The Danville Morning News from Danville, Pennsylvania on January 13, 1932 · Page 3
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The Danville Morning News from Danville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Danville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1932
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. JAN. 18. 1032 THE MORNING NEWS, DANVILLE, PA. PAGE 3 HIGH WINS LISTLESS GAME FROM LEWISBURG THE MOST B i ; Spirit And Zest Of Mt. Cartnel Game Disappear In Indifferent Fray With Collegians. The Danville High School basketball team won its second game of the Susquehanna League season last night when it defeated Lewisburg High School by the score of 28-15. The Orange and Purple, though victorious, looked far from the team that played Mt. Carmel High os Saturday. The local five did not shoot as usual and their passing was far from the usual standard. The Danville quintet had it made even one half of the shots attempted, would have run up a score of about 50 points. Lewisburg had a far different outfit than that of last year, with but one player who could do or play anything' that looked like basketball. The fame was attended by a small crowd, which was partly due to the Sunday School cage games being played at the Y. M. C. A. at the same time. Visitors Score First Lewisburg was the first to score when Mathlas accounted for one point which was followed by Riley scoring two points for the Orange and Purple. Vlathias scored a field goal for Lewisburg, while Montague of the locals, :aged a two pointer. Baker scored one oolnt for Lewisburg and the first quarter ended all knotted up with each team having four points. During the second period, neither quintet was able to do much scoring and the score at half time was tied it nine points each. The second half was an entirely different story as far as the Orange and Purple cagers were concerned. Riley snapped out of the day dream or what ever was wrong with this star shooter and scored eight field goals. Owen contributed one goal. Norry Friday Lewisburg was Just as bad the second half, failing to show any basketball. This team could not shoot or pass, and in the last 16 minutes of the game caged but two field goals and two fouls. The Orange and Purple squad will have to snap out of this kind of playing if the boys want to win Friday night, when they meet the Northumberland high quintet in another league game. Danville High School Montague, f 1 lxl Bell, f 0 Rilev. f 9 Pritchard, f 0 Williams, c 0 Owen, g 2 Gehrig, g 0 Mader, g 0 Y. M. TAKES JOLT TS WOMAN FROM W in As "Sleepy" Werner Goes, So Goes The Y, It Appears. 0x0 2x2 0X0 1x2 0x0 0x0 0x0 12 4 x 6 Lewisburg High School Baker, i Wagner, f Mathias, f Stover, c 28 Harder, g . Frankewitz, ..1 1x23 ..1 1x4 3 .4 1x3 9 ,.0 0x1 0 .0 0x0 0 ,.0 0x0 0 .0 0x0 0 , .0 0x0 0 6 3 x 10 15 Referee: Cheneweth, Bucknell. Timekeeper, Gearhart. D. H. S. rlIGH JAYVEES WIIM Tl 1 STRfllGHT GAME .ewisburg Junior Varsity Defeated By 19-16 Score. its by set The high school jayvees won hird straight victory last night landing the Lewisburg Jayvees a ack by the score of 19-16. The first half was close throughout rith both teams unable to do much coring. The score at half time was 1-5 in favor of the local cagers. The second half was the real battle, ath the Lewisburg quintet slowly cut--ng down the lead of the Orange and urple. With three minutes to play tie score was tied. Pritchard came lrough in fine style and caged three eld goals which gave the local jayvees s well earned victory. Danville Jayvees essler, f 1 nyder, f 0 ritohard f 2 .ichardson, I 1 ims, c 4 ibson, c 1 ewman, g 0 .ocher, g 0 uckenburger, g 0 tayan, g 0 'oods, g 0 FRESHMEN AND SR S. ' The Watsontown Trojans handed the local Y. M. C. A. a severe jolt last evening in a basketball gamp played at Watsontown by a score of 25 to 21. The game was one of the closest played on the Watsontown floor this season, with the Otto ccached team unable to get ahead after the first quarter. The "Y" boys claim that the baskets were the worst that they have been up against this year. Tile first period was close with the "Y" getting a three point lead and holding it for the first ten minutes of the game. The score at the end of the first period was 7-4. In the second quarter the locals' lead was cut to two points, and when the first half was over the score read 9-7 in favor of the "Y" five. The next ten minutes found the Watsontown team outscoring the Otto quintet and when this quarter was over the score was tied at 15-all. Trojans Jump Ahead During the last ten minutes of the game the Trojans jumped into the ; By C. E. CHAMBERS a famous artist, whose paintings you see in leading women's magazines, To say that any one woman is "the most heautiful woman I know," is beyond me. So many of them are or can be beautiful. However, when it comes to a matter of painting them, I know none more intefv-esting than Miss Pauline Rodmer, herself a ynunir artist. Fine, delicately-modeled features great latitude of expression exquisite, clear skin; it was this rare combination which struck me w hen 1 first saw her. She is certainly one of the most strikingly beautiful women J know ! (Signed) Pauline Rodmer has, as Mr. Chambers points out, "exquisite, clear skin." How does she keep it always delicately beautiful ? We asked her ! Like so many, many beautiful women, she uses Camay Soap ! Won't you find out how much fresher-looking, how much more exquisite, your oivn skin becomes with Ci'may ? OSE IN CLASS GAMES Juniors Defeat Freshman In Thrilling Game At High School. 0x0 0x1 0x0 0x0 0X0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 1x2 0x0 9 1 x 3 19 Lewisburg Jayvees .ackert, f 2 0x1 4 ored, f 1 0x3 2 -ice, f 0 0x2 0 oneida, c 0 2x2 2 -tiller, c 2 lxl 5 IcKiskie, g 1 0x1 2 iumiller, g ...0 0x1 0 lachamer, g 0 1x3 1 6 4 x 14 16 Referee: H. Hostelly, D. H. S. Timekeeper: Gearhart, D. H. S. The Freshmen lost a real battle yes terday afternoon when the Juniors handed this crack quintet a defeat in an inter-class game by the score of 19-15. The Freshmen had the lead until the closing minutes when the upper classmen came to life and scored enough points to win. In the other inter-class game, the Sophomores took the Seniors across the wooden way for a trouncing, with a score of 31-11. The Sopnomores jumped into the lead right at the start of the game and were never in danger of losing it, completely outclassing the big shots of the high school. Freshmen Haddon, f 4 Leisey, f l Walder, c . . 1 Toland, g o Fox, g o Morrison, g l lead with the aid of six technical fouls. The biggest shock of the entire evening was the shooting of Harold "Sleepy" Werner, the sharp shooter of the Y. M. C. A. quintet. Werner was held without a field goal, scoring but one point, coming as the result of a free shot. This is the first time since the ace shooter joined the "Y" quintet that anything like this has happened. His teammates are still wondering what was wrong but claim that it was just one of those nights any player will have. Arnold and Evans were the high scorers for the evening, scoring 14 points between them. Cohen, the stellar guard of the Otto cagers, was removed from the game via the personal foul route. This help- I ed to weaken the "Y" although Miller, j wno replaced t;onen, pwyea a good game. The Y. M. C. A. cagers will play the Susquehanna Jayvees in a game on the local court, Friday. Watsontown Snyder, f 2 Winger, f 5 Huffman, c 0 Heim, g 1 Hassenplug, g 1 And She Uses '"i (mar mmmy- i " ., i -i t Pauline Bodmer, beautiful young Ne-iv York artist from a portrait sketch by C. h. Chambers. Miss Bodmer uses Camay Soap and kindly gives us permission to say so in this advertisement. This is not a testimonial of the ' 'bought anJ-paiJ-Jbr" type. 1W The Soap of Beautiful Wbmen 19:: r. & a. co. lx 1 Ox 0 Ox 0 Ox 0 Ox 0 Ox 1 Totals 9 Danville Y. M. C. Werner, f 0 Evans, f 3 McWilliams, c 1 Arnold, g 4 Cohen, g 0 Miller, g 0 Totals 8 Ox 0 4 7s 9 17 : Ox 1 0; Ox 4 2 j Ox 2 2 ! 7xlG 25' A. ! lx 1 1 Ox 0 6 lx 2 3 . 2x 2 10 lx 2 1 Ox 0 0 5x 7 21 , VICTORY PERCHES ON MAHONING JUNIORS, PINERS AND TRINITY League Cagers Fesi. The results of the Sunday School cage league games played last night were : Mahoning Presbyterian Juniors 25, Shiloh Reformed Juniors 23; Pine Street Lutheran 29, Trinity Methodist 26; Trinity Lutheran 38; Mahoning Presbyterian 18. OLD TIMERS' COLUMN From the Morning: News Issue of February 15, 1915 The Danville Y. M. C. A. basketball am outclassed the Berwick Associa- n five in a game played at the lat r place, Saturday evening. The score s 63 to 16. rhe Danville players took the lead the beginning of the game and were ver in danger of being headed. At If time the score was 33 to 12. in we second nalr, Berwick was le to score only four points, while jiville was rimming 30 tallies, rhe lineup: .nviUe Berwk-k ddens F Franklin iyder F Shaffer oper F ice C Lowrey annon G Boudman .chamer O Evertt 3oals from Field: Heddens 13, Coop-4, Price 6, Shannon S, Shaffer 3, udman 1, Evertt 3. fouls: Price 7; Shaffer 2. Totals 7 Juniors Foust, f 3 Lynn, f l Cropf, c 2 Roeder, g o Murray, g 0 Wlntersteen, g 0 Totals 6 Referee Owen. lx 2 15 2x 2 lx 1 Ox 1 lx 1 Ox 0 lx 1 5x 6 17 Sophomores Kase, f 2 Davis, f 6 Wagner, c 3 Dimmick, g 2 Stetler, g l Jenkins, g o Totals 14 Seniors Harder, f o Wagner, f o Jones, f l Richardson, c 2 Long, g l Lowery, g l Johnson, g o Kovaschetz, g 0 Totals 5 Referee Owen. Ox 1 Ox 2 2x 3 Ox 1 lx 1 Ox 0 4 12 8 4 3 0 vSCgovIing 3x 8 31 Ox 0 Ox 1 lx 4 Ox 0 Ox 0 Ox 1 Ox 0 Ox 0 The Yanks defeated the Cubs, 3 to 1, at the Elks Bowling Club last night. R. Shannon and Horton each rolled a high single score of 200 while Shannon rolled a high three game total of 530. The summary: Cubs Renn 158 183 Horton 200 136 Hoover 133 123 F. Murray 133 Nevius 156 121 Enterline 161 Totals 780 724 Yankees R. Shannon 172 158 Gearhart 153 160 Merrill 120 Kilfoil 150 151 Reilly 146 Mayan 182 165 downfall or the Methodist. These two players did about everything but score all the points for the Lutheran outfit. The guarding of "Doc" was outstanding, wiih ''Snooks" caging nine points. Leisey Rally Wins The last game of the night was p'ayed between the Trinity Lutheran cagers and the Mahoning Presbyterian with the Leisey quintet staging a great rally in the second half to win the game. The first half was a real basket ball game with both teams fighting with the old do or die spirit and when the 'mekeeper's whistle was blown announcing the end of the half the Trinity team was out in front by one point it 13-12. In the second half the Lutheran cagers started to hit on all cylinders, caeine field goals from every angle of the floor and the "Presbys" were un ble to cage more than two baskets and one free throw. Howard Riley and John Bausch were the real stars of the game, with this pair scoring 23 points between them The guarding of Paul Bausch was out standing, this player holding Kamm, who last week ran wild in the game against the Pine Street Lutheran five to two field goals. The Mahoning quintet missed the services of "Choke" Evans, and Bob With about two minutes to I McWilliams, two of its stellar players. came within two points! The summaries: Shiloh Reformed Juniors Presbys Set Reforms The Presbyterian juniors handed the Shiloh Reformed juniors a set back in the first game played last night. The "Presbys" got the lead right after the the opening whistle was sounded and i when the first quarter was over had a six point lead, the score being 6-0. The secon period saw the Reformed youngsters getting off to a fine start and before the quarter was over, the 'Helier" coached boys had caged three field goals, while the Mahoning cagers were held to one lone two pointer. The half ended with the "Presbys" out on top by two points, the score was 8 to 6. During the third period both of the MIME TO PLAY AS D Bucknell Fullback Signs To Play With Green Bay Packers. 175 516 336 junior quintets were making some nice 135 391 shots, with the Mahoning five out- 171 304 scoring the Shiloh quintet by three 176 453 points, and the score at the close of 140 301 the third quarter was 19-14. The last quarter was a battle royal 797 2301 with both teams playing good basket ball, altho the Presbyterians held on 200 520 to its lead. 188 501 go Shiloh 120 of tying the score, but before the Hcll- 143 444 er boys could get hold of the ball for 136 282 the second attempt the final whistle 150 497 was blown lx 6 11 Bids Wanted Sealed bids will be received at County Commissioners office and will be opened at 11 o'clock sharp Saturday, January 23, 1932, for the concreting of a cesspool at Geisinger Hospital Farm, Mausdale, Pa. Specifications may be secured at Commissioners' office Dan ville, Pa. By Order of Commissioners of Mon-. tour County. Commissioners reserve the right to reject arfj" or all bids. Totals 777 780 8172374 The Pine Street Lutheran senior team came closer to winning the first me nauias iosu a j 10 i decision half honors by defeating the Trinity M. 10 me i. m. u a. m a k Downng e. quintet in the second game of the league game last evening. The K. of evening. f. ana iliks teams nowi rnursaay. The summary: Hawfas Smith 175 150 Beibler 124 122 Grittman 190 158 Cashner 155 112 Handicap 135 135 Totals 779 677 7i Y. M. C. A. A chemist says all liquor today is burn. Nearly everybody else is getting tired of it, too. G. Purpur 177 171 Christian 109 170 J13,14.15.18,19,21,23 Russell 142 220 Seitz : 173 181 A. Purpur 165 158 Totals 766 900 The first half was a nip and tuck battle, with the Methodist out to knock the Piners out of first place, and the 166 491 Henniger boys nut un a great battle. 89 335 but when the first half had ended the 159 507 "Piners" were leading by one point. 152 419 The score at half time was 17-16. 135 405 During the third period the Luther an's got a three point lead, which thev 701 2157 held until the close of the game. Al though during the last quarter the 145 493 Trinity M. E. cagers kept right on 143 422 fighting, this three point led was not 170 532 to be denied the Lutheran's and when 133 437 the final whistle was sounded the 143 466 "Brown" cagers were right on top. The playing of the Slessler brothers, 734 2400 "Snooks" and "Doc" provided the Barnhart, f 3 Ox 1 6 Fox, f 0 Ox 0 0 Sweitzer, c 0 Ox 0 0 Heller, g 5 lx 2 11 Gibson, g 3 Ox 2 6 Totals 11 lx 7 23 Mahoning Presbyterian Juniors Pierce, f Walder, f . Lewis, f Moore, c Schmidt, g . Eves, g Morrison, g Carr, g .... Totals . . . Referee, A. ski. . 3 . 7 0 . 1 . 0 . 0 . 1 . 0 .12 Ox 0 lx 1 0x0 1 Ox 1 Ox 1 Ox 0 Ox 1 Ox 0 lx 4 6 15 0 2 0 0 2 0 E. J. Lambeau, coach of the Green Bay (Wis.) Packers, 1931 National League football champions, today announced that Herman Hickman. Ail-American guard from Tennessee, and Clark Hinkle, Bucknell fullback, have been signed to play with the Packers.' Both have completed college competition. Both Hinkle and Hickman had been reported as possible entrants to the United States Military Academy. They will be ineligible for athletic competition for the Army, however, after competing as professionals. Hinkle and Hickman were both outstanding stars for the All-East eleven that defeated the All-West team, 6 to 0, at San Francisco, New Year's day. Hickman's line play received consider able favorable attention, as did the backfield work of Hinkle, the leading ground-gainer of the contest. Splinters From The Wooden Way. BY BUCK SHULTZ The high school five certainly gave the fans heart failure the first half. The team sure did look different last night than on Saturday. We are at a loss as to why a team should go up against Mt. Carmel and play such a fine game and against a team that failed to .show anything and look away off. There must be a reason. Maybe it was one of those nights. The "Piners" by winning1 last night just about clinched the first half unless the Trinity Lutheran cagers can hand them a set 'back January 21. The two teams will battle it out on this date and believe us it will be a battle. 1 Miracles will happen. Even "Sleepy" Werner had an off night in th game played against Watsontown las, night. This is not a Believe-it-or-Not Werner scored one point. : United States may seek to regain supremacy on the seas. Counting our rum fleets, we've got it now. The high quintet will have Its hands full defeating Northumberland Friday if reports are true concerning the five from dowp the river. The Locals will be Inthere to keep the slate clean, and there Is not one fan in Danville who does not believe the Orange, and Purple can do It if they play as they are capable of playing, j Curry, g 5 Totals 12 2x11 Pine Street Lutheran Wagner, f 3 Haddon, f 4 L. Slessler, c 4 Pegg, g 1 Miller, g . 0 C. Slessler, g 1 Totals 13 Referee, Cohen; Umpire, Scorer, Kmiecinski. Bob McWilliams, of the "Y" five. Ox 4 10 1 wno always counted on fo secure four IV. 1 .1 V . v. . p.. - n . night. It must have been an off night for all of Danville's major quintets. 6 The Watsontown cagers had players from all the surrounding towns as members. Ox 0 lx 1 lx 3 Ox 0 Ox 0 lx 3 3x 7 29 Pritchard; 25 Foust; Scorer, Kmiecin- Heiss, t .. Frank, f . lies, c ... Cropf, c . Geasey, g Trinity M. lx 2 Ox 0 Ox 1 Ox 1 lx 3 Trinity Lutheran T. Foust, f J. Bausch, . f Roat, f '. H. Riley, c Lowery, c A. Foust, g ... Haney, g ........ Wend el, g P. Bausch, g 0 Totals 19 Mahoning Walder, f Kamm, f Johnson, c Morrison, g "". 1 R. Miller, g Ricketts, g ....... Totals Referee, Pritchard; Scorer, Kmiecinski. .2 Ox 1 4 .5 lx 3 11 "'. 0 Ox 0 0 .6 Ox 2 12 !. 1 OX 0 2 .2 - Ox 0 4 . 1 lx 2 3 . 1 OX 0 2 . 0 Ox 0 0 .19 2x 9 38 byterian .5 lx 1 11 .2 Ox 0 4 . 0 Ox 0 0 1 lx 2 3 , 0 Ox 0 0 0 Ox 0 0 8 2x 3 18 The Army five Is all set to give the Ashland Ramblers a real battle Saturday. The Mules will be out for revenge. The Sunday School League games last night attracted another large crowd. SORE THROAT IS DANGEROUS Umpire, Cohen; A sore throat often leads to serious illness. Stop it at once. Take Thoxine a prescription made exclusively for throat ailments; not a gargle. The first swallow relieves the soreness in a fetf minutes; and goes direct to the internal cause, preventing further trouble. Most coughs are" caused by an irritated throat. Thoxine stops these at once. Safe for the whole family guaranteed no dope. Money back if not satisfied. 35c. Cromwell's Cut Rates and at all other Good 'Drug Stores.

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