Seifert, witness 2 -l° E. J. McEvoy, clerk ... A Hutchison, commissioner . v H. Cretzmeyer, physician., DRAINAGE! FTUND Dr. 4— Geo. Simmons, labor Jake Keller, labor- W-* T „»„ CUmmnvia. labOr wii IV Alton Pettlt, aid. Alter?WlUkSpf!'°drag. ".'..".' .V. j|» H^STWallace.^ned.' aid Ellis Leander Vaske, drag 11-25 Jain ............ ..•••• - •; fomia and her daughter Isabelle visited over Sunday at C. F. Blinkman's, Lu Verne, Minn. Mrs. Blinkman, formerly Annette Behnke, is a daughter of the Albert Behnkes. The A. A. and H. J. (Pandels were STS^ETw. 0 * 1 * SnStaS They brought home Helen and Theresa Pandel, but Mary Catherine stayed for a visit with her grandparents. . , William Eiler, Lake Side, Mich., Charles Eiler, Chicago, and iDoro- thy Eiler, Minneapolis, Have been visiting Mrs. Emma Eiler. William and Charles are Mrs. Ei er's son ; •Lafe Simmons, B. F. Rhodes, labor E G. Stenstrom, labor ... . J. L. Haupert, labor Dr. 9— F. H. Lathrop, rodman .... A. E. Michel, engr Dr. 23— Henry 'Fischer, labor Rude Fischer, labor Dr. 68— M. L. Worby, labor >W B. WUHa'ms, clean out Dr. 78— Geo. Onken, labor Carl Zumach. drag. Charles Ulfers, drag C. C- Anderson, drag Peter N. Thilges, drag. ... ... Wilbert W. Richmond, drag.. 1.25 14.00 -Arnold Delperdang, labor om J. E. Falk, labor I Nelson Hardware, sup. Farmers Co-Operative sup c M. and A. Peters, sup. Matt Murtha, sup J. D. Adams Co., sup. . Austin-Western Road Co., sup ••• ••• Co., sup ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND 12.00 IM. T. McGuire, grad. proj. Soc., .... Mach. 29.00 Mrs Lewis Lareen. care Ever- 12.00, ett Shipler •• •• •••• 12.75 c. H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid 8.00 Harvey Graham 14 -™ SUIPEIRVTSOR DIST. NO. S 9 - 0 " Mrs. Mary Froehle. rent Mrs. -•=s I iGrover Tyler G - t)5 ' Oliver Moe, rent Mrs. Conway Dr. J. A. Devlne, med. aid 22.50 8.00 5.75 7.00 7.05 19.54 53.74 175.60 Board Proceedings rodman .... •K H Lathrop, rodman M V. Stephenson, asst. engr A. E. Michel, engr Dr. 81— A. E. Michel, engr Dr. Mrs. Gene Ercikson Mrs. R. Hunt Mrs. E. Cayler ... ,-• •• Lafe Simmons Wm. Dixon •Mary Conway John Tobln . • • • Mrs. Peter Giles ..... W. T. Peters, med. aid Ralph Black IRogers boy 5.00 4.SO 2.00 1.00 6.00 2.50 ' 3.50 Kromlnga —^ Mrs. Kuhn Jg Chapln J.J2 C. Dorgan ;>•*• R. Bowman JW H Carroll • o.wi RECONSTRUCTION FINANCE COOS- PORA.TION (Poor Fund) H. R. Sorensen & Co., Prov... V. Rutledges 3.OT iFred (Peterson Z.W Roy Larson 2.00 L. Johnson J.JJJ Ethyl Jones S-JJ M. Frandaen 2.00 H. R. Sorensen & Co., prov. .. Ed Goetsch J.JJ Geo. Boren 12-«» M. C. Frandsen J.™ E. Jones '•» L. Johnson «.W Roy 'Larson o.w M. Peclersen 2.H) Fred Peterson J-W V. Rutledge ... • °^» (R 1 . A. Clark, prov. F. Spelch- R. A! Cliii-k] prov. j'. T. Jonea Tire Service Co., fuel Klein family .•••„••• Algona Co-Op. Cry. Co., prov. S. R. Durant •« Henry Cook «-S8 •Geo. Dunn •« K. Beard J-*J M. FrandBcn J-™ J. Helmers I-*" Eugene Meyers 1.88 'Ethel Jones 2,01 afrank Hansen -JJ Amy Johnson l-J* IPeterson J.°2 F. Stoner 1-08 Aug. Rosenau .... J-W Wm. Vanderwerf 2.10 J. H. (Rickard .W Ed Beisch *•; Will Baker *• J, Schmidt V7? Wm. Seipman J.** <F. Butts J-JJ James Wlltse !•* L. K. Johnson 1.W Mathlson family l-^ H. Carol •" Clara Dorgan Z Taft family ~ O. G. Boren JJ Chas. Gunder , .M Clara Neltzel 2.10 Thos. Akre, prov 3J.WI A F. Connolly 7.W E. J. Belsch 1«.W iGlcn Hain J.™ Jno. Schmidt 9-W W. A. White, prov .'Wil' W. E. Harris 2-JJ W. Holdren *•«£ John Mahoney 7.00 J. F. Wlltse *«* V. Shott -.- J-JJ Will Baker »'H -„ J. Helmers JJ* 10-22 iBilsborough ^JJ 34.W Lauritson |g 18.00 ' 104.50 prov. 65.00 29'75 MT.McGure. 31.00 proj. No. No. 329.40 Nelson, transp. to la. gw rent Char- City Henry Langerman 13 ' w l M ^TVMcGuire;'gVad.; P ;rorNo: ^x^S-gjg«*;^" R. p. Housour 10.00 8.50 Carl Taft .... Mrs. Stedman Holtcamp ... . Muckey F. M. Stoner . Emil iBollinger Roy Hayes .. txing's Grocery, Frank Butts Mrs. Campbell C. Sweet Mrs. Seipman ... ..,•• ••• J. GeiBt Lewis Elke Sandy StebriW IF V. MathlBon. Steven's Grocery, prov. 6.26 1.60 10i 3.16 4.60 ZOO . B.W . . 4.00 ." U» . O.W . 4.W . 4.00 Chan. August 1, 1933 Auditor's Office, August 1, 1933. Board of Supervisors of Kossu count™ met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. Motion by Funnenmrk and seconded by Heiken that one-half of the pen axea on NB 1-4 Sec. 7-»o o . of 1931 taxea on NB (Lutheran Choir— i Gade treated the Lu- air to Eskimo pie last lesday night, the occas- I her birthday anntvers- iith» to World's Fair— and Ralph Walker, -with ;t, Algona, accompanied |ker to Chicago Friday for t the world's fair. anu oiian*^' *••" •'»— — . „,, and -Dorothy is her great-grand da Mrs*j r : W. McCreery entertained at Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. J. S, S^,«Lv and a Miss Brada, o£ nitv o CT of H. N. Boschell be abated and - Treasurer Instructed to make to 1:00 d as a committee to make necessary epafrs on Dr. 82, 88, 4 and 166. Ayes: 1 sup^_ A Motlqn by SMnneark andl-eoon** C. M. St. P. & P. R'y Co., >ssary repairs on A Motion M bV Heiken and seconded by I A." E." Michel, engr. ... ... r^nnald that Btalgeman be appoint- U «. j^athrop. rodman .. Henry Teget, aup. IM. T'. McGuire, grad. proj. No. I nf. M T.'McGuire, grad. proj. No. 1 29 60.70 M. TViicGuire, grad. proj. No. 70^70 M?T'.'MoGui're,'grad. proj. No. John ' Schumacher',' Sec. Road 327.60 c. B. Chipman. funeral exp. • Eva Jane Godden ... •••/••; 45 ' w 493.20's. W. Meyer, exam. Arthur Glaus *' SUPESRVISOK DIST. NO. 5 Mrs. Ben Rushton. rent A. «. Peterson family .. •• Art Lester, rent J. *, ner & Frank Miller 658.80 493.20 ilchr.prov..o. W. J. Pllcher, prov. Gunaer .. Jessie E. Steven, prov. Wilferd £to E." Steven.' provV WiKerd ._ that Bfelgeman committee to necessary g4_ ner oc -«•• i <**.*»- *—-—- ™^__ -n C F. Berggren, rent wm. *. Norris family , ' -- •- 15.00 nedald 8.33 6.50 Heiken that "ySnne-mwk ! be appointed U>~ sar re- . Sec. All. Motion - moke necessary re- , Geo . Onken. labor ... . o. 3-46. and 60. Ayes; U, ^-^^ } ^ .. McDonald and seconded B . G . Stenstrom, labor *^ f~ . r- - Road M . with «., ws to Whittemore— blew baseball team was I Sunday on the local dla- |the Whittemore boys, 14-6. t Whittemore News. !apesius, of Ottosen, Mr. \ Tom Malamphy, of Bode, Jtanthal, of Ottosen, and |Mre. Vern Struthers, .West ere last Thursday and Fri- sat Mrs. Joseph Meurer's Laubenthal's. Mrs. i had a medical examlna- ie McCreery hospital. She fcerly Mary Malamphy, and pest daughter of Mr. and praphy. Mrs. George Grimmels, . Mr. and Mrs. Ray Grlm- 'ftmetsburg, the George ! William Boettchers, of land Mrs. John Schallln and J Ohm, Lotts Creek, came (with filled baskets" to spend with Robert Braatz and his told, south of town, bring- Ikets tor dinner, Alvina |lier Braatz, Robert's daugh- " housekeepers, are away lion. Vaudt went to Des '.ie day last week, and from |w to go to Chicago with a ' Farm Bureau nien to at- Fonda, and a Miss Likensticker, of M01JUIIB ™ » went to Fort Dodge Monday to vUit Mr. Will's relatives a week. Late in August Mrs. Will will IB turn to Whittemore, and Mr. Will "attend a teachers' conference bridge bVnd fund to road construction on IccSSn? of the $10.000 transferred I.lieu i^vici.«"«..»'—7- _ Buffalo Center Lumber Co. 5.00 I John "Schumacher. Sec. Road 7.00' Dist. No. 230 .... •• •• "•••• 17<H ' a J. W. Swanson, Sec. Rd. Dist. *"* "** 1 No 224 .• ...••< ..«•«• *•* •*• M. T. McGulrc, grad, proj. No sup , , , Raymond Patterson, seconded. | , R Pomeroy, labor labor 15.43 14.75 6.00 oy . McDonald that Geo. and Christine ,JM Meyers. labor -bursed to the amount P , H . Lathrop, rodman tiOH ISO. .-*>.'"' h '_, fc _ inatriio.ted tO Ulll i!w '-.;-' uu V, A n ,H«,irti«l to C this All. o'clock p. m. ' One o'clock .—Board of Super- o adjournment and seconded'by Spring- I i?i If:' s?^ a 3SH,?SA';sr5 A. B. Michel, engr. M V. Stephenson. asst. engr. Dr.' 93— Geo. Onken, labor Dr. 106— A E. Michel, engr F. H. Lathrop, rodman D M. L. Worby, labor Mrs. ation. who had" been visiting here 21.00 8.75 18.00 12.00 1.25 2.25 69.00 7.50 1430.00 342.00 Dist."NO. 218 ..- .- »• «6- 46 J °r5ist S No Um ^ her ' ^ -° a " 719.79 U19L> *^iw* I»A* jjhn" Schumacher,"'Sec. Road Mrs. Mrs. for nursing , Garvick ... ••• •;• Webster, care Noel Art B Llster.' Vent' Faulkner' (Miller .27.50 7.00 45.00 14.85 Johneon C. 9. Johnson, prov. Mrs. Klein < C K. Johnson ... • C. Gunder :P. Hansen Amy Johnson .. • R. IK. Stevens ...,. Belsch G.M 6.80 6.W fcM B. J. Andrson' Grain' &" Coal Hoods Cash Store, prov. N. J. 'Edna . -- SeoR ° ad 2026.07 2.00 A E. Michel, engr, Maurice Michel, rodman .... T.gj F. H. Lathrop. rodman ..... W-W M V. Stephensou, asst. engr. W. B. Williams, labor John'Schumacher. Sec. Road Dist. No. 246 .. Thomas Bruns. rodman •••••: John Schumacher. Sec. Road ^^ Doh S T. Nugent,"asst.. engr. .. 140.00 Milton MdFadden, rodman .... «.00 42.00 261.60 Dr C. W. Lundquist, exam. .. Kenneth Erickson 1-«J Anton Anderson J-«» Reuben G-reen ^J" Donald Hutchlnson .... l-W Ralph Stockman •»•»» IRussell Peters ^Jj Everett Lester 1 - 93 GENiEJRAL POOR *r v Weaver, tel. call .-• •••• C.' F.' Specht. mileage for look'& 'Caridy 7.00 2.25 Co-Operative Soc.. sup. "• " D A E, Michel, engr. ... ..»• M. V. Stephenson, asst. engr. 'Lafe Simmons, labor •• Dr. 166- :^£^ s %sr^nj f -^ s£ to; :L - E .•80 27.50 3.50 60.00 8.75 8.501 6.26 ! 16.75 48.00 3.60 16.00 Guy Ash. .. C. Arnodlsen. labor ... •••„•--, John Schumacher, Sec. Road Dlst. No. 243 H A. Bruns, labor .. Fred Baumgartner, labor .. •• Lloyd H. Zentner, labor Joe M. Esser, labor Francis N. Elbert. labor Gus ffWchtor, patrol M. L. AVorby, labor i Geo. Onken. labor ... Leroy R. Elbert, labor A J. Lawler. labor H. C. Allts, labor Menno Rislus. labor 40.50 4.39 Johnson 5039 Merrill Bros., prov SB - 51 Ajnos Bergman ... Mrs. H. Johnson . Mrs. Peter Giles •• i Mrs. Grover Tyler I Mrs. Jake Lattlmti ... ~--~ - Hoods Cash Store, prov. Mrs. 1 L Conway v,"' Hoods Cash Store, prov. «ra. MflJ M. Shoop'man."prov. N. Ne ™' tM Bettln's" Cash" Store, Paul Gromes Store, Factory, Ice Geo. labor oeo. uuwi.v, .»""- •. Roger P. Elbert, labor Spear & McVey, labor W ». Williams, labor . ... •• Central. Life Assurance Soc., 'righ't-of- dlst'r, Carl Dahlhauaer, serving pau| per notice 106369 COUNTY (F-AIRM ffl.M (Clapp's Master Service, sup. . 35.00 Matt Murtha, sup 7100 .Frank L.* Miller, light, serv. . >» 97.50 M. C. Frandsen, labor 40.00 John Hennlng. labor 48.75 (Fred Park, exp 23.50 Thoa. Akre, prov. 5.00 wm .McMahon. labor .. ... • 130.00 Botsford Lumber Co., sup ... 12.50 Farmers Elevator Co., sup. .. 20.00 Kossuth Co. Implement Co Ne"son"Hardw'are'."sup Kohlhaas & Spllles, sup. .. • 7.10 B. W- Hansen, sup 123.00 c. A. Heard, aup Lloyd Vipond, sup 130.50 Matt Murtha. sup. ... W J. Barr, cow testing .. • 25.00 !p v. Janse, med. aid .. ; Benedict's Store, prov. ^ prov. J. dinner was Ruth Ruth Ba ' B «'r will go to Chi- CT Landsberg, Brltt U, w ^ nes day to at- w F.&ftQ tnlS WC"K- " T»«*U orft Ti cago Whi P ttemore Champion, pub. no- ^" t f?ou^ ^t in joint - 1.00 .70 4.67 9.58 10.48 13.50 40.00 2,fiO 69.19 25.00 7.20 211.22 .30 12.54 7.06 7.25 19.60 10.90 11.01 13.00 14.86 iiS.06 NO. 5 IM 12.90 I •! Thaves Sisters, prov. Mrs. Alb. Hutchinson C. J. Appelcruist, prov. Joe 2.M 3.00 On o'clock a. m August 9, County" Auditor. August 9,1933 /Auditor's Office, August 9, 1933. Bo^o? Supervisors n>et -«—* to adjournment with ail Pr3 tend the world's fair. n, by Funneark and .53 3.47 14.53 • 6.00 3.72 6.10 eatimatc as spent' three ward and Hulda Baas T ^e S 'Joint B..-.«5f«S2oaSi- SaSj. > world's fair. Oscar Schatt- will go this week i" Mrs. Ben »---. - m , JJQ- ayto attend the fair, -and visiting the Henry, wu»». d Mrs. John Baas, Mr! and - — ' "" Wa Baas famtues B snry Wichtendahl, Esther |and Selma and Hulda Baas to attend the fair. Tom Ford, Mrs. Joseph ' m t ton by The "Jghter Geneva, and Earl El- score 26-2 pe over^Sunday visitors at ^ McCusker's, south of. Pea > Mrs. McCusker, formerly P a Ppa, came here with them Nek of visiting. Mrs. Ford [last week at her sister Mrs. Ws, Iowa Falls, Mrs. Herman Vaudt, son and Laurence Gade, with and Florence Boysen, Ida I wove to Charles City 'last anday to attend a picnic r. and Mrs. Ray Wllles, Luf U( lt, Mr. and Mrs. W, Euken lEuken son Kenneth, all ot Mrs. John Kitchenmas- act a. as secAyes: , -^o to year and Mrs. West Bend withje^a ives. ^^ taTiurtclent mon- A ^hur Holcomb.' draff ....... SperbeckPrlntlng Co., pub. no- tlce POOR" FUND" " " r C. H. Rlggert, rent .Mathlson, clmd. ?8 Lucia Wallace, rent 'P. V. .. not allowed •Wilbur .. not allowed Hedrlck family .. 9.15 otto Neuman, prov. er Thos. Akre, prov. Joe 'Fras- "Mrs. H. 10.51 11.98 the derwerf, clmd. $10 Mrs. « of publication _ thereof wna on with the county auditor. . *Jrh»P«aVtor and on said day tWe e_sti- Thereafter and on tel. otricti" *»*•«•—- — . and seconded llght 3.09 F. Spelcher. .. • . Robt. Bowman J. T. Jone» , Algona - - Mts - B. J. i... ---- — • w w*«a* *>f WV**V******"** ""am Kltchenmaster, and near Algona. Milwaukee, Is daughter Olara, all ot I Mrs. Ann Conners, Miw . ., have been visiting the ' yjsiting ner daughter, M "'" "'" " ' I and Walter strueckers and fy Laucks. Prom 'here the were to go to 'Michigan. , e [ ai * ere als ° to attend the [Carl Walkers, Goldfleld, ac" Mr. and Mrs. J, E. at visited Simon's north of town, to J>elav»n, '"'uay to visit the Harold . ,.„, and the Delbert and Har- em. Daughter of Mrs •~" Delbert and Harold 1 Alice June, fating at Waterloo and MTB. J. !?• Alice Cairy. is v ; i,a has postponed 18 'a, The Methodist Aja » ieu ^ 24- I its fort uncle, i MW, Chairman- 0UTL.BB, ,I\/l» ?*•"- — i T _Viri the record John C. '& Secretary, August 4,1933 acco copy of Its adoption. Ayes: All. 'Chairman. |,^ ^• y '*g"'Hayne^"patrol Ole Gerd'es. patrol or A««* A. l-gugj^J"-- ^gl^Board ^«^rt ISfSrS/Soi^.^ proj. 633.03 " County Auditor. Adopted this 4th . by M.UKV" -• .T '.i J K. UKBI"* »^t 17~ M. Smith. sa larylr> McMahon, sup, eora , John o. JNeiauu, H»"—.-•; j H. Montgomery, patrol Ewing, patrol ^,^ Sanders, patrol ••• Ed Fuchsen. patrol .,. Movlck. ™*-" 78.60 18.S1 35.00 20.00 79.25 75.90 87.50 NO. 1 Mrs. "chas." Marso, transp. to ^ a. j,... i i,ur» B . .— 2ittiau'fam. 14.00 Algonquin Fox Farm, rent Alb. Adefla n Beil,"ren't Frank •Rou'pe C. H. Cretzmeyer. med. aid Mrs. Howard Hunt .. Mrs. Ray Sankey .... p V. Janse. med. aid / Otto Callles G. F. Strieker 60.00 3.60 2!<5d 26.00 Kossuth "Hospital, hosp. c,are Caroline Gisch ... »•«• vrrs. Howard Hunt ... • -».w H. Donohue, funeral ex.p. 28.00 J. gave, light and water Tei."co" iel. « „ patrol A. 4,38 §f an f^^irl C com 6U %^ mSOlcWM^m^ F^.^gWto/'^.'wa^es: ^ Irnwt^gfm^drai 59.70 65.00 62.50 63.76 72.60 69.00 84.70 '63.00 75.00 62.60 78.00 62.6J 62.60 101.03 60.25 Ida Roupe L, W- Swanson, expense Mrs. Tietss Mrs. taoupe .- ••• ••.-.•••• V. Janse, med. aio ••• G, W. Gunder ... - 5.00 108.50 50.00 4.00 ffi.OO 38.00 NO. Lester Will Bowman, transp. M?s!*Josephine'Myers,' rent Joe Platt V'MoGee" '.'.' * e L. Bonar, rent M- C, Frand- 10.00 10.00 1.00 3.00 2.00 prov. , Baker ** Amy Johnson , '•• ••. Hugh Carroll -.» Clara Neitzel J -» Mrs. B. Beard « John Schmidt °J ipred Peterson C. B. Sweet Wm. Vanderwerf ... •Ethel Jones •• Lyle Johnson M. Frandsen Chas. Gunder John iBeisch Frank Butts W. J. Pilcher, prov. . V, Shott Chas. K. Johnson .. H R. ©orensen & Co, V. Rutledge Fred IPeterson Roy Larson L. Johnson Ethel Jones M. Frandsen ... •••••• Standard Oil Co., fuel Steven's Grocery. Prov. Wilfred Johnson TKos. Akre, prov, l Ed. • Belsch .... J. Schmidt ... A. F. Connolly Glen HaAn 14.37 filed and no taxpayer* er oard took «P tto • »«*imBle for final consideration and. afte? being fuy advised, the board determined' that Bald estlmata be «r- rpcted and complete so that when ompleted it should be In words an<J and the .84 1.68 1.68 1.6S .42 .43 .65 .84 .42 ... 1.68 prov. . ... 3.00 ... 2.00 2.50 .'.' 3.00 .. 3,00 .... 2.00 Fred 8.00 6.66 8.00 1.60 AU 2.52 15.50 Punnemark and to All. Motion sen .50 6.10 17.08 12.50 that purchase ftasarv"rjmalca'tm I>r.'8B."^yw.*, IIHBHsBjW**

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