Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 18, 1933 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Lawn Mowers Sharpened We grind reel and blade on •power machine. HORTON MACH. WORKS POWDERED SILK EX-RESIDENTS AT IRVINGTON VISIT RONEYS Irvington. May 1'G—Dinner guests at M. L. Roney's last, week Wednesday were Mrs. Bert Bedell, da.ugh- ter, Mrs. George Vavra, and Mrs. Vavra's children. Lewis and Virginia, all of Cedar 'Rapids. They had visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bedell, Spirit Lake, and as Walter had to come to Algona. on a business mission they made use of the opportunity to visit old friends, also visited the f. B. Quickly removes oil, paint, grease, stains, printers'ink,gTOUnd-ilFrankls. The Bedells are enthusi- In dift,etC,from the! astir over Cedar Rapids. Mrs. hands. CLEANS BATH TUBS, 1 I WASH BOWLS BET- I LTER AMD QUICKER. J Vavra, known here as Rowena, lives next door to her parents, and the- Paul Bedells also live near. The Bedells were Irvington resi- i dents many years. FOR SALE BY MOST DEALERS | »phew of Iff. L. Roney Sicls— M. L. Roney recently received AOTK'E OF LETTD.C Sealed bids will be received ai tiit office of the County Auditor. AJsona. Iowa, until 2:30 p. m. May 34. 10i!S. for gravel surfacing Ser- •ondary Road Districts Nos. 2r?, 21 S, S<t. 222. 223. 234, 225. 22C. 227, SSR, 229. K!fl, 234, 235. 237, 23S. 23n! • ffitl, 242, 243, 245. 24f., 2-47. 24S, 250,' a r .J. involving 82.400 cu. yds. ot to load and haul one mile; ••46£.1'00 units of additional % mile -1aa.ul, and ,"0.100 cu. yds. stripping .«7»vel pits. Bidding blanks and •*ffl.dit5.ona! information may be se•eared at the office of the county •engineer, Alcona. Iowa. | E. J. BUTLER, I County Auditor. Sfifiy 10, l!< 33. 35-36 19 Children at St. Joe Have First Communion 'St. Joe, May 36 — High mass at St. Joseph's church was at S o'clock Sunday morning, >and 19 little folks received their first Holy Communion. Twelve little girls were dressed in white, each wearing a cap-shaped veil the 'length of her dress. Seven little boys wore knicker-trouser suits. Four flower girls were also dressed in white and each wore a veil. They were H, S, SENIORS AT LONE ROCK HEAR PASTOR (Lone Bock, May Ifi—Baecalaure ate services -were ield at th word from his sister, Mrs. Harry jWillit, Des Moines. that she is now • at Los Angeles. Her son Wen- idell, a young doctor was ordered to j take a six months vacation because !'of ill health. The trip out was imade in Wendell's car, and others of the party -were Mrs. WiHits' daughter. Mrs. Carl Kubee, small son, and a Mrs. Chase her and her daughter, all of Des Moines. Wendell had been interne in a Chicago hospital. He plans to remain away from his work all summer and fall. Becker. Nineteen youngsters re- 1 exercises were as follows: processional, (Miss Dunn; Come, Thou Al mighty King, audience; scripture and prayer, the Hev. S. M. Gladstone; Holy, Holy, Holy, sextette; Men Who Fail to Meet (Expectations, Mr. Gladstone; Now the Day is Over, sextette; (benediction, Mr Gladstone; recessional, Miss Dunn, Jf. L. Cottons 85 Tftars Wed — Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton were taken by surprise on their 85th wedding anniversary last week Wednesday evening, when relatives and friends called to ceiving Holy Communion Yvonne Fuhrman, Eleanor Weydert, Caroline Kirsch, Verona Kay- «er. Arlene Von Bank, Iva Lou Thilges, Rita Thul, Mildred Bormann, Maxine Bormann, Mary Klein, Mary Evelyn Bormann, Angela Erpelding, Julius Ziemet, August Berte, Florian Faber, Raymond Klein, Harold Von Bank, Alvin Thilges, and Alfred Kohlhaas. Matt Bormnnn 64; IHrancr— Mr. and Mrs. Anton Becker entertained relatives Sunday, May 7, in honor of Mrs. Becker's father, Ma.tt Bormann fir., who was fi3 that day. Mrs. Becker and her twin Boy Has fl Hard Fall- Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Loren 'Rutledge. is fuffering from the effects of a fall Saturday evening. He and .other boys were trying to help them celebrate. In the group were their son. W. J. Cotton, his wife, Mrs. L. C. Dittmer, Mr. and Mrs. sister, Mrs. Alex Eischen, also oel-lEdw. Dittmer, Burt, the Bert An- ebrated birthdays which fell on -the I pug family, the J. M. Blanchards, preceding day. Attending: the i the Ray Heins family. Myrtle Cher- Alex Eischens. St. Benedict, and the George. John, and Frank Bor- manns, all of St. Joe. Friendly Club Has Meotinir— The Friendly cluib met with Mrs. Vern Barker last week Wednesday, 35 memlbers present. The afternoon was spent at making pin dolls Day Memorial EXCURSIONS GO MAT 3tV.27.2s.2W50 About 1 1-Jt cents a mile. Good in roaches only. Less than 2 cents a mile. ..Good in sleeping and parlor cars— —Space extra. Also, reduction in sleeping car rates. Tickets good to many a. South. East. West. Upturn limit. June 2nd OPEMX6 I».4T WORLD'S FAIR a! OHICAftO—MAY 27 lire advantage of these bargain •es and attend the most spectac- ar even* offered in years. For further juirtaeulars ask Ticket Airent catch pipeons in the lumber shed late in the evening, Tdth a flash light. Edward, who was up on a __ beam, had just caught a pigeon and]^g xt tweeting ~wilf.be~ at"the ho'me was handing it down, when he lost of Mrs _ John Bockes . his balance and fell, striking a | ! and playing games. [Lunch was j served by the hostesses, Mrs. Barker and Mrs. George Scuffham. The wagon wheel below. He was dazed for a time and suffered severe bruises. S. R. Merriam at Hospital— S. R. Merriam was taken to the Quiltinc Bee Held Thursday— An all-day quilting bee was held at Mrs. John B. Reding's last Thursday. Present were Mesdames Mike Reding, John Wagner, Peter Kossuth hospital early last week. Mueller, Nick Reding, and John He has been in poor" health f or j Weydert. also Emma Becker, Viola points! some time, and it is reported that j Mueller, and AJvina Reding. 'he has suffered from at least two! strokes. He and his wife have • Mrs. Lucy Waprier is Sick- lived with their daughter, Mrs. OrvilJe "Wagner, accompanied 'by Hattie Burlingame, for some years, his mother, Mrs. Lucy "Wagner, Mrs. Merriam is also health. The Merriams farm near Lu Verne. THE MILWAUKEE Features Mothers A large congregation attended church Sunday morning and heard the Rev. A. English preach a Mothers day sermon. The scripture les- land, and James Hall. The evening was spent at Lotto. ]ffite Society Meets Thursday— The Mite society met at Mrs. L. C. Dittmer's last Thursday. Two new members joined, and a paper, What Do I Say to Myself? was read by Mrs. William Christenson. The next meeting will be at Mrs. Frank Flaig's, Mrs. William iFlaig assisting, May 25. Lorn- B,ock Girl Graduated— Friends here have received announcement of exercises May 17 in which Edith Worthington will be graduated as nurse from the Silver Cross hospital, Joliet, 111. Convention Here is Planned— The Legion Auxiliary met at Mrs. George Pettit's (Friday, and plans were laid for a county convention here June G. The women will sell poppies May 2.7. Frank Flaig: Accident Yictim— in ..poor! Mrs. Theo. Wagner, and Doctor used to;Hanson, Bode, left early Monday for Iowa City, where Mrs. Lucy Wagner sought medical aid. 'She es to close the wound. remained at Iowa City, the others returning the same day. • One of Frank Plaig's fingers was badly gashed recently by a It required eight stitch- buzz saw. Four Bep*rt Good Fishing— The Rev. Father Theobald, Her- HOW SHE LOST 29 POUNDS IN 3 MONTHS week They son. was the 31st chapter of prov- j mar and Julius Becker, and Joseph erbs; the text, proverbs S1-2S: j Kramer spent a day last i ".Her children rise up and call her fishing at Lost Island lake. j blessed: her husband also, and he \ reported excellent fishing. ipraiseth her." The congregational! | scripture reading for this week is .'the 19th psalm. JO. L. Miller Birthday Observed— { A group of friends went to O. L. ! Miller's 'Sunday for a surprise in {honor of Mr. Miller's birthday. Guests were the Fred and Elliott!West Bend Pair to Peter Erpelding's Brother Sick— The Peter J. Erpe-ldings were called to Livermore Saturday by word of the serious sickness of Mr. Erpelding's brother Mike, who was later reported better. Annual School Picnic Tomorrow— An annual school picnic will be held at the school-house Friday. There will be a ball game against St. John's, Bancroft. 4n . ~~ , ^ uuvizil^ v> d C liUtr X i CU O.11U •HUllULiL' I am nsmp your Kruschen Salts Skmin , s , tt e 'Charles Harvevs, Mr. &e reduce anc I ve used a bottle and i . mfl ^ ' ^-..--r* T ... «. _„., *,,.* iutlf and dieted some and lost 29 pounds in ". months. 1 feel so much and Mrs. Everett Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Greg- i A few from here attended a shower Sunday at West Bend in Willard Better and intend ,o Keep on taking C^f MaTSr^and tte S ! be ma "^ to Em « ^lepper sell Frys, all of Algona. A picnic •lunch was had. s Other Lone Bock. (Mrs. Adolph Seeger, daughter Dorothy^ son Wilbur, and Mr. and Mrs. Yost, all of Twin Lakes, Minn., were at F. A. Macumber's Saturday, Mrs. Seeger is a sister of Mrs. Maeumber. Hildreth Pettit and Clarence Macunrber were at Renwick Saturday on a business mission. The Ira Newbroughs entertained and Mrs. The Salts as J was almost 50 pounds •overweight." Mrs. Thelma Grave- 3y. iRoseville. Calif. (Jan. 11. liiSSi. To Jose fat and at the same time yfc.ii: in physical attractiveness and feel spirited and youthful take one ialf tftaspoonful of Kruschen in a •glass of hot water before breakfast *very morning. .A .la r thai last? 4 weeks costs tout a trifle at E. W. Lusby, A. H. Bor- •rfiiirdt. or any drugstore in the -world ; but be sure and get Krusch- fcu Salt? the SAFE way to reduce •wide hips, prominent front and double chin and again fee5 the joy •Tf. livinj— money hack if dissatisfied after the first jar. Specials i week Tuesday. Awvideont Victim Keeoverine— •G-eorjre Wolfe, who has been suffering -with a crushed finger on 'his right hand for several weeks, is now recovering:. The finger was crushed in a seeder when the spring field work began. In spite of constam medical treatment it 'began to head only recently. For a time it was feared it would have i.o be amputated. Frank Bormann Laid Fp— Frank Bormann suffered an accident '2. weeks ago Wednesday in wiiich a bone in his foot was able to work. at dinner Sunday Mr. flSlva Terwilliger and Thelma, Mrs. Cora Terwilliger, and Mrs. Julia Terwilliger, all of Humboldt; the Edw. Jr., of Irvington; and Newbroughs. The following WOMAN'S CLUB ENJOYS 'HOBO 1 PICNIC iBurt, May K—The Woman's •club closed the year's club work last week Monday with a hobo picnic. The members met. a,t the "hobo hangout," the L. D. Hodgson garage, at 6 o'clock. They stoppec a.t several places for hand-outs, and finally went to the J. W. Dorrance farm home, where supper was eaten. The regular business meeting followed the supper and a reporl of the ibiennial Federation meeting at Mason City was .given by Mrs IF. E. Rubey, assisted by other members who attended the meeting. Mrs. Rubey was delegate from the Burt club. Health Party Is Given— Mr. and Mrs. G-. C. Allen were hosts at a health party last week Wednesday evening. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Isenberger, Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Godfredson, the Rev. and Mrs J. E Clifton, Mr and Mrs J. W. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. A. 3. Vol-entine, Mrs. J. W Dorrance, Mrs. Annie Hawcott and daughter "rulu, and Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sewick. Toun? Couple Charivaried— Twenty Portland township young jeople went to Rex Austin's, near fitonka, for a charivari last week Wednesday evening. .Mr. and Mrs. Austin were married May 3. Mrs. Austin was formerly Myrtle Larsen and is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. " eorge Larsen. She is a trained nurse. The Austins are farming wo miles west of Titonka. ichrader Buys Owens Home— C. H. Schrader completed a deal ast week by which he became own- r of the former L. M. Owen house HI Main street now occupied by the H. W. Trainers. The house was purchased from the receiver of the Tirst National bank. The Schra- ers will move in a week or two. •hildren to Hare Matinee— Instead of the usual picnics, rhich the various grades usually ave at the close of the school year here will be a matinee for the rade children Wednesday after- oon. A 5-cen.t admission fee will e charged. About 130 .children ill be included. Baccalaureate is Given— A large crowd attended the bac- alaurea.te service a.t the Methodist hurch Sunday evening. The sermon was delivered by the Rev. S. t. Aten and was considered very ine. " ' igh iris- Music was furnished by the school orchestra Glee club. and the errices for John Palk— Funeral services for John Falk, ged Titonka resident, were held t the Lutheran church here Monay afternoon, the Rev. L. Richmann in .charge. Burial was made n the Buffalo township cemetery. Mr. Falk was Mrs. R. A. Bleich ; s ather. been at Holly HJ11, Fla., for a yeaf returned Sunday. She stopped to Chicago to visit her brother Guy. The Etnil Bierstedts brough' their baby home Saturday. The child had ibeen in a Fort Dodge hospital for a number of weeks. Mrs. Louis Widdel and children •Ernest Riehmann an<3 Aleta Knief all of Readlyn, were Sunday guests at the Rev. L. Riehmann home. Mrs. George Schmitt went to Dows Saturday, where she is spending a week or two on tousi ness and visiting friends. Mrs. Mary Dundas and Mr. anc Mrs. Herman Jaskulke and two children, Armstrong, visited Sunday at Martin Griese's. Mrs. Carrie Meinzer and daughter Anna and Mr. and Mrs. R. E Rautzky, Fort Dodge, spent Sunday at A. H. -Meinzer's. The Ray Olloms moved into the hou&e recently vacated toy the P. A. Looft's, who moved into the next house south. Mrs. S. H. Aten and daughter Ethel Mae leave today for a. few days with relatives at Aberdeen, S. D. Mrs. C. L. Phelps went to Algona and had her tonsils removed last week Tuesday. She returned Thursday. Lena Bennett closed her year's school work in the J. A. Strayer district with a picnic last (Friday. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Rubey spent the week-end with their daughter, Mrs. Quenton Carey, at Ames. Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf spent from Friday to Sunday with her father, W. P. Giddings, at Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dorrance visited Sunday evening at Lester Johnson's, near Bancroft. The Rev. and Mrs. Hammer, of •raettinger, visited Sunday with their son, C. E. Hammer. The Rev. J. E. Clifton attended the Algona district conference at Emmetsburg Monday. E. E. Paine and W. E. Quinn, of Bancroft, have recently started buying stock together. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Heaney and Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Vogel picnicked at Clear Lake Sunday. The J. E. Thoresons spent the week-end with Mrs. Thoreson's aarents at Ellsworth. The Portland Progress club will meet Thursday afternoon at Mrs. Charles Larsen's. (Fred Snyder and son James, of Chicago, spent the week-end at Clara Shaw's. The Birthday Circle -will meet Thursday afternoon at Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf s. The 0. H. Grahams, of Fenton, were Sunday guests at J. H. Graham's. The baiby of Mr. and (Mrs. A. W. Radeke is seriously ill with eczema. Dr. W. T. Peters attended a medical meeting in Des Moines last week. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Vinaas were Sunday guests a.t W. H. Klamp's. S. H. Sorenson, Mallard, visited his son Walter Sorenson Sunday. The R. c. 'Smiths, of Jefferson, •isited Sunday at K. J. Smith's. The H. A. Thompsons visited at "lover Sunday. eouts Postpone Camp Trip— Boy Scouts will go to Iowa iake next week for a week's out- dauzhtpr IB ' They were to have Bone last £J$±T Thursday, but the trip was post- i poned beca.use of the ball team Blanchards i &0ins to Ames this week. the A. D.jMrs. K. H. Thompson Hon^ Dr. R. H. Thompson drove to Sunday and brought home been with Corn-Plantinc Under Way— Farmers are busy planting corn. The wet weather made rather late. K'lemme; Freeman Wolfe, Fenton; and Ellen Wolfe, Whittemore. Other Burt News. A'OTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 3730. State of Iowa, Koasuth caunfy, •s. In District Court, March .term, To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Frances J. Wermersen, deceased dated August 30, 1932, having been this day filed, opened and read the 5th day of June, 1933, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa,before We have purchased W. H. Koran's pi» iness and will be pleased to care for all of M ' --•=• Mrs T :R pnrtPT-^t or^-v, , Mr ' axid Mrs ' J ' °- Isenberger and the District. Court of said County. planting da ^Lr<; £~*J£? r T * ? her daughter Stella, and Lottie Haw- or the Clerk of said Court- and at daughters Berneyce and Imogene; cot ,t. visited Sunda.v at. ««H-ii«.x 10 o'elnr-V « ™ «f tx" S ' _v " returned Monday from a visit' at : £LSff^S£bo!dt Mrflf ' ' Schools Close With Picnics— ; , A few schools closed for the \ I summer Friday. Dorothy Schulz! closed her school Friday, and pu- \ pils and friends had a school picnic | Sunday. The Irvington school will i I close this week Thursday. The an- inual school picnic will be held at i i the schoolhouse this week Friday.' i enberger sisters. ""' Mr. and Mrs. Harry McElroy, of s Eagle Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon "Hansen and daughter, Drusilla, of I Titonka, and the Will Ringsdorfs 'Jvo. 10 size peaches, per -2»e Toilet tissue, 6 rolls 25c Cookies, 2 Ibs. for 25c Plums, No. 2 size can in syrup 10c Catsup, per bottle » c Grapefruit juice, 9 1-2 oz. can Fancv Henry Stthenpnian's Mother Sick— I Henry Scheppman has received | word of the critical illness of his ! mother, Mrs. August Scheppman, Lake Park. Minn. She is aged, and Fhe rec " enl ' y contracted pneumonia. She is expected to live only a few • days ' Mr- Schepnman went to Lake 'Park immediately. of j whooping cough in this community.! who h ad been employed there for the last sevral weeks. Other St. .Toe. Regina Kuecher, Currie, ., ... came May «, and t for some time| bri ng Up their daughter, Mrs. H.; were Sundav guests at will help with the housework at 'K. Shellito, Ames, and the latter's ! dorf's. fc ucsl - 1 ' ttl Mrs. George Becker's. Thomas j daughter Norma, who spent the j ,jjr ' and Mrs Becker drove to Currie after her. j week-end here. and Mr and Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Odell and Vie-i Esther Godden drove to Ames tor Hammer, Bancroft, spent Sun-il^t Thursday to get Vera Morris, day with Mrs. Edw. Hammer. Mrs. I who spent the week-end at home, and Vic- Dorothy Macumber, attending school at Fort Dodge, came with Robert them - Hammer is Mrs. Odell's tor's mother. These little folks, also and John Devine, were enrolled in the scapular social Sunday afternoon during devotions at the church. The Henry Wolfes, West Bend, were visitors Sunday at John Erpelding's, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Two Babies Are Baptised— The Rev. A. English baptised two babies Sunday, Kathryn Lil-1 Loerwald called at Peter Erpeld- lian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sing's. 'Prank Asa, and Jerry Dean, son of i Mr - and Mrs. Leonard Thilges, Mr. and Mrs. Percy' Sehichtl. I'Mr. and Mrs. Nick Fisch, and Mr. ^ other 5e • Mr. and Mrs. K. p. Roney, daugh- •and Mrs. Matt Faber were visitors Sunday at the John Frideres home. Sixteen eighth graders went to , Sunday at. wsts, and 12 pupils went back Fri- . . , >• ter Shirley, Mrs. A. McLean, and i Algona two weeks ago to take state ^ _ is, and jel- jMrs. P. W. Grobe spent ' - jars lor 25c :iHen T Lofing's, Mason City, , !Jeanne Lofing came here' and beans, hominy, car-(them for a few weeks at the corn, kidney beans, iliean home - and with i day. A number of St. Joe folks at- xots, pumpkin, and kraut, 10c per **». 3 for 2ao, e-1 tended uhe recent Jennings-Klepper Complete line of fresh vee-p tables and fruits i ! Ald me:t ' last Thursday af- |i*rnoon at the Annex, as attending. i The afternoon was spent at. .quilt- wedding dance at West Bend. Vern Mangle and Roscoe Brown, south of Livermore, were visitors here part of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hanifan, Top price for H.UORENSEN&CD, Plumes I3s and 139 We deliver. MIMEOGRAPHING ADVANCE .Algona, Iowa Mesdames A. Buttertield and Miller were hostesses Missionary society meets j this week Friday at the church IMrs. V. J. Sehichtl. president, in jcharge; topic, Latin America and I Erpelding's Sunday. : Spanish-Speaking Americans. ! Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cook spent ;Sunday with their daughter. Mrs. ;Melvin Reiken. Plum Creek. Mr. - and Mrs. Cook are employed at Ed! ward Mawdsley's. _^ Guests ai the Riley and Mrs. Charles Sankey homes Sunday j Sunday at West Bend wrj't the Bert Sankeys, the Otto ; Ea '«'- Dieters. R.. ! '!i-iu? family, and Mr. and Mrs. I Mr - and Mrs. Victor Perry Schirhtl. spent the week-end with 'Minnie Scbeppman recently went at Algona. | south of Livermore, spent Sunday i at Mrs. M. Hanifan's. j Mrs. Mary Erpelding, Whitte- I more, and her family were at J. B. Erpelding's Sunday. The John Origers spent Sunday at West Bend, visiting Mrs. William Buttermore. Alvina Reding is helping with the household duties a.t Mrs. Kick Bormann Jr.'s. Mr. and Mrs. John Becker spent — • - - -with the Frideres relatives The Forrest Rouse family, Ayrshire, a Mr. Williams, Algona, Mrs. John Reid and her daughter Florence, were at William Krause's Sunday. Mrs. Fred Genrich and Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough spent the weekend at Irvington with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E Blanchard. Mr. .and Mrs. H. J. Rice spent the week-end at Hampton, and (Esther Godden helped' at the telephone office during their absence Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Straley, Fenton, -were at Fred Genrich's Friday night and attended the senior play The play drew a large audience The Friday club meets with Mrs. Emil Kraft this week Thursday and the Sewing club will meet at the same place that evening. (Fred Genrich, accompanied by S E. Straley, Fenton, drove to Des Moines Saturday, returning Sunday. The Rev. and Mrs. S. M. Gladstone attended a Mothers' day program at Ringsted Saturday. Robert Schmidt has purchased a used Chevrolet from Kohlhaas Bros., Algona. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan 4J- gona, were guests of the W. J. Cottons Sunday. Banker N. L. Cotton has had his house reshingled. Bob Padgett did the work. Mrs. J. M. Blanchard spent Saturday at Lester Johnson's, near Bancroft. Harry Mrs. Elmer Shaeffer and daughter Lucile, all of Armstrong, visited Sunday at C. B 'Chipman's. The Clifford Holdings entertained at a health party last week Monday evening. A similar party was held at Frank Bailing's Thursday evening. The C. F. Whalens visited Mrs. L' n ft I £>T> C? r\n v*m* 4-*. -i. •¥•?!_. , 10 o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned .all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, April 29, Whalen's parents at Emmetsburg Sunday. Wanda Waltman is spending a few days at the home. Whalen Williamina Giddlngs. who has E. J. McEVOY, Clerk of District Court. Alma Greiner, Deputy. A. Hutchison, Attorney. 34.35 WATER IN PUCE OF MEAL HEPS STOMACH Stomach trouble is often helped by skipping one meal. Drink "lots of water. Add a spoonful of Adlerika each morning to dean out poisons in stomach and bowels.—E. W Lusby Drugg-lst. to Bert Sankey's for a few days, i | Thursday, sick i The Joseph Beckei'S spent here last Sun- _ arid ii Is reported that she plans'to ' John visited relatives ro 10 Chicago soon. Mr. Reaper, who has been for several weeks, is slightly improved. Marjorie Riley and Mrs. Frank Wtswortb have recently been sick. Sunday evening at George lllg's, • Thull, Clarion, and his son! The A. W. Kruegers were business visitors at Lake City Sunday Ernest Behrends, Fairmont, was ;day with their daughter, Mrs. Peter j Kirsfth. The Henry Ziemets were visitors Found Ttead. F. E. Ellsworth, who had a harness shop at Corwith, was found dciad in bed last week Tuesday morning. A son Earl is in the same business at Humboldt, and his wife Verda is a daughter of Jos. Steil, Algona. Mr. Steil attended the funeral at Corwith Friday. shortly locate at Emmetsburg, where he will represent the New a business caller here Saturday. To Move to Emmetsburs 1 . lj- D. Frederiekson, superintend- dent of the .Cylinder schools, will Algona. John Bormann recently suffered Y - — -.-.. bursted blood vessel in one of his I orlj , Life Insurance company. He legs. i w " as lQ rmerly superintendent of the Al Nalber, of Arcadia, spent part Lone Roc * schools, of last week with his sister Susan. Thomas Becker was a business caller at Bancroft Tuesday. Anna Kayser spent last week at Nick Eisehen's, Cylinder. WANTED $4.00 PiER HR. MEN— free .quick drain plug with 5 gal DeLuxe oil. Change your own oil and save $4.00 per hr. at Gamble's price. We gt., 5 gal. lots. 31-36 Rummage SALE Mrs. F. L. Tribon will sell goods from the well known store of Chrischilles & Herbst One Day Only Saturday, May 20th at -Twpe Trtrrt buyer. to suit the TWs sale starts at 8;80 Saturday. old customers. • In order to reduce our stock, we win special low price on everything i n the store male Yours for an enlarged and impro ved service. Pratt Electrical Co, Thorington Street, Opposite the fourth oase, TTZotfi DON'T HOBBLE! BEHIND IT/ With such charming footwear creations- the low prices we are offering—there is n] reason why you cannot be wearing thelo est thing in shoes. We have plenty of styles to choose from. Here's your chance to step along with the mode. GHRISTENSEN BROS, CO, Shoe Department Belter Cooked Fn WITH THE NEW of all kind* Tk* Modern Stov* for Rural I Have downy angel food ( Parker House Rolls, tea 1 ,.. better in the"" oven! The' i Stove with it* i veioas features, makes h < cook foods in a more way. Lights like gas... Cooks like gas... make* «nd b its own IBS from regular | Handsome new mode*' concealed fael tanks; porcelain finish in the pletone effect; new and ful colors. The/set the] style as wefl as mechanic* fection. Various models W ' every cooking ; need. The fcwtant-Gas is *? ' dependable, economical. It's ready , . . instantly * ojokingjpb, AndifsaretU 1H0&1 for n fan^*l , * larauy ^ MVC ^ arur '*&• f*** "~~ ^-SLsfc^i Nelson Hardware Clean Cotton Rags W«

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