Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BIG FREE SHOW The •Nationally Fnmous Movie- Talkie Show sponsored by the State Farm Insurance Companies of Bloomlngton, Illinois, for which 85 LUTHERAN PASTORS MEET AT UHERNE Lu Verne, June 6—iElghty-five pastors were In attendance at a northern Iowa district pastoral conference at the local Lutheran church last week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The Rev. O. Hoeman. Battle 'Creek, presided, and the Rev. Otto Kock, Relnbeck, was secretary. The Rev. j Mr. Heinrich, Mallard, read a paper on The Component Parts of the ELECTION Saored Act of Baptism, which was thoroughly discussed. Wednesday the Rev. Mr. Strelf- fer, St. Louis missionary at large, I spoke six hours, giving a complete ' survey of the mission field of the TELLS OF CARRIER FROLIC AT DES M, By Donald Johnson. At 5 o'clock last week Monday morning our car left for Des Moines. Some of the boys had igone the day before. We arrived at 8:30. uasKeis 01 puiK ana wnue peonies -=—• — fiiT'It T. —rummicji, i««. emu «no. i\.a f »imu> °., f .„, ,„_ ..-.uji,, OM ,i than and syrlnga, with roses and del- rcnount conform with the opinions. an d two children, all of Storm We rested for awhile, an then phinlums on the altar Mr and The vote for Ramsey township of iLake; Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Potter went to the Paramount theater, Mrs. Glenn Raney played Lohen- 12G wet and 15 (lrv ballots includes and two sons, Port Dodge; Mr. and where Governor Herring and the grin's and Mendelssohn's wedding the disputed ballots. Later: The Mrs. C. B. Gardner and son, Ban- bhlef of police welcomed us at a Plum Creek Girl Is BrMe— There was ah impressive service! I at the St. Thomas Episcipal church last week Wednesday at 4:30 p. m., when Rev. J. D. Griffith read a marriage service for -Marguerite Tjaden and Waldemar Laage. The church was decorated with baskets of pink and white peonies (Continued from page l.> Potter Family Holds Annual Reunion Here South Cresco, June 20—The 15th annual Potter reunion was held Sunday .at the Ambrose A. Call' state park,'" 66 attending: Mrs. iF. H. Potter, Sioux City; Mr. and Mrs. James Reid, .son Charles, Hector iMinn.; Mrs. Alta Stiles, sons Donald, Delbert, and Charles, and Mr. and Mrs, Robert Stiles; .Charles City; Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Potter and four children, Schaller; Dr.- call the election board together j an( ] Mrs , .L. D. Potter and three again this morning and have the! children, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miner Rahm Will Check Beer Tax Receipt! A recent Des Molnes dispatch In the Hampton Chronicle concernln(; state revenue received' fronT,:.beef licenses and the barret n other thing " soon, be marches and 0 Perfect Love. ; board agreed with the opinions, cro «; Victor Applegate and Doris, j o'clock, den wore a gown of and the count is official.) • |Corwith; Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Mil-1 Governor Herring tod us „ ,, . „ ..„ .., crepe and a veil which An indication of the wide range i er and iBetty Mae, Irvington; Mrs. was a "great day and that the survey of the mission field of the g heirlo £ m . £„ br i desm aid, ot opinion in neighboring commun- L . E . Potter, Mrs. Mae Miller, Mrs. town was ours. Gardner Cowles Lutheran church, including foreign s ^ e wore a gown ofTreen itles was given in the Burt and M . A. Bartholomew, son Max, the spoke on the conduct of the sales- missions missions in Canada, and , f M^Laa^'s best mL was A. Greenwood. township votes. These B. H. Potters, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight men, and Harvey Ingham gave a 11 '•"""" At a communion „ Peterson Fenton , townships adjoin each other, but Potter, Algona; Messrs, and flies- talk on our responsibility as-sales* this home missions. service that night the Rev. O. Schultz, Westgate, preached, and the Insurance Department of the t! , le Rov ', Mr " Noack &ave a c nf es- _ „ „ . . . slonal address. Questions of cas- lowa Farm Bureau Federation is uistry W6re answered durlng the State Manager, will put on at the OPERA HOUSE IX FENTON JUNE 28th, 1988 Two big complete shows, with specialties, 1st show at 7:15 p. m., 2nd show at 9:15. services. Thursday the congregation at Marcus extended an invitation for next year's meeting, which was accepted. Preparation of meals for the The Rev. Father Griffith a per-'. Burt voted nearly 2 to 1 dry, while damns'E. C., A. and C. A. Potter, men. C. K. Jefferson was master sonal friend, came for the service Greenwood went almost 5 to 1 wet. i the H. L. Potters, the C. H. Pot-, of ceremonies from Clear Lake,' where he was officiating at Camp Morrison lodge. The bride Is a daughter of Mr. oy OM ^ _ _ An es in various townships, climaxing |dren, and singing by alTmade up exciting western movie starring The drys had made a complete 'ters, and Mr. and Mrs. IF. iL. Miller. • We were then entertained canvass of the county, with speech-' Recitations and songs by the chil- Charles Flagler, KSO singer and Mrs. Henry Tjaden,' of Plum ln a ta 'k here. Sunday night byjthe program. , Officers were elect-. Creek township, and Mr. (Laage is Mrs. Ida B. Wise-Smith, state W. the son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. C.; c - T - u - president and vice presi- Laage, near Fenton. The newly-! dent °t tne same national organi- weds left for an extended honey-! zation. it is estimated that the drys moon trip in northern Minnesota. BEvery automobile owner beads ot families (both men and visiting pastors was capably done by the women of the local church, i mr| no|l .. JL-.^-J in< . thr«*; a , 1/u 'r 3 | The Miner family met Saturday ^ ".''and Sunday for its tenth reunion. nd Mrs H D and had at least SO per cent of the to- al dry vote in the county out election day. light Tote b Cast. The wets, on the contrary, did U«I«H UL limimes v"u"i ""=-1 <u.u Wolf ana M „ Oronna ch serv- ! A P lcnic supper Saturday night and m,ti e work other than organization women) ere especially invited to W L^t*™ S'S!°"™± senr ' ' —' " J these shows: "Horse Sense" and «The Benefactor." Children -will not be excluded, but we fear that there may not be room enough to accommodate the crowds, if all who are interested appear. THE BIG SHOW IS FREE 'However, those carrying tickets will be 1 given first choice of seats. Come to the Big Free Show Fenton Opera lions* 1 , Fenton, Iowa June 28, 1983 . Your 'hosts will be G«orge 0. Goetseh, Fenton, Iowa • H. D. Hutching. Algona, Iowa (District Director Don C. Bice will favor us with a short speech). ANTS! ANTS! NOT AUNTS—But those little red devils and black ones, too. They are little, but oh, my. Red ants, small ants, house ants, yard ants, darn the ants —we have something for them all. ANTROL Liquid or Powder. Liquid is put up in a neat handy package. Ants become infected and infect others, thus destroying whole colonies. Hoodoo Ant Paper Gets more popular every S'ear. Hoodoo Ant. Tape Tied around legs of tables or placed across places they enter. They can not cross, and soon disappear. Also, we have Terro Ant Killer, Peterman's Ant Food, Doom, chalrmen of the groups. STUNT CONTESTS AT COUNTRY CLUB R. H. Miller won a driving contest, and R. S. Blossom a mashie contest, in a Country club'tourna- ment Sunday morning. C. A. Mo- niyer was second in the driving contest; M. P. Weaver in the rnashie contest. Three men tied for honors on the No. 4 hole, and this a Sunday noon dinner were served of election Judges and clerks and on the Miner lawn on east Call naming a candidate for delegate, street. In attendance were: The wets estimate that only about (Mrs. Jos. Turner, son Pat, Mr. 65 per cent ot the to tal wet vote in and Mrs. Amos Kleinfelter, and a the COU nty Was cast, daughter, Mr. and Mrs.. Albert; The vote was } lgnt( with only iLampson, two children, all of 7018 ballots cast. In fast fall's Brookings, S. D.; Mr. and Mrs. Rio, election a total of 10,071 votes were Miner, Worthington, Minn., two cast Jn the count y children; Mrs. Ada Salmon, Washington, D. C., three children. : G. O. Miner, and a son, Mr. and •Mrs. Maurice Miles, three children, ed: Mrs. E. C. Potter, president; L. A. Potter, vice; Mrs. D. E, Potter, secretary-treasurer. The E. W. Cooks, Fort Dodge, Ken Maynard followed. At 10:30 all of the 3,500 carriers assembled on the steps of the Des Moines consistory building to have a group picture taken. We were. came Sunday to attend a Cook .then presented with red felt hats", family reunion. The son Lyle op- ! and at 11 the parade began. All the 1 erates a bus there and In odd time helps his father, who runs a grain elevator. Junior Leaguers ' Lose to Burt oh Series of Errors carriers wore blue shirts. We marched two miles through the main streets, and' the Register & Tribune autogiro flew above us. A very large crowd watched the parade. I The floats were Judged', and a ToonervDlle Trolley enteretf by Sac | City won first prize for the clever_ . —" • • • • lest and most original float. The Algrona Junior league team j Twenty-two street cars took us J to Rlverview park, where we' ate. I and Then we rode the roller-coasters, and went into the fun houses. At 4:30 in the afternoon everything was over, and we left for our! two children, Mrs. Ray Miner, all of Clear Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Backer. Mason City, four children; Lois Inman, Estherville; and Mrs. Bert Miner, Graettin- Figuring on Harlan Frank?! divided the pitch- the basis of 80 per cent of the dry ingt and Russe ir Cook caught, vote out and 66 per cent of the wet Ewo i A an d Rfdd i e> Burti did g0 od uur vote out the figures for the elec- pitching, and held Algona score- j^Is wHad rjand tUl but tlrm wrmlrt hnvw itiann fiQfifl wfot. and i =•.. . = nomes. we na« a grana tune, auT. I were glad to get home again tmrl •Mrs. Maurice Miles, tnree cnuaren tion wou , d have ^ een 6960 wfet and ----Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Miles, and 3m dry lf tne same nad bee ' n cast, Eri P Weaver R T Harrinirton and ' ger - two sons; Mr> and Mrs "- W> L> v. weaver, it. j. Harrington, ana:—.. . . n^/i™-,,, tv...^ «T,,-J. Albert Ogren. The driving contest -was held on the No. 1 hole. Players were al- i Bilsfborough, Rodman, three chll- Idren. I Mr. and Mrs. Ray Miner, Storm two children; Mr. and Mrs. the three to determine the winner. Eugene Murtagh was kept busy measuring the drives. The mashie contest was on the No. 3 hale. They had a 'handicap, however, of having to shoot over a blanket and then put the ball into the hole. The third part of the contest was on the No. 4 hole, where the aver-r age of three shots nearest the hole decided the winner. This was the tie contest. There was a Dutch lunch at the clubhouse Tuesday evening. The next tournament will ibe announced later. Fire is Found in Trailer Carrying Household Goods children; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walker, Goldfield, two children; and" Mr, and Mrs. L. A. Miner, three sons 1 ,. f»n<l Mrs. Miner's mother, Grandma Williams. Two Brldg-e Luncheons Given— Mesdames 'D. B. Dewel, D. T. (Nugent, A. E. Kresensky, W. D. Andrews, and John Kenefick enter-- tained 24 women each day last week Wednesday and Thursday at one o'clock bridge luncheons. Small' tables were centered with bouquets- of flowers. iMrs. William Hawcott won the high score Wednesday, and' table prizes were won by Mesdames J. L. Bonar, H. M. Hauberg, K. D. James, M. P. Haggard, and M. H. 'Falkenhainer. Mrs. iL. C. 'Nugent won the high score Thursday, and table prizes were won by Mesdames W. W. Sullivan, H. W. Pletch, A. D. Adams', S. A. Worster, and H. L. W. A. Vigars and William Hiihes, moving the latter's furniture- from j La Porte City, Ind.. to Algona,. were- ^^ Flt(fe g< s . Contest- driving on the paving this siide of Clear Lake last week Wednesday evening, when a car pulled' up beside them, with the occupants gesticulating wildly. Eventually- they discovered that their trailer, filled with household goods, was on ffoe. They stopped beside the Take, but had nothing in which to carry water, so they untied smoldering blankets and a davenport and' carried them into the lake: to put the fire out. A cigaret thrown from some passing car was believed' responsible for the blaze. Mr. Hfnes, who came here to work fop- Mr; Vr- gars, is a son of David Htoes, now of La Porte City, but a former Algona farmer. Bnoz Ant Powder, Hofstra, etc. Lusby'sj Drug. Store Helen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McMalion, left Sund'ar for Chicago to attend the world's .fair and visit her aunt, Mrs. J. J. Meehan. Eighty persons had a picnic dinner at the Ambrose A. Call state park Sunday. They were menVbers of the Methodist young married fb-llcs- 'Stmd'ay school class, who had had a contest which resulted in a tie. Captains In the contest were Henry Johannsen and Mrs. Arthur HeTberg-.. Alpha Delphbuis Name Officers— The Alpha Delphians recently met at the Ambrose A. Call state park for a picnic and the election of officers: Mrs. L. G. Baker, president; Mrs. M. J. iStreit, vice president; and Mrs. John McEnroe, secretary-treasurer. The club will not meet agafn till fall. Other Society. A group of young friends took Arlene Fraser, of South Cresco, by surprise Thursday and helped her celebrate her 16th birthday. KITTENBALl GAMES HELD EVERY NIGHT Kfttenball league games are being pTayed every evening this week and' next except Saturday in an effort to finish the summer schedule By September 1. A reviised schedule of games this week and next follbws-: Wednesday, June 21—Advertisers- vs;. iffiCA. Thursday, June 22—Phillips vs. U. D. M. (Friday, June 23—Gamble vs. RCAV Monday, June 26—Advertisers vs. Skelly:. Tuesday,. June 27 — -Phillips vs. RCA'. Wednesday,. June 28—jSkelly vs. u: D;.MI. Games Ta-st week were all more or less one-sided. Last week Monday Phillips defeated Gamble's, 92; last week Wednesday the Advertisers- d'owned 1 U. D. M., 7-1; Friday Skelly beat RCA, 6-2; and Monday, <3fcm l bre''s was defeated by' u. D: ML,, 14-4. Tuesday evening's game was the closest for some time. Till the seventh inning Phillips lea Skelly 2-1; wut in- the> last two innings Phillips- ran up the score to 6-1. The- PMilfps team now leads the league, with the Advertisers second, and' the.RCA team in the cellar, as fbl'iOTTST 4 TIMES more effective than sodium bicarbonate INDIGESTION A pleasant flavored antacid powder that will give you a new freedom from acid stomach ills! It works four ways. {.Neutralizes the excess acid. 2. Aids in removal of gas. 3. Soothes irritated membranes. 4. And it aids digestion of foods most likely to ferment. Bisma- B«x is-the coast to coast sensation. It is sold only at Rezall Drug Stores. Try it! BISMA-REX 4% oz. 5Oc K. D. JAMES ROLL FILMS DEVELOPED FREE at _Lusbyjs. 40-51 WANT TO TRADE TWO-ROW cultivator for cow.—E. Mitchell, Algona. 10p41 7-'Ro6M~HbuSE AND LOT~AT 615 S. Harlan street for sale.—H. C. , Klamp, phone 607. 16p41 LEAVING FOR SAN 'FRANCISCO Saturday. Room for three to help share expense.—Phone 24F21. p41 W ANTE D'—WT~M INO RCA^ R! I. White, W. Langshan hatching eggs.—Hamilton Hatchery. 12u39tf fore July 6 at reduced prices. Brown's Hatchery, phone 321, gona. THE I. G. DEWEL GARAGE NEXT south of the Algona hotel wiUC &e for rent July 1. Present rental will be reduced. This garage has for more than ten years toad a good repair and storage business,, practically all of which will :be Inherited by any new tenant wha knows how to care for it.—W. C. Dewel, i Algona. g40-41 LOST —, .LADIES' CYMA WRIST watch on road to State Park. — ICaH Advance. 12p41 Lakota. LOST—WTJiRtLITZER GOLD-plated cornet and case on paving north of Bancroft.—Notify Ray Miller, Bancroft. 15p41 MAKE YOUR VACATION SAFE. We sell the nationally known "Travelers" full coverage accident tickets. — Algona Ins. Agency. Phone 55. 19(2)40tt SEE THE PUBLIC MUSE~UM IN Minneapolis.— Beaufort Hotel, 112 3rd St. So., opposite Federal foldg., Minneapolis; 75c, $1, $1.50 a day. Parking next door. 24p41 RELIABLE INSURANCE AT LOW cost — Direct writing on all forms of Surety Bonds, Automobile, dwelling, and household goods insurance. We invite your confidence to matters of insurance protection without any obligation on your part. Call at our office of phone 55. —THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY, C. R. La Barre. 48-35tf YOUK LAST CHANCE TO BUY— auto batteries at .$2.%; oil, 3 gals, for $1.00; Crystal White soap chips, 2 for 23c; garden hose, 25 ft. 98c.—^Gamble's June Sale. 29-41 FOR RENT — GROUND FLOOR apartment Mrs. I. G. Dewel house East Call street. Upper floor rented and tenants share rent.—See W. C. iDewel or Mrs. B. A. Thorpe. 41tfg BABY CHICKS — IlAST CALL. Some for immediate delivery. Order now. Just 2,000 to be sold be- LET BUILDING & LOAN SHARES HELP YOU; START SAVING A SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY EACH MONTH— Any amount from |1 up invested each month starts an account. Our investment shares are pay- Ing f% semi-annually. Over 400 satisfied share holders here in Algona. All funds invested in •good sound'.first mortgage loans on Algona dwellings fully insured. For more complete information call at our office just north of Iowa State bank. ALGONA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION, Incorporated 1917, Authorized Capital Stock Jl.OOO.OOO.—C. R. La Barre, Sec.- Treas. Member Federal Home Loan Bk. 37tf _ - . •„. , , .. Errors by Algona players in the; that °j ht Infield made most of the scores for as in the presidential election. Geo. iD. Moulton, Ledyard town- Burf, whicfi ran in nine scores in ship, near the Springtfield township. t h e fourth fnnlng. Emmet Beard line, will be the Kossuth delegate to the state convention. His township voted wet, 99-62. Senator Patterson, dry nom'inee, lost his home 1 township of Portland to the wets; 77-65, but was 'given a rousing endorsement in his home town, Burt, which went dry, 208-111. Phillips- AdVs:. Skelly U:. O). St. 4 Gamble's 2 RCA i Won 7 5 .4 Lost 1 .2 4 4 fi 6 •Pet. .875 .714 .500 .500 .250 .142 After Kate Skinner contracted to teach at Fort Dodge she was offered a similar place at Iowa City, but of course could not accept. and Dick Shackelford did excellent outSielding, and the entire Burt team worked 1 &t harmony. Burt has now won all six games it ftas. ipJayed, while Algona has won three and lost three. Tuesday afternoon Algona was scheduled to play Titonka on the local' diamond', 'but Titonka forfeited'.. Tomorrow evening Algona goes to Bancroft, and next Tuesday Swea City plays liere. On June 30 a game is scheduled at Fenton. A. revised' schedule of the league •has set playing dates all ahead one day:. This -was done in order that the 1 season might end' July; I, when district and state 1 contests (Begfti. — * O. S. (Lindsay Gas Truck in Accident Bancroft, JUne^ 20—-A truck driven .by O. S. Lindsay, Shell Oil, Algona, and' a' Model' A Fiord' tudor driven- toy H'erman Plbeger,. :Ledyard, collided' Mbwday nrortiing, 9:45, on the pavement near F. J. Welp's oiV station; M"n Ploever drove onto the pavement from-the west as- Mr? Lindsay was driving south. ThV truck bumper hit the Ford on th'e left' side-, and 7 i'f the bumped' Had' not hooked' the Ford the car would'have'been upset. The truck carried the Ford' 30 feet. Mr. PIoeger-suffered' a fractured left collar bone and' bruises on his head. The left side of his car was caved in; and- tlie->axle- on- tile* truck was bent; the radiator:, and windshield broken;, and 1 the- front fenders bent. The truck was towed to Algona;.and' thei-Ford' was- taken to' the Menke> garage> here. Dr. J. A. Devine cared 1 for-Mi 1 : Ploegerv Fire Extinguished at Fenton Church Fenton, June 20—WhlTe members were cleaning at St. John's Lutheran church) l&st week Wednesday afternoon a container of cumbusti- ble fluid' was set on the stove by someone not knowing there was a fire in the stove. Spontaneous combustion occurred',, causing a great deal of excitement, for a time. The fire department was cal'Ied, tut the fire was put out without serious damage. 1»«»»«»»««+»»++»»»»»»»«»» When thousands buy on sight there must he a reason 0 Hi is ingiiLurc ; t >f.» /V v< current than one «'rJ/ut/M lamp bulb Buy Now Your winter supply of No. 10* size can fruits, while prices are low. Try our Big 3 brand, you will be pleased. Long's Food Shop Our Meats Are Treats. Do you like bargains? Then The A NNEXl busy summer bargain sti First door south of Call Theater entrance. Here's an ideal summer place to shop. Cool quiet, with convenient fitting room and just eno service to make it interesting The Annex is ". )ac 'em at all hours of the shopping day. You'll like it over on the side street, where you m . v , plenty of time to select your dress. It's pretty warm to about 'coats, but you'll need one during the cool nights tha always bound to come after a hot spell. And we have remarkable bargains In this seaon's spring wraps at the Good polos N and dress models may be purchased ag low a $5 and up to $8.95 and $l| Of course, the real "lure" of the .Annex is that W» n clever silk dresses which are selling like hot cakes tor Beautiful dresses made from silk Jerseys and light and d prints may be had In complete size ranges from 14 to 45 i remember that we get shipments twice a week to fill | n uj.l gaps that daily tell .the story ot real selling. I AVe brought over about 26 higher priced dresses from Main store this week—dresses that once bore a $16.00 or | price ticket and which -. rtn go on sale here at only —.__' 'V/AI Ladies' fine silk hose, all sizes '.:— Birthing suite at 78c and | All remnants, pay just one-half the marked price. Children's print wash dresses, s^es 2 to 10 _ Ladies' rayon silk panties, special at An* don't forget the Main show at Chrlschllles & Herbal i we show a great line of stuamerdry goods and apparel Let's Get Acquainted Do you know that we carry a foil stock of genuine *)«•! tricar parts awfo by Delco-Remr North-east and Auto I lit*. We an the only United Motor Service Garage In I Algona, which means that we use only genuine electrical I parts, recommended by the manufacturer of your car, I And they cost no m«« ttu<;Gyp parts, which may glrel •ut on ywir next Motor trip. These are facts. Ask tttl manufacturer of your ear «ni they -will tell you the su«| th&iy. ,. • i ' Helberg's Garage West wf Courthouse. Algomi, phone 41 COSTS ONLY "96. fliti frtitkt INSTALLATION AND FEDERAL TAX PAID ^» A new standard of economy—greater convenience —distinctive style—genuine Frigidaire quality— one-fourth more food space. Come in and see it, BJUSTROM'S 2 13 East State Street Phone 520 Florsheim Shoes Wante 2OOO Men, Women and Cl dren to help liquidat the Steele Clothing Stoi It is bsing closed 01 regardless of cost. Remember that we cal only quote a fewjof the| many greatjbargains, The very finest «»«««%•• $10 values at ____ $2.85 Other broken lots as low as «1.25. Men's Dress Hose 19C Values formerly 50c 75c, $1.00 only Kn . UNDERWEAR 50c values, broken lots, good quality, Shirts and Shorn nainsook 1 Q(% Men's At Straw Hats Price 37 Men's Suits Former $25-$35 values, broken lots, at ____ _ 100 Boys' 100 boys' Knickerbocker suits, $10 values at MEN'S ALL WOOL Dress Pants $6.50 to $8.50 values at Men's Dress Sbir» , •••• - . a Selling Out to Bare Broken lots, $?.50'£o $3.50 values at

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