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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, July 13, 1933
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m if •m -V.H ALGONA, IOWA, JULY 13, 1933 8 Pages Number 44 UNTYWORKGOMMITTEENAMED MAKING CON CITY IVWIONS <f • ' -' foTtodgingt Fair Move Against Goeders May be Dropped HEARING IS Surprise Visit Is Made Here 56 TAKE PART ,'msny Kossuth people 1 visited the world's o the season is only e Scores have I of the hot spell, ,„,«..«'. till thei exposl- Inmany respects is not is complete, and still Ine reason and another, , Beacon City „. Kanne, Swea City Eto halls from Baxter, and Edna A. Deppe, ot the They 'were there-June ?Tor sit days..' :;. A Mrs. W. A. Foster, Al- H their daughter Mary El- ./stent three days, June 28- litBeacon City, and return- r praise of the accom- id their treatment. __ at Beacon City. - jit Hentges, Michigan, N. D., fyttttemote teacher, her Mrs. Anthony Hentges, also gan, and Gladys Walsh, , friend of Miss Hentges, j at Beacon City Sunday, U-be there all this week. BS was a recent guest E. j. Butler, formerly Zada jrith whom she ' t once at- POSTPONED BY HERRING Governor Held Bound By Investigation By Turner. The state executive council postponed Indefinitely a hearing directed against D. H. Goeders as member of the state fish and game commission, following presentation of a demurrer by Mr. Goeders' attorneys at Des Moines Tuesday morning. The demurrer set forth that the council had no legal authority to bring the charge of ineligibllity against Mr. Goeders on the ground that he was not a democrat when he was appointed 'by Governor Dan Turner, for the reason that the then' governor, in good faith and after Investigation, and with the power to act, passed on that question and his decision was final. Turner Hakes Investigation. At the time Mr. Goeders was appointed the poll books and other recorls were inspected and Mr. Goeders was approved as a democrat by the county democratic central committee. On this record he by Algonian of 59 Years Ago An oldtimor of oldtimers dropped into Algona unannounced Tuesday morning. She was Mrs. Edith Lazelle Clouse, Portland, Ore., and it is 59 years since she left Algona, but though she had never been back since 1874 she could still recognize familiar spots in the old town, and she and Aunt Jen Wadsworth recognized each other on sight. Mrs. Clouse was a pioneer Algona teacher, the step-daughter of Martin Pierce, a fanner and carpenter. The family came to Algona in 1865 and lived here nine years. Ever since they left Mrs. Clouse has lived at Portland. Accompanied by twin daughters Eloise and Eunice, Portland teachers, Mrs. Clouse had been making a tour of visits with relatives in the east and had attended the world's fair. The party, now homeward bound, left last night for St Paul and thence will return to Portland via a Canadian route They are traveling by train anc while here they put up at the Al gona hotel. .Mrs. Clouse asked for Jennie Mp Intyre at the hotel, but no such person was known. But Mrs. Clous- remembered where Aunt Jen llvei o many years ago, so she and her aughters went to the .house, and vhen Aunt Jen opened the door, VIrs. Clouse said, "You are Jennie flclntyre.' And Aunt Jen came back with, "Yes, and you are Edith La- Bile." After 69 years'. Of course a grand visit follow- id, and Aunt Jen and Mrs. Mar- raret Hofmaster took the visitors lor a ride about town and to the Ambrose A. Call state park. Now and then Mrs. Clouse recognized an oldtime spot, particularly the park, through which she often iramped as a child and 'young woman. Mrs. Clouse is related by cpusln- ship to H. R. Cowan, and the Cowans entertained the visitors at dinner at the Country club clubhouse Tuesday night. Mrs. Clouse reported the death last winter of John McGetchie, brother of the late .Roy McGetchie.who was for many years express agent here. John grew up here, but moved to Portland many years ago. He inherited Roy's Plum Creek township farm Mrs. 'Clouse sees Wilfred IN LOCAL CLUB GOLF TOURNEY Interest Aroused By Auction Brings Out Crowd. Great interest was taken in a 'Caliente" golf tournament on the local 'Country club course las week-end, and Monday. A total o 56 players played and turned in scores ranging from 39, low, to a high of 67. Lee Reed made the low score; K. D. James the high score. This was for nine holes. Members of the club had been assigned to foursomes, each supposed to Include one good player, one poor player, and two fair players. The total foursome scores were to 'be reported. Foursomes Auctioned Off. The foursomes were auctioned off Algona Markets HOGS Best med. wt 180 to 260 $3.90 Best med. wt. 260 to 300 $3.80 Best prime hvy. butch. 300-350 3.70 Packing sows, 300 to 350 Ibs. _f 3.30 Heavy sows, 400 Ibs. $3.20 Big hvy. sows, 400-500 $3 to $3.10 CATTLE Canners and cutters $1.00 to $1.75 Fat cows $2.00 to $2.60 Veal Calves $4.00'to $4.50 Pat steers ,—$4.00 to $4.60 Yearlings '-$2.50 to $3.50 Bulls _.$1.75 tp $2.50 Stock steers ___' $2.50 to $3.50 POULTRY Hens 6c and 8c CROP REPORT SENDS CORN TO HAUrjUHlAR Nearly Normal Yield Is Anticipated In Kossuth. / The U. S. crop report Monday had a bullish effect on the market, which, however, steadied yes- COMMISSION OF 5 PICKED BY GOVERNOR J. M. Moore Is Mad« Overseer By The , Commission.; > Cocks : PRODUCE and 5c Eggs, graded No. 1 ------------ 12c Eggs, graded No. 2 --------- - — 7c Cash cream ------------------- 22c GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn ------ ------ 49c terday. Oats were At a meeting of the board of supervisors Tuesday J. M. Moore, former, county supervisor, was name A county worker in charge of unemployment relief funds, under tn* direction of an emergency relieft committee appointed by Governor Herring and composed of Super- estimated at lowest ------ ----- T— ... ,. n i \, to the highest bidders at a Dutch P. lunch attended by 60 members at Insurance | St. .Teresa's Seminary, at j,Mlnn. IL.B, Hansen and Mrs. Rob- Mies, both o£ Titonka, are peacon City this week. i, Fenton, was at Allay, and reserved (Beacon modatlons for three days ; Sunday. ,'..,• Make Reservations. IjChrtschilles, his wife, and B sons, Theodore R,, John i'jdllah T,, have made Bea- as a fcr reservations, but have not party. "led oh their dates/> £ ~'\ '• 4 : IMrs. J. C. Mawdsley, Irvr iohave, reserved Beacon City latlons tor the week of i;i3-i9. 'juid Mrs. Joel Herbst and McEnroe, Algona, and Mrs; Ycuroll, Lu Verne, . are I others who have reserved i City accommodations and peir dates later. Many other ns have been promised (not yet completed. Up to Capacity. br everyone has preferred the !<% srvice to the two hotel i, one at the Sheridan-Plaza [the other at the LaSalle, [nay be had if desired. The i-Plaza service is the same City,'s, with only the dif- t in locations and accommo- i City and Sheridan-Plaza can be made only in and in Kossuth county ugh the Advance. From day that Beacon City was > the patronage has been up ~% and all who arrive wlth- wrvattons in advance have med away. the foregoing story was Jenlce, Cassie, and .Qer- |«»ing, of Irvlngton, have lay reservations at the Plaza hotel. They plan to at the hotel August 6. |««t»U Are Crowded. service was offered . but the Beacon'City "ports heavy patronage i he service there 'is ,ex- same as at Beacon City. ' one of. the big North Side only three blocks from a U( %an bathing fceacl Advance also offers was named as a democrat by Governor Dan W. Turner. The law requires division of membership between republicans and democrats. The sole basis of the attempt against Mr. Goeders was that he was in truth a republican and so was holding office - under false colors. It was shown at the hearing that at the time of the appointment, and ever since, there has been no question of Mr. Goeders' allegiance as a member of the democratic More to Secure 50 Jobs. Conservationist observers here view the proceeding as an effort by the democratic patronage machine to salvage some 60 jobs which the fish and game department has for distribution. Mr. Goeders has, with two other members of the committee, successfully withstood pressure to distribute the commission's jobs as partisan patronage. The three members have insisted that emj ployes be hired only on merit and without regard to political faith. Hearing Set Back an Hour. The hearing was originally set for 9 a. m. Tuesday, but was post- noned to 10 a.m. by Governor Herring. A large group of conservationists who had gathered in Des Moines to attend the hearing had been told that it would be a closed meeting and that only the principals would be admitted. On -this understanding most _ of the sportsmen left the Capitol, but 'others who arrived at 10 stormed the committee room, and 3C I or them succeeded in entering to hear the proceedings. ' Mr. Goeders was represented by Attorneys F. W. Lehman, Jr., Des Moln™, and Wilson Cornwall. Spencer, who had been engaged by conservation organizat ons and sportsmen supporting him. Most view the proceeding as and are determined to IOWA STATE BANK. TOTAL UP$340,000 The remarkable rate at which the Iowa State 'Bank is growing is illustrated by its statement of condition as of June 30, published this week. There is an increase In footings of more than $340,000 since the last preceding statement on March 14. The footings then were $1,420,668.39; now they are $1,762,686.46. The bank's position as regards cash or its equivalent shows a like increase. In March the figure was $1,058,652.42, while now it is $1,428",061.09. It is to be doubted that any other bank in Iowa can make a better, or even so good, a showing as regards liquidity. At least the number is exceedingly few probably not over a half dozen. The deposits in less than four months have risen nearly f 340,000 or from $1,310,448 to $1,639,485 There are no overdrafts. The bank now has a trifle ove a million dollars invested in United States bonds. It also owns stat and municipal bonds in the sum o IV A Ik) i \^IUI*OO octta v? »*••• **•»» *•.-— - - rwtt_ J Jones now and then, and says he 1 the clubhouse .last week Thursday evening. The bidding ranged from $1.50 to $2.75. Two-thirds of the purse thus raised was to go to the winning foursome as a prize, and one-third to the runner-up four- is connected with an company at Portland. Turkey Shatters 'Dick V Car Window $41,700. All these bonds can, if nee be, converted into cash over nigh Besides the bank has more tha $385,000 cash on hand and with cor respondents. IR. «. Miller is president; H. R Cowan and N. A. Smith, vice pres idents; H. L. Gilmore, cashier; F L. iMoMahon, assistant cashier; directors, the four officers first named and John Frankl, -M. P. Haggard, L. E. Linnan, J. C. Mawdsley and J. F. Overmyer. -*• •No. 2 white corn No. 3 white oats -------------- 37c HIDES Green beef hides' ------------- 4%c Horse _____________________ $2.00 visor W. Chairman; E. J. McDonald, Algona, H. Sheridan, Ban- some. .Senator and Mrs. L. J. Diekin- on got home from Washington, D. . Monday night and will spend the ummer here. A turkey flew hrough their windshield near Cedr Falls and shattered the • glass, flr. Dickinson saw the bird in time a slow up, and the glass caused o injuries other than a cut on one f his hands. BOY SCOUT SAVES 2 FROM DROWNING Two near-drownings were averted at the river near Burt the after^ noon of the Fourth, when 14-year old Bobby Giddings, son of Rural Mail Carrier Guy C. Giddings, gallantly rescued his sister Zola and Mellie Ward, daughter of the Otto ROADSIDE SCRAP LEADS TO COURT Three criminal cases In local justice courts grew out of a scene on the road east of the fair grounds July 4 when the Ray Selferts stopped alongside the road to see . _ .the fireworks. After they stopped The second low foursome and the Ralph Gilmore and Archie Dodds scores were: T. H. Holmes, 44; R. hailed them and wanted to know J. Harrington, 44; L. C. Hansen, why they were parked on the road 54; D. L. McDonald, 47; total,, 189. without lights. The winning foursome and their individual scores follow: Wm. S. Steele, 45; Lee Reed, 39; L. E. Linnan, 48; M. H. Falkenhalner, 52. The total'was 184. production since 1897, and corn to yield less than two and a half billion bushels for the fourth time in 32 years. To offset somehow these low estimates the report estimated grain still on farms at higher figures than a year ago. Wheat production was estimated at 496 million bushels, as compared with a normal of 850 million. iFor Kossuth county the state crop bureau estimated a 91 per cent corn yield beween Bancroft and St. Joe and running nearly to the east and west borders. Bordering areas were estimated at 86 to 89 per cent of normal. Only.five other similar sections of the ; state showed such high percentages as central Kossuth. Speculative buying on the market so far has been by the public, grain operators being afraid of a sag. Experts view the markets as unhealthy, though not as much as some weeks ago, when a tremendous boost was given by public buying, Gilmore and Dodds had both rinking, and on not receiv- answer satisfactory to them to drag Seifert out of Another Tournament Planned. *„.„!,•,,-. A number of players had not gea^Jg been on the course before in years, ' th | rjed ^ __ but the scores they turned in were They carried weapons, and in many cass a surprise which up- geifert f ound the only tning he set the "dope" on results. couU1 uge would be his knife, which Next Sunday morning there.will £ and trled to protec t him- be a 9-hole handicap tournament, . fnllow'infr 25c breakfast to be serv-| M ' rg _ geifert endeavored to pro— - ,„ i. „„ A^t itect her husband and accidently Three prizes will be awarded. d h In her {ore . The next Dutch lunch will be held hig » geifert then Tuesday evening, July 25, and pairing will then be announced for another "Caliente" tournament. Summary of Scores.' Wards, Algona, into deep water who had floated Operators fear.sky-rocketing by the public such as in the 1929 stock market, with a bottomless drop when the market turns. The production cost of Iowa corn is figured at 34c by the agricultural department, and oats at 30c. If these figures are correct, the farmer is now realizing a .profit on-tfie'big "Iowa crops; iLocal markets show corn up six cents over a week ago, to 49c and 49%c. Some corn was sold Tuesday at over the half dollar. Oats rose a cent over last week, to 37c. , «,,„. 0 — The local hog market was steady ;al started, but the as-1 yesterday at the figures of a week had a faster car and I ago, with cattle higher in choice croft; Henry Kunz, Wesley; Count* Engineer H. M. Smith, Algona; and E. R. Morrison, county agent. . Mr* Moore will be in direct charge of all expenditures of reconstruction funds allocated tO" Kossuth county, though order* drawn by him will be subject to> review by the emergency commit* tee and the board of supervisors. County Has Receive* $3860. Under the relief work plan Kossuth county received $1375 in May and $1875 in June from the stat* emergency relief committee, whlcl*. obtained 1 the money from the He- construction (Finance Corporation. • These funds are a loan and are to> be charged to the .county's shar» of future federal road funds. Kossuth's federal roads are already- paved, except for extension of No.. 169 in the North End and south from Algona. . Under the regulations creating', the committee, only food, fuel, and; clothing 'can be provided for out ot this fund. The regular county poor fund' must continue to meet call» for rent, for medical service, widows' pensions, etc. car crowded against him on McGregor street near the Shell oil station. ,, « ve two service at the this is not. a service. ot lodging reser- > Is Illustrated by experience of Mr. and Algona, who keep the commission out of politics. Petition* Support Goederg. Petitions asking Detention of Mr. noeders were stacked a foot hign o^the Governor's table, and many organisations mailed reso utlon similar to one forwarded by the AI postpone- victory, el accommodations. a room they vls> loop .hotels, ment of the hearings a TWWT,, Relieving the question will not mary elections were alleged to have been republican, but the 32 charge Falkenhainer Car Stolen From Yard A pair of bold thieves stole the M F. Falkenhainer new Ford tudor, from the yard at his home just after midnight Saturday night and drove It till it ran out of gas near Cedar Falls, where they abandoned it undamaged. Mr. Falkenbainer had driven the car home a few minutes before the theft. When he went out to drive It Into the garage for the night it was gone. He notified local officers. A man going home from a Cedar Falls dance at 3 o'clock Sunday morning saw two men get outj>f the car near his home. He went to bed, but when he saw the car - there after he got up he n- It was the first time that he had swum in deep water himself, and he risked his life to make the rescue. He managed to reach and hold the two girls while his brother Gordon got a pole and drew the trio to shore. The group had gone to the river with Mr. Giddings in the afternoon, following family dinner at the Giddings home. They had been in the river at the same point a few days before, but the river had filled in the meantime and was deeper, following heavy rains the last week in June, • The two girls cannot swim, but they know how to float. While they were floating the current carried them into water eight feet deep. The Giddings girl was unconscious when brought to the shore, and the Ward girl was fast losing strength. Bobby, the hero of the occasion, Is a "cub" Boy Scout. Local Woman Wins A Magazine Prize Chicago, July 'U — Mrs. M. H. Falkenhainer, Algona, has been awarded a prize of $1 for her recipe in the "What to Do with Beans," contest conductor toy "The •Other scores turned in in last witnesses then.parted the combat- week-end's tournament follow: ants. E. C. Hancher, 45; I. G. Dewel, Charges of assault and battery > animals, but lower on\ bulls and To Work on Highways. The requirement lor emergency relief is unemployment. Appllc-r ation must toe made to Mr. Moore. who will Investigate to determinai- whether the applicant j^.reaUy unemployed and make other inquiries. If all requirements,, are met, th* applicant will be assigned work oi» the county highways — mowing weeds, building and repairing; grades, cutting trees in the highways, etc. . ' ,:. For his work the applicant will not be paid in money but will b» eiven an order for goods at 6 ---------- , — even an oe stock steers. There was no change 6J an hour The order in local poultry and produce mar- 1 tj . aded mt for foodi 46~G:F:Town;ey52; Veighton Mis - ] were ""filed next mornnig against |J^Q DftJ||^ ||| QQUtyJY 53"'D7D7Paxson,'53; R. W. Hor-| was dismissed^but Dodds was sen-j JJJJ^ rigan, 41; total, 198. tenced to 15 days in jail. C i 0 thing. Limit: to Earnings. There is a limit on the amount the applicant may earn in this way. f he adjudged entitled /to $16 * month out of the poor fund, then he will be paid for only 20 hour* Hostess," monthly homes and foods, magazine published ot by Routed AtLedyardStore evening awakened toy , me # market. tor thm to get iiiiside, from a rear room and year. Autogiro Resented By Bull h what *' two ran fa a street, '"-" car Throes Moines Register-Tribune autoglro narrowly escaped Injury m vSlgate'd 0 . 7ound-\hat Mr. Falk- nhoned Sheriff Dahlhauser. Mr. ffienhafner went after It at once and had it at home again within 20 hour.s ot the theft. Purse Stolen And Rifledjty Woman ba ruurr!t^|= srs^ssrStSS S bSding. Janitor Stebbins noticed a woman's purse and rescued rt. It belonged to Els e Helmke and had been stolen from the Call theatre last week Tuesday ;. Miss Helmke, who is in the of Mrs. Rice, works at the theatre. T^dSnars which were tneaiiB. misshiK. but a the Sprague, Warner & Co., Chicago. Mrs. Falkenhainer's recipe for bean salad was adjudged one ot the best of hundreds from all over the country received by Betty Thomas, foood expert and dietician. The cash prize will be awarded through the Akre grocery store, Algona, grocer-agents of Sprague, Warner & Co. Galbraith Man Is Hurt In Accident 'Henry Hahle, east of Galbraith, was brought to Algona Tuesday morning to have two fractured ribs set. They were broken when his car was struck by a car driven by a Mrs. Miller, southeast of Galbraith. Mr. Hahle was Just entering the highway, and didn't see Mrs. Miller's car till.be was on the roa4. Her car struck his rear wheel and turned his car over. thes, 52; total, 202. K. J. Smith, 47; F. E. Kent, 42; W. C. Dewel, 61; G. S. Buchanan,] 54; total, 204. Average Score 50.9 F. ii. McMahon, 42; C. W. Nicoulin, 48; L. F. Rice, 62; W. W. Sullivan, 52; total, 204. A. H. Borchardt, 48; M. G. Bourne, 59; P. J. Christensen, 47; W. A. Foster, 67; total, 211. Cliff Frane, 58; Harry Hull, 55; G. S. Stillman, 68; Gene Murtagh, 40; total, 211. ',„ Bob James, 67; Li C. Nugent, 46; E. C. McMahon, 46; Jos. Greenberg, 55; total, 214. J. W. Haggard. 57; H. N. Kruse, 61; J. A. McDonald, 5a; M. P. Weaver, 4$; total, 216. W. T. Doughan, 66; Chet Will- lams, 66; A, D. Adams, 50; H. M^ Olson, 61; total, 222. According to the scores turned in, the average player on the local course takes 50.9 strokes tor the nine holes. #£*& kind from) the "Farmers & Trad-1 the "relief funds. ers bank, Bancroft, had either Merchants who accept the order* completed its drive or was about will present them to the county .... ...v.vurn uiiftiinlto do so. auditor at the end ot each month. R 111 WFATHFn HUMID ** *° th banks 60 p er cent ot d ,f The emer e«»°y ™ lief c oi » m » tte « DUI IfLHinUI llUmiUI , ts wiu be immediately avail- w m then meet to approve them. able. Under regulations the banks After approval they will be sent Temperatures in the last week I bad to secure the consent ot a to state headquarters at ;Des ?&$& SAW=ws^S-as ,aa R'v. • T.rtrfll. '^UZ. 1 ~* I *^° _ ., ^* _ o m«Af1 i i. • >_« .*. .._-.,>» TEMPERATURES LOWER ± ClllflCl C*IUA VO *«* V««w «««- .. -— — I. jAttu W W*»V«»* ** —— r - I -— .- - , _ have been fairly reasonable, ,but majority of the depositors holding Moines, and warrants payable moisture in the air has promoted 75 pe r cent of the deposits. The the merchants will toe sent to humidity and made the weather county board proceedings publish;- them direct .seem warmer than it really was. e d this week include agreements Only twice in the last,.week did covering^county Deposits, the mercury.rise to the Oft '° ' •-'• - 1 — K " fl1 h Moore Gets 9100 Month. Mr. Moore's compensation will; reopehing both banks W n ] be j,i 00 a mo nth to be paid by th« unrestricted business the — and he wiu algo be aUow . . VAfinwa +ha nn.tirtnal ftlus-1 __ .. ._ i._«'««m- . Rain fell tor a short.time Tues-a 0 an ,uuum,,, »..« ..= «... — day afternoon, tout it amounted to same as before the national cios- . fi mtte fQT necessary travel. _ __ t _1_ « ^T n A _ TITl*i*4-/\_ 1 • .. ««__,. i l. A * 1. . ; . . i j_s» A. only .05 inch here. Near Whltte- mg O n March 4. more and further west It was a — cloudburst. . With rains that fell July 1-2, the rainfall here this month has amounted to 3.08 Inches. The normal for July is 3.83 inches, and The county was able to get direct _,_,-. , . • i May and June apportionments only C. C*» bcnariacn IS because organization under the new T M »i»A«1 In Full relief law had not been complete*. injured,, in f »n Tne coun ty poor fund will be.ra- '. .. , ., lieved to the extent that present C. C. Scharlach retire* Algona beneflclaries are transferred ,fro» Wit* J.W* Vl*«* •»* w — — -T . — i -M. —. .- , 1 J UnAlr I UtJlMJllUIUi* «5O »• ** fc*»»»M»«* » ww ,-»» — —nr the chances now are that more farmer, suffered a sprained back Airoci count y relief to relief under than normal will be registered. and severe Ijead/bruises last week h t The sky has been "ttlled with Thursday, when he fell from a corn' day. Ihock to learn that Algona harbors a woman thief. One Permit to Wed. Only one marriage license was ««n and Alma Grelner, both AV- clerk. > Heise Lengthens Buildings. A block-tile addition is being built by H. R. Cowan & Son at the rear of the Pratt Electric Cor, and Algona Coffee Shop buildings on north Thorlngton street. They will add 36 feet to present quarters of the two firms. The buildings are owned by C. B. Helse. Burt Defeats Fenton. Burt, July W—The Burt hall TlSrt "~ '^ ^^SS£! Six "GuetU" At Sheriff* "Hotel" Sheriff Dahlhauser's private "hotel" continues to.be well-patron' ized. For example, there were six "guests" Friday: William Stanley, held to the' grand Jury for stealing the Isaacson pony; Martin Beck, ILakota, sentenced for assault and battery; Glen Burgess and Ray Lloyd, Fairmont, bound over tor theft of a steer; Paul Smith, Whittemore, - serving a 6-mos. sentence tor hitting the town marshal! with. br*ss knuckles; and George Lappe, Bancroft, serving time tor toreak- ing Jail. ^ ^ Pastor's Wife Has Operation. It is reported that Mrs, J. p. Coleman was a recent operation patient at the Moulton hospital, Bellevue. The Rev. and Mrs. Color man, who left Algona early this year, are now located at Bloomfield, where Mr. Coleman is pastor ot a Presbyterian cvhurch. They came to Algona from BeUevue. storm clouds several times, and c rib pn h}s farm neaj Corwith ten- p thunder has been heard but no anted by the Curlews. Mr. Schar- irormcr thunder — rain has fallen In Algona, except, the driblet Tuesday. Temperatures for the last week follow: July 5 «« July 6 July 7 July 8 — July 9 July 10 July 11 (.05'rain) _«4 -87 .86 58 61 €9 68 69 69 10 lach was helping t6 remove wire crlbing so corn could be shelled. ' Hit By Lightning two or three days he-was a at a local hospital, but he i^ now at home. Mr. Scharlach retired some years ago and moyed to Algona. For two years he was -treasurer of the Kossuth County Farm Bureau. . a farm near was hit toy ^ < W t «SST5^Vt 1 S and Kuecker Burt aexi flunjjay, pity ** Jans* Builds Tenant House. Dr, P. V. Janse is erecting ft tenant house OB $ e to* * out * °* his home at the corner ot College and Harlan streets. The house I| {ebt bu«t by Cows * §9B » will fee ot 4 Wewlyw«4 tt , with fire roojws, Whea d it vttl be Iftf. EmmeUburg Trims LociONine, 10-3 The Algona town baseball team was defeated, 10-3, at Emmetsburg, Sunday. The tooys failed to score till the eighth inning, but Emmetsburg tallied three scores in the first inning. George Kanouff, Mo Swanson, and Erwln Braner pitched for Algona. and E. J, Butler and Kelly caught. Cretzmeyer and Montgomery were the Battery for Emmetsburg. Montgomery is the sheriff ot Palo Alto county. 'Accepts TeacMn* Contra**, Ix>i a Dreesman spent last Thursday and Friday at Valley Junction, where she has accepted a ««toMt Burt Bank Shows Big Deposit Gain The official i statement, ot condition of the Bwrt Savings bank as ot June 30 is out and, as usual, shows the Institution to pe in tloW' ishlng and ujtra-s»fe condition I,oans stand at f 66,000 plufan.4 the cash on hand or equivalent at nearly $123,000. The deposits exceed $l€«,000. There has been nearly a 126,000 gain In deposits since December 31 — 18/per cent plus. Dr. W. T. Peters is president; F. B. Rubey, active Tice president; J. T. Hegsey, c»shier. Grocer C<«iTeBtIoo Here. Brlardale grocers of tne Al- Wipa Vy U <«riM *3? Wholesale _0p.,. Osf been) employed on Broadview, Mont., lightning in a storm June 26, according to his brother parl, wh» lives at Mason City. He was drtv* ing a mower at the time and wa» knocked unconscious, One ot W» horses was also hit. A 4<«tor found one side of Arthur's body burned from bead tp foot»-4t reports he was able to sit up, Colored Team To Flay Here The Algon» bajl team will the Texas Blacfc Spiders m fair grounds diamqnd »ex» afternoon. T b« Texas nme Mason City at Corwlth Su»4ay anil won by a large score, Thft fc colored, and it gives shadow lorip^T 3hibitloQ betore, games, Iowa, and It feaj he»4<i Des Molnea. '

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