Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1933
Page 9
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f*s Doing A ' "~ - — KOSSUTH COtJNTY ADVANCE. AtXiONA. IOWA PAOV NtN» FARM NEWS W. J. Payne, Editor C. H. Klamp, field Reporter. Airman, Mrs. Emll 1 committee was ap- Herman Carlson has nearly recovered from his recent appendicitis operation, but Is letting his two farm hands look after most ot the work on hlk: half section besWo the nearby dredge ditch was leaving fish to die, so the Gables transferred them to the pond. In the school are some rainbow trout, pike, buffaloes, and bullheads. We | asked how Martin could recognize a rainbow trout, and he said he once lived where people learned to know fish, because fish were about all they had to eat. Martin said he had taken a, truckload of cattle to South St. Paul, but could not get what he thought they were worth, so he brought them home again. He raises sugar beets, and New Ames Corn Being Tried Out in Kossuth ° me plte a ° . n ? t whip the seed out no ^^ Mrs. F. J. Welsbrod, Gladys Stoe- •« " ...-- a.fur- work on nik: nan section beside the 1. «; .", , '"',""" "=' 4 , H committee Satur , d road {rom th N of the ground last spring are • . no at the home ., i_ ~,. 4^_ .._ i .... ,, IHlS brother Roland, wnn IK 'wlsKeiSoSood^ of Emma ?. P. " serve Gut- with * * * * officers to su- of officers on it a- . i Contest Planned. , tor officers will wanes sent to be the ring a penoa 01 nomesieaumg in f t v , - • North Dakota, and has lived on this ne Deels> farm since 1914. He still owns a North Dakota eighty. He and his Somo y cars & z° an Advance field wife, who was Selma Johnson, have man call(xl at Geo - w - Godfrey's, two children, a boy and a girl, both east ot Algona, and was deeply in- In the Wesley high school. Herman terested in a dining room painting milks ten Herefords and is feeding o£ a tlisl1 ° f beautiful apples and a 20 hogs. In winter he feeds cattle copy of the Advance. The editor for the market. At present he is an<1 hls wite *™ lk for the first devoting a good deal of his time t'™ 0 Sunday night. To Mr. Godfrey to farm appraisala in connection M 1 . 18 , a ]> rizetl souvenir of the work with government refinancing of ° E , h 'f deceased sister Effie, whose farm mortgages, and he reported Pointings often won prize a at the ----- - - •- !""""*" £ a i r . i n this painting the A new variety of corn known as ISC 931 shows promise for use in Kossuth. The initials, of course, stand tor Iowa State college. The corn is a double cross hybrid, the result of crossing four pure lines. This variety was first tried here in 1932 by Guy Barton, near Buffalo Center; George Peterson, Titonka; John Origer, "Whittemore; and E. A. Droessler, Bancroft. It was used in disease-control plots in cooperation with R. H. Porter fiucota. »~ «— - Off (or the World's Fair- Bruce and Gordon Graham left stalk which makes good fodder. Twelve Kossuth men are trying out limited areas of this variety this season, and if for the third year It proves as satisfactory as before there will probably be as many fields planted In the county next year as seed can be got for. The men who are trying ISC 931 Include Geo. P. Hawcott, Burt, whose plot Is on No. 189, just north of Burt; Geo. W. Godfrey, east of Algona who has more than .20 acres; Loren Brown, C. R. Schoby,| and John McQuire, also near Al- southern Iowa. °w Sunday with Aleeda Toebben, Burt, for Chicago for a week with their aunts, Ida and Mary Peters, and at the Century of Progress exposition. Other Fenton News. Lucille Welsbrod has had charge of Mrs. Kern Elerick's beauty shop at Whittemore since last week. The Elerlcks are visiting Mr. Elerick's mother and other relatives in ...~., Weisbrod, C. F. C. DW J. t. Snyder, Donald Wels- brod, and J. A. Schwartz, also Florence and Edith kaage, last week Tuesday. Sylvia Curry, Esthervilte, came last week Wednesday for a week with her grandmother, Mrs. Emma Curry, and aunt, Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod. •Ray Stoeber drove to Minneapolis last week Wednesday for a load of merchandise, and Mrs. S. W Meyer accompanied him to visit a sister. Dorothy Gerhard and her guest Signa Henderson, of DM ttohl&fe spent Friday with Dw MotoM* friends at the Okobojls. The Rev. J. T. Snyders left Monday for (Lake City tor a week wMM Mrs. Snyder's parents, Mr. and, Mrs. H. J. Ix>sse. Margaret Scare and CMOTf? Briggs, Radclltfe, are with th« former's parents, Mr. and lire. Sam" uel Scare. O. S. Warner Is now located at Lake Andes, S. D., where he 18 « member of a reforestation camp. Mrs. Hugh Young, Mondamta, and two children are visiting th« former's sister, Mrs. O. H. Graham. of the Ames extension service. It proved to be disease-resistant, and in addition seemed to excel other hybrids tried here. Main arguments in its favor seem to be good ears, fairly deep, rich-colored kernels, strength of stalk and root system, which keep it. standing in fields where other varieties blow down, and a leafy gona; George Peterson, Tltonka;| Mr. Origer, mentioned above; M. I/. Johnson and Oecar Berggren, near Armstrong; former representative J. H. Jensen, Fenton; R. F. Miller, Bancroft; and Charles Eggerth, Ledyard. Mr. Hawcott and others are also trying out Wallace's No. 355 and Held's No. 3. STEEL ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH! ers who shelled and sold before the years. least keen In club work at keen .J£, and have'kept Kgl, Ikent, lucky. about 50 appraisals up to Friday county fair. In this painting the noon apples are Wealthles grown on the * * • • Godfrey farm. Many years ago Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Nels M. Johnson, Godfrey was a pupil of Mrs. Dewel, liars out or pocKet to many a IS.OB- i aim. narum UUCMUII. < Alamo Tex., are visiting in the when she was teaching in the Lu suth farmer. There is much debate Paul1 Saxton have word «. _, ' *_!-* i .t i j-i Krn^nrt nnVinnie nhnnf. whpt.Hpr nrip.ps will rise death of a brother-in-law, Algona, were, ap- contest committee. ,e to represent the .annual state health ;s must be at age at the time opens August of at! ^H4*U1U| AUAi) **»<rf T *u*v»»i(3 iii. u«iw Wesley neighborhood, where they Verne schools. lived many years. They still own • • * • their old home farm northwest of J. F. Smith, 2% miles south Wesley, 360 acres, across the road Ledyard, onco bought poultry from Olaf Funnemark's, and their Algona. Now he is farming 160 daughter, Mrs, Fred Bentele, lives acres. There are three hoys in his there. The youngest son, Herbert, family: Ivan, 20; Vernon, 16; De works for Mr. Bentele. Two other Vere, 10. He has 15 acres in sugar daughters, Mrs. Herman Carlson beets, but the dry season and and Mrs. Silas Skow, live in the spring winds hurt the crop, though about whether again. prices will r Fair Plans laid. (tee to check over the of candidates for will consist of Mrs. j/Swea City, and Mrs. 'Bancroft. f to provide Its "innch at noon ,itnies grown on me recent break in price were munjr. i • * • • i Godfrey farm. Many years ago Mr. That break means hundreds of dol- Lose Minnesota Brother-In-Law— Mr. and Mrs. Nels M. Johnson, Godfrey was a pupil of Mrs. Dewel, lars out of pocket to many a Kos- Mrs. Harold Goetsch and Mrs. i mk_ -»„ ..!„!(.!.,,, <„ 11.. I urban aim wao tonoViinp- in t.hfl ,T,u I suth farmer. There is much debate Paul Saxton nave word ot tne rise death of a brother-in-law, Francis Butler, Ellendale, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Goetsch and Mr. and Mrs. Saxton left Friday evening to attend the funeral. Mrs. Butler was before marriage Carolyn Hansen, daughter of former Fenton residents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hansen. Mr. Butler was survived by his widow and one child. Illl 1C "UF D>J BUUHl TJ*. *iiVrfV^ » ^o *' Ul*J TVOi« i»»^^ »*•»*» — • i street, Algona, extended, four or crop has been stacked for hay. ^ r the county *&*** Kclub will have>a'booth 7<umlshings and 'have -a ation and Judging team. 4-H club day, a *-H ,e will take place In the . and in the evening a 1 be given. . Student Here. O i vc.i 4-H county commlt- Aers attended the meeting. e to be present were Mrs. Illasterson, Lu Verne, and 1'B. Dittmer, Burt. Present Mrs Gus Torino, Armstrong; IT F. Johnson, Swea City; Warburton and Emma ' Lakota; Mrs. Ray Mil- U aoft; Mabel Kent, Wesley; til. Patterson, Algona; and airman, Mrs. Larson. rfel Leaverton, H. D. A., and !, Duthie, member of the itension staff at Ithaca, N. Y., ,,i making a special 4-H club ItaKosButh, also attended. [ewwClty ClubMeieta. _ Swea Spirit of Service 4-H faet last week Wednesday af- Tpm at the Swea community pThe girls had as guests their tn and the Farm Bureau (project leaders of Swea lip. ,' : , ,' rogram was given, the presi- s Larson, presiding: com/ singing led by June; Our ., Laila Berg; clarinet solo, (Larson, with June at piano; |4-H program, H. D., A.; The use, Hazel McGregor; pi.—, Eloiae and Pauline Pres- I illustrated .talk on flower ar- lent, Lucille Anderson. Exhibit la Prepared. Illowing the program the girls tted an exhibit of their 4-H p furnishing work, and after land a social hour, pictures ecord books were taken. following club members ans- roll call on "a famous quo': Hazel McGregor, June and i Larson, Luclle and.Dorothy rson, Geneve and Laila Berg, p Hewitt, Prances O'Connor, La Johnson, Bloise arid Pauline Maurine Linde. Twenty — and project leaders were int. Eunice Jensen is leader of Hub. t Verne Club Meet* Friday. 'el Davidson was hostess to i Verne Loyal Workers Frl- M12 members answered roll [with suggestions for window 'us, . • - • . , y B. Duthie,-ot the 4-H exten- «M of the New York^agrlcul- i college, Ithaca, N. Y., was a • She SB now working to* i her doctor's degree at the ""ty of Wisconsin, and is ; a research • problem con- 4-H club program plan- Wesley neighborhood. A son, Albert, farms near Grantsburg, Wis., and another son, Edwin, near St. James, Minn., and an unmarried daughter, Anna, teaches at Boone. The Johnsons made visits at Grantsburg, St. James, and Alexandria, Minn., before they came here, Mr. Johnson having a sister at the last-named point. Mrs. Johnson is a sister of Supervisor Olaf Funnemark, also of Mrs. J. T. Bo- le has six acres in good condition. He is milking six cows and has 43 spring pigs. The farm has a flowing well. hannon, Algona. The seven Johnsons FENTON'S 4-H CLUB MEETS WITH LEADER * * * * Fenton, July 26—The 4-H Party Honors D. SL Guest— Mrs. Dorothy Gerhard was fcos- tess at four tables of bridge last club I week Tuesday evening in honor of » * * * Fenton, July a> —me *-«. umu ••—~ ---"--* —-....„ •« •• -,T?« AJS- ^«I2^'JIS -t I-* Thursday with the leader, «•» *«£££ ^S' S3 miles north o£ Burt, raise onions. Stephenson won the high „ _- ----• '4^'.|, us y,els | Mrs - w - J - Weisbrod, 15 members, 8core pr i ze ; Mrs. F. P. Newel, tra- dld not sell all of them. They three visitors, Mrs. Muriel Leaver- vel prize; Mrs. F. H. Bohn, conso- aml01 ' • ' -- • - . Esther- lation. Mrs. C. O. Bailey, Rock Rap- +f rt ids, and Anne Wrede, Garner, ware atienu- out . of . town g ue8 ts. - neither strong enough, nor safe enough, nor quiet enough for the body of a quality car like CHEVROLET STEEL BODY They have an acre in onions tWs Ro)1 6 ° P " Qn ., what My ^CHEVROLET Tot P of S wor 0 kY S oI 0 c°an Dresser Drawer Looks Like at the Two Girls Off for Texas- lot of worn. YOU can ,l present Momen t." The arrange- Irene Newel and Florence Weis- '"Tr^rnr^Hmp in season and seelment of dresser drawers was dis- brod left last week Wednesday for They live in town, own two or almost anytime m season ana see ^ EUa Drey er, and the ar- Texas, Miss Weisbrod to visit her three houses, and have a ten-acre members of th e family j a V™ rK „,, ran g eme nt of a dressing table top sister, Mrs. R. O. Burke, Houston, garden patch outside town. „, ShP P n»tRwere so short this by Alvina Dreyer. A talk on rugs and Miss Newel to visit friends at Geo. W. Godfr'ey.'who lives a tson S?t tiJ^t them tith a I was given by Virginia Frank, and | Palestine. They will visit other mile or so south of McGregor m ower. They had 60 acres, and 1 at iuco.0 on friends at points en route uu Snapshots They traveled down by bus and ~" "" pected to be gone a month. half mile south. In his youth Mr. Beverly, 9, in the 5th grade. Mrs. Godfrey was a lover o£ beef cattle, van Steennerge came from Bei- but for many years now he has gium 11 years ago, and she has six been one of Algona's leading dairy- sisters and a brother living there. men. At present he milks 38 Hoi- she plans a visit home as soon as steins. There are two big silos on the times get better. Mr. Van the place, and they are used with- steenberge, who came to this coun- out roofs. Mrs. Godfrey has some try in 1889, was formerly an im- 700 white Wyandotte chickens, and porter of fine Belgian borsestor there is a flock of ten geese who breeding and sale, but the tractor protest mightily against Intrusion and the automobile have killed the by strangers. In prior years Mrs business. Godfrey has been successful with * * * * Surprise for W. V. W. V. Yager was taken by Surprise Honors a Birthday— Mrs. John Kramer was guest ot honor at a surprise party at her sur . home 'last Thursday, celebrating W V Yaeer was taKen oy sur- •—~~ •»•»• *..-..,,»«,,,, ^oiouiawiis prise Sunday evening, when friends her birthday anniversary. Present: gathered at his home to remind the Mesdames Earl Dean Fred him of a birthday anniversary. At- Kuecker, August Nelson,. Charles tendingr the George Yagers, Al- Glaus, John .Gramenz, and Marjorie v^inj**»e • «. v «j i .TJailaTr nriri /^lawci SI«*n»*<%«» gona; turkeys, but this year knowing At Fred Zeigler's, a mile east and Ames, UUU IHIS VCO.IF H.»*W " "*D ,n.^( A- t^x* uu^o -, •'. Godfrey might be called ot a mile north of Blmorei, theywere 8 he raised none. George getting ready to sow millet and al- r reThogs. A feature of the OodeJ home g not often found in either town or country homes s horses nd he Saturday. acres He so "° Fred farms some good has a yearly g • te eorge ag, - , , g the ueorge > ^ ' Rocte Bailey, and Clara Gramenz. Rapids; the Clarence ^Bf««. House-warming Honors Newlyweds the E. K. Johnsons, the Amos Fin- M . » ' Laage were by U1B JU. JX. UUIU10VHO. VA.«- u »~» jyjj. a jJ|J J^Jj nestads, the Truman Johnsons, and hono ' ed with a nouse . warmlng Dy the Maurice Wallaces. Bridge was Le glonnalres last Thursday night, played. Mrs. E. K. J*"" 0 " ™" The evening was spent at 500: At- high prize, and Mrs. W. V. Yager tending: Messrs and Mesdames E. , received consolation. C. Fauerby, August Nelson, Edward • • • • Butterfield, miles eger remarked that he the Kossuth fair's Fourth * " ' | *-'• A 1 «***«5* MJ f XLU^UI7W iVV*S9\JH f JiAlWttl^l Ohm, Hans Baago, and W. R. Wolfe. Aleonlans Attend Club> Meeting— Mrs. K. O. Stephenson was hos- (Picnic at West Bend— tess to the Hook and Needle club The W; R. Wolfes and Freeman ast week Tuesday. Mrs. Julius Pet- Wolfe joined the Calvin House- erson daughter Adris, and Opal holders, Lone Rock, Ralph Wolfe, Meyer all of Algona were club Waterloo, the Carl Wolfes, Klem- guests. Mrs. S. J. Stenle, wife of me, and Ellen Wolfe, Whittemore. an Algona barber who once had at West Bend Sunday in a family a shop here, accompanied them and picnic, of Mrs. F. H. Eigler.' There is only one type of body construction which Chevrolet will permit on the chassis of the cars it builds: That's the type which every test—and every experiment—and every experience has proved to be the safest, strongest, and best. Not steel alone, because steel alone is not enough. But a Fisher body of steel reinforced by hardwood! The very same kind of construction used on practically all the highest-priced cars in America. If you're thinking of buying a new low-priced car, better watch this matter of bodies, and watch it : carefully. Insist on steel reinforced by hardwood! Fortunately, the only low-priced car with this pre- I ferred type of body is also the only car with a proven valve-in-head six; with Fisher Ventilation; Cushion- j Balanced Power; a Starterator. That car is Chev! rolet—America's most economical automobile. • CHEVROLET MOTOR CO.; DETROIT; MICHIGAN •MOTCvW^Uw.-...... fl~-y«* *WW v,x j i w*;-^isyfS3» ^^ HARDWOOD REINFORCEMENT STRONG , SAFE BODY BY FISHER KOHLHAAS BROS., Distributor*! A«to Co., Weslej Boderlck Auto Co^ Lone Bock Garage, Titomka Service Motor Co^ Burt tends such affairs. In mention of W. F.. Jenklnson's cattle in a recent farm news story red to him as a breeder of Herefords. Ot course everyone who knows Mr. Jenkinson knows that his breed has always been Shorthorns. Although his herd is now much reduced, he still sells a few, and recently he sold a two-year-old bull to A. E. Clayton, of the South Cresco neighborhood. E. B. Dittmer, 6% miles northeast of Burt, was an Algona visitor Saturday, and he remarked that in than 40 years of fanning *•" and the farm has a good set or buildings, though as R. W. remarked, the soil Is not as heavy as it is south ot Irvlngton. building up a purebrc steins, and is milking 12 cows at present. Roy has for many years been known for his purebred Poland China hogs. He now has 65 spring pigs, from nine sows, and will have 25 young boars to sell this fall. His oats went better than a halt crop. 'He said he did not remember ever having better-looking corn, at this time of year. The Butterfields have for many years been firm friends of the Advance and are highly appreciative 01 v ne i more man w y«»i» *»• '— ° --T good service the paper has always L d neyer be£ore see n oats as short <* .. I .* . »_ TT,, .v.oa annnt .-sn parents were Mr. and Boreas Sewing Club Meets- Mrs' Wiiiiam Ziemer, now deceas- The Dorcas sewing club was en- eli who famed n^ar Fenton many tertained at Mrs. F. E. Weisbrod's, ' 'Emmetsbvyg, last week Wednesday. CHEVROLET *445 YOU MUST ENROLL- want to attend fair the Beacon the City given them. ^ 4> H George Beenken, a mile west of Elmore, but living in Iowa, wasj c(junty putting up hay when we called last week Wednesday. We always u» u a«s i %»*?r£ "TaaF^rwt^ff the latter 3 vears old. Mr. F . ly tor. ge believes in plowing anlTearty, and he uses a trac- as'thiV year's. He has spent 35 on his 120-acre farm, having to Kossuth from Delaware He milks 20 Holsteins and hogs. Some years he has to , little feed. Mr. and Mrs. Ditt- kave only one child, a son, i who for the last ten years en a county agent in South ., first at Canton and now at Aberdeen. , » « jhultz, who owns a 233- three miles east and a] mile south of Whittemore, and | his family were Algona "hoppers Saturday. Mr. Schultz has lived^onl this farm 36 years, and he has if you 1 world's I way. , A Minnesota paper sent I train of sight-seers without hav- ling enrollment and registration I The group was disappointed for I Beacon City is running at Capa- 1 city. They blamed the newspa- I per—the newspaper blamed I Beacon City-^but the newspaper I was to blame. That is why we stress enroll I ment and registration. YOU CANNOT ENTER BEACON I CITY WITHOUT ENROLLMENT , Beacon City is not public. I You cannot drive up to the gate* land get in. Your enrollment by ^IIIIIIIIIMIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW Mail a Want to Fill a Want 'want" to Mil •• weU ai bay, you "wart* U SMssaa-wsiM SSWVK SK KK sas sSa jfis'SK toayaasua fe «» r-s^rs: hrstfiKis.'S^- »«-•«., w *;F—T^-jr.' lc ™° w con City. You will not have bums, vagrants, adventurers or similar undesirables as your I neighbors. ENROLL NOW ANOIBE SjJRE OF YOUR RESERVATION v --- v* v*w -^it «'t}» W*^ y*-"" Program Is Olwn. Shen'born ^ale^eighing only 4H G^rje, who is ^rrM&nd^s following program was gfv- founds and Dean four pounds. The gonSi farms with his father h 'r Melody Maker, Elsie Hunt; KjUre six months old July:10, One of the daughters ^s Mrs. Her tlons for Flower Contain- "M n ow Dale weighs 12. P° u " d Mbert Potratz, of the Ixrtts t,ree«. . Roberta Masterson; Teeth, £_ d pean, 16 pounds. Mrs. Snyaer neighbor j, L"«:. demonstration on chair (f. ^ ter ol Mrs. £rnest P^;| a mother n^boTsoTogs this)! Registra t lon is made by order 1 of enrollment. Those who en^ I roll now have preference over and Margaret Masterson; Thursday. He '".'^strttck ?h ^vaS oKice Monday to set I day. a and Ruth Neal, Delores into,the barn, and!his foot «" |the ^SS^ ahead anotherII ..._,Davidson. Others | a fork concealed In t«w nay, ily 2c a Word Each No Insertion LeM Than 20c a Week — We Do Not Charge Want Ads — SUmps, Cash, or Check MUST Accompany Order Wthes 4«r»f^upwil< \J\IAV* M i ft *w* n. ****" - ». E. Bowman, Mrs. the result that a tine Mrs. John Voss, Emma ankle. This caused g Robt. MasterBon/lea4er; Wordens have a farm •^-"-Ig^feva-g there " 1liov ar€ muKing *o vun ahead are veterans on ar . The ?£";„..„ ^ where they live, for It has . i ^e f arm whe" w y ^ ^^ & ^ „ ^theii ywm acre8 ln th ine the century. Tner^ ^^ ' Pe ive lived J™^ lives on the place . the fam w ork } and Boy's Ann ' lg Br0S>n "» ra y~^Ve milking 15 cows ^ the farm w orK. six-day visit to the world's IBM', all necessary expenses paid pxrent transportation to Ch» ca " " i »ftA AC iC! 1 vn11 at» *o costs you only »34.95. Similar advantages for three days costs only J19.95. You pay *5 of _ upon enrollment, half of tn< remainder on reservation o your dates, and the balance oa registration at Beacon Oty. ENROLL NOW at the I Gobies have twoboys, «.» — • ^^ffffk ^g^J 8 * I j A 4 ^ • H ® I ^fW^rf W854 ', FW& CUP THIS FORM AND FILL IT IN VourNamc——— „,.-..--_— - Addrew,,. -^ - How many weeks is advertisement to nin?—... - - Amount enclosed $...._... me word to each space below, Inclnttnv nave, addreit, and »hone. If yea io »ot wa«t yo.r Mine to wpear, form Low but count tour extra wort* to ewer eoit «f kee^lnr traek of replte. and forwaidbBf. A*T«rtUe»e.t SfVSK* »*SuV morntag to taimre tatertto* to wgular wart evlummt U welded teter It »ay .ppe-r al«. wbere. > vi-f, ''•[ >| ,. \!_L^V..^^ - ' f , ,'i fr-. ^Vi- 1 "* . , ' » . ,..v f^». liti/'Cfe 1

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