Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 25, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1933
Page 9
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DSIHESS RECTORY ,1 1908. at the 'tol Under tb. Ac, «' W ' * MltlBB Algona, Iowa. low* DICKISSOlf Wn " .. 44. ever Iowa State Bank Algona, low* KMWAT * XBM.T 1 Attorney«-at-Law <flw In Qulnby Block nice •« A i gona , low* Atttorney-at-lj«w ilnQuinby Building phonelSO * B. WHITB , Attorneyat-law Bee over Iowa State Bank. Algona, F. A. DANSOS Attorney-At-Law >e over Iowa State Bank »: Office, 460-J.; Res. 818 _. DOCTORS JOHJf N. KKT»BFICK plUiIclan and gorgeon i over Rexall Drug 8tor« Office phone 300 Rea. phone 326. , C. H. CBETZHEYBB [physician and Surgeon Bee in John Galbraith Block loms: Ottlce, 310; Tea., 444 low* , P. V. JAN8E, M. B. IPhjilcUn and Surgeon Bw on South Dodge Street Mi Office, 666; residence, M» Algona, Iowa kilTEK FRASEB, M. D. [Physician and Surgeon t In Qulnby Bldg., Room 14. Phone No. 18 KELVIN G. BOURNE j PhjiWtn and Surf eon •Office in PoBtofdce Block Office, 197; residence, 111 , D. ANDREWS, D. O. hie Physician and ated In General Hospital. IMS: Office 187, Re>. 6S8. E. A. EVAX8, M. D. Iver Borchardt Drug Store is; Residence 312, office 30« Algona, Towa. • DENTISTS DB. H. M. OLSON BentUt i or novocalne used lor ex- .on. paled over Chrlstensen Store. a: Business 166, residence 47< jUgona, I«wa VETERINARIANS L. W. FOX J. B. WIJfKEL Veterinarians : State Street, Algona" JHflce. 475-W.; res. 475-h INSURANCE FARM NEWS W. J. Payne, Editor C, II. Klamp, Field Reporter. ,»DTH COUNT y MUTUAL fSDBANCE ASSOCIATION |>15,000,000 worth of insurant *««• A home company. Salt J. 0. Paxaoi,, Secretar- HER HUSBAND 16 POUNDS IN 4 WEEKS •w. ami . never £ound ft medicine Up like Kruschen ti11 ' leavea y° u a talte Jt two Qr three l v V w . eel J-not to reduce but el good and clean - M y ' to reduce ' he I08t w. we <*s-" M™. B, A. . Washington. D. C. (Decem- . a ? d & t the same time lca l "tractiveness and , nd yout wm take one U or Kr «schen in a Pb6tpre breakta8t , costs but Lusby, A. H. Bor- dru e st °re in the tor reduce 'SURANCE 5 taken over the Insurance former Cunning- irance Agency, we 1 he of service to patron s . We are in fa 8e in "In f rov ide insurance s n ~J ttli »s branches in re- eood terms if Surety Bonds Walter Heerdt had business at Algona one day recently. « e Is administrator of the estate of his late father, Adam Heerdt, who owned a farm near Hurt. Adam died as the result of an automobile accident on the way home from Rochester where he had taken his wife who died a few weeks later. Walter and his father-in-law, N. H. Bolln, farm in partnership on a half section near Swea City. This farm, which is In Grant township, is owned by J. Y. .Luke, Ames, and Bolin & Heerdt have been tenants six years. Walter and his wife have two children, a girl and a boy. * * * * We were at J. A. Strayer's, a mile south and a quarter mile west of Burt. The Strayers farm 160 acres. The son John, who used to Work for the Cornelius Bros greenhouse at Minneapolis, has a fine garden, including hotbeds in which he is raising 5,000 tomato plants and 5,000 cabbage plants. He sells all he can raise. When you buy plants from him, they have all been reset, which makes a much stronger plant. He remarked that he liked that kind of work. * * * » We had a short visit last week Tuesday with Charles Blackmore and his son Ralph, who live two miles east and six miles north of Lu Verne. Ralph was happy, for a girl had been born to him and his wife on 'May 5. She has been named Marilyn Joan. This is the couple's first child. The Blackmores farm 320, and the men were hard at work planting corn. They use tractor power for some of their work. * * * * Two miles south and a mile east of St. Benedict last week Tuesday we found. new people who had moved there March 1. They are Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Hilfoert, who were married last October 3. They are farming 160 acres, and Norbert was busy at corn planting. He will have 80 acres in corn and 60 acres in oats. Mrs. Hllbert is teaching in No. 8, Prairie township, and she was planning a closing day picnic for the children and parents. She has had an average of 1*5 pupils this school year. * * * * Nick Hurberty farms 1% miles east of Galbraith, and he and his wife are new people in that neighborhood. They were married January 24, and Mrs. Hurberty is a daughter of William Thilges, two miles west of St. Joe. Mr. Hurberty came from Germany 11 years ago. They are farming 200 acres, and when we called last week Wednesday they were building coops for chicks. Nick has 45 spring pigs from seven sows. Richard Wagner, Lu Verne, had cleaned the well on the place, and his machine was still standing where he had used it. * * * * William Radii, two miles east and four miles north of Lu Verne, is farming 240 acres and milking 12 cows. The Radils have a new son, born April 16, and they call him Billy Jr. His advent was a great Joy, for there are nine girls in the family. One of the girls told us that Billy would smile when he was only four days old, and she guessed he was pleased to have so many sisters to take care of him. Mr. Radii remarked that now he would have someone to take care of him when he grows old. * * * * When we drove alongside the Joseph Wadleigh farm, a mile east of Galbraith, Saturday, we noticed that one of the horses he was planting corn with was lying down, and he asked whether it were sick. Joe said it might 'be that, or merely that he was tired. In only a short time the horse got up and Joe resumed planting. He farms 220 acres. This season he is feeding only seven baby beeves. Usually he feeds more. He has 120 spring pigs. R/ 0. Wadleigh, a brothe:, is working for him this summer. R. 0. is married, and he and his wife have two children, but the family lives at Buckingham, 111., 40 miles from Chicago. The Wadletghs are all planning to attend the world's fair. The brothers' mother lives at Herscher, which is only 30 miles from Chicago. • Joe and his wife are pardonably proud of their daughter Louise, 8, who had highest average this year in the school she attends. The son Calvin, 9, also made a good record. * * * * John Bergman, Bancroft, was among subscribers who called at the Advance office 'Friday to renew. He owns two farms west of Bancroft, but, being somewhat crippled up with rheumatism, or something just as bad, he has for the last several years lived in town. 'Fortunately he has two good sons who live on and take good care of the farms. John is one of the pioneers in that section of the county. He has for some years been a director of the county mutual. You cant stick around Bancroft long without hearing of John Bergman, and the things people say of him make his right ear, not the_ left one, burn. SUPERVISORS ASK S4500 POOR LOAN At its regular May session the .board of supervisors decided to apply for an R. F. C. loan for the poor fund. The sum o£ $4500 has been asked to cover May expenditures. The fund is now overdrawn some $1300. , Expenditures for the first thre« months of the year were:January * 39o8.88 February 4658.72 March *M*-^ Total _—-$12,88L62 There" yasTbalance of $2700 to the fund May 1, but the May allowed bills totaled some $4,000, which- left the fund in the red • Tfcte 'board and County Auditor ButJer expect to have to umytada lot of re4 P tape ^fore they get the R. F. C. to come across A n must be filed KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Tentative Form Liquor Election Ballot [ bo subm?tted 8 t<I\h l 5 v^jSiTa? the ball0t Wh ' Ch 1S be ' ng PfePared by the Secretar y <* State to For the BALLOT to the cons^iLtl'o^of^h^UnlteT'sfates 86 l ° a Stat6 conventlon on the following proposed amendment PAGBNINB ° f re ? res ?ntatives of the United States of America In congress as an amendment to the roHtmi™ ?!?f "'«",? ^T" 1 ' that the foll ™ing article is hereby proposed poses as part of tlS cowtltaU™ w^^^u 84 States whlch sha11 be valid to a " 1ntents and P ur ' y«it 01 me constitution when ratified by conventions in three-fourths of the several states"Article— re P eaf«l CU ° n ^ The elghteenth artlcle ° f amendment to the constitution of the United States is hereby hlblted. <"t° any state, territory or possession of the United ot Intoxicating liquors in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby pro- the constitution 1^* &Ti[cl f, sha ' 1 be Inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to years from th« $ c °, nventi ? ns< in the several states, as provided In the constitution, within seven years from the date of submission hereof to the states by congress." 7° ^ OTE ^ S: Mar * a cross in the circle at the top of the group of delegates for ,iri V \ By V0t "l g the FIRST clrcle y° u cast y° ur vote FOR REPEAL By voting the rrn. f«T T *, ^ ? Ote AGAINST ^PBAL. If you desire to vote for unofficial delegates, for whom v™, ii^t 01 ™ 1 ? ^ ^ ^ A ° £ the blank 'portion of ticket and write the names of delegates Under the drcle> ™ NOT PUT A ' OROSS IN MORB ™priP 0 n °i f ratch out o r cancel with pen or pencil any name on the ballot. Do not scratch out, or mark, or deface any ticket which you do not vote. In marking the cross, the lines should be made to cross each other inside of the circle. ° ther tban the cr ° SS ln the circle or to write names ln tbe blank CANDIDATES FAVORING RATIFICATION CANDIDATES OPPOSING RATIFICATION . O UNOFFIOIiAL, CANDIDATES Names May Be Written in by the Voter O O GRESGOTWP, CLUB HONORS MOTHERS DAY IN PROGRAM South Cresco, May 32 — The Mothers & Daughters club met last week Wednesday with Mrs. D. D. Sparks, 11 members and seven ;uests attending. A Mothers day irogram -was given: roll call, quo- ations on mother; poems, The r oice of Spring, Mrs. O. S. Moore, md Spring in Mother's Garden, Irs. G. W. Brown; duet, To Our lothers, Mesdames Sparks 'and W. L. Martin; Thoughts for Mothers Day, read by Mrs. Bjelland; Danel Poling-s Tribute to Motherhood tnd The Seven Qualities of Moth- ;r, Mrs. Mary Runohey; song, Mothers Day, Mesdames Reaper md Sparks; poems, Mother, Mrs. William Runchey, and The 'Reason or Mothers, Mrs. Fred Parks; ong, Mothers Day, Mesdames Reaper and Sparks, accompanied ">y Mrs. B. H. Potter on the violin; uet, We Have a Friend, Mesdames Sparks and Potter; ibook report on Jrandmother Brown's 100 Years, Mrs. Thea Hulderman; The Singer and the Songs, by Mesdames Moore and Potter. The next meeting is to be on June 7, with Mrs. Gingrich at Algona, and work on quilt blocks will be done. Fire Rural Schools Closed- Schools which have closed are: Sirs. Arlene Kuecker, No. 6, Whittemore, a week ago Saturday with a picnic dinner; Mildred Brandow's, Mo. 4, Whittemore, last week Wednesday, with a picnic supper, Adair Fred O. Welch, Fontanelle Adams W. E. Humbert, Corning Allamakee ___J. J. Dunlevy, Lansing Appanoose ___E. E. Bamford, Centerville Audubon A. I. Miller, Cameron Twp. Benton Dr. C. J. Snitkay, Belle Plaine Black Hawk—Saner Bell, Waterloo Boone Mrs. Paul M. Seifert, Boone Bremer Lee O. 'Peacock, Tripoli Buchanan Philip Shutt, Independence Buena Vista—Or. F. C. Foley, Newell Butler C. E. Johnson, Parkersburg Calhoun Earl Stotts, Rockwell City Cass Hugh M. Reinig, Grlswold Carroll Dr. O. P. Morgenthaler, Templeton Cedar Dr. L. E. Bees, Bennett Cerro Gordo__R. F. Clough, Mason City Cherokee W. H. Smith, Rock Twp. Chlckasaw —C. A. Upham, New Hampton Clarke W. T. Cleghorn, Osceola Clay H. E. Jones, Everly Clayton Sen. M. X. Geske, McGregor Clinton J. A. Lubbers, Clinton Crawford 'Leon W. Powers, Denison Dallas W. P. Kent, Waukee Davis 0. D. Wray, Bloomfield Decatur Jode Smith, Leon Delaware Ed Annis, Prairie Twp. Des Moines Max A. Conrad, Burlington ; Dickinson R. F. Peacock, Spirit Lako -= Dubuque A. E. Piekenbrock, Dubuqua Emmet J. O. Kasa, Wallingford Fayette F. H. Harms, Oelweln Floyd Ed Gayter, Charles City Franklin R. Shafer, Hampton Fremont J. F. Porterfield, Hamburg Green U. K. Willman, Grand Junction Grundy H. B. Koolman, Wellsburg , Guthrie Chas. Owen, Guthrie Center Hamilton Edward P. Price, Webster City Hancock Rev. W. T. Wolfram, Garner Hardin G. H. Wisner, Eldora Harrison Howard Nelson, Missouri Valley Henry Frank Price, Mount Pleasant Howard W. C. Sovereign, Cresco Humboldt Judge O. F. Coyle, Humboldt Ida Chas. W. Hoyer, Battle Creek Iowa: Frank Own, North English ; Jackson J. O. Ristine, Maquoketa jasper Dr. F. L. Smith, Newton Jefferson John D. Barwise, Fairfield Johrison iEdwin B. Wilson, Iowa City jones C. M. Hoist, Center Junction Keokuk Robert J. Shaw, Sigourney Kossuth Geo. D. Moulton, Ledyard Lee Sen. J. R. Frailey, Fort Madison Linn""—"——Ray Mills, Cedar Rapids Louisa J. G. Keck, Wapello Lucas C. C. Pickerel!, Chariton Lyon M. McLaughlin, Rock Rapids Madison Elmer Orris, Winterset Mahaska B. J. Snyder, Oskaloosa Marion Peter Visser, Bussey Marshall A. A. Moore, Marshalltown Mills- —Walter Green, Glenwood Mitchell Lloyd Koch, St. Ansgar Monona M. B. Riddle, Ute Monroe Dr. T. E. Gutch, Albia Montgomery—Paul W. Richards Muscatine Clarence Hahn, Museatine O'Brien —T. B. 'Diamond, Sheldon Osceola""."—A. B. Callender Ocheyedan Paee - -James P. Nye, 'Shenandoah Palo"Alfo~~~_-Dr. Irving J. Weber, West Bend ' Plymouth R. J. Joynt, Le Mars Pocahontas—Fred Hawley Laurens Polk W. C. Harbach, Des Moines Ward Harfield, Orient Walter Cochrane, Corning 0. G. Miller, Lansing J. R. Barkley, Moulton . __ Gay S. Thomas, Audubon F. E. Palmer, Vlnton Graham Hay, Waterloo Stephen Bass, 'Ridgeport _^. W. H. Ray, Waverly Fred Foote, Aurora Willis C. Edson, Storm Lake __ W. C. Shepard, Allison Charles Beacham, Farham- ville Mrs. T. L. Smith, Atlantic Rev. W. F. Clayburg, Coon Rapids Earl Elijah, Clarence Wm. McArthur, Mason City __ W. O. Dailey, Cherokee Rev. Robert Davies, New Hampton W. C. 'Lowe, Weldon Claude W. Baldwin, Spencer __ F. E. Sharp, Elkader Dr. J. R. Johnson, Clinton E. L. Patterson, Denison Scott Ellis, Dallas Center Rev. J. R. Adams, Bloomfield __ C. M. Briggs, Lamoni Ransom J. Bixby, Edgewood __ Rev. R. W. Jamieson, Burlington Dr. F. J. Smith, Milford Herbert Adams, Dubuque Rev. W. A. Winterstein, Estherville 1. J. Baldwin, Oelweln C. P. Parr, Charles' City 'Frank H. Dirst, Hampton Isa A. Scott, IFarragut Dr. A- J> Jongewaard, Jeffer- _. son W. A. Mooty, Morrison Sen. G. M. Hopkins, Guthrie Center John E. Burnstedt, Webster City Rep. S. B. Durant, Forest City.. John Boylan, Eldora W. R. Adams, Logan Max Kinney, Mount Pleasant __ Dr. H. M. Normann, Cresco H. F. Jackaway, Humboldt S. M. Corrie, Ida Grove Walter Bonn, Victor Roy Dyas, Maquoketa Atty. Ross Mowry, Newton Fred D. Mason, Fairfield O. A. Byington, Iowa City Dr. A. G. Hejinian, Anamosa _. L. L. Chamness, Keota Senator G. W. Patterson, Burt — E. P. Armknecht. Donnellson _. Cyrus Metcalf, Cedar Rapids — J. V. Wiederrecht. Wapello _. H. V, Levis, Chariton Ernest Redmayne, Inwood Wesley Eivians, Mackburg Guy Hyde, Oskaloosa Frank Metcalf, Pleasantville „ O. N. Johnson, Le Grand W. P. Wortman, Malvern Brede Wamstad, Osage Rev. Orval Walker, Onawa. Rev. Orval Morgan, Albia Senator Homer Hush F. G. McCullough, Muscatine — O. F. Bartz, Sheldon H. W. Campbell, Ocheyedan — Geo. A. Anderson, Clarlnda — Dr. G. H. Keeney, Mallard Robert Smyth, Kingsley . _. W. W. Harris, Pocahontas Dr. D. W. Morehouse, Des Moines PottawattamleMsJ. Gen. M. A. Tinley. Council Bluffs Dr^Christine^Erickson-Hill, Poweshiek -Mrs. Lola 'Landes, Brooklyn . J. W. Gannaway, Grinnell Ri nggold George Bartel, Maloy Sac Frank Krejci, Lakeview. Scott Jeter N. Jacobson, Davenport Shelby" -John Bauman, Harlan aiicivj !„_,„„ SWantra t Sioux '""-"M" Huisman, Orange City qtory """ Mike McLaughlin, Nevada Tama 'F. E. Shortiss, Traer Tav1or""""""-F. L: Marsh, New Market nnion L. E. Sternberg, . Creston Van BuVenT-'-Tjohn Shott, Birmingham Warr en ______ Mark J. Dolan, Greenbusli waoello C. S. Harper, Ottumwa Wash £ton~I_T. A. Michels, Washington Washington E i 80n/ Corydon Worth .-Frank L. Murphy, Manly Wright""-— J- W. Henneberry, Eagle Grove Thomas Rhoades, Mount Ayr Mrs. Irene Staulfer, Sac City Edwin B. Lindsay, Davenport Fred Hulsebus, Harlan P. F. Vermeer, Orange City H. D. Hughes, Ames Fred Bruene, Gladbrook M. K. Talley, Bedford L. C. Bowers, Kent Cornelia C. Hodges, Keosauqua Frank Henderson, Indianola A. F. Beck, Ottuiqwa J. F. Peet, Washington W. G. Robinson, Allerton Miss Anna Johnson, Ft. Dodge Thorwaid Thorson, Forest City ^ • Otto O. Svebakken, Decorah ,. Dr. Rdbert E. O'Brien, pres. . ident Morningside college O. K. Storre, Kensett 0. P. Morton, Clarion month, as only a month at a time iis granted. 1 Whatever money the R. F. C. allows will be a loan, but money thus advanced is charged against this county's share of future federal road appropriations for Iowa, and since Kossuth's two federal highways have been paved, and little or no mpney for them is needed, the county, it is figured will never in fact have to pay the loans.-jNote- Since the foregoing.was written t has been recalled that No. I > is now a federal highway *J«», and that the stretch south of Algona has not yet been paved. LUVERNE STUDENTS GIVEN MERIT AWARDS Lu Verne, May 24—The Methodist church was filled to capacity Sunday evening, when the Rev. A. J- Koonce gave the class sermon to the graduating class of 1933. He used the parable of the talents as the basis for his remarks, dealing chiefly witto the man with the one talent and showing how success may be attained even if one is not particularly gifted. Special music was given by a group from th.e choirs of the ctourcfces. Awards were made at a meeting at 'the high school assembly room Monday These included one each for the girls' and boys' basketball, wrestling, training, and pep groups. Prizes were given for work in the girls' orchesira and in declamatory work. Gwenetha Jones and Harolc Lichty were given cltizenshii awards as representative boy and girl, and Carmen Hesse and Jeanne Jennings were awarded scholarship medals as the two 'high ranking students in the senior class. ADDING MACHINE ROII-8 AT THE the men folk attending; Mary Wil- dfn's No. B, Cresco, with a picnic at the Ambrose A. Call state park: Dorothy Baylor's, No. 3, Cresco, Friday, with a picnic at the schoolhouse; Alberta Grosenbach's, No. 4, with picnic In the -woods east of the schoolhouse. Arm Broken at Wrestling 1 — 'Darrell, second son of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Sparks, had his right arm broken at the elbow, last week Wednesday, while he was wrestling in the noon hour at school. The bone was set Thursday. Other South Creseo. Mrs. Helen Lloyd, her husband, and the latter's mother, all of Kanawha, were caHers last week Wednesday on Helen's cousin, H. F. Sabin. Mrs. (Don Stiles and her children returned Saturday to Decorah, after a week visit with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brown. Mrs. Mabel Olson, nurse, has been employed at the Kossuth hospital two weeks. Lodge Celebrates 40th Anniversary Burt, May 23^Because of bad weather, only a fair-sized crowd attended the 40th anniversary celebration of the Burt I. O. O. F. lodge (Friday evening. The meeting was in charge of J. H. Graham, one of the two Hving charter members now in good standing. W. H. Smith is the other member. The Rev. A. A. Hideout, Baptist pastor at Charles City, gave an address; Viola Riddle and Richard Weiske gave readings; and C. B. and Vera Chipman sang a duet. LOANS Furniture MM Autos** Livestock You can secure needed funds at low costs without delay, (Payment can be arranged to suit income. See H. N. KRUSE' 124 State St Phone 1MI Algona ' Representing Federal Finance Co* Des Motae*. MIMEOGRAPHING ADVANCE Algona, Iowa BUCKETS FULL of ew hinuecteaniny DON'T MISS THIS SPECIAL OFFER 1 OXYDOL (large) 3 CAMAY 1 LAVA SOAP (medium) 1 12-quart heavy galvanized bucket REGULAR AVAILABLE W. A. Wilte, Algona A. & P. Store, Algona Basket Grocery, Algona C. S. Johnson, Algona Long's Food .Shop, Algona Moe & Sjogren, Algona H. JR. Sorensen Co., Algona Cut-Bate Grocery, Algona U. F. Hood, Bancroft THE STORES LISTED BE LOW: Kennedy Bro&, Bancroft Bailey £ Co., Fenton Fenton Grocery, Fenton Thares Sisters, Lakota TIce Brack, Ledyard Geo. A. Sharp, Lone Bock Benedict Store, Lu Terne Llchty & BOBS, Lu Terne Tlede Cash Grocery, Lu Terne Mary Fasbender, St. £. L. Hanuen, fiwea €ttr Blomster Cut-Priee, Sww Ctty Sanborn Cash, Swea City Bonacker Broa, Tltonka W. F. Callles, Tltonka A. B. Pannkuk, Tltonka Frank Kouba, Wesley Herman Zumoch, Whittemore PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH i Harness Goods I I AT AUCTION S The fixtures and the merchandise kept in stock by the late P. H. S Shackelford at his harness shop west of the Swift Produce Plant on State aa street, Algona, will be sold at public auction , May 11 At the shop, beginning at 1 p. m. sharp. Inventory Lists Entire Stock More than 300 classes of fixtures and goods listed; everything in the harness shop line which dealers and farmers want. This sale will offer farmers especially an opportunity to fill needs at their own price. It is impossible to list more than a few items here such as 40 horse collars, 72 collar pads, 42 sweat pads, 16 whips, a set of harness, hitch reins,' breast straps, riding bridle, halters of all kinds, saddle girth, short reins .breeching and pole straps, belly bands, curry combs, harness rings, and all kinds of small supplies for repairs, nose baskets, bits, names, team lines, buckles, flynets, hundreds of other items. Fixtures include adding machine, cash register, scale, safe, vise, counters, tables, show case, etc., a complete harness shop equipment. Everything sold item by item; no general bids; terms, cash. No property removed until settled for. Mrs. F. H. Shackelford, eoi. c, o. MOW

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