The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on August 10, 1913 · Page 18
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 18

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 10, 1913
Page 18
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' ' /.j' 1 1 ' "'· ' t '·''·'. '···' : '" : ' ';\^: t m^tiit^'ji^^\txax^T i n^ AUGUST 10. ma. . ~ ' '* ' TSTEHPLIIR HIKE TODEHVER hirty-Second Triennial Conclave Begins Tuesday, When 30,000 Men Will Parade. APER COMMANDERY TO DRILL idianapolis Lodge to Participate in Competitive Contest on Wednesday and Thursday.. 4 DEHVBR, Col., Aug. 9.--Knights Temp- r from all over the United States ar« in enver tonight for the thirty-second trl- inlal conclave ol ttye grand encampment, Mch will open Ita sessions in El Jebel Tuesday afternoon. It is the ex* ictatlon of the conclave committee that the grand parade on Tuesday fully 090 Templars, in full uniform, will be line, The preliminary ceremonies will begin morrow afternoon, when divine service ill be held in the City Auditorium, con- icted by Bishop John M, Walden of Cin- grand prelate of the Grand En* tmptnent. Preceding the opening of the rat business session there will be a public fcthering in El Jebel Temple, at which avernor £3, M, Ammons of Colorado, ayor J. M Perkins of Denver and other Roials will welcome the visitors to the ty. Response wilt be made by Most [minent Sir William B. Melish of Cine In- ,ti, grand master of the Grand En- went. ILLUMINATIONS TESTED. Tonight the scheme of illumination, pon which electricians have been work- g for weeks, was given its first public j s t v Four blocks of one of the principal liftiness streets of the city have been t aside as a court of iionor. At one end this court is an heroic statue of a ounted knight, while at the other is a uge illumination representing a Colorado inset, Elaborate and brilliantly illumi- ated columns, one for each of the forty- ght grand commandries in the United ;atea, are erected in the court of honor. is estimated that $60,000 has been spent decorating and illuminating the busies portion of the city. To seat the throngs' that will view the 'Ills and pardes* a temporary grand rand holding 30,000 people has been ·ected on the site of the projected civic nter. The grand stand is built around large open apace, and is 710 feet long i 401 feet wide. 400 IN CONFERENCES, The sessions of the Grand Encampment 111 be held behind closed doors, and only bout 400 of the Knights Templar, com- riaing past and present Grand Encamp- ien$ officers, are permitted to participate, Throughout the week of the conclave lere will be a series of civic and social vents. On Wednesday will begin the ampetltive drills, which are expected to ist two days, The following are the rtjl teams entered: Chicago Commandery No. 19, Chicago, St. Bernard Commandery No. 35, Chi- Eft£lewood Commandery No, 59, Chi* Columbia Commandery No. 63, Chicago. Woodlawn Commandery No. 76, Chi- Joliet Commandery No 4. Joliet, 111. Ivanhoe Commandery No, 24, Milwau- ee, Raper Commandery No. 1, Indianapolis Columbia Commandery No. 2, Washigton, D. C. Oethsemane Commandery No 35, Newn, Mass Ascalon Commandery No 16. St. Louis. 8t. Aldemar Commandery No. 18, St. Oriental Commandery No* 36, Kansas ity. Mt Olivet Commandery No. 12, Wichita, Newton Commandery No. 9, Newton, 8B, Settle Commandery No 2, Seattle, /ash. California Commandery No, 1 Ban 'rancisco, EXHIBITION DRILL, TOO. The battalion corps of 130 men each 'om Detroit Commandery No. 1 and Lmascus Commandery No 42 of itroit will give exhibition drills, al- .ough they are barred from contesting ir prizes because of a state law of 'Ichlgan. fENv DROWN WHEN MOTOR BOAT SPRINGS A LEAK arty of Young People Bound for Dance Meets Disaster on Massachusetts Pond, EAST FREETOWN, Mass,, Aug 9 -ix women and a man were drowned and other persons were saved when a .tor boat sank in Lon$ Pond tonight, 'he dead are George Wright and Miss ,ven of Boston, Miss Hattie Hamilton, ·union; Miss Annie Sweeney, Miss ladle McCabe, Miss Mabel Brown and p s. Emma Do'yka, all of New Bedford. 'he rescued are Mrs, Henry W Raymond, few Bedford; R, Jarries Stevens, Taun- n, and Luther M. Dayton, New Bedford. The rescues were made by Frederick facey, who has a cottage at the pond. tesponding to the cries lor help he waa Jle to pick up four persons with his lOtor boat. One of these, Miss McCabe, liled to revive The party was bound for a dance at Uceside Park. Soon after leaving shoie ie boat sprang a leak. New Bedford Mce with grappling irons were hurried the scene and every available boat was Iressed into service to search for bodies. IMORAL RESORT IS RAIDED. otlce Arrest Keeper, One Other Woman and Two Men. Patrolmen Young and Poole last night aided a resort conducted by May Burns t 416 West Couit street and anested er, one other woman and two men The urns woman recently moved to that lo- ation from New York street and the anal, and was warned against opening a esort The patrolmen passed by the ouse last night and heard an electric 1 iano and the raid followed The four cbred with statutory offenses. KNIGHTS TEMPLAR DEPART TO SEEK HONORS. Rugs and Ctrpeti Furniture as Albert Gall LEADING DECORATORS Draperies Wull Paper / About Decorating and Furnishing Your Home It costs no more to make your home attractive, artistic and distinctive // You Choose Carefully This is the reason why you should visit Gall's Now. You'll find many of the new fall Rugs, Carpets, Draperies and Wall Paper on display. And whether your needs amount to one dollar or any other amount you'll receive the most courteous attention, and our every effort will be exerted 'to help you get the greatest returns from every cent expended. The diill team of Raper Commandery No 1, Knights Templars, accompanied by many members of the order and their wives, departed yesterday at noon on a j special train for Denver, Col, to attend the triennial conclave of the order. The forty-one members of the drill team marched to the Union Station from the I Masonic Temple, showing evidences of the practice drills in the manner they I executed various maneuvers The Raper drill team is the prize team of the country, having won first prize three years ago at Chicago under the command of Henri T. Conde. On four other occasions the team won first place, and has received second place at other conclaves The knights have expressed their determination to win the competitive drills this year, and have worked steadily with that aim in view for several months- Alexander Rumpler is at the head of the local commandery, and Robert L Moorhead, a captain in the In- diana National Guard, is captain of the team The party will arrive in Denver Monday morning More than $1*25,000 will be expended in Denver for the entertainment of the knights attending the conclave Of this amount approximately $50 000 has been spent in decorating the city for the occasion The sum of 120,000 has been ex* petitive drills, in which seventeen teams will participate will be conducted It is more than 700 feet long and about 400 feet wide. ' An elaborate program has been arranged for the Knights Templars, banquets and receptions being numerous Plates at the banquet planned by the Grand Com- mandery of Colorado will co*n $12 50 each, and every product of the state of Colorado will be served Special musical entertainments will be given in the Denver parks and practically the entire city will be turned over for the entertainment of the knights, Fifty-five bands will pro* vide music for the events. 4- News of Churches The Sunday school of the Central Christian Church will corvduot a "church corner carni* val" at Delaware and Walnut streets all day Tuesday Walter T White will have charge of the automobile ti ips The Ice cream booth will be In charge of Mrs C W Field and the coed claim the candy booth In charge of Mrs Walter T White assisted by Mra phtlpuU a and Mrt Artman «* classes, the cake booth In charge of Mrs W C Smith and the King's Dauhtera, and the watermelon booth Jn charge of Mr Eaves and the intermediates Mtsa Stelhorn Is chairman of the special entertainment committee The E "W Hoover Orchestra will give a sacied concert for the Pentecost Band canYp meeting Salem Park* at 2 15 o'clock t o d a y Miss L x H i l l e Brandon will be the voral soloist The program follows Song "All Hail the Power of Jesus N a m e " audience, march, "Blaze of Glory" (Holzman), meile, "Heartsease" (Moret) *0lo, ' How Beautiful Upon the Mountains" ( M a r k e r ) , Mis Lucille Brandon, Selection, ' Joy to the World ' (Barnhouse), paraphrase, "Neater, My Qod to Thee" ( M a s o n ) , march ' Air Line" (Scldel) TUBERCULOSIS NATURE'S CREATION ASTHMA Botklet Fr«i Containing full Information, In- clUding records of many remarkable recoveries from tuberculosis and the conditions which lead to it, such as asthma, bronchitiB, Impure blood and rundown systems. Call or write for one. It will be «ent postpaid. Address M. L, Haymann, 417 State Life Bldg, Indianapolis, Ind,--Advertisement. In the absence of the R r \ William Car«on of the Sutherland Pi eab terlan Church, T w e n t y eighth and B e l l e f o n t a l n o strops, the Rev L W Sherwln asstfltant pastor of the Fiist Presbyterian C h u r c h , will pi each on this evening at 7 45 o'clock Judge Edward W Folt of the I n d i a n a Ap pellate r o u t t w i l l addresa the Bible class of the M t r r i t t Place M E C h u r c h C a l i f o r n i a and New York stietts, at 8 o clock this eve ning. CITY NEWS IN BRIEF. The Social Circle of the Third C h r i s t i a n Church w i l l meet Tuesday a f t e r n o o n w i t h Mrs R T Reagan, 1 9 4 4 B e l l e f o n t a t n e street The St John n Evangelical T h u r r h w i l l hold a lawn sgcial Wedne^cla eve n l n g at Sanders nnd Leonard ?treet« Music \\ 111 be provided by an orchestra The Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Capitol A \ e n u e M E C h u r c h w i l l hold its next m o n t h l y meeting Tuetday oiftpTnoon and e v e n i n g at Garfleld Park A p i c n l r sup per will bt given and tho husbands of the members of the society are i m l t o d Tho Ladlefl* Aid Society of the East Tenth Street M E Church will give a lawn f e t e Wednettday evening at Bevlile avenue and East Tenth street, P A R T I E S A N D M E E T I N G S . The past Pocahontases and paot sachems of the D of p. of the Mutual order of Red Men are requested to meet at 2 30 o clock this afternoon at Hall, 351 Indiana avenue. The Aid Society of Francis H h e No R will ghe an outing at Garfleld Park Tuesday afternoon Th* Marlon County Graduate Association will hold ft reception Wednesday, Aug. 13, at 2 30 p m at 21 Tho Mllliken, for Mlsa Emma Mlnger w h o will noon return to India, after a loavp of absence in thin city Miss Mingot is a giadimte of the P i o t e a t n n t Ocnconoss Hospital Training School for Nur^os Is a registered nurne a member of the Marlon County Graduate Nurses' Asso( la- tion and the American Rjd Groan. Accused of Deocrting Wife--Joseph C E Nunster, 22 years old, of Franklin County, Indiana, was anested yesterday by Patrolmen Merrill and Clark, charged with loiter ing and being a fugitive Nungster, the police say, If* wanted at Brookville, I n d , for wife desertion Accused of Stealing Glue--Fllnn Ray, 27 years old, colored, rear 617 Drake street waa arreated yesterday by Detectives DeHossette and LatBh, charged w i t h petit larceny Ray, the police, say, stole fifty pounds of glue from the National Glue Works, Fourteenth and West streets Accused of "8peedIng"^Winnie Drollinger, 32 years old, 59 South Denny street, w a s ar rested by Motorcycleman Foney yesterday, charged w i t h v i o l a t i n g the motor speed law The officer charged Drollinger with "doing* thirty five miles an hour on East Washing ton street In Irvington »gr«$s iCsrapeg from Hospital---Geneva Edmons colored 631 Offden street escaped f i o m the City Hospital yesterday, \ \ h m e she \\aa being held on police orders She ar r h e d at her home a short time later and \\as greeted by Bicyclemen Englebright and Lambert She was rearreaied, charged w i t h a s t a t u t o r y offense Would Enlighten Prisoners--George Brennan 32 years old 742 South Capitol avenue, im aded the Police Court room yestei day | m o r n i n g and insisted upon t a l k i n g to the ' pi tsonei a He v a« ( hnscd a w a y by Bailiff Henry Slnte t" ut r e t u r n e d and w ns arrested by D e t o c t i \ c s M a n n i n g a n d Cronln ( h n t g e d ' w i t h l o l t e t l n g HL lefusr-d t o say \ \ h y h e H U H t a l k i n g to the pilsonem and took his an rut as a m a t t e r of course OilieeTM Arc Elected--The board of directors of the M u t u a l »Ser\ice Association has I elected the f o l l o w i n g officers President, i Miss M a m i e Bass \lce president, M)BR Dari n^ N e \ \ l i o u a e , seuetary, MJSH Anna Benson, and tietmirer, Mrs Jocelyn Court wrlght Tho reports of officers show that m a n y per m f l T u n t i m p r o \ e m e n t s have been made this H u m m e r and that the association 1» in bet ter condition t h a n ever before Airested »H Fugitive-- Ray White, 18 years old who came here from Mattoon in , two u e o k s ago to live w i t h MB mother, 828 Madison a v e n u e was arrested y e f i t e t d a y bv De tf*cti\ es Sullivan and Radamarher, charged w i t h being a f u g i t i v e He Is wanted at Mat toon where w i t h five other boys he Is ohm god with c o m m i t t i n g a flet lous offense npralnst a fl year old bov W h i t e w i l l be t a k e n back to Mnttoon, where a warrant for Ills a? rest li held Alleged Fifth for Anvnted --Herachel Lawrence, 22 ypflpfl old 1020 C h e a t n u t utreot, waq Ri re?tod y^teiday c h f t i g e d w i t h dt HW Ing dnnrtlv weapons La* rencn according t o B l r c l f » m o n Coleman and H n t t s e l l f o u g h t \ \ l t h several men at ^ovah and Delaware streets When tho offioorfi oft mo L a w r r m e fled but tiai stopped by a r A l l t n a d f l a g m a n rharlOfl Fierce n companion of LR\V t once was f t r r e n t e f l , obliged w i t h l o i t e r i n K w h e n he interfered w i t h the officers IttSCRTCTION BfCTTKK THAN VENGEANCE L i p p l n c o t t P Why d i d n ' t Henderson prosecute the woman w h o took Ma u m b r e l l a ' ' ' T i e r lawyers e a r n e d him t h a t if the case wont to t r i a l t h e would a^U h i m how the u m b r e l l a came Into h U poflftpflition COMPROMISE M o t h e r -- Now Mabel dear would o u Booner May at horrte w i t h me 01 KO for a w a l k w i t h A u n t l * ' Mabel--I'd sooner go for a walk with you, NEW OFFICERS ARE CHOSEN FOR EVANGELICAL SOCIETIES Convention of Young People's Al liance and Missionary Branch Closes Today at Lake Wawasee. WARSAW, Ind., Aug. 9.--Today'B meetings of the Young People's Alliance and the Woman a Missionary Society of the, Indiana branch of the Evangelical Association, In session at Oakwood Park Auditorium at Lake Wawasee, were devoted entirely to business affairs. The sessions will close Sunday and will be followed by the church's annual camp meeting By unanimous vote, the Young People's Alliance decided to include the Sunday school branch of the church in next year's convention and the number of delegates will be almost doubled. The Alliance elected the following new officers President, tho Rev, C, P. Maas, Peru; vice president, Fralik Hartman, Indianapolis, recording secretary, Mrs. Mamie Layman, Huntington, corresponding secretary, Miss Bessie Rhinehart, South Bend t missionary secretary, 8. Hersch, AvIHa; treasurer, Mrs Adam Cook, Urbana; junior superintendent, Miss Flora Nierhauser, Berne. Mrs* J. M, Rhinehart of South Bend was elected president of the missions branch to succeed Mrs. John Cook of Indianapolis Mrs. Charles Hartman of South Bend was re-elected vice president. The other officers are Recording Secretary, Mrs Nellie Frank, Elkhart' corresponding secretary, Mrs Bessie Straplei Dayton, O.; treasurer, Mrs Henry Barnes, Elkhart The next annual sessions will be held at Lake Wawasee during the second week of August, 1914. Draperies Wail Paper Albert Gal 17 and 19 West Washington Street Rugs and Carpets Furniture TOO MANY TRUNKS We must get rid of them and Make the price that tells quick. Prices that sell. Bags and Suit Cases, black and tin leather, tyi all sizes np 4* to $7.50 value * Matting Suit Cases, $1.50 qnallly Steamer Trunks, Values $6 to $7.50 Regular Box Trvnks of Ibrct ply Veoeer, 16 Inch, wlih t irayi. Oar Om Mike. $40.00 Wardrobe Trunks £*£ Ladles or Gentlemen «P*i«i AH HAND BAGS at Related Prices. 98c E.J.GAUSEPOHLCO. 40 West Washington Street Bottle Medicine Cases, etc. $3 Collar Bags, $1.48 SAY COPPER STRIKERS ARE READY TO WORK Michigan Operators Are Disputed by Unions, Who Declare Men Are Remaining Firm. x The People's Painless Dentists CALUMET, Mich , Auff 9,--Offlclals of the Calumet and Hecla Mining Company announced tonight that enough of the men who have been on a strike had aieed to return to work to enable the company to resume operations next week In at least two branches of Its property. The Western Federation of Miners' of- We are banlHhing fear from the minds of out patlentfl overy duy, beirume wo extract t h o l i teeth w i t h o u t h i n t i n g them. Our *xtnirtlnff aptHMallKt hue hud many years of axpoi lorn **, a pei feet method and common sense Try him, RECOMMENDATION My teeth were extracted at the People's Dentists without l*uln 1 will euy that their nystern IR truly painlfSH and advise all sufferers to vlHtt them, MHS. USRKINB LEIPEH, 3217 Howurd Bt Gold Growni Brldgt Work r Bold Filling $1,00 Sllvir Fllllne .60 xtraatlng Examination Fre« Work Guaranteed. "OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS" On« Block South of Traction 8tutlon~-Thio« Block! Noith of Union Station Any C*r for Downtown w i l l Biing You to Our GfflfO L04r Attendant. "Your* for Good UftAltb bj tbe Good Teeth Route,' 1 'S DENTISTS KDlrMW - U * W - Wft»hin*tpa St, 15 **»«··' E*peri«noe. next Saturday fcight action on a resolution to strike. This was done after union leaders announced that It wan quite poutjl- flcials, who have been In charge of th6|bi e a neutral arbitrator could be agreed men I upon to asulst next week in Bottling thn long-standing dlffei enocH botwocn tin* strike, asserted that not enough would return to bring about anything like normal conditions, TRAMMERS ARE FIRM. They said the ranks of the strikers were regaining firm and that the trammers, who push the cars in the mine, and without whom no rock can be brought to the shafts for hoisting, are standing with the federation to a man. The artillery septlon of the Michigan state troops, here since the strike of the copper miners began, will be the flrst to leave the strike zone, They will entrain Monday for Lansing The military board will arrange on Sunday for the gradual removal of the remainder of the aol- dlera. I, W, W. WILL CONDUCT STRIKE, Leaders are Invited by Dock Worker* to Assume Complete Charge, DUIAJTH, Minn., Aug. 9 --William D Haywood and Joseph J. Ettor, Industrial Workers of the World organisers, have been asked to come to Duluth to assume complete charge of the ore dock workers' strike. James P Cannon, memboi of the I W W , who has been in charge hero and at Sirpeiior, mado this statement tonight. POSTPONE STRIKE ACTION. Detroit Employes May Settle Differences by Arbitration. DETROIT, M i f h , Aug 9--Late tonight the members of the Detroit Street Car Men's Union decided to postpone u n t i l British Prince Takes Afternoon "Off." railroad and its motormen and conductors, ,^^^^______^ -SEPTEMBER MORN" BARRED FROM NEW ORLEANS MAILS Nude Girl, Shivering In Chilly 8«* on Post Cards, Is "Frosted by Postofflce Order. NEW ORLKANH, La, Au* 9 -- O i d e r f l to bar fiom the mails at the New Otl^ann office all post cards or other reproductions of Paul Chabas's painting, "September Moi n," were received here today from the Postoffloe Depiu tment In Washington according to Postmuwtcr Leonhardt This announcement wan made in connection with tho airost hero today of Harold Mnrx of an art store which had displayed In its windows the picture of tho demure nude maiden The police about a month ago had ordered the picture out of tho wlndow t but Marx disregarded the order He Is charged with exhibiting indecent p i c - tures Before the controversy was veiy old poet card reproductions began to appear Postmaster Leonhatdt sent one to tho department at Washington and today said he had received Instructions to ie* fuse to accept them for transmission in the malls The Biuflh nnd Penci! Club issued a vigorous denunciation of the action of tho police and tho PoHtofllce Iepuitment. TYPHOID MYSTIFIES COLLEGE, Five Deaths In Few Weeks Cause Government Investigation* RALEIGH, N C , Aug »--"Nick 1 1 O, F*tzer, con ter on tho North Carolina, Tech's football teams of 1011 and 1912, died in Charlotte of typhoid fovei His death I» thf fifth among the students of the A g r i u ! t u r a l and Mechanical College E W Waldrop died In Raleigh, and now Heniy McGinn is dead in Hayewvllle, his home Prof N If Latone of Harrlnburg, Pa, teacher of physics, died two weeks ago, and two months ago H e n r y Smith, an undergraduate, died at Windsor, Dr. Joseph R Kidlon assistant surgeon of the United States Health Department, has been het« several days wot king with the college scientists to find t h o local caufte Only one student hurl died in Raleigh, but all have gone homo 111 and died Don't try to see how little you can give when the collection box is passed for the Summer Mission for Sick Children Whit Ton R«aioa»bly Oofht 01 SATURDAY CANADA NEEDS CROP MONEY. Papers in Province of Alberta Suspend Because of Currency Shortage. CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 9 -- WeBtern Canada now faceM a peculiar financial Hituatlon W i t h the* bln?fst crops I n hia- totv, ready foi h a r v e s t i n g In two weeka, j money la tighter t h a n evei known hero, | Newspapers are urging 1 t h e Dominion go\rrnnnont to loan $10000000 In Alberta cither to f a i n i e i t t or by t a k i n g up provincial or city bond lftmen Banks rlalm t h e y have no f u n d s to loan Within ten duyn two d a l l y papers in Alb* i ta have temporarily tuiHpended publication, ppeting to reautne in the fall banks n r e c o m i n g to the aid of f a r m e r s in m a r k e t i n g crops Why Not Save Honey by Letting Us Repair Your Watch? Main PSf\A Springs *UC Burton Jewelry Co. 58 Monument Place PRINCE JOHN OF --Copyright, E N G L A N D . International Prlnoo John, tho younKCBt non of Oeorffp of KnRland, la horo Bhown taking a donkey rido In tho Ixindon Zoo Tln- rec offnized by tho crowd, Prlneo John, with all the vitality of his 5 *·*·*"_ *«* Joyce! his afternoon "off" thoro\JKiilv Ho bought nntfl n n d fed tho elephantq and monkeys Mo insisted on throo rides on a donkey and thon wanted to rido a H"» comDfltltton waa too k*«n. BLAZING GASOLINE KILLS BOY. Auto Flywheel Shatters Store Window and Muffler Fires Tank, WILLIAM8POKT Iml , Aug 9 --A p l o f f of n f b w h ^ e l f i o n i t h e n u t o m o b l l p of Karl H o b i i i t b i o k o ,1 pi i t e - g l a s s w i n flow In th* MIOM* of I r I h i t p o r uul t h o niuffloi w n « n N o b l o w n f r o m t h e o n l i n e and R t r u c k i t n n k * o n t H l n l n f f gasoline T h e t o d -hot m u f f l e r set H i t * t o t h o gnRo- llno $ncl b l a y l n g oil was thi own ovoi t h e f t o n t o f t h e M u p e t store r i m r U i Dennis, 13 \ e a r f l old, wan s t a n d i n g near bv and was burned to d e a t h HIT BY B E E R GLASS; DIES. FORT W A Y N K , Ind Aug 9 -Paul K Miller, (10 years old died ton m i n u t e s after ho had been s t r m k bolow the oar by a beer glass wielded by 'Dutch Joe f Numnner, 4fi yeais old* In a brawl to- Hummer has been arrested. SENTFREETOMEN A Most Pleading Remedy Given to Quickly Restore Lost Vitality A Free Trial Treatment Sent by Mail To All Who Write Pron t r i a l t r e a t m e n t s of Knlrvltn, a most p l t i i s l r i K n ITM dy a i p belnpr n i f l l k d to all who u i f t o to Pi" J o h n S Ho\\ n i l So ttiftny w h o Jiart b n t t l o f l f u r yetuB n ^ a l n s t t mental and physical s»j(Toiin»f of mun woftknos-i h a v e w i l t t o n t h a n k i n g h i m fot t h n p f fit r c M v r » d t h e n f o i c Dr Hnwoll O n c l d p d t o H*md f u n t i l n l t u f t t n u tnon w h o w r l t o It Is a htfrm* t t f a t m A n t all u ho puff »r w i t h any f o r m of wouknefut, T f f f U l t l n i r f r o m y o u t h f u l f o l l y p of fltHtiffth and m e m o r y \ \ n n k back lark of \ U t x l l t and ^ o n f l r l f n o o r u n now ret H t r r n ^ l h f f l s inff t r n a t n i c n t a t h T h o t r o n t m o n t has a p n r u l l n r g r n f f t of w u i m t t i and Rocnis to act d l r w c t t h o ( I t H i i P f l l o c a t i o n p i o m l n l n g rtn\ elbpniont j v i f l t w h e r o It IB p( cdni It li R:l\»f n to n | l n \ o tho I l l s nncl t t o v i b l f s t h como from voars of mlaufto of t h « n a t t u xl f u n c t i o n n find hti^ met w i t h rcrrmrkftblo · l U f t o ^ H p \ ( n In casofl a p p r o a c h i n g ^pfo A ipquci*t to l o h n R H o w o l l M D P u f t f 7 ^ 7 A ud I tori u m n n i U M n f f HIK in O h i o n t n t l i i R t h a t u rtositc onn of his t i l i l p n r k igoq ttlll bo com piled \viih p i o m p t l j Hn |q cloBirnufi of r o n r h t n g t h a t ffront cUfl« of m * n win mo n n a b l o to l n n \ o homo to t r o a t p f l n n d t h o fren Hamplfl w i l l n n n b t h e m to Rftfl how o n u y It t» to fiiirco^ufvilly t r o u t umn wrmknefH \ \ h p n tho propoi l o m o dlM nro c r n p i o od Dr H o t t o l l makofl no r o s t i l c t i o i i f l A n y man \vho \ \ i l t o n w Bont a f i n e WHmplo and l i t e r a t u r e c a i e f Roalod In a plain parknf((i so t h a t o v i neod h a v e no foal of ( m b n r r f t f i H m o n t oi p u h U p n d e i a arc lequestod to u r l t o w i t h o u delay - Ad USE STAR WANT ADS FOR RESULTS, j *i v "'* ri * ** *A\ r ^ s p \ p r R H R C

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