Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1933
Page 7
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MANY ATTEND FUNERAL AT WHITTEIW Whlttemore, July 18—Among the relatives and friends from out Of town who attended Mrs. Frank KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, IONDS Ire now sfcowlngthe /Votes from Beacon City About the World's Fair DEACON CITY, July 3—Your first! do need the athletic background "visit to the world's fair grounds however. Get a 350-pound man in' thing fierce." To young folks now It seems strange that muddy tff dusty streets were common then. * **« ,1. ,M. Flnnell had Just become Fort Dodge. They thought the trip nearly 200 .miles in ilengtih, because the river wound about so much. Many fishermen were seen, but no unlawful seines were found. cigars of the Hver »imi, i,u LII« wutiua Lttir gruuima i nuwavui. vrtiL ti. 4-ou-puuiiu lllttll Is apt to leave you in a somewhat your rickshaw once, and see befuddled state of mind. As a Mich- YOU don't! igan man expressed it at the end Otto (Falkenhamer had gone to later. Milwaukee on receipt of news that If a brother George had died of a kidney disease. Roupe's funeral last week Tuesday Were Mr. Charles Churchill, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gaarde, Mr, and Mrs. Samuel Churchill, William Barl, and Bernlta Churchill, Mrs Beck, Beryl Horswell, Mr. and Mrs Arnold Gaarde, and Mr. and Mrs Lou Traestler, all of Armtsrong; Mrs. John York, Highmore, S. D., and grandchild; the Glen Morses, and Mr. and Mrs. George Crawford, Orchard; Mr. and Mrs. David Sewright, Mr. and Mrs. William Wall- Ing, and iBrwln Sewright, Osage; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Peterson, Nora Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin iBtc ,.~ - on »aeeTnen ' Rou P e > Mr - antl Mrs - Norman Craw- Jjltest 1» euBn&="' ford> Mr and Mr8 Qeorge.Yeager, «lth Wedding Tings to daughter Mrs. Cecil Bailey, Mrs. «"• .-. ... yellOW and R. O. BJustrom, and Mrs. C. E. . •• Knminp nil nf Alffnnn.. Mr. n.nrl Mrs. igaa man expressed 11 at ine ena _ of his first day, "It's too blamed R Y AI>L MEANS, see the Belgian big. I've got to take myself into a " Village. The moment you step corner alone somewhere to think it through the entrance, you step out over." °£ the United States. There is a distinctly foreign atmosphere; G REAT CROWDS; taxi-cabs; winding streets, street musicians, busses; shouting of vendors; other realistic touches which trans- „ Congregational picnic was to be held and automobiles were to take the attendants from the as a gift to the public from the; Mrg c B yson had died of can- heirs. The commission was also, cer ghe was 8Urv ived by six sons securing deeds for the present Ath- .--• •>--- •< —>—-t etic park. * * * * uniformed guards; flags; band port you at once to European music; loud-speakers blasting from shores. Yesterday, in a folk dance every direction; wierd - looking on one of the village streets a good- buildings; color; strangely-dressed humored visitor Was inveigled into foreigners; crowded restaurants; a round with the dancers, to the beer gardens; oriental midway mu- great amusement of onlookers, • sic with veiled women out front; . __„_ _, .' __ , , thundering ride devices; rickshaw A B ? UT ™ MOST impressive boys; wheel chairs; bored-looking r* thing we've'seen thus far is a girls at the ticket windows; unl- reproduction of that famous paint- formed groups; guides; a calliope \ to s, "The 'Doctor." It is portrayed tooting in the distance; ballyhoo; U" life-size sculptlqplor. The figures exhibits that challenge attention on are ln wax. You have seen the pic pvnrv Vinnrl ture many times, we know,—the tvi.ry nanu. | ^^ ^^ ^ dlgtracted mot her • * * * . - - — Automobile and motorcycle races Tom Halpln had been. allowed had been held two days at a July 5 by the board of supervisors tor Fourth celebration at the fair.. jllmblng the courthouse flag pole grounds. There were several acci-jl and threading a rope for the flag, dents to thrill the crowd, but no; • * * * A ._«_ «.«r« v>*i*«l TiVi n Vtnt)4* 4-lrvm 1X70(1 t I lielecting your at Wehler'B you ™ a ,'Roupe, all of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert E. Walker, Delavan, Minn. I Attend Blue Earth Festival— Oscar Schattschneider, his par- Mr, and Mrs. August .Schatt- ———• I DIUK. UI111U, l,UC Ulakl ttv-liCU *uwl/.»*-i P UT YOURSELF Into the midst the helpless father, the old famil of that picture four or five doctor gravely watching the llttl hours, and try to get something patient. Fathers and mothers wh tangible out of it to take - " u u """*• "" """'"• l - and her husband. Graham's HARVEST SALE * * * * - - - - one was hurt. The best time was Grading for paving was being made by a motorcycle In a five mile done on Thorington, and another race in 6:06 minutes, sang was working east from the * * * * present Masonic temple. A petition A group of young women were had been filed for paving McGregor camping on the Herbst farm near street. ! Irvington: Zada Branson, Zada » • » * 'Dingley, Helen Quarton, Kenan (Electricity had Just been turned cole, Edna and Pauline Norton, on all-day service. Service for elec- Hazel .Fellows, Linda Heise, Flor- tric fans was especially appreci- e nce Patterson, Evelyn Cady, Mattie Dewel, Irene and Camila Wilson Mrs. D. P. Smith was chaperone. ated. * * * * x *. Business Improvements were De- tell your friends about. piece of art. You will find it in the eds', Mr. and Mrs. August .Schatt- piece or an. xou win imu » m .,»<= «r a I1B _ u .. lui ,schnelder, his niece, Geraldine We-!TSJO. IT ' CAN ' T be done at one Petrolagar Exhibit, Hall of Science. 01 * "Hn P*. U ener - Chinton, and Kuth Balge-j^ sitting You have to do this THT iSamAY NIGHT the __ stone set in ex- <lrove t Blue Earth Bund | world , B {air ln a systematic, or- T AST THURSDAY NIGHT the j mountings. tor a mission festival and to meet 8 ™J|;J ^J /™ t hofp f, in and let UB Show F'nn formerly Martha Schatt- ^^^ ff a ^tag-'A Cm-|ment; all tte ^"?J e * **<L toc , d ° new rings. If ,yOUr| pan ,ed the Heises to Easton forajtury of Progress/^ J^&nWh? ftTh™ saSe IE PAST WEEK has seen an- time that this movie was being other capacity crowd at Bea- shown, the older young folks and tack marveled at them, saying they po les. the few hardly knew the old town. Thorington and State streets were being , «.ox mu^i^x .,x~x prepared for paving. The Adi-< movie, Peck's Bad Boy, was vance hoped that > population of 6,000 would soon be boasted. It was not uncommon then for 75 or more hogs in a herd to die of cholera. 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There are also 150 people their elders were being entertained apolis to St. 'Louis. • • * * Five new Fords had been onay con y. e ae , Potratz. ! following the Beacon City Plan at with orchestra muslo and a dance , Sheri( at the Indian Wo.d Country cub northeast ol wnutemore. ne na» ui« oiiBimaii-irm/.<v uuuii, «»>= ^ ,^ ...^ » .._-- .--. been named James Richard, and the most 'beautiful hotels on Chi- clubhouse - no charge. The cUrt> this is the first child. Mrs. Pot-; cage's north side. Lectures, guide grounds are just across the road . _ . , ... i. I __.! „ ...»11 WA ..nr1nf1 f\n «.*!_ I t l*rtTY1 TlOnPATl tllT.V. rati Is Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz. . , service, and a well-rounded, care-1 from Beacon City. fully-planned schedule of activities help the world's fair visitor get Give Clog Dance at Social— himself out of the haphazard class Margaret, daughter of Mr. and! a nd see this tremendous show in Mrs. Elmo Barber, and Imogene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred |Wegner gave a clog dance and entertained' with stunts at an ice icream social at Rodman last week Wednesday evening. I Mrs. TIetz to Hospital- Mrs. Otto Tietz, who had been an orderly manner. WORD OF ADVICiE from one . who knows what he is talking A about: When you come to the fair, come equipped with comfortable shoes. You are at the mercy of your feet. If they hurt, there's not much enjoyment for you.after the ^ . - . ••'- ipecials with her sister, Mrs. 'D. Cordes, was fi rs t two or three hours. b e a n Cit°y,t a^C^ZbSlTTOW MANflSS^ have we d_x,._,, n ,, aV, Q iiaa VIOPTI there! AA seen starting out for the uair in the morning, fresh as daisies and stepping high. And how manj have we seen returning at night ance Saturday, before. Lutheran Aid Adopts Constitution— nave we SBBU ici/uui." 6 »» .-o-The Lutheran Aid met last week wlt } 1 i {mps an d drawn expressions Thursday afternoon in the school- , ir you wear tens, better get a pair house basement, and lunch was of elevens. Light woolen socks are , served to 60. A constitution was a i so suggested. Both men and (adopted and signed by all members. New Produce-Buying Firm— ...Elmo Barber and "Hub" Nellis 21 c 24c women wear 'em. T HOSE iBOYS WHO trot along In the shafts of rickshaws ar nearly all college men. 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The show was here four nights. i. the Wl'«n"«™ *«"« 1 - r. nar rlngton,,E. J.Murta g b,C.B.Hutch- e "Locals" mentioned many famll a trip ies who were to spend vacations at the Okobojis. Travel then was mostly by train. • * • • sold A front P age cartoon pictured .'' Kaiser Wilhelm, of Germany, visit- er fashion . sidy. Others had "bought Overlands, j Studekalbers, and Cadillacs. I like one of the long-bodied, r-,,v,rt-legged German dogs. England's traditional bulldog was also Boys' Blue Worw Shirt ___ Boys' Nainsook Unions Boys' Athletic Vests Boys' Fancy Dress Shirts — Boys' (Light Summer Caps _ 39c 25c ISc 49c 69C Cotton Stockings Ladies' Hose Several shades, all sizes, special N THIS CONNECTION it win oe jhe next ween; V*OY. n. o. «WII«JH ^ ghown grow i mg a t each other j • of particular interest to Advance Missouri, was main speaker. Ai- ; ^^ thg fcwo felngg were exohang . eaders to know that one of the .foert Edward Wlggam, now a weii greetings. The cartoon demon- managers, of entertainment at_Bea- known author was also on the pro- ^^ h(jw the c]ouds h eatured. [Advance of July 8, 1918.] The chautauqua had just closed. That as an institution it was beginning to decline was indicated by the fact that a discussion among its sponsors had resulted ^in ^no plans " ' -v " "-"""' laHaEera OL cHLcl telllliucin/ e»w JU^M. -n.>»vT*«. —WM —-j . on .City'is Ruth Keneflck, sister gram. Many musical numbers were jf Algona's Dr. John Keneflck. * Miss Keneftck, who halls from 3agle Grove, is athletic, director at ,he Des Moines Y. W. C. A. The 'act that, she is employed at Beacon City shows the type of young jeople who are In charge. T HE BEACON BULLETIN for last .Thursday announced a 'splash" next morning lor Beacon City inhabitants. A "splash," It appears Is a swim in the Beacon City pool. The swimming pool opens every morning at 8, THAT THE FREE lectures at Beacon City every morning before the fair opens are given by men and women worth hearing is indicated by the fact that last Thursday's speaker was Dr. H. A. Miller, professor of sociology at . • * »• muici, piui-coowi "i ~~w.~-~ 0 ., — !^»_ • ./v » the Ohio state university. The. pro-. 000 worth of make expenses and wiped out a; surplus of $182 made by the 1912 chautauqua. A new son was reported as born to the Lars Sorensens. The sale of a Seneca township farm at $105 an acre was reported. Jos. Nellis.was buyer. It had formerly been opcupied by the Mike Flynns. Phillip Weisbrod, sales-r man, was said by the Fenton Reporter to have sold more than ?300,- over Europe just a year before the World war started. Former Algoiui Boys Sings. An "attraction" at the weekly band concert at Clear Lake last Thursday evening was Bob Trauger, son of Mr. and Mrs. TJ. A. Trauger, Ames, former Algonians. no t | He sang several numbers, and also ,,.„.,„.. original piano compositions. Bob is a brother of Paul Trauger, Algona. MACHINE TYPEWRITER. CARBON PAPEB House Brooms Extra Quality „ four-sewed OCA Special C9U Boys' Striped Overalls _ Ladles' Ribbed Gauze Vests Odd Lot Rayon Hose Misses' Cotton Anklets Girls' Broadcloth Bloomers 1912. doesn't seem to of a new book, , btjrviuc vii«** t x nc ixj«(5A»i"«"ettj «»• lomorrow. r?~ very heavily has a son who is <a member of the oesn seem on their academic training. They] Beacon City staff. Deaf Mutes in Get-Together- Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Seivert, Ashton, visited Laura Braatz and Leona Blsenlous Sunday. All are deaf mutes. Other Whittemore News. Lloyd Walker and Lillian Heidenwith, with the Harold Kueckers and Wayne BJustrom, Algona were Sunday noon dinner guests at Del- Walker's and evening -"*""" Robert Braatz home and saw the grotto at West Bend. The Maurice Mallorys were at Jolley, Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Lottmann, Mrs. Mallory's parents. Edwin Mallory has been visiting his grandparents. Young folks gathered Monday evening at the Shelter House to honor Cecil Bjustrom's birthday. The evening was spent at dancing. June Thomson, beauty operator at the Rusch shop, spent Sunday Years Ago the Des Moines river with an Es- thervllle warden. They had started at the state line on the river's west branch, aqd had gone as far as MILK MASH . FEED CHICKENS Phone, Long's Food Shop any time. We give auction money and sell circus tickets atlOc. Men's "White Summer Caps __. Girls' Knit Union Suits Odd Lot Curtains at Boys' Overall . Pants - —_' Men's Nainsook Unions Men's Rockford Socks, 2 for _— 25c 25C 39c 25c 39C ISC Rice It New handy kitchen utensil for housewives. Presses Fruits Extracts Juices Washes Berries Bices Potatoes Strains Vegetables Priced tf»4 Special— «P I • bRRHRmg Department Stores From the Advance of July 2, 1918 Gertrude Mesing 'was ; married j June 2S to August Jaedicke, banker at Hanover, Kansas. She had been employed in the bank for somej time. Myrtle Pelleymounter had been married to the iRev. T. Y. Williams, HERE'S MORE OF •ffc« at the Rusch shop spent sunaay ^^ - 6onn. The wedding took at the OtobojiB attending a Meth- J ru ^ ^^ m ^ pelley . odist Epworth 'League institute £ ov , nter was graduated from Cor- Mrs. Jesse Marshall, of Whiting, i ell - co i lege an a had been dean of her children and Patricia Weir I omen there as weH ~= <„.,*,.„„t«r will drive to Manson this week m Engllsh . •n._.i ,i n ., x n ,.l a tf ralfmveS. **** instructor Wednesday to visit relatives. Fred Mueller, Emmetsburg, was k-end visitor at J. M. lem ' • * * * A cow-testing association ""- had I bert Walker's and evening omner a week . end visi tor at J. M. jriem- u een organiz ed, and E. B. Heaton, guests at Harold Walker's, Dela :'i ng 's. He is trombone player In the ovornment dairy expert, published van Minn. They were accompanied George Carmody orchestra. half co i umn story. He and his '*** ' * . «_l_«^ nnA Wnrma. . »« Jl «.1.4-n«* I ».!_ _ i _ J^l . n «1»mn 1« 24c 19c J aint •usiness ,n, wii«i"- *»•"* ••—, , XT «_ mo Delavan by Roland and Norma, chlSren^f the Delbert Walkers, who had been visiting at Algona. WayneBJustrom stayed at Delavan tor an extended visit. The Kueck- ers. Miss Heidenwith, and Mr. Walker called at Frank Bell's, Blue warth Sunday evening on their way home Delbert and Harold WaUcer are brothers of Mrs. Kuecker and Lloyd, and Mr. Bell is a cousin of Mr. Kuecker. Mrs. Bel was formerly Frieda Cordes. Whlt- te S°rs e> Anna Anderson, Elgin, 111, will leave for home this week Tue9day7after several weeks with her sisters, Mrs^EuBene La SchO z On- government u»*ijf «^t*w» v, ^.w^--— jorge v^ariuu"/ «.w..w-— i a jj a ij column story. He and his | Rosella Higgins, R. N., daughter SUC cessor edited a dairy column in of Mr and Mrs. William Higgins, the Advance which later developed is here from Sioux City, where she j nto the f arm page and attracted is ™™ , ,_, national attention as the first farm JJ, J1G1 W *.«... ~-— - • is a nurse at a hospital. inuuuimi a<.bcn»iui> *** «"" t.— — Mr and Mrs. Erwin Kuecker page in any newspaper, daily or went'to Ames Saturday to visit the W eekly. In 1920 this page was the latter's parents. Mr. and Mrs. sub ject of a long article in the Harry Sunding. I Country Gentleman. Mr. Heaton Mr and Mrs. John Volk, West marrled a a au ghter of Mrs. Alonzo Bend' visited Sunday at Peter clark( Algona. but she died a few Volk's, and John Jr. stayed for a ye ars later. YOU WANT IN TIRES ! , t points, d Mrs Kern Elerlck left The city council, sitting a* a for a week at various board of health, perpetrated a hot .Elerlck is second man weather Joke on itself. It adopted ', JiienCK i» BIH.UIH* . i..i.j_-, «,^OT.!TIO tlia numnrs More Safety in the plies ' Goodyeara give yon safety in every ply—because every ply ia built with patented Supertwistcord—and every ply runs from bead to bead. Ask to see • Supertwist demonstration and •ee for yourself why it means more tofety in every ply. She will be accompanied to iiimow Ev^r niece. Verdel iLauritzen, r--v mopir , a resolution ordering the owners ^^ffitsn^sa^^-JW??? r«'^?r*h •„?.,.„, ..»,.„ nr «»»,»r'»ai by her niece, ause we handle the fam- Devoe Paints, IJnajnels, 1 Varnishes. WWofo means " l *y at a Eight Price, us why we're selling so toh White I^eaa. 1SFOROLUMBERCO, Jim Fool, who will visit there till in Decem- b8 Mrs. .Louis Elbery Emmetsburg. spent the week-end at bert's, northeast of K»».M M -H*»W aS sr«o w o i r/s4dr«o B1 s 'ir^sst -—««£ a?tsrA i ar 1 »s3 accompanied by a Simpson, .ac -BHLH^ Fish, West Bend, is helping his father at the lattort farm implement shop during harvesting. >Martin Wagner^has ' been v,Y < ih« in* at a Spencer hatchery, but has been at home for a week's vaca- Li'llian Heidenwith spent a few days last week at Harold Kuecker's and R. O. Bjustrom's, Algona. The H R. Zumachs attended a Briardale picnic Sunday evening at the Ambrose A. Call state park. Mrs Anthony Schmitt, Br., and Harvey Dailey are up and about aeain after spells of sickness. • g ' I Fred Lehman is visiting her i, ,««"* .._ -.. g^g gjjfl ^»..,.. ~ f -.. -• tew S last"week aTher son Maurice i, Charles City ""^^^SS^^H^BH^l^B^^B^B^^^^B^B^B^BMHBIBiaM §HnK»ft QulcUy r^www.oH, for some tixne s; si.s sawJ= =SSa=""""" * « • • .Ralph l<aing had been killed in Portland township, when, riding a motorcycle, h.e ran off an 8-ft. grade at a road corner. He was ;ravellng at top high speed and 'ailed to make the turn. He worked at the'W, A. Sprow farm. After the accident x he failed to regain consciousness. His skull was fractured and his right shoulder crushed when he hit a tree, and he died in a few hours. The Advance said the deaths of Laing and William Putzier, Bancroft, were the only ones in the county up to that time that could toe attributed to motor vehicle accidents. Amil Guderian, former linotypist for the Advance, had been married to Mary Bockes the week before, and he surprised his friends when he 'brought his bride home for a week-end. He was then working for the Grundy Center Democrat, Amil is now in the employ of the Algona Smoke Shop. on Friday for mody. for A number <tf y°^x folk & *T a toVeiSU Sunday *.**»«» ssftusraasSiflf were .,„ attended. Jac ob« W» at the Ottawa visitors at dS'SJ^^sr^S SSS ly L'udnfweisbrod, Fenton, is working at the Gladys beauty shop j^allorys spent Frl- drug'store last week. Beer Bustaew rlo^a^8la^«, Up to KM* •:**g A*5JS George Boyle, Whittemore, had suffered a stroke. He was 66 years 0 *' * * * » It was a busy year tor bees. William deary's swarms y?ere gathering' honey worth *50 a day. A biv<s on scales shpwed an average daily increase ol six pounds in weight. An Advance editorial note said: "Oiling the streets from the North- ^ ^ • t m «— An. 4*VIA !IUil_ western hotel The business we do depends, on keeping our old friends happy and winning new ones. Be* cause we know this fact, you can bet we'll look after your needs* Give m§ a trial* ft* svSSii SWVBW rti SnisaffJSS»J%B Rwlfe*»«*« *««* Deldutch Super Service ALGOJU/JQWA

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