Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1933 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1933
Page 11
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, ^y v I'N ^1^- V 'ViSiinUlSL KOSSUtH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA ^ ^^^^™ P CAtL Lotts Creekers Plan School Picnic Sunday Tbirsd*y »d Friday, June 8-9 'dtime BICE CHEVALIER HELEN TWELYETREES Story " June 10 601D «Men of America" with CHIC SALE. Also Devil Horse !No. 11 Sunday, June 11 •«todfi* MKO-KADIO I'ictur. iLotts Crcelc, June G—The Lutheran school will hold Us annual school picnic next Sunday in the H. (II. Mlttag grove.' Teacher Willlam Schmlel .has prepared the following program: • Song, The Old Pug Dog, school; Mother Always Knows, Dorothy Wichtendahl; Ode to a Nag, (Everett Mittag; Song, My Kitty, school; On Church-Going, Esther Geftzenau or; Bunny In the Burrow, Ella Wetzel, Doloris Potratz, Wilbert Ruhnke, Lorna IKaulstich, Wendell Rusch, Phyllis Gengler. Johnnie's History Lesson, Leonard Pompe; M You Knew Mo, Phyllis Gnngler ami Lorna Faulstich; The Mill Wheel, song, school; Mas ter Kindheart, Paul Furstenau When I Grow Up, Wendell Rusch Don't Kill the Birds, school; Wha1 I Know, Mildred Faulstich, Ells Wetzel, Doloris Potratz, Wilbert | Ruhnke; Lorna Fflulstich, Wemlel Rusch, Phyllis Gerigler. Uncle and His (Bull, Edga Schmlel; Come, May, in all Th Beauty, song, school; The Goo Boy, Raymond Laabs; Opinion Boys, Louise Dreyer; Merrily, oh Merrily, song, school; Be Kind, Wilbert Ruhnke; Duty, Walther Wetzel; Dame Swallow, song, school; Men, Esther Kading; Old Red Hen, George Pertl; Rheumatiz Song, Ella Wctzel, Mildred Faulstich, Louise Dreyer, .Robert Dreyer, Arlene Kohlwes, Everett Mlt- tag, Bernice Pompe, George Leininger, Gertrude Kucker, Paul Puer- stenau, Dolovis Sheller, Ronald Sheller, William Leininger, and Lorena Llesener; America, school. A committee has been named on concessions and refreshments. rteyer, William Wet/el, Pastor 'lene, William Zumach, Robert Dreyer, Albert Potratz, Herman Hintz, (Ernest Welter, Albert Witt- opf, and (Richard Potratz families ttended a mission festival at the rlnity Lutheran church, Algona, Sunday. invitation to Fort Dodge— "~ The Inimanuel congregation has I jeen invited to attend mission services at the Fort 'Dodge high school auditorium Sunday June 18. A missionary who has traveled In various parts o£ the world will preach. The services will begin at 10:30 a. | m. and at 2 p. m. Corn Cliaff Poisons Eyes- George Winkel nearly lost his I eyesight while he was shelling corn, j one day last week. Chaff which entered the eyes poisoned them. ] They are greatly Improved now, | but he is wearing dark glasses. May 29. 1933 WOMEN'S CONTRIBUTION TO THE MOTOR CAR Kumnch Grandson Confirmed— Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zumach at-1 tended confirmation exercises at Fenton Sunday. One of the Herman Luedtke children, grandson of the Zumachs, was a member of the | class. To Preach at EstherrUle—• The Rev. E. Fiene will preach in I German at an Estherville mission test next Sunday. Teacher William Schmiel will read a Sunday mom-| ing sermon here. ^Tuesday, June 12-18 uona BNHHMORE Wednesday, June 14 Grand Slam LORETTJL YOUNG PAUL LUCAS COMING—"Be Mine Tonight", June 15 and 16 always Cool at the Call Kohlwes Family Has Reunion— The Kohlwes family had a reunion Sunday at Everett Dreyer's, Fenton. Mrs. John Kohlwes, her daughter, and Mrs. Dreyer were hostesses. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Welch-man, of Spencer daughter .Emma; Mr. and Mrs Henry Kohlwes, Terril; the John Kohlwes family, Lotts Creek; Elsie Kohlwes, Algona; the Oscar Kohl wes family, Corwith; the Henry Williamsons, the Carl Weichmans and the Alfred Weiohmfens, all of Ruthven; and the Harry Riersens Havelock. Mrs. Henry Weich,man and Henry Kohlwes are brothe and sister of John Kohlwes. olns the Conservation Corps— Walter Meyer, who had for a I :ime lived with the Frank Pompes, eft Monday for Des Moines to join | he forestry army. [lightning Kills a Horse— Theodore 'Bierstedt lost a horse | Friday, struck by lightning. LUTHERAN MINISTERS MEET AT IU VERHE NEXT WHHK iapacity Days BLOOM'S BARGAIN STORE Sale Starting Friday 54c . 15c $1.19 38c 25c I Johnson's Floor Wax, Illb. can __. [.Good 25c [.Brooms • House Paint, gallon, ]tl,50 value, white __. Motor Oil, 5 gallon lots, Pemolene Oil, less container.gallon P and G Soap, 17 large bars Tire Boots, I all sizes _i_l___ 15c, 9c, and Varnish, $1.50 value, our price, gallon I Floor Enamel, j best grade, quart -~ Motor Oil, 150 gallon lots Family in Sunday Get-Together- Mr, and Mrs. William Rusch Sr the William iRusch Jr. family, th I. .R. Zumachs, Mrs. Arela Ohm her children, William Leininge and the Reinhard Zumachs, all o Whittemore, and the Arthu Ruschs, Martin Meyer, Otto Ruhn <e, and Nick Gengler families ha family •gathering at William Meyer's Sunday. Many Attend Mission Fest— The Herman Reisner Martin nm „ so.e doubt that p*o pl e care to hear vsry »uch a^out what goes on under the "^/..^^alities" an, not accidental; they The driver Knows i.uaT» .ui.a.»*«»e» -i i,,--. tvin^^ results AIIO *•** .».»**• - ± f*r* ni+ oVrtLVBS ollVjof i^^/w.— u +hp manufacturer creates or BVUJ.VO^ driving. ««>!««»• let us talk Results. L. it is not essential to talk "shop . 1«« tnat -th71n7 ' „ Drive the Ford V-8 and ycu wxll find that runs-wlth surpassing smoothness, due to its design and the methods of its manufacture. t the drive . Power. There it is, 75 horsepower (we could sa8 ) shafFfoTthe driver's use. With less weight to P^ of this car—its life-like response—is »^« ™ on Qf gasoline than Economy. Our V-8 develops ^J^*^ ^ teT of individual driving, but fuel. Ford V-8 has that sense initial cost. operation, maintenance. + - K ,i + ion The motor car must not / Appearance, This is woman's con^bution v _ 8 and you .ill not only-bTu^elui; but also good-looking. View need our comment on its fine a P^ ar ^ ern In 30 years she changed the a coach. Comfort is a qu • a quiet, Mtomrrco a wagon serous ingredien T,ere is no o.for t Lu Verne, June 6—Ministers of he north half of the Iowa Synod of the (Lutheran church will hold a conference next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the local ;Lu- ;heran church. One hundred pas;ors are expected, and the Aid will serve dinners and suppers in the church, basement, and lodging-and breakfast will be furnished at homes. The affairs ol the church will be discussed, among them the matter of finances for missions. The Rev. S. C. Strueseit, synodical secretary of missions, who lives at St. Louis, will lead this discussion, An impressive service to which the public Is invited will be held Wednesday evening, when the Rev. A. Noack, Remsen, and the Rev. Otto Schultz, Westgate, "will preach, after -which all the pastors will partake Of the Lord's Supper, e good an, convenience. The News at Irvington BUY and SAVE inllAlgona Duiing-Capacity Days Mrs. Electric House Bulbs, 4 for _ ! Plat Wall Paint, Keygtone, white only, gallon — [Batteries, isolate, few left, eaph—, _... Soap Chips, v ^ 2 &!rge .boxes __. T ._—— Men's good Work Shirts _ • Men's Overalls ,— .97c . 54c 35c 30c $1.00 $2.93 I9c Stanley, son of Mr. and Charles Egel, celebrated his 14th birthday Friday with the help of ten boy fnlends. Kenneth Asa, Jack Schulz, George, Harold, and FVank Becker, Robert Galgel, Le Roy .Scheppman, Paul and John Miller. After games the boys had strawberry shortcake. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bedell. St. Paul, spent a short time here last week. They visited the O. L. Millers arid the Samuel Reaper. Mr. Reaper, who has been sick several weeks, is not much improved. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Headley drove to Aurelia Saturday to visit their daughter, Mrs. Maurice Eddy, returning Sunday. Minnie Scheppman, who went to Elgin, 111., several weeks ago is now visiting relatives naar Joliet. The Aid meets this week Thursday at the Annex for quilting. Mesdames Oitsworth and Miller will be hostesses. • The Charles Egels drove to Mankato Saturday to visit relatives, returning Monday. They reported heavy storms Saturday. Garden stuff and corn are much farther advanced in southern Minnesota tl> The Henry Soheppmans attended recent miscellaneous shower for Lydia Schaffer at Whittemore, who will be married to Ben Zang month. The Roy Blythes, Lombard, this 111., an n.n a a n an a aaa *ttttt£lg and Vaughn ScWohtl, who has been with the Blythes several months, plan to visit Mrs. V. J. Schtohtl this month. Mrs. Ralph Ballard, who had been making her home for a few months with her sister, Mrs. Charles Sankey, recently left for i Redwood Falls, Minn., where Mr. I and Mrs. Ballard have gone to housekeeping again. During a slack time In Mr. Ballard's work last winter their furniture was in storage. . „ The Frank Aliens, Rockwell, were recent guests at William Rutledge's and Robert .Spurgeon's. They report excess of rainfall in the Rockwell vicinity. A Children's day program will be presented by the S. S. pupils next Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Sunday school will be held after the program. A special collection to aid Sunday schools in Iowa will be taken. , . ,, Mrs, Poole, of Muscatlne, is visiting ber daughter, Mrs. Ray Kayier, near 'Bancroft. Fred Andrews, ofl Staples. Minn., is a son of Mrs Poole, and it is believed she will | go there for a brief visit. .. 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We worked all Decoration day and night to "get under the June 1st wire." Wool suits on hand and hot weather suits at bottom prices yet but? < 1 Boys and girls' Sport Summer Jackets CLOTHING The new store at old Kraft Stand, i.j>.jkjk^i- t , T i ., j ;iites& ««r ^ 0 t •,•% %^.>Mj4€.vnl '

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