The Danville Morning News from Danville, Pennsylvania on December 6, 1898 · Page 1
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The Danville Morning News from Danville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Danville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1898
Page 1
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I Th Morale New. DANVILLE, PA.. TUESDAY, DECEMBER G. 1808. 1 C. A COPY. OCA WEEK VOL. II.--NO. 82. BEAVER MANSION. BOUGHT BY THE SISTEES OF CHARITY OP WILKESBAREE. To Be Occupied As a Mother House, "With One of the Other Buildings as an Orphanage. It will be interesting news to our readers to learn that the Thomas Beaver mansion at this place has been sold and that the extensive and finely appointed old homestead, which for six or seven years past has stood idle, is at last to be put to practical use. The mansion is to be made a branch of the Mother House of Christian Charity of Wilkes-barre, while the comparatively new and handsome stable, with one or more of the buildings will he turned into an orphanage. The purchase was effected Monday through the instrumentality of Mr. John 11. Goeser of this city. The price paid, concerning which no definite information has been received, was probably ?8,0W). The total cost of the building was not much less than $100,000. No expense was spared either in building or the remodeling, which went on from time to time. The stable, especially, is a capacious', solidly built structure, surmounted by a slate roof and finished inside with hard wood. It will require but little outlay of money to fit it up as an orphanage, when in point of comfort and even elegance it will have but few-equals. Establishing a branch of the Mother House of Christian Charity in this city will introduce a new feature in our population. The mansion will be occupied by the sisterhood if possible before the new year. The Orphanage, of course, will not be ready for occupancy until some time later. Officers Elected, Goodrich Post, No. 22, G. A. 11 , at muster last night, elected the following officers for the ensuing year: Post Commander, Jacob Sloop; Senior Vice Commander, Robert II. -Morris; Junior Vice Commander, Henry Klase; Quartermaster, A. C- Angle; Surgeon, Uobert G. .Miller; Chaplain, Jacob lieas-or; Officer of the Day, John II. Hunt; Officer of the Guard, Charles S. Baker; Trustee, Ellis II. Rank; Auditing Committee, Michael Shires, Jacob Ileasor and John II. Hunt; Representatives to Department Kucampment, which will meet at Wilfcesburre, i:i June, 1899, Past Post Commander Samuel Mills and Chaplain 'Jacob Reasor; Alternates, R. G. Miller and R V. Kgircrt. Prospective Millionaires. The Washington Post of recent date calls attention to a gigantic monetary claim for an estate in England estimated at $:50,00(J.OOO, which will soon be sent out from Washington. The estate is that of Chief Justice Holt, who was Lord Chief Justice of England, in 1723 and the claimants are twelve heirs of direct descent, who live in America. The "Advocate-' of Rockville, Montgomery county, Md., of last Friday, speaking of the fortune says: "Those interested and well-known to our people are Messrs. William B. Green, of Washington, D. C.,and Walter O. Green of Danville, Pa." An editor with a "bar!" will certainly be a novelty and we congratulate Brothel Green on his sudden prospects. Kane Opera Company to Return. Our citizens will be glad to learn that the famous Kane Opera Company will reproduce "The Grand Duchesse" in this city, Saturday evening next. Those who attended the Opera Saturday evening last are very enthusiastic in their praise. It was simply the finest ever heard in this city, a statement which will be verified by every person who was present during the opera. Mr. Burrill representing the company, will call upon our citizens for the purpose of selling tickets. Obituary-Myrtle, daughter of Samuel Smith, of Grovania, died Saturday evening, of consumption, aged 20 years. The funeral will take place to-day at 2 p. m. Interim nt in Odd Fellows' cemetery. Mrs. Sarah Flickinger died at her home WashinjMonville, Saturday evening last aged 75 years. The deceased is the mother of Mrs. William A. Reed, this city. The funeral will take place today at 1 p. in. from the late residence. 'S To the Senate and House of Representatives: Notwithstanding the added burdens rendered necessary by the war our people rejoice In a very satisfactory and steadily increasing degree of prosperity, evidenced by the largest volume of business ever recorded. Manufacture has been productive, agricultural pursuits have yielded abundant returns, labor In all fields of Industry Is better rewarded, revenue legislation passed by the present congress has Increased the treasury's receipts to the amount estimated by Its authors, the finances of the government have been successfully administered and Its credit advanced to the first rank, w hile its currency has been nuntained at the world's highest standard. Military survlce under a common flag and for a righteous cause has strengthened the national spirit and served to cement more closely than ever the fraternal bonds between every section of the country. A review of the relation of the United States to other powers, always appropriate, is this year of primary importance In view of the momentous issues which have, arisen, demanding in one Instance the ultimate determination by arms and involving farreaching consequences, which will require the earnest attention of the congress. In my last annual message very full consideration was given to the question of the duty of the government of the United States toward Spain and the Cuban insurrection as being by far the most important problem with which we have been called upon to deal. The considerations then advanced and the exposition of the views therein expressed disclosed my sense of the extreme gravity of the situation. Spain's Due. Setting aside as logically unfounded or practically inadmissible the recognition of the Cuban insurgents as belligerents, the recognition of the independence of Cuba, neutral intervention to end the war by imposing a rational compromise between the contestants, intervention in favor of one or the other party and forcible annexation of the island, I concluded it was honestly due to our friendly relations Uith Spain that she should be given a reasonable chance to realize her expectations of reform, to which she had become irrevocably committed. Within a few weeks previously she had announced comprehensive plans which it was confidf-ntly asserted would be efficacious to remedy the evils fo deeply affecting our own country, so injurious to the true interests of the mother country as well as to those of Cuba, and so repugnant to the universal sentiment of humanity. The ensuing month brought little sign of real progress toward the pacification of Cuba. The autonomous administration set up in the capital and some of the principal cities appeared not to gain the favor of the inhabitants nor to be able to extend their influence to the large extent of territory held by the insurgents, while the military arm, obviously unable to cope with the Ptill active rebellion, continued many of the most objectionable and offensive policies of the government that had preceded it. The war continued on the old footing without comprehensive plan, developing only the same spasmodic encounters, barren of strategic result, that had marked the course of the earlier ten years' rebellion as well as the present Insurrection from its start. Xo alternative save physical exhaustion of either combatant and therewithal the practical ruin of the island lay in sirjht, but how far distant no one could venture to conjecture. Tlip Maine's Destruction. At this juncture, on the 15th of February last, occurred the destruction of the battleship Maine while rightfully lying in the harbor of Havana on a mission of international courtesy and good will a catastrophe the suspicious nature and horror of which stirred the nation's heart profoundly. Yet the instinct of justice prevailed, and the nation anxiously awaited the result of the searching investigation at once set on foot. The finding of fhe naval board of inquiry established that the origin of the explosion was external, by a submarine mine, and only halted through lack of positive testimony to fix the responsibility of its authorship. All these things carried conviction to the most thoughtful, even before the finding of the naval court, that a crista In our relations with Ppain and toward Cuba was at hand. So strong was this belief that it needed but a brief exec utive suggestion to the congress to receive immediate answer to the uuty of making instant provision for the possible and perhaps probable emergency of war. and the remarkable, almost unique, spectacle was presented of a unanimous vote of both houses on the 9th of March appropriating $30,000,000 "for the national defense and for each and every purpose connected therewith, to be expended at the discretion of the president." That this act of provision came none too soon was disclosed when the application of the fund was undertaken. Our coasts were practically undefended. Our navy needed large provision for increased ammunition and supplies and even numbers to cope with any sudden attack from the navy of Spain, which comprised modern vessels of the higheM type of continental perfection. Our army also required enlargement of men and munitions. 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