Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1933 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1933
Page 10
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PAGE TWO |£«Mnilr •NTI8USD A3 SECOND CLASS _•»««* December 31, 1908, at the VMtofnce At Algona, Iowa, under the •nt of March 2, 1879. IOWA HEEDS A STATE BOARD OF INSURANCE "When one has for the major part *t a lifetime slaved to pay life in- Bttranco premiums, comforted In Che meantime )>y the belief, that -dependents would thus be provided £«r, it is tragic to find suddenly that the sacrifice may have been In vain. Thia Is the situation in which pollcyholders in the Royal Insurance Co. now find themselves. If it turns out that the company lias definitely failed, this will be the first such failure in Iowa, at least within recent years. But there fcas been a number of failures in •other states. Some failures have been due to •mismanagement; others to the times. Investments once deemed f?ilt-edged have shrunk or become valueless. The companies have thus lost not only principal but in'•come. At the same time, in the •last three years, they have had to -weet unprecedented demands for •loans. (Last winter the call for •loans became so overwhelming that the legislatures of many states had "to declare moratoriums to save the weaker companies. To the extent that companies are ••victims solely of the times there is •perhaps no blame to be attached •Insurance companies :have to Invest their receipts in order to pro- •nrtde for payment of their policies and if their investments are safe ••when made they can scarcely be blamed if circumstances which acould not ibe foreseen cause depreciation or complete loss. This granted, it seems apparent, -•tievcrtbeless, that additional safeguards must now be provided for the safety of the money belonging •to policyhoUlers. The allegations •of the petition in the Royal Union ••case suggest that insurance company officials in Iowa are not as •Rightly held down by law as had 'been supposed. It will be the duly •<of the legislature to remedy that *tate of affairs. One of the first acts of the adjourned session of the general assembly ought to be the appointment of a committee, carefully selected for ability, to make a study Of the life insurance situation in Yawa and submit a report with appropriate recommendations. If the legislature cannot find committee- '•uen of the required caliber within -Its own ranks it ought to seek "them outside, even, if necessary, nmtslde the state. The first objective of this coni- =eaittee would be to inquire what tiew safeguards for the money of •the policyholders can be provided •%y law. This will include not only •afeguards against unwise investments but against manipulation of jssets for private profit. Secondly, the committee ought to study the question of a better -IB/stem of supervision. Reliance is «ow ihad on the law plus an insurance commissioner. In our opinion Sthis is not enough. We confass *ack of knowledge, but we suspect ""that the present system results in •» mostly clerical administration of •supervision. Clerks, even if exalt-Wl, seldom exercise effective supervision. What is needed, we think, is an Independent state board of equal •Standing with the boards of control «nd the state board of education ^Places on such a board would at"tract men of ability. It. would *ave to operate in the light of publicity; it could not be approached privately. As a board it would *ave the standing that no single official can nave. Its only duties would be supervisory; it could not Sail into the rut that goes with «iere clericalism. The present commissioner could be retained as the Board's executive and clerical of- "Hcial, with such of his employes as ••*re needed. The board ought to have the widest powers necessary for the most ^rigid supervision, including a veto *n unreasonable salaries for insurance executives; and the salaries and all expense of tho board -ought to be collected from the in- -«urance companies. KQ8IOTH COtmtlf APVANCE, ALOQNA. IOWA es as money. It cannot depreciate, whereas every other kind of money may become valueless. Therefore the custom arose to make important contracts payable only in gold of the same weight and fineness as existed at the time they were made. This works well enough as long as the .people have confidence in other money and do not all demand gold at once. But when the people become afraid of other money and demand the gold for hoarding it is perfectly obvious that the scheme cannot work out. You can't pay 70 .billions of debt with only four billions of gold. Whether you want to or not, you are simply compelled to repudiate. This act does not take the United States off the gold standard. It has, in .fact, nothing to do with the monetary standard. The gold dollar is still our standard, though at present we are not releasing gold. All our other money is 'based on it, and the new law, though its repudi- atory character as regards present contracts, particularly government bonds, is regrettable, is merely a regulation forbidding contracts which discriminate against other forms of money in favor of gold. The Colyum Let'g Not be too D—* Serloni IN CASE THE Other Week's * newspaper breaks amused, here are a few more— She was married to Walter Jackson, and to this onion were bom three children.—Cadiz, O., Sentt- nel. MEETS JUN AT El Timely Topics The Des Moines Register loses no opportunity to play up Governor Herring. Sunday's Register, for example, gave him full five col- regards that a governor not of the Register's crowd would get such free ad- Turner could answer iDrlving' at high speed, Jenkins crashed into Miss Miller's rear end. The damage can foe remedied with a coat of paint.—Damflno. The bride was attired In navy blue georgette and carried a bouquet of roses and baby. — Des Moines Register. ..Ten years after their marriage they had their . first chill.—Damfino. An advertisement for a husband brought a Massachusetts woman 19 reptiles.—Abilene, Tex,, Newspaper. A chicken thief was reported active Wednesday night. The Grace church Aid will serve a chicken pie supper Thursday night.—New Haven Journal-Courier. At a meeting of the Woman's umns. 'No complaint as 'Herring, but what's the vertislng. that. Roosevelt expected to make direct appeal to states to ratify repeal.—Streamer in Sunday Register. Well, some people who are no cranks on prohibition may think a president of both prohibitionists and antis might well play fair by keeping hands off, particularly since things are apparently going tils way anyhow. It is agreed that no violation of law has been unearthed in the Morgan inquiry. All that has been shown is that the Morgans exercise immense control which might be abused. The next question is whether governmental control would work out any better. Not speaking for the Morgans, it is a ;act that though you can confer fi- _________ Benevolent association Mr. Watts announced that he would take care of any clothing the women wished to discard.— -North Spur, Calif., Sentiel. Wanted, a bride, any caste or creed, educated, good looking, for youth, 22. (No objection to virgin widows. — Advertisement in India Newspaper. Calvin P. Foulke won two distinctions at the annual senior class election at Princeton. He was voted the most likely bachelor but the greatest woman heater. — Morristown, Pa., Register. 'Lone SRock, June 6 — The Mothers club met last Thursday wllth Mrs. Harry Hobson, Mrs. Prank (Flalg assisting. 'Scripture and iprayer were led by the Rev. S. M. Gladstone, and roll call was Bible verses containing children's names. Mrs. Fred Genrfch read a paper on parental problems; Mrs. C. M. Gross read a paper on Children's diseases; the iRev. Mr. Gladstone spoke on repeal of the 18th amendment. Plans were laid for a pfcnte for the children in conjunction with a Bible .school, picnic June 20 at the school grounds. 'Roll call at the next meeting will be cute sayings of children. Enter* CllnJe nt Rochester- Mr. and Mrs. John Sprank, Prank Sprank, and P. M. SchJItz, drove to Rochester last week Tuesday, and John remained for treatment. Mrs. Sprank. Arthur Sprank, and Edward Gochee went to -Rochester Monday, and Mr. Gochee pave * blood transfusion for Mr. Sprank here Friday, And Merryn Thompson returned to Irvington with them tor a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Rice drove to Hampton last' week Tuesday to visit Mrs. Rice's sister, Edith Hoxle. They also visited Mrs. Rice's sister, Mrs. Nora Welch, at Dows. • L. R, /Roderick and daughter Imogene left Sunday on a business trip to Amery, WIs. The Robert Schmidts went to Watertown, WIs., last week to visit relatives. Mra. Oscar Earing, Mrs. A. A. Krueg«r, Ersel Blanchard, Harriett Fish, and Pearl Chlpman, Burt, had a picnic at the Ambrose A. Ca>ll state park Friday. William O'Donnell and his son Richard left last week Tuesday for Campus, IH., where Mr. O'Donnell mite, W. Langshaft . _ eg«g.—Hamilton Hatchery. 12u39t- Wll-Li TRADE -2K-4/B. FEB V White 'Rock *pttUets ' for 'old hens (heavy).—Cowan ft Frankl, phone 39. ,, .... „, 17p39 nancial power by law you create financiers by Jaw. can't Announcement that the Rock Is- and has cut day-coach fares in ~owa to a cent a mile till November 1 suggests that the railroads . IN AUGUST, 1929, we advised Cretz to sell his railroad bonds. He did, but bought other bonds In time for the November crash ... At a Goldfield old 'Settlers picnic last summer the late T. P. Harrington spoke eloquently for half an hour on no previous notice . . . Only a few lawyers now remember how Judge Quarton and Fred Curtiss used to fight in court when the Judge was on the bench . . . The Jate J. W. Sullivan was fond of saying that the late C. W. Nagle, Clarion lawyer, had an affidavit face, meaning that he Inspired confidence. It never occurred to John that he was that way himself . . . Curtiss used to shake hands with a certain Algona deaf man and make believe he was uttering compliments when in (fact he was insult- "c» a. auggesis mat me railroads "" c ""> wueu m U.HUI. ne was insuii- may at last be prepared to exercise ( 5n & him • • • Bertha E. Johnson first I Hi'f'la part C*ri « r» »m»n —-1 ~. _£* J • -r*Hm a +n /M^M *i^«4-J rtn «.\. f,-*. „!_ __ CONTRACTS CAR RYDJO GOLD CLAUSE By act of Congress which wil "Undoubtedly be approved by th ^president gold clauses in contract *avo suddenly been made invalid : tlnless the supreme court inter "€eres, it will hereafter be suffi Hclent to settle in any legal tender And the supreme court is not like *y to interfere, for though the fed *ral constitution forbids states t •Her contracts, there is no such limitation on the federal govern ttftn't. **fiJUht Senator Glass called this. met repudiation as regards Unit« States bonds, all of which carry the gold clause. Senator Borah •wgreed, but justified the repudia ^tton on the ground that it was re quired by dire emergency. The truth Is that the gold clause %as long faced a physical impossi- 'Wlity. It is estimated that na- SUonal and private contracts now Jin existence amount to 70 billions "flTet we 'have only some four billions of gold in the United States -*nd the total stock of the world is 4ess than 12 billions. Up to 200 years ago only gold *nd silver were used as a medium «I exchange. Checks were unknown -4111 as late as 1863. The world's 4rade was then infinitesimal compared with what it is now. and -•there was enough coin to take care Xtt it. ' Within the last hundred years, •>*nd particularly since the Civil «rar, there has been an immense Development of credit instruments. jPaper money, checks, bills o-f ex- «Tjitngo and acceptances in inter- tiational trade, all have increased •mazingly till today we seldom use i-oeln except for packet change, and ftiot even ten per'cent of pur busi- -«ess is transacted 'with coin and »aper money put together. Yet it is «il based on gold. At bedrock the only genuine rj»oney is gold. That is not because . Is sacred,.but simply because <*?? tW»« tt»it literally the world over recognia- little sense as regards effective lompetition with bus lines. But what a far cry it is back to the day when, tooth and nail, they were ighting a losing battle against a eglslative proposal for a reduction rom 3c to 2c. Later, in wartime, hey got the 3c fare back, but then he busses arrived—and now Ic! The 2c tax imposed by government and the exchange or tollec- tion tax imposed by some banks ought to come off checks, and both for the same reason, that they are a tax, and therefore a .hampering influence, on the circulating money of the country, which includes bank deposits the rency. If there was good .«.-„„„„ 1U1 changing the name of Hoover Dam to Boulder Dam the fact ought to be made known. As the act stands it looks like a piece of petty partisanship. Apparently it was a cabinet secretary who played this small trick. Mr. Roosevelt is not capable of such pettiness. same as cur- reason for Opinions of Editors Exactly—<md Daddy Pljfg Too. Traer Star-Clipper~J[f Secretary Wallace, under the new farm law, orders a reduction of 25 per cent in the output of hogs, just think how many Jobs this will afford teaching birth control to mother pigs! Cluuvce for an Argument. Story City Herald—Harvey Ingham, editor of the Register, says there is enough vacant land in Des Moines to feed every person now being fed by charity if the ground were cultivated. There you are trying to get more land into cultivation just when th'e slogan is to cut down on acreage. Schools JfegJect Good Spelling. I.ivermore Gazette — .Newspaper men are especially glad to see interest in correct spelling renewed. It is one of the branches, as the older newspaper men well know, that has been woefully neglected in late years—both that and handwriting. .Saving- Poor Fund Taxation. Traer Star-Clipper—The Kossuth county supervisors and the Red Cross have secured 250 plots of ground to be used for garden purposes toy the needy. It means the saving of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to taxpayers who are supporting indigents. Iowa Will Not Vote Repeal. Albia Union-Republican — Recent straw votes and bajlyhoo of I the repealists to the contrary notwithstanding, we predict that Iowa will be found in the non-repeal ranks when the ballots are counted. •came to our notice when she was J. 'L. Bonar's somewhat shy and bashful stenographer .... When all the Algona banks closed for waivers, the other K. C. bank officials had to work fast to keep Uncle Joe from taking down the notice on the door . . . We never knew C. L. Lund, but we did all the legal work for Geo. E. Clarke, then feeble, when Lund's estate was closed . . . Among souvenirs we prize are two or three dozen personal letters from Governor Turner. AMELIA EARHART PUTNAM urges women to go soldiering, and the solemn Christian Science Monitor facetiously suggests that in the next war the popular song may be, "Tramp, Tramp, the Girls Are Marching!" At any rate it will not be "The Girl I iLeft 'Behind Me." WE MAKE NO pretensions as a cinema critic, but we did like Ador- not- at Family Pfcnfc— The FVed Wegeners attended picnic at the Ambrose A. Call state park Sunday in honor of Mr. Wegener's father's 81st birthday. Fred's parents observed their 56th wedding anniversary last Wednesday. Phone Officers Are Elected— Stockholders of the local telephone exchange elected two new directors. John (Reid and J. T. Cher-land were re-elected president and vice president respectively for three years. Schools Faculty is Completed— •• Mrs. Viola Bishop, Webster City, wiM tea.ch Junior high and music here next year. This completes the faculty. Other Lone Rock. The Rev. and Mrs. S. M. Gladstone, daughter Margaret, and Mrs. Frank Dacken left -Monday for Ce dar Rapids to get Beu'lah ' Glad stone, student at Coe. Mrs. Oacke visited her son Lester at the Oak dale sanitarium. Donald Blanchar accompanied them' as far as Ceda Falls, where ie enrolled In summe school. Ruth Householder completed year's teaching in iSwea townshi Friday. From here attending school .ptenlc were Mrs. Calvin Householder, her children, Imo gene Roderick, Harlan, Jesse, an< Doris Mae Blanchard, Margare Householder, and Mainard Genrich The W. L. Whitneys, of Algona called at N. i,. Cotton's last week Tuesday. Dr. and Mrs. Otmer Bos singham, JLake Benton, Minn., wert also callers on Thursday morning He was formerly a doctor at Ring sted. Ben Schultz, daughter Virginia and son Kermdt, Sac City, and an other daughter, Mrs. WilJlaoi Skeels, Storm Lake, were Sunday guests at Frederick Schultz's. Vir ginlia remained for a visit. Mrs. M. E. Blanchard and the Edward Blanckards, Irvtagton, and Mrs. Delmar Angus, Algona, were remained to visit his daughter Julia and son Edward. R. T. Angus, daughter Lillian, and Mrs. N. L. Cotton drove to Rolfe iFriday for Alice Angus, who was returning from Park college, Parkvllle, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen drove to Worthington, Minn., Sunday to meet their children Marjorie and Roger, who had visited at Pipestone, f «. W. Sohultz, Cedar Falls, visited Ms .brother, Frederick Schultz, a week ago Monday and Tuesday. He is manager of a credit association. J. G. iRoblnson, Deles, Cleo, and daughter Joyce, all of Battle Creek, visited at Fred Genrich's last week Tuesday and Wednesday. .Ruby 'Sohultz, Elmore, .is spending the week at Frederick Schultz's. Bible school begins Monday, June 19. BE SURE AND SEE THE NEW Dodge and Plymouth before buy- Ing a new car, at the Elbert Garage, 18U37-40 Want Ad* I WANTED—CATTLE TO pasture.— Mrs. John Lentsch, Bode. 8p39 WANTED — IKWRTEEN - YEAR- old ,boy to herd and milk cows. Call Advance. 12p39 FOR SAL.E — MAJESTIC RANGE in .good condition.— Kenne, Whittemore. Theo Ilp39 FOR SALE—7-<FT. WOODEN boat. Joining the Holiday Strikers. N'orthwood Anchor—One finds it difficult not to agree with Senator Glass that the administration's nove to abolish the gold clause in existing government contracts is any less than what he calls "rank repudiation." The United States jovernment promised to pay certain debts in gold; it is now proposed that it NOT pay those debts n gold. Editor Sperbec'k Berserk Again. Swea City Herald—It is our dis- inguished opinion that oldthne !rys might as well save their wind. The country is headed pell mell towards the repeal of the 18th amendment without regard to so- la! consequences. We speak acl- 'isedly, because we happen to 'be ne of those oldtlme obnoxious rys. *• —--«». w» * n^, uuu WC m^ JlRtJ able, T. H. C. to the contrary Jlut withstanding. Not that the picture was the best ever, though for gorgeous settings it ranked well up towards the top. • In retrospect we think the comedy did not go well with the scenery; we agree also that the plot was not much. But for a frothy bit of Graustarkian entertainment it did not, in our opinion, merit the castigation which T H C. administered. Which, of course' merely goes to show that opinions of movies differ. We have sometimes suspected that consumption! of a pickle or something at the wrong moment influences the attitude. Not, otherwise, 40 years ago could we account for the fact that some lectures at Iowa City lifted us to the seventh heaven, while others, for no apparent reason, left us cold. THE COLYUM PAUSES to lay a wreath on the new-made grave where rest the mortal remains of Mra. Seller. .Twenty-five years or so ago she served when one of the boys arrived. Two years ago, come lall, 'she was this writer's nurse for a. -period) of two months. Still strong then,'she and an assistinE nurse virtually lifted us to a chair the first time we left the bed. She was a good and kind and faithful nurse. Peace upon her soul. KIRT AiIJLEN, of the Estherville Enterprise, and the ex-Emmet county attorney do not love each other. Not long ago they had a .street fight. We don't recall who got licked, though some say It was Kirt. But what we started to say was that the next time Kirt gets ricked he might pattern after this one from another Iowa editor who told about a fistic encounter 'There was a blow. Somebody fell. We got up. Turning upon our antagonist, we succeeded in winding his arms about our waist and by a quick maneuver threw him on top; of us, bringing our back at the same time in violent Specials Pork and Beans, Morning Light, large No. 2 1-2 can Apricots, Pears, Peaches, 3 cans' White Laundry Soap, 10 bars Iced Tea Blend, pint jar Tac-Cut Coffee, pound can lOc 25c 19c 19c 29c 15c 9c 25c Summer Sausage, per pound Tomatoes, No. 2 can _Sardines in oil, 6 cans ;__, Peanut Butter, M_I Superb, quart jar _•__ C I C Cocoa, 2 pound can French Style Mustard, quart jar Fresh baked Lemon Cookies, 3 pounds __ Muscatel Raisins, 4 lb. bag 4 g I DC Strong, almost new. Inquire at Advance. Reasonable. 12p39 FOR SALE—USED JOHN DEERE elevator, complete with jack and Power.—Ask Advance. 13p39 FOR 'SAiUE—(PIANO, CHEVROLET car, and electric stove.—Mrs. C. D. Fellows, Phone 21F22. 12p39 PURE WHITE SALT, %c LB. Bring your own bag. — Farmers Elevator, Irvington. la. 13p39 WAINTED—W. MINORCA, R. I. Cut Rate WEEK END SPECIALS Peanut Butter, pint jar _18c Jlorox, 16 02. bottle __-__13c Fig Bar Cookies, 1% Ibs. 18c Jell Powder, 3 pkgs. 18c Soap Chips, 23 oz. pkg. __18c Super Suds, large size ___18c Elbow Macaroni, 2y 2 Ibs. 13c lloss Starch, 2 pkgs. I8c lorn Starch, 2 pkgs. 13c Rolled Oats, 5 lb. bag ___18c Rice, 3 Ibs. i3c Marshmallows, 1 lb. pkg. 18c Laundry Soap, 6 bars ___18c 'eaches, No. 2 1-2 size __18c Apricots, No'. 2 1-2 size _18c Vanilla, 8 oz. jug I8c Hardwater Toilet Soap, 3 bars ___ i3c feast Foam, 2 pkgs 18c rtustard, quart jar 18c Old Nick Candy Bars, 3 _18c World's Fair Coupons given vith each 50c cash purchase. Busiest little store in town" ——-.•*, nt.ivf 41 i riuicZlL contact with the iprintnig press. Then, inserting our nose 'between his teeth and cleverly entangling his hands in our hair, we had him!" THE INDEX, a new paper at Eldora, has a 'Ramblings column and the Advance is indebted to it for a handsome bouquet last week. But it took a little cogitating to identify the writer, whose nom de plume is "M. O. RIE." It turns out that he is Maurice C. Dershaui, Advance foreman in war time, whom the boys in the shop called "Morrie." He is now foreman of the Index which is already one of Iowa's many better papers. ADD BRIGHT REMARKS: Old Bill J. Casey, democratic editor of the Knoxville Express, commenting that though Boulder Dam was Hoover Dam at first sight, it isn't any more by a damn site. AFTER STARING half an hour at vacancy we give it up. It's too hot for a last line. —ALBE3N. LET'S OBT ACQUAINTED.— Watch for our ad each week somewhere in this Issue.—ftlelberg Garage. 16U39-40 WANTED-^MAN WITH OAR TO sell our well known products to farmers in Kossuth county.—Write S. IP. Baker & Co., Keokuk, Iowa. 2p.87-39 FREE! IT REALLY DOESN'T cost a cent. The savings you make on -Ice and food pay for a Coronado Refrigerator, $79.60 up. — Gamble LET BUILDING & LOAN SHARES HELP YOU; START SAVING A SMALL AMOUNT OF .MONEY, EACH MONTH— Any amount 'from $1 up invested each month starts an account. Our investment shares are paying 1% seml-annually. Over 400 satisfied share holders here in Algona. All funds invested in good sound first mortgage loans on Algona dwellings fully insured. For more complete Information call at our office just north of Iowa State bank, ALGONA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION, Incorporated 1917, Authorized Capital Stock 1-1,000,000.—C. R, La Barre, Sec.- Treas. Member (Federal Home Loan Bk. 37tf- 8KB THE I/AKKS IN MINNBAPO-- ii-,f£<MU.ort Hotel, 119 8*4 St So.; opposite federal bldg., Minneapolis; 7te, $1, *1.M H day. Park ing next door. (FOR SALB-rPIANO CUSTOMER near Algona unable to finish payments. Only |4« left. Ca»h only. •—Write Mueller A Halnes, Box 250, Des Molnes, 22p3$-39 CHlCK8-HfiO>CK8, WEDS, WYAN- dottes—HOd, |4.90; 1,000, $48.00; cost _-.' Dlr forms of Suret and Business Is Good- because we are selling large amounts of Dev, enamels, and varnishes. We have a full and complete line Devo P '_ give the best service. ' 8 Come in and see a real complete stock nf ^ , Paints, Enamels, and Varnishes! the ' We are open Saturday evenings. WE GIVE WORLD'S PAIR COUPONS Botsford Lumber Go, wr-«-» AW A I PHONE 256 Capacity Days SOc KOLYNOS Tooth Paste Pepsodent Lysol SOeSiM 7 Ounces 35 TOILETRIES REMEDIES 3 fen i; SOc (. PHILLIPS' Mftof Magnesia 39 c Kleenex J._T._ l«c lOc Palmolive Soap »e BOc IngWarns Cream-8»c Kotex S for 67e 35c Odorono 2»c r.0c Jergen's Lotion 8»e GO Pompeian Powder 48c 1.40 Plnaud's Quinine _^ $l.i# 7ioc (Fitch's Shampoo fljte BOc Danderine |9e 36c Mum 31e 35c Freezone 81c 50c Unguentine _._42o 1.00 Nujal 88c 11.25 Edrolax 8»c Hinkea Pills, 100's 17c 25c Carter's Pills ..17c 75c Doan's Pills _._(Blc SOc Minit-iRub 8»c 35c Hamlin's Wizard Oil 31c Renault Wine Tonic 24 oz. , »Sc Xurito for Neuritis «lc JSc PALMOLIVE Shav. Cream Tooth Ptuteg Dental Need* RUSSIAN MINERAL 00. Right Reserved to Limit Quantities 60c Forhan's ftlc SOc lodent —__IIl48c 50c Pebeco ~~3, r >c 40c Squlbbs ... 2» c 50c Phillips' . afe. Dr. West New 2 for 87o 25c Colgate's ifa SOc Anidon 27^ $1.00 Lavoris __ 83c 50c S. T. 37 Solu- tion |4c 60c Lyon's Tooth Powder 490 35c Fasteeth 88c 35c Corega Tooth Powder ggc J. iD. Dental Plate Cleaner _87c 60c Wernet's Powder 53,. 35c Kling Tooth Powder «-47« Quart ..He 3k BROMI Sel 1?' UO-._i._a,J JOc HIND] Crefl 33 (Limit t) 50o • 25c WOOOBURTS Soap * Fresh SMOKES Keep Cool Buy your summer merchandise of MADSON & HANSON THE HOME OF BETTER VALUES Cool underwear, shorts and shirts, at ________ go« Big .selection of summer Neckwear, Hosiery, Shirts. We give you Coupons to the World's Fair. SPECIAL! MODESS C'nuint Sc CRE|ip . 3'~10c| $c CIGARS .JohnRu.kl^ R Smn - EVIr ^iW FLY SPRAY FOR STOCK 59c Container FOUNTAIN ' Ice Cream Sunda"e _ _ Ice Cream So* da _._ ----- joe Fresh Lime, ade ------ lOc Malted Milk Fresfc Orange Ade __,„ JOc 35* /.* 331 514*' Sorensen's CORNER" ' Fofr Coupons with each SOe

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