Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 13, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1933
Page 5
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KOSStJTtt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. tOWA State Comptroller C. B. Murtagh | spent the week-end at home. The John, .kohlhaas family left Sunday for a week at the Okobojls. dee Reed began work Tuesday afternoon at the Andy Anderson grain office. The Wilbur Zelglers spent Sunday with Wilbur's brother Elmer at Mason City. Mr. ,and -Mrs; Eugene Murtagh spent the week-end at Hayward's Bay i the t Okobojls. Mr. and Mrs. Joel Herbst spent Sunday With relatives at Miller's Bay, the Okobojls. Margaret Anne Beardsley Is spending this week at Clear Lake The MitUlletons formerly lived at Washington, D. C. The H. J. Lacys, now of Humboldt, spent Sunday here with Mr. Lacy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lacy. H. J. recently opened his own Gamble store at Humboldt. The Russell Hodges have moved nto the bungalow east of the Northwestern depot where the H. J. Lacys lived before Mr. Lacy op- with Betty Laird. ILelghton Misbach left Sunday | now showing the in engagement „„ wedding rings to & both yellow and for him here, rank Miller, of Ashton, former ance employe, is serving the type this week. Mr. and Mrs. H. Guderfan have gone to Cobb, !., to visit a brother of R. H. planned to go thence to Cass re in northern Minnesota for a sk or two of fishing, os. Greenberg, who handles the ust east of the fair grounds, are parents of their first-born, an 8-lb. girl, born Monday. Mrs. Frank Lud- wlg, Whittemore, William's mother and eVronica prlester, of the West Bend - Whittemore neighborhood, are caring for mother and babe. The child has not yet been named. Mr. Ludw'ig Is employed at county highway work. *T the at As be SU me at n inc <itt ened his boldt. Gamble store at Hum- ting engage- lit* at Wehler'B you _ of a beautiful nt stone set in ex- , in and let us show . new rings. % If your needs remounting "gladly give you an , on it, also clean, and it is in good order. iHlER'S Phone 240 ateh and Jewelry ng— Engraving 'ECIALS night for a week at the Century of Progress. exposition. Mrs. J. M. -Hardgrove is taking a vacation;from the Chrischtlles & Herbst store.this week. Mr. and Mrs. George Boron were at Adel «n business last week Wednesday, returning Thursday. A new awning has been added to the Borchardt drug store's modern front,' completed last -week. Mrs. Floyd Saunders returned Sunday from Sioux dltyt, where she had spent a week with friends. The Matt Lamuths left Saturday tor Big Birch lake, near Grey Eagle, Minn., for two weeks of fishing. The Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse are attending an Epworth League Institute at the Okobojis this week. . Mrs. Glen Strayer and her son Dickie left last Thursday for two weeks with relatives at Winnebago, O. D. Shumway and his brother- in-law, L. T. Mitchell, assistant receiver of the Burt bank, spent the week-end in O'Brien county, looking after some of the Shumway farms. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reimer of Grand Junction, and their daughters Mildred and Maribel spent Tuesday here. Mr. Reimer was formerly-W. E. Laird's undertaking partner. The Scott iFrasers, Philadelphia, arrived Friday to spenr the rest of the summer with Scott's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Fraser. well known General Tire & Rubber Co. line of automobile tires, reports a cheering business note from the factory, which now employs a greatly increased force 24 hours a day in an attempt to catch up with orders. Mrs. Anne Zittritsch and her daughter Frances Anne le'ft Saturday for ten days at the Century ol Progress exposition and to visit the former's parents,- who live . near Chicago. Catherine Doran, another daughter of Mrs. Zittritsch, is visiting her grandparents there. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Becker returned recently from a two weeks vacation Jaunt. They spent four days at the world's fair and visited relatives at Joliet, 111., and Milwaukee, They also made stops at Chippewa- Falls and The Dells in Wisconsin and at Minneapolis. Patsy Hertert, Harla'n, was a guest last week of Rosalie Swanson, daughter, of E. R. Swanson, manager of the A. & P. grocery. iNew automobiles are beginning to sell like old times. Kohlhaas Bros, received a carload of Chevrolets last week Wednesday, and they were all gone by Saturday night. Doris Black, Wesley, and Bertha Callies, Titonka, got coaches; Homer Gregory, Lu Verne, a sedan; and the Algona Rendering Works a truck. Mr. and Mrs. .Hueser will also attend, and re will be no church services the local Baptist church next Assembly that day. Mr. Hueser will be In charge of Instrumental music Sunday. A number of local church members are expected to attend the the assembly. How a raise in farm prices helps Industry in general was demonstrated last week by A. Hutchison. On his farm neat- Irvlngton Mr. Hutchison needed a new grain elevator, but at the prevailing prices for farm products last spring he didn't care to purchase a new one. But with the rise In prices for grains he felt that purchase would be Justified as an economic saving, before machinery prices, go up in reaction to the national inflation program. iSo he ordered a $300 elevator. It would be Interesting to trace the industries from ore mining, shipping, smelting, manufacturing to the finished product which were aided by this one transaction. Besides the industries named, innumerable clerks, bookkeepers, banks, etc., were helped. YOU are invited to coine Jri and sample and Inspect our large line of ^ Cold Meato \ LONG'S FOOD SHOP, Grocery & Meat Market ,' <f. Heine Rozeboom, Scott teaches in a Philadelphia She came a week ago Sunday, and high school. j. L. Bonar and L. C. Hanson got home Sunday from Wheaton, Minn., where they went last week Tuesday to look after farms. En the Swansons took her to Spirit '.Lake Sunday to loin her parents, who are spending "a vacation there. Earl Shaller, Beknond, spent Orange City, their daughter Eleanor, and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen, Titonka, were guests Sunday of Mrs. John Caughlln. Mrs. Rozeboom accompanied the Hansens home for a visit, Mr. Rozeboom returning to Orange City, and the daughter Eleanor remained for a week with Drusllla Caughlin. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barrickman got home Saturday night from Chicago, where they spent a week'at the Century of Progress exposition. They left their baby with the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Nelson, Sexton, and the boy with Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Peters, Burt, Mrs. Peters being a sister of Mr. Barrickman. Mr. Barrickman is employed at the Algona creamery. I. E. Wortman, former Lak*ta part of last week with old Algona route home they stopped for a little fishing. . Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hauberg from here to Belmond nine years friends. He is a barber who moved Minn. Mrs. Donald. Allen, Davenport, . . were expected home yesterday from ago. His eldest son, Lyle, now has Boston, where they attended the a wife and one child and lives at annual convention of Rotary Inter- Ripley, where he has a barber shop, national. They also visited other The son Earl is a sophomore in points in the East. high school. -in- No. 10 Tins It Fetches ______——89c s Cherries ;—. |!# can Sliced Peaches |;iynp —--- ; i can Apricots I syrup -__. m can Whole Toma- i Cookies __3 Ite. 25c iers 2 Ibs. 19c large box 19c lardware f Baskets 19c, 85c iBUnkets ____«9e tlwe 15c, 20e Pump Leathers __39c .91.4t ... 8»c i Shovels ____ ) "Forks _____ ' Coffee Boilers 1-91.10 i Orey Dishpans 98e «p > Bread Bai»ers>_-93.S& with her mother, Mrs. J. C. Kresensky The Rev. and Mrs. W. G. Muhleman left Monday for a week at the Epworth League institute at • the Okobojis. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. INvestad, Storm Lake, spent the week-end with the former's sister, Mrs. A. D. Adams. • Mary Streit is taking a two weeks vacation from the Goeders store, and Helen Goeders is substituting. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Baer, Kiester, Minn., spent Sunday at I. M. Finnell's. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Willey, Des Moines, a son and a daughter, came Sunday for a week at the .parental J. E. WHley's. ; The Rev. Father Jllg, Granville, was expected, yesterday for a visit ,with his •parents, Mr. and Mrs George Illg. Mildred Adams and Frank Junkins Omaha, spent the week-end with the former's sister, Mrs. Ross Coleman. Mrs. William Knoll, who Is 7^ years old, underwent a major op eratlon at the Kossuth hospital last Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Ogg spen Tuesday at Des Moines, where they were called by word that Mr. Ogg sister was sick. Margaret Habegar and Pear Walker left Saturday night for te days at the Century of Progres exposition, Chicago. The board of directors of th Druggists Mutual had dinner am. a business meeting at the Country Club clubhouse yesterday. Mrs. T. H. Chrlschilles won honorable mention for a book^ review in the tabloid section of the Register's book page Sunday. Mrs.i Herbert.Meredith, Milwaukee, and-her son Edward arrived Tuesday to visit the former's uncle, T. H. Wadsworth till today. D" and Mrs. R. M. Wallace with Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Buell, and Marie Grover, Burt, left last Thursday £01 a week", fishing in Wisconsin (Mr; and Mrs. A. E. Kresensky got home last Thursday from F an- dreau S D., where they visited dreau, b. u^ pettigrew. old friends here. Harry for an extended visit. At an afternoon Country ,iuia 1,1 vjiu uaav. —o- , Mrs. J. W. Mangan, Minneapolis, Mrs. William Funk and her and her sons John and Harry spent daughter Janice drove to Marsnall- ...lo. ^..-.- .---. the Fourth wilh the former's town Friday for two weeks with went home Friday after a visit daughter, Mrs. M. C. McMahon, and the former's parents. Mrs. a unk s - " " " -- - remained father .has for many years been employed in the Lennox Furnace „„ „,. „.„ _-.itry club factory there. Mr. Funk is an em- party at the clubhouse Tuesday ploye at the H. D. Clappsaddle tire afternoon, Mrs. M. P. Weaver won service-station, the high score at contract and Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Witham were Mrs H. 'L. Gilmore at auction, made great.grandparents Sunday There were seven tables. for the first time by the arrival Mr. and Mrs.. L. E. Hovey re- of a daughter at Mr. and Mrs turned from Harris, Minn., where Herbert Schmelmg's, >n Cresco they visited Mrs. Hovey's brother, township. It happens that the same -heodore Eastman. They also did day is the birthdays of Mrs With- ome fishing. On the return trip am and her granddaughter, Frances hev stopped at Minneapolis. •Mr and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan are Harriet- Vining. Mr. and 'Mrs. Fred Frost and a P Sng U tMs weVInlhe" v» daughter stopped here g last Thurs- f McGregor where Mr. Sullivan, day to visit Fred's parents, Mr and vho is a scales inspector for the Mrs. F. A. M. Frost, and his sister, Tate secretary of agriculture, is Mrs F L. Triton They were en 1 route home to Des Moines, aiier Mr. ami mm. T™.* ~~,,,—,,a visit at Howard, S. D. They- ^oldfield, and their children spent found crops practically ruined by Sunday with Mrs. B. A. Thorpe. | drought ^there^ The Stevensons are old friends of " the Dewels, who lived at Goldfleld n the 80's and till the mid-90's. Mrs. Alma Nelson and her daughter Gertrude left Saturday night [or a week or ten days at the Century of Progress exposition, Chicago. Another daughter, Anna, is attending summer school there. Mne. R. E. Menzel, Ames, and her son, Ralph Hugh, are visiting Mrs. Menzel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. IP. Weaver. Mr. Menzel brought them here a week ago Sunday and remained over the Fourth. Geo. G. Cole, who has a general store at Cooper, near Jefferson, brought up his daughter Georgia Tuesday to care for her grandmother, Mrs. Jennie M. Dewel, who has been sick since last week-end G. A..Brunson,.Des Moines, who recently lost his job as southern Iowa prohibition director to a democrat, .was here Friday and Saturday, looking after his interests in the Algona hotel building and a farm west of Burt. He said that for a time he would not try to find new- employment. Mr. and. Mrs. W. A. Lorenz and Mr. and Mrs. H. R, Addlngton spent Saturday evening and Sunday at the Okobojis. Mr. Aldington is district representative of the Goodyear tire company here, having replaced D. C. McMahon, who Is now a partner of Mr. Lorenz at the Deldutch service station. Charles Nelson and Donald Henderson, Albert Lea, spent the weekend with the latter's aunt, Mrs. banker, was an Algona visitor on Monday morning. He is now in the employ of the First Trust & Joint Stock (Land Bank, Chicago, in charge of loans and bank-owned farms in the eight counties of Kossuth, Emmet, Palo Alto, Pocahontas, Humboldt, Dickinson, Clay, and Buena Vista. His duties keep him on the road nearly all the time. A man a Britt has opened a Gamble "agency" store. This store and the one recently established at 1 Humboldt by H. J. Lacy get their supplies from the Algona store. "Agency" Gamble stores differ from regular Gamble stores in that the | proprietors own them and run them : | in' their own names, though they handle Gamble goods/There are now about 275 .Gamble/ stores and agencies in ten states. ; Mr. and Mrs. William Pugh became parents of a girl 'at the Kossuth hospital Friday evening. Mrs. Pugh is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle McEnroe, and she lives at Kansas City. Mrs. William Knoll, Algona, underwent a major operation at the hospital last Thursday. Marie Richter, Wesley, registered nurse, has been at the bos- pital three weeks while other nurses are on vacation. Mrs. Frank Kohlhaas and her mother, Mrs. Eric Nelson, got homfe from Chicago Tuesday morning. They had been there since Sunday, July 2, for the world's fair. Mrs. Kohlhaas's sister, Mrs. Lyle Ellis, who was here for three weeks before they went to Chicago and went there with them, returned to her home at Brooklyn, N. Y. While in Chicago the three women visited Graham's HARVEST SALE Bumper Crop ofi Money Savers! HERE'S A WARNING!—Higher prices seem certain—it may be some time before you again have an opportunity to buy merchandise at these low prices—Buy now for your present and future needs! . . Sale of POPULAR COTTONS .Just when summer really begins comes this opportunity! The season's wanted fabrics—Voiles, Piques, Dotted Swiss, Ba'tistes and B roadcloths, Reduced FROCKS Choice, this sale 8 for PRINCESS SLIPS extra size special „ 39c RAYON PANTIES, fire styles for selee- tlon PRINCESS quality, low priced - SLIPS, extra MISSES' ANKLETS In contrasting color combinations arid" plain colors. Featured special at reduced price for final clean-up. A pair for RATON PAJAMAS Odd lots, reduced 'to 98c SILK STOCKINGS Two pair for $1.10— 59C .CRETONNES 'regular 85c and 29e. 17c BOYS' WASH SUITS Are reduced down to HAND BAGS, At final clean-up price— WATER PITCHER Aluminum 8'/6-qt. — 3»C 25C CLAMP SEAL COOKER, For waterless cooking CURTAIN GOODS odd lot going at 10c CHECKED RAYONS Regular &9c values— O(W» Vv^ Mrs. F. C. last ton, week Monday where lias lor uic «» » *„„,, +v^m a= far as Mason lull, » n^» ^ »j»-~ • - ,, two or three years been living with a daughter who is a widow. She will go back, to Burlington m the * B Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Perkins, Omaha, visited over the Fourth. with Mr. and Mrs. James Elbert. Mrs. Elbert and -her • daughter Shirley accompanied them home last week Wednesday for a stay of several » Wash Boilers 'i«l-Plat«d Tea Kettle —...,_• ___ 91.3» • Spriikler cans ___,7»e S. Johnson Algona a , June Adel Aman, who is study ing at Nhe Iowa School of Beauty Culture. Des Moines, spent las week at home, going back Satur- d * Margaret Vlgars spent the week« UMt0 ^.Elizabeth Nugent few friends of Mrs. entertained a Mel Peterson Bremerton, Wash.. Friday night played at two tables, ' received a guest Wilkins took them as far as Mason City Tuesday. They caught rides the rest of the -way^orne... • . ; /v/ <• Mrs. 'Alfred Christenson, Fayette, Ohia, and her daughters, Patricia 4nne and Betty Jane, arrived Mon- dav for a week with Mrs. Christensen's slsteri Mrs.' Ross Coleman. She was formerly Lottie Adams. Mr. Christenen operate a feed mill at Fayette where they recently moved from Louisville, Ky. Eileen Aman entertained six guests at a party Saturday after- Bridge was 1933 Furniture Autos Livestock 8 " B , ecure neede * without delay. t can be arranged to N. KRUSE tendent. . - .Florence Nelson dp-ctor's office at came Saturday for her sister, man. end at Spirit . - e-wnpr aaret Lease, daughter of former Algona district Methodist superin- em ployed In a Fort iDodge, a week with Mrs/Charles Barrick- uroay iMBttv.**«.*"• •,*_„.+ui = week where they are spending this we?* her daughter. , and Mrs. Bernard City, and their Mrs Peterson prlz and Ruth MoMahon won the ,, graduate of tbe law class at the state university was a visitor at Mrs T P. Harrington's Friday and Saturday His home is at What Cheer but he is looking for a location in north. Overmyer and Mrs. W A Foster entertained 16 women at' 6-30 dinner on the Overmyer porch Tuesday evening. Mrs. Wm. K Ferguson won the high score ft bS, and Mrs. M. P. Weaver Shipley, Ottosen- to the Kssuth ) UV *• J*»*" *•»> — ' — - • , noon in honor ol her 12th birthday. The afternoon was spent at games, followed by refreshments. The guests were Betty Kohlhaas, Koeanne Holtzbauer, Mary Bliley, Mary Janice Wagner r Frances Anne Zittritsch, and Pauline Zender. Mra. G. D. Shumway spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. A G. Obrecht, Havelock, and brought -Mrs. Obreeht, Mrs. Joe Arnold, Plover, and George Dean, El Paso, Texas here Monday, tak- four sisters of Mr. Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Max Bast, Mrs. August Huenhold, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacob, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hackbarth, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hintz, Mr. and Mrs. 'Robert Liesener, the Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner, Mrs. Marie Kabn, Mrs; 'Frank Tietz, Alma Bast, Mr. and Mrs. Charles'Geilenfeld, and Mrs. Marie Dreyer, all of Algona, attended a mission festival at the Lutheran church, Lotts Creek, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Richardson and their children, Raymond and Mildred drove to''Sioux City ;3un- 'day on receipt of news that Mrs. Richardson's .father, Nels Olson, had been operated on the day before. Mr. Olson has been a car inspector there for the C. M. St. P. & P. during more than 35 years. Mrs. Richardson and the children remained for the week, Mr. Richardson returning the same night. W. E. Laird, who is spending this week at his Clear'Lake cottage, is now slowly but surely recovering from his long illness. He bas pernicious anemia, and -last winter it affected his heart. This disease was formerly incurable and soon HANDKERCHIEFS Odd lots priced, 2 for — 5C BLANKETS, 78x84" Fancy plaid "singles* SI SILK CREPES Values up to 79c for 49C FANCY VOILES Are now reduced to FAST COLOR PRINTS, nor- elty patterns, new colorings BLEACHED MUSLIN, Standard brand, smooth , finish -— BLUE ENAMELWARE Highest Quality Priced Special! (Bach item a big value. 10 qt. seamless water pall, 10 or 14 qt. round dish pans, 6 qt. deep pudding pan, 8 qt. utility pan, 4 qt. lipped .sauce pan, deep wash basin. COFFEE MAKER, Aluminum, one quart 50c WOMEN'S SWEATERS, $1.00 values reduced MEN'S DRESS SOX Fancy plaide. « pair. WORK SHIRTS, Art Mgkft values at thie price— r»^V BIG G OVERALLS cut full, triple stitch 89c TEA body, Elsie CUPS, ONLY, White MEN'S SHORTS, fey. stripe broadcloth— MEN'S MB SHIRTS Fine quality, Byte* rib, VI ag ?os° r ^triS; who lives , retired, is having a_comWn- ing them back that night. Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Dean are Mrs. Shumway's aunt and uncle respectively. The "Trinity Lutheran'Aid met, last Thursday at .the • parsonage,' with Mrs', p, J. .Brane»?as*hoste86. Forty-five women attended, Mrs. August'Huenhold spoke on ber recent Visit'at-the. world's fair, and- Frank • Tietz, student at the Cou lege for the Blind. Vinton, read a in Al- chapter of the New Testament in )St Co, Dw Mr. Mason ... Craig and Marilyn, with Mr. Tlerney's George Holtzbauer. art doing the work. Roy Thilges is tenant of the farm. _ Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Lindsay are S atWton. Doctor Bunker f * dU«, «»« Mr •''«. " "" mlr re- of Father Davern, Junior Kelly, Edw CapesiHS, and. Vernon Koni- laas are spending the week at the world's lair, A nephew of Father Davern accompanied them and win go thence to Boston. Later: Wade Uansen also went. The nephew is with tne chfrdson and his son Bob ll'T MAY AND SUNDAY 1 cent per ntlle fortfce Rouni Trip ln coache s only on a u trains MR.CJCABQ . la, Sharon Springs, Kans hardt was Margaret Be this is her second child, the Q. £f u •»— «cket8 Uon ' consujit Ti Haw j $• ******* », JUT* # C the " Richard Travers, who lives Father' Davern and attends a< Mrs. - C. L. Ingersoll and her ather,. Henry Klamp, returned on Monday from Postville, w,here they attended the funeral Sunday of Mrs William Meyers, who died of cancer -of the stomach, Mrs. Ingersoll and Mr. Klamp left Algona Saturday and stopped overnight with Mrs. William Fluhrer, Charles fatal, but now victims who follow the" instructions of their physicians have a good chance to live out their ordinary expectancies of life. Warren" is still sore, but can drive: his car. and get about on foot -with! the help of a cane. Mrs. Hector McCullam, Windsor. Can., left last Thursday, after a week with *er cousin^ Anne Fechner. They had not eeen each other, before in 2« years. ^Mrr. McCullam works in a 'Detroit' department store 1 , though she lives ; at Windsor,, which Ss-jflst across.the river. Variations in the-relative value of American and Canadian currencies are thus of importance to her. Mr. McCullam acompanied her as far as Chicago, where they visited the Century of iProgress exposition. Paul Rosewall, Chicago, spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Charles Rosewall. He is general manager of a, printing company. Mr. and Mrs. "Katz" Rosewall of Blue Earth; and their son Charles were here also, and Charles accompanied Paul 'to Chicago for a week at the Century of Progress exposition. Mrs, Rosewall expects her eldest son, Qscar, of Baton Rouge, La., his wife, and son early next month for a visit, and they also'will go to the Chicago exposition. Part Linen TOWELING Assorted colored borders, guaranteed half linen. An ideal opportunity to have several extra yards of toweling at this special price. 6c PLATES, SEVEN INCH. Rich glace to match 4 A A cups ________ - ------- JiVV CUPS AND SAUCERS, semi- porcoUln «St. Deimte* FRUIT DISHES, white body, 4 In. »lie ----GLASS TUMBLERS Aborted shapes, 8 for HARVEST HATS Featured at one price 19c lOc WATER SETS, 7 piece green 49C or topaz —, PRESERVE KETTLE Aluminum 12-qt. glie Here's the blggert value offend! MEN'S SOCKS Featured in gray, brown and black that gives good service. They're worth more than the price indicates! A paii- tor - Cotton Flannel GLOVES Special LjRHHHITlg Department~Stores] •*. • • - , ' . . • . .* i" '! '. ! LINENE SUITINGS Priced Special IOC -to;; Hty iitLP accompanied them to »».. «~.v..- Stilwel, city librarian at Waukon, and her son Richard, sloped here Friday for a short visit with Mrs. John Beiser. They were en route home from Spirit Lake with a group of relatives: State Representative and Mrs. J. H Hager and Anna Stilwell.^past grand matron, of the 0, E. S., all Mrfand'ajrs. Albert Ludwig, Fort Dodge, and their seven-months pld boy, Albert, Jr., were Algona vfc- Itors last week Wednesday. Mr. (Lttdwig, who was Started front the Algona. Ugh schpol to 1925, is now trftveUng for the Proctor company. For As the WEEK'S SPECIALS The " Dependon" Grocery OFFERS 3 Pounds of Good Peaberry Coffee for 53c . . Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Danson and their baby spent the Fourth at the Danson Okoboji cottage. They returned next morning, but Mrs. R. O. Danson and her four children, who were there also, remained all week. R. O. drove after them Sunday,'Mr*, and Mrs. Lloyd Lehan.two children, and two frlend.8, all of Sioux City, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Greenwood arrived Friday for a few days at' the cottage. Mrs. ILe- ban was Dorothy D,anson, and Mrs, Greeenwood was Nell Danson. Mr, Leban is an insurance agent, Sioux City, and Mr. Greenwood is county engineer at Sidney, Fremont county, Mr, and Mrs. H. N. Kruse will go to Iowa Falls tomorrow to attend the annual Iowa Baptist Assembly. Mr. Kruse, wfco is state treasurer, will stay only till Monday, when bis office girl, Dorothy §_km P son,'Wi}l gp to Iowa FaJls to as actljjf treasurer till •' tors at »eti^!«, ; i|r. SJ^Jif?- 3 Pounds of Fancy Blue Rose Rice for 13c 8 Cans of "Baby. Stuart" Red Kidney Beans for — 27c 3 Qans of "Del Maiz" Golden Sweet Corn for ---- 27c I Airy Fairy or A.B.O. Cake Flour __ 18c >/i 6.Bars of Hardwater Castile Soap —-— 27c For making a refreshing summer drink there is jiothing better than our "Polo" Beverage Syrup, 1 qt. makes 7 q,ts., any flavor, for f A •M s P ,*S ->S.5^ "Pure QuiU" Coffee and Tea proves to be the beet, Phone §90 or 99), or step U at 4Wk' JBil ' 'SP'

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