The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio on September 4, 1907 · Page 7
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The Chronicle-Telegram from Elyria, Ohio · Page 7

Elyria, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 4, 1907
Page 7
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BREVITIES Mr. . George -Choaie and,. -wife, of Rochester. ' O.??- ^returned home after ???visiting -friends in Elyria. . ?????? o ?????? Take a ride along the snore ot Lake Erie to Cleveland. Lake Shore Electric railway cars leave Elyria every Double 953-tf A. party of young people spent a. very pleasant afternoon and evening at White's Springs on Labor Day. A fine lunch was partaken of at 6:30 o'clock. The ground served for a table aau also for chairs. The stars and lanterns were the only lights. Those present were: Miss Elizabeth Lyou, Miss Trevah Coy. Edith two horrs oa the even boar. track all the way. Mrs. Zelpha ilaas, of Elyria, spent a few days recently at ihe home of ec-r cousin, C- J. Dlinick, Rochester. Ohio. ?????? o ?????? Buy your school books at contract price at Bins' Books Store. quot;We also carry a full line of tablets pencils, penholders, slates, etc. Buy this ???week quot; and avoid the opening rush. 979-tf Mr. R. S. Xea! gt; quot;, representing the Carter's Ink Company, of Boston. U. S. A., was in the city ?????? o ?????? Wednesday. Keep cool. Buy a tan or the Elyria Electric Co., 57 West arenae. 331tT ?????? o ?????? Mrs. Julia Pritchard, Columbus street, and her sister. Miss Ball, are the guestB of the former's niece in Columbus this week and next. ??? . ?????? 0 ?????? Mrs. quot;W. E. Bailey and daughter Laura, of VermllioE. who have been, the guests of -Mr. and Mrs. A. ~\V. Ewington. Middle avenue, returned home Sunday. ;r - ?????? e gt; ?????? quot; ??? An ordinance to borrow s??T??ra- thousand dollars from the Elyria Savings and Banking Company, and the pay roll was passed at the meeting of the city council on Tuesday evening. Mrs. Archibald Hope, of Toronto. Ontario, Canada, rjrived ia the city today on an extended visit to her sister. Mrs. (Dr.) R. G. Anderson, Lodi street. ?????? o ?????? Mr. Frank Potter the new manager of the American Automatic Counting Machine Company, will leave for Pittsburg; Pa., on Thursday. The headquarters of. the . company -will likely remain, in Pittsburg. ????????? o ?????? Mrs. E. 51. Rossiter. teacher of piano, Trill resume her work in Elyria, September 12 and 13. An^ desiring particulars can address her at her studio 301-321 Banger Buildup Cleveland, O. Beese, Miss Minnie Morris, Miss Helen Johnson, Joseph \Valsfc. John Morris and Charlie Beese. AH returned home ear!y !a the evening after au enjoyable day. Members of the Vincent Ladies' Aid Society are requested to be present Thursday afternoon of this week s.i the residence of Mrs. John Boyd. The business will be the election of officers for the year. The business meeting v.-!il be held at 2:30. Supper win be served in the evening. /' . - ?????? o ??? / Mr. aad 3Irs. J. E. Catder (nee Hafner) returned last evening after a two weeks' wedding trip to Mr. Calder's parents' home at Norwood. Ontario.. Canada. They visited Use exposition at Toronto and pronounced it a great success. ?????? o ?????? Mr. Joe Stoup. the well-known base ball twirler, who is now oa the slab ;ood, was in the city visiting friends on Wednesday. He went from here to Akron. for Newark, O., and making fe Hare Everything IN THE By the passage of an ordinance at .tie city council on Tuesday . evenin; the name of Sherman street north of the Lake quot;Shore amp; Michigan Southern railroad was changed to John street. This was done because there are two streets named Sherman - In the city. ?????? o ?????? A communication from Mr. George Ely was -read at the meeting of the city council last evening that the laying of a pavement in the viciaitv of the new East Broad street ;bridge would damage his property to the extent of $2,500 and he would hold the city liable, for this damage. The communication was referred to the streets committee. . - - - - ??? -?? ?????? quot; . ??? . There are a number of dead trees . about the city streets that should be cut down and Councilman Faxon says that there are . many live ones on mee dead the , side streets that should the same fate. There are trees., on the alley . between Tenth and Eleventh . streets ,and on Lod: street that need be removed. This matter was referred to the hoard o' public service. ... FOR FRESH, CLEAN GROCERIES GO TO Comu ?? Steelier GROCERS ~- 537 BROAD STREET. - .??? Both Phones. Marriage licenses gt;ere issued io ATTENDED THE William H. Sbadduck, 25, Lady Lake. Florida, to Annie Thomas, quot;23, Lorain: Matthew Burgett, 57, Lorain, to Pau- Maa Sheldon, 47, Lorain. ilrs. D. Wl Seward returned Monday after a iwo weeks* visit -with frieads in Columbus and Springfield- OUR Guaranteed Kidney Cure Nyal's Family Medicines Give Results PHILLIPS' DRUG STORE C. C. Chryst and wife, of Warren, O., are in the city. Mr. Chryst is one of the proprietors of the Topliff Hotel. Parrolman Carl .Ott arrested three men charged with intoxication this morning. They were W. J. Lowe, 55, a tin smith from Cleveland, F. E. Gealsbn, -JS, a farmer and Joe Procter. 45, a saloon porter. ?????? o ?????? SOCIALIST PICNIC AT AVON BEACHPARK FAIR AT TORONTO Mr. and Mrs; I. A. Herman of -357 ???East River street, returned to their home on. Wednesday morning after FRAUD CHARGED AGAINS1 HORSLEY trip to Toronto where they visited i John DalzellClaimsGoods Were Sold to Wife After She Left Him, Canada's National Fair. Mr. Herman j is employed at the Perry-Fay Company but has traveled over half of the quot;United States. Ke says that he never in. all his life saw so m-jeh machinery together as he saw ia roa- calnery hall at tk amp; fair. There was assembled machinery from ail parts of the world. It is astonishing to know the great number and various | kinds o? mac-h made for the tnrersl The exhibition of stock was very extensive and interesting. There were 1CO.OOO peorfle ia attendance oa John S. Daizeli. of Lorain, filed a! petition ia ihe common pleas court asking that Justice Horsley be restrained from issuing an execution Labor Day. held 15,000. The uew grand stand HUNKYVILLE BOOZEEMPORIUM John Kalcpes, ibe proprietor of a Hunkeyville booze emporium, was Seed $25 and costs, by Mayor Chapman today for violating the Sunday closing -aw. The case had quot;seen continued from last month. CARD OF THANKS. One Hundred Attended from Etyrla- Able Addresses Were Delivered on Socialism. ilr. and Mrs.. John Wyrworrz, ot Turner street, are rejoicing over the advent in their -horae of a nine pound boy. The mother and - child are do- : ing well. - : ' ??? : ??? O??? ?????? -'??? ??????'- ilr. and ilrs. Stephen Leser and children Doris and Leland. who have been/ guests at the -home of ilr. and 3Ers. Louis Leser at Sandusky, left Sunday for Detroit, where they will spend a few .days before they return to the city. We wish, to express thanks to neighbors, and friends for sympathy and help daring the time of our sad bereavement, especially the ladies of the Church o?? Christ, ladies of W. C. T. TJ., Disciple Sunday school, Sunday school class, neighbors and friends for tae beautiful Sowers, also we thank the quartet for the beautiful selections rendered- Thomas quot;Williams. ilrs. E. Cooley and Family. are T. L. Leonard, the K. B. Company and the Citizens Gas amp; Electric Company. In his petition DalzeU says that in 1S04 he was serioasly buraed by electricity and tvhiie ee was being treated In an Elyria. hospital his wife deserted him. He sent a messenger to the K. B. Company to tell them that he. would not be responsible for any goods sold to his wife. Goods were sold by ihe company to Mrs. Dalzell two months after the notice was given. Horsiey delayed in giving a decision and charges him with fraud aad misconduct, and claims that judgment was not entered within four days allowed by Jaw. . TO. TOM I. Mrs. Schneider - . -v... - - ??? .. gt;.. S. MendelsoB ..-.,...i.. ........ Martin iltieller .; William Siolzenbnrg . ~ I. ..... 2.QQ Revella Altfeld -(collected) .... Mrs: L Yackel .... '. ............ LOO F. J. Peterson .................. LOO N. Levit ...................... 2.00 G. EL Bryant ..... H. Pridesstine - . . Mrs. H. Frideastine Percro . . ....... Ante! Lawrence Mode! Bakery .... B. Firestown ...........':...... Carrfc'= Joe Risenger ...... Kreb Brothers C. F. Sehmauch .... Horn Brothers L. N. Stell ....... A. H. Allan ........ Seevral small sums 1.95 F. M. Stevens ................ 2.00 .50 1.00 LOO Cash .. ................. Eiyria Provision Co. ...... A. Altfeld ................. iloseleaf Card Clab ........ H.X Eady .................... LOO Cash .. ...................... 2.50 Forrest Rimbach .............. .25 Z. R. Parsons .................. 2.00 Mrs. TV. Bemstine ............ 1.00 LOST??? HA. pursie, , , containing;'-: poekec booit .'.aadvtwa ieys and key. riag. and moaey . .between _ Worst court and the - JSast Side quot;eeineiery..: quot;I.eax;e at ^Chronicle and^teceive fe- FOR SALE??? Sideboard; . extension dining ??? latjle and eighteea: quot;Window, shades. 500 - Second street; -9S7-* Allie Heldmyer, o?? Elyria, was 3. guest at a week end party at the home of Mr. and -Mrs. Fred Martin, Popular street, Sandusky. The picnic held by Loraia, Eiyria and Cleveland Socialist party at Avon Beach Park Sunday, was a grand success in every particular. The special car which left ihe car barns at 9 o'clock was crowded. Many came_all the way from Cleveland to Join, in the largest picnic ever held by working people at this place. Red badges could be seen: at every place in the park and added to the effect of the occasion.. The games and amusements of the various kinds were well conducted and caused much enjoyment for all. The principal speakers were quot; Tom Clifford. Robert Banolow, Isaac COVF- eo, .of .Cleveland: .A. J. Block of Canton, and a: few short talks by Comr. rades from Lorain. John G. Wiliert of Cleveland, aiso spoke on. organiza- iion. A temporary organization was made np with the intention of establishing a permanent one, so that this will be an annual occurence. The singing was one of -- the . splendid features of the picnic. Mr. B. A. Nichols reported to the city- council Tuesday evening that there quot;was a sewer on Lodi street opposite his premises - that quot;wasnot of any use to him and he wanted permission to -drain into the West River street sewer. His request was granted and he will not be taxed for the Lodi street sewer. Chief of Police Whimsy aad three friends went squirrel hunting in Kipton district on Tuesday. They shot only four squirrels. The hunters report that squirrels are scarce this year. The government should call a halt on the shooting of them so that they can have time to propagate. ?????? o ?????? John -Webber, of Winkle street, employed at the Elyria Iron and Steel Works while at work this morning was attacked with cramps and fell prostrate on the shop floor. He was in terrible pain, until Dr. Gushing arrived and relieved him. . ,... ?????? o ?????? ???..??? ' . . ' . . Miss Terry and three other Elyria- teachers cad an audience with the Pope at Rome while they were on their continental tour this summer. They considered it was a: great honor to meet the head of the Catcholic church, in the world. ?????? o ?????? ??? Louise Catherine Saunders EyesTested. Fitted. Examination Free, Prices Turner Block Court St., Elyria The many friends of ilrs. Arthtir Thomas will regret to hear that she 5s very ill with appendicitis in' the hospital at Denver, Co., where she has been spending the past two months. Her mother, Mrs. S. Latiiner and Mr. Arthur Thomas -with daughter. Sleaore. left Monday night for Denver. ?????? o ?????? William J. Gaudern, aged 69 years formerly of Elyria, died Holiday; Sep- tmber 2. at 8:30 p. m. at his residence Xo. 9222 Edmunds avenue, Cleveland. Funeral will be held Thursday, at 2 | p. m. September 5r from C. H. WH- kins' funeral parlors. quot;FORJAMAGES Henry: Miller Lost Both Feet by Accident on L. : S;, amp;-#L S^System. --.-A. /vrna^tfe'en. 'Sled- ;Hl j ^e nfmf(ft'-^iS^;i^.~:-'n\-^T:ieTlT^ -^e- :Eake- Snore and' ??? Southeri .kailroad. .Company .for ,550,000 d-imageii-'The plaintiff claims to -have been 'thrown frdnx one -'-of taC quot;. company's tenders at West Park' and seriously injured. He lost 'both feeu quot; ;; Popular Congressman is Expected to be a Winner by Clevelanders. Cleveland, September 4. ??? Congressman T. E. Brirton and Tom L. Johnson will be the opposing candidates for mayor of Cleveland. This was determined at 6 o'clock last evening. when Mr. Burton made the formal announcement that he would accept the Republican nomination. The campaign Trill be the fiercest and most spectacular, political contest this .City/ Sas^s^er experienced. 4EL stepping- -.ironi a ; conspicuous 'place;:m'.jia.S6iial affairs^ to enter the quot; quot;niumcipal : campaign as a canoidate for mayor Mr; Burton first stipulates tbat. quot;the Republican quot; party of this city inust quot; absolutely divorce itself from .au connections . quot;with, any public service corporation, street railway or An ordinance governing plats was lassed at the meeting of the city louncil on Tuesday evening. In fu- ure no plats wul be accepted by he city council unless the streets are a certain width and are. graded. There is no provision made for the aying of sidewalks. This ordinance was prepared by the streets ' com- mitee with the -assistance of a committee from the chamber of commerce. It will make the legislation :n respect to plats much, easier for the council than it -has been. past the council has had :a. quot;gre^. deal ..=- quot;.-.-...???.- ??? .;-, -- - -,- .-.-- -, - quot;tvj.a?? FAUVER AND CHAPMAN IN CANADL4NWILDS -The meeting of Mayor Chapman and Attorney L. B. Fanver -on the Canadian shore recently was one of great moment. Dressed in a lumberman^ sijit, a sioucii hat. and common shirt wifh no collar, the mayor swung about the_ wharves ia the Cobalt district and enjoyed - sis summer . outing. He looked; like a ??? miner who had just :come into town1 to. .trade when he saw Mr. and Mrs. quot;Fanver disembarking. quot; Mr. Fauver ' looked him right in the eyes, but the cow boy .looking, gentleman did not appeal to. him .as being ilayor ; Chapman of Elyria. jirr-.-Fauver and his ?7ife pushed along ignoring his quot;worship altogether.- A chuck on the arm from the mayor revived Mr. Fauver's interest and a description of the surprise will 1)6 left unwritten. NMH1H6 COJH PARES io'.-..- FATHER WfLUAM'S .INDIAN TEA for .ail diseases o* the LIVER and KIDKETS, STOMACH and BOWELS. ?????? It causes a -rigorous action of the LIVER, digesting the food causing a regular free moveinent of the quot;BOWELS, cleanses the KIDNTS quot;S, purifies the BLOOD, makes you well,, keeps yon. well. It only costs 'you. 20 cents to try it. In^tea.or tablet form. C. ^W. Phffiips amp; ($ gt;., Elyria; Jas. quot;W.- 3Mck- ason, Graftdh, O. . .... LAME BACK Here's a Snap for a Quick Buyer Will Sell Cheap. ! A good business; located on Broad street. Owner about to leave. the city, therefore will sell at- a -low price. Ensuire at i Dixon's Bargain Store T3as 3s an ailnient for Chamberlain7s Pain Balm has proven especially valuable. In. almost every instance it affords prompt and permanent relief, ilr.. Luke LaGrange, of Orange, Slica., says of -it: quot;After using a plaster and other remedies for three weeks for a bad laine back, I purchased a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm, and !wo applications effected a cnre. quot; For sale by Eady's Drag Store. . | quot;YELLOW KID quot;: * Rubber Hose quot;* Warranted for Two Years * * 50-ft. sections, %-in- . . - -S7.50 * .50-ft. sections, %-in...-S7.OO* Other kinds S4LOO to S6.0O A nozzle free with each full length. H\ibert ^r ??? ??? ??? . quot; * ** gt;**???**.* !.jRepresentatiT'e Morris -Sheppard. of Texas was dpt-lainnug. one day .in' the house, against the distribution 'of seeds by the governmeut. He contended quot; that it 3s a useless, wasteful and altogether deplorable practice. quot;Why, quot; said Representativ* Sheppard, quot;the people ox gt; act -care for the seeds. I sent some -to a ' constituent last year. A time ago I received a letter -which said thfrman had the seeds I had sent bim and didn't want any more. ???Instead.' ne wrote, 'if yon really want to do something for me I wish you would send me a suit of this newfangled union underwear.' otherwise. The convention that nominate him on Saturday must stow that all relations between tie Republican party and the - Cleveland Electric Railway 'Co. are at an end. GOV. WIELD Of Maryland, who Has a ??? Desire to be quot;United States Senator, Total ...................$33.16 CITYIPLATS Owners WillHave to Grade the StreetsBefore they are Accepted; of trouble with peojple property platted s.s3. wanted - to- accept- the ^plats without streets in theni_being. improved. Rat* Saved Human Llves- TSe SQuealing and scampering of rats aroused from their sleep the oc- cnpants of two burning cottages at Mount Hawke, Ccrnwall, Eaglaa'4 Hist in tima to *ecap??. WANTED??? First class quot;Tponi . board. WeU; -located, Trill ^ ^.rery top -price. quot;Address ; 39 =the COPY OF LETTEFt? RECEIVED BY ELYRJA 5TEIIE gt;HCliNE CO. To the Independent '-Telephone Cos;:; ??? quot;' Gentlemeni:'C; ^^. -??? ?????? ^y-:.^^::': -:-; ' ;. :: You quot;will take-'hotipe,;- that; bit and after September lOtiJi 190T, aH night rates will be - discoatiaaedJ-.'/Toji .wiH therefore Mndsy notify ^,fyo quot;nr --patrons, that the night rate ; will ^be /the ;-r sanie; as the day. rate oiL and!-: ^a^er^Jthat date/ .: quot;..;. ???^''_::-('.':^(::'^f:^'f:-'^/l. Ybars truly; . / ??? quot;???;- amp;:;'^ gt;/:-';?;.g^v^3S/-' quot;. quot; , The United States;3!feieSSoiieit;a. -, Approved:'. ; .:???'??? ??? ??? S;' Largest dealers in Lorain County Guns,Rifles, Bevolvers, Ammunition, Suits. Prices way down. SMITH BROS. jewekrs, inifltu ai 541 Broad Street. Governor . Edwin \Varfieia .of Maryland is credited -with: ;p. distinct -aiabi- tion to go to the United States ^ecate. Should that ambition ???be.1acitiey-ed during the present , administration there ???will be at each end .of Pennsylvania avenue one of the best horsemen in tie country. President .Roosevelt's horsemanship .is/ well known. Governor Warfield. who has passed much, of his life oa tbe farm in connection with his great estate of SOO acres, is so prond of his ability to sit a lively steed that once when a Baltimore newspaper stated tiat the Hon. Edwin quot;Warneld bad been thrown from his horse he called up the editor by telephone at once and said: quot;That was Edwin \Varfieid. Jr., -who was thrown from his horse, if you please. The horse coes not live that can throw Edwin Warfield, Sr. quot;. Governor Warfield belongs to one of the oldest, of Maryland families. The famiiy. fortune, was impaired donng the civil war and the reconstruction period, and the future governor -was compelled to lock out for himself to a considerable extent. He was a store clerk, a country schoolteacher and tbe editor quot; of a paper in a small town. Later be became a resident of Baltimore, got Into the banking business and became a man of wealth. His fine estate he farms thoroughly, employing many negroes. Governor Warficid once remarked at a high school commencement that in his opinion girls should not marry until they reached the age of twenty-six. -He was severely censured for trying to create a race of spinsters, but tbe governor valiantly stuck to his thesis and argned against early marriages for either men or women. Hay FeverCured by a Sim pie Home Treatment. , New York, Sept. 3. ??? It will be joyful news to thousands of hay fever and asthma sufferers to learn that these maladies which cause so much ???distress at this season of the year, can be cured by a simple home treatment. .... quot;Written testimony of the wonderful results obtained by this method reach the Toxico Laboratory 1123 Broadway, Xew York City, every day and in order thai every one may test Toxlco's merits, a ^eminstration of the method also a treatment will be mailed free of cost to any request- th.3 enterpnsmg ria, are run. Cure If you use it, It yours. A uader positive Shot Guns Rifles Shells Cartridges Ask to see the quot;cannon I breech quot; shot gun. Something new. FOR SALE BY HUBERT DAT FORD amp; RISSMANN THE quot; I^EAIJ1N amp;3??TECTS (Df! LORAIN Office M??fn 201. OHMlt M??ln Estimates; mshed on all classes of work. TBCHSDAY'S I1IN6A! Malta Vita,' a; 10c pacSage??? -.-. Thursday - :. .-; quot;-.-._, ,.-.^..... .....Sa Fig Xe^wtons,- 15e JjiaS-rT Tanrsday per ;; poand ........ 12c Balk Soda Crackers. IQe kza4??? Taursday S ponnds v ....... 25e Tomatoes by:the basket for Gassing??? -Tnarsday, basket ........... 35?? Head this ad every day. safes aii lt;J small proSts Is our method . quot;of doiugr onsines-s. Leave your orders here . aad share (res M AX G. HART GROCRY DELIVERY ??OY* CARRY CHAN??M T'/fe image serial: 8216322 image serial: 8216322

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