Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX CITY OP AtGONA, IOWA STATE OF IOWA the information given In this schedule is bated" JuVeTJm ' beSt ° f my kn °wledge and belief. ADAH CARiLSON, *** From April 1st, 1932, to March 31st, 1933 ™* Cl6rk ' A B c .b B lg County. Tax— Grand pJ'General Gov't &14<m4n « Total Wind. divtetons__:%l£:J? >$'"•% c.Spec. assessui'ts 4,432.25 x'T^'SJ 4 ,4-32 .'2o SEXTON'S AID GIVES A PLAY ATJVINGTON Irvlngton, June 20—The play, How the Story Grew, was presented at the Irvington church Friday evening by members of the Sexton LAM The "story" was started by a KQaStTTtt CQfWTV ALG6KA. IOWA V of Sexton 9 Is Honored at Shower iSexton, June 20— A miscellaneous shower was given last week Wednesday at the Sexton hall In honor of Ruth Miller, who will be narrled July 9 to Philip C. Thom:on, Sioux City. (Lunch was served >y Marie Harris, Pearl Steven, Nell Vise, and Mrs. Bert Sanders. Miss „. - Amvl ovwijr >YU,3 BbUri.G(l DV ft Mrs. Brown, who told a neighbor Mllier'recew'ed many°gifts' that someone had moved into the ..^ lAuvt A1IU VCU illUU IIHJ Smith house early in the morning before she was up. iShe lamented , she could new 2. Office Receipts— a. Poll tax 664.60 b. Business license 6CU.G5 c. Cigarette license 900.00 d. Dog license ___ 108 90 e. Fines, fees, fort AM, feltures — 175.60 r. Other oftice receipts 473.49 a' «f * Total 2,824.04" ». street Department— a. Sewers and sewage disposal 713.00 Total _____~ 713- oo ... , , Rentals 4. Municipal Industries— a. Water works ___ 13,534.49 D. Electric light works G3.48S.47 c. Parks and bathing beaches 1,569.90 d.Misc. Fire 260.00 664.50 601.66 900.00 108.90 176,50 Sexton Party Jn Jaunt- Mrs. J. w. Harris and her daugh- ._ ters Mary and Marie, accompanied catch a % Mrs. Drusilla Noble, left Mon- b.'iufof «i me new occupants or day for two weeks in tho pnat the furnishings, and when she went Mrs. Harris and the girls will Tlsft n~^Z *oo 11?, the back ?°° r ^ of£er "Distance : Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Harris »•-» 33.ifi61.ra $33,651.78 [ shewas not invited In. Charles. 111., and attend the The neighbor, enlarging, told the fair. Then they will go to ory to another, who In tarn to visit relatives then to * passed it on to someone else, till 111., to visit relatives Mr* ~NnM«' rumor had it that the Smith house will visit her son Tom at c.So was in the possession of a band of and attend the fair, then go tn robbers or .bootleggers and that one Bloomington, 111., to visit relatives o them had shot Mrs. Brown. The thence to Pontiac to Join the Har Play proceeded with other details, rises for the return trip tin at last poor Mrs. Brown was ' — parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Richards, Algona. They had spent the day at Blue Earth, guests of the (Floyd Richards family. (Fayette and the children also visited the former's brother Myrle, near Lone Rock. (Fayette is a nephew of Mrs. Greenfield. Bible School Is Closed— The vacation Bfble school closed Sunday night with a program by the children, School was held two weeks in the church, with Nell Wise and Edith Greenfield as in- 473.49 ~ ' I ; "*" ™ """"i «" u piepurauons ior 2,824.04 | 2,824.04 h< ?r funeral were toeing discussed, till at last poor Mrs. Brown was' . - reported dead, and preparations for nil "ok Tlsltore Entertained— h< r funeral were toein disc ' Mr - a "«l Mrs. A. L. 3,000.00 — . Greenfield and . «»« U**\A structors. Other Sexton News. Mrs. J. W. Harris entertained the Aid last Thursday. Mrs. Jergen ' ^•••••••••••^^••^ DRY WEATH ENDANGER LAKOTA !R NG DATS Dakota, June 20-The dry weather Is endangering the crops in this section. Aside from two or three light showers there has been no rain since the flood last spring. Oats are heading out S to 12 inches ligh and pastures are turned >rown. ; Some farmers have turned Jnue 13, 1933. Auditors Office, Jlitie 14,-1933, (Board ot Supervisors met In regular session with all members present. On motion Board proceeded to read the minute* of last regular aesaloit and all adjourned sessions. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. •Motion by McDonald atid Seconded by JPunnemark that the minutes of tho ast regular session and nd- o timed sessions be approved as read. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Hclken that cigarette bond of Sidney Wallbtirg for >1,000.00 be approved and County Auditor Instructed to Issue nermlt. Ayes; All. Jiuwil. tjuuic luimcia iiuvu wui»»«« ivy .Ttn.wn.a iui T*>WV.W uv <^wiuveu the cows into small oat fields, some and County Auditor instructed to Is- have fenced in the alfalfa Melds for, s Mo?l 0 n by BaigcniVn and wcondod feed, and some are pasturing the by Helicon that open-ditch rlght-of- roadsides. Gardens in general are way exemption be given on the fol- inrnprl nn ntlrl Qti*nwhnrHpa ftrp n i?.- *V* ~* *». 001 ' !ns -l% f ,,| labor „ '" r Co.,. vauoiKca. vraiucno 111 gviiGia* *n w airned up and strawberries are a :otal loss. Hnnscns Have Family Picnic- w was a end attendance. | Tom the t> /•leineiiH B. Mdrsch*— Dr. H. & K, Jt. No. J .N13 1-4 NlW 1-4 20-94-30 ..' 311 SW 1-4 >NW 1-4 20-94-30 1.75 am 1-4 NTW 1-4 20-94-30 *'"» labor ., Dr? l»r l " x - IMw 1 ;.;" - . labor , ^ , Titonka, held a fam- Erman Hanson's Fri- Adams, Algona. The Clem Cunninghams 3,713.00 Misc. Total 361.34 122.00 14,017.83 2,414.16 6,919.86 72,822.49 1,569.90 260.00 itr. M ,. . Miscellaneous _ 3,850.00 7,041.8« 88,670.23 88,670 22 3,850.00 Total 3,850.00 6. Balance of 7 ' 0r »" -TWS 'SfSXSK Stfans-^ s ± r i!! 4 B ?! t ;™«='.»»«i- TO£I o,L _ believed her dead. It turned out that the mysterious peopl in the Smith house were the new minister and his family. Other entertainers were Alineand Harold Martinek, Sexton, Harold playing four cornet solos, accom panied at the piano toy Aline. Irv ington young folks entertained with songs, and a piano solo was playcc | by a 'Boleneus girl. Duets were (sung by two Sexton boys, accompanied toy Ruth Miller. After the I program an ice cream social was 1 "' M '" -the church. TUP riom rnnnin»»,o^ n „„., J^niest Hansen was formerly Beu- eSr% S^cTnfnghS ^f^fSo^S ILlS S moth <*i* TWrQ iVai^mRttoM «.*» T nttii, \vJiu we i u piuiiuur ruai" wii\-*| ITU o, ITttiiiuuier. oi JUU j„_!... ^- » _i_ _i._ _..« -«•„ TT_H 1 ,, Wages i. General Government _ a. City officials ._.$ 660.00 b. Printing and stationery c. Legal expense __ 50.00 a. Elections _____ 93 QQ e. Municipal League expenses or Outlay laneous 94.80 ? 649.80 $ • -""O vuauiui y f ^my—• „„ here are interested in the wedding of Amelia Stevens and Gerald Coleman at Ogden Wednesday, May 24. The ceremony took place at the Battin chapel parson<""> f ^ Rev. Z. Hougham, pastor, "* Following the cere- TJ1 t.1 —, ' — «.*»-.«. *»j iwi abbViiucll a, CulI ClUU 'Flpinnr «^? n « A ell> meetln e Saturday at Andrew God- Eleanor, and Fayette's i fredson's, Algona. MISSIONARY OFFICERS AT BURT CHOSEN Bur£,.-June 20-rr6* Methodfst aissionaty society met Friday art Mrs. A. $. volentine's, and elected! officers: Mrs. F. O. Stow, president; Mrs>G. L. Carroll,,-rtce; Mrs. L. G. Volentine, secretary; Mrs L 196.50 170.00 — , _-«™ w ..»^ ( o*-v*ictiirjr -, iYlrS. JU -. Roetman, treasurer; Mrs. G J « ^ffJji. * ducati °nal secretary; Miss Whitnay, Mitebox secretary 1 Mrs. C. B. Oiipman, supplly secre- IT' ,*'?•': ^ 9." fton - <J»een Es- 1M.60 220.00 93.00 20.00 20.00 1,917.89 Total 698 00 2. Municipal Industries— a. Water works __ 6,252.06 b. Electric light c-Par^ndswlm-: 13 ' 661 ' 13 42 ' fi ° 3 - 85 ^^ ?5,117.52 d.LibrTr" SP ° 01 -- 1 '° 76 - 33 334 ' 73 «2.13 1,873.19 »-<---•• loqrrnn 3,066.00 3,0515.00 i,~J&.uu . 1)29 5. 00 8,446.57 ~*fXWr > Mrs. C. G. E. -,, *-~.*,*,, Olson, They will be installed J. Henry Stevens, mother of the bride. The bride was graduated K ChlpmanTT"'^'-' M" S & r^f T hieh Sch001 in B ""». secretary;-Esther M Pa T,? erald J? a son ot Mr. and treasurer. ~ Mrs. Thomas Coleman, near Lu July." Verne. The Colemans and the Buckleys were residents of this vicinity a few years ago. Mrs. Blytlie Here Again— «! I \ Nina BI y tne - who had been iting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Schrader. The William Larsons, Brltt, visited Sunday at C. L. Holding's, and Janice Larson remained for a few days with her aunt and grand- m<^her, Mrs. Emma Hawcott. Mrs. W. D. Richards and her • • • * • *. j.t*« if YT *tv/ trt.iv. |/ dents of iLakota when Mr. Hall owned the hardware store now owned by W. B. Guttoiecht. They Hved in the house now owned and occupied toy E. Ennen. / Mrs. Clara Knlton Visits— Mrs. Clara Dalton, Algonn, spent last week visiting friend's fn Dakota. Mr. and "Mrs. KralT brought essary r her here and she made their home All. headquarters, nmf viaiftnn «f.hor Motion friends also. p^?.] H«5g«n Bruns. lal)0f M ,,,„ 1-4 SW 1-4 20-W-30 O.J6 Jack NH 1-4 SW 14 20-W-30 354 SB 1-4 SW 1-4 20-94-30 24. R , t nd County Auditor Instructed to Dr> make refund. Ayes, 1 All. Sub 2- and County make refund. Ayes, 1 All. ; "~ ! ft Motion by Funnemark and seconded " p ' by BalBeman that Ilelken be appoint- ' F cd as committee to make repairs on Dr. 82-90-126. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by McDonald that 'Balgeman bo appointed ns a committee to mako repairs on Dr. 76, 11G. 132. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken thnt Funnemark -be ap- >olnted as a committee to make ro- pnlrs on H. & K. No. 5-87 And Dr. 132 Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded y Helken that Balgeman and Michel » appointed committee to mako nee- tout visited! The Daltons other lived Heiken and seconded by »£ * , ^? r .. da " g . hter ' Callfornlans Are fljiujsts ««,i^_ Mrs. Harry Cheevar, Arvin, Calif and her- daughter 31iirley Anni atr-^ rived la»t week Tuesday for- two weeks with the former's parents TWi. fiTirl nlr_n t^ . _. _ * T i f M ^ iii «-v>iiu«i M parents, retui-n-la fflmiiv ninni« ,n__ ' an r. . land Property — fa. Police Dept. _._ 2,889.10 •SI 1 " 0 Dept ' ----- 540-00 c. Miscellaneous 473.65 820.19 55.05 1,057.53 70.02 . „ .. 3,429.10 4. Health Dept.— a. Sewers 3,713.48 3,417.80 2,417.72 70.02 6,905.54 5,629.8& 1,890.11 Interest Paid 1,065.00 386.58 640.44 154.7-5 709.22" 863.97 10.409.51 10^89.51 Misc. Total' '5,629.89 1,435,19 8,24'5.10 709.22- .,.,.. , 3,713.48 o. Street Dept.— a. General expense 1,280.44 n. Street cleaning _ 6,354.99 c. Miscellaneous Total r~7,63S.4:T Bonds C. General Bonds— a. Municipal Industry bonds __ 2,000.00 1). Special assiius._ 5,600.00 i, „. , Total ~7,600.oT 7. Miscellaneous— a. Transfers 8,850.00 8. Balance on hand March 31st, 1933 . .»35?S' 0<> ~ •fiio.OlO.aS 9. Grand total for year ending March 3lst, 1933 3,065.00 5,986.58 9,051.58 . , ec- tor, Minn.,, wtto came' for the Potter reunion, reported' that a tornado recently swept throo-gii Hector and the vicinity, doing much damage A house iln Mix?. Reed yard in which Sf *S B--% 5a|r|tfWM?5JgX$ ,^HS^^^s^|i^--" .._.k. After several days at ^nmjnm Arthur- Brythe's in northern Minnesota, thej will return here for another short visit before going to Chicago-, Mrs. Nina Blythe wiH accompany tlierrt to Chicago. Tonurtb' m Mmnesoli Described- Mr, and Mrs. James Reed, Hec- -•*• "• " • *-** j.v*onti,i uct aim n6F daughters Ruth and Edna returned to their home at Rushford Minn a week ago Sunday, after'a few two days at J. W. Dorrance's. The Wayne Rhebfos, Sioux City, ma L. M. Patterson, and his daughter, Mrs. Harry Ginney, San Bernardino, Calff., vfsitetf Saturday at >w Rev. J. E, Clffton's. Mrs. Harry Lewis, Algona, and <rr daughter ElTa spent Saturday nd 1 SUnday at Or. R. H, Thomp- onsr. Mrs. Lffwfs is .Doctor Thonrpson's aunt. Tin? A. G. ViJl'e-ntfnes went to Es' en ?f e S^ n(faT ' to vfsft tftef r aughter \Vlnsom-e- at t&e Bfrney hospiter fblTowl'n-ir an operation a week ago; Mr. and Mrs. lErwfn Sc-ftwietert Qt»r» Ciiv.<7«.. J'J- . vw* <, friends also. The Daltons lived ficwTwp ftwn'k "fSnd of'i?« lere for many years where tlh-e late on ISM taxes, and County Auditor ln- GUy Dalton was cashier Cf the "|ructcd to make refund; also In- +t, (v. *. uu-iifi* 1 i iidi ^i.co QJ 1DS2 taxes because of beln^ IWO IDOys were born here. Tjimnnt errononiinlv .ooo/>oon/l r^~ »-._ _« ""i labor __. . struct «, 'j^iu»t;iB uiiim. Tneir j|.go of 1932 taxes because of h'T'" were born here. Lamont erroneously assessed for two acres of in Chdcaeo and' Bbw is ro i l( '' A ye»: Ail. «..« .MV.Ja n^ic uuui jiery. IMLIUOIII now lives in Chicago and' Burr is In China. Pastor Home After Vacation— The Rev. and Mrs. F. 0. Johnson returned Friday from a two'weeks- 1 J^f'? 11 - T1 »ey went to KnoxvilTe on real estate In Kossuth 'c, to visit her parents, and June 9 ax:- 39SS ° B equaifzed and finally companied her mother, Mrs E' C i folTows: Pringle, and si&ter Naomi, t<r Clii- 1 /Buffalo Twn . Incronso »ecreas< cairn, wrhoro +h«t, nn-~~.j~j> ..,1.. T^..^* m ' *"" "* ' " V.IM. jv.ve»; J\n, On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Supcr- vfsora met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Helken and seconded by .Matt I>aux. Sac., _ «..o. u^, win ounwietert were Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. F. W. Baum, Lafcota" Mrs. Scfiwietert's parents. Myrow g-amd'erson; i'rt t&e- reforestation service, visited 1 Ms cago, where they attended' "dte Bui-V'T world's fair until the following: Cresco Waliipuh* »i..- they returned'to. w^ton' iwi report many in-! Carfieid TWTI. ""„ German Twp. .. Orant Twp. „ lother Is Bead— Oreertwood_ Mr. and Mrs. Julius Jensen liv^ ing fn Lincoln township, recently- received word of tho death of their- V r' s Parens, r and Mrs. E. C. Sanfferaon, Saturday and Sunday.. Tnw^ Iowa came ' Monday. .-., _. 7% Hnrri'son Twp. ... . . Hetlron TWT>. .. ' '-IM Frvln-Kton Twp. '" - ton, ill. ' «usu» b at her home in Whea- ... CreeJc Twp!. Verne Twp Plum Crer>k T PbrttJtno" Twp. she is survived by a two y - and two <«"£• r . Funeral services ! Hlv wTaifi np n,« ----—-—.. ^ujiumi aarvicos M P rLntlf ! f' W ,° ek Sunda y ln th 'e several weeks. Akron - last Kollasch returned last week TUes day from Reardlyn, where 250 rela * lves attended 'a celab'raWon of the Paint Improve* HhrfjUnms— hn1rf l0ng ^° nm re c«ntly-or- now being repainteuVare those of the K J. Smiths, C..&. Holdings,.Edward Marlow, the Misses Warner inrl Whitney, and B: w:?^? "" TJie tir -IT T • "• oro «Ke. TJie S£;X°*t „» " b ' ulla1 ^ »• ^so was damaged.. Thirteen large trees' were upnontttdi, and! 47 bairns in the path of t&e- storm were wrecked. Four BlrtlihiyB Crfefcnrte*— Dinner in lionor of Mrs. Sarah Itsworta-, Ruby Keopke, and George' md Bob, sons of Mr. and Mrs. LoyJ <5ross; all off whom ibra-te birthdays this month, was .»^. u wiii*) iiiuniiii, was served at Jacob Maasdam's Sunday. OBIVer guests were the Vernon Gross famfly. Mrs. Mary Harness, -William Maasdam, and a Mrs. Donaltoe. R. K. Wntsffn TIslts Here— •R. 1W. Watson, San Francisco, and Us son Bob arrived recently for a , an ta The Eastern Stars ' Sttrre— o? e L Tu T ay evmi ^- • SA!S of the Bancroft chapter guests. This was the itet'a 'before the suimaer-vacatiom .. M. Schenck Blrthduy uu Messrs, and Mesdames *Ringsdorf, M ; M: CHipman- C: Holding, and C. F. Whalen last Thursday evening at Sehenck's Schenck's Kittenball Game-lib i ,„. * ' •"•"ion, came last w ?. e * Wedhesday for- several ^eks with- her- sister; Mrs. C; E Ham- Mr.- and' Mrs: Herman Wirtjes Bnoelyn; Minn;, visited' Safurda "^Sunday af E. E: RleBHxrft's. ,,s V?, e Horace^ Clkpsaddl'es and' D D. Clapsadaie; Algona, visited' Sun day at- Dr. X G: Clapsad'dlVs |p . Mrs Anna; Slow- is spending ew days with Her daughter, Mrs .. Phelps, near Titonka. SewicK; Trefon, -and' e ei end at Mrs. Eiaura- Sewick's ' were SUnday suppe --a» " — * ^ -uuiiuuy ^nl at C ' B : c "'ipman's. . . . W. Hansens returned' FH- ay from two weeks of flsliihr in lorthern Minnesota'. h^ E- ^ ey Has lbeen- sii * ^vera ^in-Th VernenEovstM- is- assist! g in the bank. M . M. : Morrow,- Des Mbihes; and is two dausHtera- called" Sunday at »•• J« otnJtii'S; Write it now . . . or write it higher later. You can spare your checkbook and snoil your bargain for just as sure as Site he longer you wait to buy men's clothing the mere you are going to pay for it. ... a fine cool Zender & Caldwell tuii can be purchased at $17.50 to $20.00. We have a fine slock ... but not nearly you a " d a " " Zender & Caldwell CLODHWe AND SHOES er relatives; Bob will remain. Job. Watson, also San Francisco wi visit here later. Niece of Mrs. Kulow Drowned— Mr. and Mrs. Prank Kulow al tended the funeral of a S ma niece of Mrs. Kulow at Forest Cit Sunday. The child was .drowne< at play with ducks in a sma creek. Joan Schoby Has Accident— Joan, small daughter of Mr. an Mrs. Fred Schaby, fell and brok an arm near the shoulder at Al gona Saturday evening. Other Irvinerton News. Mr. and Mrs. George Hackma ,R 5,f S \ v red Ge!ge1 ' ancl Mr s iRay Fitch have gone to Illinois t visit relatives, the Hackmans ana Mrs. Geigel at Decatur and Mrs Fitch at Gallon City, where the lat ter will visit Mr. and Mrs. Forbu otiltz. The Paul Hudsons left Sunday for Lake City, Minn., to get Paul's mother, Mrs. Hattie Hudson, whi" has been with relatives there sev eral months. They returned this l,,,m j", ^ " Mrs ' Hattj e Hudson will visit here indefinitely. Mr. and Mrs. John Starks, Hec tor. Minn., are parents of a son .toorn last week Monday. Mrs [Htarks was Dorothy, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. James Reed. The Reeds formerly lived at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. William Curtis, of Sioux Falls, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. Charles Sankey sister of Mrs. Curtis. Sunday Mr and Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Sankey visited at Fort Dodge. Henry Hahle's son William, who is totally blind but was recently graduated from the law college at Iowa City, is still tuning pianos, and it is not known when he will come home. .Raymond, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray King, Mason City, Is spending several days with Mr. and Mrs Seward Thornton. The Aid will meet this week Thursday at the Annex, Mrs A SSSf an and Mrs - K - p - Roney host - and Mrs. Walter Wood went —• **•» Kit**" — —„„ played a Me- game last week Tuesajiy evening;. ™ SrlneT ha ' 1 ' **** »»«*<«' ftr Jnnlt)r ball! t. ^,. )r ' ' e a«ae> Ball' team defeated' A'lgona tere> Friday 12-0 Burt and'Tltonka played Sunday. TUonka-,. vtiaSu Summer Band 1 Concerts , The first band' concert will Played this week Wednesday Other Burt News. Mr. and Mrs. J. p. 3^ went f<> venn a e ^ B»t con- ventlon. They went from there to Sn W nr t ^ ViSlt tm Sund ^ at their son Dr:. Perry StoWs- and ter - Mrs. Clifford t a V son WIIIard - ^o ^ In the Reforestation Service at Des Moine^ accompanied them to New ton The daughter Florence, wh h Florence Thompson, Lu Tferne ame Sunday to work at Mrs: J w 'orrance's. ~" f*^?: 15 ™ 8 ?. 8 - ^het met Mfetttodlst A. F: Carter has been sl'ck-. 23 Here to WbrlcT* Fair-Via Railroad Twenty-three- persons- boarded 1 a, special Milwaukee train to Chicago Here- Sunday morning.. Only were Algoniims. The rest . «uu came south-em Minnesota towns, rne train- of K- coaic-lves- left at T"30 a 3 ;!.^^^ 10880 that "»*"« I£ npca .- • fhcnnnn Twp. 2% 2<% 2% 4 2% . ... Twp Seneca T\vp. . TTnlbn Twp. . Wcslby T\vp WHItfemore " n •» Children Give Program— T&e Methodist Sunday school a children's program at the ! n Sunday morning. Uesidp<? 'TO/^^ Pr0ffram a PWimt! The- -Golden Chord," was eiven and SyMa Koppen and Lorraine Sm t& sang a duet. The offering win go- to a fund for Christian ed '—""• IJ HMSftTAS - >lftfts Hamstra, bounty r«i jonin Pnnnl>iii>- u i y G.aO i iinnKUK, bounty j «; rcnt NO . nu «-' R a • '" Dee .. R i, A ' 0 . Bv * lns M. St. John -.. M. G. Bourne, mod.' 'did . Lawrence Laurltson . .. E.» Harry Johnson fZ Mrs. Hugh Carroll ..'.'"; Kft Alb. Olson child tffl Clalr Robinson .... £2 Mra S. M. Jordan ... ..' ffi« . ''fh* tTrlbon - med. aid Mrs.. ChestorjR. Harris . • i DIST. NO. } I 12^75 T, 13 ""^ 3 Stell ...'... .".V n(V) ? t; Bertha Looft, fun. exn. Olcn ]775 ' Asn 125:80 '., SUPER V.ISOR DIST. NO. t 8015 M Jfn McCowicn. rent; Pctsr Four Corners j^^iS^^ *• t. 13. 1 jlirfivi'cr *-^.. i „ *-"ii * . . (\f 1BOO lfi.00 16.00 lfi.00 30M 80 ' 1B "Peterson" J. G. Clapsaddlc, M. D., mirf aid Mrs. Julius Brlh'Ks .'.".'.'"4.CO iHfram -Ward 4,(ff Mrs. R. p. Honsom .. 21M , DIST. NO. 5 112.SO .fifl l.fiO .7n .55 O>.. Klip. Machine 9.85 «i '-IT j^i-n l.-XJK l^laT. NU Mrs. Ben F. Rnshton, rent A. R. Patterson fnmlly i R. T,. Wllllnma. M. 'D., mei aid !•". W. Thaves'.."!!!".'.'.."ilBi' Frank Miller (SSl M-«. o. p. Wohnkc, oaro-Ma Ukona, clmd. $27; allowed ... Mrs. Mary Weber, care No«l Entwlstle QKN&ILAT, POOS. -_. Oeo. E. Ramus. labor B 'is COUNTY FARM "•- •.. John Hennlns, labor "7rtJM' Fred Park, sup ll.'oo Ko(| auth Co. Impltment CT<x, C. A, Heard, sup Harry Baker, painting Dr. M. O. Bourne mod »H Prank Goodrich M -ROAD MAINTENANCE TOffl C. A. lAmoreux, patrol ... *' wilh ur A. Fisher, patrol 1 Richter, patrol' Prulsmann, patrol Thursday to vlatt til day. Mrs. Pratfs mother Mrs . . s mother Mr Duckmanton, and the iatte T-he L. D. Hodgsons had picnic dinner at F. L. Ryerson's Sunday Latota'Siday eSin 601 " 16 W ^° n"lL^ reSbyterla " 6n "°«"S he peop 1 le n» B ^i a pageant, The Uncrowned — which was part of the 50th nniversary celebration recently •bserved by the Burt church Mrs. Ella Patterson, Marathon '•»•"•*" Hazel, and Mr. and Mrs <- *».' ^r— a * 6W da y s J ast week t the Rev. j. E. CHfton's. \They re Mrs. Clifton's mother, sister rother, and sister-in-law. ' « alt 4. er Jl Needhams and rs. Martha Warden ajoni^,, Vis, visited from last ThursdS to his week Tuesday at N M God edson's. The Godfredsons' toJ merly lived at Stanley Opal and Helen Schrader * eat ; he s and Helen with her two years, Tney Parks. r •v«*w, .rtjJUt? reading, Irene Witham Joyce an feneva, rh r o- the summe r \t Henrv "P ?? m * ns itii-aalpsas Other Lakota News Emma Gutknecht '-- ? Church ' Mrs. W. E. C son on The World, Mrs review of an Missions, *»««<»». gAare the >«Ar «und the eave a Carl T^hthp, ' P - fl ' PS •••.:: lino S UB Richter. patrol' « IOAH nrlK'o'i. Bnpr lff .. 2»''4S Sr **• Prulsmann, patrol ... . W c aI M h Qr??^'?-^ w C feT" 2 ^^-'"""""] frt - ht - P. & Pac. R-y Co ' MlM) 'M. L. Worby,. lt*bor 1 V^^'^aai^ Proj! " BB7 NOrth ^ Stei ' n B6 "' m C °" W ' ; 2 M T. McGtifrL." "' i 3 '"No 9Sf ^rsdlnK" prol M W M. pro'j'. 175.50 1105.20 307.00 190.20 RImore Cement & Tlle ^o.. M. u Worby,. labo Northwestern Bell' service Ole GerdlB, labor- .. Francis N. Elbart labor Hus-o Gade, patrol! Lyell W. MIllBr, patrol ..; .... S j Clifford Hollnew. patrol 1 'Kenneth E. GouW, tlratf ji C. E. .Kollasch-. ifrasr. . * Jacob Hofbauer, draff. •Tnhn Simmons, drag. ., Maynard Sfphir, cTrau. . ' repairs' »r. ajj of the with Mrs. N. i. Menke. labor A MT^ i iVooft , n is - lab °r '' ooft ' 'a»>or Dr. ... _ A. J. Lawlcr. labor DE - . ^Palmer, labor Stenstrom, labor .. ' Mrs. Rich's. Mrs. N. E. Noble an J £ g - and brate h n r n.i^T._ ni8 mother ce)«. r)r.'8]I. Rhoaes . labor".'." w •» _ . time. and most of Rev last welt district -^"^•mlu- V9£JI|IT, Ut John Blum, drag. ; Sam HBIT. draff C. C. Anderson, drns Fred Rutterfleld, dras. Oust Nelson, drag Peter 2V. Hansen, drug. - ll* H. Junkermeler, draff. •• •••• .--. l .Albert Kl-esafn. drag ji-JJJ Joe Wayne, drag. ^"" John Kohlwes, dras ' •*•* Joe I^eb»ch, drag . 'Rich Potrata. drag •" JSwi- Tre*urr, drag •,,, n: Melvln P. Cody, draff SB! B - J - Palmer, labor *g{ iPeter O. Peterson, labor ».uu B> Q- stenstrom. labor <tm Geo - Graham, labor S;°V Chas. Fmanui-1. labor °- v ' H. A. Bruns, labor „ 'Lawrence J, C'lnk, labor •fK Alb ert Younff, labor £••2 Henry Phillips, labor a - a Ernest O. Burch, labor Kv . r-.hnrlle Olson, labor ?.•-' Otto Kenne. labor J ' 70 Ed Meyer, labor John Frlderes, labor John A. Erickeon. labor ..•••• T. C. Dahl. sup. and repairs.. M. & A. Peters, sup Geo. -Hoitzbauer, sup. [Seed Hardware, sup. ...Lease & Lease, sup. ... s- 0 " Thompson Yards Inc., sup. •• (iFullerton Lumber Co., sup. .•• Farmers co-Op. Society, sup. • W. H. Rutledge, borrow P't ;• Economy Welding Works, sw- ,,, Central Battery & Electric Co., °- 7S eup — G*bbs-Cook Tractor & £ ' Co., sup. ... Ooplerud Oil Co., sup. . Standard Oil Co., sup. . K. & H. Co-Op. OH Co., 9.00 3.50 M- L. Worbv ix ? eed Hardware, sup Ur. 7g_ ™ J - labor - ILease & Lease, sup G U.V Bruna I O K " • I Thompson Yards Inc., sup. ••• C. H. CQO&n »^. r iftm'' puller ton Lumber Co., sup. ... Hllberi ^v^;,] ab , or '" K'S21 Farmers co-Op. Society, sup. . Dr. SO- aevrle "s. labor ... — "'$ W. H. Rutledge, borrow pit ;• 5ay A. M»^..,.. . . '" li "* Economy Welding Works, «W labor 13.00 S.9S present, ipent part of attending a ".. « n. wo-^HJ- uii ^-v.i ••-'• m» Royal "40" Oil Co., sup jp J. A. Roberts, bridge .••••;;;,:•" ROA'D CONSTRUCTION PI" J^eroy R. Elbert. labor Oeo. Looft. labor Chris F. Nellsen, labor ... ••• Clear Lake Sand & Gravel, w - bor •" ib."Jiotlce intV>? c /u\ * Burt Monitor, pub. notice ••• ^ ,?•*' t 'REfiOLVEO: That the CounW*, "•W tor |* hereby ordered *$,*$*$ WOO tvS Me W» rr an t » tor a11 ^'|, a " *• 10.50 W.'* °** «• July ft —y B. J. *" u *i" cownjyj; Typewriter %f 7ffH 4

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