Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1933 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1933
Page 12
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VOTE NEXT TUESDAY FOR SAFETY ON THE HIGHWAYS CHILDREN IN GOOD PROGRAM ATIRVINGTON Irvington, June 13—The church I was filled Sunday for a Children's day program. The program follows: song, Star class; invocation, the Rav. A. English; scripture lesson, Juniors; exercise, six 'beginners; song, primary department; exercise; solo, Phyllis Asa; Bible questions answered, Juniors; exercise, four beginners; song, Star class; exercise, four boys; exercise, Austin Sumihers ami Doris Chase; duet, Mabeline Miller and Shirley KOSSUTfl COUNT* APVANCfl. ALQOMA, I6WA PATTERSON BROS. PROFIUN SHEEP [From the D. M. Register.] iBurt, la.—State Senator George Patterson and his •brother, Charles report a profitable feeding operation in a year when farm profits have been few and far between. The two brothers fed out 3,100 head of range 'sheep since last fall and now contemplate the purchase of 6,000 head for feeding next fall. Senator (Patterson took 1550 head of the first lot of'sheep to his farm and fed them out In four months, selling most at Chicago where several loads topped the market. Senator Patterson had Honey, with chorus; song, primal pTenty of ZbTe feed onTand^ S2 a ^!," '^ ^^ Ul ^? m : !" WI of 1932. He'Vas 'bought This advertisement has nothing to do with beer. vn_.|Jin i,niciiw , icun,anuus, litui Jjtill" kee, Shirley Roney, Marjorie Riley, Robert Chase, Phyllis Maxwell, Dorothy .Leigh, Glenn Burlingame, Betty Mae Miller, Darrell Sparks, Helen 'Leigh, Adella Lemkee, Lois Sparks, Kenneth Asa, Helen Wolfe, Barbara Rutletlge, Paul Miller, Wayne Schichtl and Nellie Sankey. The offering for 'Sunday school missions in Iowa exceeded $4.50. Sunday school attendance numbered 108. Slicrninn Club Hns 1'ic.nlc— More than 100 persons attended the annual picnic of the Good Will club at the Center schoolhouse in Sherman township Sunday. Practically all of the 27 memlbers and their families were there. Ice nnn , ~~. ~;—' '"" '""° bought ^,000 bushels of corn and had 45 acres more of corn on his farm and had 75 acres of.alfalfa The sheep cost $£50 a hundred on the range. Most were fed 120 vs. The sheen were sold at $5 75 > $6.75. • A second lot of 8BO sheep, which cost $3.80 a hundred on the range was brought to the farm in. January and were fattened in 100 days to sell for $6.35 a hundred.- From .,, e _ se , 4 ' 00 ^. Pounds of wool was con- and Want Ads FOR R©NT—SLEEPING ROOM.— _Call 362-J. g-40 ROLiL, FILMS DEVELOPED FREE at Lusby's. 40*51 FOR SAUE-45 MEAD •Hampshire shoats, vaccinated wt. 150 to 175. Hutchlns. 13 P 40 WANTED—W. MINORCA, R. L White, W. Langshan hatching eggs.—Hamilton Hatchery. 12u39fcf CARROL A. WANDER - Attorney>at-iLaw Office over Postoffice. Phone 65 Algonn, In. BE SURE AND SEE THE NEW Dodge and Plymouth before buy-' ng a new car, at the Elbert Gar- 18U37-40 OR SA1LE—4B-fli"T. ASUL, STEEL John Deere elevator, complete vith power and hoist.—(Ask Advance. , 16p40 cream and strawberries were' serv- »-ii.mii «"" oiiawuernes were serv- We are talking about hard; ocl after dinner. A ban game was liquors only. Boer is Not in Question in This Election. We already have beer by law. Tf flip 11 tile , played. The Good Will club is jmore than 30 years old. Meetings (arc held once a month and lOc a month dues are charged. The funds go to help the needy and 'buy flowers, etc., for the sick. SiMvlj-wpds Guests at lltitlcrtg-e's— , The Loren Rutleclges were guests (Sunday at dinner given at Charles .slipped. Thesfe fleeces were signed to the Iowa Fleece am Wool Growers association pool. . rices have advanced and the outlook for a satisfactory return on this wool is bright. Senator Patterson also fed three loads of cattle on which a small profit was made. 'Now the 75 acres of alfalfa has been increased to 165 acres, am 1,000 bushels of corn are on hand m addition to this year'.s crops .ET'S GET ACQUAINTED.— Watch for our ad each week omewhere in this issue.—(Helberg Oarage. _16u39-40 X)R SALE—^ONE RO8CO1E OAT huller practically new. Eight ncli Irnrr mill in good condition. Stationary Ford engine. Cheap, for cash.—J. F. Gilmore, Algona. 24p40 liq on S e OF THE— Steele Clothing Stock SEE THE LAKES AROUND MIN- neapolis.— Beaufort Hotel, 112 3rd St. Co., opposite Federal bldg., . ., Minneapolis; We, $1, Parking next door. $1,50 a day 22p40 it-ill ^v,:-. i ;.—---.-.. «v ui,,,,oi given ai, i^na Will this elec- Rutledge's, of Good Hope, Fenton Youth to Tour With Chorus ,. . " >.in.j v,icu.- AUbitHige s, or (joou Hone in tlOIl beer will Still be as legal I' 10 ""' 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth as it is now. Rutledge, recently married at Bed_.. fortl - The new Mrs. Rutledge was ivi. 4 i ., formerly Doris Cook, Maryville What we don't have is nr " "—'- ---- «uu>vme, hard liquor. That's all this election is about. Mo. Gue?ts from away were the Robert Staleys and Mr. and Mrs John Staley, Rockwell, and the Elmer i r ou can be as strong as horseradish for beer and yet vote dry in this election. You will not against beer. be voting Rutledges, Charles City. The , newly weds plan to live for" a time [With the Charles Rutledges. Wrecked Burn is Kejmircil-- McMurray Bros., Algona, are repairing the barn on the Henry Gies farm, near Galbraith, which wa moved off its foundation in a windstorm a week ago Sunday. A hog house on the Jos. Wadleigh farm You will be voting against, , - — hard liquor. j also suff eral damage. Sexton Aid to Give Piny— You will be voting against whiskey in the brain of the man who is driving down the road towards the car you, your wife, your son, or your daughter is driving in his direction. You will be voting against a collision in which somebody—maybe the drunk driv- The Sexton Aid society, of which Mrs. Bert Sanders is president will present How the Story Grew at the Irvington church this week Friday evening at 8. The Irvington Aid will serve ice cream and cake in the Annex. Galbraith Store Dointr Well— The Bert Sankeys, owners of store at Galbraith,' have" started handling ice cream. They report , a good trade from farmers ever er. maybe you, mavbe your since tlle store was started. They Wife, son. or daughter—may i t, llnl V 0t builllin s ;l home nearer "Kn K.I /i i i r - .. _ _ ** I kii6 store. Xew Son for Ai>pletrates— Mr. and Mrs. Victor Apptegate, badly hurt or killed. You will l)e voting against — • <»m mrs. victor Appiegate Having your car wrecked by neai> Cor with, are parents of a 9- a man whose brain is beftid- ,'% 1)0y ' *° t ™ Frkia - v - Mrs - A PPie- dled by hard liquor. !^ e .!'! at l he h °.'" e °U»?' parents, Make no mistake. One ounce of hard liquor makes any driver a menace not only to himself but to everyone he meets or attempts to pass on the road. In this advertisement we drop every stock argument against hard liquors to emphasize this one point which no wet can deny. Not even wets care to meet drunk ways. The development of the high-speed automobile in the last 15 years has made the return of hard liquors impossible. Million;, of drivers now drive customarily at 50 miles an hour or 'better. A man has to have a clear brain to do that with safety to himself and to you. drivers on the high- Mr. and Mrs. Elmer 'Potter! The- baby has been named Bobby E'. Rejected by Forestry Army- Leo Ramus has returned from pes Moines, where he was examined for reforestation work,, hut did not pass because of weak eyes. Boy Breaks an Elbow— iDonald, 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Youngwirth recently suffered a broken elbow when he fell at play. Other Irvineton News. Mrs. Mabel Potter, Spencer, is spending a few days at O. L. Miller's before leaving for Detroit this week Friday as delegate to a supreme convention of the (Royal Neighbors, for which she is field deputy. Sim plans to make stops on the trip iback and will spend a June 3—G. R. Krause's son August went to Decorah last week Tuesday to join 40 Luther college students, the Luther college chorus, for a concert tour of the west coast. They, go via a northern route and return via a southern route, and will be away six weeks, iheir first concert was given at Minneapolis last Thursday evening. I La Verne | Byron Jones left Friday for Minneapolis to spend the rest of the summer with his sister, Mrs. Ben Farley. Genevieve and Jack Higgins, Fort -Dodge, were recent guests of their grandmother, Mrs. Harry Von iDraska. Fred Tiede and Earl Hanselman drove to Ames Saturday to get Vera Tiede, attending Ames college. Merle Clark, Iowa City, former Lu Verne barber, drove here lor his Household goods Sunday •Donald McClellan, -Merl Scrlbner and Cecil Stoddard left Monday for Texas in search of work Mrs. Max Meyer was hostess to the Lutheran Aid in the church absement last Thursday. Cora Mae .Masterson has returned from an extended visit with an aunt at Waterloo. Amber Rogers, Fort .Dodge visited her parents Sunday. DEALER WANTED—A MAN with good reputation, industry and eagerness to work, to take on a line of repeat goods. Only a small investment or guarantee is necessary. Fine opportunity for right man.—Write care Advance. 36 ('2)40 RESP. EXPiER, MIDDLE AGED lady wants housework Call Ad— ! ;_ Sp40 THE I. G. DEWEL GARAGE NEXT south of the Algona hotel will be for. rent July i. Present rental will be reduced. This garage has for more than ten years had a good repair and storage business, practically all of which will ;be inherited by any new tenant who knows how to care for it.—W. C: Dewel Algona. . 40 . tt ' It is being closed out regardless of cost— RELIABLE INSURANCE AT LOW cost — Direct writing on all forms of Surety Bonds, Automobile dwelling, and household goods insurance. We invite your confidence n matters of insurance protection without any obligation on your rt a!I at our office °f Phone ALGONA INSURANCE C. R. La Barre. 4S-35tf W: •\ VS r f, 4,* • >** x ««** >.. •. L - *. .& , \ * * LET BUILDING & LOAN SHARES HELP YOU- START SAVWG A SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY EACH MONTH— Any amount from $1 up invested each month starts an account pur investment shares are paying 1% semi-annually. Over 400 satisfied share holders here in Algona. All funds invested in good sound! first mortgage loans on Algona dwellings fully insured. For more complete information call at our office just north of Iowa State- bank. ALGONA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOOTATION-, Incorporated « nl« ^ thorl8ed Cii ' p!tal S* 0 "* $•1,000,000.—C. R. La Barre', Sec- Treas. Member Federal Home Loan Bfc. 37tf" Ledyard week at the Chicago fair. The Aid met last Thursday at Vote Against the Drunk Driver. Vote to keep brains clear. Vote for safety on the roads. Vote against hard liquors. You will not be voting against beer. Beer is not in question in this election. The only question is hard liquors. the Annex, and spent the afternoon at nuilting. About $14 was realized from regular tlues and egg money turned in by members. Thirty-six women were served by hostesses, Mrs. Frank Ditsworth and, Mrs. Earl Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lofing and two nieces of Mr. Lofing were Sunday guests at A. McLean's, and the daughter Jeanne, who had been at McLean's for several weeks went home with them. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton, of Emmetsburg, and a grandson vis- ! ite-d relatives here last week. They . have now gone . to Mason City visit the son Gien. to And don't let anybody fool you by saying that anybody can get bootleg liquor anyhow. It isn't true. Those who know how can; but comparatively few know how. If, however, hard liquors are made legal again, everybody will know how, and the drunk driver will increase tenfold in numbers. Vote next Tuesday to prevent this increase. W. S. Windefl County Dry Cfcairmgn . Mrs. Vern Barker, leader of the !4iH club in RiverUale, goes to Ames with two girls this • week Tuesday for four day.s at a state convention. The Missionary society meeting dated for this week Friday lias been postponed two weeks. • Dorothy Sehultz left Saturday for Chicago to visit' relatives and attend the fair. Several farmers lost hogs in the intense heat Saturday afternoon. John Ramus, near Galbraith 'is driving a new car. • . ' Tom CMlton is again sick with stomach trouble. St Benedict fHeld EPYom Last Week.] Marjorie Matzener returned' Friday from a week with friends at Fayette. " ^'Mrs. Joe Jenks, Bancroft, son Kermit. and Mrs. Bert Holley of Fort Dodge, visited the women's ather, Oliver Marquis, Sunday Mrs. IE. G. 'Rich, Fairmont, visit•d Sunday at L. W. Wiemer's The Methodist Aid meets this veek Thursday with Mrs. Harriett Uatzener. The Methodist Sunday school will Conduct a two weeks daily vacation Bible school, beginning, probably, next Monday. It will be held at tlie church mornings, 9-9:30. Mr. and -Mrs. Conrad Gable entertained relatives at Sunday dinner: Mrs. Charles Gable, daughters, the Martin Gables, Mr and Mrs. Ted Gable, the Victor Lelands, of Swea City, and the, George Heet- lands, Dakota. South Cresco [Held From Last Week.] George Gowins, his children, Mrs Ruth Powell, and her daughter Ha^ .zel, all of Mason-City,'spent Sunday: at William Greenfield's and Ruth Gowins and Hazel Powell' remained for a month's stay. ',-'-•; Thos. Metcalf has been, reported 1 SICK* [LEGAL NOnCES| NOTICE TO ALL DEPOSITORS, GKKDITORS AND) OTICE* PER. SONS INTERESTED) BK 'EHE TI SAVINGS'BANK GOJfA, IOWAV „ Y- 0 ^ flu 6aCh Of VOU are ireieuy notified that there is now on tile in the office of the Cl'erlt of tlie District- Court, of Kossuth- county Iowa, the Twenty-second; Quarterly Report of the Honorable L. A Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the County Savings" bank, of Tl- irnnj) T™ir«. 4-u^ .. ' 4 Think This Ovei Friday morning at 9 o'clock we will give the first 200 people en- termg the store an .opportunity to possibly secure a $25.00 suit of clothes Saturday night at 10 o clock free of cost. Ask for iticulars at the store nt. ( ' isohar sed as Exam- Charge of said bank, and! his bondsmen exonerated from all. Ua- •bility as of date March 31st, 1933; the date of the said Report. You are further notified that unless you appear thereto at: the. Court House in Algona, low^, an* , ow, object on or before the Hour, the , gona, Iowa; the same- being Final Report of f. y. Spafe f s * amiher-,h. Charge of saW Receiver- ship,.m which said B'eport the Receiver- and' Examiner in Cliaree show all; disbursements sfece the s date of tlie last Report on , of , , and show cause why the sa ,d Report should not Be- apl proved and why the said! J 4 j?> 'l! 10t be "'sparged! as Charge and his bondsmen exonerated, an Order- and' Decree of this Court will be entered approving s a id Report and! dteZ. 8 aa,rf i ~"<<., 6 c m uie-Bounty- Savings bank of Algona, ttwai. and: o v , r " *"• • n - i e««tti luwai. ajitt liabmt ng US bond ™ from, a £ ?«t» ? ft ° f Maroh 31st - 1933 ' «ie: date of the said Report now on 3j* A, Superintendent of (Banking*'a£ the State of lowat.a* Receiver of the County Savings. Bant of _ from Chicago. =5 litre* Days transportation _ g the comforts of home, air at smaU cost ^^ 1 ^^^^^••MiB What Is Beacon City? w. to spend a week OF n*>s(* at «.«» Ttr~ said RBceiv.ec asks, that tlte said Sister Mary Marceline left Saturday for the .convent at Dubuque The rest of the Sisters will remain here during the summer. The Rev. H. B. Kramer is attending retreat at Sioux City. 'Helen and Francis Raskopf of Halibur, have been visiting their grandmother, Mrs. Huschka. 'Next Sunday low mass will be at 7:30 a. m. and high mass at 9. •In a ball game here Sunday Wesley defeated St. Benedict, 9-7. Mrs. Lawrence Cobeen, Manly, )ame Sunday to keep her daughter, Mrs. Julian Arndorfer, whose little daughter Mary Helen, wiho first lad obstruction of the foowels and then pneumonia, has been sick two weeks. .Lehman, Des Moines, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D! "Lehman."- " E. C. Potter took his brother B: H. and the latter's wife to Fort Dodge Monday morning and were joined there by another brother Dr. L. R. Potter, of Shaller, all going on; to Iowa City, where B. H. was to undergo an operation for goiter. •» SPECIAL TRAIN to the World's Fair CHICAGO SUNDAY, JUNE iSth ABOUT^ CENT PER MILE • for tlie ^ HOUND THIP Good in Coaches only on all trains Good In Coaches Only Special Train m. LV. . LV. Britt .-..-...:::::::o7 AT. .Chicago ----------- 8:30 p Visit Streets of Paris . . . Bel- glan Village . . . Chinese Temple . . . Enchanted Island and thousands of other sights and scenes. Tickets Now on Sale, THE MILWAUKEE ROAD Laird & McCullough j FUNERAL DIRECTORS 21 ALGONA, !OWA -» i .. ti .^. cottages for or less at the World's Fair yet have j Central railroad 38 minutes from the j gate to a fair] S class Bopping place run like a cSaf I Tl °^ gas 8tation ' Beacon Cit V is a U ^ S ^ ann ° 4t iust dr °P into Beacon CitranS^' evei Ything is strictly modern. You = Jave to be reserved in advance bv 7^? S accommodations. Accommodations S felves - y persons vouched ^r by Beacon City represents- -h r : gSSr s **j E ^r n city ° n tbe Linc ° in wgh -1 car, which is policed through™,? I and an attendant takes charge of i H with complete modern equipment M«in ^ You * re assigned to a cottage i s cared fqr by experienced heln- vi« « i Bervic t is furnis hed. Small children are = wervisfiri ma,,. , . . t • yau can leave them safely all day. There are su-i " supervised by guides on trips] xperenced help = P e ™ s f Playgrounds for them 1 11 "' THE DEPENDON STORE DELICATESSEN IN GENERAL WE HAVE IT Our "Polo" beverage syrup, any glass jugs, 20c, makes 2 1-4 summer drink that you can but add cold water, flavor of or Daily we try to have everything j n fresn frill . vegetables, home grown. Our free d?iiva Uit and starts at 8:30 and 10 a m aehvery service Akre's phone numbers are 290-291. Remember our World's Pair coupons. the1 ' ft car.es for the Cottaee You eat the i - . — —.»v» nci vcu DV Pvrxii^-c. «„ v"«j ^un-agc. tuu vu.i. v . = n-, , and don>t want to return tn »« £ a great dining room. If you are at, S Cl *y ^nch room on the fair Sounds a S° n City for a meal? you go to a Beacoii: B The fair is so big that von \m =f J §e What you wa nt—nothing to pay. morning tells you. Then "/""„ ^^T b ^ ena nd what to see, A lecturer ev-1 i when you want them. Write, teteSST^ff ™* be .^e p| ftocpmmodations ;

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