Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 8, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1933
Page 6
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BUM'S JUNIOR NINE PLAYING WINNING BALL , Burt, June €—The Junior League call team has been successful in •Barnes thus far. The first game wa flayed at Algona May 24, and re suited in a victory for Burt, 25-4 On Decoration day the boys played at Fenton, and again won, 10-7 Friday they played Swea City here ^winning by a 4-0 score, and Sunday fpey played at Whittemore, the SCore resulting 2-2 in a ten-inning .game. Allege Professor Visits Here— : -Mrs. James Larsen, Benedict, N. D,, and her son, Prof. Walter Lar•Sen, Olivet college, Illinois, and Wendell McHenry and Bertha Rein- %oldt, students at Olivet college, Visited from last Thursday til] Sat- %irday at Lewis Larsen's. Professor Jkarsen is a grandson of Lewis. They had been attending the World's fair and were on their way to Benedict. Aid Member Giving Parties- Mrs. Paul Moore entertained 12 •women at a dinner party Friday. The Aid is giving a series of parties, each member to invite ten 'Women to a party, each woman paying aOc. Mrs. C. H. Reynolds •gave one recently, and this week APVANCfi. ALQONA, 10WA Tuesday Mrs. J. E. Clifton will give one. Donald mnjrsdorf Has Birthday— Mr. and Mrs. Will Ringsdorf entertained the following boys at Sunday dinner in honor of the son Donald's birthday: Wilfred, Oliver and Edward Stewart, Paul Kriethe, Gerald Bahling, Gardner Patterson, Hugh McDonald, Charles Hanna, Ronald Blvidge, and. Willard Stow. Former Storekeeper In Ylsit— Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schultz have returned to their home at Cedar Falls, after a short visit with Burt friends. Clara Shaw went •with them for a visit. Mr. Schultz operated a general store here more than 30 years ago. Epworth Leaguers at Titonka End Contest Titonka, June B—fln the last few weeks the Epworth League has been having a contest. Captains were Wilbur Schram and Edith Reynolds, and points were awarded for attending League and church, also for leading League meetings. Edith's side won, and William's side will give a wiener roast this week Wednesday night in the 'Nelson timber. Guests will be Feme, Mildred. Clifford, and Harold Krantz, Edithmae Budlong, Pauline Blakley, Lewis and Vern Bacon, Kathryn and Wilbur Schram, Helen Seed, Vernon and Glenn Larson, Jennie, Nelson, Leota Oesterreicher, Edith Reynolds, and the Rev. and 'remont Faul. Royal Matron Farewell for if. S. Graduate— A surprise farewell party was Iven for Donald Banta Saturday evening at Eric Peterson's. Guests vere Clifford, Fern, Mildred, and Jarold Krantz, Edithmae Budlong, "^auline Blakley, Vern and Lewis Jacon, Holen Beed, Arlo I/arson, -,oraine Peterson, Edward Saat- oof, Barbara Ball, Harley Larson, nd Margaret Callies. Bridge was the entertainment. ible School fn Progress— A vacation Bible school opened :onday morning at the Methodist hurch. Children from 4 to high Council Minutes Algona, iowa, May 26, 1933— City Council met in regular session on this day at the city hall, and among other things allowed the following bills: ELECTRIC FUND Salaries 1: $ 939.00! Malleable Iron Range Co., mdse. . 219.8'S Sanitary Supply Co., mdse, 9.90 Wm. A. AMen & Co., mdse. 8.95 S. F. Bowser & Co., mdse. 27.59 Westinghouse E1 e ctric Supply Co., mdse. 128.73 Fulton Iron Works Co., mdse. 3.30 Gen. Elect. Supply Corp., mdse. ; 66.22 West. Elect. & Mfg. Co., mdse. 43.3$ H. Channon Co., mdse. ___ 8.21 Southern States Equip. Co. mdse. 2.56 Pep Mfg. Co., mase. 2.36 W. D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse 12.19 Gen. Elect. Co., mdse. _._ 6.07 Terry-Durin Co., mdse. __ 126.97 Electric Supply Co., mdse. 134.94 Sangamo Electric Co., - mdse. 9.90 Standard Oil Co., mdse. __ 4.80 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse. ,13.72 Security Pet. Co., gas, oil 259.1G C. M. St. P. & P. R'y Co., frt. on gas, oil 381.49 of Iowa, relating to Insurance Companies; and Whereas said Insurance' Company has complied with the laws of this State relating to insurance. therefore, In pursuance of law, 1* E. W. Clark, Commissioner of Insurance, do hereby certify that said insurance Company Is authorized (o transact the business In fire; Windstorm; Automobile Fire, property .Damage and Collision; -Aircraft {property Damage; Sprinkler 'Leakage; iRIot; Earthquake; Explosion; Mall; Marine Insurance In the State of Iowa, as required by law, until the first day of April, 1934. I further certify, that on December 31, 1932, the statement shows— 1st. Total Admitted As- . sets *.* ..I8,«26.488.801 HA. Total Liabilities, Except Capital |3,772,900.2« 3d. Capital iPafd Up IS.OOO.OOOM 4th. Surplus over all . Liabilities ._....|2,052,669.62 5th. Surplus as regards Pollcyholders . ..-$5,052,669.52 IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, 1 have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office at Des Moines, this first day of April, 1933. 39 (Seal) E. W. OLAIRK, Commissioner of Insurance. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT OF IOWA Des Moines ANNUAL CERTIFICATE FOB PUBLICATION - of the Druggists' Mutual insurance Company of Iowa, located at AfcOiia, in the Staid of Iowa. -Whereas, the above named company has filed In the Insurance Department of Iowa, a sworn statement showing Its condition on the thirty-first day of Decertibor, 1932, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 404, .Title 20, of the Code of Iowa, relating to Insurance Companies; and whereas said insurance Company 'has complied with the laws of this State relating to Insurance. Therefore, In, pursuance of law, I, E. W. Clark, Commissioner of Insurance, do hereby certify that said Insurance Company Is authorized to transact the business ot sets of the first day of I further her 31,1932 6th. Surplus IN -I d 39 PROCLAMATION Ten Families in Picnic— , The J. J. McDonald, C. F. Wha- Jen, L. E. Riebhoff, M. M. Chipman, iErwin Schwietert, L. A. and W. W. Boettcher, J. T. Heaney, Ray Dremmel, and Jesse Thoreson families •picnicked at High Lake Sunday. BtWe School In Progress— .Thirty children are attending a tfaliy vacation bible school at the Methodist church last week and this. Oriole Brooke and Lucile Bewick are assisting the Rev. Mr. Clifton. Bhower for Mrs. Hex Austin— 1 Beulah I/arsen and Lorena Peterson gave a post-nuptial shower last ,week Wednesday for Mrs. Rex Austin, formerly Myrtle Larsen, and 40 !to 50 guests attended. Portlander»s Birthday Observed— The Moores were Sunday dinner guests at the C. L. Phelps home in Portalnd township in honor of Mr. Phelps 1 birthday. school are attending. Session begins at 9 a. in. and closes at 11:30. The school will continue two weeks. Two of the teachers are Mrs. Fremont Faul and Mrs. Thomip son. Stock Shipped to Market— Eighteen carloads of stock were shipped to Chicago Saturday night. R. L. Krantz, Jay and Roy Budlong, and Herman Rachut, of Titonka, with Harold Jones, Burt, accompanied the cattle and planned to visit the World's fair. OUGHT TO be some Al- gonians still who can trace 1 features here they once knew. She is Mrs. Earl R. Naudain, Glendale, Calif., formerly Orma Vesper," the daughter of Mr. and Airs. F. H. Vesper, former Algonians, now of Glendale. Mrs. Naudain was recently crowned Royal Matron of Ionic Court, Order of Maranth, at Glendale. Burt Family Goes Fishing— The I. W. Hansen and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sorenson left Friday for two weeks of fishing in northern Minnesota. Fish P»ol on Farm— •Fred Lavrenz has cemented a fish pool which the J. P. Trunk- hills recently installed at their .farm home. i Other Burt News. The H. A. Thompsons got home last Thursday from Columbus, O., where Mr. Thompson was delegate ! from the Fort Dodge Presbytery to a General Assembly of the Presbyterian church. They visited friends • at Royal Center, Ind., and on the way home stopped at Grinnell to 'bring Mrs. Gertie Thompson and •their two girls home. Eoad Is Being Graveled— Fourteen men began work last week Monday at graveling a stretch of road beginning at the John K. Rippentrop corner and running north of the tRainbow bridge, thence west. The road was graded a year ago. Two Attend World's Fair- Mark Bacon and William Schram got home last week Wednesday from Chicago, where they spent a few days at the World's fair. Mark went to Chicago with two canloads of cattle, and Mr. Schram went with liim. Betty Budlong, 12; Party— Betty Budlong celebrated her 14th birthday last week Monday by entertaining three classmates at dinner: Jean French, Aletha Stecker, and Lois Boyken. She received many gifts from relatives. STATE BOARD IN NEW CODE FOR FISHING The state fish and game commission has adopted new regulations on length and limit of game fish which may be caught, also on season. Bullheads are now game fish, and the only kinds of fish not game now .are carp, buffalo, quilback, gar, and dogfish. Silver bass have been added to the list which cannot be caught till after June 15, along with black bass, crappies, blue gills, and sunfish. The minimum length for pike and White Eagle OH Corp., Jub. oil H3.91 H. W. Post, frt. on lub. oil K. D. James, mdse. Christensen Bros. Co., mdse. Ralph Elbert, mdse. and repairs Laing & Muckey, mdse. and repairs : Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. and repairs H. L. Gilmore, City Treas., expense Merlin Little et al, refund deposit 'N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service Cresco Union Elect. Co., •sign Ernst Thiel, meter reading Collector Internal Revenue, tax H. W. Post, frt. and dray._ R'y Express Agency, ex- .75 .25 1.02 press 26.01 .44 50.19 21.30 18.55 1.14 20.46 42.76 32.92 4.89 TO THE CITIZENS OP THE STATE OF IOWA: The Seventy-second Congress of the United 'States at its second session adopted a Joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which proposed amendment, provides, in substance, (1) that the Eighteenth Amendment be repealed; (2) that the transportation or Importation into any state of intoxicating liquor for use in viola- ion of the law of that state be prohibited, and (3) that the proposed amendment shall go into effect and become a part of the Constitution of the United States upon being approved by conventions in the •several states, as provided by the Constitution. • The (Forty-fifth General Assem- bly of the State of Iowa, by senate file four hundred seventy-seven, of amendments to the Constitution of the United States as proposed and submitted by the Congress for the consideration of conventions in the several states; and, by the terms of said Act, the duty is imposed upon the Governor of the 'State to call said convention and to fix the date for the election of delegates thereto. Now, Therefore, I, Clyde L. Herring, Governor of the State of Iowa, in the discharge of the duty imposed upon me and by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by law, do hereby call a convention to act on the amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as proposed by the Seventy- second Congress of the United States, and do hereby proclaim and declare that such convention shall convene in the Chamber of the ment in 'Des Moines, Iowa, at 2:00 o'clock p. n>. on the 10th day of July, 1933; and that a state-wide special election be held on the 20th day of June, A. D. 1933, to elect delegates to said convention in the manner provided by senate file four hundred seventy-seven of the Forty-fifth General Assembly; and all qualified electors of the State of Iowa are hereby earnestly urged to attend at their, respective polling places on said date to participate in said special election and in the selection of delegates to the convention which will act on the proposed amendment to the Constitution ot the United States, to the end that the popular will may be properly and adequately provided for the yentlon to consider - State House at portant matter damental law. In Testimony Whereof , hereunto subscribed my „ Governor of the State of have caused the Great State to be attached hereto J fourteenth day of A P0 '< of our Lord, Nineteen Thirty-three, and wealth the eighty n CLYDE L. B (fl Governor of the State ; The above Proclamation, ed in accordance with s<» ate File 477, as amended , eral Assembly. '' WATER FUND Salaries 306.00 Iowa Machinery & Supply ov, to 13 inches; of Co., mdse. Hersey Mfg. Co., mdse. __ H. Cannon, mdse. Leighton Supply Co., mdse Leighton Supply Co., mdse Iowa Municipal Supply Co., mdse. bass from Dunniires Leaye for Summer— The Theodore Dunmires have gone to Newton to spend the summer with relatives. They stored their furniture here. Mr. 'Dunmire, who is high school coach, will return in the fall. Mrs. S. F. Bradford, her daughter, and Irma Davison little went to Iowa City Saturday to visit the women's brother Frank. Mrs. Bradford and her daughter planned to leave Tuesday for their home at Palo Aito, Calif. They were called here several months ago by the death of Mrs. Bradford's mother, Mrs. W. J. -Davison. Mrs. Jaa. Armstrong visited from last week Tuesday to Saturday \vith her daughter, Mrs. Kiel Niel•son, Spencer. Mrs. Nielson brought Student of Chiropody Home— Alice Sartor, who has for a year attended a Chicago school of chiropody, is spending her summer with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Pierre Sartar. Other Titonka News. Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Pendergast, Betty Kokeck, and Jacqueline Callies got home last week Wednesday from Watertown, S. D., and Minneapolis, where they had visited relatives. The Harry Beeds drove to Hampton and Clarksville last week Monday evening to take home Lois Kennedy, who had visited them two* weeks. She is a sister of Mrs: Seed. Arthur Jay Budlong, accompanied by William Schram, took a truckloacl of wool, 1395 pounds, to 1 Britt Monday. The wool was to be 1 shipped out of 'Britt fn a pool. (Friday evening was John Bleich's opening night for dances at the Pannkuk coliseum, and s large crowd attended. The Ward Austins and Donald 12 to 10 inches; and of trout and crappies from 8 to 7 inches. The daily catch limit is 15 game fish, including not more than eight black bass, trout, or pike. A total day's fishing cannot exceed 25 fish, Including bullheads. Only IS bullheads can now be caught a day which is a reduction of 10. Hunters will take notice that rabbits can be bagged only between September 16 and February 1 and the daily limit is 15. Licenses for Power "Boats. There are also new rulings on motor boats in state waters. They must now be 'licensed, with numbers printed plainly on the sides of the'.boats. This/applies to any boat driven by a motor. No fee is charged for the license. Private docks must also have licenses. This new regulation, which includes both private' and commercial boats, is based" on the ruling that state waters are highways. Licensing will mafc§- ft easier to find boat owners who violate state laws or rules. Boats Mast Have Lights. At night any '.boat from 1 steamboat to canoe must have two lights. A small white light at the back must be visible from all directions, and there must be a large light, not less than five inches In diameter, in front. Sailboats must have a light at the masthead. Motorboats capable of more than eight miles an hour are also required to have a horn that can be heard' 1,000 feet in normal weather. .._ _ u ^ Traffic rules for passing other Banta left Monday for "a new~nonie Boats a . re also tne subject of new 22.32 4.85 50.00 17.36 58.71 10.60 1.50 .37 78.00 6.01 2.34 9.60 GENERAJj 'FUNiD Salaries 216.00; 2.-50 15 Clapp's Master Service, repairs Laing & Muckey, repairs. Earl Bowman, labor Lloyd Hauback et al, labor H. W. Post, frt. and dray,_ Skelly Oi'l Co., gas F. W. Green, dogs N. W. Bell Telephone Co., service Thos. Akre, rent Aero Service, gas SAMPLE BALLOT FOR THE ELECTION OF DELEGATES-AT-LARGE TO A STATE CONVENTION TO ACT THE FOLLOWING PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES: RESOLVED by the Senate and House ojt Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled (two-thirds of eaclil concurring therein), That the following article is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States which i valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when ratified by conventions in three-fourths of the several States: -•ARTICLE— » •lection I. The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed. Sec. 2. The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use th intoxicating liquors, in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby prohibited. "Sec. 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by convention! Bcveral Mates, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof, to the States by the INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS: Mark a cross (X) in the circle at the top of the group of delegates for whom you wish to vote. Byi the circle at the left hand side of the ballot,, you cast your vote for the group of delegates FAVORING RATIFICATION of the p™ Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, thereby voting FOR REPEAL of the Eighteenth Amendment. By marking the I circle from the left, you cast your vote for the group of delegates OPPOSING RATIFICATION of the proposed Amendment to theC tution of the United States, thereby voting AGAINST REPEAL of the Eighteenth Amendment. If you so desire; you may disregard e cne groups of candidates named in the first two columns and vote for any other qualified elector of the State of Iowa by placid i in the circle at the right hand side of the ballot underneath the words, "Group of Unofficial Candidates", and by writing the names of t sons for whom you wish to vote in the blank spaces provided below that circle. Do not put a cross in more .than one circle on this balli not scratch out or cancel with pen or pencil any name on the ballot. Do not scratch out, or mark, or deface any ticket which you do no JL^+l g • C1 11 SS '? *, e circle ' the lines should be made to cross each other inside the circl e- Put no marks of any kind on the ballot! man the cross in the circle or to write names in the blank spaces 3.25 10.42 8.68 Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse. .86 Street labor 705.00 Group of Candidates Favoring Ratification H. W. Hag.g, gravel Geo. W. Banwart, gravel. Wm. McMahon. et al, labor Chas. Hoffman, .gas Harms Oil Co., gas Standard Oil Co.,. mdse.'_. Mid-Continent Petr. Co.,. mdse. O 27.60 1.50 4.00 6.68 6.57 2.93 1.27 63.25 2.91 9.95 S.95 26.02 84.35. 16.50 12.50 in Canada. They planned to camp on the way. day at H. A. Gettman's. Mrs. McAdams is a sister of Mr. Gettman. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Graham anil her home and remained over Sun- the J. G. Sewicks went to Algona day. Mr. and Mrs. Z. E. Arm- Monday to attend the funeral of the strong and James Armstrong Jr., McVeigh boy, who was drowned at Des Moines, also visited Sunday James Armstrong's. The Fortnightly club meets this week Wednesday at Mrs. James Christiansen's. The Birthday Circle meets this week Thursday with Mrs. C. I. Mansmith. The Legion and Auxiliary njeet at the hall this week Wednesday evening; hostesses, Mrs. Fred Uingsdorf ami Mrs. Charles Scott. The Clifford Holdings and G. C. Allen went to Iowa Falls Saturday to visit the Edwin Aliens and bring 3iome Mrs. G. C. Allen, who had visited there since Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Allen stayed at Clifford's while they were gone. Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle, daughter Rachel, and son Dean returned Friday from Cedar Rapids, where Dean is a student at Coe college. George Graham and Grover Fairbanks; also students, returned with them. Mrs. Bertha Schwietert and her son Lester returned Saturday from Greeley, where they were called by the sickness of Mrs. Schwietert's mother, Mrs. Ana Luense, who died May 30, aged 83. Mr. and Mrs. L. Johnson, Britt, son :Lyman, and daughter, Mrs. Henry Stromberg, Chicago, also Mrs. John Hanson, Britt, spent Sunday at Lewia Larson's. The A. N. Jensens, Lake Park, visited Tuesday at J. G. Bewick's and with' other Burt friends. Mr. Jensen formerly operated the Burt hardware store. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Looft, Swea City, the Harry Loofts, Bancroft, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rssmus- aen, Renwick, spent Sunday at P. A. Looffs. Mrs. K. J. Smith and her children returned Friday from Kingsley, where they had spent the week. Mr. Smith met them at Spencer. The H. G. McAdams family, of i Rippey, visited Saturday and Sun- Mr, and Mrs. Leland Leland, formerly Ncenah, Wis., left last week Monday for Sioux City, after a short visit at S. M. Peterson's. L. T. Mitchell, assistant receiver, is on the Job again, after having been at his home at Emmetsburg a week with rheumatism. 'L. E. Marquardt, Moorehead, Minn., spent the week-end at J. G. McDonald's. He is a brother-in- law of the McDonalds. C. E. McDonald, Sioux City, came Sunday to visit his father, O. P. McDonald, and attend the funeral of Mrs. Frank Seiler. Dr. C. J. Clapsaddle, of St. Genevieve, Mo., arrived Saturday for an extended visit at his brother, Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle's. The D. M. Stewarts, the Roscoe Stewarts, Velma Jean Shipler, and Le Roy Burger were Sunday guests at J. P. Trunkhill's. The E. C. Sandersons moved Monday from rooms over the Swift office into part of Mrs. Ellen Yopps house. Myrtle Schwietert, Des Moines, is spending two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schwietert. The Aid society meets tttis week Wednesday at Mrs. J. G. Sewick's; Mrs. G. C. Allen, assisting hostess. L. D. Hodgson and his daughter Ruth went to Spencer Monday to visit Mr. Hodgson's brother Elmer. The Edw. Wieses, Lakota, and the Jewell Wilmerts, 'Frost, Minn., visited Sunday at M. Beckworth's. O. G. Stow, Wadena, Minn., visited Saturday and Suday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Stow. Lloyd Elston returned to his work at Wellman last Thursday, after a few days with his family. ' Mrs. J. W. Dorrance and Mrs. Maude Hanna entertained Monday in honor o£ Mrs. Donald Weir. Will Toebben, Chicago, arrived Saturday to visit his mother, Mrs. Anna Toebben. regulations. Boats must keep to the right, and the boat on the right has the right of way, and' in passing another boat must da so on- the left side, with a speed 1 of less than five miles an hour if passing within 300 feet. -*Harris llellverlng Mull. Everett L. Harris, former deputy sheriff, has taken over the star mail route between Algona and Mason City. He takes mail to Mason City every morning serving towns en route, and returns in the afternoons. In odd time he also handles a large territory for the Fuller Brush Co. Ralph Donovan formerly carried the mail. 2 Girls Win Scholarships. 'Chillieothe, Mo., June tf-^Helen Franzen, Wesley, and Erma Lucille Berg, Swea City, succeeded in winning highest honors in their classes in the high schools of Wesley and Swea City, and have been awarded free scholarships with choice of a stenographic, bookkeeping, or telegraph course at the Chillieothe Business college. Beer Warehouse Planned. W. T. Hanson, Albert Lea, has tentatively leased the building formerly occupied by the Shackelford harness shop. If the deal goes through he will use it as a warehouse for beer. The property' is owned by the Geo. L. Galbraith estate. Eastern Star Program Tonight— The O. E. S. will meet tonight at 8, and a special program directed by M. J. McCall will include a history of the order by Mrs. Helen Bishop and a history of the star points by Mrs. Lura Sanders. A men's quartet will sing. ADVANCE WANT AD5 ^ITI 1^1 nun Bin 1-Tjw ... * i^ H- W. Post, frt. and dray._ Kennedy & Parsons, mdse. Advance Pub. Co.,, printing Rallph Elbert, labor Clear Lake Sand Si. Gravel €o., sand Standard Oil Co,,, cut back H. Nw. Kruse ins., police- car Jesse Umbenhower, care of dump M. J. Duffy, Co. Treasurer, beer licenses 212.50' E. W. Hansen, labor 4.75 Geo. Hanson, repairs 19.35 FIRE FUND C. C. Bright, salary 45.00 Algona Fire Co., fires 120.00- Algona Insurance Co^. fireman's policies M.50; 'Clapp's Master Service, rndsa. LOO iSteelly mi Co., mdse. 1.00> SWIMMING iPOOL Kohlhaas & SpiMes, mdse. 1.60 International Filter Cm,. a.7'5 7..70 13',60> Richardson Bros., painting Paxson & Paxson, ins. _.. Kenmuftr & Parsons,, mifcei Advance Pub. Co., printing SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary 9.85 25.0ft IMPROVEMENT FUND Iowa Des Moines Natl. Bk, coupons _, . 2S.2S Osaair Norman, labor 12,30' C. F. SPECHT,. Mayor Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerfc. INSURANCE DEPARTMENT OF IOJWA. Des Monies ANNUAL CERTIFICATE POK PUBLICATION ctfthe- American Alliance Insurance Company, located at New York in. the State of New York. Whereas, the above named company has filed in the Insurance Department of. Iowa, a sworn statement showing its condition on the thirty-first day of December, 1932, in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 404, Title 20. ot the Code LOANS Furniture Autos Livestock You can secure needed funds at low costs without delay. Payment can be arranged to suit Income. See H. N. KRUSE 124 State St. Algona Phone 186 Federal Finance C*, J>« f. O. WELCH WM. E. HUMBERT JOHN J. DUNtEVX DR. E. E. BAMFORD Ai MILLER C. J. SNITKAX SANER C. BLLL , MRS. PAUL M. SEIFERT LEE O. PEACOCK PHILIP LESLIE SHUTT F. C. FOLEX. C. E. JOHNSON EARL STOTTS OTIS P. MORGANTHxLER HUGH REINIG U E. BEES R. F. CLOUGH WM. H. SMITH C. A. UPHAM W. T. CLEGHORM I•' E. JONES M. X. GESKE J. A, LUBBERS L. W. POWERS W. P. KENT t O. D. WRAX ' J. P. SMITH E- E. ANNIS MAX CONRAD IRA F. PEACOCK f. E. PIEKENBRACK J- O. KASA FRED H. HARMS ED. GAXTHER R. F. SCHAEFER JOHN F. PORTERFIELD U. K. WILLMAN HERMAN B. KOOLMAN CHARLES OWEN ,EDWARD P. PRINCE WALTER T.WALFROM * StLMAN H. WISNER HOWARD A. NELSON FRANK PRICE •• W. C. SOVEREIGN .. t>. F. COXLE x > C. W. HOXER FRANK OWEN J. O. RISTINE FKANK L, SMITH JOHN G. BARWISE 1 EDWIN B. WILSON C. M. HOLST ROBERT J. SHAW "» GEO. D. MOULTON JOE R. FRAILEX. •" •' RAX J. MILLS '-•'; JOHN G. KECK '' "^ C. C. PICKERELL M. MCLAUGHLIN * -* ; ELMER ORRIS B. J. SNXDER i' PETER W. VISSER "* • A. A. MOORE r WALTER BREEN LLOXD H. KOCH MATT RIDDLE . T. E GUTCH * PAUL W. RICHARDS CLARENCE A. f T. E. DIAMOND A. B. CALLENDER JOHN P. NXE IRVING J. WEBER R. J. JOXNT f. K. HAWLEX WM C. HARBACH MAT A. TINLEX LOLA G. LANDES GEO. H. BARTELS FRANK KREJCI F. E. SHORTESS f- U MARSH L E STERN3ERG JOHN G. SHOTT C. S. HARPER MARK J. DOLAN T. A. MICHELS C. W. ELSON M. SCHAUPP J. HENNEMRgy Group of Candidate* Opposing Ratification O S. WARD HATFIELD WALTER D. COCHRANE R. G. MILLER JAMES R. BARKLEV GAY S. THOMAS F. E. PALMER GRAHAM HAY S. E. BASS, W. H. RAV f. H. FOOTE W. C. EDSON W. C. SHEPAKD CHARLES BEACHAM W. F. CLAVBURG MRS. T. L SMITH EARL ELIJAH WM. McARTHUR W. O. DAI LEV ROBERT DAVIES WESLEY C. ti?WE C. W. BALDWIN FERN E. SHARP i. R. JOHNSON ELMER L. PATTERSON scon ELLIS J. R. ADAMS GEO. N. BRIGGS R. J. BIXBX KOX WHERRY JAMIESON FERDINAND J. SMITH HERBERT ADAMS W. A. WINTERSTEIN I. J. BALDWIN CHARLES HENRY PAW FRANK H. DIRST ISAAC SCOTT ALBERT J. JANGEWAARD W. A. MOOTY GEO. M. HOPKINS J. E. BURNSTEDT S. 0. DURANT JOHN T. BOYLAN W. R. ADAMS MAX K1NNEY . DR. H. M. NORMANN H. F. JAKWAY S. M. CORR1E WALTER H. BONN R. W. DYAS ROSS R. MOWRY FRED D. MASON JUDGE O. A. BY1NGTON A. G. HEJINIAN L L. CHAMNESS G. W. PATTERSON E. P. ARMKNECHT : CYRUS METCALF J. V. WIEDERRECHT H. V. LEVIS Group of Unofficial Candidates NAMES MAY BE WRITTEN IN BY VOTER IF HE SO DESIRES) O GUY J. HYDE F. T. METCALF O. W. JOHNSON W. P. WORTMAN BREDE WAMSTAD ORVAL E. WALKER ORVAL M. MORGAN HOMER HUSH DR. D. W. MOOREHOUSE DR. EBICKSON HILL B. LINDSAY FRED A. HULSEBUS £ E. VER MEER H. D. HUGHES FRED K. BRUENE M. R. TALLEY - C. BOWERS f W - s ; ROBINSON A NNA A. JOHNSON MORTON

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