Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 17, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1933
Page 9
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„„. Tabout the state, who- fortheGoed- Volume 32 ALGONA, IOWA, AUGUST 17, 1933 12 Pages Number 49 ; ^u up a hot po- haa been general ,tiy unfavorable to , Nearly all of the 16 that the case is po- Moscrlp, of the Tlmes J RepubUcan, Used the matter in ,Sh the Advance re- L Canada prosecution faltering a poll book ffr." Moscrlp'sv atten- iFMoscrlp comments as Jihe political angle: fioch fish and 'game com- '"ottldbe permitted to i, of Iowa fish In Bis ,-| deserving democrat I 1 of inanition due to l&.beeame unbearable. I to be done." tip thinks, however, )l the Canada charges ss on a more Import- nan before, to-wtt, the ;;nubile records. .This lino doubt will, Influ- rernor and the attorney rto the bottom, of the Bt for "they are as in(should be, as Mr. Goed- jf 1 in seeing to It that ilty of alteration of the jonlshed. m i)BEMER. LEE,, of . the 'rllle'Daily News, is an jehtator. "Iowa sports I begins, "are Just a 1)1 Jt-fith the move afoot ^ By describe as intended, to wlt h ^ lft) ( |gfe'Goeders." The News 3 hiny'car. l;»o- understand what the jlnlstratlon .has against find Mr. iLee wants the le specific. He says: • _., it appears, the '; most leBirge is that Goeders ... ^republican "primaries, it "ied that he was''named it; while in fact he BANDITS MENACE FORMER LIVERMORE BOY HEATENED BY ILOS1ANGELES BANK ROBBERS Algonians' Relative Forced to Open Bank Vault. Two heavily armed bandits am- Mished four men and a young woman, employes in a branch of the Citizens National Trust & Savings bank, bound and gagged them, and The World Visits Century of Progress This clipping 1 from a recent Issue of the Los Angeles Herald & Express concerns Edward Zigrang, former Llvcrmore boy, nephew of T. C. iSherman and Mrs. John Goeders, and cousin of D. II. Goeders. after forcing the assistant man- vault escaped with $10,000 in cash in a new, ' ager to open the . The bandits surprised the victims by .calling each one 'by name. Apparently they were familiar with the personnel and the interior of the bank. ' . Herded into a narrow janitor's closet where there was no ventilation, the Victims nearly, suffocated, LEGION WOMEN INSTALL NEW SET OFFICERS By Mrs. L. L. Lease. The 33rd quarterly meeting of the county Legion Auxiliary at Bancroft. last week Tuesday was well attended, 107 women register- Ing. Mrs. Bridget Quinn, Bancroft, president,' opened the meeting, but handed the gavel to Mrs. Luella Schenck, Burt, who presided till new officers were Installed. Mrs. ] Murray, Bancroft, escorted the new officers to Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, iBritt, state chaplain, who was installing officer. The new officers are: Mrs. Ida Larsonj Swea City, president; Mrs. Lucille Merritt, Algona, vice president; Mrs. Martha Bonacker, Titonka, secretary; Mrs. Bertha Seeney, Bancroft, treasurer; Mrs. Sadie Denton, Tltonka, historian; Mrs. Jeanette McMurray, Algona |chaplain;. Mrs. W. R. Wolfe, Fenton, and Mrs. Bernice Jensen, (Lone [Rock, sergeants at arms.. Outgoing Officers Praised. i Mrs. Larson presided after in Visitors from every part of the world are thronging the gay avenues stallation and in her opening re of A Century of Progress—the Chicago World's Fair, where 82 miles ol marks reviewed some of the ___.. . . __ _,n ><•.*_._! I flrtVltftV leaders, each of them was presented with a large scenic picture. All of the eight unite in the county were represented at the meeting, and the unit presidents gave reports of things accomplished. Swea Cttyan Named Delegate. Mrs. Larson will represent the county at a state convention to be held at Sioux City next week Tuesday to Thursday, and Mrs. Denton is alternate. Mrs. Underkofler gave a talk on membership, after .Which the president promised a personal' trophy for the first unit in the county to meet its quota 'by November 1. Mrs. Larson appointed Mrs. .Denion permanent question box chairman and Mrs. L. L. Lease, Wesley, county publicity director. Algona Quintette Sings. A program of two numbers by a Bancroft quartette, two piano duets exhibits may be viewed for a 50-cent admission. sthinks,- however, that _ji and the general pub- tjire Interested mostly in Inlstratioji of fish and .Rations and the proper tag of the commission are >rned about the politics nlssloners." INews'recalls, in conclusion, as the hope that in cre- „„ a situation as today con- to fish and game situation in lltlcs would be ousted and sense injected. lowans be pleased to have the sit- I'clanged about." !. GALLARNO, of - Plain alk, Des Moines, suggests a le when he remarks that if 9 are to be read out of the, ..jause they have occasion- naded republican primaries, ") party will be '.'denuded" ts "patriots." He adds: .._.„ right down to "brass jit is our opinion that repub- , till E. V. Zigrang, assistant man : ager, broke the glass door by hurl- I nominations . . Bain been made have time by demo- ing his weight against it. Enter Bank at Night. The bandits barely escaped radio police summoned by H. R. Loy, bank: auditor, who became alarmed when he tried to enter the bank during the holdup and received no response to knocking at a side door. '. The bandits gained entrance during the night, apparently with a pass-key. They covered Milton Thompson, janitor, with revolvers when he opened the side door at 6 a. m. They bound and gagged him, and gave Edward Pinney, teller, similar treatment when he arrived two hoars later. Francis Morgan, another--teller, arrived, and was bound a few minutes later. Zigrang Opens Vault. "Where is Mr. Zigrang?" one of the bandits demanded of Morgan. "I don't know," Morgan responded. "Well, he'll be along soon," the other bandit commented. totes," and "not a corporal's of democrats can be found we not at some time in their J meanderings wandered 6 republican pasture." •Oallarno goes on to say: loeders is stubborn, though— | democrat!—and refuses to Ms Job. I£ you ask us, it's »t evidence o£ stubbornness proves his democracy as | else could. No republican haw thfi rmrvn t< s that, 1W.-J.CASEY, of the mocratic Knoxville Express, jeders imbroglio is a "to-do •nothing." Mr. Casey is some- lot a Joker. "This fish and Grace next to Kobelin, arrive. bookeeper, She, too, was was '*• I.UUIK* >rtu reiJU'UiiuoJi i the nerve to cling to a i* a HCJVK LVJ UAil.v. «--—, , bound, and all were herded into the closet. Zigrang came in and was forceu to open the vault. One bandit scooped up all money in sight except pennies, while the other stood guard. Then Zigrang was bound and shoved into the closet. The bandits locked the door. iLoy, before the bandits knocking on the side door, 'he received no answer he When sensed something wrong and called the police. The bandits fled not more than a minute before the police ar- FUNERAL SERVICES AT IRVINGTON FOR FORMER ALGONIAN Irvington, Aug. 15—The second funeral service for Mrs. L. C. Dudley, Goodland, Kans., was held here last week Tuesday morning, following arrival of the body on the morning train. The Rev. A. English had charge of the service, using asliis text 1 Corinthians 15:23. Mrs. Casey Loss, accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Earl Miller, sang Beautiful Isle of Somewhere and Shall We Meet Beyond the River? Six of Mrs. Dudley's cousins were pall hearers, and burial was made in the Irvington cemetery beside the graves of her parents. Funeral | services had been held at the Goodland Christian church last week Sunday. Mrs. Dudley, who was wife of the Rev. L. C. Dudley, pastor of the First Christian church at Goodland, had been in failing health a long time, but had kept about her many church and home duties, till a few days before death. She died suddenly a week ago Friday morning at her home, where she had been under care o£ a trained nurse three clays. Mrs. Dudley's maiden name was Cora Reed, and she was the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Reed. She was born at Algona in 1872, and spent a good "New Model" Baby Girl at Prosaic announcement hi last week's Advance of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hertlg, of the Buffalo Center hotel, formerly of the Algona hotel, was eclipsed for local friends of the parents -who re- cevled printed cards, as follows: "The Hertlg Production Company, Buffalo Center, Iowa, announces the 1983 'baby girl' model, 'Jane Louise,' Edwin C. Hertlg, designer and chief engineer, Louise Sebek Hertlg, production manager. "Model released 12:05 a. m. August 6, 1933; free squealing, water cooled, exhaust 'two-lung powered, scream-lined body, changeable seat covers,' economical feed, net weight « pounds. "The management assures the public that there .will be no other new models during the balance of the season." achievements of the outgoing offi-j cers. Under Mrs. Schenck's leadership, Kossuth went over 100 per cent in everything and at a spring pep meeting at Fort Dodge was hailed outstanding county in the state, Mrs. Larson said. Mrs. Denton was commended for excellent. instruction during the year, and attention was called to ' her exhibit of a most perfectly compiled history of the county Auxil- ary and its activities for the last ;wo or more years. In recognition of the outstanding work of these by Misses Devlne and Murray, Bancroft, and two numbers by an Algona quintette was given. The entertaining Bancroft unit served lunch at four long tables. Mrs. Ada Juhl, Crystal Lake, Georgia Carmean, Bancroft, and Maud Schenck, Minneapolis, served as scrapbook judges, and first place went to Tltonka, second to Burt, third to Swea City, fourth to Wesley. The first three 'received prizes of pictures. The next meeting will 'be held at Fenton early in November. BASE BALL DANIELS BROS. Des Moines City Champions vs. ALGONA Fairgrounds, 2:30 Sunday,Aug.20 WHY NOT OWN A HOME OE FIX UP THE OLD ONE? The Algona Building and (Loan Association has ample funds to advance at a very low rate of interest for the purpose of "building, re modeling and refinancing desirable first mortgage loans on Algona property. We will be pleased to have you call at our office for fur ther information. • • ' THT ALGONA BUILDING AND LOAN. ASSOCIATION Office located 1st door north of Iowa STATE BANK August Clearing Sale This is our semi-annual house-cleaning. Never was there an August so important to you from a standpoint of saving. Although prices are advancing daily we are still loaded with goods bought at old prices. Buy now is the best advice any one can give you. The National Recovery program calls for higher wages and shorter working hours. This will increase the price of all manufactured goods. Thousands that are., now idle will find jobs and have money to buy food with. This in turn will increase . the price of farm products. So far as possible we are keeping prices down until buying power catches up. In this house-cleaning sale you will find bargains in shoes for every member of the family. , • We are cleaning out all odd lines of hosiery. It is a clean sweep, a regular house-cleaning. You will find underwear, shirts, odd pants, caps, ties, BOX, jackets, overalls, and lots of other bargains. This clean-up starts Friday, August 18, and ends August 26th. List your wants and drive to Neville's Shoe Store. Buy all you can before the further advance which is sure to come. In times like this let us help one another. Shoulder to shoulder we will pull out of the depression. We are doing our part. This store is 100 per cent N. R. A. Jimmie Neville "The Shoe Man" Algona, la. Clean Cotton Rags Wanted rived. • , »--• — »• .&•*«£? JkiO t* **tlU [business," he declares, "Is IX overrated. All these years F» had a commission to pro* and game, but we haven't Jthing to protect the tooth[ liazelnut . . . This great Fas .created by a "hardly race f »no cracked hazelnuts with °" u and went hunting ,wlth : ie ' let, or hindrance. Their E-J--WS, grown timid and lux- ['buy nut kernels iri glassine •^legislator," in Mr. Casey's owes it to our «reat state Jhice a bill, for a hazelnut wion—oh, yes, we have -sev- commlssions already, but ! that up?" ,AlNS_K)R a pair of In- JJJ™ 1 ^ republicans to defend ^ed Goeders ouster. Tom »ay-hack republican edi- , Hampton Chronicle, says •we are going to maintain °f government we need political parties built up Second Hold-Up of Bank. Loy furnished police with the license number of the bandit machine, and Detective Lieuts. W. L. Doolan and Joseph Loquet broadcast number and description of car and bandits by radio. The same bank branch was held up and robbed of |2076 May 20, when a bandit with a shopping bag in one hand and a gun in the other threatened the life of C. E. Bowers, manager. Bowers is now away on vacation. "This certainly makes It easy to pick the best" GO< Algerian's Photo to Enter Contest While they were on their eastern trip recently County flupt .and Mrs. Wm. Shirley took a »»°ture of the Niagara Falls. They had it developed at Washington. D. C, and studio attendants recommended it for entrance in a national amateur picture contest. The studio entarg- ed the picture from the camera size of 2V4X3V* inches to nearly 6x9 inches and colored It. The UUllt* *"• J.U<«» •*••*• T * deal of her life.there or in the vicinity till her marriage in 1909 to- Mr. Dudley, who hailed from Rutland, Mass. Besides her husband, Mrs. Dudley left a son, Wallace R., recently graduated from the Kansas State college, Manhattan. A brother Sumner, a doctor at Agency, Iowa and a sister Edith, who has of late been making her home with the M j Jones family at Algona and tecahing music, survive. All attended the funeral here. Mrs. Dudley held a master's de- BI -ee from Drake university, and she taught school for some years prior to her marriage. Clarence Phillip* on Main Bout on Fort Dodge Card Clarence (Jack) Phillips, Spencer-Algona, is scheduled to box In two main-go 6-round Kiwanians Hear About Baseball as a Business Alvin Huenhold spoke last Thursday before .the Kiwanis club on big time baseball. While he was In Chicago on his honeymoon he was one of 70,000 spectators at a big league ball game. Judging from the size of 'the crowd arid the admission fee, he concluded that major league ball was a paying proposition. Later he found that appearances may be deceptive. Only one team in the major leagues made money last, year. .Mr. Huenhold also reviewed a Saturday Evening Post feature .article on baseball as a business. Robert Har- ^tfcan >ortf 8 v> m' -»••»•'''" -;. [meaning with the .office?], and that "if the F Wan has .been voting'the re- P ticket, and then has posed »ocrat to secure a/state ap- ™. he should be removed • job at once." ijrcell would, however, have a. 1 s be C01 »8'stent in both C'^eral fields, He points P«fSenatqrJ,j. Elaine, of Mln - recently, appointed to a ft e R. F. C. board as a re- Mr. Purcell says: 5 as a republican, but L h^"" Wo ? k ed for Woodrow ^ w worked and voted for A! 'worked and voted for 'i???5 Telt . and now he is falls one of v>>" "•"• - =- — ,, matches on the second semi-monthly card of the Elks club at 8:15 at the Fort Dodge Expo-Park tomorrow night. He will weigh in at 175 pounds against Tuffy Dial, Omaha, main go will be be- Smith, Omaha, 13a P^n'dVand Jimmie Legrone, Des Moines, same weight. There will be 4-round prellmin- raies as follows: Wyman Swezy, Cherokee, vs., Jimmie Salvator, Fort -f 0 ia?c«r» ' i! Ur °?Jf s apiiWthls sort J? Political dishonesty, no ** party practices It .help makeTthe scene picturesque. Politics Forces . Pyle to Resign W . c. Pyle, to^t^K'wr! •HHrst National bank here, jawr,»B» SS in like capacity at Bancroft, tween Buzz Lohrvile, vs ° y Stoner, rlngton was called upon to report the fact that he won a prize at a Kiwanis inter-club tournament at Clear Lake a week ago last Thursday, and A. E. Kresensky gave a resume of a talk given at the Clear Lake evening session by John H. Moss, Milwaukee, former Kiwanis International president. . —•* ' Patterson is Not Reactionary Hope A 1934 fusion republican state ticket recently suggested toy Editor George Gallarno, of Plain Talk, of Moines, in which Howard Clark, Des Moines lawyer who once ran for U. S. senator, was proposed for governor, with Senator Patterson for lieutenant governor, has provoked no. enthusiasm among anti- ilncome taxers like the Marshalltown Times RepuWican and its twin, the Council Bluffs Non.-Pareil, both of which have recently published editorials against inclusion of Patterson. Comment in most other state newspapers has been non-committal or.reserved, it toeing ff. PRICES? No more than you'll pay for other tires—and leu than you paid for most Good- yean iaet Fall. , rt / \ T y here will be' a half hour municipal band concert before the fights Ledyard Girl and ElmoreiYputhWed Lakota, Aug. 16-Irene Zlelske. daughter of Mr. and Mrs Zieleke, who live three miles west of town, Sd' Raymond Wilcox, who lives near Elmore, Minn., were married a week ago Saturday at considered too early to discuss the sviKMa+Hnn a "~ question. BATTERIES Kans Undeserving democrats. and came to visit with Ss«Wi5B . Furniture Autos Livestock You can secure needed funds at low costs withqut delay. Payment can be arranged to suit All-Wtater 4.40-21 »7.2O 4.50-^1 7.90 4.75-19 8.40 5.00-19 9.00 5.25-18 10.00 5.50-19 11.50 *.00-19 13.05 6-50-19 16.05 PatMiistr 4.40-21 '5.55 4.50-20 6.00 4.50-21 6.30 4.75-19 6.7O 5.00-19 7,20 5.00-20 7,45 5.25-18 8.10 5.50-19 9.40 GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER GOODYEAR PATHFINDER Deldutch Super Service

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