Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT €<mtrfa THURSDAY TWO M011E OJIG DAYS rta wWes< I Matince Thursday, 2:30 p. m Monday iind Tuosdny, May 1 nnd 2 KATHElim; HKl'KUKN COLIN CLIVE nnd HILTJE MURK Suttirdny April 2<f Big 'Double Feature Program iJAMUC and TIM McCOY the ace of outdoor stars in "The Kan of Action" Riding, risking, i-omancing. drama of framed jus- Two-gun action — dealing thralls . . . dabbling in death daring all for law and love Matinee 1:00 o'clock sharp.' ' No advance in price. HEPBURN pLSTOPHEK pfdL STRONG *JW £»™ *J/:V/1 JA •/"•"»! COLIN CLIVE BILLIE BURKE The new flashing personalit who set tho world agog in "A Bil of Divorcement.' The personal story of a million daughters. Higher and highei Faster and faster! She gave her self to the great god Speed, am tried to run away from the fires within her! 300 miles an hour, then the crash! Sunday, April 30 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. May ,'!, 4, and 5. "Cavalcade" OLIVE BROOKE DIAXA WYM'AKI) Seven national organizations, a membership of 10,000,000 about wruv Magnetic, exquisite Joan you desire her! Ardent, handsome Gary you thrill to him! as as with men and women say this Cavalcade: "The production may, withou any exaggeration, be called a gen uine masterpiece." The seven organizations which made the above appraisal of Cav alcade in consultation with one an other, are as follows: National Society Daughters o the American Revolution National Society of New England HOUSE PASSES MEMORIAL TO J.W.SULLIVAN In memorial services held recently the House of the 45th General Assembly adopted resolutions commemorating the life and -public services of the late John W. Sullivan. The resolutions were prepared 'by a committee consisting of Representatives A. H. 'Bonnstetter, Kossuth county, P. H. Donlon, Palo Alto county, and E. J. Maniece, Emmet county, and a copy signed by the committee and Geo. E. Miller, Speaker of the House, has ibeen received >by Mrs. Sullivan, as follows: Text of Memorial. Mr. 'Speaker: Your committee appointed to prepare resolutions commemorating the life and public service of the late John W. Sullivan, of Kossuth county, (begs leave to submit the following re- COUNCIL (Continued from page 1.) reduced to $1000. Flora E. Gabriel, $1175 to $1260, no change. Dora Weber Urch, $1680 to $1900, reduced to $1800. Nettie C. Norton, $1280 to $1500, reduced to $1400. Will F. Walker, $120 to $300, no change. L. J. De Grow, $1120 to $1500, reduced to $1300. Thos. Henderson, $1296 to $1500 reduced to $1296. Mary E. Burtis, $672 to '$840, re duced to $672. Backus and Baker Homes Raised. Laura E. Backus, $1898 to $2000 Advance Gets fine Bouquet At Hieeting of State Press port: John W. Sullivan was 'horn at Exquisite Joan her.! Selected -shorts as you desire in "Buzzin' Around. Paramount News _ Round Radio Row." •Fatty Arbuckle Women. General Federation of Women's Clubs (West Coast 'Committee). Congress of Parents and Teachers (California Committee). National Council of Jewish Wom)n (Los Angeles iSection). Women's University Club of Los Angeles. United Church Brotherhood of California (Stage and 'Screen Committee). "Even greater than Birth La Salle, 111., June 13, 18G2, and died at his home at Algona, Iowa, August 19, 1931, being 69 years and wo months of age. When Mr. 'Sullivan was nine •ears of age his parents moved to Johnson county, Iowa, where they esided on a' farm. He attended the )ublic schools of Johnson county ..ater he attended Hiatt's academy owa City, and after finishing a two ear course there attended the tate university. He was graduat- d from Hie law department of the niversity in 1887. . Came Here In 1890. After graduation, Mr. -Sullivan ntered the practice of law at Sioux alls, S. D., where he remained one year. He then returned to Iowa City, where he entered the law office of the late Judge Martin J. Althe no change. J. P. Nlckerson, reduced to $1100. J. P. Nickerson, ' $800 reduced to $900. $960 to $1200 to $1000 J. P. Nickerson, $1040 to $1200 reduced to $1148. Carl R. Rhyan, $4600 to $4800, no change. L. G. Baker, $300 to change. $400, no Wade. In 1890, he moved to gona, where he engaged •practice of law alone. in L, G. Baker, $2700 to $2880, no change. Thelma Johnson, $800 to $900, no change. H. C. Fredericks, $2400 to $3000, reduced to $2700. C. S. Johnson, $1600 to $2000, no change. •R. W. Horigan, $1100 to $1400, reduced to $1300. Shirley Home Gets Boost. • Wm. Shirley, $840 to $1000, no change. Joel Herbst, $2200 to $2400, reduced to $2200. Frances Herbst, $1280 to $1400, reduced to $1324. Emma DIngley, $5600 to $6,000, no change. Mary A. MUller, $1600 to $1900, reduced to $1800. Anna Murtagh, $6000 to $6200, reduced to $6000. Algona Marketing Co., $148 to i 1248, no change. Algona Marketing Co., stock, The Advance waa given high praise at the Iowa Press association convention in JDes Moines Friday afternoon, when Doyle L. Buckles, editor of the Fadrbury, Nebraska News, exhibited a copy as a model of front page and correspondence arrangement. Mr. BuokeJs, winner of many national prizes and awards for newspaper excellence, 'was a member of the All-American newspaper "eleven" for 1932 the same honor which was accorded the Advance in 1927. An "eleven" is chosen annually by Cean John F Casey, of the Oklahoma state university's school of journalism. A newspaper can be named only once on these ."levens." The Advance was named the second year after the selection of the "elevens" was inaugurated toy,, (Professor Casey. The Advance, the Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune, and ' the Spencer Mews-Herald were the only North Central Iowa papers used by Mr. Buckels in Ms display. Use of the Advance was a surprise to the pub- Ushers of the paper, who -had not known that it was to be used. Mr. Buckels called the attention of the editors to the manner in vhich the Advance edits and head- ines its correspondence. This calls Covey of Pioneer Birds Found Here A corey of quail was flushed hy George Free Jr. Tuesday morning' on the M. P. Haggard vacant lot next to the Free home on south Minnesota street. Quail, which wore'so plentiful in pioneer times that In season they graced the tables of all early settlers, are now scnrce. How this cotey happened to come Into town is a mystery. NOTICE OF COUNTY CONVENTION TO BE HELD FOR THiE PURPOSE OF NOMINATING 'CANDIDATES FOR THE STATE CONViENTION TO BE HELD PURSUANT TO A PROCLAMATION OIF THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF IOWA FOR THE PURPOSE OF VOTING FOR O1R AGAINST THE RATIFICATION OF AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES. To All the Qualified Voters of Kossuth county, Iowa: You and each of you are hereby notified that, pursuant to proc- ines its correspondence. This calls """"™ ""•". yurauani to proc- or much additional work, but it I } ama t' on Iwued on April-14, 1933, gives every page in the paper in- '^ *!L H ° n °™ble Clyde I,. Her- $148 to $248. Theo Goeders, $1200 to $1400, no change. Merchandise Stocks Unchanged. •Merchandise stocks and similar property valuations, not Included in the valuations of buildings were not changed, and the original and revised assessments follow: ' A. & P. Tea Co., i$8<o2 to $1500. L. E. Ashland, $1332 to $1600. Lester F. Martin, Call theater, $2764 to $3000. Bloom & Sons, $880 to $1200. Council Oak, $1456' to $1800.- Fred R. Powell, $160 to $348. ;ives every page in the paper in ense reader interest which insures o advertisers extra value for their money, he said. Full display of interesting local news features headed in a style which makes readers conscious of the news also adds to the attractiveness and the value of the Advance, Mr. Buckels pointed out. Three Kossuth newspapermen, R. E. Hutton, of the Bancroft Register, R. B. Waller, of the Upper Des Moines, and D*. E. Oewel, of the Advance, attended the convention, traveling in Mr. Button's car. 'While at Des Moines Mr. Hutton 'had- a new automobile engine installed. . ring, : Govern or of the State of IOWA, under the authority of Sen ate File 477 of the 45th O. A., there will be held In Algona, Iowa, at 11 o'clock a. m. on Monday, May Sth. 1933, county contentions, for the purpose of nominating candidates to the'state* convention, to be held under the authority of said senate file 477. You are further notified that all qualified voters of Kossuth county, Iowa, who are in favor of ratifying the amendment to the constitution of the United States, as proposed by the Congress of the United 'States, which amendment repeals the amendment to tho said constitution of the United States, will meet at 11 o'clock in the forenoon on Monday, May 8th, 1933, at courtroom in the City of Algona, la., that all .persons opposing the ratification of the eaid amendment will meat at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of the May, A. D. the City 01 aald of Kossuth the office of 3 C , C J? the s of delegate convention, to ' 1933, until ho 1 Hvered to tho county held i -•ntion signed by him'nn d chairman attest. lie senate file 477 . -**m Dated at Algoni-*'*' day of April, A. D K. J. , County Kossuth con r UP» Our paint'demonstration was a huge SUCCPW into our store and get our prices. We Inw ' plete line of Devoe paints, enamels, and varnishj Botsford Lumber Co, : PHONE 256 JIM POOL, On January 24, 1894, Mr. Sullivan formed a law partnership with S. E. McMahon, who had then -been graduated from the Law department of the state university of Michigan. That partnership, without a shadow of misunderstanding continued till Mr. Sullivan's death, a period of more than 37 years. In 1920, L. E. iLinnan, who had just been graduated from the iLaw department of the Iowa state university, Joined the firm. Mr. Sullivan was married in April, 1895, to Essie -Cordingly, daughter of one of the pioneer fam- lies of Kossuth county. His faith- "ul wife and one son, W. Wade Sulivan, a 'brother, iDaniel 'Sullivan, and two sisters, Kate and Nellie iullivan, survive. Career as Citizen Noteworthy. John W. .Sullivan was an ideal citizen who always had at heart he .best interests of his home, his irofession, his community, and his tate, and' was ever ready and wiling- to contribute his services to the Funeral services for Edward evelopment and success of every j Lamuth, who died at the General vorthy 'public or private enterprise [ hospital last week Wednesday ml to the upbuilding- and better- | were held at the' Catholic clvurcli- he lived. In 1S97 Mr. Sullivan was elected i charge. a member of the board of directors eration iur i-upiureu ap of the independent school district : Tuesday, April l'l, and was of Algona, and continued a mem- only eight days. bar till resignation due to ill! Edward was born October orient *n health in 1927. .During the last 23!1017, in Algona, and was 15 years' iunllkfit' The wnArM™ V"' years ol his term he was president, old. He was a sophomore at at I flyemiles rnrth ™'f i v f™ lb 01 the board - I Cecelia's academy, where he took of Hobarton /2 eS ^ Helped Defeat County Division. ! an active interest to football and'! _^» In 191S Mr. Sullivan successfully ;:basketbal ' L His untimely death' defeated attempted division of Kos- ' caused sreat 'sorrow among school- suth county, and in the same year i nlates as wel1 as in lila - family; was elected a member of the 36th i is sui ' v 'ved by his parents, General Assembly, in which he Mr ' and Mrs - Matt 'Lamuth;- three continued the fight and by atole |' b |' oth ers Ralph, manager of a Swift Mrs. F. M. Williard died at hm- leadership defeated and ended the ' &V mt . at Fwibault. Minn., Paul,, of'L t p , """ la ° etl at hei attempt to divide the county i Woodward, and William, at home; "?" 6 , Edgle Grove last week Mr. Sullivan was president of the ' a ? cl two si ' stel ' s . Eleanor and Mary, | > Ve(ln esday, and funeral services Kossuth County Bar association ! at - home - | were', held 1 there from organization till death. He BIG ALTERATION SA LAMB THIEF SEEN ' AS GOLDEN EAGLE A large and rare Golden Eagle was discovered recently by Alex McArthur on his farm. Mr. McArthur saw it attack some of his lambs. He had already lost two lambs mysteriously, and when he saw the bird knew what had happened, so he got .his shotgun and shot at it. The bird' was only stunned, and he kept lit in his garage nearly : two weeks, meanwhile showing it to neighbors. Ross W. Moses, game warden at Emmets-burg, was notified', and he came Tuesday to get the .bird, saying he planned to place it in.some public park. The bird stands nearly two feet high and has a wing spread the width of the McArthur garage. After it had been in the garage for a time it seemed entirely unhurt. -It acted unafraid and' would let people come within a few feet before showing fight.. The bird is dark-colored, with a 5 -! light golden tint which shows in ;'basketball. His untimely death i E« c- i¥r r ormer Farm Woman FUNERAL IS HELD SATURDAY MORNING FOR EDW, LAMUTH community in which I Saturday morning at 9 o'clock | with the Rev. Father Cavern in Edward underwent an op- for ruptured appendix "Quality First, Last and All the Time" | Three Days Only, Thursday, Frida | and Saturday, April 27, 28 and 2f ,, «. vm. dirt connected with the 3 noi of the oil I ™ *" ^^'^Z^^X"^ earl wortB = conndennfi. T-Tpin no 0 (-rv,,f .n,„ T_-_T_ _,. . . w ucty. neip us 5£ confidence. == spirit of the Here Dies at E. G. at home " rlal was made in the local •-•ujii ui fe(4.1IH*ClLI<Jll lill UCttlll. Jlt3 ^, , »•**<- lUlsO.! was a charter member of the Al-!',,, c , cemete 'T, and eight altar gona Rotary club and was a~ golfj' boys servecl as pall bearers enthusiast. His interests centered Am °ne out-of-town VPIKH--U in his borne, his community, and the practice of law. 1'rofessionul Standard .High. •Mr. Sullivan was an untiring stu- Among out-of4own'reaves and £S ™ *' wn ° Ul lonrlc iwlirt ntf^^,l-^,i iii _ B , owutll Ui l.U\Vn. Saturday after- 'She was well known here, for the Williards once owned and noon. friends who attended the tune al i^d ^E^fe r^ ^ were: F. R. Blut, of Early Mrs A H,.f , , g Grove ' ' Mrs - "'»Hermann, Minneapolis; I^fkict ft ^ ^ !!« ^^ ^ 'Haekman farm, family Wil- INSTALLATION AND FEDERAL TAX PAID Automatic defrosting . . . automatic ice-tray releasing ... cold storage space . . . ^ more food space . . . distinctive new style . . . genuine Frigidaire quality. BJU 213 East State Street Phone 520 Now while materials and labor are low in price is the time to put your buildings iu repair. We are ready to help you plan these improvements. SEE US F. S. Norton & Son Phone 229—Lumber and Coal - ardson, her sister, and' friends from Britt; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ryno T , , , . . . . dent entertained a very high and Irene .Lamuth, Fort Dot ge Mr Btanilnrd of professional ethics, and and Mrs. S. E. Boyle Mason Cltv" was the embodiment of profession- the H. al honor and rectitude. He sought I ton . . . M. Statler temly H am D - i<"""y, uamp . diligently to impress these high Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Smith Iowa e a • > i —*ra*» A>*i. emu m.1 a. j. •p. amirn inwa men a on younger members of the Falls; Hans Halverlon HumbokU legal proless.on with whom he was J. j. Deneen, and Mr anil^Mrs R acquainted. Though a tireless j. McElroy, Emmetsburg M, and worker, a •namstakiiiE student, nns- M,.= T^I,^ ™™ T „' , u , he was extremely modest and retiring, ever ready to extend due consideration to the opinion and judgment of others. In politics, Mr. Sullivan was truly a Jeffersonian democrat and a firm believer in the principles of government so clearly announced and ably advocated by the sage of Monticello. Memorial is Recorded. Therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the 45th General Assembly of the State of Iowa that the foregoing memorial be adopted as its appreciation of the life and public services of John W. Sullivan. Be it further resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the records of this House and an enrolled copy thereof 'be sent to the family of the deceased. Algona Woman Wins Convention Honor At an .Iowa Augustana conference at Red Oak last week Wednesday till Sunday, Mrs.' D. Monlux Algona, was honored with election as secretary of the State Missionary society. There are GO societies and 2620 members in the conference. 'She was accompanied to Red Oak by the Rev. M. A. Sjostrand Algona-Bancroft pastor, and Ole Allison, representing the Bancroft church, who were delegates from the two churches. Mr. Sjostrand gave an address before the conference last Thursday. Girl Burned In Blaze. South Cresco, Apr. 25 — Helen daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Bates, was helping her sister, Mrs M. Hauenstein, render lard Friday and when dt caught lire she was badly burned. She is recovering at the General hospital, Algona. FUNERAL HERE MONDAY FOR VICTIMJF T, B, The Rev. C. V. Hulse conducted funeral services Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Merritt Funeral Home for John Raymond Smith, 24. He was born at Magnolia, Putnam county, 111., March 2, 1909, and when he was four his parents moved to Hamilton county, Iowa, whence, a lew years later, they came to Kossuth, where they lived 12 years on a farm near Lu Verne. Mr. Smith died of tuberculosis at the Oakda!le sanitarium Friday. His mother died in 1921, and her funeral services were conducted at the local Methodist church, with 'burial in the Algona cemetery. His body was also buried there. The young man was married to Sadie Bricker. Effingham, 111., December 24, 1927, and she, with the two children, Nellie Hazel, two, and Floyd, 7 mos., survives. Hia father John Smith, a sister, Mrs. Albert Lau, Goldfield, and three brothers Aaron, Fred, and Bob, also survive Mr. Smith was a member of the Methodist church at Colfax, where the family has resided a year and a half. " --wm.mn, vioiLUl ilL the A. J. Brown and M. de L Parsons .homes. Mr. Williard died some years ago. Algona Boy's Hand is Bitten by Cross Dog DaroTd, 5-year-old son of Mr ant Mrs W A. Richardson, suffered badly ibitten right hand Friday when he fell over a chain in the home yal ' d at the Wm ' C- Brayt . 01 was chained up, 'hit -him b^'fo're'ht could arise. The dog was tied up because it was known to be crosf With strangers. The boy was play the AH h( L De P° sl tors, Creditors, and ... Persons Interested in thi Matter of the Receivership of th, Kossuth County State Bank Al gona, Iowa: ' You and each of you are fr? !l' ed i lmt there is now oi n- I - 6 ,° Mlce OE th > e Clei>k of the District Court of Kossuth county ,?I a .' l he aPP»°atlon of L. A. An Countv County , bank, Sald praying thai* Parole Release is Granted by Judge "Bill" Finn, paroled from the bench when a jail term was im- poed in November, 1928, was re leased from parole Friday by — 4*—* w*u .j,. j iua.j' 'Uy Judge Davidson. Evidence was presented to show excellent 'behavior, also mitigating circumstances connected with the offense. Finn! pleaded guilty to a charge of larceny of tools and materials -from a car pwned by Stewart Hazelttae an order be enfereSThe^ eTnTuthor- izing and directing said receiver to compromise the indebtedness of T H. Wadsworth to said bank, for tbe sum set out in said application That on the 27th day of April an order was made by Hon Davidson, Judge of the Four& Judicial District of Iowa Hxing the Sth day of May, 1933 al Ho^Kgon^UlSthet^ ca n t d ion la o C f e t°h Illearlng0ntlle specified. s ass 13 ty Bank, Algona 3 in the day or evening. ends Saturday nigh., so arrange to do your shopping earlj BROWNELL'S - Footw ear >*» 1 ••• B argain P rces Only the changes contemplated forces and reauires that >ve place on sale at bargain prices every pair of shoes for wen, women, and children. All new spring and summer styles, just received, are included in this sale. Bargains for the entire family, shoe C*

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