Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 15, 1933 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1933
Page 4
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KOSStJTM COtmtY ADVANCE. ALOONA. JOWA ...WE SERVE KEG BEER .'•*. THE HUB Recreation Parlor WE DELIVER CASES at new low prices on hand at all times now. Get your chicks started. Save loss, work, fuel. Let us hear from you if interested in a hatchery flock. HAMILTON HATCHERY One mile west, one mile south Bancroft prices. Mrs. F. L. Tribon ~g^g^~^^^™— -^~»-— -^^^SSSS^^^ISISSSSSSISSSillSIl^^^ Auction Sale -Saturday Evening — At 7:30 o'clock, block south of Steele's Store •AilU. Gross We will sell furniture and other things consign- .sons. from homes in Algona. If you have anything you were d; x sold at thig gale j igt it with ^ Frager Of Mr> Attends )n P° rt before 6 p. m. Saturday. The F, C. A. Fraser, Manager -van, and Sf e ° sTat, DAVENPORT, Auct. summer < •Mrs •ed a "Way on' "Briardale Store" Capacity Day Specials Tall Corn Flour, 49 Ib. sack 95 C Briardale Flour, 49 Ib. sack $j,15 Every sack guaranteed. 3 Ibs. Peaberry Coffee 55c 2 large Briardale Corn Flakes 19c Home made Hamburger and Sausage, per Ib. 10c World's Fair tickets given with every 50c cash purchase, or every 50c paid on account. Moe & Sjogren 246—TWO PHONES—247 LITTLE AS DOWN Material and factory costs will increase "Qder the National Recovery law. Today's low Norge prices allow you to save a sub-. stantial sum on Rollator Refrigeration. Richardson Furniture Co, •* SOIf, ALL THIS WEEK 1 am at Christensen's Store on the lower floor offering bargains such as— A rack of dresses and blouses at 25c More than 200 silk dresses that I have just gotten, priced as cheap as $1.98 Fall Coats at less than one-half their worth. Underwear, silk hose, silks, voiles, drapery , hand bags, and dozens of other useful needs at very low ADVANCE NAMED HOTEL TRIP AGENT FOR WORLD'S FAIR Besides serving as exclusive Kossuth county agent for Beacon City, which is the ideal way to attend the World's fair, yet have the comforts of home, the Advance has been appointed exclusive agent at Algona for H. E. Toson & Co., Des Molnes, who, cooperating with the American Express Co., offer choice of three proposals of people who •prefer to remain in downtown Chicago and put up at a hotel. The hotel is the La Salle, known the world over as one of Chicago's great hotels. Lodging and breakfast only are provided, with the additional attractions set out herein. three Plans'Are Offered. There are three proposals, none of which Includes transportation to Chicago: Two days at $12.60 Three days at 17.915 Five days at 28.96 The amounts named pay for the following service after arrival at Chicago: TWO DAYS You are met at the station, and you and your baggage are taken to the hotel, where you are assigned to a room, after which you have breakfast. At 10:30 a. m. a motor coach takes you to the fair. You are admitted to the fair on a souvenir admission ticket. An observation bus with guide and lecturer is furnished for a preliminary tour of the grounds. You have the rest of the day and the evening on your own, with motor coach transportation back to the hotel when you wish. This ends the first day. On the second day you have breakfast and then are taken for a forenoon tour of Chicago, with de- I livery at the fair at noon. You are on your own for the rest of the day. Admission and return to hotel as before, and transportation to station. Steamship Jaunts Promised. The.other plans are for three and five days, as follows: THREE DAYS iFlrst day as before. Second day: Breakfast, then tour of Marshall 'Field's. Delivery at fair at 1:30 p. m. Admission and return to hotel as before, with afternoon on your own. Three-hour tour on Steamer Roosevelt after 9 >p. m., with return to hotel. Third day: same as second in two day proposal. FIVE DAYS Iowa's New State Comptroller iFlrst three days same as for 3- day tour. (Fourth day: cruise across Lake Michigan to Michigan' City, noted summer resort. (Fifth day: packing town tour in forenoon; afternoon and evening at fair. Breakfast, transportation to and from fair, admissions to fair, and lodging furnished every day; also transportation to station when, leaving. This applies to all proposals. FOURTH FIREWORKS TO SHOW WORLD'S FAIR A fireworks program designed after the display now being shown at the Century of Progress exposition in Chicago, has been purchased for the Fourth of July celebra- .PICTURES ACCOMPANIED a story in Sunday's Des Moines Register more than a column M f 1 S ' C m°» e i n ?«°' B -, Murta Sh, recently appointed state comptroller by Governor Herring. Mr. wifP d g »,Jh tak « H™ 00 f U T Y *' T1 ! 6re are tw ° pictures ' one of Mr ' Murta <* done, the other with his wife, daughters Betty and Jean, and granddaughter, Sue Hutchison. Two married daughters and a son are not shown. The solo picture shows him with ax in hand Just after he had cut down a Cge tree at his home. -The story consists mostly of facts already familiar to Kossuth people. (Mr. Murtagh now 51, was born at Waverly and graduated from high school there. We came to this part of .Iowa some ^0 has^ a b g e°en an ouf 0 oft g h 0 o a ™ *""? ag °i-J Inm ? J l lntemt tOUCheS '" the story are' that his automobile hasn t -been out of the garage since 1931 and that a cane he uses occasionally was given to him by R walkS'up to^n! ' a 9Pe " ° f SlCknCSS> " e Sat ll ° Wn t0 reSt ° n tb9 Palmer porch while he was Pastor's Daughter is Bride— iRuth, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse, was married to the Rev. Victor Schuldt last Thursday afternoon at 4 p. m. at the home of the bride's parents. The Rev. Mr. Hulse performed a single ring cer- Justice's wife and his brother Donald. After the ceremony the newlyweds went to Mason City, returning Monday. The new Mrs. Palmer is the tion at the fair grounds, and prom- I Mrs- Sc:huldt lefl: t:he same night ises to be one of the greatest expo- for he Dells in Wisconsin and a "^ V ^-»*u ises to be one of the greatest expositions of color and form shown in this part of the state. In addition free attractions in the nature of vaudeville acts have ,been engaged direct from one-of the large amusement parks in Minneapolis. A new feature . will be both harness and running races. Horse races are not numerous on the Fourth, and in consequence a number of the best racing horses in Iowa have been entered in the different events. Two baseball games will be played. A new diamond has been built di- ** — •"" JJ".*«*"»»-vl M. 01*46*^ J JJJ£ UCJ - *»*^ llv**y ^fjio, mlllld JC, HJtS emony before an arch of roses ar- i daughter ot Mr. anil Mrs. Fred ., .__ _ Beerman and was graduated-from the Algona high school in 1928. Since graduation she has been employed in Algona stores. For the last several months she has clerked at the Cut-Rate Grocery, operated hy Donald White. Mr. Palmer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Palmer, and till recently he was employed at the Algona Bakery. For the present Mr. and Mrs. Palmer are living at the bride's parental home. WcddJnj,' Anniversaries Observed Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel Sampson, Hooper, Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Samson celebrated their ranged by 'Mrs. L. J. Malueg. Before the ceremony the bridegroom's sister-in-law, Mrs. Arthur Schuldt, Galva, sang "Because." Alice Fern Pattison, Schaller, played 'Lohengrin's wedding march. Mrs. Vashti Simmons, Quimby, sister of the bride, served as matron of honor, and the Rev. Arthur Schuldt, Galva, 'brother bridegroom, as best man. of the After the ceremony dinner was served to 28 guests. Mary Elizabeth Foster, Bernice Dearchs, Margaret Vigars, and Arba Dee Long assisted in serving. The Rev. and Mrs. Schuldt left t:he same night weeks wedding trip, after which Clayton, the latter of Mason City The Methodist Bible Searchers class has postponed its meeting this month till June 27. The Methodist Aid's annual election of officers has been postponed toll fall. EMMETSBURG ROTARY CLUB IN VISIT HERE The Rotary club entertained the Emmetsiburg club at luncheon at the Country club clubhouse Monday evening. The local club lost an attendance contest with Emmetsburg in March, and the dinner was the result. (Following dinner Geo. W. Godfrey, president of the local club, welcomed the Emmetsburgers and the Emmetsburg president, Banker Jack Edge, after responding 'briefly, introduced Roy Newell, Emmetsburg schools superintendent who spoke on the .Emmetsburg Junior colege, how it ranks with other Junior colleges, and how its students rank in comparison with those who do the sanMs work away from home at colleges*and universities He emphasized the fact that university tests have proven that (Jiiiune Samson celebrated their ~"'"-' a "-f "*"<•* »*ve proven that joint wedding anniversaries at the I „ W0rk d ° ne in J unlor colleges i latter couple's ihome Sunday. A' ?• ? P ar with colle ge work in the rn «,»-- lome u y. A The new Mrs. Schuldt was grad- i family dinner was served to related from Mprningside college tives. The occsion uated first two years. Mr. Godfrey then introduced M uaiea rrom Mormngsule college tives. The occasion was the 27th „ ,,'/ Goafrev then introduced M last week Tuesday: Her husband anniversary of the Lemuel Samp-'S' Wea ver, who spoke on Civilian was graduated from the same col- sons and the 24th anniversary of I C °5 s ? rvatlon V or ™ activities, lege three years ago, and recently the Claude Samsons. They have', « etw , een courses at dinner, mus- was graduated from the Chicago always observed the event togjth-1 lcal , Actions were given by an Theological Seminary. He will do m- !.«,=» „«.,. M— .T.I-...I-V B . orchestra Mmsistlm.- nf. H,- *>„„ A Theological Seminary. He will do religious and social work in a psychopathic hospital at Elgin, Other guests at wedding and dinner were: the Rev. and Mrs, W. Last year the Claude Samsons went to Hooper to observe the occasion. "•'••• Titonlilan Entertains — -—• -•"• »»•=. ••• iiLKiiniuu jvnMiriiijn l MUh &. L «SI*"" 1 ™!: » ar - . 'Mrs. Cidney-Laird in-law, Mrs. H. A French of Ti , -, . . renc of Ti ™ 9 J B ergman. Seney; tonka, entertained 28 Algona worn- a l">™ton, Sioux City; Ruth en at dinner and bridge last Tlmrs- rectly in front of the"grandstand. ~? tfc 'Smith; Harvey Nelson, Midway attractions promise to be more numerous and varied than in ' J, 1 "' * ""' ", lu "' oluux ^"-y: '«»«« I en at dinner and bridge last Thurs- previous years because many towns Mm , er .',, Sext ° n: R ° uben Holtzhaus, day night at the French home At formerly celebrating are not able Earlville; Mr. and Mrs. O. D. 7:30 a two-course dinner was wrv- to do so this year. The Harmony «««'"«• «-'— «-^-~ _„!..._ u mer was serv Kings 8-piece orchestra ,wlll play for dancing in the Floral hall. ed at Union 4-M Club Meets— The Union Aletheans met at Frances Winkel's Saturday, and Fam GIr , fe ? p 'a vege- «--^- - - • *"•» roll call was answered on New Water Main Installed by City „.— j.w.4 vj***i na.a uuanei'eu UII ~"£l vege- Installation of a new water main '' table good health specialty." At a i noii „(•—* » x. . Business meeting Fern Gisch was chosen, club queen", also' official delegate to this week's state 4-H convention at Ames. iRuth Rich Was elected special delegate and The centered w th scores were won by Mrs. T. H. Ohrischil- les, Mrs. H. W. Pletch, and Mrs, J L. Bonar. the power lumberyard on Call street- from plant to the Norton ,„.„ corner has nearly been completed". This will give the business district better .protection in case of birf fires. The new main is six inches in diameter inside. When the new main was connected the entire city water system was shut off from 1:30 a. m. to 3 a. m. last week Wednesday. The crew, besides Kathryn De"1m extra delegate. Songs were practiced for a county 4-H rally scheduled for next Tues- — , working last week in the daytime, when temperatures rose to 103, had day, At a county 4-tH meeting Saturday Fern Gisoh was chosen to rep- Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gish, northwest of Algona, observed her seventh birthday anniversary -.Tuesday liy entertaining Betty and'Letty Sarchet, Benita Reid, Virginia and Patty Mittag, Shirley Ann Harvey, Ralph Raylor, and Esther and Junior AVill. Other Society. A former campfire group had a reunion and picnic supper at Julia resent the county as first song j Bourne's Monday night- Hazel to work at night also to get" the connections made. One night they came to work at midnight and •*"" " worked till 7 next morning. Other tori an large mains are planned, but work "*"" will not be done immediately. C. S. Receivership Will Go to Hull Official notice of final report of J. P. Spalla as examiner-in-charge of the County Savings bank ap- >ears in today's Advance. This does not mean that the receivership , has been closed. Mr. Spalla has for some months been in the employ of the state banking detriment at Des Mones and is be- ng succeeded here by H. V. Hull, vho also has charge of the Kossuth County State bank and the Swea City Fawners Savings. The bounty Savings has so far paid 45 per cent in dividends. Junior Leuguers .,.,.. The Algona Junior league won wo games over the week-end- rom Swea City, 8-3, there, Friday, nd from 'Fenton, 8-4, here Monday, "omorrow afternoon the team goes o Burt. Sellstrom pitched both ames. Talks on Beacon City, Glenn Brockway, former Esther- ille youth who is Y. M. C. A. sec- etary at Des Moines, spoke over VOI. Ames, last night on the (Bea- on City way of attending the 'Grid's fair. leader and one of five girls to write a music test at Ames. She has been in club work six years, and is 16. She is 4-« county his- ^rian. (Mary Gisch was chosen leader of the club to succeed Mrs. Lawrence Gisch, who is now assistant leader. The next meeting will Ibe with Bernice Dodds next week Wednesday. Iris and Peony Show— The Woman's club held its annual iris and peony show in the library assembly room Friday, and in spite of hot, searing winds and little rain, a delightful array of flowers was entered. A musical program was given as! follows: the Rev. A. S. Hueser, vio- ' lin solos; Mrs. A. E. Michel, Mrs. Jackman, Mrs. W. W. Sullivan, each groups of songs; Mrs. Jackman and Miss Messenger, duet. Prizes were awarded as follows: White peonies, Mrs. M. J. Jones, Algona; Mrs. Will Weisbrod, Fenton. Pink peonies, Mrs. H. E. Woodward, Whittemore; Consuelo L. i Hanna, Lu Verne. IRed peonies, Mrs. Jones; Frank Geigel, Algona. Iris, Mr. Geigel; Mrs. Weisbrod. Artistic bowl arrangement: 1.— Mrs. Woodward; 2.—Mrs. Lee (Reed, Algona; 3.—Mrs, Glenn Raney, Algona. -—^ -.. o *« v , .nmjct .TIJL~ t?, r ' Mrs - Kennit Setchell, Dorothy Whitney, Alice Mrs. orchestra consisting of the Rev. A H. Heuser, on his homemade vio Jin, G. Ray Smith at piano, Glenn Raney, bass viol 4- and Forest Recruit to Go to Colorado? Whittemore, June 13 — iRobert Voight has received a letter Sunday from his son Albert, who is in the forestry army. At the time of writing he was still at Camp Dodge but expected to leave this week ^ednesday for the west, either California or Colorado. There are 200 men in his company. A radio in th£ camp center reported the Baer-Schmeling fight. The boys in camp divided into groups of six to a-tent, and each group is called a squady They .are furnished with clothing arid toilet articles., 'only four companies will stay in Iowa. . «,--« food. -- a 1933 graduate nf HIO public high school here TaMoId Mention, Phyllis Parsons, Algona' mention in the honor" roU^of Sunday won - the Register's contest Couple Married- Marie L. Beerman and Clayton L. Palmer were quietly married Sunday at 12:30 by Justice H. B. White 1 at b4s office in the presence of the Am Going Around the World!" —Ask at the. Advance office, about the economical Beacon City way to see the Fair. . "I can't afford a three months ocean voyage, of "ourse, but I can go to the World's Pair. There i shall see temples of India, gardens of Japan — the science of Germany, the art of France - the people and customs of Africa, South America, Iceland, and Tibet, i shall see tho world as it was ages ago •before the coming of the glaciers, and I shall have a. gliuipse into the world of tomorrow!" Wa»h DRESSE 't have them last week to demand but eno ugh 0" We Have Them Now -as we have got t en shipments of "Nelly i and "Marcy Lee" cool es for hot weather wear th are certain to please you. w . $L9sl 14.20 $2.95 and better Join the happy shoppers during "Capacity D ays » ( week and save on our many special offerings and} may w,in a FREE TRIP TO THE WORLD'S FAIR• Comi Algona't Style Center" WHIRf KOflOMr EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE MB. I 18c 24< FINEST CREAMERY BUTTER . "RAJAH I SALAD DRESSING JAR! QUART JAR . 29c •MM FIVE TEA VALUES CRISP. FRESH HEAD . Lettuce 2 Heads JSc Pineapples 2 for 2Sc HACK 1C ^ _ ,., -,..*.* •*••**•? wvwwwwifvw Clean Cotton Rags j ' * ™

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