The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1954 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 16, 1954
Page 6
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BLYTHKTILL1 (AJflt) COfJREBR FRIDAY, JULY 16, 1954 McMath Charges-McClellan * Denies-Useof Classified Data By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Sid McMath last night charged — and John L. McClellan promptly denied — that the senator was using confidential government information in the battle for McClellan's job. McClellan said the data to which McMath referred was not restricted, that it was avail abfe to all senators and that he planned to continue using it. Democratic National Committeeman P*ul Chambers of Helena, third campaigner for the senatorial nomination, today hit at both McClellan and McMath land* oil issue. on the tide- sets out what the recipient's acre* age is, McMath said. The former governor declared that McClellan could have gotten the information only from Production and Marketing Administration files, which he said were "confidential and personal." MeMath said in a speech at Corn- inf that McCleELan's staff was ( sending campaign letters to cotton j He said McClellan probably was growers in which McClellan was' aided in getting the information credited with obtaining an increase j through his co-operation with the m aeretge allotments. Each letter "— U1i — * -»—.•-!--— ^ — Commodity And Stock Markets- Now Yoik Cotton (tt:M «••*»«*•» Oet 3421 3432 3419 Dee 3440 3443 3438 Mcfc 3459 3462 3458 M*? ........ 3466 3473 3467 Now Octant Cotton Oet 3417 3418 MIS Dae 3436 3441 3497 Mck 3460 3462 3450 M»f 9471 3475 9470 3417 3439 3461 3475 Cktoofo Soyfetans July .... 393 397 389% Sept .... 294 300 294 Kov .... 269 27414 2683/4 277^/2 3721/4 207V2 209% 1581/4 1551/4 Cltioaf o Corn July .... 160 160 Sept .... 156% 156% Now York Stocks (If :4* ««*tft*M») A T and T 170 5-8 Amer Tobacco 56 Anaconda Copper 39 1-8 Beth Steel 71 1-2 Chrysler 63 Coca-Cola 116 1-4 Gen Electric 44 1-8 Gen Motors 80 1-8 Montgomery Ward 66 5-8 N T Central 22 3-4 Int Harvester .,-. 32 1-2 Republic Steel 60 Radio 32 3-8 Socony Vacuum 42 1-2 Studebaker 18 1-4 Standard of N J 86 3-4 Texas Corp 66 1-2 Sears 66 US Steel.. 52 Sou Pac 443-4 Livtitock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. (IP) — USDA — Hogs 6,500; moderately active, uneven, mostly 25-50 lower; bulk choice 180-230 Ib. 23.2565; largely 23.50 up for 190-225 Ib, peveral loads 23.75; about 200 head choice No. 1 and 2 24.00; 240-270 j Ib. 21.75-23.00, few 23.25; 270-300 Ib. 90.25-22.00; 150-170 Ib. 20.75-22.75; few 120-140 Ib. 17.75-20.00; sows 400 Ib down 16.50-18.75; heavier sows 13.25-15.75; boars 9.50-16.00. Cattl* 1,400, calves 800; trading Wow on butcher yearlings; most sales •teady at week's decline; cutter and commercial 8.50-16.00; a few good to choice 17.50-21.00; cows moderately active and generally steady; about 40 per cent of total count comprised of this class; utility and few commercial cows 8.50-11.00; canners and cutters 6.50-8.50; light shells 5.00-6.00; bulls unchanged; utility and commercial 12.50-14.00; canner and cutter bulls 8.50-11.50; vealers steady; buyers a little less aggressive on commercial grades; good and choice vealers 15.00-19.00; n few high choice and prime 20.0021.00; commercial and low good 11.00-14.00; culls 7.00-8.00. Republican Administration. Termed Ridiculous McClellan was informed of the McMath statement after he had finished a campaign speech at Texarkana. He first said that "it's too ridiculous to answer." He did reply, however. McClellan said that the information to which McMath referred "is not restricted. "Other senators have the same information for their states. "As a senator, I am entitled to 3422 that information under any admin- 3442 istration, and I intend to continue 3462 telling the people of Arkansas, in- 3473 eluding farmers, of my work in the Senate and ther esults I have achieved for them." Chambers expressed his views on the tidelands oil situation in a formal statement. McMath has repeatedly criticized McClellan for voting with the majority which gave title to offshore oil reserves to the individual coastal states rather than to the federal government. Chambers Hits McMath | Chambers said, "The defeated jovernor (McMath) apparently be- ieves that the congressional action giving the tidelands oil royalties to certain states . ? . was a tremendous steal engineered by the oil companies . . . "The truth of the matter is this: The oil companies don't care who gets those royalties. The oil companies still produce and receive the oil as they do anywhere. Where the royalty goes—to an individual state, federal government or whoever — doesn't affect this business . , . "The U. S. Supreme Court ruled on this matter, saying royalties from the off-shore oil belonged to all the people in the United States ... "The working senator-candidate (McClellan) is voting contrary to the highest court of this land, voted to take untold hundreds of millions from the school children of Arkansas in order to give it to 397 274 277y 4 208i/ 4 211% 159 Louisiana, Mississippi and othei coastal states, "I do not know why he did this/ Chambers carried his personal contact type campaign into Southeast Arkansas today. McClellan had appearances scheduled at Lewisville, Stamps, Waldo, Magnolia, Stephens and Camden. An 8 p.m. speech at El Dorado will be broadcast over southwest Arkansas stations and one station in Little Rock. McMath still was in northeast Arkansas. He will speak at Para- goulC at 8 tonight. Negro Legion Post Elects New Officers Willie Harvey will be installed as new commander of the Wadiord- White Post of the American Legion next Thursday at services at the hut on Central Street. Other officers elected at a meeting last night are, Albert Parker, first vice-commander; Dave Sunnerall, second vice-commander, Boston Williams, financial secretary; Burchon Walker, adjutant and service officer: Elbert Wilams, -child welfare chairman and listorian; Mathew Sledge and Na- ;han Richardson, sergeant at arms; Eddie Griffin, chaplain; Dr. T. H. Keith, post dentist; Dr. R. A. Wilson, post surgeon. Appointed to the sick committee were Elbert Williams and Charley Jones. Chosen as delegates to the state convention are Burchon Walker, Willie Harvey and Charley Jones. Builder Says Gifts to FHA Men Common WASHINGTON I?)—A Richmond, Va., builder who said he is a friend of Clyde L. Powell, ousted Federal Housing Administration official, told probing senators today it was a common practice for builders to give gifts to FHA em- ployes. Bertram Bonner of Richmond, New York and Florida said he would not call Powell an "intimate" friend but acknowledged under a barrage of questions that Powell had "dropped by and paid his respects . . . maybe once or twice," including once in Florida. He said he did notr ecall that Powell ever stayed overnight with him. Powell, former FHA "official in :harge of rental housing programs at the time Bonner built seven government-backed apartment projects, has twice refused to testify befoer the Senate Banking .Committee in its probe of government housing- programs. He stood on his constitutional rights not to be a vitness against himself. those of Texas, California, Florida, With The Court CIRCUIT — (Criminal) — State of Arkansas vs. Lonnie Phillips, assault with intent to rape. State of Arkansas vs. Willie Lane, pandering. State of Arkansas vs. Jack Clark, molesting a minor. COMMON PLEAS — J. A. and M. B. Kelley Co. vs. Phillip Harmon, suit on account, $448 and interest. Phillips Petroleum Co. vs. Harry Bogan, d/b/a Harry Began Distributing Co., suit on account, $898 and interest. CONFERENCE (Continued from Page 1) upport to the partition plan and -at the same time clear the waj or American aid and protection or south Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. The French Premier is expected o try to postpone any full session f the conference until just before is July 20 deadline expires. "*rench officials said the conier- nce then would meet on "a day turth," either to declare a cease- ire or announce collapse of ne- otiations. While there is a general feeling of optimism here about prospects of achieving a cease-fire, there remain plenty of obstacles to be hurdled on the road to peace. Both Communist and Western delgations favor the principle that Viet Nam must eventually be united under a government chosen in free elections. But the Reds reportedly want elections within six months. The French prefer to hold off for two years, but have shown some willingness to compromise on 18 months. The French feel pro-Western political parties in Viet Nam will have a better chance of winning elections if more time is allowed to give the people a full dose of life under the Reds and to make life in Western-aided south Viet Nam more palatable by improving economic and political conditions there. Mendes-France has yet to get the pro-Western Vietnamese gov- Largest Jet Airliner In First Flight SEATTLE (£>)—• The plane Boeing Airplane Co. believes is the world's largest and fastest jet airliner has left its nest and proved its wings in a dramatic flight test. The big ship, dubbed the 707 and built to serve as an airliner for the commercial airways or a tanker to haul fuel for Air Force jet bombers, took off on its maiden flight yesterday. The takeoff of the 110.000-pound craft came at a point two thirds of the way down the 5,400-foot runway at Renton Municipal Airport. Its four 10,OCO-horsepower jet engines had boosted it into the air in 17 seconds. Within 15 minutes; it was at 20,000 feet. An hour and 24 minutes later it landed after what its pilots said was a faultless flight. Company officials said no speed test was involved but the big craft, designed to carry 130 passengers in its massive belly, is supposed to be capable of a speed of 550 miles an hour. The company says it has invested 16 million dollars in the ship. MCCARTHY Two Men Sent To State Hospital Jack Clark, of Half Moon and Lonnie Phillips of Manila, were sent to the State Hospital in Little Rock, this morning for observation, according to Sheriff William Berryman. Charges have been filed in Circuit Court against both men. Phillips is charged with assault with intent to rape in connection with accosting a young girl as she returned from school and Clark is charged with molesting a minor in connection with abusing a young daughter of a neighbor. Jet Plunges into Water After Collision with B29 BOSTON (#>—A. B29 and a jet] collided over Cape Cod today, and the jet plunged into the water off Provincetown. A Coast Guard boat went to search for the jet. The B29 flew to Boston and landed at the Logan Airport. The B29 wing was damaged. (Continued from Page » for opposing his move. Symington and Sen. Jackson (D- Wash) both disputed McCarthy's decision refusing to count the absentee vote for McClellan,' which they said would have assured a 4-3 margin for Potter's motion on 'the subcommittee staff. But they said they could not appeal the decision without encountering a 3-3 tie vote, which would have allowed McCarthy's ruling to stand. McCarthy ruled that McClellan's proxy, telegraphed from Arkansas where he is campaigning for re- nomination, was a "blanket" document drafted to meet any situation. eH contended subcommittee rules require that such votes be drafted to cover specific issues. Just what the procedure will be when the subcommittee meets again Tuesday McCarthy declined to say. But Potter told newsmen: "I've made my motion and I'll stand pat on it." He said he would oppose the Dirksen motion if there is an effort to bring it to a vote ahead of his own. No Names eMntioned Dirksen's motion -would instruct McCarthy to call a meeting "on or before July 22" at which the em- ploye roll would be called and each person named become subject to a motion to fire him. He would also provide for review of a dismissal order if a fired staffer requested it. Potter never has named publicly the staff people he wants fired. There has been speculation he is gunnig chiefly for Roy M. Cohn, the subcommittee's chief counsel, who was a key figure in McCarthy's row with high Army officials. Cohn saicl he will not resign, although he said some persons have suggested tihat he should in interests of harmony. He delclined to name them. When the McCarthy-Army hearings ended June 17, Potter released a statement contending that both the McCarthy and the Army sides had proved their main case, and that there should be staff overhauls on both sides. Addressing newsmen at the windup of yesterday's meeting, McCarthy announced the actions and said: "I notified the committee that while our new rules might allow the three Democrats to block any newi nvestigation of communism or corruption, they could not block One already authorized" He announced then that he would launch the defense plant hearings State Capitol Is Picketed LITTLE ROCK (£>) — A picket line is Scheduled to form around the State Capitol and the State Hospital here today. CIO officials explain the purpose of the pickets will be "to notify the people of Arkansas of the deplorable conditions prevailing at their State Hospital." Bitsy Simmons of North Little Rock and Jim Battles of Birmingham, CIO officials, said the picket line would not represent a strike. They said union members would walk the picket line "on their own time." They said the picketing would be in protest of alleged anti-union activities at the State Hospital anc Gov. Cherry's failure to meet "immediately" with union officials to iron out the difficulties. Obituary D. M. Bryant Dies Services will be conducted in Sikeston, Mo., Sunday for D. M. Bryant, brother-in-law of Mrs. Damon McLeod of Blytheville, who died last night in Sikeston. Arrangements were incomplete this morning. ATOMIC (Continued from Page 1) works. The Republican leader, who kept the Senate in session more than 12 hours yesterday, said he did not know whether the Senate would reach a final vote on the bill today. China Has Worst Floods HONG KONG (#)—Tills summer's Yangtze River floods are the worst in China's history, according to Chinese Communist press and internal radio reports reaching Hong Kong. In Hunan province thousands of acres of rice fields are inundated and the major cities of Hankow, Wuchang, Kiangling and Inchang have been hit, press reports said today. There was no mention of loss of life. in Boston "unless some senator wants to move to deny us the right to continue the investigation of Communists" in the plants. Exams Slated For Postal Job Applications are now benig received for Civil Services examinations for post office substitute clerk and carrier, according to Row Stevens, Blytheville postmaster. Deadline for the applications it July 27 and the date of the examinations to ge given in Jonesboro will be announced at a later date. Application blanks may be ob- tanied at the post office here. The test is for an office clerk or carrier. Announcement of the examination does not mean that a position is now open, he explained. Tests are given periodically to establish eligibility lists to be refered to when an opening occurs. , WASHINGTON W) — The U. S. Information Agency says 10,000 members of East Germany's people's police — the equivalent of a complete motorized infantry division — have bolted to the West since 1951. Two Forfeit Bonds Eugene Stevens' forfeited $19.75 bond in Municipal Court this morning on a charge of having improper vehicle license while George Howard forfeited $10 bond on a charge of speeding. Paint Closeout MaH7 Types and C«l*n i Price Hubbard Hardware rompt DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 321 West Mate 8t snrment of Boa "Dai to agree to ois proposals based on partition. Boa Dai's government is sufficient- y indpendent to oppose the idea and try to torpedo the whole scheme. But without French pro- 1 ;ection, his government would J probably be overwhelmed — and quickly-by the Vietminfr. we can give you on - Utility Rate Increases Not Authorized Yet LITTLE ROCK tf) — Recent general increases requested by Arkan- eas Power and Light Co. and the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Co. "have not been granted." Chairman Lewis Robinson of the J*ublic Service Commission yesterday said, "The general public eeems to think the higher rates already have been approved by the commission." He said the requests were suspended. The utilities then invoked a 1853 law which permits them to place Increased rates into effect under bond until the case is heard. Blytheville ANG Officers Promoted WHliam B. Presnell and Herbert I. Graham, Jr., members of BIftheville's Company M of the Arkansas National Guard, yesterday were promoted to the rank of first lieutenant. They received their promotions «t Fourth Army State Headquarter* to Little Rock. Lt. Graham Is commanding officer of Company M. lorfot fat or Food Crisif NEW YORK (fl — The Free Europe Committee said today that food «hortag*s in Russia and the satellite countries "have brought the Kremlin face to face with the irrtAtest crisis since the conquest of iU Xuropean empire." Am*rk«'» *•* M*n*mU«( Pickup—th« new Ford F-100 with 115-h.p. Six! 6M-ft. pickup box has 45-ca. ft. capacity. Fully automatic Fordomatic Drive, gas-saving Overdrive aod Power Braket available at •xtr* co«t. AMERICAS MOST ECONOMICAL PICKUP! Bring your oid truck in today! It's worth a mint of money when you trade it for a new F-/00 PICKUP Your old truck will never bring you more than the allowance your Ford Dealer is ready to give you if you trade now for a new Ford F-100 Pickup. The Triple Economy of Ford's Gas-Saving: Power, Driver- Saving Ease, and Trip-Saving Capacities will save you money from th« very first day of ownership and every day thereafter. 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