Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 20, 1933 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, July 20, 1933
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eather ***- W!r.\* '__,_ , . ... • fefs s ==7~-.- • • ' '-• P'3*y ;/'\ ALGONA, IOWA, JULY 20, 1933 — — — • 10 Pages Number 4$ GION FROLICS TODAY AT BURT - ~' ..-—•—•————; . .- ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ , - - ^ _ _ _. _ _ — .^K. ^K. ^K. A • '• Drop in Grain Market Swats the Bulls JSSUTH N RETURN EUROPE CORK & OATS SAG 4 TO 60, WHEAT 10-120 Tell. In Denmark. looked alter relative* and old l. father, the late Hans who was born and rear. t i. e legacy had already rt! when Mr. Soren- by a Joint h elr, a bro- father and because of l not bring big What, Ho! Circus Tickets on Sale in Algona at Only We Pretty Country. an exceedingly pretty .• Sorensen 'found. -The ••*• oTlt acres, and .uVroundingB, and all, are f the owner, who keeps to spick span condition. Further Drop Looked For, Then A Steady Market. Bulls were taken for a buggy ride yesterday, when the market broke 4c to Be on corn, 5c to 6c on oats, lOc to 12c on wheat, lie to 13c on rye, and a nickel on barley. The drop 'on barley would have been more marked, but a limit of 5 cents drop was imposed. Predictions of an impending drop voiced by grain men for more than a week were realized. Oats bid at 39c to 39%c yesterday morn- Ing were 'bringing only 31c and 32%c last night. Similar drops were Algona merchants, as the result of arrangements made with the Sch£ll Bros, circus, which comes next Tuesday, will sell general admission tickets which ordinarily bring 40c at only 10'c. There are no strings attached to this, other than that a purchase ol some amount, large or small, must m a d e at the store where the ticket is obtained at lOc. Tickets purchased at the circus grounds will Algona Markets be 40c. Tickets will be landscaped, with flow* 3 ' 8hrub *i ^ vJ 1 . Vegetable gard- fojust as well cared tor; .nd gardens are "curried" that weeds are al- he United States , fences „„,». Cattle^ are., tied to ( The farmer starts staking nils out at one end of a Held, I as they eat they are Amoved and around to the starting which, by that time has a second crop. 'Fences are w only on large estates, and i more as a decorative feature •wi.'tor keeping the stock inside. Rnother feature pt.American lite "'" - missed 1 in any! of the old ies is lack of sanitation „ in the United States. Plumb- Uems a necessity to the aver- American, but to foreigners it Jj.luiury,, ','•'•'••. .'.••'- AutwwWles Mainly American. Eifost automobiles in .Denmark are Bwican-made, Ford and Cnevro- predomlhating -Just Vas -they do , There are only a few Eng___ and German cars. The roads Kte,narrow', but are all .surfaced a combination ot tar and ., Jd rock or coarse gravel. [•Mr. Sorensen and Viggp Chrl.st- , Bancroft, who traveled to-, tor, landed at Bremen, Germany, __1 thence went to Denmark, by Kiln. They were in Denmark 30 Idiys. it took six days to reach iDenmarlc from iNew York, and seven |<t return. Weyeles and Wooden Shoes. Bicycles have a strong hold in ISenmark, as they also have in other |Riropean countries. , (Everyone ride them; they are much lucre common than cars. registered on all other grains. :. The crowd of more or less Joyous speculators who .had milled around Algona grata offices a week or more presented a forlorn picture yesterday as the quotations kept dropping and wiping out margins. People who had heard of others talk of winning hundreds of dollars on the market felt better when the paper profits were shattered The old grain maximum, beware o a market in which the public is buying', got an exemplification. Many things contributed to bring on the drop, the major thing being that the high prices had not been .Justified. Oats had been shipped into the .United .States from Canada, despite a l<5c tariff, indie- good at the main entrance and will entitle the holder to a free seat. Only . 40 per cent of the eats'will be free seats. The balance are reserved, and they will be 25c. Thus it will be possible to see he circus from a reserved seat a only 35c. Schell Bros, have a four-rin cus, three regular sawdust rings, and one animal ring. One of the features will be antics; by Baby Bolo, said to be the smallest elephant on earth. Other features will be regular circus attractions, inclu'd- HOGS Best med. wt. 180 to 260 ------ $4-00 Best med. wt. 260 to 300 ------ $3.90 Best prime hvy. butch. 300-350 3.80; acklng sows, 300 to 350 Ibs. $3.4! Heavy sows, 400 lbs._ -------- -3.3 ig hvy. sows, 400-600 ?3 to CATTLE Canners and cutters $1.00 to $1.76 Fat cows — - -------- $2.00 to $2.75 Veal calves --------- \$3£0 to $4.0fr Fat steers ______ —-$4.00 to $5.0ft Yearlings ----------- $3.00 to $4.00 Jul ls ________ $2.00 to $2.75 " , ating the heighth of the American market above that of Canada. To grain men this was a vividly red danger signal on this kind of a market. . , Oats too have been fed to hogs during the last few /ears. When oats are high-priced they go on the market, and the hogs have to feed ~ BEACON CITY IS DESCRIBED AS DELIGHTFUL Pleasure Found in the Contacts Made At Fair. Fats and Leans Will Vie at Kittenball Tomorrow Night Verena M. Hentges, Michigan City, N. D., former roommate o Zada Finnell Butler, Algona, at St Teresa's college, Winona, Minn and former Whittemore teacher who was here recently and engaged Stock Hens ________ . "steers ________ $3.00 to $4.00 POULTRY and 8c _13c _-8c _22c last week It was reported that Doctor Keneftck's sister Buth, Y. W. Q. A. athletic dlrec- tor at Des Monies, is a member of the Beacon City service staff, and now It is learned that Marlon Crllmore, son- of Mrs. Irene Gllmore, Algona, and grandson of Mrs. J. Q. Jamison, Is also a member of the staff. Cocks 4c and *° Springs lOc and l<!c ' PRODUCE Eggs, graded No. 1 — Eggs, graded No. 2 — Cash cream GRAIN No 2 yellow corn — 44c Beacon City reservations for, her George and Dolph Miller. No. 2 white corn «c motner herself, and a friend, | The following "leans" have been Rival Algona "gangs" will battle t out at kittenball tomorrow evening at 6:15 when, the "fats" among the business men will play ;he "leans" in a game at Athletic park. . The purpose of the game is to swell the kittenball league's treasury. The league makes no admission charge for, games, and so has no income with which to buy.bats, balls, or other necessities. The game tomorrow will therefore be a benfit game for the league. A charge of only lOc will be made, and children under 12 will be admitted free. . The proceeds will, it is hoped, enable the league to be represented in a northern Iowa and southern [Minnesota tournament at Mason !City August 7-12. • Eugene Neville, captain ot the "fats," has lined up the following i heavy beefers for his team: D. D. Paxson, Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, i Marshal F. W. Green, E. W. Lusby, D. L. Leffert, W. A. Dutton, Sherwood McDonald, Dr. L. W. Fox, I "Chub" Guderian, M. C. McMahon, I Stewart McFadden, Eugene .Neville, Harold Sorensen, William Seipman, L. E. lUnnan, Alvin Huenhold, and Ingham Makes Perfect Golf Score of 36 JUNIOR BALL GAME CHIEF ATTRACTION Burt And Tripoli TV Play In Inter-Dit- trict Tilt. 1 Many years ago, after Harrey hgham had gone to Des Molnes, but before he was 50, he celebrated the virtues of golf editor- ally. Of this there had of late rears been no mention, and his friends here had taken It for granted that with advancing age he had given up the sport. But not so, and he stills swings a really mean club, unless Editor 8. E. Davenport, of the Clear Lake Reporter, doesn't know what he is broadcasting about. The .Reporter says that Harvey and his wife were week-enders at the lake Shore hotel weekend before last and that Harvey shot the nine holes on the Clear Lake golf links In a perfect 36. Today Is Legion day In Burt There will be street sports, a bowery dance, et<%, but th« big- attractions will be two ball games this afternoon. At liW the Burt Junior leajrue team, having won the district championship In the state league, will play Tripoli, third district winner, In the first of a series tt three games to determine which team shall proceed farther hi the state contest. After tfebt game the Burt and Bancroft town teams will play. beef hides ng a Hollywood movie outfit, trapeze, animal, and bareback riding acts, clowns, and everything else ;hat goes with a great circus. No'. 3 white oats — -- 30 ^ c writes 'under date ot last Thurs- picked by R. L. (Fuzzy) . day their captain: H. M. Smith, R. H. I' find that I have no time to Miller, F. E. Kent, Oscar Anderson, $2.001 wr ite that promised report in de- Pa ul Hamil, 'P. J. Christensen, Don tail However, I will give a few Cronan, E. J. McEvoy, C. i.. mi- comments now, and when I return, ley, F. D. Mathea, G. D. Brundage if you BO desire, I shall be glad constable F. A Newville, Earl o go into detail. , Sprague, A A. Sterling, Carl Pear- 6 son, Bert Grinnell, Bert Deal, J , W. Neville, and H. W. Post. Tne game promises to be a rea partisans of both teams HANDICAP TOURNEY IS PLAYED SUNDAY 1 on pasture and corn It is believed that the market will show a minor drop today or tomorrow, then.become steady. In comparison with a week ago corn is 4%c to 5c lower; oats 6%c for lower. Both grades of eggs are up ng. a cent, with poultry unchanged. Hogs are a dime to 15c up, and cattle are up IBc to halt a dollar. BOOZE CHARGE LODGED AGAINST BANCROFT MAN 'Fred Thacker, Bancroft, was arrested last Thursday by Marshal A. J. Dolechal, Bancroft, and Sher- ift Dahlhauser on a charge ot il— w . U uw.. «.„,. «..-. legal possession of liquor for sale In the country moat of the peo- Tne officers found a,gallon or ai fie still wear wooden shoes, and cono i in his hamburger shop nex ltd the American they dress strang- to a dance pavilion. I «lf. Windmills ot the Holland type A. preliminary hearing was hew lire common, The houses are not tne same day before Justice um |!«ge, but they are attractively- BeKrmann, Bancroft, and Thacke Itallt. . - V • (was bound over to the distric | The people spend spare timehon | CO urt. Bond was set at $1,500, whlc Improvement ot their property. U,ad not been furnished up to Mon They play little golf and seldom day . indulge in other forms ot amuse- Thacker's wife was one of tn pent. Mr. Sorensen did not see a victims of a double-drowning in 'course in Denmark. The peo-L an dpit near Bancroft two year A. & P, STORE TO OPEN IN NEW ROOM SATURDAY Manager C. H. Swanson, of the A. & P. grocery, announces in a special advertisement in today's Advance that the store will be mov- E. C ed at once one door east into the Beacon City lightful, an Ideal way to attend -the lignuui, an laeai way w »•"•="" ""^ Da ty e Thirty - six golfers turned in world's fair. I recommend it highly I urglng - th em..on to victory, scores in a handicap tournamenijat h^^Vacon.dlty staff takes-a L —~ + the Country club Sunday. T " e perso nal interest in all guests and'»l three low scores, after the nandi- provldes everything for one's corn- cap was deducted, were given goir £ort m ^ enjoyment. We have no ball prizes. The scores actually com pi ai nt to make, and we can made, the handicaps, and the net | truthfully say that the accommoda- scores follow. Player D. E. Dewel i—44 DICK'GETS FOR G. 0, P, BOSS Gross Hdcp. Net l xpectations tions here have tar exceeded our . Mentlon o£ Senator , L . j. Dickin room occupied by the Sorensen rug store when it was burned out ast fall. It is planned to be ready or business there Saturday morn- g. The new quarters have been en- irely redecorated, and new light- ng fixtures have been placed. A ebuilt front adds to the attrac- iveness of the new quarters. New looring was laid. The floor space s nearly halt again as large as in ;he old quarters. ' New steel shelving, new counters, and a new refrigerator will jreet patrons of < Manager Swanson I Pie take life easier than we do. Boer Better Than Ours. .Mr. Sorensen tried — , I wand found it bufc-Wttle strong- Mr than thai; which is now legal to |«mch of the United Sates.' The flavor, " ago. Sheriff Dahlhauser is indignan H. V. Hull 50 F. E. Kent 41 Dr. W. D. Andrews 45 , Bob Harrington 4S Lee Reed :__-•--41 C. H. "Williams 52 C. M. Frane 54 R. H. Miller 43 'Gene Murtagh 41 L. C. Nugent 44 W. P. French —49 F. L. McMahon 43 W. F. Steele 47 "Chuck" Cretzmeyer 47 E. C. Hancher 48 the store, and Ben Hynds 53 ,vho came to|c. W.^lcoulln —-49 12 9 15 15 6. 9 6 5 16 17 6 4 7 11 5 9 8 9 10 8 Makes Valuable Contacts. son as presidential timber in 1936 HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS TO PUT ON ALGONA PREMIERE Something new in movie stunts will take place at the Call tomor row night. This will be a "Holly wood movie .premiere." The stunt is based on the Hollywood custom according to .which all movie stars turn out to attend the premiere of a major picture there. The premiers are colorfu), with searchlights, f i T e w o r ks, loudspeakers, and music. As 'each star approaches the theater, he or. she is asked to stop and speak .through the loud-speaker. . This scene will be enacted jto- Burt, July 18—The Burt Junior- ball team won the district championship from Manning last week; The boys went to Manning Tuesday to play the first game, fcutJ. • it had to be called off after th* second inning because of rain. Th« game was played next day, and Burt was defeated, 5-5. Then on Thursday Manning came here, and the lirst game resulted in a 6-1 score in favor ot Burt. A second game was thenV played, after a short rest, to settl*- a tie, and again Burt won. J.6-3. The Burt battery in the first- game was Riddle and Sigsbee, and. in the second game Ewoldt ant Sigsbee. Whittemore Player Touted. Whittemore, July 18 — Henrf? Behnke, who has been at Sennet* six months with his brother Edwin. is playing great ball with the Ben- L 4 and a movement to make him chair. o-.. The Beacon City people are such man o f the republican national 35 an amiable, cheerful, optimistic commit tee in September, appeared 35 croup that one has an opportunity | in a united Press story from Wash- )° *^ _ t ___ 1. 1 _ _»«4-n A^Ct I . _ -~ __ »^ 1 I_\_ _ J 1« fP*l Ad_ 36 36 36 36 37 37 37 37 38 38 38 39 39 39 39 40 of. Manager .owauoun, «••« ~ -- „ -DI,™,,,,, 43 » vi Algona only three months ago. is R. S. Blossom^ -« nerdonably proud of all-new equip- M. C McMahon « ^ perdonably 9 12 13 equipment not having arrived, but H. M. Hauberg ____>, „ its sudden appearance Tuesday I L. C. Hansen a< « wrought about a .change in plans. Jimmie Neville In Car Upset Tuesday _. _. C. A. Momyer 50 R. W. Horigan 50 T. H. Holmes 51 J. W. Kelly 60 D. D. Paxson 67 F. E. Saunders —-52 ..._ He " I aged. ^armuchbet^lenforc^the was that he exactly way that he does in any " county. Mr and Mrs. J. W. Neville and Albert Granzow —-63 their' grandchildren, Jimmie Nev- McCullough -—61 ille, 11, and Bob Neville, 9, escap-l » ed serious injury Tuesday night, when the Neville car was upset on 9 8 9 18 15 10 8 15 16 10 41 41 41 42 42 42 42 to make many valuable contacts The social, educational and recreational aspects are well taken care Every day we are provided with a Beacon City Bulletin, on the back of which our itinerary for the day s outlined. This in itself is a remarkable service. Guide service is also provided every day at the gate where we enter the fair grounds. The fair grounds are divided into five areas, and we cover net nine. His batting average" around .400, and he plays third. morow night by 30 Algonians taking "the parts ot movie stars. Two men who conduct the stunt .have been here since Monday, engaging talent. "(Doubles" of some screen heroes and heroines have 'been found .here. The .public is to guess whom they represent. The Algona ball nine lott ft game to the Texas Black 8pM> erg, colored team from Dec Molnes, at the fair grounds day. The score'was 10-3. one a day—an excellent plan. •' Regrets to End Stay. To describe the wonders of the fair and make readers realize the grandeur of it all is a task beyond me; but I am saving the Beacon City Bulletins, which give a good idea of exhibits of special in- ington, D. C., published in Tuesday's Des Moines Tribune. The suggestion was embodied in ^ ^ a reoort of secret activities by T h e Algona impersonators will Charles Dewey Hilles, New York, De brought to the theater in cars and former Senator Watson, Indir furnished by local garages, and ana, active candidates for the chair- they will be met by a "master of manship. Senator Dickinson's only ceremonies," who through the loud- ntimation of the movement in his Upeakirig apparatus will introduce behalf came a few moths ago, when them. They will then say a few a western senator, high.in republic- W0 rds. Shortly afterwards each will an circles asked his permission to do a specialty number on the stage, suggest him for the chairmanship, impersonating the , actor repre- The party chairmanship, especi-. ae nted. f • .->, ! : ' .Jv^.; . ally in a minority term,'when fac- prizes are to be awarded on tions are striving for the presiden- me rit, and photos of the winners tial nomination; is important. The w m De sen t to Hollywood. base. It is also learned that Erwitt. Kuecker is playing sensational -ball for Ames. The Ames,.Daily Tribune carried a story July 3 under th«. heading, "Kuecker's Hitting B1* Factor in Eleven-Inning Victory. Thfe story in part follows: "Kuecker, who is proving himself one of the outstanding player* in the county league, was the gun for Ames. He got three including a home run which was responsible for four Ames rum, and he made a spectacular running- catch of Rinker's fly in short centerfield." U. P. writer said: The program, which 'will be in OJl HJC *•>«» •••—••— — - - the old No. 18 road a mile and a half west of Emmetsburg. , The Nevilles had been at Esther- Farm Hand Suffers Wound In Accident KITTENBALL 6AMES ABE DATED FOR NEXT WEEK sf^3/3^] plS r^sr^r,f.rt. b s ed but Mrs. Neville was from shock yesterday. suffering "Jimmie" .was store. Sliuun. j^«*~-—- • , . , , -i _ on duty, as usual, at his shoe pitching for Phillips in plac h^oT^Wrl^ *„„, P.^n, No one An the party was *•«"' with typhoid fever. who was sick terest. I have supplemented the bulletins with a few notes on exhibits and concessions of special interest to me. I hope that I have ah opportunity 42 to tell you of my .-experiences, the 44 j thrills, and the adventures at the 46 fair. It is a wonderful exposition 47 Jin every respect. I regret that my 51 stay here at Beacon City is drawling to a close. However, I am so ortunate to have friends in the ity to, visit after leaving here Sat- rday morning," and • I • shall • there- ore remain tor the rest of my ten- day ticket limit. ^ • Patient Taken to Cherokee. Sheriff Dahlhauser drove to Jherokee Tuesday with Hans Hansen,' Swea City, who was ordered committed to the state hospital Monday by the county insanity board. Mr. Hansen waa brought to Algona Saturday on order of Mayor J. M. Dye, Swea City. "There is a chairmanship boom f ro nt of the theater, will take place in the making for Senator Dickin- a t g o'clock, and there will be band son (Rep., la.), who was keynoter music, floodlights, and fireworks. at the republican convention last .stage acts will be given at 8:30 and 10:30. The feature movie for year. Elevation of Dickinson to that the evening is The Narrow,Corner, position would be a step towards starring. Doug Fairbanks Jr. his own nomination in 1936. Des- The premiere will be managed by >ite immediate lack of enthusiasm, Frank Barnes and P. J. Topping. he lowan is not out of the run- 1 * ning." . Friday's game was won by the Advertisers, 8-3, from the R.C.A. Monday evening the Phillips team lost to the U. D. M., 7-3. A game postponed July 11 because of darkness was played on Tuesday between Skelly and R. C At Maytag Party Games scheduled next only a mild interest in the movement. He is making.no effort toj secure -the nomination. , . *«™ •*• GALBRAITH BUILDING IS SOLD TO SWIFT'S AlfiONIAN'S SISTER IS CHAMPION AT TENNIS . _ !T7T' ,„»..,_ frWai Ition has not been given out. Dr. John Keneflck's sister Thel- , • Major city real estate news of | the week is the' sale of the .Swift poultry plant propery to the Swift Company, of which Matt ILamuth is local manager. The considera- tions Lose to EstherrHle. Bancroft, July 18—The Bancroft Lions ball team lost to the Esther- ' ville Eagles at Estherville Sunday. , 4-3. The battery for Eathervilie waft ' Paulson and Wegs; Lichliter and,; i'! Menke for Bancroft. Paulson allow- ,; ' ed .eight hits and got nine strike- >'\ outs, while Lichliter struck out aim ;'• men and allowed six. hits. Bancroft- has won nine games out of 12. This week Thursday the boys play Burt 1 ' > at Burt. . ! . . > ( ' St. Joe Defeats tlvermor*. "*~ St. Joe, July 18-JOllle Nelpon's Livermore Cubs were badly defeat* J ed Sunday here by the St. Joe Car- ' dinals. The battery for St. Joe was t, Raymond Kramar, Raymond Thil- ! ges, and Alvin Klein, and for the Cubs, Smith, Raney, and Wilter. . ma, of Eagle Grove, won the worn- Houh admlnl8trator ot ( he Geo . an's singles 9 hamp ° nh A p11 l lowastate L. Galbraith estate". Mr. Hough and m ^ g m usol Des Moines Sunday. She defeated completed the dea j at Des Molnes „.,„ moved thei . p or B r i e f Period k i binder in such * • • __ 11, — —- ——- -- .., "- ' —"1 i-- +v, 0 uatleame Tuesday ended with ures during vne iuox «owKr^-t. N«5lf?™tgs asTff vff iSfev^ir^^sssS Tea»A^n E»fe'ir4S«' * - Driver need. The #mperature record 1 lows: ' Hlgk low car near Clear^^.^ Taa U u iy ii5 1. July 1« • oo Tclrljuly » ------^--- 83 C. C. Plam Dutch Lunch for Monday Members of the Algona^Community club will bawa- *Putch" lunch and trimmtiiffs at the Country club clubhouse next Monday evening. tuneli^Ul be served at 7, and will be followed with cards and other amusements, as way be desired, Th«W will be no charg*. This m^ttW will be one of several planned for this year. and the Des Moines 'Miss Keneflck's net The . four t ground dimensions Btpofl ,.., __ oo L. <n« »> ____ _, __ _____ -Miss ^"^^''^^"^"BiiT- being 88 by 132. (Possession her in good stead against Miss But- . was a net game seldom in a perhaps the . in Algona, and the * n gona, an e an's play, and her overhead is .a * ulld , ng , thp j ar g es t in town. The is well known Algona, having -. Laat sunimer she 'ot'Algona's best male players. She is Algona-s largest company.suc- , companyV which rated here sinc *; 1926. and "* -»»o—-- ---- .- ,' t _ it,t- naa operaiea nere since iaao, ana i . s _. e * p - e . cted here B& in 1923 the present building was y. BP erected. The Swift company em- summer. Umpires were . John Ziemet and John B. Reding. Next Sunday the Cardinals will play the Bode Nor-v skis here. • Swedes Win From ButtorfMa. Swea City, July 1«—The local ball nine played a league game on. Sunday at Hand's Park, and won. r "i from Butterfleld, Minn., l»-7. Peterson pitched for Swea That evening gwe» City pU,«^,, ; Goldfield at Corwith, and agaitt >{ twqn. Gregor Delm pitched. There li were three home runs in the Cor^p with game, ' Ledyard Loses to Bode. Ledyard, July 18—The local ball club played at Bode Sunday an* .s lost, «-3. Hubert Ostermann. —* ' M r eV£;?' 0 ^ 60t °* 5 tion at the state university this the 8eason> Col. R. R. McCormlck, Tribune publisher. The manager of the Chicago jjand South of St, Joe Drives Car Into Train; week, and this week-end will take p „ It...* part in a Mississippi valley tennis j T Ormer PUrt Found Dead In S. D* I meet at Iowa City. YOUA in The death of Henry Shaeffer, old- were* the battery, mann only allowed three hits, ing practice Gerald stepped in hole- and sprained his ankle, BO was unable to play his field, i Oldweds TS. SlniiM, Sexton, July 18 — The a while &on ? ld AkreWint Worl4> F»ir Trip «* St. Joe, July 18-JSmmett Griffin, >6, died last Thursday morning at "podge Mercy hospital n his' way. home. This crossing is dangerous and increase the] iniurles the evening coach he was , danger. Mr. Griffin failed to see the There ar e apprpximately 500 Joys train on the No. 169 ••w*"*^^ 1 *** nn lira aflVlllC LBBw9 *•" »**» f " «^~~ !»»•»— — •— H«3»f " £ ; p- e u 7 *"J^ 8 1 ii6<j oy _»«*«« Vinsnital that _ ... »,_.._i, OA<IB|AII HaturdaT* I. T^.' '_ _«~,«>i K^ MB «m. r ^* son , is ' schools this summer. He iii a the Al- derstood here that he suffered a _ co - waB " 24^* i u '*£> ^^^^i^^^ws ySJKZ*- a. widow and Mrs. W. T.,Fis», was his Lu Verne; score U-1Q, favor Verne. . enough/and so ran in*o 32 states, Canada, and Ber wrecked. .eight week session they will spend, g^-- was called from | rtw>t t0 ur dayj at the world's fair. | ^ ^^^ ^ Q. B,. $<&<>. Livermore, and Mr. GriftUi was wtrM's I air, by went to Des MouAay, to Losw tt Burt July 18 — The team played Wb.ittem.OFe Sunday afternpon, and pr^ctlon were " <e«, ,'," , *% t/ 1 -? „ .,., *'. ^^^'-.^•^^rf^ ' .^

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