Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 27, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1933
Page 5
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•< YOU MONEY [MORE PER MILE ON 'OTHER PAVEMENTS ; MORE PER MILE ON UNPAVED STREETS I wBIt THE CEMENT SERVICE MAN, CARE ot: ND CEMENT ASSOCIATION l lowa DIN LAMP SPECIAL life just risccived a number of Aladdin lamps, for $5-00 va ue, which we will sell for $2.85. Come ad get youif ticket on one of these lamps so we tgtve one for your as the number of lamps we lit limited. | * ' • . t";TMb offer is good only until August 5th. IK • •.'••'• Kohlhaas & Spilles LAKOTA WOMEN AID IN PLANS FOH-H DAY Lakota, July 25—Emma Gut- knccht and Mrs. J. H. Warburton attended a 4-H county committee meeting at Mrs. Emil Larson's, I northwest of Swca, city, Saturday | afternoon. Mrs. Larson Is county, president. Others attending were Mesdamea F. O. Torino, of Armstrong, Ray Miller, Bancroft, Fred Johnson, Swea City, Jule Patterson and Muriel Leaverton, H. D. A., Algona. Miss Duthle, New York City, who is conducting a survey of 4-H work in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Mlnesota, was a guest of the committee. Plans were completed for Achievement day, August 11, at Bancroft, and plans for state aud county fatra were discussed and committees appointed. Mrs. Larson served lunch at the close of the meeting. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALddNA, tOWA County Fair Resolution FOR SERVICE lodern Dry Cleaners PHONE 537 'RICELESS art the voices of those we level N«i> it talk with D«ddy downtown—• chat with Grand- r in « dbHWt clly—thete are happy moment* llvei of American |irU and boy§. To have » telephone in your home if to hold your fw»ily'» pUce in the world of people, It keepi—- unlroken—the conflict with those who«e help «na friendship you need!. It widen* your iniereau. « Increase* your power to get thing* done, to exchange ideas and save jninulca, Shower for Mrs. Kudolph Morrison Mesdames Amelia Koppen and Peter Bruer entertained 30 relatives and friends at Mrs. Koppen's last week Thursday at a miscellaneous shower in honor of Mrs. Rudolph Morrison, nee Emma Meyr, who is a sister of Mrs. Koppen. A mock wedding was given as en- ;ertalnment. Mrs. Bruer took the >art of the pastor, Peter Bruer the iride, Lizzie Nitz was bridegroom, Wade Ball bridesmaid, Mrs. Ball, >est man, and all were dressed In ;he "latest fashions." A number of out ot town guests were present. Atttnd F. B. Meet at C. L.— Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Warburton accompanied Mr. and Mrs, Paul Leaverton, Algona, to Clear Lake Sunday, and enjoyed a picnic with the Farm Bureau officers, county agents, and H. D. A.s and families from the 11 counties of the secont Farm Bureau district. After din ner each county group gave an en tertaining stunt. These comprised games, music, talks. Paul iLeaver- ton led community singing, and Mr. Morrison gave a short talk as Kossuth's entertainment feature. Pastor Talks at Meeting— The Rev. and Mrs. Frank Johnson went to Kanawha last week Wednesday afternoon for a short visit with his father, J. U. Johnson, and in the evening attended a large meeting of all the organizations of the Methodist church called Church night. The Rev. Mr. Johnson gave the main address on the program. Whereas, the financial and economic conditions prevailing at tills time have been recognized by the president of the United States, tho National Congress, tho Governor, members of the 45th General Assembly of tho State of Iowa; and Whereas, tho Kossuth County Agricultural association must be operated within receipts of the lair; In recognition of these conditions the Kossuth County Agricultural association, at a regular called meeting May 15, 1933, adopted the following resolution, to-wit: Therefore be It resolved by the Kossuth County Agricultural association that should the total receipts of the 1938 fair, held by the Kossuth County Agricultural association from September 4 to 8 inclusive, be less than ten thousand dollars, ($10,000), then, and in Uiat) erent, all premiums, contracts, and other obligations created against the board after this date, and all payrolls during the period, August 21 to September 12 Inclusive, will be reduced In the same proportion that the said receipts are less than ten thousand dollars, ($10,000) and paid accordingly, and payments so made -will be In full settlement of all claims nganlst the bonrd and all premiums, contracts, pay rolls, and other obligations created by the board shall be made and accepted on this basis, and this resolution shall be a part of nil contracts made by or on behalf of said board for payments on account of said l!)!lfl fair. It Is further understood that entry fees in the speed department, which, under the rules are held In trust and added to the purse, and all special premiums offered by firms, Individuals, and record and breeding associations which are trust funds to be paid either by the fair board or the donor .to the -winning exhibitors, shall not be considered as receipts of tho fair. It is further understood that one-half ot 'the net proceeds of tho amphitheater shall be applied to the payment of certificates of Indebtedness of said amphitheater and shall not be considered as receipts of the fair. This resolution to be in full force and effect upon Its adoption by the Kossuth County Agricultural association May 15, 1933. CHERRY LAND IS VISITED BY SEXTON FOLKS Sexton, July 25—Mr. and Mrs. William Hartley got home last week Wednesday from Sturgeon Bay, Wi9., where they had spent a week. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Owen, Algona, accompanied the Hartleys. That Is a famous cherry district, and the orchards run for 40 miles along the Lake Michigan shore. The crop this year is wonderful. Mr. and Mrs. Hartley picked and .canned 40 quarts. The Sunday be| fore they came home they went to Green Bay for dinner at a state park. This park is surrounded by water, and at that point Lake Michigan is 80 miles across. \ Mr. Hartley and Mr. Owen climbed to the top of a high tower and inspected the country for miles around. They camped in the park. They drove for 10 miles or more near Friendship, Wls., without seeing a house or barn, just rock walls, timber, and sand. The scenery, however, is beautiful. O. J. Stephenson, former Kossuth district court clerk, and his sister Mrs. Nels Mitchell, south of Algona, were reared at Sturgeon Bay Creamery at Bancroft Pays $585 For Cream (Bancroft, July 25—The ten high cream checks for the -last two weeks in June paid by the Bancroft creamery were: Henry Lampe, $101.77; J. J. Nurre, $€2.68; Anton Stork, $59.87; Maurice Bernhard, $57.75; Leo Bernhard, $57.66; Peter Govern, $56.58; Herman Soderberg, $49.70; Clem Diers, $48.39; Ole Johannesen, $47.03; F. H Mescher, $44.02. Minnesota Girl Yisits Here- Mr, and Mrs. William Lipp and their daughter Catherine came Sat urday evening from Wauconia Minn., to visit at the A. «. Fuchs home. Mr. and Mrs. Lipp wen home Monday, Catherine stayin for a longer visit. Mrs. R. E Greengo came with the Lipps, am her sister, Mrs. Jos. Hand, Em metsburg, met her here. Mrs Greengo went to Wauconia Monda' with Mr. and Mrs. Lipp, and Mon day afternoon the A. H. Fuchs tarn ment of the Baptist church. Injured Leg to Recover— Henry Mitchell came home from the hospital at Iowa City a week ago Monday after taking treatment for his leg, injured by a saw last winter. He is walking with crutches now, but says they tell him his knee will function properly in time. Alaska Women In Tislt— Mrs. Will Parnell, nee Lulu Norton, and daughter, and Bernice Norton, all formerly of Algona but now living in Alaska, were guests last week of Mrs. I. E Wortman. California Couple Ylslts Here- Mr, and Mrs. William Olsen, of Santa Rosa, Calif., apent last week at the former's brother George Olsen's, and a family dinner was served in their honor, with the Gilbert Benschoters, Kanawha, and the Arthur Benschoters, the Leslie Huffs, and the Ray Olsens, Algona, as other guests. The visitors and the lo- his week Wednesday in the base-1 ca i oisens were last Thursday supper guests of the Huffs. Zoe Burge, Cedar Rapids, arrived ast week Tuesday to visit Antoin- Newlyweda "Visit at Miller's— tte Hart. iMr. and Mrs. Philip Thornton, Oliver Ditsworth, Erma, Wls., ar- newly weds, Were Sunday supper rived Sunday to visit relatives. guests of the latter's parents, Mr. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith, Burt, dan Mrs. W. Z. Miller, on their spent Sunday at H. J. Guide's. CREAM CHECKS ARE ISSUED TO TITONKA MEN The Big Rummage Sale of the year! Mrs.F.L.Tribon will sell Everything in the Chrischilles & Herbst ANNEX SATURDAY, JULY 29th commencing at 8:30 o'clock ISO NEW SILK DRESSES Sizes up to 50 Just what you will want for late summer and fall wear. Nifty dresses for girls going away to school. A few house dresses, children's dresses. I cannot tell you about the good fall coats—let me show them. They are this year's coats in all sizes up to 50. Table of good remnants at half-price and less. Purses for 30 cents Hats at 50 cents—not an old one in the lot. Every thing, will be remarked Friday night. This will be your sale. Your dollars will buy more at the Annex. I have always offered good bargains but this sale beats them all. ' I will be pleased to see all of my friends at this sale Saturday morning. MRS. F. L. TRIBON ily, Miss Lipp and Maxine Guld visited friends at Mason City. Shower for Algona Bride— Mrs. Verne Austin gave a shower for her sister-in-law, Mrs. Carl Pearson, Algona, formerly Alma Grelner, at the Austin home here Friday evening, at seven tables. Bridge was played Mrs. Mike Droess- a former .Dakota Mrs. Parnell teacher. Emory Smith Laid Up— Emory Smith, who works for Charles Eggerth, northwest of town, is suffering with infection in one foot and is confined to the house. Mrs. Smith also is under a doctor's care. Former Editor In Visit- Mr, and Mrs. Albert Bleicn, of Spring Valley, were visitors here Friday. Mr. Bleich formerly edited the North Kossuth Record. Other Lakota News. Mesdames Delia Smith and Celestine Smith drove to Spencer last week Wednesday to meet Celestine's mother, Mrs. Dawson, Aurelia, who came for a short visit here. While in Spencer they called on the Rev. H. E. Hutchinson, who is pastor of the Methodist church there. He was pastor of the local church 25 years ago. Mrs. Mary Noble and Sam Burnet, Blue Earth, Minn., came last ler won high score; Frances Berens, second. Mrs. Pearson received many gifts. Bible School at County Farm- Helen Bryden and Lillian Angus completed a two weeks bible school Sunday at a schoolhouse near the county farm. Twenty-two attended, 20 being from the county farm. The Rev. C. E.'Bryden, Baptist pastor here, gave a sermon at the county farm Sunday. Two New Daughters Born- Mr, and Mrs. Frank Meyer have a new daughter, born July 20, their first child. Mrs. Meyer was Leonora Hutchinson before marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rustemeier have a son, born Tuesday, July -8, and Mary Merrill, R. N;, cared for mother and babe. Thursday evening Ella Warburton, who was visiting home with them. and took Mrs. Topeka, Kans., relatives here, They left Satur- COMPANY day morning for Minneapolis and Amery, Wis., to visit Mrs. Noble's daughters. Mrs. C. R. Smith left last week for Cedar Rapids to visit her sister Mrs. Kent, and other relatives. The Charles Eggerths entertained his cousins Homer and Carmen Eggerth, Spokane, Wash., last week. They own the farm occupied by the Charles Eggerths. Mrs. J. H. Warburton and Mrs. Henry Patterson were hostesses to the Lincoln township women's Farm Bureau meeting at Warburton's Friday afternoon with nine attending. It was decided not to hold an Ice cream social. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bmitn Helps Sister Open Store- Tom Garry .returned Friday from Carroll, where he had been since the Sunday before, helping his sister prepare for the opening of a new woman's ready-to-wear store. Mr. Garry is a mail carrier here. . Pastor is Visiting Mother— The Rev. Henry Pick, assistant at St. John's Catholic church, went to Alton Sunday to visit till Friday at his mother's. Lions Club Plans Picnic— The annual Lions club picnic will be held the evening of.August 1 on the banks of the Iver southwest of town. Other Bancroft Mrs. Al Tolefson, of Milwaukee, and her son Tommy Joe came Sunday to visit the former's parents, Mr, and Mrs. M. J. Dyer. They spent last week at Alta with Mrs. Tolefson's sister, Mrs. Alphonse Fangman, and the Fangmans brought them here. Lucille Dyer went to Alta with the Fangmans to Titonka, July 25—The creamery's high cream check list follows: Nick Heesch, $229.94; Warner Smidt, $167.44; W. H. Grover, $113.88; A. Schram, f 110.50; George Rlppen- trop, $109.20; Bruno Sleeker, $99.58; Ubbe Winter, $99.58; John A. Harms, $98.28; Chris Brandt, $92.82; Henry Gray & Sons, $88.66; Peter Ubben, $86.84; Frank Meyer, $86.58; Graham Bros., $85.02; Edw. Zweifel, $76.44; Bartlett & Sons, $76.44; George Peterson, i$73.84; Mrs. John E. Sleper, $73.06; John Koest- Mo. ler, $72.80; Melndert Smidt, $72.28; Harry Rlcklefs, $72.02; O. Michaelson, $71.76; E. J. Buss, $71.60; William Welhousen, $70.72; Jennie Hansen, $70.20; Tom Young, $69.42; Carl Watson, $68.64; Ben U. Meyer, $67.60; H. P. Harms, $66.30; Bonno Schutter, $66.04;' Walbert Bruns, $65.26; John Sachau, $64.22; R. P. Buffington, $64.22; Charles' Hippe, $63.96; Irma Doege, $63.70; Frank Rakow, i$61.S8; George Weigand, $61.36; George .L. Schmidt, $61.10; W. A. Brandt, $60.58. Lutheran Leaguers to Institute— Members of the Lutheran League who attended a Lutheran Bible institute at Clear Lake last week Sunday were Arthur Rike, Edward Saathoff, Hiko Boekelman, Ida Sachau, Viola Rike, Annabelle 1 Sachau, the Rev. and Mrs. H. W. Schoenleln, -Louise Conradi, Jennie B. Meyer, and George Meyer. Titonka Girl Wins Prize- way to Sioux City, after a two weeks wedding trip to Canada and the world's fair. Mr. Thornton is employed at Sioux City, where the couple will be at home at 2615 S. Glass street. j No Preaching Next Sunday- There will be no preaching services here Sunday, but Sunday school will be held at 10 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. McNulty is attending an Okoboji Bible institute. Surprise Honors Mrs. McMahon—, A surprise birthday party was given for Mrs. Essie McMahon last week Tuesday at her home east of town. There were 34 in attendance. Other Sexton News. Kathleen McEnroe, Chicago, arrived Saturday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James McEnroe, and to see her new niece, daughter of Mrs. William Pugh, Kansas City, [o. The W. C. Taylors spent Sunday at Ferris Johnson's^ Gilmore City. The two families are former neighbors near Des Moinea. Choir practice was held Friday night at the home of Marie Harris, and will be held there again this week Friday night. Mrs. Homer Anderson, Algona, and her children spent Friday with the former's mother, Mrs. J. W. Harris. Mrs. A. L. Greenfield spent Friday with her sister, Mrs. A. D. Richards, Algona. iNell Wise spent the week-end with her sister, Mrs. Loyd Steven, Burt. Test Your Own Radiator at Home — Take off the radiator cap and rub your finger around as far down inside the radiator as possible — if an accumulation of grease and dirt (oil muck) clings to your finger, the cooling system needs cleaning. This oil muck is coating the walls of the radiator core and water jacket. It should be removed to restore engine to highest efficiency and avoid serious future trouble. We have the only radiator machine in this part of the state, made to clean your radiator and motor block without removing them from your car. For slightly clogged radiators we have a cleaner to put in your radiator; for the more serious ones we "use electricity, air, gas and boiling water, and a chemical which is forced through the cooling system in a reverse motion which removes all rust, grit, dirt, lime and corrosion. Helberg's Garage West of Courthouse Algona, Iowa, St. Benedict Christine and Adelhaid Eisenbarth, Algona, spent Sunday evening with their sister, Mrs. E. Arri- dorfer. There was no*ball game between Corwith Sunday Florence Reynolds, who starred in a "movie premiere" at Algona St. Benedict and r]iimhop nf impersonating because of rain, hut a number of v ~x •« j.-i j ang Friday evening, took Mrs. Smith's mother, Dawson, to Mankato, Minn., Mrs. Sun- of day, and her son, Ward Dawson Excelsior, Minn., met her and she will spend a month visiting them. The John Skrommes, of Swea City, were guests of the Lars Reisems last week Sunflay evening. The women are girlhood friends and had not seen each other for n Pierce, Minneapolis, ye»rs. Laurence -• . __ nephew of Mrs. Richard Ham- qulst, is visiting here. He is on Sia way home from the world's fair Mrs. H. H Murray spent part of last week at Forest City with her mother, who had an operation for trail Rt-nnes She is recovering. gaT he Elmer Dargs drove to Freeborn. Minn., Thursday and brought home Mr- Pa^^mother.jho will and lDOUt , alfo* Buffalo Cen- guests of the Lars Reis- fe Sunday. wr *. juw— Sachs entertained the Lutheran W. M. S. last week Wednesday afternoon and 15 at I. B. Wortman enjoyed her sister. make extended vWt here Mrs. GJerstad and children Henry Reisem, spend this week there, Mrs. Ben Ubben. Webster City, and a daughter spent Sunday and Monday at the John Karels and Otto Rarenthin homes, Ben Karels, Vernon Center, Minn., spent Sunday with his brother John. The 'F, H. Meschers and Mrs. Mescher'8 mother, Mrs. Jos. .Hatten, spent Sunday ' at Stacyville with the Edw,*Hatten.s. Mr, Hatten is a brother of Mrs. Mescher and a son of-Mrs, Hatten. Mrs. Frank Recker, two sons, and Mrs. Recker's sister, Monica Un^ derkofler, are spending two weeks with'the • women's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, J. Underkofler, Bel- inond. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Seeney were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Howie at the W. E. Laird, Algona, cottage at Clear Lake Saturday and Sunday. The Howies live at Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Caraody, of Cylinder, spent Sunday 'here, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Evert Harris, Fairmont, were at the Henry Fox home. Olga Elsbecker, R. N., Carroll, Kate Smith, radio star, won first prize of $3. Her picture or screen test will be sent to Hollywood, She is a Titonka high school graduate. Show Gives Performance Here— The Tilton-Guthrle traveling comedy company staged-The Girl of the Street, The Town Fool, The Fortune Hunters, and The, Girl He Left Behind here last week. The company has a 7-piece orchestra. New Churn for Creamery— A new churn was recently installed at the creamery. Martin Bleich Is manager of the creamery Lakota Luther Leaguers Hosts— The Luther Leaguers here were guests of the Lakota Leaguers Sunday evening. Other Titonka News. The Woman's Summer club met recently at Mary Oesterrelcher's; Mesdames C. A. Hoon, Roy Bud- Jong, R. C. Ball, Fred 'Wentz, and Herman Rachut, hostesses. Guests were Betty Budlong, and Mrs. W F. Hamstreet. Mrs. Frances Budlong, Hazel Budlong, and 'Edith Budlong drove to Hampton Sunday afternoon to St. Benedict fans attended a game at Corwith Sunday evening. William Harig and his mother, ,ccompanied by Mr. and Mrs. John Aman, Ackley, drove up Saturday night for Sunday at George Ludwig's. Frank Grandgenett and Leo Ludwig left Monday morning for Sioux Jity to attend a trap shoot. Albert Simon is caring for the pool hall during Mr. Grandgenett's absence. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Immerfall and the George Greins were Sunday afternoon visitors at Joseph Rahrn Sr's, Amelia' Arndorfer and Marie Richter, Algona, spent Monday afr ternoon at Amelia's home here, Amelia has been working at the Kossuth hospital two weeks. The John Kellners, Matt Bor- manns, Henry and Leo Arndorfers, Marcella Kellner, Algona, and Mrs. Victoria Arndorfer took Mrs. Mike Arndorfer by surprise Sunday in honor of her birthday. They took "eats," and dinner was served. And late in the afternoon ice cream and cake were served. A lot of corn has been shelled around here In the last week. Most farmers ar£ threshing this week. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday August 3-4-5 Fun on the American Plan with 1.000 laughs International House The girllest, whlrllest cyclone of wit and humor that ever hit town! With Peggy Hopkins Joyce, W. C. Fields, Rudy Vallee, Stuart Erwin, George Burns, and Gracie Allen, Col. Stoopnagle and Budd, Sari Maritza, Cab Galloway, Bela :Lugosi, Baby Rose Marie, Girls in Cellophane. Also Exceptional Show Features Including "She Way of All Freshmen" One of the season's 'best. Sunday and Monday, July 80 an* SI Phil Strong's successor to "State Fair." See how Hollywood produced att Iowa farm. Saturday, July 99 CARY GRANT BENITA HUME OLENDA FABRELL In the bring home Edith Budlong, who spent the week-end here. E. O. Slack, Lakota, and his daughter Violet, Titonka, drove to Corwith Fri4ay,- and Violet remained there for a week or two with relatives. The Oscar, Blanchards, of Burt, spent the week-end with the Horace Schencks. The Blanchards formerly lived here, Raymond KJrantz and William Schram, who shipped stock to Chicago Saturday night, accompanied the shipments. Clinton and Martin Larson, Buffalo Center, were Sunday guests at Mark Bacon's. They are former Titonkians. La Verne Homer and Carmen Eggerth, of Spokane, called on old friends here last week. Betty Burtls visited several days last week at the Haggard home, Algona. vlsi d Louis Elsbecker, last week Wednesday, Thursday and* Friday. Mrs. William Benson came from Mapleton, Minn., last week Wednesday to visit her mother, Mrs. Emma C. Welp, till Friday evening. Mrs. Mike Kaufman, Hollywood, Oalit, and her eons ®dww and visited relatives, here, Mrs! ' MrsT H A. Schwonmaker. of San- Mrs. ^isastapst^fi Joye4 l^ Thursday ft AWjold* |P**, Tuesday &U S»nday. Mrs -" home home a* wmm mmii iwf m weeks, n$k }&$ ttlSif*,. MEft % % born, and her . daughter were Sunday guests at the S, J. de yrles home. . Lois Heifner, v ho ' bad spent most of the summer vith her sister Viola at pes Motnes, has returned Mr, and Mrs. jf*y Budl<mg Gambling Ship Outside the three-mile VjUmi thrills nol; 1 en joyed, ashore.. No law outside the three-mil limit on the floating palace. Also No, 6 Episode Serial The Musketeers and 100 laughs with LAUREL & HABDY In Real characters, iving, breathing, n an epic of the soil. directed by the master of heart throb* FEANCHOT TONE STUABT EBWW Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 1-2 Matinee Tuesday 10-2&C.: ! in their son Friday for 4roy« to Gill KM PAD if vow wJitk!

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