Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 3, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1933
Page 5
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KOSStTTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA ...lOW/i PAGE Street, of Pari. Bring Fair Crowd. I WESLEY GIRL MARRIED AT PHILADELPHIA t_0tto Menz, early at hi« home near t Tuesday. For he had been in ' had plan- f S 1885 they came to n a tarm ml but in 1908-became of the Fenton Methodist J he attended church L1 5 health failed. Mr Menz married Mrs. Smera, and .he is sur- l wl dow and live Btep- l touis Relmers, South . Hllliam, Edward, Frie- jajall of Fenton. A John and a sister, Mrs. ris Miles, both of Fen- There are four were conducted church Friday by ma J T. Snyder, and burial Ej t i in the Methodist ceme- |iNth ot town.___ I it Resident Visits Here— Boovers, ot Eh Reno, d Friday for a month Kg parents, Mr. and Mrs.' IWlddel. She came on an ex- atraln. It is exceedingly dry ma, she reports. Small fair, but there are no s for corn. Mrs. Boevers 1 i poor, and the family has • retired at El Reno during the Ijear. Mr. Boevers' sons are 1 their farm. Wesley, Aug. 1—The marriage of Margaret Dornbier, Wesley farmer's daughter, and John Canning, Philadelphia, Pa., took place at Philadelphia Monday, July 3. The Swea City Hor^ \ Experts Win Contest Swea City, Aug. 1 — The Swea City horseshoe pitchers defeated the •Fairmont team a week ago Monday evening. The match was \ played on the home court on Main' street. The contest began at 8 p. m. and lasted till 11, the final score being 738 to 637. Swea City's Years Ago [Advance of July 23, 1913.) J. R. Laird, who had been an Al- to pay damages ot more than |60. « * « • Algona then had only one shallow water well for city purposes, so regulations prohibited sprinkling of lawns except during certain hours. An Algonian found this out when he was fined $3 by Jus- tifR Crowell tor not observing the rule. * * * • The Mountford auto agency for train was traveling, at full Part of the axle also came oft. TIM* engineer stopped the train befoMk the engine or any ot the cars left the track. Swea City Fuly 3. The score being 738 to 637. Swea City's ' a buglness man 26 St. Thomas team was Don Peterson, Bud^Ol; slnce 1887) had soM j Mrs. Selmar Uhr entertained party of relatives and friends wedding was held in „„. x.. uu .oo — Catholic church. Margaret had; son, Andy Van Alstine, and Alfred been working at Philadelphia for ! Anderson, with Don Peterson as the last three years. Mr. Canning high man. Fairmont's team was an a "planned to retire. is assistant professor at the Main! Brown, Norman, and two McKieg- Line open Golf club, Philadelphia, hans. Mr. and Mrs. Canning are now visiting here, and a cotton and linen shower was given for Margaret at I the Dornbier home last week Sunday afternoon. I'ne jwounnuru aiuiu uguuuy iui j"*i *-j v*. * ^.0.1,1.^0 «..« *.. v ..» v Fords in Kossuth, Palo Alto, and;the park Thursday afternoon Clay, reported the sale of 447 i Vmor of her son Glair's first 'birufe* .ccno, or. jr O rds since the beginning of the:day. since 1887, had sold his furniture year . That was more than a quar-1 The A. W. and Wm. McAnincfc. stock and undertaking business to v r O f a million dollars' worth in a families attended a McAninch tan*as a Des Moines man, H. C. Caldwell,' little over six months. ily reunion at Hawarden Sunday.. • * * • About 50 attended. * * * I A Milwaukee passenger train Mrs. Nellie Anderson and son. Grant Pioneers Organise- ° f .™? A1 S°" af cre . a ™ r3 L ™ Tr? Grant township pioneers gather- h«dM been let for $6287 to a Fort A contract for the construction hart been st'alfed "when "a locomo- i Orvil are visiting relatives an* of the Algona creamery building tive drive wheel broke while the' friends here for a week. ed at Ward's park Sunday formerly of Grant, now after- ! Dod e e company.^ ^ . Buttermal.rW.H Anderson living in ho g,t a lot tor a home he plan- ormery o ran, now vng Fairmont, was elected president of ned to DUild - | Decree for Wayne Swinton— Wayne Swinton, who had taken summer work at the state univers- the organization that was made. Funeral services had been held ity, and obtained his Master of : The object of the organization is &t the E j Gilmore home £or Mrs _ Arts degree, came a week ago Fri- • to retain the old neighborhood Ray Gilmorei wnose m aiden name day for a short visit at the home of spirit, his wife's parents. Last Thursday 1110 VVILC o ^jcii miiio. LJa,a\, JL iiui i3uc*jr •Mrs. Swinton, who had spent most Party for Visitor Here— jot the summer here, and their son " " '"" **"-*-- Ray Gilmore, whose maiden name was Amelia McClellan. Three children survived. • *v* 01 tne summer nere, ana tneir son i Mrs. H. T. Winter entertained Tne coun t y fair dates were Sep- Stanley accompanied Mr. Swinton! three tables of bridge at her home tember-16-19. E. A. Wolcott was to Horton for a visit with his moth- i last week Tuesday evening in hon- president; H. C. Adams vice; T. H. er. Mr. Swinton teaches social or of Mrs. Clinton Vaux, of Mount \v°dsvorth, secretary; Myron science in high school at Gales- Vernon, Wash. Mr. Vaux will ar- Schenck, treasurer. The premium burg, 111., but the family will re- .rive here this week, and with Mrs. k ook had 78 pages. turn Vini-o hofnro tfnlncr tn «n1oB- ', VaUX Will visit the fair in Chi- • * • . turn here before going to burg. Gales-I Vaux will visit the fair in Chicago, after which they will drive home. Lauxes to Pamlly Reunion— ; Mr. and Mrs. Matt Laux attended Former Cashier In Visit- Mr". .T. W. Wadsworth had received a letter describing the es- r'-pe of the F. M. Curtiss family, Spokane, vhen the Curtiss summer thoroughly examined. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Algona, Iowa iof .••'.?--• » •<^^^^^^^^^m*a* •< ^» -y* *mm ^PW» H- 't •^••••^ 1V1F. ttllU nlTS, IVlaLU LjclUA citmilUeu 'KVitltc* ^>«OM««y» *-. i —j— I at Webster City Sunday, the an-i Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goff and chll- cottage in a canyon was swept Gny Pnree with Its colorful Montmartre and side-walk cafes is one nual reunion of Mrs. Laux's family,'dren visited Mrs. Goff's parents, away, following a cloudburst which tiie popular spots at A Century of Progress—the Chicago World's Fair. ; the Roskopfs. Others going from the Henry Hoecks, over the week- created a stream 16 feet deep. - ' - - - . vr -,.~ J..«fr HMHAHM 1. 11 TT«««_. TTn«.n«1.. n*.rl nv\r\ IWTl. flnff wVl n WflS fnTmRflV VL LUC |jv|juiut o|jui.-) tit. j\ i^uuiiujr ui rLu^ieari—LUU v^mi:u£u »uiiua r «ir.: tne ivuaiwpio. vri/iicio gum^ *.«».» «».« »*«... rf , _._ In the corner picture nre two dainty dancers from Morocco, Just across here were the Henry Haverly and end. Mr. Goff, who was formerly the way from Streets of Paris. There are 82 miles of free exhibits at Brvin Olson families. Heads of cashier in the now defunct Farm- A cow-testing association naa - - ••• families attending were Henry Ros- ers and Drovers bank, is now re- been organized, and a Boone man kopf, Webster City, Mike and Paul ceiver tor a bank at West Union. : named Bailey, who was tesfer, was Roskopf, Marshalltown, Frank Roskopf, Melbourne, Cousins from the Exposition. Titonfca Girl Who Fell from Tree Coming Home Tilonka, Aug. 1—Edithmae and Arthur Jay Budlong left last Thursday for Glendale, Calif., to I for Blanche Mayer— mihe Mayer was guest of hon- i a surprise party celebrating . *..».....,*.».. — « , , to anniversary, last week v i s jt their sister Marguerite, who • •• i- ' ni__«««.n . TXr*»m»»iat'*a . _.. ., __ Vat Clarence Wegener-s. home wlth them Mar . Beacon City Galesburg and Dows were present, bringing the number up to '53. Dinner and supper were eaten in Kendall Young park. Former Resident Visits Here- Mrs. Verne Roberts, now of Emmetsburg, visited old neighbors and friends last week Tuesday. This is Mrs. C. W. Vans Honored . I U.I.I IJCI-t JJHll^i J ) 1V1JLVS '* **>J V\>k7b^j' f KM to receive $42.50 a month wages. Mesdames E. C. Peterson, Jnmes A dozen "locals" told of new v n eSd r rte n-W Funs' entertained *°"ses or of lots changing hands. Vaux, and D. W. Fults entertained m€ . bl , ndln was 50 relatives and friends of Mrs. C. Friday pHICAGOANS ARE sometimes 0 ... „ vj charged with cold aloofness to"Everett Dreyer, "and aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- wards out-of-town visitors. But we Mansager, and Florence liam Parker , three years and ij^g^^S^ffwi^ i^ meanwhile has been attending a v i g iti ng ca r to Beacon headquar- school. Friends here will recall, ters at the Sheridan-Plaza hotel. the park. Games and contests made a pleasant afternoon. Florence Looft Is Home— A cTnnniqrn for home-building was in progress, and real estate - was selling rapidly at high prices. * * * * The nnnnnl cre^merv meeting was to be held Saturday at the 'K. Ferguson home. An Ames years ago. Mr. Roberts formerly | th a station. He I Ipandson, Clarence Yager. Off for Tour- lie Weisbrod and Matilda, , and Olivia Kressin, with .. Strom, Algona, left last k Tuesday for a two weeks va- whlch will include stops at r .gor, The Dells in Wisconsin, \ the Century of Progress expo- to Bible Conference— rae Rev, J. T. Snyders, accom- ed by Agnes Goetsch and Fran|Bailey, left Monday for the Okoto attend a Bible institute ten There will be no 'church boldt, spent the week-end here with her niece, Mrs. Jay Budlong, and sister, Mrs. Mary Reiterman. Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. Jay Budlong, accompanied by Mrs. .Reiterman, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. de Vries, and the de Vries son Junior, drove to Humboldt to take Mrs. Ward back. The de Vries family stopped at Algona, where Mrs. de Vries and the son caught the train for Chicago to visit relatives and attend s next Sunday t Ing. morning ' and riwsre Retailers Meet— f. E. Stoeber attended a meet- Jot hardware retailers at Em' burg Monday. He was accom- Jd by Mrs. Stoeber and the ihter Gladys, who spent the af- • i at P. E. Weisbrod's. Inarlan Finds Location— Harry Johnson, interne for [). T, Waite this summer, left week Monday to locate in Gru• He is a graduate 'of the veter- r college at Ames. t Bose Legate Dead— 1 , Rose Legate, 76, Lexington the world's- fair. Pastor Is Forestry Chaplain— Loraine Peterson accompanied Harold Gartner to Rowan a week ago Saturday for a week with Alice artner, .returning with Harold and Alice Friday. Harold and Alice re taking care of the Rev. Mr. Gartner's bees here. Mrs. Garter, Dorothy, and Paul have joined Mr. Gartner at a reforestation amp where he is chaplain. Mrs. Gartner needed a change of climate n the interest of her health. Krantzes Attend World's Fair- Mr, and Mrs. K. L. Krantz drove o Chicago Sunday for a week at he world's fair. Mr Krantz had been there before, when he shipped stodk. The children, Clifford, Harold, Feme, and Mildred, will go ater. /CHICAGO RETAILERS are re^ porting a general pick-up in business, due to a large extent perhaps to the world's fair crowds. But there are many merchants who believe there is something fundamental in the improvement. It is becoming more difficult, they say, to obtain merchandise, which would seem to indicate a quickening demand all over the country. NEW EPIDEMIC has broken out in the Chicago area. It is known as "fair feet." The ailment i9 characterized by fallen arches, painful bunions, and blistered soles. Don't come ^to the fair without a comfortable pair of shoes. N SUMMING UP his experience as a Beacon guest, one man tive in church and club work. Dale and Bruce are now junior and sophomore in high school. Ormsby Suffers Sprained Ankle— John Ormsby is laid up with a sprained ankle, suffered when he was unloading a car of steel posts for the Farmers' last week Wednesday. He slipped and turned his ankle severely, the mishap ending with a fall. Girl Patient Home Again— Annabelle Lander, who had taken a week's treatment for infected jaw at Park hospital, Mason City, who has been in City hospital the past came home last Wednesday. She is much improved. Other Swea Cltj. Henrietta Kulander, R. N., is spending her vacation with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. H. Kuland- was also on Farmers the pro was the beginning of the alfalfa movement in Kossuth. * * • • A story told of plans to drain Wnll l^ke n^d convert it into farm land. Nearly 905 acres would be Kfined. It was planned to drill A v,.. She is head nurse in the gen- %oir>= IT, HIR i"ite bed to drain the eral hospital at Minneapolis. She wa ter. Rentals of the land would visited the exposition in Chicago p sy the expense. Draining ot small before coming home. lakes fnd ponds was a popular The Wm. Altweggs and Harold thing then, but sportsmen now de- Gibson, ot Plum Creek, visited at p i 0 re it because it resulted' in loss Frank Thomson's Sunday. Eugene of ga me breeding places. Nowa- Thomson, who was visiting at Alt-, (j ays the fish and game commission weg's, returned home. '••• '---• — *• *-"•* -""^ *°returned home Sunday. She appears to be doing well, but the swelling has not yet subsided. Renwick Teacher Is Hired— Candace Packard, Renwick, who taught at CorwitiKlast year, has been employed here for next year. She will teach music and two or more high school subjects. Jos. Bahm Reported Sick— On a recent visit to his old friend The H. Knutsons have a daughter born last week Wednes- , is trying to reconstruct such baby ports for wild game. re- day The Wm. Speicher family I A Chicago alderman had been 7 - born halted here by the sheriff .because he crowded a car belonging to Al- also have a baby daughter, the same day. Sam Evans, of Minneapolis, spent last week here looking after business matters and visiting relatives and friends. Mr. Evans formerly bert Potratz off the road ,,near Wesley. He did not stop to see whether anyone was hurt. The loca officers demonstrated to him tha I'LL &E HOWNE SOON. SONNY— WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO BRING YOU ANYTHING? There is a difference' in the quality of ice •• cream just as in any. other food. -You can. tell by LOOKING at our ice cream that it is_ richer, creamier, and. more- delicately flavored. No wonder it's- good enough ta give your kiddies sev-, eral times a day! 15c factory-filled pints. Ask for Taylor Made ' I'M SO GLAO YOO -TELEPHONED, MOTHER .' VOJ MICMT HM/B £)H/YES. MOTHER./ t ~? THAT \MONOERFUL ICE ^ CCfT -YESTEPOM/I SOSUi • ; died July 16. She lived here daughters, Mrs; John and Mrs. Myron Alder «for some time. S Rink Comes Here— -.- dance hall and skating rink «™ by Glen Sharp, ;Lone Rock |b«ing moved to Fenton. A foun "" for it was completed las ~; Tea Is Announced— »August Birthday tea will b '" iu 's week Friday at th '• church. Other Fenton News. .wed Reimers and his em- w and the latter's wife, Mr, ll n Harr y Butcher, came up F Des Moinea Saturday" for. an ["•Sunday visit with Wilfred's Mr. and Mrs; H. 'E. Reim- na Henderson, Des Moines, ' '"acl spent two weeks at the , ei l home, accompanied them The Ray Relmers family, of writes, "I have made many new Joe RamTli a t st. Benedict, Nathan friends among the Beacon group, any one of which would amply compensate me for the trip." One great advantage in going the Beacon Way is the new friends and acquaintances one meets. WEEK OF sightseeing for - - |34.95, or. three days at $19.95, with all essential expenses includ- a splendid way to see A ed, offers the fair. V OU CAN MAKE your reservation . . . . . _ _ ^ oat __ i at the Advance office. -*- Luther Leaguers Have Social- The Luther League had an ice cream social on the grounds at the John Bleich coliseum Saturday evening, and a large crowd attended. Installs Radio in Auto— Raymond Krantz recently pur- chaseTa new Majestic auto radjo from Albert Missal for Ford V-8. Arm Broken In Accident Burt, Aug. 1—Herbert Nelson suffered a broken arm in two plac es in an automobile accident Sat urday morning, and also suffered other injuries. A blowout was th cause of the accident. Bancroft his new Dr R. B. Weber and Richard Underkofler spent the week-end at Coleridge, Neb, with «">*«• The E. B. Kohnkes left Sunday for Rochester, where Mr. Kohnke is Studer found him sick and ow. Mr. Rahm was an early ler in Prairie township. Catholic Bazaar Announced— The annual Catholic bazaar will ,e held on the school grounds Tuesday and Wednesday, August'22 and 23, .but plans have not *-—completed. Ice Cream Social Planned— The Methodist Aid -will hold ice cream social this week Satur-: day evening, on the lawn near the Lease store. Other Wesley News. Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Dawson visited at Mason City Sunday, and brought home the senior Mrs. 'Dawson for a visit. Rose Ormsby, of Preston, came Sunday to visit a week with the John Ormsbys and •with relatives at Brltt. Miss Ormsby teaches in the vicinity of iPres- ton, and also keeps house for her brother, Father Ormsby. Other Titonka News. The Logan JCeagles, Minneapolis and Bernice Bobbinghouse Des Moines. have been visiting ^he B. O. hi wek. Miss Steven formerly Wibur Schram gave night, lies, «, y emers famy, gsted were other guests here. "» Aleeda Olson, New Rich- her daughters kn Minn., and u t, „? ? nd Adeline are spending with the former's par"•' Mrs. , rs . ^ M- F inn es ta, « other local relatives.' On Sun- IMuly 23, the Finn^stads; and * and her Daughters at, family reunion 'at B. O. Ringsted, ellls last week .• - sts were Donald Gal- Krauts, Edlthmae Bud- aro r ong He?en Beed Edith Reynolds and Leota Oesterreicher. Ic« cream, served. JOUIC* ww«--- 7 cake, and cookies Ice were Mrs. Ed Hildman returned Gilbert Sunday, She had gone two weeks, during part ot the sickness and following the death of her mother, Mrs. Fred Wirth. . The A. M. Petersons drove to to home after ten days here. The bj.-j .r- "<=*"» tainijy, jfingsieu, K.. e Gl w - Newels last week Rjwaay. They were en route where Mr. Ne'llis has beginning August 1 as. ,."•-• °f an apartment house. 'h» T £orm er Fenton residents. n «» ^eonard Haases, Donnelson, a mother, Mrs. El Reno, Okla- '» Basset, Fairmont, Lyle vislt with Ray Monday for Peter PbUfp t « WortA' 8 Fair, Budlong " r Q, 111., tQ visit relst* '• Patterson's §i8t@r, Mrs. USsf'WteBf A& SPS "sas^ Wverv nigbt on briUJBJ- tt ft Stota f»L *UG. M-SB1PT. »lternoon. IOOCX) SIGHTS <WNEW SiNSATIONS!^ ™^^«SUff*y&ffV^ j iow'y w« Iwf* Iowa was not Chicago, and he had Mileage? Yes, we have the AIRWHEEL DES MOINES AUG.13 SEPT. I —and • »et of the»«>ig» buoyant, •uper-eoft fUrcc will make any unall car ridelikeamUUoudoUarf. Drive around—let a* »how youhoweMyitbtPinako a change-ove* BANDS M . * v ? 1 ^ > . < * i * AUTOS FtttE ' I'WlLDRfcN UNOtR 1 . Md r *OM orob»»- L 1 ^ Deldutch Super Service

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