Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX KOflSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA Stomach Load That terrible heaty feeling! ftftniah It with a harmless Epicure. Permanent Belief. 12 for 3A cents 'at your drug 1 , fiat's. • EPICURE POWDERED SILK... QuicKly removes oil, paint, grease, stains, printers'lnk, ground- In dirt, etc, from the hands. j r CLEANS BATH TUBS,*) I WASH BOWLS BET- I LTER AND QUICKER. J FOR SALE BY MOST DEALERS INSURANCE . Having taken over the "insurance Business of the former Cunningham & Lacy Insurance Agency, we ehall be glad to be of service to all their former patrons. We are in « position to provide insurance coverage in all its branches in re- IJiable companies at reasonable rates, and can give good terms it desired. Surety Bonds GARDEN WORK KEEPS SCHOOL CHILDREN BUSY By Carrie I. Durant, Principal Third Ward School. The fooys and girls of the Third ward school have been enthusiastic gardeners for several years.' Every child above kindergarten age buys or is given one or more packets of seeds. Simple lessons on soil and cultivation, happy moments planning the crop, and the This story was put Into type some weeks ago, before the drought ruined gardens, but it has had to be omitted from week to we«k for lack of space. It id still of interest, howerer, as showing how children can be encouraged to do useful work. The News at Bancroft satisfaction of actually planting and watching a garden all one's (Supt. and Mrs. G. D. Hart drove to Mallard last Thursday to attend the funeral of Mrs, Mary Orethen who died early last -week Tuesday She suffered a stroke last November, and had been bedfast since She was also blind. She made her home with her son Jake. Antlonette Hart, who had visited at the Oreth- en home since Saturday, returned to Bancroft with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. William Peterson have a daughter, born Saturday, ind Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Metzger also have a daughter, born Friday. The Ward Palmers, Hampton, visited from Friday till Monday at Supt. G. D. Hart's.. Mrs. C. J. O'Neil, Fort Dodge, irought her niece, Rosella Stauder, home /Saturday. Miss Stauder had spent ten days with Mrs. O'Neil. Josephine Kinney, R. N., accom- anied them to Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Stork and heir son Anthony left. Friday for Breda to attend the funeral of Mr. Stork's sister-in-law, Mrs. Ben Stork, who died last Thursday. practical project. * Here are some of the reactions | Benedict Sunday . ..l. nr ltn.I jn ..nm »n c. t f 1 rt« c. ff\-H fj»n - «W.»MM,J. Insurance IL IT. KBUSE INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone Algonn, Iowa BUSINESS DIRECTORY KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE iWeekly Newspaper Founded in 190 , Entered aa Second-^jiass Matter December 31, 1908. at the Postoffic. • at Algona, Iowa, Under the Act of March 2, 1879. j LAWYERS !W. B. Quarton H. W. Millo QUARTON & MILLER Law Offices. phones: Office 427, residence 81' Algona, Iowa. J> L. BONAK Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office phone 460-W. Algona, Iowa embodied in compositions for the English class: MY GARDEN PROJECT By Margaret Murray. First of all, I earned lOc from' my teacher. Then I looked in seed catalog to see what I wanted I decided to get the front cove collection. There were 11 package of seeds, five ot vegetables and si of flowers. The vegetables wer carrots, onions, radishes, lettuce and beets. The flowers were as ters, sweet peas, zinnias, morning glories, petunias, and California poppies. My father borrowed his nephew's plow, and plowed our garden. Afte he plowed it he dragged it. He di( it on a Sunday. Monday nigh when I got home from school '. asked iny mother if I could plan' my garden, and she said I could, so my brother Jimmy and I planted it (First, I raked the ground where I was going to have my garden. 1 made the furrows myself and I did not get them very straight. i waited about two weeks before the things popped their heads out of the ground. Before they came up, every night after school I went out and looked to see if anything was up. (Every night •after supper or T, McMAHON & LINJfAJi X W. Sullivan S. B. McMahoi ;: L. E. Llnnan :' Attorneys-at-Law. Phones: Office, 261; J. W. S., SOD R B, McM., 403. Algona, low* . HAEEIWGTON & DICKINSON 3\ P. Harrington L. J. Dicklnsoi Attorneys-at-Law Phones: Office, 28; T. P. H., 44( IB, J. VAN NESS, G. W. STILLMA3 Lawyers Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W. Algona, low* •O. D. Shurnway E. D. Kellj | SHUMWAY A KELLY Attorneys-at-Law Office In Quinby Block '''Phone 58 Algona, low* L. A. WINKEL Atttorncy-at-Law Office in Quinby Building Phone 180 i _________________ HIRAM B. WHITE Attorney-at-Lmv Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 206. Algona, low* .^•—»— _« „__ P. A. DANSON Attorney-At-Law Office over Iowa State Bank Phones: Office, 460-J.; Res. 316 Phone 05 CARROL A. WANDER Attorney-at-law Office over Postoffice. Algona, la. DOCTORS JOHN N. KENEFICK Physician and Surgeon Office over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 326. C. H. CRETZMEYEB Physician and Surgeon Office in John Galbralth Block Phones: Office, 310; res., 444 Algona J low* P. V. JANSE, M. D. Physician anil Surgeon Office on South Dodge Street Phones: Office, 666; residence, lit Algona, Iowa WALTER FEA8ER, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office in Quinby Bldg., Room 14. Phone No. 12 MELVIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Office in Postoffice Block Phones: Office, 197; residence, 21i W. D. ANDREWS, D. 0. Olteopathlc Physician and 8nrgeo» Located in General Hospital. Phones: Office 187, Res. 688. B. A. EVANS, M. D. Over Borchardt Drug Store Phones: Residence 312, office 306. Algona, Iowa. DENTISTS DB. H. U. OLSON Dentist. Gas or novocalne used for extraction. Located over Chrlstensen Store. Phonea: Business 166, residence 470 Algona, Iowa VETERINARIANS L. W. FOX I. B. WINKE& Veterinarians West State Street, Algona Phonea: Office, 475-W.: res. 475-R INSURANCE school after they were up I went out to weed them. We save on our grocery bill when we raise vegetables, and we usually give some vegetables to neighbors if they have none. JffY GARDEN TROJECT By Helen Jolmson. I am going to tell you about my garden. First my father bought some seeds, and we also had some left from last year. Miss Durant gave me some poppies, but I haven't planted them yet (May 27). My father iborrowed my uncle's plow and some horses and plowed the ground, and then dragged it to be sure there weren't any lumps. After that was done I was so anxious to plant the seeds I could hardly wait. When I got to plant them I took a hoe and a rake, and started to make the rows; my grandma, who is 68 or 67, showed me how to make the rows. Then I started making Mr. and Mrs. Frank ILoofbrock, daughters Margaret and Melvine, and sons Francis and Florlan, with Catherine Dickman, of Wilmont, Minn., visited at Mrs. William Vaske's last week Tuesday. Walter Williams and John Merrill left Saturday lor Mille Lacs, Minn., to fish. Mr. Williams is employed at the Welp's produce station, and Mr. Merrill is employed at the Merrill Bros, grocery. Isabel and ; Russel Saunders spent Friday and Saturday at (Fort Dodge with their sister, Mrs. W. J. Welp. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Foth, two sons, and Mrs. Foth's mother, Mrs. Josephine Becker, went to IMason City Sunday to visit the Beckers home and the Marion Johnsons. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have a new daughter, born last Thursday, named Ramona Lee. Mrs. Johnson was Gazena Becker before marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Melvln 'Ditsworth left Sunday for Montrose, S. JD., to visit her' mother over the Fourth. Mrs. Ditsworth is bookkeeper at the Kennedy Bros, store. (Mrs. William Quinn and her three daughters returned last Thursday from Clear Lake, where they spent two weeks in a cottage. Ben Wesselman was injured last Thursday when the rope on a hay stacker .broke and the head fell on lilm. A bone in his right foot was broken, his left ankle was sprained, and his legs badly injured. Mildred, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Kollasch, left Saturday for Jhicago for ten days at the fair and a visit with friends. One hundred and sixty-four couples attended a dance here last veek Wednesday evening, Carlton "loon, Jr., and his Iband furnished music. Clara and Theresa Stefflug- left Saturday for Chicago to visit their sister Ann and attend the fair. Mrs. Alphonse Fangman, two children, and her brother, Donald 75 LAKOTANS ATTEND ICNIC Dyer, Alta,' came last week Tuesday for a week with Mr. and Mrs M. J. Dyer and the Frank Fang mans. iFlorette C. Welp, R. N., at Oma ha, came iFriday for a month witl her .mother Mrs. Emma Welp Early Sunday morning Bertha Cpllette, and Florette Welp drove to Mason City to join Dr. and Mrs L. W. Welp, Waterloo, for a week at a lake near Walker, Minn. Doctor Welp is a brother of the girls some, tut straight. they weren't very 'Now I will tell you what I planted: peas, beans, tomatoes, and other things. I was waiting and watching my garden every night after school, and after about one week I saw the things coming up. •I haven't seen any weeds coming up yet, but probably tonight there will be some in the garden. We shall eat the vegetables and give my aunt some. I like to notice how a little dry seed grows to be something to eat. ABOUT MY GARDEN By Lyle Burbank LONE ROCKERS HONOR BRIDE WITH SHOWER (Lone Rock, July 3 — A shower iras given for Mrs. Harlan Blanchard, nee Ruth Householder, at J. tf. Blanchard's home last 'week Wednesday afternoon. Various games were played. The bride was the recipient of many gifts, ^unch was served by the hostesses, .lesdantfes Watson Shiok, H. J. lice, A. A. Krueger, Fred Genrich, Alex Krueger, Frank (Flaig, 't. R. Roderick, W. J. Cotton, N. L: otton, Calvin Householder, J. M. Blanchard, and Mrs.-C. E. House- lolder. There were 35 present. Jroup Swims In Gravel Pit— A group of young people had a wimming party at the gravel pit ortheast of town last week Tues- ay evening: Imogene, Margaret, nd Berneyoe Roderick, Kathryn nd Gladys Stebritz, 'Ralzine Pettit, Dorothy and Evelyn Bierstedt; Lola larlow, Mary Ellen Marlow, Mr. nd Mrs. Kussell Thompson, iBern- rd Pettit, Gordon Blanchard, Euene Blanchard, Charles Schick, William and Harlan Marlow, and Gordon Priebe. Churches Hold Joint Service— The Lone Rock and Ringsted churches held their second annual joint meeting Sunday in the country west and north of Seneca. Sunday school was held at 10:30, and a •pot-luck lunch at noon. Children of the Bible school gave a demonstration of thefr work. Following this regular c-hurch services were held, the Rev. S. M. Gladstone, pastor of both churches, giving the sermon. Tuesday afternoon. Attending were Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Mrs. A. A, Krueger, Mrs. Ernest Jensen, Mrs Roy Jensen, Mrs. Otto Jensen, Mrs. R. L. Padgett, Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt, and Mrs. Ethel Benjamin. Mrs. A. A. Krueger won high prize, Mrs. Ethel Benjamin traveling prize. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton had as Sunday dinner guests Mrs. Cotton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan, her grandmother, Mrs. Mary Jane Clark, and (Mrs. Mary Runchy, all of Algona, and Mrs. William Pike, Lake Mills, Wis., a guest of the (Morgans. .Florence Householder and Donald Blanchard, students at the State Teachers college, spent the weekend at the parental C. E. Householder and J. M. Blanchard homes. Mrs. Albert Krueger and daughter Mae, Fairmont, visited last week Wednesday at the Lawrence Zweifel, P. M. Christenson, and Charles Morris homes. The Enos Worthingtons, Mallard, were at Mr. Worthington's mother, Mrs. George Worthington's Monday, and left their children here while they took a trip. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jensen, Fenton, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krause and two sons left Friday morning for Barney, N. D., to visit Mrs. Leonard Kressin. 'Frank Macumlber drove to Fort Dodge Friday to bring home' his •Lakota, July 3-<A Methodist Aid and Sunday school picnic was held at Anderson Oaks, northwest ol Qwea City, last week Wednesday and 76 attended. Eats were 'plentiful, and ice cream and lemonade helped create a real picnic. After dinner the little folks played in Burt lake, and some of the young folks drove to Iowa lake for (bathing, the water in iBurt lake not being deep enough. Mr. and^rs. Anderson were kind hosts. Mrs. Turley Loses Mother— Mrs. William T,urley received a message last week Monday that her mother, Mrs. Jenswold, Chester, S. D., was critically sick. Mrs. Turley left at once, tout her mother died 'before she arrived. Mrs. Jenswold was known here, having often visited the Turleys. .She once lived at Fenton. Mrs. Turley came home Sunday. Helen Wurtaer Is Bride- Friends here have received announcement of, the marriage of Helen Wurtzer, Clear Lake, to Don Decker, Mason City, June 21-, at Charles City. Helen is the eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Wurtzer, and she was :born here when Doctor Wurtzer was a resident physician. The young folks will live at Clear Lake. Boy Lands Big Fish— Mrs. Erman (Hansen and her children came home last week Sunday, after a few days with the former's folks, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bobo, Emmetsburg, and little Billy Hansen caught a 21-inch ipickerel in Medium Lake. week to be With the tatter's mother ot Ochey&dafi, who underwent ft goiter operation. Mr. Mamqtilst clerked at the drug store* during their absence'. Sylvia Koppen attended A postnuptial shower, (Friday afternoon ,at George Hagge's, neaf fcedyard, In honor bf Helen Hagge,' who was married to Ray iBftflow JPVlday, June 23, at iFairmont. Ward :Davlson, Efccelslor,, iMlrth,, came last week Sunday, and Mrs Davlson and the children wen home with him, after two week with Mrs. DftVison's mother, Mrs C. R. Smith. , The Elmer Dargs and Elmer' sister,'Neta IDarg, who is visiting them, were Slue Earth visltof last Thufday. Elmer drove to iBrit last week Monday to meet his sister. Mrs. Carl Zoller has returned to her home at Nora Springs, after two or three weeks here, helping care for her father, Peter Hans who is now alble to walk down town. (Mrs. Bertha iNltz and her daughter. Louise went to Sibley park Mankato, last week Sunday to meet friends from surrounding iowns for a picnic dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schissel and Mrs. Maud Hamilton and her son Robert spent last week at a cottage at Spirit Lake. Donald Worley, who is spending the summer with the Gus Torines, near Armstrong, spent a few days at home last week. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huenhold, Algona, were guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and .Mrs. William Aal- dreks, last week. DavM t. Ward .„.„,... 19W.00 Mitchell to "U 5 ? Hospital- Arthur Ogren took Henry Mitchell to Iowa City one day last week to receive treatment for a knee injured last spring when it was cut with a saw. Henry has been out for some time on crutches. Lewis Family Has Reunion- Mr, and Mrs. Virgil (Lewis, Waterloo, are spending a vacation with Virgil's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ?Vank Lewis. A family reunion was leW last week Sunday, and 68 attended. New City Marshal Named— iFrancis Adams has resigned his position as city marshal, and W. ~\ Kelnitz, has taken over the jab. Other Lakota News. The NIok IBehrends, the John Smiths, and the Leonard Christs went to Mason City last Thursday ;d attend an Iowa State Brand Creameries picnic. There was a good program, a free dinner, and a crowd of 2000. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Woodworth vent to Rochester one day last Four. Corners The Mothers & Daughters club meelts next Thursday wtfth Mrs. Alice Dittsworth; roll call, humorous remarks of children. A children's musical program will (be given by Alta Lowman, Evelyn Cruikshank, and Evelyn Nickerson. Mr. ,and Mrs. George Koerner, Kempton, 111., daughter Joyce, Mrs. Lillie Moffet; Pontiac, 111., and Mrs, Chas. Reeves, Ligonier, Ind., arrived at J. P. NIckerson's Sunday. Mrs. Koerner, Mrs. Moffet, and Mrs. Reeves are sisters of Mrs. Nickerson. Wind and hail Saturday night stripped corn fields, and many gardens were ruined, with most plants cut off or beaten into the ground. The Clarence Schendels, Buffalo Center, were Sunday visitors at John Sabin's and William Drayton's, and iBernice Schendel, who had been visiting here for some time, went home with them. The Carl Seips attended a Seip reunion at the George Dunn's, Algona, .Sunday. Leonard Dunn, who joined the' reforestation army some time ago, was at home until after the Fourth. Others attending were the Kelley Burtis family, the Adrian Burnwelgtef .L.^ J4«S.oo Kenneth m Mercer ..-„-.. 1440.00 Margaret MdrlHs m..^..'^ WO.dO Antoinette Bonstetter ____ 946.00 Grace Melba 'Miller ______ 1240.00 Jeanne Co6n, j... -a..— ____ iO^O.OO Laura Hoilscher .. -------- 1036.00 D, Wane Collins — ^^._. 11MM Mildred Poote ---__- ^— ^_ «00.00 Eileen Portman -^_.^^___ 1035.00 Marie Beard IL._— ^..^ 990.00 Estelle Arnold '•-..* ___ i_»j^ 990.00 Capltola Brlndley ..._.___ 990.00 Oranzow Helle Walters rman ,1 toot* Carson . \ Ruth 'Jackson "•"•' Lumliie 'Peterson" CarHe Durant 3* '.Overmyer 4 •Bertha Godfrey I Mrs. .Bishop " Mrs;:.'SB. Dorothy TOTAL ______ Notice District, BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FIT TV* SCHOOL DISTRICT N ° .'•'.- •'../. -'.ESTIMATE e: The Board of Directors of Corwith Indenonrtm,, „ , Magor Township, HancO ok County, Iow C 1933, at 8 p. m., at the school house. Taxpayers^!n ,1 >. — • against the following estimate Of expenditures at that tim rd on80 eet] FUNDS Proposed* Balance Estilnc. Amount S p rtct S Expend. On Hand other Nee to be f D8n< iBstlai. June 30 than raised bv v 1933 inaa To-raH™ m.,....., * "ear 1»33 Taxation Taxation General _. $22500 I&237.08 $3000 Special (Bond) — J5500 241.84 15500 , ?2 gJ 3000 $32684 TOTALS ________ $28000 $9478.92 i»3000 $25000 Estimated taxes iper $1,000.00 of assessed value $17 Estimated taxes in mills per dollar of taxable valuation < n Number of persons of school age In district 299 ' Taxable Valuation (1932) Kossuth $ 95,396. Handock $302,&5'B. Moneys and Credits (1932) Kossuth |9'25, Hancock $26025. BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILlNo SCHOOL DISTRICT ESTIMATE Notice: The (Board of Directors of Independent School nt Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, will meet July'27 i<m ^ I at Administration Office, High School Building, AlKona T payers will be heard for or against the following " ' ' ' ditures at that time. MARY FUNDS •Proposed BalanceEstlnc. Expend, on Hand other Nee. to be for Estim. June 30 than raised by y C n. 1933 1933 Taxation Taxation General $54,000 $34,032 $9,000 $4-5,000 School House I2;500 11,851 2,500 transportation 600 500 Special (Bond) _. 14,430 14,430 TOTALS $71,430 $4'6,883 9,000 $62,430 , Estimated taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value, $19 00 Number of persons of school age In the district 1264 Taxable Valuation (1932) $821,360. Moneys and Credits (1932) $948,S42. 14,055 Yj 19SI HI $75 553 ' Board Proceedings June 23, 1933 Auditor's Office, June 23, 1933. 1 o'clock P. M. Board of Supervisors mot at the call of the auditor with all members present. On& o'clock—(Board proceeded with official canvass of Special Elections of June 20, 1933. Donald Frasers, 'Burt, the Oliver | Motion by McDonald and seconded Elmores, Winnebago, Minn., and " Mr. and Mrs. John Seip, Algona. Annual Financial Statement Midland Chem. Co. C5.89 Metrop. Sup. 219.20 Creamery Gets New Churn- Calvin Householder, iMainard 1 Genrich and Mrs. John Nyman and children drove to Cedar Rapids a week ago Monday. Mrs. Nyman will make a two-weeks visit in At first, when we were ordering I £„,. 'fJl ,, v, t i. \ .r seeds. I didn't want to; but %I ™^'^ o ™±? ^ not *_» our now I'm glad I did. My father plowed the garden and dragged it. When I planted the seeds I used a string to guide me, and I planted 'them just as it said on the packages. I watched and waited two or three weeks, and then I saw the things peep their little heads up for ten years. Calvin got a new churn for the Farmer's creamery, he and Mataard returning; on Tuesday. 1'ic.wlc Closes Bible School— The daily vacation Bible school closed Friday. A picnic of the students and their parents and the - , local (Mothers' club and their fam- from the ground.^ When they^were j iii es was held at the school grounds in the afternoon, and 35 attended. Fort Dodge business college, home j ending June' 30, 1933. Upper Des. M. 90.00 Roy Davis 18.00 School District of Algona, Iowa, J M "Q "st^T 1G ' S Independent) township of Algona, | E N Taylor • °!L17^7 - 40 for the yearJEmpl. by Heiken that the canvass of the special election as shown by the poll books returned from.the several townships and election precincts were as follows: For group of delegates-at-large t'o a state convention favorins ratification ot such proposed amendment 4,506 votes ,• For group of delegates-at-large to a state convention opposing- ratification ... . - pairs on Dr. Cl and 111. Ayes- _ Motion by Balgeman, seconll FUnnemark that TIelkcn be a " 0y 3. Ayes; All. ' Motion by iFunnemnrk and sea. by McDonald that request for <«, «on of poll tax of J. B. Schllfl 1931 and 1932 Bancroft, Iowa Jected. Ayes: All. Motion by JBalgeman and & cc . by Helken that H. R. Zumach ' temore, Iowa, be given refund i head tax for 1932 because of belt. roneously assessed, and County.j tor Instructed to make refund, , All. Motion by McDonald and se< by Hettcen that Balgemaivand i be appointed as committee to necessary repairs on Dr. S3 accc. to report and survey submitted 1 33. Michel. Ayes: All. Motion by IHelken and seconds! that them, pretty high enough to hoe I hoed because the weeds were high. Next time I have a garden I am going to measure the plants as they grow. 'I'm glad now that I made a garden, because the vegetables save us money on the grocery 'bill. 1 gave some friends onions from my garden, and my friends said they were good. I showed my garden to them, and they said it looked neat. KOSSUTH COUNT! MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Qyer |1S,OW,000 worth of Insurance in force. A home company. Safe D. D. Paxson. Secretary. ABOUT MY GARDEN By Jean Nielsen. I have a garden. I wanted a garden, because then we would not have to buy vegetables in summer, and they would 'be nice and fresh. I ordered lettuce, beets, radishes, peas, and onions. My garden is back of my father's paint shop. My father had the ground plowed and dragged. 1 planted the seeds in rows. My radishes came up first, my lettuce second, and my peas third. My other vegetables are not up yet (May 19). I am so happy about my garden. Dry In Kansas, Says Geo. Baier George Baier, who has for the last four or five years managed a Swift plant at Clay Center, Kans., writes that the weather there, as here, has been hot and dry. "Pastures are brown. Wheat near by is normal; corn very good. Combines are at work, and shock wheat is being threshed.. We have not had a good rain in 30 days; a good one would make a good corn crop. The local wheat price is 75c; corn, 40c. Our oats were burned up three weeks ago." George is a spn ol Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baier, Algona, and his wife, Mamie, is a daughter of Mrs. W. H. Harrison, north oiC Algona. There are two children in George's family. The next Mothers club meeting will be with Mrs. E. M. Jensen, Mrs. W. G. Flaig assisting. Four Attend Bally Day- Attending the 4-H club Rally in Algona last week Tuesday were Muriel 'Long, Kathryn Stelbritz, Cleo Hobson, and Myrtle iHanna, club leader. Mrs. W. J. Cotton judged the picture memory contest. In this contest the Lone Rock girls each scored 100 per cent. Two .\evv Daughters Born— A girl was ,borh last week Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs. Ornie Behrends, Jr., nrfrth of town, the first child. A girl was also born to Mr .and Mrs. Walter Lenord at an Algona hospital last week Wednesday. Mrs. Lenord was formerly Edna Rath. Home from Earing Beunlon— Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Earing returned last week Wednesday from an Earing reunion in Campus, 111. Oscar's sister, Mrs. Max Reick and daughter Alvera, accompanied them home for an extended visit. S. S. 'Class Holds Picnic— Will Chrlstenson's Sunday school class held a picnic Saturday afternoon at the Ambrose A. Call state park, Algona. .(Following the picnic they enjoyed themselves at the swimming pool. Vaccination School Held— A swine vaccination school was* held in the Legion hall last week Wednesday and Thursday. Dr. W. E. Simonsen, Cherokee, conducted the school, and 20 attended. Carries Burning Store Out- Mrs. Roy Jensen suffered slight •burns on her hands and arms last week Monday, while carrying a small flawing kerosene stove out of the house. Other Lone Bock. Mrs. Glenn Sharp entertained at two tables of bridge last week for the wee'k-end. IMr. and Mrs. B. M. Jensen, daughter Marian, and son Donald left Saturday for an over-the- Fourth visit with Mr. Jensen's parents at 'Downey. Mary Shriner, who had been at the Rev. S. M. Gladstone's while she was teaching Bible school at Ringsted, retudned to her home at Rolfe, 'Sunday. Clarence ffilacumiber, who is at a reforestration 'camp at Rochester, Minn., spent the week-end at the parental ;F. A. Macumber's. Vei'a Morris, Iowa State college, came Saturday for a visit at the Supervisor Charles Morris home tm this week Wednesday. iRuth Cross, Curlew, was a guest at Mrs. Lillie Thompson's last week Wednesday.. Miss Cross formerly taught there. Gerald, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Angus, returned to De Kalb, 111., Saturday after spending tlie week with his parents. •Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Priebe went to Decorah Saturday to visit till after the Fourth with Mrs. Priebe's parents. Theodore Krueger has moved his harness shop to the building where the Sharp pool hall was located. Mrs, Ben Seegebarth, formerly employed in Emmetsburg, is now at the parental George Pettit's. Mrs. Harvey Rath and her sister. Gertrude Isenberger, Algona, spent Friday at Mrs. John Rath's. Walter Genrich, Alexander, Minnesota, spent -last week Wednesday at .William Wetzel's. Knud Bannicksen, Ringsted. repaired the pumps of the local water works last week. Muriel Long underwent a tonsillectomy at (Doctor Devine's, Bancroft, Saturday. The Christian Endeavor held a picnic Friday evening at James Wadsworth's. The Frank Flaigs were Sunday guests of tne Robert Ackarmans, east of Burt. Arthur Priebe made a business trip to Mason City last week Wednesday. Judge J. Y. Luke, Ames, spent Sunday with his sister-in-law, Mrs. H. J. iRice. The Carl Zollers, Nora Springs, spent Fraiday night at Frederick Schultz's. iMaxine Simpson spent last week with her friend, Opal Lawrence, at Corwith. The Fred Genriches spent the Fourth at G. J. Robinspn's, Battle Creek. Doris Mae Blanchard spent last Thursday with Juanita Wegener. • W. G. 'Flaig made a business trip to IMason City last Friday. The Busy Friday club met Saturday with Mrs. Watson Shlck. Warren Ives, Rolfe, spent last We hereby- certify that the fol- 'by Section 4242 and Section 4242 bl, Codte' ot I9I2T. A. E. MICHEL, President 'MA'RY E. MITOHIE3LL, Secretary Filed July 1,. 19331 . •RECEIPTS General Fund On hand ; last report 140993.09 Normal training aid 750.00 General fund tax levy 38950.00 Semi-annual apportionments Tuition Other sources 1918.78 12633.14 391.35 Total general fund $95536.36 .RIECABITUILATION GENERAL FUND On hand' last reiport '. '$40993.09 Total receipts ciirrrent year . 54543.27 Total' general .fund ?95, : 536.3G Disbursements _j 61503.98 Balance on hand this report :— 34032.38 Schoolhouse 'Funds—(RECEIPTS On hand 1'ast report $ 9756.63 Schoolhouse fund tax levy il'6150.00 Anderson Gr. Co. , 1699.04 . . . . . Hillyard Chem. Co. 284.70 lowing report comprising pages 1 E. J. Gilmore 672 to 3 inclusive is correct as .required j Alg. Ins Agency II 10ff40 'bv Section 42412 and Section 4342- Tne Frederick Post Co""II 62^1 Beckley-Cardy Co. _. 16;95 S. J. Devine , 45 oo T. H. Seller __ 22 50 Cunningham & Lacy .28.00 Webster Publ. Co. 16 90 Standard Oil Co. _____ Motivation Charts >lnc. 21 S14 H. W. Post ---------------- 98 ; 3S : Adv. Publ. Co. ----------- j.25.65 !. J. BOTLH County Audi Semi-Annual Report irVroT^^ *" '^ pe*. Alg. Steam Laundry __'____ .59,27 Norton Mach. Works 38.32 &, J. !L. Molloy _ JJJJQ. ja Paxson & Paxson II_ 29.76 " L. C. Smh. & Cor. Typ t . Co*. 221 3:0 J. T. Harvey 0. E. Waffle "I A. N. Palmer ___ __. T. R. Mahoffey HI_.. C. H. Cretzmeyer General CoSrt Bomm *" STATEMENT O'F AOCOTIuVTS IKT FUNDS Trnrvnv ' Bil1 ' Jan - Disburse- Bnl. i>=7,ii.T 1,1933 Receipts ments 31, ............ -I 13.400.94 $40.426.13 J 1S.9S9.52 •' 1 ' 818 ' 69 2.00 14.00 .25 8.00 75 QQ S. J. Backus, P.M. __ I R. Helmers ___,_"_ Chas. Wagner ,__"_ Helmer Helmers ~_ ^ uu Jno Smith ,__ 1133 Farnham Prty Co. ~. I i 99 faine & Sorenson III $.'oo Road Construction " ' " " 6,159.50 764.41 County Bridge County Cash Road County School Soldiers' Rfeltcf . 29,111.90 402.67 14,987.44 5,682.27 l.SM 27.20 222.32 1.7S6.0S. 4,488.32 School Districts 'Library". Motor Vehicle ... Principal of School .'.'" Cemetery .. Temporary School ..'. Teachers' Institute Bovine T. B. .. Domestic Animal County Fair Grounds ..".' °"~ Special Assessments 699.31 67,764.13 2,002.69 0,796.65 1,6 Total receipts schoolhouse' fund 1 '$25906.63 RlEOAIPIITUiLATiIOiN SOHOOLHOUiSE FUND On hand last report '? 9766.63 Total receipts current year 16150.00 Total sehoojhouse fund 25906.63 Disbursements current year ; 14055.00 Balance on hand this repprt 11851.63 DISBWRSEMIBNTS Amount Name of person firm or corporation to General whom paid— Fund Fred Carter '_ % 38.91 .._ .... Y~ , ----- — v.uu i v^ornoratlon 7i*iinrt« ....... oio.wi Borchardt -------- 13.55 1 Schoo District Fund, ................. 7 ' 12 ?- 83 . Welch Mf-. o iTown ship Fund r" ''' " ...... 127,071.95 Wm. M. Welch Mfg-. Co. 122 29 Higley Chem, Co. " g'gj. Haley School Sup. Co. 201 Demc. Llbr, Sup. Co.' _ 19*05 Phyllis Parsons . Huntington iLab. Township Funds . Drainage—Credits 3,038.39 2il.976.96 4.807.SS S.30 35,2*9.50 68S.62 ljCTB.40 75.50 2,031.60 451.67 1,925.41 25,370.7: 1,961.98 . 15,300.28 4,CBS.f>2 30,175.05 30.SUI.ftl 5,548.28 1.217.59 10,918.81 24,27.5.23 4,8(17.3$ 6S3.82 S0.45li.4it 2,000.00 686.25 2,399.57 10.00 1,338.81 733.34 .GO 2,531.27 18,651.13, .0.8 «« asi.1 .. . 167,838.87 193,365.03.101, 0 0 .23 ! Redempt. D " Allen Thursday here. -*• Correction of Initials. 'Last week's Advance ha4 (Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Craven, Titonjca, managing the Green Lantern night clujb at Hobarton. This was an error In initials, which should be reversed. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Craven are managing the • - H. Coleman _. Adrian Casler R. O. Bjustrom Kohlhaas Hardware 26.95 Co. ---- Johnson iServTce Co, 1833 Foster Furn. Co. ..IIIIH 148 ; 64 8.45 Levl Hendien LIIIIIHIII fiS Longs Gro. g go McMaster-Carr Sup. CoIT" 29'70 Churchill Mfg. Co. ....... 1 72 H. R. Sorenson & Co. " 91 15 The Hallmark 'Store __IIII Total Balances 8.30 Totals 24.97 6.35 57.31 •4,6) -'- 4.90 30.60 W . H. Horan 45.00 Economy Stoker Co ?n w 60.00 Qenl. Biol. Sup. Co s TTlxo»V<>c. -r j_ °" Thorpe Wood & Iron Wks 13.05 J. F. Overmyer • 310.80 City Clerk — . 961.17 N. W. Bell Tele. Co. 178.92 Mut. Fire & Tor. Assn. 18.29. E. J. Gilmore (Schoolhouse 'Fund) __ $14055.00 Bert Cronan 1608.13 Wm. Goeders 760.00 J. E. IMason „ 1931.50 M. E. Mitchell 276.00 E. J. Gilmore 187.50 Alfred Norman • 48 75 Bert Deal 455.35 Wm. Arnan 376.60 Alex Nielsen 41.25 T. S. Norton & iSons 320.60 Lalng & Muckey 55.67 Modern Dry Cleaners 2S8 Pratt Elec. Co. 225.54 Kennedy & Parsons 5.35 Marshall Office Sup. Co. • 1275 Gordon S. Kuhn 2 50 Chrisohilles & Herbst 16^56 Holden Pat. OBook Co. _ 12 64 Baker Sup. Co. 22102 L. C. Hutchins 193 6 n West Dlnisf. Co |?i Botsford Lmbr. Co. 4770 Langan Paiper Co. 94*08 J. I. Holcomla Mfg. Co. B3.50 H. R. Cowan i 25688 Johnson & Son 26930 Nelson Hdwe. " W. E. Naudain Janney-Semple ~~3 . Kirsch's Laundry Messenger Prty. Co L. G. Poole A. " .53 2.46 6.96 30.00 P. V. Janse .„. Hotchkiss Sales Co" Mrs Roy. Keen .._:::~ C. M. Knudsen ______ A. V. Herttg ... ---Carl Hutchins Wiley Hines ____ C. M. McVeigh Vernon Casler David C. King _~ Funk & Wagnalls Cent. Sclen. Co. "" The Hertziberg Moe & Sjogren 46.00 67.50 1.00 Bindy. __ sg.gg Dr. W. D. Andrews" Oren Thomas _. Int. Ohem. Co. O. B. Lalng " B. M. Richardson O. B. Laing , Frances Messer Alvlna Miller _ "" Esther Quinby Leona Krampe Ruth Messenger'] 67.50 .25 isiso 1999.98 Alice Brookins ..:""" ~ .1549.636.87 $539,961.29 «561,<KB.35 RECEIPTS AND °"-~ a "? lr ;! an<ua ' > y J - 1933 , current taxes. 1932 RECEIPTS taxes 318,8 gasoline tax received Motor carrier Dog licenses ..' Interest of school'fund '" •••••• • eer permits (from town oim.ir^ ® e * ••* ••?••?"• "" ". Sale of auto: gees from county receipts,. Transfers from funds- Automobile fees ^sSS^^"^"****"""^ Total Aljona. 'iowi. Jwi^ ^^•yvs»is^s^0SMr" > S* 1 *.—*.

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