Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 6, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1933
Page 5
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. fOWA PAOEPIV» , but as limited, , TMNITf EV, LUTHERAN, P. J. Jtauter, Pastor—Next'Sunday: gun- day school and Bible class, 9:00 a., m. German communion will be celebrated. The confessional service starts at 9:30; usual divine service at 10. Announcements for German communion received at parsonage Saturday. FIB3T LUTHERAN, M. A. Sjo- atrand, Paster—The Dorcas Society will ibe entertained by Mrs. Victor Johnson and Mrs. (Ross Calhoun at Mrs. Helen Seeley's. No Sunday school next Sunday, but there will be Sunday school on all remaining »».'**. I Sundays in July. No preaching sor- ' vice till July 30. .LOCALS of Progress times, and. *»jr'«- v •--' '•>•«**but '" l PRESBYTERIAN—The iRev. Q. H. Aten, Burt, will conduct services at 8:00 o'clock next Sunday evening. t«f w —. .....mHoi Wi Ai VINChNT PASSES ON FOURTH mother, the island Michigan Unusual. m the grounds modern design; at , the for no could be But after the colors and attractive. Mrs. W. A. Vincent died Tuesday | noon, following an eight week's illness with sciatica, high blood pressure, and complications. She had been a patient at the Kossuth hospital two months. JFUneraQ services will be held this afternoon at the home, the . S. H. Aten, .Burt Presbyter- pastor, in charge, and 'burial of Mrs. Cora Virgin is driving a new Chevrolet coupe. months. Mrs. K Mrs. M. IB. Worster Is sick with man ' s mother, high blood pressure. nephew. |R. J. Harrington spent the weekend with friends ot the Okobojis. The Robert Carneys spent the week-end fishing at Lake Coronas, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Ristau, Ventura, visited the (Louis Hintz family Sunday. Mrs. W. J. Becker attended the Wesley high school alumni reunion Sunday. The J. H. ©alleys, Spencer, spent Sunday with Mrs. Bailey's mother, Mrs. C. W. Hopkins. The L. E. Hoveys visited from Saturday till yesterday with relatives near Minneapolis. The Algonquin confectionery has a new candy-striped awning, Installed Monday. Mary Swanson, Kansas City,'arrived Monday to visit her sister, Mrs. W. D. Andrews. iF, A. M. Frost came home Saturday from Wirock, Minn., where he is railroad station agent. months. Mrs. Kewley Is Mrs. Leh- and Mr. Naas a D. A. Bagan, Estherville, one of the trustees of the Steele store, is spending this week at the Century ot Progress exposition with his wife and two sons. He planned to attend a celebrated all-star baseball game at Chicago today. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Snyder have moved to Sariborn, where they are I gonlan who has for many years been a Methodist deaconess at Grand.Rapids, Mich., has been visiting relatives in these parts. She is a daughter of the late C. W. Parker, of Algona, whose widow died recently at Omaha, and Constable F. A. Newvllle, Algona, is her cousin. Algonlans who attended. a. district convention of'the Veterans of Foreign Wars at Fort Dodge last Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Auto Stored Ten Years Runs Again raising 1000 turkeys der's parents' farm. will be made beside the grave mother"hiredlher husband in Riverview.' to the Mrs. Vincent, who was 73, was Buiflding and I rborn at Keokuk November 1, 1859. I toad'ibeen par- Her maiden name was Elizabeth Clous'to'see this ex- McElroy. Her mother died when are the newest she was a girl, and she moved with The (Aid meets today with Mrs. Braner at the parsonage. The S. S, T. meets tomorrow evening at 8 John Mulroney, Mallard, spenl Sunday with William F. Steele and other Sigma iNu fraternity brothers County Engineer and Mrs. H. M 3mlth spent Sunday at Washta with Mr. Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs W. B. Smith. The A. E. Kressenskys drove t Flandreau, S. D., Sunday lor sev oral days with Mrs. Kresensky 1 (father, Giles Pettigrew. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Ogg, and Mr and Mrs. Glen MoMurray, returned on Mr. Sny- f The turkeys "ere hatched at the Spencer hatch- ry. They have been operating the Cossuth hatchery here. The Rev. and Mrs. C. Max Buck, )es Moines, and their three child- en arrived Saturday for a visit ver the Fourth with Mrs. Buck's mrents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. White. fir. .Buck .preaches at the Dallas Center Christian, church. . *-,>- ••• Marlene Adele, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hodges, was bap- Herbst, Percy Kuhn, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bartholomew, Mr. and Mrs. H. iD. Clapsaddlc, Mrs. Henry Neuman, Catherine Funk, Mrs. Herbert Adams, Fred Bartholomew, and Wilbur Zeigler. Mrs. Mel Peterson and her sister, Jean Murtagh, drove to Iowa City Saturday' to visit another sister, Mrs. Theodore Hutchison. The Hutchison baby, Sue, is having the whooping cough. Mrs. Peterson and Jean planned to stop at Des Moines Monday to bring their father, C. B. Murtagh, new state comptroller, home .for the Fourth. Sister Mary Evangelita, Dubuque, and Sister Mary Wendolyn Boone, left yesterday, after a week with the.former's,sister, Mrs. E. C. McMahon, and relatives at. ,Emmetsburg. Sister Mary Evangelita Motors cars on her father to Clearfield, where she 'but a complete as- was married in 1883. and I The Vincents came to Kossuth ty in 18% and settled on rtahloned'fpom assorted I farm south ot town. They moved to ETSatinB 8feht which -I Algona in 1906, and Mr. Vincent ' ui(; toi leave. was a stockbuyer here till his death I Homes Attractive. Mrs. Vincent is survived by an ™, : to see the model ^jy SOJ1( . g^ secretary of the fcto which mother was much | j ajr M8Mlutlon> which was con . Theyare allot modern i ductjng a Fourth o£ Ju i y ce i e bra- Ltlon.the day she died. She is also survived by a brother, William Mc- last Thursday from 12 days at Web Lake, near Danlbury, Wis. (Mrs. J. T. Chrischiles won honorable mention for a 'book review in the tabloid section of the Sun- tized at the Trinity. Lutheran church by the ,Rev. IP. J. Braner Sunday. The uncle and 1 aunt of the child, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ernst, umfooldt, were sponsors. Attorney (Donald Hutchison, Cedar Rapids, and his daughter Joan came Saturday and took home Donald's mother, Mrs. A. Hutchison, for a week's visit. Mrs. Donald Hutchison Is spending the week at St. Louis with her parents. The Paul Hudsons left Saturday for a week at .the W. E. Laird cottage, Clear Lake. Mr. Hudson is local representative of the Metropolitan insurance company. Mr. and Mrs. Laird and Betty plan to spend next week at the lake. Champion) Young BUI Hlggtna went out to the garage at his home last week, poured a little kerosene Inito the evljnders of an odd 1911 Imperial automobile, borrowed a storage battery* turned the engine over with a crank, nnd away she went. The car had not been moved for ten years, but the tires even held nlr. The old bus was some wagon in its time, and Bill says he can get 86 miles an hour out of it yet. Car Upset Near Lu Verne; 2 Hurt Lu Verne, July 3—Betty Holdcroft and her brother Jack were painfully injured last Thursday afternoon at a point six miles north of Lu Verne, when a car Betty was driving swerved in loose gravel and landed in the ditch. They were brought to town by a pwwing 1st and received medical attention at Dr. A. 1* Spooner's, urnert Jt was found that Betty's right am had been badly lacerated, tb» wound requiring many stitenw, and Jack suffered a broken collar bone. A large sedan belonging to Betty's stepfather, the Her. "William Baddeley, Methodist pastor here, was badly damaged. Mr. and Mrs. F.'F. Barker, Des •who is a member of the Charity order, will return to Dubuque for her second year of teaching. She previously taught at Kansas City. County Superintendent and Mrs. William Shirley left Sunday for Annapolis, Md., for two weeks with the Harry Wlnslows. Mrs. Winsiow was formerly Pearl Shirley, and Mr. Winsiow, a former Algona boy, teaches mathematics at the U. S. naval academy. John Shirley is in charge of the superintendent's office during the absence of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hagg, Sioux Falls, were week-end guests of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis iHagg. Elmer, who is a former Algona .boy, was. a cousin of eman was converted, and he >reached a sermon there last Sun- lay. He also visited brothers in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Elbert re- ;urned last week Tuesday from Iowa City, where Mr. Ellbert underwent a double hernia operation at the university hospital. They had been gone two weeks. Mr. Elbert is a brother of Mrs. Carl Dahlhauser, wMe of the sheriff, and he and Mrs. filbert make their home .with her. The Ralph Kandels. and' Lillian and 'Dorothy Heldenwith, Whlttemore, visited the Eltoerts and the Dahlhausers last week Tuesday night. Mrs. Fandel Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert. J. P. Stow, Burt, his son, Dr. Perry Stow, veterinarian at Newton, and the latter's son Bobby Moines and their sloped here Sunday, son "Walter after a week day Register's Mr. and Mrs. page. Hugh Herman rind construction, invmodern mode.. One spent Sunday 'at Fort Dodge with Dr. George P. Elvidge and Mr. and Mrs. "Walter Christ, of Perry. Mr. and Mrs. H.. I. Cratty, Ames, leave today, after a visit since Iast week ' ,M 0 ndav C j entirely of wood. Inside , and another is made en- t of glass blocks. One house, by the Ladies' Home with their arrived > Elroy, Merced, Calif, and a sister, Saturday for a week at her grand- Mrs. G. L. 'Long, Fresno, Calif. father, Anton Streit's. She is now Vincent was an^active^nem- j a prac ticing registered nurse. "" i), shows how modern furni- decorations can be used to ... on one'Of many benph- i the fair management has Jolly provided everywhere, nrisited the Japanese fouild- B the most interesting er- |lj» $600,000 replica ot ^ decorated .with pearls. bare laid before the house to 1 gravel walks, and a flag oW and pearls and valued flies from a .pole nearby. this building is a cong, the Jehol tnilld- de brought'entlrely from is a beautiful red wiild- l typical Chinese design, with < coated with real gold leaf. A I inside explains the symbol|«1 idols and designs. • I »f Sdence Interesting. «nost interesting place to me her and worker in the Congregational church, which she joined in tier youth. ALGONA FARMERS SUED AS COLLISION RESULT Dorothy Sellstrom, Kathryn Mls- ibach, and Catherine McCall wil leave next Sunday to attend the Century of Progress exposition. Mr: and, Mrs. Glenn McMurray and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Ogg go home Friday after nearly two weeks of fishing at Weblake, Wis Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Montgom _ ery, Akron, came . Saturday t McEnroe Bros., Leo, Frank, and I spend the Fourth with the latter' M. H., east of Algona, are defend- parents, Mr and Mrs. M. J. Jones. ants in two new district court dam- M. P. Christiansen was at M age suits growing out of a motor waukee Friday, Investigating oil- vehicle collision near Forest City burning heating plants. The Algona last January. The plaintiff in one creamery may substitute oil lor suit; who Is H.M. Klngstury, hails coal. . from Thompson. He claims that Mr. and Mrs George Mahoney, he was driving home when the Me- Mrs. Ethel I Morrison > and ^And y An- at McGregor and The (Dells in Wis- onsin. They picked up their aughter Frances, who was a guest f the C. B. Murtaghs last week. The H. J. Lacys moved Friday o Humboldt, where H. J. is manager of a Gamble store which opened June 17. Mrs. Lacy and the' son John returned a week ago Sunday from Audubqn, where they had spent a -week-with Mrs-.Lacy's parents. Mrs. George Spongberg, son Carl, and Mrs. Magnus Johnson got home last week Wednesday from ten days at Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. At Iowa City Carl had his eyes treated, and Mrs. Johnson visited her daughter,.Mrs. Edna (Forst, .at Cedar Rapids. Mrs. P. P. Zerfass and Janet Zer- were Algona visitors Monday. The elder Mrs. Stow is a daughter of the late Mr. and (Mrs. iDenison Paine, and J. P. is a brother of Mrs. Laura Paine, former 6ounty recorder. The J. P. Stows 'have two other sons and three daughters One of the 'boys is in a reforestra tion camp at Rochester, and an other lives in Texas. Two of th girls are married, one living a Newton, the other in Indiana. Flor ence is at home. Doctor Stow married and has one other child, a daughter. Church To Observe Mission Festival Carl Hagg, after whom the local Legion post was named. For the last ten years he has been subscription solicitor in southeast South Dakota for a Sioux iFalls daily. He and his wife have no children. Elwood Norton and his sister Meryl came home.Friday for a visit ., Lotts Creek, July 4—The Imman- till yesterday with their,.,parents, uel Lutheran church.-Lotts Creek, Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Norton. Elwood' - — ' "' -••••«« Call Theatre, Algona "IV* Cool at the Call" July Program Wednes., Thurs., Frf. July 5-6-7 "GOLD DIGGERS OF 1938* WARBEN WILLIAMS GINGER'ROGERS RUBY KEELBR, Mrs. Jolson DICK P0WBIJLI Saturday July 8 "MYSTERIOUS RIDER" A Zane Grey Story Three Musketeers. No. 2 Sunday and Monday July 9-10 "HELL BELOW ROBT. MONTGOMERY JIMMY DOTMNTE MADGE EVANS Tuesday and "Wednes. July 11-12 "LILLY TURNER" RUTH CHATTERTON GEORGE BRENT Thursday and Friday July 13-14 The Eagle and The Hawk FREDHIC MA1RCH GARY GRANT JACK OAKIE Saturday July 15 —'"EMERGENCY CALL" BILL BOYD BETTY FU'RNESS -MURDER UC THE ZOO" CHAS. HUGGLES Three Musketeers No. 3 Sunday July 16 Enroe truck came over a bill at 50 m. p. h. and collided with his car. King&bury is a salesman and collector for the Wagner Motor Co., town not stated in the papers. He claims personal injuries lor which derson left Saturday for a few days of fishing .Minn. Margaret at Lake Washington, Blossom returned to Cedar Falls Tuesday to resume the study of music at the Teachers fass spent last Thursday at Belmond with Mrs. Zerfass's sister, Mrs. James Altwegg, and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Windell visited over the Fourth, at the same home. Mrs. Alt- week and Mrs. Zerlass are daughters of the Windells. Margaret Habeger and Pearl Walker, northwest of town, go to Chicago next Sunday morning for ten days at the world's fair. Margaret, who Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Habeger, attended the I. S. T. C. last year. Pearl is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Walker. Mrs, M. L. Coonan, Des Moines, 'accompanied Mr. and Mrs. M. J. will celebrate its annual mission attends summer school at the I. S. 1 festival next Sunday. The Rev. T. C.-, Cedar Falls, arid -Meryl -is Hans, i A. Wagner, 'Terril, will attending summer school at Iowa preach in German' in the morning, City. Elwood taught at Lawton last and the Rev. Otis Lang, Esther- year, and Meryl, who is instructor ville, in English in the afternoon, ot nurses in a hospital at Rock.- The morning service begins at 1.0; ford, 111., will return to Rockford afternoon at 2:30. The girls' choir in the fall. will sing Mache Dlch Auf.'Werde Boyd Granzow spent the week- Licht, in the morning, and Praise end at Garner with the O. J. the Lord in the afternoon. Teacher Kloocks. Mr. Kloock, 'formerly of William Schmiel is choir leader. Whlttemore, is buttermaker for the fanners' creamery at Garner.] Boyd's father, Albert Granzow, who travels for the CJierry-Burrell creamery supply company, recently installed a 550-gallon churn in the Garner creamery's new building. This churn can make 2000 pounds of butter at a time. ADDING MACHINE EOLLS AT THE ADVANCE Want Ads DEVELOPED FREE 40-51 office. Wetzel, Minneapolis, - _ William Wetzels, (Lotts Creek, the GARAGE FOR RENT TWO Arthur Geilenfelds, and Arno Ris- blocks north of Iowa State Bank. Mrs. lEmestina I Phone 211F22. 12u43 "JENNIE GERHARDT" Sensational novel by Theo. Dreiser SYLVIA SIDNEY DONALD COOK Monday and Tuesday July 17-18 "SWEEPINGS* LIONEL BA1RRYMORE Wednes. and Thursday July 19-20 "MELODY CRUISE'* PHIL HARRIS CHAS. RUGGLBS Friday and Saturday July 21-22 "INDIA SPEAKS" • RICHARD HALlB.URTON «NO MORE OBCHroS" CAROLE (LOMBARD LYILE TA1LBOT Three Musketeers I^o. 4 Sunday and Monday July 23-24 "BABY FACE* BARBARA STANWYCK GEO. BRENT Tuesday July 25 "HEL1 TO HEAVEN* CAROLE LOMBARD JACKOAKEB Thura, FrL July 26-27-28 "INTERNATIONAL HOUSE* PEGGY HOPKINS JOYCE W.C. FIELDS RUDY VALLEE BURNS & A&Lffll Saturday July 29 "GAMBLING SHIP* BENITA HUME GARY GRANT Three Musketeers No. 6 Sunday and Monday July 80-81 "MAMMA LOVES PAPA* CHAS. RUGGLES MARYBOXAND taus, Bast, Lu Verne, Alma Bast, Ernestina Julius Ristau, Phone 21F22. STRAYED: BLACK it Man 01 science, in wmcn 11 ^ a g ks .550 The Wagner corn- all of the following «"er-l brought the other suit, which and still felt rushed. Many of ^ f * f ?mbto cover damages to the The Wag™ com- college. She had spent the week- i, and still felt rushed. Many of Inhibits in this as well.as other are self-explanatory, ed, and interesting. i Interesting exhibit Is the "mghouse section, where many 1B IO J _ j«i,,i car Kingstoury was dnvlng. •In both actions it is claimed that the truck was being driven astraddle of the center line on the paving. B . . „ ^ .. . Who was driving the truck is M machines can Ibe run, by, the i Bt stated- . T .he plaintiff's attor lic.'0ne of the most'Spectacu-i' ey is ' „ Mason City lawyer. N ' ' |li a meter 'so fine it has to ;be I through a microscope. This show you can bend or stretch uailroad rail with your bare !. Another lets you convert it rays into electricity. . e Victory company has on dis- [ a "color organ", which auto- 'lly synchronizes the mood of t played on a phonograph with Icplor tone corresponding to the McEnroes. been filed yet for the end at home. Strelt home last week from Emmetsburg. ,She F . ^ ENGLISH Mrs.' AlWtina Thiel, and the Max I" "ghepheVd dog. Reward. C. N. Ro- Basts, all of Algona, were enter- b j nson> phone 10 F. 3. 10p43 tained at dinner at Mr. and Mrs, Ernst Thiel's Sunday. jTsfcH Mrs. H. M. Smith, who has been stenographer, bookkeeper, and re- FOLKS, DRIVE TO L. J. MEN- •DRiEN'S, 1% miles south of Algona, for your rasplberries. 12u43 Strelt informally entertained lola Lehman, in the employ of „».-.. „__„ ,._ t WPP k Moines, I groups ot women last weeic Wednesday afternoon in honor or MINORCA, R. I. the Ted Cutler Co., Des Service Exemplified. telephone' company has ;e section of the hall showing telephone calls are put '•• Visitors willing to have J strangers hear may make distance call to any large .and the public may listen in w conversation, thus getting "~'il of the clearness of con- in long' distance telepbon- NAUOAIN TWIN BROTHER DIES AT_SIOUX FALLS W E. Naudain received a message 'Sunday announcing tbe death of his twin brother Oscar at Sioux Falls. The cause of death was heart disease, with which he had been ailing for two years. The funeral took place yesterday. W. E. ^au- dain, who has of late been troubled With a heart ailment, could not go (Elderly Algonians will remember Oscar, who came to the county in — — spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lehman, Hofoarton. Harold Falkenhainer left Saturday for Des Moines, where he is employed in one of the departments under C. B. Murtagh, new state comptroller. •Mrs. O. W. Erickson returned Sunday night from a' month away rom home. Mr. and Mrs. Erickson pent two weeks with her mother at>Rhinelander, Wis. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Becker got home Sunday night from two weeks at the Century of Progress expos- tion, Joliet, other points In Illinois, and Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Dewel, Dr and Mrs. W. O. Andrews, and Mr and Mrs. D. T. Nugent spent Saturday night and Sunday at the W Dewel cottage at Clear Lake, ; oil company has re- a pre-histoirio scene Jn mechanical dinosaurs an4 mammoth prehUtprlc "crea- f.ywk, «rewl } and, snap, "-Jaws. ' " '•* «lth the tttt 0»'f« ewei uui-vwto*' •*** v--—- — , iLoraine Tierney got home last Thursday from a week's vacation^ from her duties at the Iowa State bank. She visited friends at Des Moines and relatives at Nashua. Mrs. J. J. McCall was a medical patient at the Kosssuth hospital from Saturday till Tuesday. John Henning underwent an appendec- hospital last Thursday Mrs. Coonan. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. French, son Donald, and Mrs. French's niece, Vyone Clark, Laurens, who. hadsYiS,; ted the Frenches two weeks, spent Sunday at .Ruthven, attending a Feldman family reunion at Mrs. French's -.brother Earl Feldman s, Vyone went home : from iRuthven with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bloom are parents of a boy, born Sunday night in a hospital at Minneapolis, the first child. Mr. Bloom went to Minneapolis Monday for a few days with his family. Mrs. Bloom and the ibaby will remain there for several weeks. Mrs. iBloom's parents live at St. Paul. The Victor Youngs, Eldora, spent Sunday here. They moved to Eldora last week from Rockwell Olty. Mr Young is in the employ of the subject to whenever her services are needed. Donald P. Dewel, who recently returned from two years at Washington; D. '.C.,' -will ' substitute. Dqriald has previously served as reporter j more than a year. Mr. and Mrs. Durwood eggs.—Hamilton Hatchery. 12u39tf temporarily FOR~SAtE^<5iESTER WHITE boar. Cholera immune. P. D. Schichtl, half mile east of Irvington. 14p43 LOST — RED "SHiK ?- PLEATED chintz purse, keys and watch at Call Theatre. Call Moss, Cedar Rapids, daughters Barbara fifi Theatde. and Marilyn, Mrs. Margaret Moss- We Hemmion, SeattUs, Mrs. R. H. Quinby, \Los Angeles, and Mrs. Fred Clark, Seattle, left Monday morning to attend a family reunion at Adel. They had spent the week-end with the E. J. Murtaghs. Mr, Moss is a brother of Mrs. Hemmion, Mrs. Quinby, and Mrs. Clark, >Dr. Walter Fraser drove to Iowa City Saturday and brought home Mrs. Fraser, who had been a patient at the university hospital, where she underwent a sinus operation in an effort to remove infec- YOUR VACATION sell the nationally Advance or 15p4g SAFE, known "Travelers" full coverage accident tickets. — Algona Ins. Agency 19(2)40tf tickets. — Algona Phone 55. FOR RENT — GROUND FLOOR apartment Mrs. I. G. Dewel house East Call street. Upper floor rent ed and tenants share rent.—See W C. iDewel or Mrs. B. A. Thorpe. 41tfg tion causing arthritis. She is to re- Standard Oil company. Mrs. Young and the boys left yesterday for Glendale. Calif., for a_ month with ^^ ^ lleanor, curator of THE TAIL GOES WITH THE hide—at Gamble's July Clearanc of Sporting Goods—'Fishing Tackle Tackle Boxes—^Golf, Tennis Good "— "— the former's parents, Mr. tbe daughter the Philadel- P>Ui. [J the medical building P 'of cadavers enable the curi- [w see how the body's organs [located and how they work, A 'educational exhibit is a trans- :nt man 4n which electrically Rd organs flash into view one l»« to show their shape and lo- A lecturer explains their • " • e are but a few of the fascl- «bibits in this fairyland ot were a more 1 ., 1 didn't have time to find,building contains . of • of interesting displays of every widow Harvey and Mrs. William Taylor, Delta Delta sorority . the lake country north ot Dutatti. here. fl Hartshorn iMene *»»«>j, »« -—«- -. . Saturday for^ojkBwnh^r She "is in the em- in which each state lor r ^plica of a scenic' spot t ^ Including .even a and Florida has repro- Swea City Plan* A Legion Frolic er post with Mayor J. M- Dye ana the council met at Iowa L ^ e ..^ po Bancorpor- A. Sterling entertained ft WesBend, Monday night to women's ^ charge ready-to-wear of at the the left Friday for Mo., Lt >»-n.Hog Meeting ° £ the plans putting into act has *»« tentatively week Wednesday at la a from states which £or Christensen store, sever al -eKS s at c Cameron iams ^ left ss-SKi^SaK longs, or, *—• .SVVS-s Moore re- days of fishing. "j T tJi'a hrother A- L. A. ,p. » to , T M's brother Athe real estate business, and and be employed as drafting man in a manufacturing plant which makes automobile accessories. He was graduated from Marftuette university, Milwaukee, last spring:, Mrs. Lyle Ellis, Brooklyn, N. Y., and her mother, Mrs. Eric Nelson, went to Chicago Sunday night for a-week witto relatives and to attend thl world's fair. Mrs. Ellis, who will go home from Chicago, had visited her parents and her sifter, Mrs. Frank- Kohlhaas, a «ew weeks, Mrs. Ellis's husband Is a doctor. "Mr.< and Mrs. D. H.-Goeders-drove to- Bsttoerville Saturday night and attended a Joint meeting Sunday of the state fish and game commission and the board of conservation. Mr. Goeders was to spend yesterday at Des Moines attending another meet- tag of the fish and game commission, of which he is a member. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Button were called to Forest City last day evening by news of the •f Mr.' Dutton's sister, Mrs. C. U, Montgomery, who had ^ operation for the removal of her gall bladder at a Forest City hospital from which she is-now recovering. The Montgomerys formerly lived here. Mr? and Mrs. J, Q- Speer, Long Calif., who had foeen the The Mrs C, on the U""s. 'capital police force during the past year, but was pr in the census v department, couple have been visiting Hartshorn's father at Des Moines since they came to Iowa, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stillman and M" and Mrs. M- H. Falkenhainer got home Monday from three weeks of touring in the east? They made stops at Washington. P. C., Bostoni Philadelphia, and other points Mr 'and Mrs. Stillman drove " n' everything. Geuine $1.00 Bait, «9c. Bass-Oren 28-43 The New Deal (Continued) Federal BEFORE TAKING THAT VACA- tion trip get Aetna Accident Tickets. Full coverage at low cost. We have them «n hand at all times. H. W. Kruee Ins. Agency, Phone 125, Iowa State Bank Bldg. 33-43 !., INSURANCE A' . , /cost V Drtreftt; writing on-all forms of Surety 1 BArttts, Automobile, dwelling, 'and .'household goods |n-. surance. W« invite your confidence m matters of insurance' protection without any obligation on your, part. Call at our office of phone 55. —THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY, C. R. La Barre. 48-36tf Lowest Rates and Charges Prompt and Courteous Service A splendid time to refiance your present loan with government money at the lowest rates in many years. . • • •. ? •••• ' i Phone, call or write u§ for details. McDonald :& Co. Iowa State BanH Building. Phone 120. to Maxwell Tuesday and brought home their daughter Elizabeth Mrs. Holmes' sister, Mrs. W. Wilson, Los Angeles,, who bed visiting here since last week nesday, to LeMars Tuesday, Mrs. Wilson came here with her son Paul, Wa wife, two children, and Mrs Paul'Wilson's mother, Mrs, William Winders, LeMars^ air of whom spent last week Wednesday and Thursday here. Mrs. Wilson Joined her son w»d his family LET BUILDING & LOAN SHARES HELP fOU; START SAVING A SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY EACH MONTH— Any amount from $1 u» invested each month starts an account.. Our investment shares are paying 1% semi-annually. Over 400 satisfied share holders here in Algona. AH funds invested in good sound first mortgage loans •pn Algona dwellings fully insured. For more complete information call at our office ( just north of Iowa State bank. ALGONA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION, incorporated 1917, Authorized Capital Stock 11,00,0,000.—C, R. La Barre, Sec.- Treas. Member Federal Home Loan Bit- 37tf at ^.. ?fv ->* _ a _ A«V T .on* *ytyft AHlUi* s«» TT HI^B b?€9 re " , ., gests of Mrs. Speer'? sister, Mrs. I. P. Benson, since June I, left for Chicago Saturday night to attend world's fair. They will return. yl?J* feefgre gri -yl% LeMars and will return tp Los Angeles witn them. Paul Wilson is a city detective there. The Rev. W. G. Mubleman is e?home this week-end from a ced business and Pleasure trip to Ohio, West Virginia, and , Pennsylvania. He left last week i STUDENTS who have school work, to make up, should begin preparation now. Special prices made for tutoring two or more studeatf iii the. same subject or for due sub- DAIRY FOOD STORE \ I have remodeled niy building on East State street, and will open a Dairy Pood Store. Will handle over 5t . " ^^9tfr dpPP IRPS ^^^l|^^ ^^^^^OT ^^Bj^^ ^^^^^^* Salad Dressing, Butter, Milk, Cream, Egf e, Fruits and Ice Cream % Special Opening With each purchase of Blue MOOR spreader FREE. Twp tee create popes - j *t* s ,.4^-F- -

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