The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 10, 1949 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 10, 1949
Page 3
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industrial, Sewage Pollution "ontribute*To Condition Of \Monocacy, Survey Discloses . This Is tht third of a series con- taininc factual data presented at the organization meeting of the Monoc- lacy Rivtr Watershed Council at Westminster on November 10. It resulted from steps initiated by Dr. T B. Symons, director of the State Extension Service, University of Maryland. By JOE EISENHAUER 3rd Industrial and sewage pollution contributory to the Monocacy River is secondary in magnitude to the pollution caused by heavy silting from soil erosion. This is based on observations made by the Maryland Water Pollution Control Commission, set forth in an informative bulletin distributed at the organization meeting of the Monocacy River Watershed Council at Westminster on 'November 10 The same bulletin, as drawn by Edward F. Rider, information specialist of the University of Maryland Extension Service, 'also contained in preface a declaration by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. In that state, the matter of stream pollution comes under the Health Department hft Monocacy River Watershed Council has been organized for the purpose of promulgating a campaign to conserve the natural resources of the Monocacy basin and Control itrearn pollution In its' declaration, dealing with pollution, the Pennsylvania State Health Department points out that the Monocacy River heads in Adams County and on its drainage basin are the boroughs of Gettysburg, Littlestown and Fairfield, and a number of villages. Gettysburg has a sewage treatment plant jroviding primary treatment and liittlestown has a plant providing complete treatment Plans of units o provide complete treatment of Gettysburg's sewage have been prepared and are in the process of ·evision, preparatory to approval y the Sanitary Water Board. It is expected that, within an appropriate time, the additional units will be constructed. There are no sewers in Fairfield nor in the villages draining to the Monocao, according to the Pennsylvania Health Department, which adds that apparently the residual pollution in the Monocacy as it leaves Pennsylvania is limited and that steps have been taken to reduce this to a practical minimum. Little Industrial Waste The Pennsylvania Board also said that so far as industrial wastes are concerned, the situation is comparable. The cannery at Orrtanna is lagooning its wastes and not discharging them to the stream. VENETIAN BLINDS '3.49 All Metal Stock Blinds 18 to 3 6 x 6 4 WE MEASURE FREE VENETIAN BLIND SERVICE PHOTfE FREDERICK 2092 show you how to put right on your Christmas Tree) BULOVA * / . Christmas ~ Imagine! Bulova, Gift of a Lifetime, in the most beautiful, Gift Package ever designed --the Bulovt Christmas Bell! All pricti in dud t F«d«ral Tax. TYLER'S Jewelry Store U N. Market Street Phone ISM The Board made no comment concerning the erosion of soil to the stream, which is a pollutant, and the correction of this condition is ' one of the prime matters to be considered" by the Watershed Council. Maryland Pollution The Maryland Water Pollution Control Commission conducts per iodic investigations of all industries and sewage plants throughout the state and no special emphasis has been given the Monocacy Basin over any other area. The Commission also pointed out in the bulletin distributed at Westminster that "our investigations will continue, regardless of the activities of other agencies or programs. "Our observations of the Monocacy River would indicate that industrial and sewage pollution contributory to this river is secondary in magnitude to the pollution caused by heavy silting from soil erosion." A list of the industries and municipal sewage-treatment plants in this basin was given as follows- Monocacy River Valley Buckeystown Canning Company, Buckeystown--Vegetable cannery. Screening and chemical treatment. Discharge to imall stream, tributary to Monocacy river. Chestnut Farms-Chevy Chase Dairy, Frederick--Dairy products. Discharge to Frederick city sewer. Colt and Dixon Packing and Manufacturing Company, Frederick--Subsidiary of Thomas and Company, vegetable canners. Dis- chprge to city sewer Camp Detrick, Frederick--Primary and secondary, and chlorination. Discharge to Monocacy river. J. Austin Fraley, Catoctin-Slaughter- house. meat packer. Screening and sedimentation. Discharge to Little Hunting creek. Frederick City Sewagp Disposal Plant--Primal y and secondary treatment of sewage. Discharge to Monocacy river Frederick County Ptoducts, Frederick--Slaughter and pioccss- ing of meat. Discharge to city sewage plant,. Storm water to Carroll creek. Jenkins Brothers. Inc. Frederick --Vegetable cannery Disehaige to city sewage treatment plant. Jenkins Brothers, Inc, Thurmont--Vegetable cannery. Discharge to Thurmont city sewage treatment 1 plant. George W. McComas and Company, Monrovia--Corn cannery. Settling tank and cinder bed tor filtration. Disehaige to Bush creek. Monocacy Valley Canning Company, Frederick--Corn cannery. Settling tank and city sewage ss- tem. Monocacy Valley Canning Company, Walkeisville--Corn canneiy No treatment for wastes. Disehaige to Glade Bianch Did not opeiate in 1948 or 1949. Planning to install screening, settling and piobably lagooning. Thomas and Company, Frederick --Corn cannery. Screening and settling. Disehaige to city sewage system. Thurmont Rendering Company, Catoctin--Septic tank, sub-surface disposal and discharge to Little Hunting creek. Essig Packing Company, Taneytown--Poultry packers. Removing of solids by scieenmg Discharge to Piney creek. A. W. Feeser Company, Keyrnar --Corn cannery. Screening and settling. Discharge to Big Pipe creek. A. "V. Feeder Company. Silver Run--Vegetable cannery Screening and lagooning No discharge to stream A W. Feeser Company, Tancy"own--Coin canneiy Screening and lagooning. No dischaige to stream. Marvin J. Harner and Son be- :ween Silver Run and Union Mills --Vegetable cannery Solias- ic- moved. Liquids to surface irrigation No discharge to stream. William F. Myeis and Son, Westminster -- Slaughter house; meat packing. Discharge to city sewerage t.ystein. £ J Nusbaum-Antrim, Tar^ey to\\n -- Vegetable cannery. Screening dischaige to iuigation ditch and Piney creek Pleasant Valley Canning Company. Pleas-ant Valley -- Vegetable cannery Screening and lagooning. Dischaige to Bear Branch, B. F Shrivcr Company. New Windsor -- did not operate in 1948 and 1949 G L Smeak. Pleasant-- Tomato canneiy Solids icmoved in land: liquids to irrigation plant. No dis- chaige to stream. Joseph H. Weller, Lin wood- Vegetable cannery. Separation of solids in plant Discharge of liquids and ^iall solid particles to Sam's Creek. Additional treatment neces- sarv. Western Maryland Dairy. Detour -- Cesipool and discharge to Double Pipe cteek Additional tieatment neceiisaiy. Westminster Fertilizer C o m- pan, Westminster -- Larger solids used for fertilizer and stock feed. Unscreened liquids discharged to Copps Branch Additional treatment necessary. (Note. Majority of industries located in Westminster and not connected to the town sewerage system are located on the Patapsco watershed The Westminster city sewage treatment plant is located in the Monocacy Valley watershed. There may be other industries than those mentioned that discharge wastes into streams flow ing to the Monac- acy ) Other Treatments Emmitsburg-- Primary treatment MAAS OPTICIANS Eyes Examined--Glasses Fitted Complete Eye Glass Service Z42-A N MARKET STREET Phone 1951-W Stot l^^^s-J £2^**^,}. /»//? /· / ^-^4 A yfohfluui -" ^ol "% DANIEL GREEN ^ INDOOR FOOTWEAR ^ CLEO Satin With Satin Lining And Sock. Soft Cushion Sole, With Special Soil Proof Finish. Colors: Black, Heaven Blue, White and Wine. THE YOTOG MEN'S SHOP THE HOME Of FLOtlSJHEIM SHOES Ironnle AUTOMATIC IRONER $219 CONVINIENT BUDGIT TIRMfl Price includes complete free home instruction to assure full proficiency in ironing EVERYTHING on her Ironnte. She'll do ffc* 4«r ironing week after week . . . in /ess time, with less effort! Iree her for all time, from the ordeal ends! Only Ironrite assures her of hand ironing! Give her the only" quick, easy, fatigue-free ironing of complete ironer on the market. .. everything! 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Thurmont--Primary and secondary and chlorination treatment- discharge to Hunting creek-- Monocacy river. Social Situation You arrive at a large party where you know the hostess but your husband does not. Wrong Way: Don't introduce him unless she mentions that she has never met him. Right Way: Introduce him right away. P. M. A. Can Support Price Of Lespedeza Reports that Maryland grown lespcdcra seed is bringing us low as four cents a pound on the market, have brought a reminder that the Production and Marketing Administration can support the price of this crop -under a Purchase Agreement program. Joseph H. Blandford. Chairman of the Maryland PMA State Committee, said to'day that the support price foi Kobe lespedeza seed has been set at 12 cents per pound while Ccricea brings 15. He referred farmers to the local offices of the Production and Marketing Administration, but explained that Maryland farmers can get a Purchase Agreement under which the government will take the seod On April 30, 1950, at the support B. C. WILLIAMS Tile Marble Contractor NEW LOCATION 215-A W. 5th St. Phone 2164-MX JStieff = TM Silver 6-Piece Place Setting at 19.84 Federal and State Tax Included at Doll's Jewelry Store 9 South Market St., Frederick, Maryland The News, Frederick, Md.. Saturday, December 10, 194». ELEVEH prices, if a belter offer hns not boon made nhcnd of that dote. In the meantime, farmers in need of money on their crop can airamje loans througn commercial sources on the basis of the Purchase A give - ment. "Seed shortages in inanv of the p i l i i c i p n l Brass, and legume crops. indicate that there art real secdi growing opportunities for Miry- land f tinners." 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