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The News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana • Page 5

The News-Stari
Monroe, Louisiana
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THE MONROE NEWS-STAR Rage 5 Meyer Bros Limited. ON ACCOUNT OF THE DISAGREEABLE WEATHER THE FIRST FEW DAYS OF OUR CLEARANCE SALE, WHICH PREVENTED A GREAT MANY OF OUR CLo'TOMERS AND IRIF.NLS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GREAT MANY BARGAINS OFFERED AND THEREFORE DID NOT MOVE AS MANY GOODS AS WE WANTED TO, WE WILL FOR THE REMAINING DAYS OF THIS SALE. OFFER STILL GREATER REDUC TIONS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT OF THIS STORE. WE MENTION A FEW: IN OUR DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT! 48 inch All Wool Hair Line Stripec? SUITING. C1.50 quality Thi, 50-inch Chiffon Broad Cloth, all the evening shades, $2.50 quality This Week 17 25-inch Crepe de Chene, black only, $1.25 quality rq 12 4 All Wool Blankets, good $5.50 value oao I rp r-r, Eiderdown Comforts, good S6.50 value This Week 95 All of our Ladies, Misses and SWEATERS at Less than Cost of Manufacture.

IN OUR READY TO WEAR AND MILLINERY DEPARTMENT Choice of 35 Wool Coat Suits of Navy and Black Serge and few Manish Materials, none worth less than $10.00. Now 5 90 Choice of 25 Coat Suits, all the new models and materials, sold up to as high as 20 Now $1050 Choice of any Suit in the house, which sold up to as high as $50.00, now only $20 00 25 Coats, all new styles, black and fancy Materials, former price $10.00, $15.00 and $20.00 This Week $5.00 $7.50 and $10 00 All of our Ladies, Misses and prj All Trimmed Hats, Untrimmed Shapes and Ready to Wear All Willow and French Plumes and Fancy One Third Off IN OUR CLOTHING AND FURNISHING DEPARTMENT Stein Bloch, Sam Peck and High Art Clothes, which were $25.00 m)ns Stein-Bloch, Sam Peck and High Are Clothes, which were $22.50 gjr, Stein Bloch, Sam Peck and High Art Clothes, which were $18.00 and $20.00 Tlljf. Week $13 50 Manhattan $1.50 Shirts, now $1.19 $5.50 and $6.00 Shoes, now 40 Manhattan $2.00 Shirts, now $1.48 Howard Foster S4.00 Shoes, 100 PAIRS II AN AN SHOES, ODDS AND Manhattan $2.50 Slurts, $1.88 $6.50 Shoes, This Week S1.95 ICO PAIRS HANAN SHOES, ODDS AND ENDS. ALL LEATHERS, ALL SIZES, NOT EVERY SIZE IN EVERY KIND REGULAR PPICF OF WHICH WERE $5.50 AND $6.00 THIS WEEK $2.08 II LOCAL PAH A IIA Get it at Chase Collens Co. 5-tf.

and Kramer's candies at the Phoenix Drug Store. 17-tf Mr. 1'. Pipes of Gros, tor to Monroe today. a visi- Ncu Theatre.

A fresh supply of garden seed. PHOENIX STORE. 1 7-tf. Fresh country butter, fresh coun- trv meal, eggs, and chickens at Cope- Paul Flower Drops, SO ti.nes Ca6h Grocery. 8.3, as strong as ordinary perfume.

For sale by Chase Collens Co. Gtf. News-Star Want Ads are the best result getters possible. Fresh country butter, chickens and eggs for everybody at the One Horse Cash Grocery. 5-tf.

Sweet Cream, Ouachita Valley Hotting Works. 2 0-tf Hot rolls at 6 KAKE SHOP, 22-tf Opposite Monroe Hotel. Our special cough and cold remedy is guaranteed. Money refunded if not satisfied, Collens Co. 5-tf.

Every family has need of a good, reliable liniment. P'or sprains, i mists, of the muscles and rheumatic pains there is none better than Sold by al ti ruggists. You are next at Kerns shoeing shop. We make wagons of Mr J. A.

Hendricks, candidate for anv kind to order, city marshal, will speak to the voters of 10 and 3 it the J0K in the interest of his candi- dacy. Mr. Hendrick invites his op- Democrats Make Public the Tariff ponents to meet him and proposes to Hill on Iron and Steel, divide time with them. Candidates Washington, Jan. 22.

A redactor other offices are a Vo invited to tion of from 2 0 to percent on all The New Theatre will open tonight showing the largest and newest pictures ever shown in Monroe. The screen is very much lar- ger and with the vv films the Grand patrons will now he furnished with the best. The program to night includes the following subjects: Automobile Races'' Close Christie Best Man Hud rial's orchestra vvill give the usual excellent musical program. Montana Poultry Show. Butte, Jan.

22. The fourth annual exhibition of Mon tana Poultry association, which opened in Auditorium in tins city today, is the biggest affair of it kuid ever staged ia this State. The exhibits tntimber more than l.UPu and embrace a wide variety of highbred fowls. The show will bast the entire week. bed clothing and on walls, five population of Milwaukee, negroes were found dead in their bed Detroit, which was in a cottage here this morning.

Felix those Stales of Broussard, aged Hi, his wife, Matilda 'try population to lilj up th Broussard, aged 25, three children, The national Margaret, aged Louise, aged and Liberia, aged 2, were the victims oi the midnight assassin. An axe was the weapon used in dealing the death blows to the five unsuspecting victims. The weapon was found under a bed, besmeared with blood of the five whose lives were crushed out with it, was the most hurribe crime committed here in years. There are no clews to the perpetrator although the sheriff and city officers are working diligently on the case. Circumstances point to the work of a fanatic or religious cranks, as nothing shows revenge or robbery as the motive.

The discovery was made at 8 clock this morn- and creaseli .02 per cem, while the city caused by population increased 2 1.2 per their co un So much for all the great wheat up the cities. States of the I nion. They show an shows that the astonishing fading off in tueir rural population ot iscon in in crea or fanning population. As t'or the past decade 22.8 per vent, Southern States, they arc shown up population itiereas in 1 1 following statistics; In the South Atlantic division tlid city population incieaneil 22.2 per emit, while the country population 12.2 per emit. That beata lor a country increase all the North- divisions.

1 his is truly a most ominous con- I i ft(. i ed In tlu while its country ed only XT per cent, while in (Instate of Mi( higun the population increased at the rate of 2 7 2 per cent, while tin- country population grew to the extent ot Pare'y 2 per cent. Week in Brlti-li olumhia lie present and speak if they desire. Ladies are specially invited. When you have a cold get a bottle of Cough Remedy.

will soon fix you up all right and will ward off any tendency toward pneumonia. This remedy contains no opium or other narcotics and may be given as confidently to a baby as I an adult. Sold by all druggists. items in the iron and steel tariff, land on the tariff free list of iron ore. sewing machines, printing I machinery, cash registers, nails ami many other article, against which a tariff duty is now levied, are proposed in the Democratic steel revis- tie (1 during tin ion tariff bill made public today.

STELL TRI ST liPOlN. House in Investignting onmiittm ot Washington, Jan 22. RreaidRnt At a Sacrifice. J. Larrcll and Attorney J.

Reed, One Fniversal Encvclo- oi nited State Steel Corpora- pedla. Globe-Weinke book cases. house Steel iript investigation fine Haviland china set, clocks, conimittee, product the books and a-brac, cut glass, hand painted records ordered bv the committee. Victoria, Jan. 22.

The British farmer will have his innings in the capital this week Beginning today with a meeRug of the British Coltimliia Fall Fair as sociation annual ses ions will be week by all of the organizations in which the farmers are interested, including the Prov n- 1 associations of grain growers, stock breeders, poultry and fruit Present indications jmint to an unusually' large attendance. I WOM A lv 11.111». ing by neighbors. An iuque follow out no evv were discovered. The mime is with one in which four were brained to death at ('rowley, fi ty a a few nights ago and at Lafayette iti which five were killed a month ago.

Probably the same assassin three crimes. The inscription tlie inquisition for blood, teth not the cry of the humbb man was found penciled door of the cottage. committed all Rival A A it fine lot of pictures and other things. Must vacate my home next week, hence everything left for quick sale at a bargain. MRS.

SOL MEYER, 18-tf 128 Catalpa Street. Reed the corporation had not ed a bou: ubandomi hope that the committee night by would avoid unnecessary publicity of the operating costs of the business. Hacked Her to Pocket Knrfe. Willie Burks, a negress, vv.i to pieces and almost instantly 20 Saturday Jvonia after Lr -ie James had struck her over When your feet are wet and cold and your body chilled through and opened in through from exposure, take a big dose of Cot gh Remedy bathe your feet in hot water before other varieties going to bod, and you are almost cer tain to ward off a severy cold. Fo? ale by all druggists.

TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY. Lou -sviflr Poultry Sliovv. Louisvi le, Jan. 22. The annual exhibition of the Louisville Poultry and Pet Stock Association the Armory today with a recoid-breaking display of chickens, pigeons, rabbits, dogs and of pen try and pet head with a beer bottle, occurred in the negro rhe Shamrock saloon in The two assailants were the police and locked in The killing 1 vc buck of Five Point arrested by the city jail.

stock. The management this year Coroner held an inque soon after the ki Tng. According to the dory told by everal tm- Willie Burks walked into the place and found her lover talking th other two women. A quarrel followed. ie Jan 'S thmi the omat.

a I i) Stepmother tor- Alnrdm. Oroville, Jan. 22. Much interest is mani es ted i ri the of Mrs. Emma L.

Rumhali, who wa, arraigned in court hero today to staid trial for the aPeged murder ot her 12-year-old stejrdaughter, Helen Rum ball. The litt le girl was found dead in attic of her home near here last June. In the morning of the day of her death, her stepmother hud whipped her and bound he to tlie studding of the attic because, rut cording to the stepmother, the little kill- girl had misbehaved. It was one of the hottest da.v of year and the consequent heat in the attic was increased by an incubator in operation. The -opposition is that the girl fainted from the heat and In tuMing to the fioo was strangle bv the rope with which she was tied The cal examination showed that, her neck was broken iti two places When the facts became known Mrs.

Iturn- Da 11 was indicted for causing the death of her thnr Lewis, a brother of Mr. Rum a ill, was indicted as an act es ry, Lewis 'tion of affairs for the agricultural States of the Middle West. It is more than that, it is calamitous, for today the most important issue and interest in the entire country is great rise in the cost of food and (loot her daily expenses of living and how to relieve the situation. Every intelligent person who gives thought to the subject that the trouble in the diminishing home of food products, leather for shoes and wool for clothing, eau ed largely by the abandonment of the farms by the laborers, to congregate in the cities and add to their congested population, he inaketh The di nst.rous dri 1 of popti- he forget- 1 at ion front the lartns to the cities is seen not only in agricultural state the the Middle West, put in all the agricultural State except those oi the South and the far West. As the food supply is one of the most important problems of the present day, the decrease of the country population is full of interest, as it is fraught with disaster, and a few generalizations from the census figures will he timely.

in the decade just the rural population of New England decreased .0 5 per cent, while the city population increased 21.5 per cent. In the Middle Atlantic division country population Increased 8.7 cent, while the city population grew 22.1 per cent. In the Middle Atlantic division the country population increased 8 7 per while the ty population 2 2.1 per cent. Ju the East North Central all made up wholly of agricu Rural i knockers made up ot Alabama and in for the conn olly or urban, poi Sont i al division, Kent nek Tenues Mi; i.sippi, the show- net so good, the Ration having m- reused 22 rent, while the increase of the farming population was only 7.1 per cent, Alabama showed an increase of ami Mississippi of 1 I 8, blit they were offset by KtUl- iiek it.ii orny 1.2, and Tennessee, with 2.5 I of rural or country i li crea. Tiie West South Central division, up et rkan a Loui iana, came up to the per eiit city ma le up ot A rkan: la Inolia a nd 'I ex; mark with fis 5 growth -am) 2 1 cent oi couu- tr iiicrca i Oklahon new led in everytiilng, ma le a md bowing with 30.3 of city and 1 per cent of count i population growth, so that in the cage where an attempt was to cover tin State and its chief city wirh dn shows up no dy If food and the nece of daily life are be to meet the urgent demand heard on all the country mu more and it is on A to the South hi the Far West that the people can iook tor relief, N( Orb aus had a congested anj overcrowded population, drawn from tiie South of Europe and Western i it might em i fine thing to some tcit what our i soil and climate art- crying for is not citie but a farming population That is what the nation I wants.

what the American ur lil it States, the confitry pojiulation leans Rica need, whether tue or not. New Or- IIall for Gov rnoi Ilfs paid particular attention to the over the head with a eer bottle and educational exhibits, showing the i at the same Li von Thomas most improved methods in breeding momn to cut to cc with a pou try and preparing it for the Rmfe, Tiie cutting continued until market. 'the woman was dead. Her face, were terribly Michel for watered stock Haas for representative, for city marshal, any one for was tried several weeks ago and con- but you had A DR. odv and P.vver 1 D.

H. Homeopath. Successor to Dr. (i. B.

Couch.) I MJ.IiUIS Ml III HIRED. LOST Tan and white Scotch Collie dog. to name of Reward for return to! Myaft McClendon, West Monroe, La. 22-3t Office 114 Central Savings Bank skulK Into Rulp, A i------------------------------------------ and Trust Co. Building tinis Found in House.

To rent six or eight Office Phones Residence Phones: Lake Cl f.a Jen 21. With room house close in. Address Cumb. 267 Cumb. 251 crushed in.

heads battered al the lower growth of Renter, care News-Star. 22-2t Home 332 Home 618 most into a pulp, brains uneared over xvith the phenomenal icted of inanshiaghter. Louisiana's Saving An esteemed contemporary, in its -eurch for pretext upon which to New Orleans, has discovered (hat. country population of Louisiana has increased faster than the city population, and that to be a tlamitous condition of which, indeed, it is a most beneficent one. The esteemed compares New Orleans increases of -V get Bell A Denny to do your metal work.

im about re and painting at metal roof guarantee to make it water tu Electric signs, tanks, sky-light s. ceilings, gutters, metal i on and slate roofing, a little good government, on soit-. Rer ENERGETIC 19-31 Business Opportuniiy Old and well established Wholesale and Retail Mer- chantile Business in growing city in Louisiana; a fine opportunity to step into a paying business. Reason for sale, owner wishes to retire. For further particulars write EMERY BOX 153 SHREVEPORT, LA..

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