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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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SPAGE TEN SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1933 BarrisbursSuttftaj Courier SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1938 THE MIRRORS OF HARRiSBURG EXILED RUSSIAtfS WORKERS' DRIVE Vashington Crossing Park Is Tourist Goal in Pennsylvania PENNSYLVANLA POLITICS Continued from. Page Six And secondly, to show that a majority of the voters are Democratic, This latter device has been made possible by the simple expedient of sending more ballots to Democrats REOPENS PLANT HOLDING SVNOD than "For ways that are dark, and Margiotti is on the -Earle and Guffey blacklist, so far as future preferment is concerned, and he Continued From Page One now support a fairly good crop of forest game. Such a combination presents possibilities for a nicely balanced game management The tillable lands of more than 700 acres are made up several plots distributed through the area. The largest of these is the Old Cavalry Camp Containing about 266 acres near Colebrook. com--prising originally three good farms.

The farm buildings have been maintained in good condition by the military authorities, and are available fnr thf later he determined knows that his future influence and tricks that are vain, the heathen Chinee" is not so peculiar as he was once credited with being. the jobs of his hundreds of friends in the State service hinge on his remaining a factor to be reckoned With relation to that Democratic Mill to Reopen With Funds Workers Raised with in the politics of the State. erected by the Patriotic Order Sons of America in 1916. Close by also stand a memorial flagstaff and a gateway of native stone giving entrance to the broad Valley of Concentration where the troops were assembled for the action. Picnic grounds and a large camping site with an artesian well have been provided here for motorists.

Four miles north lies the Bowman's Hill section of the park, where sentries were stationed by conference at the home of Matt Mc- These tillable areas nrovide a snlendid opportunity for conducting Uid D4 George Washington really stjarrtf up in his boat when he crossed tire Delaware on Christmas night ot J. jfost school children, familiar wftif West's stirring painting, believe he did. But historians say that the great American commander I more likely sat down in the boat like a good sailor. whatever the details of the successful expedition against the Hessians of Trenton, there is no doubt! as to where it took place. That location is now Washing Bishops From Many Parts of World Are Attending Session Srmeska Karlovic, Feb.

12 The Closkey, Philadelphia contractor There are those who believe that the Atorney General has sufficient material to make it very hot for boss. Friday night: game management practices in conjunction with that type of farming practices necessary to make them support a reasonably large crop of farm- came siwips Km ripfinitp nlan of manaeement for either the Governor Earle was not invited and didn't attend. the Guffeyites, should he take the stump, and that, in case Guffey Russian Orthodox Church is hold Charles Margiotti was not invit Jewett City, Feb. 12 The firmer emplovees of a clospd textile mill, an industry which was iormerly the principal means of beats him, which is taken for ing its Holy Synod in this little ed and says that if he had been he would not have attended. granted, he would then be in posi support for this town's populace, tion to repeat, in reverse, what he town in exile for the seventeenth year.

John L. Lewis attended and con Washington while the army was at the crossing. Here is a memorial tower more tillable areas, or the project as a whole has yet been developd, but whatever plan, is worked out will take into consideration both forest and farm game, and especially the latter. Tentative plans contemplate setting apart a number of refuges and retreat areas where wild birds and animals will be provided protection from gunners throughout the year. With an adequate proportion of the whole project area closed to hunting, and predators kept under control, seed stock in reasonable quantities can be preserved for breeding purposes the following season, thus maintaining a game crop from year to year.

did under somewhat similar cir cumstances four years ago. The Synod, which lasts -one tinued to press for Tom Kennedy, of the Mine Workers, for Governor ton! tjj-ossing Park, Bucks County, historic shrine maintained by month, is being attended by most than 100 feet high, erected by the have successfully led a campaign to raise $100,000 with which to reopen the mill. The largest industry in the community, with 584 workers and a the State of Pennsylvania for the Washington Park Commission in and got precisely nowhere with the suggestion. "Tom" Logue, Philadelphia, Sec public 1930 to honor the soldiers stationed retary of Internal Affairs, doesn't of the Russian bishops of the world. It is an assembly of spiritual shepherds whose flock is scat? tered all over the world as emi Boss Dave Lawrence came out take kindly to the promise of a payroll of $15,000 to $18,000 week-.

boldly and demanded the Governorship and his pal Guffey said: "Ok, judgeship in his home city in re turn for elimination as a candidate grants. Among, the prelates are the Rus Dave, try and get it," or words to that general effect, adding that in ly, the mill is scheduled to resume operations about March 1. and the town is in a jubilant mood for the first time since the closing nearly six months ago. The actual loss for re-election. Logue very properly regards him "Washington Crossing Park, the State''Publicity Commission points la on the west shore of the Dela-ware River along State route 32, about midway between Yard-ley1and New Hope, and within easy driving distance of Philadelphia and other eastern cities.

Entering the nark from Phila case Dave didn make the rime nearby more than 150 years ago. Climbing the 123 steps of this monument, the energetic visitor is rewarded by a broad view of the Delaware River valley north and south. Nearby is the famed Thompson-Neeley House, built in 1701, and not far away is a cemetery where 20 unknown Continental soldiers lie buried. A stone monument self as one of the party's strongest and he and Kennedy got into an By conducting appropriate farming practices on certain of the better tillable areas, an ample supply of food can be provided for a large crop of game. Taken as a whole, the area now furnishes plenty of cover, but.

on the Cavalry Camp area at least, some cover will no doubt have to be provided. The possibilities of developing a really worthwhile game management area of the Mt. Gretna Military Reservation, and for a greater variety of species than customary, are better than for any other tract of State Game Lands yet acquied. The area can be expected to support cottontail rabbits, deer, raccoon, gray squirrels, ruffed grouse, ring neck Dheasants. bob white nuail.

and possibly a few other species. The sian bishops for the United States, and Canada, Anastazije and Vitalie, and the bishop of Alaska, Tichon. The organization of a Russian church in the United States with to the community and wage earners argument, he, Guffey, would attempt to push them both into the since the shut down is estimated political gutter and take over the job for himself. And this latter, kind folks, is what will occur, unless all signs fail. Incidentally, Re figures in Philadelphia, with many up-State friends, and he isn't going to be shoved in the background without a lot of protest and may be a fight.

Friends of both Earle, who wants to be Senator, and Luther Harr, who would like to be Governor, are trying to push Logue off the ticket, because they say Philadelphia can't have all three places. Many say Philadelphia can't have even two. publicans are earnestly hoping that at more than $300,000. The drive to raise the necessary funds to reopen the mill was begun January 14, when a veteran employee of the mill, Charles E. May-nard, subscribed $1,000 toward the goal and organized a team of canvassers to help raise the rest of the money.

A total of 230 workers in the mill also purchased shares of Lawrence makes the brade. They marks the burial ground, while a memorial flagstaff stands nearby. Under the direction of the commission, trees and shrubs and flowers are being planted throughout the 500-acre site, and picnic grounds with outdoor fireplaces the seat in New York had only been decided upon in the Holy Synod of 1936. Other bishops attending this year's Synod include Bishop Jean, of Shanghai; Bishop Nestor (Man-chukuo), Bishop Serphim (Berlin), Bishop Theofan (Vienna), Bishop Eulogia (Paris). Orthodox Russians all over the world are watching the outcome of every Holy Synod with keenest interest, as much hope is attached to know how to handle him.

And they think they know, too, how to stop delphia visitor passes first the actual point of embarkation, just northrof the old inn and opposite the southern point of Taylor's lslandvin the river. Between this island and the mainland, the famous Durham boatslnsed in the crossing were secreted before the American Army 6et out. A brownstone monument erected by the Bucks County Historical Society marks the spot. Guffey. So either one will suit them.

About the same time Lewis, who supply of game on the area is rather limited at this time. However, the character of the territory, with its different types of vegetative? covering, presents a very interesting upland game restoration project having unusual possibilities. Environmental conditions can and should be greatly improved, and when accomplished the area should become an outstanding example of what can be done through intensive management. Terrain long used to train Pennsylvania's citizen soldiers in the art of national defense will soon, it is hoped, become a well managed game restoration area. Shelters for soldiers, horses, guns and other war equipment will be replaced by shelters for wildlife.

The cracking of soldiers' rifles and machine guns will be replaced by that of sportsmen's guns. How soon the lands will be transferred from the Department of is no mean politico himself, lets it be known that he has just maced the miners for two dollars each and tables have been established for public convenience. A plan was recently announced to link Washington Crossing and There is much power behind Sen the "bond issue." The mill was forced to a standstill last August 16 when the C. I. O.

ordered a strike. In addition to leadine th i'ir cial drive to reopen their; placa pt hich, he says, puts a million more Valley Forge by a 50-mile line of ator Mundy's play for the Lieutenant Governor nomination. He is a big Democratic factor in Luzerne. bucks in his pocket. any action which the bishops may take to relieve the fate of their fellow believers Soviet Russia.

JiiBfc back from the river nearby flowering dogwood trees along con Maybe so and maybe not, but it stands the tall granite monument necting roads. It is argued he would rob Judge lookas though Lewi3, if he fails James of strength there should he ta land Kennedy for Governor, will use his million in an attempt to ROBBERS PUT ONE OVER ON ROOKIE PATROLMAN outbid Earle for the senatorial nom ination notwithstanding the Gov makes the grade, he would take mine workers' votes from the Forester. It's likely he will make the grade. ernor sold his political soul down employment, the workers have a.iso formed a new pledged not to affiliate -with, elthei! the O. I.

O. or tne a. F. oi u. uuc significant clause in the union's constitution, which the workers describe as a "policy for sane and stable labor relations with the management," provides that all officers and members of the executive committee of the new union shall be property owners in the Military Affairs to the Game Commission is not known at this writing.

One of the Commission's engineering crews is now surveying' the boundary lines to determine their true location on the ground, and the exact acreage upon which to base settlement. Most of the military buildings and other structures have been demolished by the Department of Military Affairs, and salvaged materials removed to the Indiantown Gap Reservation. It is expected that all buildings, except the several sets of farm buildings on the Cavalry Camp' area, will be removed within the next year or two. river last year to help Lewis at Plan Card Party Hnmmelstown, Feb. 12 The Women's Democratic Club of Hum-melstown will hold a card party in the Club Rooms, third floor of the National Hotel, Friday evening, February 25, at 8 o'clock.

Bridge, five hundred and pinochle will be played. There will be a prize for each table. Tallies will be for sale by club members and at the door. Came and bring your friends. Seagulls His Chums Seattle, Feb.

12 Every dayfor the past two years Jack Oat, Alki Beach grocer, has been eettin? 'em up for Elliott Bay sea-guflav rAt eight o'clock each morning: When Oates walks down the promettade with a loaf under his tie lookout gull perched atop a nearby telephone pole screeches, "Comeiengettit, chums!" And from th bathhouse to the lighthouse, a distance of almost two miles, gulls and gull friends come swooping in. When the guest list is extra large, Oates cheerfully returns for another loaf or two. Cleveland, Feb. 12 According to Sam Sperber things here have come to a pretty pass when a cop passes out a ticket across the street from a holdup. Sperber complained to police officials that while a rookie patrolman was giving him a ticket for a Take no stock in the talk of Arthur Colgrove for Governor.

The big boys don't want Colgrove. He can't be handled to suit them. Don't you ever believe that "Dave" Lawrence, the mysterious community. Johnstown. Earle, however, continues to act as though he has the nomination tied up.

If he hasn't he better get his wrapping department busy immediately, or be content to step back into that section of Never-Never Land of political oblivion particularly reserved for ex-Governors. And so it stands, with absolutely nothing decided, and all hands A member of the executive com mittee, in announcing the formation i of the union, declared: "Gravel Man from Erie," will allow a man who pinned that bouquet of skunk cabbage to the State Chairman's buttonhole ever to have a "We're not going to be led around by the nose by C. I. O. remote traffic violation in front of his tire shop, two gunmen were holding up a drug store across the street.

The robbers escaped with $500 after herding six persons, including 3 children, into the basement. Republicans To Elect Hummelstown, Feb. 12 The election ot officers for the ensuing year is scheduled for the regular meeting of the Hummelstown Republican Women's Club to be held Monday evening, February 14th, at the Fire Engine House. Saverio Di Magno, of Harrisburg, received honorable mention for his painting, "False Face House," exhibited with other art' works of Cumberland Valley artists at the Hagerstown Museum of Arts, Memorial Park, that city. The exhibit takes in the entire Cumbberland Valley, from Harrisburg to Winchester, Va.

One hundred and four paintings, the work of 54 artists, were shown, and attracted unusual attention, reproduction of Di Magno's work having been given prominent space in the Baltimore Sun. Alden Turner, also of Harrisburg, received honorable mention in drawings and prints for his "The Old Shop," which was greatly admired. There will be some plain talk and very frank discussion concerning business and what ails it at the annual meeting of the State Chamber crack at the Governor's chair. sharpening their hatchets, and donning their war-paint, and even Pres Nonconformists of Fittlewdrth, England, have just held their first ident Roosevelt standing idly by and watching the New Deal war 7 .11 Dramatic Club Play Duncannon, Feb. 12 The Dramatic-Club of the Duncannon high school will give their annual play Wednesday arid Thursday evening, and 24th.

Swing is declared to be "the thing" for London dancers thi3 winter. service in a church in 30 years, finances forcing them to meet in a blacksmith shop. Blindness among children in and Wales is decreasing. nors in Pennsylvania tnreatening to burn his old pal Guffey at the stake. But don't take any bets that Guffey is going to be seriously scorched.

"Republican workers are becoming restive. Unless county leaders soon begin to align themselves one way or another, they will wake up to find that many of the smaller fry have already made committments," said a political scout to this writer last Thursday. "Republicans think they see a big chance to win. Voters in general The John A. F.

Fritchtey Hall. Council of Republican Women of the Tenth Ward, will hold its in stallation meeting on the- first floor of Commerce, to be held at the Penn-Harris Wednesday and Thursday of the coming week. One of the most interesting papers will be that of Clarence L. Turner, of Philadelphia, on a comparative study of the corporate taxes in fifteen industrial States. In view of the fact that recently enacted tax laws are now driving industry from Pennsylvania, this study should be of more than passing importance.

The Chamber is going to hear the newly appointed Secretary of Public Assistance, Arthur W. Howe, tell of the State's relief program, and a flock of news hounds will be waiting around for that meaty bone, also. Walter Gordon Merritt, counsel for the Anthracite Institute, will discuss "The Anthracite Problem," and what he says will be eagerly scanned by prospective political candidates on both sides of the fence. It's going to be like that from start to finish, up and down, in and out, hammer and tongs, running the gamut of important business and governmental problems now before the public, and the meeting should add something of more than ordinary value to the literature of the current depression and how to get out of it. are sore on the Earle and Guffey administration.

They don't want to see the situation gummed up by a lot of backing and filling on the part of county leaders playing for place. "They are anxious to get under way, and if orders are delayed too of the Camp Curtin Fire Company, Sixth and Polyclinic Avenue, at 8 o'clock tomorrow night. This meeting is to honor the officers elect for the ensuing year. The person of honor will be Mayor John A. F.

Ml? foux nm Hall, for whom the Council is named. These women adopted this name due to the fact that Mayor Hall lives in the Tenth Ward and for his popularity. John Hall, a former Central High School teacher, served the City of Harrisburg as legislator, and later as city treasurer, and now the present mayor. Also he is one of Harrisburg's outstanding attorneys. Mayor Hall will install the following officers: Mrs.

Harry Mc-Cabe, honorary president; Mrs. Roy H. Stetler, president; Mrs. James K. Ixewen, first vice-president; Mrs.

Louis P. Greenawalt, second Two honors for Dr. George A. Gorgas in one week re-election as president of the Explorers Club, which holds its annual meeting and dinner at the Y. M.

C. A. tomorrow night, and a "Gorgas night" Thursday at the Masonic Temple, in connection with the regular stated meeting of Robert Burns Lodge. Dr. Gorgas has been president of the Explorers for years.

He has been a Mason for fifty one years and for forty-five has served as treasurer of Robert Burns lodge, the members of which will stage a special program in his honor Thursday evening, when it is hoped his health will permit his attendance. i iiii 'W-imtniMnijiii'i M7in'i" miw vice-president; Mrs. Wade M. Bennett, third vice-president; Helen long, there won be much use in giving orders. "Indeed, it is surprising to find how many of the lesser figures are now saying where they will regardless." Strangely enough, that is precisely what quite a number of uncommitted county leaders are waiting for.

They are keeping quiet in order that public sentiment may and when it does, they are going the way the going seems easiest. Some of these say they would sooner win their counties for an unsuccessful candidate than lose with a Btate-wide winner. Their philosophy is that anybody who can claim to having "carried his county" in the primaries, will have to be reckoned with in the general elections, no matter what his primary preference may have been. There seems to be a lot of sense to that conclusion. Anyway, it is the lype of leadership which made the late Congressman Griest invincible in Lancaster.

He simply waited until he saw which way the primary tide was going, and then went with it, getting Into it when his decision had some semblance of being the deciding factor and thereby winning the approval of the beneficiary. It sems to this writer that there are a whole army of Gricsts in Pennsylvania this year. Masons generally have been invited to hear Judge Karl E. Richards address Euclid Lodge in celebration of Washington's Birthday at the regular meeting on February .15. Judge Richards is past master of the lodge.

A social hour will follow. Mrs. Walter E. Davis has blooming in the living room of her country home goldenbells and cherry blossoms. She gathered bud-bearing branches from the grounds about the house and they have come into full bloom in the heat of indoors.

Very unusual for this season. THE MAN IN THE WATCH TOWER. Wright Blessing, recording secre tary; Mm. J. B.

stein, cone-sponding secretary; Mrs. William G. Cunningham, treasurer. I. I The installation program win con sist of a short speech by Mayor Hall.

Surprise refreshments win ne served and favors will be awarded. 1SECTS KILL 1,500,000 A YEAR IN INDIA SKUNK CABBAGE MAKES i KADIK BEARS FEROCIOUS Portland, Feb. 12 The se cret is out, folks, as to how those far-famed ferocious Kadiak bears get that way. TELLS TIME BY CLOCK BUILT 150 YEARS AGO Rawlins, Feb. 12 H.

H. Moyer, principal of the Rawlins high school, tells time with a handmade clock built in Germany 150 years ago. The ancient timepiece, which has been in the family for generations, stands in Moyer's office in its original mihogany box case. A gold pendulum swings leisurely inside, and the yellowed face announces the time in bold numerals. "It only keeps fair time," Moyer said.

"But what's a minute or two to something 150 years old?" Nearly 33,000 ounces of gold are being mined every day in South, Africa. lrSf Fred Henton, professional big- game guide in Alaska for more than 30-years, revealed in Portland that Calcutta, Feb. 12 Insects cause the loss of more than 1,500,000 human lives and do damage estimated at $750,000,000 a year in India. These figures were given by Mo-hamed Afzal Hussain in his Presidential address to the Entomology Section of the Science Congress here. The number of existing species of insects in India could not be less than 2,500.000, he said.

Of these only 40.000 species, it was estimated, had been studied in India. Ohio Aiso Advertises Columbus, Feb. 12 Ohio, along with New York, is doing a little advertising on their 1938 license plates. The Buckeye tags feature a covered wagon drawn by an ox team, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Northwest Kadiak bears dine on skunk cabbage. He said the weed possessed vitamins necessary to give the huge bears their great ngnunt; courage.

Of course, Henton admitted, a certain amount of courage is ne-. cessary even tor a Dear 10 ki close to skunk cabbage in the first place. Popular Shows New York, Feb. 12 More than With respect to Republican activities during the week, Judge James campaign manager, James F. Torrance, was in town, full of confidence and saying he had leased headquarters in Philadelphia which would be open next week, and that he intended to have offices in Harrisburg and.

Pittsburgh. He intends to make a statewide survey, and follow this up with a tour by Judge James, who will contact court house groups, judges, lo cal leaders, and make a series of mass meeting addresses. Meanwhile Pinchot continues to saw wood, speaking four times during the week and carrying on constant campaigning among county leaders from his offices in Philadelphia. YVhen he appeared before the sportsmen in Philadelphia, he was warmly greeted, looked confident and made arrangements to "campaign with you" next Fall, as he put it to several other prospective candidates for minor offices among those present. There is no doubt that he is encouraged by what he is hearing from the State at large.

asadl saw four million people attended per formances staged by the VPA fed territory. New York advertising i the 1939 Worlds Fair, has run into I considerable difficulty from many automobile owners who are irate at being forced to advertise the fair. Keystone Auto Top Co. Fender tnd Wrecked Can Repaired Car Storage. Washing and Oreaiinf Auto Paintinr Ants Top, Auto Glass Installed 1712 Chestnut Street Harrisburg, Pa.

S. C. Wagner, Prop, PhoM J-1701 eral Theatre Project during the vears ending January 2, 1938, ac cording to project figures recently released. The average admission price to these performances was 30 cents. The Answers Mc Says: You drive the latest model when you rent your car or truck.

1. The present is the seventy-fifth, now meeting for its second An All-Electric Kitchen is more than a collection of various appliances, "cabinets and accessories. Its greatest advantage is the fact that it is PLANNED to save steps and time. Your refrigerator, range, dishwasher, cabinets and all the other parts of your modern kitchen are scientifically arranged so that the process of meal preparation requires only about one-third as many steps as it would if your kitchen weren't planned! There's a place for everything and everything is in its place to save you time, work and money. Let us show you how easy it is to plan YOUR kitchen for greater efficiency.

Come in today we'll start your plan and give you any information you may want on prices and terms. regular session. 2. In 1890. 3.

Forty-five years. 4. Charles L. McNary. 5.

205.000 persons as compared with 270.000 last spring. 6. No; Premier Goga's Fascist, Finding time hanging heavy on his hands in his $9,000 job with the State Labor Relations Board, and being fond of political tinkering and anxious to please Boss Dave Lawrence, former Judge J. Dress Pan- J. J.

BEIGHTOL SONS WROUGHT IRON WORK AND FIRE ESCAPES Iron Fencing of All Kinds 102S HTTE3TCH STREET AT CAMERON PZNNA. PHONE 7715 117 So. 3rd St. Ph. 4-3245 pro-German, anti-Semitic party i polled only nine per cent of the I popular vote.

nell, last week under the heading "Pennsylvania Survey" sent out a lot of blanlf ballots on which fa vored voters might express their likes or dislikes for candidates for 7. 35.000.000. 8. Roughly. 70.000 square miles inhabited by 110,000.000 people.

Governor oh the Democratic and Republican tickets. The motive behind the move is PENNSYLVANIA POWER LIGHT COMPANY AND YOUR LOCAL APPLIANCE RETAILERS believed to be twofold: 9. Counting those under con-, stniction and authorized the United States would have 37; Great Brit--tain has 55 and 21 building; Japan 32 and four building. i 10. The British government re-j An attempt to prove that Dave Lawrence is more popular than MIIlERBROTHHSefl Real Estate In All Its Branches SELLING RENTING APPRAISING Guffey as a candidate for Governor, cently announced a new commis-1 and that Tom Kennedy.

John Lewis ion to visit Palestine and the par- at all) si handpicked candidate, is not in the running. tioned will he postponed..

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