Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 10, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 10, 1933
Page 7
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. ed tor two months In the summer. LOCALS mary Oarton, Des Moines, spent last week with Mrs. 'Paul Trauger, leaving Friday. trrna Oreiner left Tuesday for a week with a brother and sister at Big Stone City, S. D. Edward ("Bud") Bender and Jerome Voight left Sunday for ten days at the world's fair. Maurlne McCullough and .^^ Keith left 'Saturday night for ?i week at the world's fair. '•' rt fflUS t be a* «=«"" Mrs. W. L. Whitney left Monday * ««e by September f or concord, N. H., where she i who were too spending three weeks with he last spring. m ^ ar £, d Cowan a nd Clifford Aalt left Friday for northern Minnesota, where they are spending this week at fishing. Mary Kelly, Bmmetsburg, went home Friday evening, after several days with her sister, Mrs. Wade as possible, uThomag FranW bought a new Plymouth car at Des Motnes Saturday. His brother -Lee accompan- Qeorge Elbert and I* ..«ar01V a» uuoD»"'~ f ied him. Mr. and Mrs I iCWr 1 *•»—-- . irtnth Gf«*« P«P n8 ' - Mr. and Mrs. George Elbert ami . mtu from outside the Mrg cidney Laird spent last week I'l'T.ho intend to. reg- Tues day at Des Moines, where Mr. Knth grade this fall In E i Der t attended to business. - Tleh school should "Sol building to take iS registrations. Pupils S [heir rural eighth S mas properly Indorsed fat the time of reglstra- ninth grade enroll„„. .ully as large as last Ijapected- j Summer Examinations. s who plan to take spec- ttlons for credit^ in cer- ifjtjl b OLVGIIUViU. VVf UM«-l.«»w« —• Mrs. Frank Arndorfer, Milwaukee, two sons, and Othllia Arndor- [er, also Milwaukee, came lasl week Wednesday for a week with the P. J. Greiners. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lorenz am Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith were week-end guests of the F. J. Mann at the Mann cottage at Hayward' Bay, the Okobojis. Alice Rist spent the week-end a Sloux City with Jean Anthony, for mathematics and advanced physical training. T. H. Kenefick, Eagle Grove, and his daughter Veronica, stopped here last Thursday for a call on the Dr. John K.eneficks. They were en route home from St. Paul, where they had visited the Dr. •Emmet Keneficks. They also looked after Mr. Kenefick's farms ir northern Minnesota. John ant Emmet are sons of T. H. Kenefick who is a druggist. Or. G. G. Naudain, Rockhlll, S C., arrived recently to spend Aug ust with his parents, Mr. and Mrs W. E. Naudain. He is head of th chemistry and physics departmen of the South Carolina State college. Mrs. Naudain did not accompany him, as she is entertaining a sister at their home there. Doctor _ , v _i. 4,1* n e or Trace was, sick last week, suffer- J. ICHJt W »O ' D»V*IV »»•*— •• • Ing from a throat infection. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stock, of Sioux City, and their son John are spending the week with the lot- FIRST BAPTIST, Artlm* •"i^g pB r e nts, Mr. and Mrs. A. «. Hueser, Pastor—The Rev. M. A- stock. Kenneth Is state desk man Sjostrand, of the First Lutheran on the sloux city journal, church, will preach at a union service at this church next Sunday night at 8. There wilt be a morn-1 big reductions from our regular ing service at 11 a. m. The pastor low pr i ce s- 4% ft. size, '469.50 — will preach, and Mrs. Frank «alde- {ormerly $99.50; 6V4 ft. size $79.50 man will report the Iowa Baptist _ forme rly 4139.50; 6% ft. size Assembly. Sunday school at 10. | J89.50—formerly $169^50. FIRST LUTHERAN, M. A. SJos- iTTtr -a i oi«» used demonstrators, fully guaran- o j 0 ^ er diversions. Veterans ' FIRST LUTHERAN, SI. A. »jos- teed _t erms to responsible parties. thfl wor id-war will also be gues trand, Pastor—The Aid meets to- Only two a t these prices.—Gamble of th(J fa , f on g a t u rday, Aug. 26. morrow at Mrs. Harry Spong- gto res. 44(2)48 . •Des Moines, la., Special: Every boy and girl under 16, in Iowa and neighboring states, has been Invited to attend the Iowa State Fair free of charge on Friday, Aug. 25, on the occasion of the big, annual Children's Party sponsored by the exposition management. . . This will be the big, opening day ot Iowa's great exposition, and over 25,000 youngsters are expected to be the gueats of the fair for a program ot circus features, daylight fireworks, band music, and scores of other diversions. Veterans of the world-war will also be guests f AM iOCAk sale* «*ent fair Remington line ot typ**tH*« There <«•« an evert ddzen *** . which four are portables. Pincesr^ brand new portables range t*m 134.75 up.-^l. Q. ftewel, iii — - Naudain spent two days at world's fair on the way her«. the „. F. Granzow, veteran Algona band instructor now nearing 80 years, has been reengaged to teach the Corwith school band. The Hustler says he has developed some good musicians among the school children, and Editor Jennings predicts that in another year he win have an organization "that will 111U1 1 \*Vt <*i* "*» "• — --— - " — • berg's; Mrs. Hihner Bjelland, .. ststing hostess. Sunday school next Sunday, 10 a. m. Union services next Sunday evening at 8 at Bap- j ;ist church. ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL, Louis Bennlnghoff, M. Th., Hector-Ninth Sunday after Trinity: choral eu- charlst and sermon, 10:30 a. m. TRINITY LUTHERAN, P. 3- Braner, Pastor—Next Sunday: Sun . . i ,-nn i _ _1 —. »r< II i OA n oux , mer roommate at the state univers Ity, where they were Gamma PI noming, 14. at 9 Mr Nu any. Who not known ilclV C all uijj«i»*««*w»v" make other smhall schools and many larger ones sit up and take notice." iKittenball players have been rained out twice in the last week. The Uamble-Skelly teams will make up a game tonight which was scheduled for last week Wednesday night. Last night's game between the Advertisers and the UDM was postponed because of rain. Last Thursday the RCA team was defeated 12-1 by the UDM, and Monday the Phillips team overran Gamble's, 14-2. „ A daughter was born Tuesday to Algona girl this is, if Mrs yerla Lowman, widow of the i snapped the picture is,j ate Roy Lowman, who died a few i, but R. G. Richardson, I kg ago< T he child, who has ran, — day school and Bible class, 9:30 a. m.; English service, 10. Y OU ARE AT LIBERTY to guess what Algona girl this is, if Bome of the time at a lake. Other recent guests of the Wrights were Mrs. Robert Wright, Davenport and her 16-months daughter Con stance, who came last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Burrow took them to Indianola Tuesday to visit the younger Mrs. Wrights parents. Robert is manager ot a drug store at Davenport. »]g]g]|jrgi^igjmmgii^»^ •-"-"-•' BETTER FURNITURE tier re- nomn, . ^very pupil expecting to if«aimnatlon on that aid report that Intention to frtadent at least a week M that date, so that prop- lons may be prepared. Beta sorority sisters. Mrs. Marguerite Kenefick, R H. Spencer, Mrs. William -. gent, and Helen Dingley, spent la week Wednesday afternoon with the H. A. Frenches at Titonka. Senator and Mrs. .L. J. Dickinson spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George C. Call at the Call summer cottage at the Okobojis. Mrs. Dickinson and Mr. Call are cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Larson, the Norge refrigerator dealer at Algona, is under suspicion. Dealers in rival makes may be surmising that he called, too early and I iaifC AWJ -«-•' wsek.3 36^« A "° v."»»«i **— been named Mildred Jacqueline, was born at the .Lowman farm, and _ . ._i mril.1—Ad T>/xV»- caught the young woman in an embarrassing situation. Do not let Mrs. Richardson hear about his. Mid-Continent Petroleum Co., has eceived notice 'from the distrid ffice at Waterloo that the com- aons opens Monday, September enrollment nany will cooperate with N. <R. A. met Charles Akre. Washington, D. o the fullest extent. A code for c., Library of Congress employe, he petroleum industry is being there, and, he will accompany them * , v.. MA >p n ~ o oVinrt-. visit.. Mrs. wag- jyir« cllltl A»n o. »_/IA* * •*-*- ' latter's mother, Mrs. Emll iLavrenz and her daughter Bessie, all o Farmington. Minn., spent the week IS LEADERSHIP |m«N PRAISED KIT..A. S. Hueser, of the Vchurch, and his family, at- lV recent Iowa Baptist as- atlowa Falls, and Mr. had charge ot the orches- •I other musicians. Since the Icame from all parts ot the •the training was necessarily |md intensive. theless the musical part 01 .^ram made a great hit, the lot the orchestra receiving War praise. It was freely people who had tor years ^tending assemblies that the itra this year was the best ...„ others who attended the ftly part or full time were r tii ninig) w*», *«»..--•» ~*rend at the Henry Lavrenz home. Mr and Mrs. Carl Pierson have begun housekeeping in Mrs. Mary Sorenson's tenant house on south Thorington. They are deputy audl tor and deputy cleFk respectively Jos. Greenfoerg left last Thurs day to Join Mrs. Greenberg and th children at Chicago, where the are visiting- relatives and attending , . Lowman's sister, Mildred Rob- VIrs. jjuwnicMi. o oiovtr»t *>-.-• ison, and grandmother, Mrs. N. R. Robinson, are caring for mother and babe. A daughter was born to the Lowmans two years ago, but she lived only a week. Mrs./Thos. Akre, her son .Donald, Lewis and John Ferguson, and . Mrs W. B. Quarton and daughter, Mrs. L. C. Nugent, turned Friday from a three weeks trip with the former's son William of Cedar Rapids. They visited Dr 'and Mrs. Charles Remsen, Old Lyne, Conn., Mrs. Remsen being the former Helen Quarton. The Ramsens live in New York City, but are spending the summer in Connecticut, at a summer resort. The Algonlans also spent five days at New York City, meanwhile visiting the famous fashionable summer resort at Newport, R. I., and tak- ew , Mrs. Ellen Wagoner left Tuesday for a few days at Chicago. They met Charles Akre. Washington, D. drafted. L11G1G, «*l\*' ».^ •• - here for a short visit. Mrs. Wag' S ?M ST. «s KsvSs *>S resort »!*• i^cwpv/i*, A*.. -•» - ing sidetrips into surrounding states. Doctor Nugent and Judge Quarton met them at Cedar Rapids and brought the women to Algona. At Cedar Rapids they were the guests of the S. D. Quartons. During Mrs. Nugent's absence the Doctor's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Nugent and her daughter Elizabeth took care of the Dr. L. C. Nugent h £ "^^i^^^\^ ES? I?! r3 nrrtnr there. paicino, i* «,,,,ifV, .Vilm 1 . order there. Mrs.-D. R. Steele, Sioux 1VJU . «*"!•» •"*• "• — , His wife came'with mm, Lake the same Mrs.- U. it. Bteeie, O.UUA. ^ vj, --- k the game came last week Wednesday to vlsj but went <^ to L ^^ ^^ Qer . ^ nd M S ,rl be T. XSen! £ \M *» .^-duatedjast spring from 1,01* ^o.. ea , Decatur, 111., arrived last week Monday for an extended visit with Trace Holtzbauer. She is a registered nurse, and is superintendent of a hospital tor contagious diseases. Lola and Trace roomed together when both worked - Living Room Pieces at less than todays wholesale price are vs- the world fair. They will return Saturday. Mildred, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius, left Sunday to attend the Century of Progress exposition. She ^accompanied by Dorothy SHzman, ot I^M^Christensen, of Estherville and' P. J. Christensen got home Sunday from Chicago where they snerit last week buying for the Christensen Bros, stores at Esther vllle and Algona. Loretta Howie, Leona Lichter and SeaS cU'saddle, the latter o £u d rt D spent last Thursday evenln nd Mrs. P. J. Christensen. teele, who was for some mployed at the Wm. C. tore here, is in the clothing business at Sioux City. and Mrs. Clarence A. Franklin School of f and Law at Washington, D. .C. He was also employed in the government service. He has been looking for work at road construction work, at present located at Eagle Grove where paring is being laid. He is a nephew f pan or tun time wum Burt, spent ia»i. i"".-<—* _.. Mrs. H, N. Kruse, Mr. and wlth Mag nus Lichter. who is to Lynn Keith, Mr. and Mrs. the . time being associated witn \ Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Or- Hum boldt veterinarian. bins, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Mr . and Mrs. George W. Call, 01 kMr. and Mrs. Harvey Cole- gl clty a nd their son ana Mr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Ho>lus, Laughter spent the week-end witn W Mrs. Frank Halderaan, the oeorge 's grandmother, Mrs. a. ^~ tellv, Jack Reid, Jos.'Elkins. g pea r. George is cashier of the amcrtn Mai*v and OlfldVS I/-!„! i tinnfl & Ml e week and a national physicians' medical meet- of .Dr. Waltfer Fraser. "" ' * tomorrow and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Henderson, of Ing toflay ™™ A i gon a.to Boone Des Moines, their infant son Bobby, He traveled u° ^ went ^ „ and Mrs. Henderson's mother, Mrs toyau«^ ^ ^ ^ loc&l train • ™ c & N> w . Dr . left for Chicago the Milwaukee road, * an rs. , Gusland, went home Monday, after spending the week-end with the C M. Franes, of the Algona Genuine Mohair Living Room $40.50 Suite—2 pieces ^ Phone 3511 Butterfly Table., Walnut and Jfapte $5.75 $7-50 an* *1Z^U End Tables at $1.00 and up ALL LAMPS—Table, Bridge and Junior, at one-third of f the old price SHOP AROUND THEN SEE WHAT YOU CAN SAVE AT for Furnace Repairs and Smoke Pipes. Soldering Repairs. Pails, Strain ers, etc. Tanks, Pumps, and Repairing. ... Bond & Mortgage company Mr. and Mrs. G. W. jhy'Samson, Mary and Gladys a, Frances Smith, Harriet. Mr ana Mrs. u. ••• ----- . :, and Minerva Colemah. , spe nt the week-end with Mr. ^ano f Kruse. who has for some j£. s> u . H . Pickford. Cedar_ Mpwa, been state treasurer, was re- at t hc pickford cottage at tne URU- Mr. and Mrs. Pickford stop- CATHERINE 3F HEART FAILURE .eral services were held at Bailey. I. J. McCall home at 1003 east Thelma holis Mr. an rs. ped here Monday on the way home. peu » c '^ iir«»V%«- P.lnvton. N. M., and Harry Armstrong, came Sunday for a wee*. •""•"„•"C L Ingersolls. Mrs. Emma Morphew, Hot'Springs, Ark, armed Sunday for a week with Mrs. Waler Sperbeck and Mr. and Mrs. In- ge M S r 0 s!'willlam Parnell, Ketchikan Alaska, and her daughter Merle returned last week Wednesday from Titonka, where they had spent -several days with Mrs. Andrew Hansen. Mrs. Parnell is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Norton, and Mrs. Hansen a daugh- Horigan. Minneapolis . J. McCall home at 1003 east Tneima " ""T' eada y for a street Tuesday afternoon at came last weeK iu , rents lor Mrs. Catherine- McCall. month's vacation wtnnerp w «*>vt,b 4. uv^eru«*j catv' I lor Mrs. Catherine- HICUHU, ii«««<"»-----pd Saturday ot heart failure, Mr. and Mrs. leaving been sick a week. The is secretary at "wswere in charge of the Rev. boys. Mr. aw .... «,and buriafwas made in her _at Blue Earth. oron, . ter of Mrs. John Caughlln Senator Dickinson spoke last tor met Eartn. Minneapo i is , - Wil- Mrs. tfew cemetery, ' I Mrs. M. ». McCall was born August daughter 855, at Cleveland, Ohio, and liam came •parents were Mr. and Mrs. Kenefick is ft Camera. On May M,U Mrs. Wm. ^^^Vere Ue was married to Frank, H. rude spent the week^e W. at Whitewater,- Wls., and WUllwn. was a™""^ ? Un . Ar- •Hlowlng year they came to Mrs. o. A. « Keokuk, and her I- Of the 63 years during thur C. ^WW^oW^ ^ Mrs. McCall had.lived here, children at » e L M °o k0 bojis to visit than W were speritMn'the took them to tne UK j ^ g Where she died, the women s ™ othesronwb rought his iMcCall died June 19, 1915. Norton. Mr - p "^ Motoes. »"on, Charles A., died the family as lar » ne las t Senator jjitin""-" -^— . . week Wednesday at a Lions club j^i'WS^u!.""^ fiS^hfHorS^ He spent that night at Des Mo nes. "turning Friday. His secretary, Rex K. Nelson, accompanied him. Walter Fraser returned to Ames Sunday after a week with his par- ffSr^rsrJSs ZXZbsSSXfA Sheriff and Mrs. Dahlhauser left Friday morning for Mount, La., to visit the former's parents and brothers. The sons Leo and Bernard and-a,Miss Reimers, of Whlt- temore, went with them. Mr. Oahl- hauser's parents, Mr. and Mrs.^Peter W. Dahlhauser, and several brothers moved to 'Louisiana. from the Whittemore neighborhood last tall and are farming there. The sheriff and his family planned to return to Algona today, com ng via the Ozark mountains. The distance is nearly 900 miles and requires two days each way. Miss Reimers IB related to the Dahlhausers. Water pipes and Fittings. SEE A. W. BEHBENDS, at JOHNSON'S HARDWARE A1LGONA Foster's * Store reae o Mrs Lura Watson-Pugh, Chicago, spent a few hours here Sunday. Accompanied by her son. John Pugh, his wife, and by the elder Mrs. Pugh's daughter Mary, she revisited her old home for the ttrst time in 20 years. Her Barents Mr and Mrs. H. F. Watson, are Sried here. Mr. Watson, as everyone familiar with Algona history ran Algona's first store, as Watson's general store. knows, ran degree. Th7.Rev/and^ Mrs. R. A. Burrows (Dallas Center, came last Thursday for a visit till September T with the latter's parents, Mr. and MM re Wright. Mr. Burrows is Bng a C 'vSon from, his duties as pastor of a m BARTO, FORMER 1EMOREJAN, DIES •iittemore, Aug. 8—Relatives i IWends here drove to, Esther• KUndoir 4-n. «it«.^ A.».M«AI oai*_ sssff-s ragt--H-..^^32= Iowa summer school, tanine Cedar hes r Sunday to attend funeral ser- JW Norman Barto, 55. former- HUtemore. He was 'bom ^ * ana in 1915 married Rose t. They lived to niwrt". «he was a cement contractor, when they move4 *9 ^ and in 1927 to Eethervllle, « „ *"' ' rs l at the state university Mrs. Allan Dean, , went home Sunday, with the latter-B i J. Hutchison. . Euth _ ( , accompanied • them acity, for a visit , will { gacn gStf kwell City again ^is fa». r I I i I i I I i Wehrspan, here, an,(J two from Illinois. Mr. Barto Independent Moines, suggests Howard tor '.BLUE STAR COAL Comedown ewly each moroing-rummage all day- like the value, and the wving. you'll find in tbi. great .tore-wide eve^ Join the crowd., they begin early - and for best bargam. be here when the door* open. I I I I F. S. Norton &Son_ J i i ^« ^m ^m. •• •• mi ^^ "R ^^ ™ pn^mv _ We have released for immediate sWpmeut two I of tbis excellent coal. your coal can be deliveered from these cars, PHONE 239 AUGUST 11 and 12 <&$9%k <^m ^fll^^SP^B^^^™ AUGUST 4ff ffe ^j^ft^^W. ^ ^B.^^y ^ AiSa

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