Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1933
Page 7
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H. w.ttinn * «»*•• _ MWHA* :., «>• AlffOMt U J. JMcWMO. E. D. K«llj WHITTEMORE WOMAN PASSES; ILL TWO MONTHS •Whittemore, June 6 — Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at St. Paul's Lutheran church for Mrs. Carl Dietrich, who lived with one of her sons, west of Whlt- temore. The Rev. W. Discher officiated. Mrs. Carl IMetrich, nee Wolfram was born In March, 1844, In Warsaw, Russia. In 1867 she was married. Mr. Dietrich died 11 years ago. There were six children, all living. In 1906 the family emigrated to this country and settled near Whlttemore, Mrs, Dietrich was stricken with ,her last illness in April, and died last Thursday at the age of 89. The children are: William and Adolph, both of St. 'Paul's congregation; Karl, living near Rolfe; 'AUgUStv J Stillwatcr, Okla.; Henry Hastings, Neb.; Mrs. Fred Blelch- .er, near Rodman. There are 43 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren. The Rev. Mr. Dlscher gave two sermons, one in German, the other in English. AlgonJan for Memorial Address- Memorial day here was exceptionally well attended. The program was conducted by the Legion and the Community club. The parade formed at the city hall and marched to the public school grounds, where a speaker's, stand had been erected. Father veil introduced the speaker, the Rev. Ar- K088UTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA PAGE 8 W. J. Payne, Editor. Charles Klnmp, Field Reporter. , in Qulnby Building Phone 180 Theo. Faber, Garfield township, was among farmers who paid subscriptions at .the Advance office Friday Mr. Faber was born in Kossuth county and has lived here all his .life. For the last 26 years he has lived in his present location, where he owns 400 acres of land. Mr. and Mrs. Faber have five children. George, the eldest, 26, was named after his paternal grand- tether, who died a few years ago. There Is another grown boy, and the two of them are a great help to dad" in operating the farm. "Dad" says they are good workers. The other three children are girls, and they all attend school at West Bend, three miles away, • one in high school, two in the grades. * * * * •Hebron-Ledyard township baby beef club members met last week Monday evening at Guslar Nelson's, and the club leader, Clark Meecham, Buffalo Center, led a discussion on feeds. Members present included the club president Roland Smith Jr., Secretary Leo Johnson, Dwight Smith, Charlei Eggerth, Melvin. and Elmer Leibrand, Albin Nelson, and Raymond Smith. They voted to combine their club with the Lakota dairy calf club, which has been withou" a leader since Gus Torine, who had been leader five years, moved to Swea township. thur 8. iHueser, Algona Baptist ?* ea , "J^f Mr> Meechan >. who pastor. Honor guests were two !.,! m ^ th '! Hughes instructor at But winners in an essay contest, Mr. itUnwat-law ov«r Iowa State Bank. Algona. P. A. BAS80H Gray, a Spanish-American war veteran, and the Legionnaires. Miriam Kllsart, West Bend, student at Presentation academy, won first in the essay contest, which was on falo Center, is popular in both groups of hoys, and they want him for leader. • * • • Leonard Christ, one-half mil north and one-half mile east o over Iowa State Bank «: Office. 460- J.; Re*. •«. — DOCTORS JOHN bn ui Burgees j over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone S2«. , CBBTZMBIBB < . Walclan-and Surgeo* . t In John Oalbraltb Block Office, 310; re*, 444 low* I.M*; VOOAJI vujiicab, wiliui won Oil T ' i -A .1, t. "Why We .Should Observe Memor-; r kot *' was cultivating corn, Mas ial Day." Marguerite Fleming. of'T, X ' We Mke f b , lm J hy> , fo Whittemore, won second, and Alice ™* re ., were n ,° w f eds '" his field June Cairy third. There were 15 and - he . was keeping the groun entries.; Misses Klisart and Fleming "read their essays, and Bernice (Balgeman gave the Gettysburg ad- he family milks ten cows. All this eeps everybody on the farm busy. * * * * At the Cyril Haag's, a half mile orth and two miles west of Ledard we found the family happy "riday over a baby girl, born on Memorial day. They had not nam- d her yet. This is the llth child, here now being six girls and five joys. Lillian Sanders, who lives our miles south and a half mile ast of Elmore, was caring for Mrs. Haag and the baby. The Haags arm 270 acres and are milking 10 tOWS. * * * * Chris Gelhaus, 1% miles north and 1% miles: ; west', of. Ledyard, bought the country needed ' rain badly Saturday, but he probably ot some that night, Henry Smith, Elmore, was drilling wells for htm, and had finished ohe, which was 'lowing a good-sized stream, five gallons every 25 seconds. This well s in the pasture. The other one Is being drilled in the farm buildings. It is not necessary to drill deep for artesian wells up there. The first one is only 73 feet deep. On the second one the drillers were down 86 feet when we called. Chris farms three quarter sections. • *** Walter Scott and his son Clar- dress. Lucian Meurer .honor roil of the dead. read the Mary Gappa Js Bride- Mary, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gappa, was married to Marcus, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McCusker, of Norwalk, Tuesday morning church, iFatber at the Catholic Veit officiating. P. T. JAN8E, M. D. ftrileUn and Snrfeom i on South Dodge Street Office, 866; residence, MI Algona, Iowa ———^"^—^ filTEB FRA8EB, M. D. Physician and Surgeon > In Quinby Bldg., Room 14. Phone No. 12 HEIVIJT 6. BOUBXB . Pbjdcltn and Burgeon | Office In Po8tof(ice Block Office, 197; residence, SI) The bride was dressed, in peach- colored' matelasse -crepe with net jacket and white accessories to match. She carried a bouquet of talisman rqsea and white, snapdragons.' Geneva Walters, bridesmaid, wore a gown of pastel green crepe with white accessories to match, and white feverfew. The bride- mulched to preserve moisture. 'Leonard farms 149 acres and Is milking 12 Holstein cows. He expects to have six heifers come fresh soon. There are 75 spring pigs on the place. A fine thing on this farm is two flowing wells. Mr. and Mrs. Christ have four children, two girls and two boys — Eileen, Arnold, Arvilla and Norman. There is a difference of 14 years in age between the youngest daughter and Norman, the baby who is- now 13 months old. Arnold, who has been attending Junior college- Forest City, is studying for the Lutheran ministry. He won a B average in his studies and was placed on the honor roll. The Mannas, who have a~ filling station a half mile north of Lagroom was attended by Clarence ! kota, rent a small tract from John MoLaughlin, Norwalk. Immediately •after the ceremony the bridal party had a wedding breakfast at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Tom Ford. Mr. MoClusker is a farmer. His bride for a time clerked in a store here, but has of late been employed at the Krause store, Fenton. W. D. ANDREWS, B. O. itthlc PhynlelmB and ated In General Hospital. : Office 187, Reg. 688. U. A. EVANS, M. D. Borchardt Drug Store Residence 312, office 101. Algona, Iowa. DENTISTS DR. H. X, OLSON n«ntl*t. i or novocalno need for ex- over Christensen Store. *: BuBinemi 166, residence 478 Algona, Iowa VETERINARIANS I* W. FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarian* «t State Street, Algona Offlr*. 476-w.: res. 476-R "== ======== —. INSURANCE Whlttemore Loste to ledyard— Smith, north of the paving, and last Thursday were getting the ground ready for graveling for another station. They also have a station at Ruthven, where they sell Standard gas and oils. At Lakota they sell Royal 400. * * * * Jerome C. Blome, a half mile north and 1 1-2 miles west of Led- ence, who live a half mile north and two miles west of Ledyard, farm 218 acres. They were cultivating corn the second time Saturday. Mr. Scott did a fine Job 'at planting. His rows were even straighter crosswise than the other way. They cultivated crossways first, and when we called were going the way the planter went. The Scotts have 80 acres in one field, and it is looking fine. * * * * iLawrence Glsch, , three miles north and a mile west of Algona, 'arms 360 acres, which he owns. Mr. and Mrs. Gisch are the parents of a family of-bright and good- obking children. The eldest, 24 a son, is a big help to dad in running the farm. Mary, the eldest ol live daughters, has been one of the county's most prominent in 4-H club work. One year she represented Kossuth at the International. She is now teaching the Union No. S school. There are two other sons. * * * * 'L. A. IBoleneus, who lives near the Doan Methodist church, south west-of Titonka, confesses to 57 years, of which the first 11 wer spent in Illinois, the rest in Kos suth. (His parents were Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Boleneus, who moved t Washington and died there. Fou of L. A.'s brothers and two sister live there. One 1 sister, Mrs. Georg Larson, lives at Titonka, and an other lives at Des Moines. L. t bought his quarter section in 1910 and during the land boom of wa time he was wise enough not t mortgage it to buy more. Mr. an Mrs. Boleneus have two children a boy and a girl. The boy attend the Algona high school and will b Important Announcement The Government of the United States has recently passed legislation of far-reaching importance to enable farmers and farm property owners to finance their business operations, make improvements, and re-finance already existing debts, at LOWER RATES OF INTEREST. It is now possible to obtain farm loans at 4 1-2 per cent Interest, for the next 5 years, effective after July 11, 1933. This applies to both old and new loans had with the Federal Land Banks. The loan may run (will not have to be renewed) for 36 years; but can be paid off any time within 5 years, or at any interest date thereafter. Think of the commissions savable! The rate of interest, after 5 years, will depend upon the rate at which the Federal Land Banks can sell their Bonds to the Public; 1 but may not exceed 5 per cent. Thousands of farmers will take advantage of this opportunity to save expense THE GOVERNMENT HAS DESIGNATED THE NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATIONS OF THE COUNTRY as the agencies through which this re-financing will be done during the next 2 years. THE ALGONA NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSN. (Chartered to place loans through The Federal Land Bank of Omaha for Kossuth County and adjoining Townships in Iowa) is at your service. The details of the work of obtaining these loans are handled by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association, H. D. Hutchins, located at present at 409 E. North Street, Algona, Iowa. Telephone 205. The-Secretary-Treasurer of the Algona National Farm Loan Association has also been designated as the agent through whom to place applications for Loans with the Farm Loan Commissioner. There Are Two Types Of "Government" Farm Loans Federal Land Bank Loans are. limited in amount to 50 per cent of the appraisal value of farm lands, plus 20 per cent of the value of the permanent, insurable improvements. In order to meet the present emergency CONGRESS HAS MADE AVAILABLE $200,000,000 OF ADDITIONAL FUNDS to be loaned through a Farm Loan Commissioner at 5 per cent interest. These loans can be made up to 75 per cent of the appraisal value of'farm lands, on either 1st or 2nd mortgages, and also (along with real estate loans) on farm personal property. Farm Loan Commissioner Loans can be made up to $5,000.00. The borrower is not required to take out 5 per cent in Association Stock, as in the case of Federal Land Bank Loans at 4 1-2 per cent. Like the Federal Land Bank Loans, however, Farm Loan Commissioner loans may run from 13 to 36 years; but can be paid off at any time. If you wish to discuss your farm financial problems confidentially with the Secretary-Treasurer of the Algona National Farm Loan Association, Telephone, or otherwise make a date with H. D. HUTCHINS, S, T,, Algona, N. F. L. A. 409 £. North St*, Algona, Iowa. Telephone 205. (This location in Algona is 2 blocks north of the Algona Co-Operative Creamery, next door east of the Continental Oil Filling Station, which is on Jones street, travelled by all cars coming into Algona from the north, on Highway No. 169.) Note.: From 4 to 9 weeks are necessary to complete the transaction of a loan. The sooner action is started the more quickly you can obtain one of these better loans. Ill yard, was cultivating corn Friday In a ball game, on Memorial day|jj e f arm s 240 acres and does alii a senior next year. Last year h here Leo Swanson, local pitcher, | his OW n work, the children help-! missed only one day, the day of the allowed only seven hits to the fast j ng . There are three children, andjbig blizzard last winter. The girl Ledyard team, but the hits meant'the two older ones, a girl and boy, I has passed the eighth grade and will be an A. H. S. freshman next year. seven runs. Johnson, on the operate cultivators. There are 120 mound for Ledyard, tightened up acres in corn and 90 acres in oats. to allow only four hits and one run. i Tile score was 7-1 in Ledyard's) .>..„•• ,, ,-, favor, but the game was better j day and attend the Gappa-McCus- than the score would indicate. The J ker wedding. Mrs. Bailey is a sis- .breaks went consistently against ter of Miss Gappa. the locals. Lester Quinn and Pat Oscar Schattschneider drove to Farrell; both'Junior League play-,•Sheffield Friday, and was accom- ers, played with the town team, i panied back by Ruth Balgeman The Junior League played Rodman who taught there during the school the same day and won, 3-1, the year Just closed. winning score being made by Les-j Mr . aj1d Mrs . Wa i t er Gockley ar- j{ quor consp i rac y charges. Among ter Quinn, local pitcher in an ex- rivefl last week Tues day from Riv- .. _ o . Kw , fllora „„„„, JJH COUJflf MUTUAL worth o* ln»ur»nc* A home company. 8*C« J. 0. Paxaoit, BecreUn CHARGE OF JURY FIXING SCORNED The News at Ledyard (Held from Last Week.] Mesdames L. A. Nitz, Geo. D. IMoulton, Blanche Jenks and D. B. 'Mayer, and Bertha Nitz attended the Farm Bureau'.'Achievement day at Burflast week Wednesday. The George Thompsons were at Lu Verne last week. Tuesday to attend the graduation.of a cousin. Friends of Mrs. F ( red Darnell •Leon Worden and Asa Warner are rebuilding a barn recently destroyed by fire on the Kleuger farm, south of "town. Janice Williams, Redding, is visiting the L. W. Wiemer's. A Mrs. Bashara, Cedar Rapids, is visiting her son Charles. The George Thompsons — I gathered at her home last week cars an< i are now driving a In Federal court at Des Moines j Tuesday to help her and a son Chevrolet; traded 1932 tra inning to break a tie. Shower Honors Mary Gappa— A miscellaneous shower in honor afternoon at the Academy hall. er Edge, N. J., to visit the H. W. Geelands and to look after 'business affairs. Mrs. Al Carvel, -Fargo, N. D., and her daughter, Mary Josephine, vis- Mr, and in March eight men were tried on j celebrate birthdays. Both received many gifts. Attending: Mesdames Jenks, Niester, August Busch, LouiS Anderson, and M. Gable, O. Jhapmap. All the rest were con- Runksme ier, J. Hilferty, Lena victed but there was a hung Jury, U k { d M p j ohnson . 11-1, in the Chapman case. _ | Bancroft . ine Acaw „.„ former - s parents. Mr. t t Pla f M t.n T «, The Mrs. M. P. McDonell, last week. and ''SOO" at eight tables. The bridge low prize was won by Mrs. Mrs. Nick Laubenthal, her two WOMAN 20 POUNDS MUCH BETTER , I932,7surted taking Have - than have felt tor low doctors car* tor He said I had Nell Farrell; high by Mrs. Albert •Deiterlng, Bancroft; the 500 low went to Mrs. WiUiann (Fandel, high to Mrs. Leo Blbert. Regteter Carriers U) FroUe— Two Wliittemoro boys who are carrier saJesmen for the Des Moines Register and Tribune have been invited by Gardner Cowles, publisher, to attend the fourth annual convention^ frolic, and p.lcnic of carrter salesmen <at Des Moines next Monday.. The local carriers are Raymond Keene and Maynard Roeber. _ Foot IB a Fall- Mrs. L. B. Smith fell on a broken sidewalk one day last week while she was going home from a call at H. S. Dalley's, and broke a bone in one of her feet. The foot will have to be in a cast six weeks or more. Fatker Gearaa CaIte~Hei*- Father P. P. Oearen, Onawa, for- and Father not learned, merly Whlttemore, Schneller, address TO - W - weeks .H, *>ut MM i Ket were guests one day last week of Father ^ SWHItBOIt DVW»~ -.—? — : -—• . Hyink, -Sioux Center, has the U W. Swanson, and undertaking ^'p'*" He "7s "a licensed embalwer. Other WhlttenTore News, Mr. and Mrs. John Volk, of West daughters, and Ralph Brown, Emmetsburg, were Saturday visitors at Mrs. Joseph Meurer'S. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell, Blue Earth, drove down Friday, and were accompanied home by Mr, and Mrs. D. Cofdes. •Blanid Cullen, New York, is spending three weeks with her parents, Mr.,and Mrs. j; S. Cullen. AvJene Ha'rgreaves, Algona, vis- itedfher- grandparents, 1 - -Mr. and Mrs. .Thomas Carmody last week. Mrs. Helen Waiters, daughter Genera, and Mary Gappa drove to Spencer last week Wednesday. Dr. L.-A. Mosbach, of Humboldt, was here one day last week to see his father, John Mosbach Sr. Resells Oliver, Algona, spent a day last week at Frank filbert's with the daughter Marcella. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Dailey fcave both been on the sick list. Stephen Bowman has blood-poisoning in one of his bands. Fern Car roll, Cedar Falls, visited here last week Tuesday SILK Quickly • t:» of last former 'S Bend, were guests part week Wednesday of the parents, Mr. and Mrs P*. s who came down to have their son John Jr. examined at the McCreery *?8rt Ellen Max. the first cUW. was born last week Wednesday to S? and Mrs. Michael Buttermore West Bend. Mrs. Buttermore has been substitute teacher here sev- . William on rwta moved here STfronT Shddon, 'where they i lived half a year. Mr. Koeh- WSS ^Mrs'^red Struecker were assMSyEffs R. K. Davidioni* Honor Graduate Robert K. Davidson, son of Jadge and Mrs. F. C. Davidson, Emmets- bnrg, is studying law in the law college of tie University of Chicago, and his parents were gratified a few days ago to learn that he had been elected to the Order of the Coif, honorary legal fraternity whose members rank in scholarship among the top ten per cent of their class. ;hem were two brothers called The Chapmans have been retried and convicted, but In the same connection Jury-tampering charges in the first case have been filed and are now under investigation. The juror who- held out has been arraigned, and with him a nephepr who, It Is claimed, served as go j between. Both denied the charges. The Federal grand jury will investigate next November. Interest in the case here arises from the fact that W. B, Bedell, Spirit 'Lake, who served as attorney for the alleged conspirators, is accused by.one of the men convicted, last March with having handled money involved in the Jury tampering. • • • • This man's "name IB Stevenson, and he claimed he put up |174, pay- Ing the money .to Bedell, who turned it over to one of the Chapmans. Bedell denies this, saying the story is absurd. Mr. Bedell is tbe son of former Supervisor Bert Bedell, then of Irvington, now Cedar Rapids. He has >been prominent in Legion affair and his wife has been even more prominent in Auxiliary affairs. • It is not understood here that any official charge has been made against Bedell. ^ . Body to Medical School, Efforts to identify the stranger who committed suicide by diving into a train west of Swea City on Tuesday, May 9, haying failed, th e body was by order of. the state health department at "Des Moines shipped to the medical college at Iowa City by Undertaker G. S. Curtis, Swea City. Bancroft. The Methodist Aid had a wiener roast and picnic at 'Frank Kelly's last Thursday, and 40 attended. Mrs. A. flB. Lauritzen and Jerry visited last week at Mrs. Laurit- ren's sister's at Benwick. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Peterson, AV114 Us (Dyer, Wilson Brack, and Elgar La Couer drove to Sanbom Friday to attend the graduation of Jack Peterson, returning Saturday, except Mrs. Peterson, who remained for a further visit. Mrs.' 'D. -A.. Carpenter and Opal Dorsey visited last week Wednesday at (Mrs. Carpenter's sister's at Winnebago. The Olemt- .Yahnkes and Mrs. <Laura Niester attended a last day picnic at the Runksmeier school Friday, .The teacher was Helen Jensen, Buffalo Center. Leola Busch spent last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Gelhaus. Mrs, Edward Christ, here from Greenfield to look after redecorating the Christ home, spent the week-end with relatives at Lakota. Mr. and (Mrs. Fred Beit. Burt, have .moved in with Mrs. Belt's uncle, John Swaive. Mr. Beit is employed at the Glenn Behse farm. OOBS-THIR'BE OB FOUR LOADS will be accepted on Advance subscription. 3HO 2000 ANCONAS for immediate delivery. Preferably for hatchery flocks. Hamilton Hatchery - Bancroft Mrs. Louise Tillmoney returned last week Wednesday to her home at Wells, Minn., after a visit with her sister, Mrs. M. Tillmoney, at L. W. Wiemer's. Bill Wiemer took her home. Howard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Nitz, is spending the summer 1 at the Frank Nitz farm. D. A. Carpenter and L. A. Nitz drove to Mason City Saturday for a load of machinery. Herbert Jensen, Buffalo Center, spent several days last week at Glenn Yahnke's. Violet 'Pingel's Sunday school class had a picnic Sunday, but because of rain it was held in the church basement. Mrs. Ben -Gesch, Elmore, visited over the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Welfare. Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, of Britt, Audrey, and Thos. ware^here Sunday, looking after business interests. Mrs. William Weinberger drove to Worthington. Minn., Saturday for the week-end with her husband. The William Nuenfeldts, Buckeye, spent the week-end at Howard Mayne's. (Mr. Nuenfeidt is Mrs. Mayne's brother. 'Edith Looft, registered nurse at Des Moines, is visiting her mother, Mrs, Margaret Looft. El gar \La, Cour left Saturday for his home at Amtooy, Minn., after a week here with relatives. Lights Instantly Just Like Ga$-Cooks Like Gas! FOR SERVICE Panama Pelt Hats Cleaned and reblocked. Don't forget the fur storage, We Call Far and DeliyeK Modern Dry Cleaners NELSON HARDWARE CO, or y<itt to THE COLEMAN LAMP AND STOVE Just light a match, turn a valve and your new Cole man Instant-Gas is going! No pre-heating, no waiting. You can start right in cooking on a clear- blue intensely hot gas flame! It's just like having a city gas stove right in your own kitchen.. .jus't as easy to operate .. .just as efficient in producing better cooked foods. 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