Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1933
Page 7
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SM& KOSSUTtt COUNTY ADVANC& AL60KA, IOWA .vi tfS FARM NEWS W. J. Payne, Editor C. H. Klamp, Field Reporter. j were e cam* to L« 8 he remained iber tt» M*J, , her huabahd, sdw. Hot* two and We note that Editor Leo 0. Wolfe, ot the Tltonka Topic, called recently on the Mike Arends, east I f Burt. A year and a half ago hey bought a farm owned by C. J. llftgftrd, former Portland township armor who moved to Colorado. There are 200 acres in this farm, and it is well Improved. It lies Just northwest of Senator Patterson's arm, and so is close to both Burt and Bancroft. The Arenda used to farm south of Ti tonka. Editor 'R. L. Burdine published the following farm news story in last week's Whittemore Champion: "George Winkd was shipping cat- The two girls became registered nurses and are married, one living In Michigan, the other at Burlington. Two of the boys are farming near Detroit ILakes, Minn. L. J. farms next to the home place, and J. M. has the old Nielsen farm northeast of Algona. Mrs. Larson is a Kossuth old-timer, having lived in the Sexton^Burt neighborhood &0 years. T. A. sowed late oats and thinks his crop stood the drought BURT PEOPLE ATTEND STATE BRAND PICNIC tBurt, July 3 — The 'Roetmans, H1L1UIY0 in ft \ii uy blUUU LUG UrQUglVT/ •—-».-» •»«.., « * » u «. WWW ...«.»T fairly well. He never saw corn Edw - Weiske, F. L. (Ryerson, Henry llrTWI •"" — R»tMrs. iMuon on Samue Indian looking better. He has 50 pigs and milks ten cows, selling his cream the Burt creamery. * * * * Andrew Burt and Albert Wagner, neighbors at Armstrong, were Algona visitors last Thursday. Mr. Burt, who owns a 240 acre farm in Swea township, was paying taxes, also his county mutual dues and his Advance subscription. He is a cousin of Peter and William Burt, of Union township. * * * * Clarence TJoettcher, three miles East ot Elmore and 1 % miles 'south, came to Algona last week Manus, Stanley and Wayne Keith, Will Koestler, Wm. Stoutenburg, D. M. Stewart, and other patrons ot the creamery attended the annual meeting of the Iowa State Brand creameries at Mason City Thursday. L. E. Roetman, local buttermaker, won sixth place, with a grade of 96% per cent on workmanship for the entire year. Fifty creameries competed. An electric clock was the prize won by Mr. Roetman. Ten prizes were awarded. Trunkhill, and- sister, Mrs. <E. C. Sanderson, visited relatives at Evansville, Wls., last week. Clarence, Opal, and Helen 8chra- der went to Minneapolis last week Tuesday. Clarence and Helen returned Wednesday, but Opal remained for a longer visit. Mrs. P. L. Dremmel Is visiting her son at Aurora, III. Mr. >Dremmel expects to go after her this week and will take In the world's fair before returning. Mr. and Mrs. Cork and Mr. and Mrs. Williams, (Lisbon, brought home Clara Stow Sunday and re- A*eOrg« yyill'KBI WltS SUlpplUg Cai- ""»»", V.<*M"- m .nigum* laoi/ vyccn. tie.la»f.Week 'Saturday, and It was I Wednesday to pay the taxes on his sad to' note that a good many helf- Quarter section farm. He has lived era were (being shipped. Upon ask- a11 nls llte J >i that neighborhood, ing why such was the case, we an d has 'been on the farm where were Informed that the continued " e now resides two years. His wife dry sipell had put the pastures in was formerly Cora Halvorsen, and such shape there was not feed have one child, a son, 1 and Visit Former Burt Folks- Mrs. Del Fitch and son Harley left Friday night for Sterling, 111., to,spend two or three weeks with Mrs. Fitch's paretits/Mr.' and Mrs. Geo. Stone. Mr. and Mrs. Stone returned to their home at Sterling several weeks ago after spending the winter with their daughter, Mrs. A. A. Graham, at Holly Hill, Fla. Both Mr. and Mrs. Stone have MRS, WM. HALL 73, GRANT TWP., DIES SATURDAY Swea City, July 3—Mrs. William Hall, of Grant township, died at her home Saturday, and funeral services were held at the Swea m7lned^tnrT^sda;::sheh"ad" vis- City Methodist church Monday, Ited there a month. conducted toy the Rev. Mr. McDow- The George Schencks left Mon- e u ( pa stor, with burial in the Harday for their home near ^s An- , township cemetery. She was igeles, after two weeks with Mrs. . I Schenck's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. *orn Julia Ann Summer at Rock B. Paine. Island, June 6, 1860, and was just Mr.'and Mrs. C. C. Smith, Mr. and past 73 years at death. Death was Mrs. George Schenck and daughter caused by cancer. Her early child- Lorraine and Sarah P'alne enjoyed hood was spent at Rock Island,, a picnic at the Okobojls last and she lived later at Watkins, I Thursday. where-she was married January j Elmer Hodgson, Hartley, and the 23, 1883. Mr. and Mrs. Hall moved' Lewis Hodgsons, Donnelly, Minn., from Watkins to Humholdt, and visited from Saturday till Tuesday later came here. Five children were at L. D. Hodgson's. The men are born, one being dead. Remaining brothers. . .: • • = are.-Mrs. -Bessie .W,escott, JLockhart, Mrs. Floyd Gustafson, 'Roseland, Minn.; Mrs. Florence Kelley and Minn., her children and Mrs. Gus- Bert, Swea City; and Floyd, Falr- tafson's sister, Ruth Cross, Curlew, mont. Fred Summer, Gilmore City, read a paper, Holiday or Holy Day. Shower Honors Earl Sanftners— A shower was given at the OH. J. Bowman home a week ago Sunday evening for Mr. and Mrs, Earl Sanftner. Mrs. Bowman was assisted by Mrs. Arthur Peterson. The Milton Dahls, Ed Sanftners, of Algona, and Dr. John Santtner, of Milford, were out Ot town guests. Royal Neighbors Plcnick— Last week Wednesday evening the Royal Neighbors held an an- nual picnic in the town park ..— 76 present representing the lodge, their husbands and families. Other 8we» City. iBernice Pearson and T Humphrey have spent several day* at Olaf Pearson's. Bernloe -will return to Sioux City, where she na* a. government Job, and Miss Humphrey will return to her home an Des iMoines. . (Lucille Thomson is spending thf week with relatives at Waterloo. i, Tiede, teacher cUCfl Silelpt? tiWJrt? W**o JlUt* lutJU "••*'.' •»«*• v w.»i* v»i*» r u. k>uj* p A. H.IIU enough to take care of them. Not j % y ears °W. The grandparents on Fla> Both Mn an(l Mrs stone nave only that, but the prospect for hoth sides live near by, the Frank been in very poor health for some feed' next winter was ipoor. Her- Boettchers three miles west, and time. The Stones formerly lived _._ ir«...,!4. »«.! .*«.».! „ ««. . *.,vt»u t.no O.arl ."HalvnrsfinR rmlv n. naif — _„- T»...I. were recent guests of Mrs. Nordlne. „ Carrie Coleman, visited a daughter at •• M. told of the Inas an artist. 1 Day—- / r«5be» of the & fcUAand'a number Bonded Bally day and the Km Bureau picnicjit the *- -•• state park last man Vaudt shipped a cow ' which weighed 1680 pounds. We understand Herman has a reputation for Hoi steins on his farm south of town." . of • * « • Herman 8oderberg, three miles south and 1% miles west of Bancroft, farms 320 acres. This is one ot the Andrew Peterson and Crowell farms. The Soderbergs have the Carl Halvorsens only a half mile north. Clarence has 40 acres of oats, but he said the drought had about killed the crop. He keeps seven cows, and the Buffalo Center creamery truck calls for his cream. There are 60 young pigs on the place. * * « * S. H. Striley, iy z miles west and two miles north of Wesley, farms near Burt. KJttenball Games Played— Several klttenball teams Iverla brother, and three sisters, Josephine Summer, Gilmore City, Mrs. have Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Nysven, Des Sarah Kenline, Walllngford, and Moines, are visiting the J. H. Gra- Mrs. 'Louise Sims, Hillman City, hams. The Harold Grahams, Des Minn., seven grandchildren, and Moines, visited here over the four great-grandchildren also sur- Fourth. I vive. Winsome Volentlne, who was op- . two boys, Gerald, 9, Jerome, 4, and 240 acres. Mr. and Mrs. fltriley one girl, Lorraine. 7. They are have a daughter, Marione, who is milking 17 cows, mostly Holsteins. iMMday. IM • c *"" •" — . \ sTiicture memory contest m * -•-. memory con- tM in a music ««««»•••* --•- i mos t in .production. The road past *,ywore their 4-H cll *P the farm Is being graded, and the L-.mi took part in a COIO J" graders had to blast out rocks and The Festival ot me trees. One of the explosions broke I a large window In the house. • • * * .Herman Wertjes, Lakota, was among the many who paid taxes at the courthouse Friday and then [dropped, across the street to pay for the Advance. Mr. Wertjes .pays ....„ music at St. Joseph';. 3re ... Wesley, and will be a Junior in out which cows pay the. h'sh school next fall. Mr. Striley mwluctlon. The road nasti has a big supply of firewood cut 'or next winter, and it presents an imposing appearance, for it has been stacked 48 feet long, 1'2 feet high, and 12 feet wide, looking as big as a grain stack. He keeps roan and white Durham cattle. • • • * We were at J. (B. Muehe's, a mile west and two miles north of Wesley, last week Wednesday, and H Minn. A fourth sister;. & Larson, Kanawha.j acres of land. His farms are all 'been organized in Burt this summer and last week two games were played. Tuesday evening the Lutheran team played a team of 'business men. The Lutherans won the game 22-18. Thursday evening the Presbyterians and Methodists played a close game, won by the latter 17-46, although the Presbyterians were in the lead most of the game, Hobt. Schmidt Birthday Observed- Mrs. Robert Schmidt, Lone Rock, entertained the following families in honor of her husband's Slst birthday: Albert Jass and Albert Behnke, Garner; Frank Schumacher, Whittemore; Arthur JUedel, John Schallln, and Leo Schmidt, Creek; and the Rev. and Mrs. L. Fenton; Martin Meyer, Lotts erated on at the Estherville hospital several weeks ago, was Bible to return home last week Wednesday. The Oscar Isenbergers, Stanley, Wls., are visiting Oscar's father, J. O. Isenberger, who has 'been in poor health of late. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Beckworth, Esther Olson, and Lura Se- wlck were at Interlaken park last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Palmer and Frank R. Dillon Passes— Frank R. Dillon died at his home southwest of town Saturday, and funeral services were held at the Baptist church Monday, with burial in the Harrison township cemetery. Mr. Dillon was born September 23, 18€8, at Arkworth, and at death was nearly 66. Death was caused by cancer. On Decemlber 6, 1888, he married Margaret Store, who died two years ago. Eight children were born, three of whom are dead. armers If you have a building problem, let us help you i figure it out. i J Prices are advancing on materials. i JJ cost you money. i Delay < F. S. Norton & Son Phone 229—Lumber and Coal children, Hampton, visited last He also left a brother, two sisters, week at W. H. Schwietert's and G. and eight grandchildren. Mrs. Man- fl Allmt'c 1 Hiia T .Invrl Ic a /lailtrVif Df" C. Allen's. •The D. F. Slaughters went to dus Lloyd Is a daughter. X 11C !.*• if • VJiC*\*^ll V^*. a TV i-i* v w i Independence, Sunday, to visit Mr. Eldon Sorenson fa Injured— OlnttfvVttsin'cr n A n n 1 A SWOP t)lf* I !B*w*t Art/lc? Ih£>*•£* lact W/»«lr Tf> Slaughter's people over Fourth. the I iFriends here last week received word that Eldon =. Sorenson, who TSf we"™ als^Tthtre. ' «ear **•£, but one is across the r family were also were. ,, nc , n . Mlnnesota . Herman and !hr Dw Koines Girl— his wife farmed many years in Chapman, of Des Moines, Ramsey township, ibut lor the last of honor at a picnic at four years they have lived in town nark last week Tues- once they thought of coming to Wl * Gwwiettw,' Jones. Algona, and even bought a house DUlundBbak, Fern Bar- here, which- they still own, but Kink Bartley, Morris Far- Mrs. Wertjes could not make up liJuaniTBendetspn, and Har- her mind 1 to leave the children. 1 •• ----»- There are three boys and three girls, all married, and all living- on dad's farms. The boys' are Eddie, tty were other guests. i Have a Picnic— •110 i»af» w *..*.•..— i awi H laiuiB. —. .,.»> « hot weather, there Hennan j fi> -ma Albert, and the |l'jood-sized crowd at a ¥r* a ^ | girls are Mrs. (Earl Kuschinan, Mrs. i picnic ' " '"*" i;iunu o.v •» * ••"" I giriS are MTa. UWiri 'jvu&^iuuai*, A«f«. nn picnic at the Renwick George Larson, and Mrs. Mary ffriday. Horseshoe pitching. Henderson, a widow. There are 19 [iraes, and visiting constituted grandchildren. Mr. Wertjes was ktonent following the usual j, roug ht to this country from Gerner. many when he was 12, and he has . v»»r**+- ,„ ESS yearsinthe "^ neieh " fceLlchty entertained the nornooa erlan Sunday school; class li her daughter Virginia be- found J. B. cultivating corn. He farms 200 acres, milks ten cows, and has 60 spring pigs. Mrs. Muehl died some years ago, and three daughters keep house for the family. There are two sons, John and Bob, and the girls are Dorothv, Agnes, and Ruth. Dorothy, the oldest was married June 20 to Albert Dirksen, Mason City, and -the couple had Just returned from their honeymoon trip. They went to Sherburn, Minn., where they have friends, then to Geddes, S. D., and thence to the Black Hills and the Bad Lands. But there the crops were mostly gone from drought, and in places the ground was green with come back to a country where the Richmann and Marie Carter, Burt. E. H. Staley Daughter Is Sick- Mr, and Mrs. E. H. Staley and daughter Edna, and Eldon Bush were called to St. Paul last week Tuesday by the serious illness of the Staley daughter, Mrs. H. L. leynolds, who underwent an operation for appendicitis. Reforestration Boys Come Home— Wlllard Stow, George Manus, and Myron Sanderson, stationed at a reforestation camp at Rochester, Minn., and Allen Graham, who Is at Fort Des Moines, came Saturday for a visit till after the Fourth. Bancroft Wins From Burt— ourtn. . . . [••rwuruviittt^'-c/iuuii.'' oui'ciiDv/ii, wnw Doctor Peters and George Koest- formerly Ivied here with his par- ler returned Saturday from Texas, ents, the H. C. Sorensons, was in where they looked after land they a Sioux Falls, S. D., hospital with own. a-broken .back. He was injured in Myron Chipman, attending sUm- an automobile accident. His condl- mer school at Ames, came Satur- tion Is serious but every hope tor day for the Fourth with his par- recovery is held. He will have to ... ft her daughter Virginia ue- _. to honor of VlrgtolaVlttti K Swea City t Har] Work , s north w when E . Mme r Friday evening, 20 «. Virginia ^^.^\S^^^y^S!^ received a num-j"^,,^ , g owned by Har , ey - s fath . er, Fred Work, who farms on an Armstrong mall route. The stallion L«,Hs«."-|is a splendid horse of good pro|» party last week Monday portions and disposition. •frSff^^Us 1 sstsr rsss ||>ld to the'girls. . r ' 1 rarms S2 p acres; arid has been keep» Honors June Stoddard— ing two men since he had an oper- todsofjune Stoddard rpmem- atioh for aippendicitis a few weeks S.*e was 21 last week Tues- aeo. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson have a i»d gave her a surprise party girl and a iboy, both of whom re- l «e?ening. ..-.--,. ^ «=^-c Mir Onrl- |0ther Lu Verne News. •old Browne spent part of last at Max Patterson's. Mr. w, who is a student at Dralke «'6lty, has been pastor of the ai '" church at Woodward dur- st year, Jennings crops, even it hard hit, were looking better. The Dirksens will live at Woden, where Mr. Dirksen will work at the carpenter trade. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Eden, 3% miles north of Wesley, a're newlyweds having been married May 10. Mrs Eden was formerly Ella Welhaus en, Titonka. They are living on th William Eden farm, owned by Ben' father, who lives at Wesley. Ben i milking seven cows, Hereford and roan cows, and has 40 spring pigs and 21 fall pigs. Ben remarked that ents. I live in "a cast for three months. t,ulu Hawcott left Saturday The young man Is 20 years old. evening for Chicago to visit friends The family now lives in Arlington, and attend the fair a few days. S. D. Mrs. C. E. Slgsbee and Mrs. Ida • Anderson will entertain the'AW at r Sit Leaguers Attend the church this Wednesday. Swea City's Epworth League The Bancroft and Burt (Legion nines played Friday, Bancroft winning, 7-4. This tied the teams, each having lost only one game, so the tie was 'played off Monday at Lone Rock. ; Plays In World's Fair Bandis. J. Fardal was here last week Tuesday. He had Just, returned from Chicago, where he played with the Luther college band at the world's fair several days.. Farm Woman Has Operation- Mr, and Mrs. 'Lewis McWhorter and Gorda Ogg went to Des 1C CHUllili tlllO TV CUllC&UwJ • I •- I£>W*7O. Vi^jr O U|«*T v» *••. A^WW O »- — The Lutheran Aid and the f am- was represented by six at the rally llles will have .a picnic on the at Emmetisburg a week ago Mori- Fourth in the Koestler grove. day. Those attending were the The Harry Jones family, Rock- Rev. Mr. McDowell, Grace Mcford, 111., are spending this week Dowell, Bernice Smith, Frances at Paul Dettman's. and Katherlne Thomson and Bur- The Birthday Circle meets at)ton Thomson. Grace McDowell Mrs. Robert Cogdlll's next week Thursday. * ~^k . KS Virginia and Bobby Thaves spent | last week -with their aunts at ILa- kota. Swea City FARMERS Now is the time to kil Charles Chambers, who .under- thistles and other noxiou went an appendicitis operation last weeds. We have Atlocide, the iuiu iu. i"" y.o-. ——- --- an( j (joraa Ogg weni iu jjci he had been cultivating corn, and Moines Friday, and Mrs. McWhor 4-Lof whpT! 'llfi £Ot Ott J11S Seat wU . * _14.«1 * AH nv% *\mAV. „„ shipped more to Chicago, Saturday, and Jr., and Vernon Lang ac- r-.'led them to attend the M's fair. This was Grant's sec| (air visit. tw a Rebekah meeting last i Tuesday evening the mem- ' went to Mrs. W. F. Godfrey's, '" lunch was served by iLeona i and Florence Godfrey. H«rry Van Draska went to 'idge one day last week to her daughter, Mrs. Charles < *no had a major operation . wek Wednesday, ••-.. '-'t ' pa B. Farrell an4 Jack,-left UUl fftw >.n ••.!- _i_ _ *i_L_.A ••'•-' ••'*^ v *---- * gtn a»iu » IMUJ » •*—— - - cently had the measles. Mr. son sa,ys he is Just as dry as he has always been, even if Jowa did vote wet. We remarked sarcastically that America will now have to change education of children about liquor. We have always taught tne children the folly of liquor, but now the government is going into the business. He thinks that i Americans were, loyal to the laws of their country we would not have all these wet troubles. • » * * At the Barney Capesius farm, a XX A a^o d ng % p.p m e !1 ^B ea b:ir?g used Saturday to irrigate the potato patch; and this was after Friday n?ght's rain, there being yet dry dirt three inches deep m the when uuii ^V66uS »»•«• v •" — the iron seat would get heated up like a hot stove. . • » • • We had a short visit last week Wednesday at. Zack Gibson's, 1% miles east of Wesley, and he said the first thing he looks for in the Advance is this farm column. Zack, who likes to kid us, claimed that in one tall story we had, a sow littering 45 pigs! The son James, near Swea City, and his family were there 'the day we called. James and wile have two children, and entered a hospital for an oper- *»,.„....,. S Y^unB P ^ e nurse S .|8afe nonexplosive weed killer The Legion auxiliary met Friday on hand. » at Mrs. Geo. K. (Nelson's and heard , H Mrs. E. G. LaDoux, state Fidac Are you one of our many iMfedtt church satisfied customers of our his nis writs ucm' w«« • they were having a lot of fun with grandad's blllygoat. Howard another son of Mr. and Mrs. Gibson, was severely injured in an automobile accident some weeks ago that he is still in a hospital. • • • • 'a ''do ng gy" dir tree ground. Kidding us, Barney claimed ttat.the world's fair would be at 'tor, -a 'week St. Benedict July Mr. and Mrs ' ™V » w«!* W««» '^|M>' ,'tVf lather and other relatives at >'ly, Mo. J, Johnson and Armintb* " ™"*^»""» ' v*»VM •- . •»"* *""«»™?^ I..--- visiting the former's sisv L« Waterloo and' mother at Leo Chapmans, Omaha, Sunday for an overrUie* Jen o5» at F ' J ' Chapman's; '« wtfrey, Fort Dodge, ^ has »»west of relatives here. ence last week Tuesday. As we walked to the house we passed what we thought was a chicken coop and noticed a. pretty collie doT which acted rather cross. .When she sprang at us Mr. Lick- telg called her back, andI wh^n we atlon. lulu Hawcott to Fair- Lulu Hawcott left Saturday for Chicago to visit Esther Toebben and attend the world's fair. Junior Leaguers Lose 4-8— . The Junior League baseball team lost to the town team last week Tuesday afternoon 4-3. Other Burt News. , Mrs. Otto Kraushaar and daughter Joe Ann arrived Wednesday to visit her fattier, O. P. McDonald. Mr. Kraushaar, who is visiting his mother at Waverly, will Join her here later. Mr. Kraushaar, who has been an Instructor at Harvard university, will teach at Smith s college, Northampton, Mass., next v6&r Mrs. G. W. Bleich returned Sunday from a visit with relatives at Lewisvllle, ,MJnn. Mr. and Mrs Floyd Koepke and-Mr. Bleich went openedi a dally vacation Bible guaranteed Hog Mineral? school Tuesday. The school will continue two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. August Peterson and the R. C. Womacks, of Dolll- ver, spent the week-end In Minne- polis. o . after her. Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Bleich, Mapleton, came Sunday for a short visit, Mr. and, Mrs. George Coffin and son Durwardr Ardmore, S. D.. have .... ,..„.«., ' cross purebred collies spent Thursday in «m South (Dakota on business, Mrs> Woyd--Steven and Friday afternoon with mother, Mrs, Sarah Wilfred Laurltzen, Marie promises a bumper crop. Harris, iMary Maple, -Jfe Noble, are ejppect" Saturday from Chicago, spent two weeks visit' . attending the Algona, has rented —II and Is doing re, it tor dances. Joe Fraser enjoyed a few 5 v.i.,4. wuh . . . showing us •B H ,i 0 »»» never' been j t Ve'n visitinr at-C, S. Coffin's and *j=;«?^d55*t ! s«s?ssrJKaa proved it and Mrs. God*HNf»..- -» "'"^••l Iv i; p i, lsw SS™, 'Ss.^fuS BOTSFORDLUMBERGO, Jim Fool, Mgr.j Phone 258 You get change back if you change now. All this talk about buying now isn't propaganda by the merchant. . . it's a fact that you are going to pay higher prices for style ... more for woolens . .. and an increase on workmanship. Our case is simply this: we have suits now marked at low cost? that will never come again . .. and we will sell every suit at Its present figure until they are gone. _ Of course, when we have to go back and pay more . . well... we'll both be in the same boat. SUITS * 916.50 to $29.50 Zcnder & Caldwell Algona Mail a Want to Fill a Want Because of the Replies eoBBtywMe elreulatloB, want advertlitaf ta Committee inspects lands Neas, Sigourney, and Jos. _ saJtssasw*!! 21 —jira^*s-i STrtSS"* «&»»<«.«•». w <55U, «*«»"»» M .' he • ** » and Mrs. v.v Bu«,, * c -r.sSe .-ghssi . . m ,^«v, A ^' orrer . s Saturday for a few d Trant th Hammer, e Alexander, Min»Sf cS. last week Wednesday ly 2c a Word Eac No Insertion U» Th«n 20e a Week — We Do Not Charge Want Ads — Sumpi, C««h, or Cheek MUST Accompany Order Week ™. ..__ FORM AND FILL IT IN ' —' ' ~ Addrew .—.— -, Your Name-.-— —— — •• ^ How «>»y *"IUU iHiverti-eme^t to run?.---,-.--_-- Amount enclosed $ Hobarton. Mr. Butler na acreg NEW COLEMAN MANTLES ISIl*»~ """"" »"» ——-- .. wog all H'*' »••**** in tosr*6y« wio »v *_ t Vinvfl two »sSsrH c *hilt J&d6S " *^ j ^^^^rStmat ia ^' « « * « «, T, A, I**?. SJ^SSySaS Mrs. w"«»»» Arndorfer „ son Philip took their of the county had a 'Friday night, but the down much corn, ana p> r: th«4 **»:* * . trwwd -mmi 0* pu«« oi light THE COliMAN LAM» <r STOVS '" PMI.d.lpW., P«. ASK YOUR PiAU coun . o« o . there was another storm, and =E «-"«««»»-««" -"^Srrr-r leave their cars MJ**<» "" people the rest

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