Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 22, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1933
Page 5
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ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA PAGE BTWI ^LOCALS brother of C. B. Clark, Britt, for- are both married, are at home for W. G. McCullough attended an undertakers' convention Dodge yesterday. at Fort Nashua Saturday for a few days with Mrs. Holtzhauer's sister, Mrs. m* bi|ptf is SI June 34 Double Program Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Chubb rcturn- led early in the week from a ten day vacation at the OkoboJIs with |the Freeman Patches, who operate a hotel on Miller's Bay. •"•••• Katharine Kaln went to Chicago Saturday night for a few weeks with relatives and to attend the world's fair. She is the daughter I of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Kain. Barney Casler, one of .Algona's I rural mail carriers, attended a meeting of the county carriers association at L. C. Helfner's, Tl- I tonka, last week Tuesday night. The Lutheran women will serve I a plate lunch at 25c on the lawn at !,Luther hall tonight, beginning at 5 o'clock. After 8, ice cream and licake.'wUl .be.served at 15c a plate I Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Bradfleld Minn., were guests Sunday of their son W. E., employed at the local iBotsford lumberyard. The elder Mr. Bradfleld is a building con- I tractor. /Dr. Walter L. Blerrlng, of Des Moines, who has been elected president of the American Medical association, was a fraternity mate of W. C. Dewel at Iowa City in the early 90's. Keith Shellmyer, of West Bend, P. W. Tobin. Peggy Jane, daughter of Ray- mer Plum Creek farmer. the summer, and one of the fooys Julius Johnson, of Humbotdt, | and brought It along rather than er r-.ium ureeK larmer. ine summer, ana one in. me niuya D. W. Fults and George Butter- lives with his parents. Another son field, of Swea City, were Algona farms near Wesley. 'Mrs. Gtddings visitors 'Saturday. '.Both have lived was Rose Colby before marriage, there 40 years or better, and both For a good many years she has are lifelong democrats whose party ibeen the Advance's faithful Wesley loyalty never wavers. Mr. Butter-j correspondent,--and her work Is al- fleld is a farmer, and Mr. Fults ways of super-excellent quality. sells farm implements. On a call j Editor W. F. Miller printed the another Sister of Mrs. Meusey. Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Wernert's son Ignatius Jr. has for the last year been foreman In a Columbus, O., factory which manufactures coated falbrlcs, such as fabrics used in automobile tops. This 19 a responsible Job requiring; the oversight of a skilled 1 chemist. Ignatius sells farm implements. On a call Editor W F. Miller printed the sight of a skilled chemist. Ignatius at the Advance office they did not' followlng paragraph in his Liver- majored in chemistry at Iowa City, give away their mission, but it more <jazette last week: Gottlieb where he obtained his liberal arts „ __,__,_ 1 *-„_ A tr»n*i4 nvwl maofot<*a rtliprP.RS. TrlGl! 116 , more azee as e sc ^ e , d P'ainfhat they were doing Oron bach was here from Algona and Caster's degrees Then he went to the Ohio State university - TJCl*! w w..^ ( nitu^it i,\it \Ji_ IVlfcJ — J 1 1 Jl J. il J I "m w« w v» "•"««"•%• . —— - .. mond Wehler, arrived Sunday from scemed P' aln ™ at the y ' were doing cironbach was hen; from Algona Omaha with her father and her a mtle scouting In aid of the wet Mon( i ay a nd Tuesday, visiting old t •«» i ftr , i . . .. Rirlofnr TMioa/ln v'a nlonHrtti ' •_.» .1 _ •»*_ _«,>.». .1 ***•?•* «tlfli iMi» aunt, Marie Wehler, to spend the summer with her "grandmother, Mrs. F. W. Wehler. (Raymond and Marie drove down Saturday night. 'Peggy Jane will be in the third side for Tuesday's election. onay an uesay, v ( friends He rode down with Mr. . where he was instructor m chemis- •«u *.«» « uuuxnvj u %J««JX/M»W«H IrlGlHlo XTtJ i UUC ULJWIl Wiw*i uv*» • . *r it^«* v< »i^- >. n.w —-..j.—. — Verena Hentges, Michigan, N. D., iSchemel, In charge of the State try four years, meanwhile studying went to Armstrong Tuesday for a bank, who makes the trip dally and for his doctors degree, whiclii he visit, after a week with County Is a mighty handy man between obtained a year ago. He was Kep •reggy jane win ne m *ne tmra Auditor and Mrs. B. J. Butler. Mrs. ,Llvermore and Algona; a lot-of-us too busy last year to come nome grade at school next year. .Butler and Miss Hentges attended take advantage of it, everything and he wrote recently that it was A !„!. 1. ^-.--i. --I.-- ,H*-_ .Of T^wnnn'c. nn lln*»*l I]l7lv%nmn (Minn «-««. «., n «.lr(vin- Vlltv* frtr g pMp tt> flnUlltfUl tliat UC COU1Q gCV tl\V U. y try to find storage near the place he operates. The party made the trip in a week, with two cars, and a trailer behind each one." C M. Doxsee, Redwood City, Calif, was here last week Wednesday to (Friday night for his annual visit-to look after the former Ingham estate 200-acre farm west of town owned by his wife on which the .Bennle Sakkens live. This time he was accompanied by his daughter, Margaret Doxsee, his daugh ter-in-law, Mrs. Wilbur Ooxsee, and the latter's daughter Peggy Lou, 11 The women stopped at Mrs. Wm. K Assistant laney, Mrs. daughter, Meredith Ann, go to Wat Postmaster Raney, and Glen L St" Teresa's college," wTnona, Minn., from working" him for a ride to doubtful that lie could get their together. Miss Hentges taught at sending a mess of greens to our,this summer. tsrloo next Sunday, and Mr. Raney will attend a postal s convention there Monday Mandan, >N. D., last year and since friends. He is so accommodating j Alberta Day, Scottsbluff, Neb., is go to Wat- Mandan, >N. D., last year and since friends. Me Is so accommoaauns | Alberta Day, acousoiuii, IMUU., is Mr. Raney school closed has been visiting here that he Is liable to become as great • spe nding three weeks with her sis- supervisors and at Whlttemore. She taught one a menace to the bus companies as ter, Mrs. Ferdinand Schram, near convenwon mere Monday and Tues- year at Whlttemore. Next week she the latter are to the railroads." j Titonka, and friends at Irvington, day. The Haneys will be away all' goes to Chicago to Join her mother Mildred Thompson, Iowa Falls, ner o ld home. For the last three . ., . __.i „ AA _ u ,1 1.1... ...«_i j t_ t*. i*. TOW mr i — i_ i. «*•». i*wJ t*9 1»» TWrtTiHa v nnrl _ u ,1 *. tmlf ^•nnvo cVin Vine ViPAYl itl week, having planned visits other points in eastern Iowa. The W. E. Tuttles and Mr. Mrs. at and attend, the world's fair, will stop at Beacon City. and They was In town briefly Monday, and an( j a na n years BU« nun Itook a bus from'here to Le Sueur, the employ of the Singer Sewing ir uiiu The following mention of a well Minn., to visit her great-aunt, Mrs. Machine company as bookkeeper, Clyde Tuttle -Des Moines • known. former, Algonian who still, j. B. Raymond. , Mrs. W. C. Dewel ao ,i this is her first return visit, spent the week-end at H A Tut- owns property here was taken is also her great-aunt, and Peter .[Her mother, (Mrs. Clara Day, who tie's and Sundav was soent in from last week's Garner leader: Thompson, Lu VerrteHs-her .pater-'lives with her-most.of the time, is MttcheT countyattending; a re- "The Rev. Geo. H. Wessel, Dows nal grandfather. Her father, Bert now with the son Erwln, who has union of Mr. Tuttle's schoolmates Methodist pastor, visited Monday Thompson, once a Lu Verne gro- of 50 years ago. Marion Tuttle, night at the home of Mr. and Mrs.'cer, has for some years been em- Des Moines,'is spending the week William Kraus. The Rev. Mr. Wes- ployed at road work in Hardin sel motored to Garner Monday of county. After the visit at Lie Ferguson's; Mr. Doxsee at the Al gona hotel. They are traveling by train and went from here to Mon ticello to visit C. M.'s brother C. J lawyer and editor there, and wer to go 'thence to Chicago for the world's fair. It is now 31 years since Mr. Doxsee left Algona. He in the abstract business here, is In the same line at Redwood a place of 10,000 inhabitants San Francisco. His son Wills associated with him. DANC June 28 Bancroft Legion Pavilion Coon Sanders And His Original 12 - Piece • Band $8 f I P i ' $! i' V was A MUSICAL ATTRACTION Prices 50 and 25 cents ADTANCE WANT-ADS EESULTS-USE THEM at her Ibrother H. A. Tuttle's. James Cruikshank, his son Leon- \ the week 'before, and, leaving car, took train to Redfleld, S. I has been spending a week or so ' ard, and the latter's wife, with the daughters, Jean and Marjorie Cruikshank, all of Union township, left Monday for Liberty, Sask,, for two weeks with the Arthur Jackmans. Mrs. Jackman is a daughter •^ • BIS for excitement and she IltotMii mystifying mixup of |n , ow 1 with his uncle'and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E. JR. Rising. He is the 13- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Sbellmyer. (Mrs. M. L. Goslin, Charles City, land a son spent yesterday here 11 with friends. They recently left i Algona. Mr. Goslin is in the em- jploy of the state highway commis- islon and was transferred. The W. A. Barry home was quarantined last week Monday for scarlet fever. "Billy" has the disease. |Mr. Barry and the daughter Betty are temporarily with Mrs. Barry's mother, Mrs. Matt Holztbauer. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wilson, who live in .California, stopped of James Cruikshank, and the Jackman family is farming there. Alfred, G-year-old son of Mr. and hls'sueur, Miss Thompson, who is Dv, drygoods clerk at Iowa Falls, where he attended a camp meet- visit-her brother Bernard, farmer Ing. For seven years, the Rev. Mr.; south of Titonka. She is the only — • • " - "-"--•"-'•'giri in a family of five children. Frank Miller, former Advance employe, arrived Monday from Seattle to spend a few days with old friends here. Next month he will substitute for R. H. Guderian, lino- for some years been In the employ of an oil refining company at Casper, Wyo. Scottsbluff, a town of 8,000 inhabitants 20 miles from the a'Wyoming line, Is situated in an irrigated sugar beet and potato dis- Wessel was pastor of the Methodist church at Klemme." Mrs. Opal Morrison and Mrs. F. H. Frederickson spent Monday at Lone Rock with Mrs. W. J. Cotton. Mrs. Frederickson, who is from trlct. years hood, ago. The Day family lived many In the Irvington neighbor- Mr. Day died a few years s ,v and the rest of his body were stiff. Anti-tetanus injections have made him much improved. Mrs. J. «. Palmer left Friday for Vona, Kit Carson county, Colo., to Trick for Trick 6 EO. O'BRIEN gAiLY'BLANE « with thrills! with laughter! _ ' Sunday. June 85 I here a few hours last week ^Wednesday, on their \yay Moines from Emmetsburg, to Des where they had been visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. John Coonan, St. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mann and their son William arrived Monday [June 12] from Seiad, Calif., and will visit (Frank's mother, Mrs. i| Ada Mann, and Mrs. Mann's par-1 ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Stahl, dur- • Ing the summer, according to last:| week's Burt Monitor, which goes OOQ- ; at Asnton, nas women ai me pi-mv- on to say: "F. J. and William are !, to ing trade at Seattle since he left engaged In hydraulic gold mining is to Algona four years ago. Charles | near Seiad, in the extreme north-j spend Tuesday night with her Steil, who went to the coast with| er n part of California. During the brother Earl at Minneapolis. Mrs.'him, has returned to work in a: fishing season hydraulic operations •prl fi-vrar-old son of Mr and: Mrs. ivreaencKson, wuo i» Livm suuskiiuw: LUJ «.. n. «"«v..-.., -••— HeVmanHarrin K aTl[onka'Great Falls, Mont., is spending the typist, while the latter lays off two .ll e .!^ +0Htah " if 0 ' uth hosl summer with her mother, Mrs. E. weeks for a vacation in Kansas 'sufrferine with a bad C. Dickinson. Mrs. Morrison left in'and at Cass Lake In Northern Min- suwermg witn a oau ^ ^ Tuegday £or M arquette,! nesota. Mr. Miller, whose home is Mich., where her brothers, Wood- ! at Ashton, has worked at the print row and Mervin Sarchet, live, attend summer school. She was IjrULllCl HiCtl 1 <*l* ifilllilGCUJfUi-lOt AI»» «J» 111111, lltvtj *VVM**>WU *.« ..,..._ Morrison now makes her home with Portland, Ore., bakery following an her aunt, Mrs. Vallo Naudain. I automobile accident which laid Ftfyette Richards and two chll-'him up for some time. Charles ter. arrived' a little daughter. Mrs- James Biggins, Fort Dodge, VoiV . i-Whor «h P has never seen 1 Ftfyette Richards ana two cnn- •, mm up ror some nine. v,i«.n«o I nrc s I eft Norway more thanldrenfa son and a daughter, arrived • married a coast girl and they have ™ vn-r,%in KRTarso^ county last week Wednesday to visit the a little daughter. 30 years ago Kit Carson 9°unW parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Mrs, James Biggins, Fort Dodge, was named after afamous charac, i RicharPds> leaving Monday tor her granddaughter, Mary Catherine western nl "°^ home- Faye tte, who used to farmlcaln, and the former's brother, J. ou ycu.io i •„„„,_ i— T>i*«tAnii TT HIT Ait o Air 1>lnfr14ntr Mnnt... nis are not permitted, on account of i sedimentation in the water, and work has to be suspended till i | about October 1. Mr. Mann loaded his mining equipment in trailers ago read with bated (breath in dime novels. , , Kossuto, now farms In Bureau H : _Meusey,, Ringllng,_Mont., county. 111., 100 miles or so from wife, daughter Lorraine, and his son City, „,! •«« P H Fhnt7 <?ioux Chicago. He thought farmers'there! Wayne came last, week Tuesday, ^s, e ^rs«r «.-sicr,-": -sautjss-fsAaBK S tr.U, n w w«e e» rout. „„,,,„,. S" M f,"S5 K^ «^S^A .xS,v eW S,.'S ,&" ^'^?l£"%*C. ssr»,^X^^ of Mrs. Streit, represents a steam-j City , which ^J^nches^Omaha same^ arougni mat amuui* J^BK ^^ yesterday, and from """" '"""' a """"" °° Mr and Mrs. J. L. Davis .and a there went to Storm Lake to spend son' got hOme Sunday from visits ^en days with the son Kenneth, am !ship line. land Algona. The local branch has Mrs. A. Hutchison and Mrs. W. the former Spurbeck-Lambert |IF. Walker drove to Des Moines quarters. The Rev. and Mrs. F. iSteinkamp, Hawarden, wi part of last week, guests of Tuesday in the Walker car to visit ™« n™ and Mrs. F. W. G. Mrs. Hutchison's sisters, Mrs. Gardner Cowles and Mrs. F. B. V. Shore. They are expected home 1 tomorrow. «-"~ ^-^—-o- - • 1 ._ ••Bill" Dailey goes to Chicago |R. e v. and Mrs. >P. J. Braner. Mr. I Saturday to visit friends, and steinkamp, who is a former pastor ---'••>—'- . the loca i Trinity in Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. ! electrician. Mr. Meusey is a farm- Mrs. Davis and her son had been,er. They are also visiting Mrs gone since March, while the former for her mother at Holly, To-night Plate Lunch Supper on the lawn of Luther Hall beginning at 5 o'clock 25c After eight o'clock Ice Cream and Cake for 15c . hajj oatuiuuj *« .— -_•-. — —.. ._u,r r'uHrprnTi to his duties as operator at the thence will go to Culver, Ind, for O f the local Trinity Lutheran t v , ffl after a two eight weeks at the Culver military church , has been at Hawarden ever. ««^ .^^^ L D Kirkpatrlcki ; Ischool as midshipman in the naval sln ce he left Algona. ovtuu . fB1 , Oskaloosa, relief operator, went department. He is a son of Mrs. Doris Jane Sorensen is expected The Davigeg Edythe Dailey. home Sunday, after two weeks with Mrg> Lenore peck , g on ' Mrs. Melvin Roupe, Algona, was her uncle and aunt Mr. andI Mrs^ ^^ ^^ la subject of an appendectomy op-:William Sinclair, Austin, Minn The eratton at the Kossuth hospital Fri- sinclairs took her there last week CrO-MUl* 0,* L"^ *»" _«*.U^™ ,_„ _**-«- Imirtnrr llOon /»flllfia CUT RATE GROCERY day. Robert, 6-year-old son of the Gail Whites, Algona, had an oper- JOHN lation ,for m'astolditls at the same hospital Tuesday. The Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner land (Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wegenei- were at Ocheyedan Sunday and Mr. Braner preached a mission festival ...._. .sermon there. The Rev. H. R. day. Tuesday, after having been ^o.,^here Sunday by news of the illness ™ te . d ** I HCJillW** fci|V* «-* » ..— Wrede occupied Mr. Braner s pul- Hutchins, who has taught he was grad- ago and will is at home of Mrs. B. F. Sorensen who n aa *» th;" su ' mm ^;: n erping his father, an operation. Mr. Sinclair is man , Q ^ secretary of the Algona ager of a Penney store. ',National Farm Loan association, is Alice Behlmer returned from Qn ^ ^ the re . Spirit Lake Tuesday after a visit It6o£ the new federal real estate WHh ^.°^S,SSSS ™ ro^! mortgage refinancing act. Paul's -\ia- uiana WXHXARD I pit here that evening. W H. Cummings and J. J I son returned last Thursday Lake Kabtogoma, Minn., 20 from, the Canadian border, S'ort Frances. They had ibeen gone sinc-o a week ago Saturday. They found the fishing good. i (Mrs. Ira Iverson, Clinton, and her children, who had been here a weak or two went home last week Tu«fc- day. and were accompanied by Mrs. Uverson's mother, Mrs August Huenhold, who was to make visits there and at other points. 1 M A. Streit, Chicago, and his son Harold came last Thursday to visit he former's .father, Anton Streit. VI U.JT f **« ** — • _ and baby home. They had visiting Mrs. TiJlr> Mr. Good's parents, and Mrs. E. P. Benson, ana from' George's parents, Mr. and Mrs. miles Walter Good. Alice helps her par- near .' and Tuesday, June 90-37 Matinee Tuesday, 2:30 "The Barbarian" &AMON NAVAKRO MTRNA LAY » Egyptian desert which casts _ jfeU over women of the West! |«ar!it ropiance-rdRamon Novarro Inmost:romantic role! •-.''• •' >\aii.ei ^TUH.. *—• — - ents at tie Behlmer candy kitchen. Mrs C. D. Fellows has received a • CODV of Ad-Vocation, published by the Los Angeles Advertising A.sso- ciation of Women, and among con-1 tents was a report of a meeting at which new officers were elected. Esther Fellows, advertising manager for a Hollywood concern which manufactures cosmetics, was elected to membership on the board of directors. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kouba Jr., twin, Eugene, graduated at Ames at the same time, has since graduation been driving a Jewel Tea Co. truck and is now in line for promotion. Donald, the younger boy, is working on a farm near Burt. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Giddings drove to Algona Friday, attended a e, and shopped a little, all by of a quiet celebration of the anniversary of their marriage, have five children, three sons 'two daughters. The girls, who THE LAST es, 20,000 OIF DEPRESSION pric- Inner • tubes at ne mime* a ..«.".—, -- larold, who attended Loyola uni versity last year, will spend the rest of the summer here. M. A. le- urned to Chicago Monday. James Elder, former Hobarton elevator manager, has ceased to be manager of the Fanners elevator at Swea City, where he has been two Srs. The Swea City Herald reporting the change, ™™to&™ Mr. Elder's plans for the futuie. Ruth Stewart, Arkansas, who has lived with her uncle, and aunt Mr 8W/VIA SYDNEY GEO. BOFT Matinee Tljursdax, '2:30. ARMS is visitlne a sister in Chicago and at toSB'tt.-wbrW. fair. She wil attend high school here again next ^Electric refrigerators are jecpm- ie rather common in Algona, *ni. ' g O Biub-trom is selling his sare He handles the reliable Frigidain refect St^'W^ refrigerator was first introduced 'VIT. aJiu mi f« *•**•"" -- , Wesley, are parents of their first child, a daughter, born at the Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday, he baby Is a niece of Grace Koua of the 'Sullivan, McMahon & jnnan law offices, and Frank runs he Wesley meat market which hi^ ather. Frank Kouba Sr., operated ia ny years. Frank's wife was a Minnesota girl. Mrs. Lyle Ellis, Brooklyn, N. V, and her father, Eric Nelson, who "ad spent ten days at Chicago with our other daughters of Mr. Nel- . son got home last week Tuesday. Mrs, Ellis joined her father there;-; She was Yarda Nelson, and her , husband is a doctor. Mrs. SJlls > will spend a few weeks here with her parents, and her sister, Mrs. ^Mrs T°C. Sherman got home last we'ek Tuesday from New York City, where she spent ten days and attended the wedding of her daughter Dorothy, who was married to Chester W. Klngsley, New York. She drov" to Minneapolis last week Wednesday and returned Monday , , and up. All popular sizes.. For 10 days only. 1st line tires at 40% off list.—Gamble Stores. 29-41 FRIDAY and SATURDAY OKLY ANY ITEM LISTED 5c Best buy mackerel Otoe bacon and beans Otoe lima beans Quaker Girl cut green beans Four kinds of soup Four kinds of corn Jitney sardines Catsup or musiard / Pineapple cuts Diced carrots or beets Libby's De Luxe plums Otoe hominy Rolled oats Hardwater soap, large bars Pickle relish 2 doz. clothes pins 'Busiest little store in town.' Farms, Low Prices Terms, on Excellent '"uthern Minnesota. Farms have just returned , from wo-day inspection trip of 3 'ithern Minnesota farms h *ve at .number of lirst s farms that can be sold lr about $25.00 per acre than the same kind of QB are selling for around got home from. Eveleth. Minn Attend the Big Kossuth >urth Celebrati< DANCING TO THE MUSIC OF THE HARMONY K1R8S EIGHT-PIECE BAND Omaha, came Santa aftSf-Srw?* JKrS^TH'K-'- Lois Gillette, bookkeeper at the Omaha, came days with. the Floyd E.Saunaers Mr. Ogilbee is city sales H.11U A'** • ^- —— of the Kennedy « Ford end had garage some years ago. The from Hampton, where they spent a few weeks with Mrs. VAUDEVILLE MANN BROS, RAOKE SISTERS DOMOHUE & LA ROLE MUE, FLORENCE Al! ha spe Jensen's sister. Mr. Jensen is 1 banks that own these M S will sen on good terms 1 responsible farmers. See Us About These Also c ml Land Bank loans eDonald & Company he best in Country Real „ Estate. State Bank Building. Phone WO.' Fa ^rN%^1ast'year"came-hoi«e of Cooper, near Jefferson, and her '^^"^/s' rfa and Elinor were guests of Mrs. file's mother/ Mrs . j. G. Dewel, and sister, Mrs. B. A. Thorpe, Satu"day and Sunday. Georgia, who uaches in the Starrett private school tor girls, Chicago, is spending the summer at home. Mr. Cole .who has a store at Cooper, has for some time been in rather poor health from a bowel compBatat. There may yet be south Kossuth peSfe. parUcularly in toe St. Joe *"'•»'.. • s __^ W jj 0 recall the Cies- once farmers there, now and for many years past, pf Pomona. Calif., and will be inter- ** Music afternoon and eyentag by the iLGONA MItlTABY BAND Should Come FIRST New Consignment of Just Received Fine furntehjiigs for your home at prices which he»t the rising market. Boy while you can save! 3 piece'bedroom suite 33.50 f49.50j59.50 Bed Spring-FREE 2 piece Living Room Sets *! 49-00 59-00 69*00 Pull up chair-FREE This i§ your opportunity to enjoy the [Fourth at small coftt The family will Life at the Fairgroim«i at Algona. in California- Clark 8 piece Dining Suites price range 49.75 to 115.00 BUFFET MIRBOE FRJ3E Shop around first, then you will find it easy to make your selection. Buy now for later delivery. FOSTER Store

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