Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1933 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1933
Page 4
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FOUR KOSBtTTH COPNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA, IOWA •NTBRED AS SECOND CLASS matter December 31, 1908, at the Vostofflce at Algona, Iowa, under the •ct ot March 2, 3S79. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION 1—To Kossuth county postofflces and bordering postoffloea at Armstrong. Bode, Brltt, Buffalo 'Center, Cor- wlth, Cylinder, Klmore, 'Hutchlns, Uvermore, Ottosen, Rake, iRlng- •ted, Rodman, Stllssn, West Bend, and Woden, year *2.00 •—To all other U. S. Postoftlces, $2.50 year ALL. subscriptions for papers going *o points within the county and out- •f-the-«ounty pelnts named under No. 1 • above are considered continuing subscriptions to be discontinued only •n notice from subscribers or at pub««her's discretion. Subscriptions going to non-county point* not named under •Jo. 1 above will be discontinued Without notice one month after expiration of time paid for, If not renewed. •rat time for payment will be extended Sf requested In writing. the United - but THE THOMAS AMENDMENT TO THE AGRICULTURAL BILL It is not probable that more than m small proportion of readers took *he trouble to read the amendment -»o the farm bill by Senator Thomms, of Oklahoma, featured in the •treamer lines of Friday morning's papers. Yet this amendment embodies •She most revolutionary and far- ffeaching changes in monetary policy ever proposed in this country, •«tnd certainly the people should i 3know what it means. | The amendment is distinctly a proposal for inflation of the cur- •Jrency, and it is understood to have •the backing of President Roosevelt «nd his advisers. The first su'b-section of the •mendment would authorize the president to direct the secretary of *he treasury to make arrangements •with the Federal 'Reserve System to buy obligations of the United States' up to the sum of ?3,000,000,000. The object ot such purchases such small significance compared with the other proposals that It need not be considered.. It Is hinted in Washington dispatches that President (Roosevelt has no present intention of making use of any of the powers contemplated in the . amendment other than the first, which/ is not regarded by opponents as particularly unsound. "What he wants, according to these hints, is a handy club which 'both domestic and foreign foes wi'll view with respect. This is reminiscent of his famous cousin's "Speak softly, but carry a big stick." Of course the idea tack of all these proposals is to make money circulate, and thus stimulate 'business and raise prices. Again, economists are not agreed on whether prices would 'be raised, nor are they agreed on whether the ultimate results would be beneficial or disastrous. The object : of this editorial is informative 'merely. We are not at this time prepared to express an opinion. The problems involved are technical dn the extreme. "A new school of fiscal economists has arisen, and, for the time being at least, it is upsetting some of the traditions of the old 'School. It remains to be seen which is right, and in the meantime it 'behooves the rest of us to take due time in 1 At The Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. C. arriving at conclusion's. Timely Topics OVER THE .White ^J House is important because it is timely, because it stirs the latent blood of patriotism, and because, like so many martyred rulers, "'President' Hammond die's at the very, peak of his public career, thus instilling into the drama a touch of pathos and sentimental- Ism. Viewed in the cold, calculating light of criticism, this is simply the spectacle of a rejuvenated people grown stale under the inaction of four years of inertia, finding themselves suddenly under the leadership- of a man of deeds and reveling in the change. Gabrie Over the White House will enjoy a tremendous vogue, because we are •living at this very moment the vicissitudes depicted on the screen It was a lucky "break" for Cosmopolitan pictures to bring to the American people at this critical time the revamped book of Thomas F. Tweed, an Englishman, written anonymously only as late as February. Skillful direction and some timely references to prohibition, unemployment, foreign debts, help to make this photoplay of great [ cate chorus work make the last part of Forty-Second Street a masterpiece of beauty and charm. You'll never see, from the ibest seats of any theater, on the actual stage, such vistas of rare 'beauty as be to reiease money. The Vederal Reserve banks would pay The democratic state administration is to ibe commended on its record as regards tax reduction. This goes for all concerned, from Governor 'Herring down. The state tax burden for the coming biennium has been cut $3,500,000, on nearly 25 per cent. Now if local taxing bodies will follow suit we shall see results worth while in 1934. Certainly no one can complain of inaction at the White House since the new president took charge. Never 'before in this country's history has there been such speed. out money for the government ob-i Ev en Mr. Roosevelt's party .leaders jligations. The money would be de- in congress are at times left be- -fposited in banks, and the idea is hind and in view of unexpected de- that the banks, finding themselves | velopments have to eat one day overstocked with money, would be | what they said the day before, driven to a liberal lending policy, As scheme after 9cheme to end in order to make it earn its way. . tne depression fails conviction rrhis would .put the money into cir- j grows that it lg like a fever and «idation. | can't end before it has burned it- It does not appear that there is j self out. Things can be done to «trong objection to this plan,' ease a fever and hasten the end. public appeal. The plot is a bit fantastic. The change from the easy-going politician to the man of action, through concussion of the brain from an automobile accident, is as strange as improbable. But this is a one- man show, with Walter Huston in the president's chair. Mr. Huston has had considerable experience in like roles ('witness his Lincoln and Grant portrayals), and he takes to President Hammond like a duck to water. Franchot Tone plays the part of the president's male secretary, while Karen Morley is the feminine "angle," a jilted sweetheart but a loyal secretary. The only other parts of consequence are taken by Arthur Byron, secretary of state, and a 'gangster impersonating Mr. Diamond, nationally known racketeer. The court martial of this notorious toad-man is a stirring and quite unp-lausible piece of movie hokum designed to send thrills of patriotism down the spines of 100 per cent Americans. those vouchsafed us from the wings of the cinema or from the floor of the stage under the girls legs. Two catchy tunes further en hance the finals, Off to Buffalo an Forty-Second Street. But the sa fact must be recorded that 'th present production cannot compar in (beauty or interest with its tw musical predecessors, Golddigger of Broadway and The King of Jazz now almost forgotten memories! FIRST LUTHERAN, M. A. Sjos trend, Pastor—The Woman's Mis Sionary society meets tomorrow af ternoon, 2:30, at Mrs. Al Allison's Mrs. John Carlson, assisting hostess. This will .be an "open hour' meeting, 2:30 p. m. to 7 p. m. Al are invited, and we urge the men to come for lunch. The program will center around the subjeci Bethphage. Let's have a large gathering, at this special meeting . . The choir meets for rehearsal tomorrow evening, 7:30, at the Sellatrom home. The Confirma;ion class meets Saturday morning, 9:30 Sunday school and though its efficacy is doubted in but that is about all. responsible quarters in view of , overnight specific. the fact that the banks as a whole Bible class next Sunday morning at 10. The Bible Study is Psalm 12. Morning worship next Sunday at 11, NAZARENE, A. W. and Hazel Irwin, Pastors—The blessings of God have been on us in the meetings each evening. The Rev. Mr. Nilson has been preaching the gospel, and God has been honoring his word by convicting souls of sin and putting a burden for the lost on his children. Attendance at the services has been good, and is getting better. Interest has been very good; and our faith in God for _„„„_. a heaven-born revival was never You probably enjoyed Gabriel I stron f e r. Services each evening, Over the White House, along with 1 except Monday at 7:45. Sunday ser- the hundreds of other customers [ y ices ' f ^ ,. to 12 > ^ ta the even- who crowded the 'Call theater to ing at 7:30 ' County Federation Meeting' Held at Lakota— A meeting of the county federa tion of Woman's clubs was held at the iLakpta Presbyterian church Tuesday afternoon. There was a business meeting from 11:30 to 12:30, and officers were elected for two years: president, Mrs^ J. (H Warburton, 'Lakota, re-elected; vice, Mrs. Stone, Lu Verne; secretary, Mrs. G. J. F. Vogel, Burtr treasurer, Mrs. H. E. Woodward Whittemore. Mrs. W. T. Peters, Burt, and Mrs. Warburton were elected delegates to a bi-annual state federation to be held May 2-3-4 at Mason City. A one o'clock lunch was served by the Lakota Acornr and /PriscWa clubs and the W. C. T...U.,•clubs and the Swea Oity Thursday club and the W. C. T. U. club. The afternoon program was opened with America, which was followed /by a piano solo by Eunice Jensen, Swea City. Mrs. I. W. Wortman, Lakota, the*n gave a book review. Mrs. J. H. Warner, Swea City, talked on school questions, and a discussion followed. Mesdames Hanson and Heetland, Lakota, sang a duet, and Mrs. Elaine Bird, Swea Hity, gave a vocal solo. Two selections were given by a lLakota oc- .ette. The reading of the creed by Mrs. John IDitsworth. Algona, closed the program. The next meeting in October will >e In charge of the Titonka, Fenon, and Burt clubs. Eleven of the 6 federated clubs In the county were represented at the Lakota meeting, and 71 women registered. ^he Plum Creek Literary & Social lub and the Union, South Cresco, nd Four Corners mothers and "aughters clubs were represented. •arid Ristau Birthday Observed— David Ristau, Algona, celebrated is 80th birthday Sunday. The chil- ren, who came for the event, at- ended services at the local Trinity utheran church, then with their amilies, gathered at the home of There is no j see the production, and it may live las as authentic screen document of me iaci uia.i me uanivs aa a nuuie -, - , ^ , . i the Era of the New Deal. are alreadv swamped with money. I . S . e+cretar ': of+1 ' State HuJ1 1S ? mte , hope so. right in the thesis that before . world trade can be restored there \ pLEAR ALL WIRES is just a must 'be wordwide revision of tar- ! • • or can get all they want by redis- -counting with the Federal Reserve, and yet have not engaged in wholesale lending. The explanation of the banks is that they cannot do so ibecause safe loans are scarce. They ipoint. in particular, to the fact that big industry, such as the automobile industry, is not seeking •loans, for the reason that the vol-; ar . e , to , Protect ourselves Time of 'business does not call for ! wholesale dumping, borrowed money. j Regulations which forbade It is the second and third sub- ! insurance companies to METHODIST, C. T. Hulse, Pastor Let us | —The W. H. M. S. meets this afternoon at the parsonage, with the following women in charge: he step-daughter, Mrs. Ernst Wei, where dinner was served in r. Ristau's honor. After dinner a short program as given. A song of thanks and raise was sung toy the guests, fol- owing which the Rev. P. J. Braner ave a short address. iffs downward. First, however, or at least along with it there must be restoration of a world standard of money. The present -monetary rather goofy yarn about an j dames A. A. Bishop, G. C. Yeoman, erratic j J. S. Troutman, Joyce I B. Seeley, A. H. Hodges, j<: i tion ibach, Claude Thomas, a'bly played, as usual, by j Smith, Thos. Halpin . . . The Cen- the vivacious young pep artist, Lee tenary class will hold its April fel- T.racy. We see him first in Mor-1 lowship meeting at the church to- occo, later in Paris, finally in Mos-! m °rrow evening A'll those we cow, where he gets tangled up with wish to be classified jliis employer's mistress and loses [his job. Prompted 'by motives of ^ife ' self-agrandisement he then hatches group are invited. with this m.; the Oxford From now on dur- . , . . , ST - THOMAS EPISCOPAL, Louis _. ... ..._ --- .... , _ loan jiip a plot to asassmate a prince, I Demunjrhoff, 31. Th.., Rector—Sec- sections of the amendment which against policies have, been modified; saves the life of the chief of po-jond Sunday after Easter- earlv are regarded in conservative quar- to permit loans to pay taxes, prem- j lice, and ends by marrying Kate Eucharist and sermon, S 'a 4-ers as revolutionary. The second iums. interest on home or farm : and flying to China. It is a crazy commemoration of sub-section provides that if the loans, and bills for medical, hos- | story, wildly acted by this whirl- Movement secretary of the treasury and the pital, or funeral service. This was wind of the screen. : ing summer federal reserve system fail to wise and needed, but loans for j Like most of Lee Tracy's pic- i will be held agree, then the secretary, on direc- hoarding or speculative purposes ; tures, (his one moves quickly and ! service . . , Church tion of the president may issue up , ought not to <be allowed till condi- i furiously from start to finish. I Sunday, 10'a. m •to $3.000,000,000 in greenbacks. tions are again normal. j Nerve, and plenty of it, is the one The greenbacks are to be issued The most stubborn problem Pres-' qualit> " exenj P lified in exchange for United States idem Hoover faced was how to bonds and to repay other maturing force added currency into sustained government obligations on loans, circulation, and the same problem - grand- then sang Happy Birthday to You, Grandpa! Father Ristau, deeply moved, expressed appreciation. The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting. The following children, with their families, attended: H. D. and Conrad, Lu Verne and Ventura, respectively; also the following stepchildren and their'families: Mrs. C T. Heller and Mrs. Erwin Bender, Westgate; Mrs.- Richard Potratz Lotts Creek; Mrs. William Ristau Lu Verne; E. R. Wetzel, Minneapolis; Mrs. Arthur Geilenfeld, Lu. Verne; Mrs. Max IBast, Algona. Other guests were: Mrs. Albertine Thiel, Mr. ai Mrs. Bast evening ter Alma, and Fred Lavrenz~Sr.' Mr. .Ristau has exceptionally good health, and is still able to at- school next ?etic young man. from a rival news et to see a big parade, and when EV. LUTHERAN, P. J. The money would take the place of no\v defies the bonds, and the government j s t he would have the interest. In the past economists have condemned nnnv 1{rilner < J'astor — Next Sunday: Trinity church, " ,!r _ Sunday school and Bible class, 10 a. m.; English service, 10:30. The tend to his daily work. He is one of the leading small tables centered with gold tapers and smdlax. The high bridge prices were won toy Mrs. R. J. Keen and H. E. Ward. Guests of the club were Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Norton, Mr. Barker, and M. M. Morrow. Guild Benefit Party Giren— The St. Thomas Episcopal Guild gave its annual ^benefit bridge party Monday afternoon at the Mrs. John Brown home on' Diagonal. There were 100 guests. Contract bridge prizes were won by Mrs. Wm. Hawcott, high, and Mrs. Geo. W. Patterson, Burt, low. Auction bridge prizes were.won by Mrs.'A. L. Peterson and Mrs. D. D. 'Paxson, and,.. Mrs. W. A. Barry won low. There were guests from Brltt, Burt, Bancroft, and Whittemore. Mrs. W. P. French Hostess— | Mrs. W. B. iFrench entertained 12 women at dinner and bridge last week Wednesday night The guests were seated at small tables centered with candles. The high bridge scores were won by Mrs. Anton Didriksen and Mrs. A. E. Michel. /ast Thursday night Mrs. French entertained another group of 12 women at an erening party, and he high bridge scores were won by Mrs. G. D. Stokes and Mrs. W. McDonald. * Mrs. Paul Trauger Entertains— Mrs. Paul Trauger entertained at hree tables of bridge last week Wednesday. The high scores were won by Mrs. M. 'L. Goslin and Mrs. Floyd Saunders. After bridge lunch was served. Other guests were flesdames Russell Weaver, Howard Hoink, George Free Jr., N. Victor -owe, D. A. Barnard, Robert Laron, Vincent Kleinpeter, Emmet ackman, H. W. Edwards, and -•yons. Lu Verne Bridge Club Entertained Mra. P. V. Janse and Mrs. B. T. Agard entertained a Lu Verne bridge club Tuesday night. There are 12 members. Mrs. D. H. Goeders, Mrs. E. J. Skinner, and Mrs. F. L. Thorpe were also guests. The high score was won by 'Irene Swensen, Lu Verne teacher, and Mrs. Goeders won the travel prize. New Trinity Aid Members— The Trinity Lutheran Aid met •last Thursday at Mrs. Edward Will's, and three new members were received: Mrs. Adrian Bur-! meister, Mrs. Carl Krug, and Mrs. Leonora Peck. The Aid now has 2S active members. It was decided to purchase new -windows to beautify the church. Farewell for Mrs*. Arthur Sorensen Mrs. Anton Didriksen and Mrs. F. D. Wilson entertained at a farewell party for Mrs. Arthur Sorensen yesterday afternoon. The Sorensens are moving to Bode next week. The guests were mostly neighbors of Mrs. Sorensen. The afternoon was spent at visiting. Birthday Club Has Picnio- The F. F. Barkers, M. M. Morrow, and the latter's son Charles, all of Des Moines, were entertained many years. pr ss;r£ ;: i -ffisre='?srs ^ : pV= --«« ^;»'«*L> ^•« dl „/!,,, n^Irfn «• r>+ rrn *1 1, r>-V. 4-?T.rv *%.*. .1!~ Op. II. , em pt to bring this about which in- creasinglv strengthens the popular the dic-, is a bit substitution of money for interest- demand for unsafe monetary infla- sl °PP y - and lhere are tlmes when » ----- , — ,.^ii__ij — ...... -------- 1 . • awkward pauses mar the continuity of the picture. day start at 10 o'clock. the first Sun- services will is Planned— of the j a t a picnic at the Ambrose A. Call served as j state park Sunday noon. The group consisted of Mrs. Barker's Birthday club here and the families. There were 3'5 persons in attendance. ibearing obligations as unsound. tion. There is no provision in the amendment for security of any Jrind 'behind the The Minnesota legislature has James Gleason, always a sure- ks Fe't] passed a net income tax law esti- fire bet, turns in the best perform- v " mated to raise five millions. It ex- ance, while Una Merkle, with her Even the Federal Reserve bank notes "have 100 per cent security of some fcind back of them. The only kinds of money we have now in quantity which are not fully •secured are the silver certificates. '$389,000,000, and the civil war greenbacks, $258,000.000, the parity (exchangeability) of which is, however, guaranteed -by law. The proposed new greenbacks "would be fiat money pure and simple. In the past in all countries has ^ 1000 for si ^'e persons and southern accent a bit clouded, ''- 000 for married persons, with serves as principal love interest. t* 50 ad< ? ilio ? al Ior . each ^pendent. But Clear Ml Wires is simply an HARNESS THIEVES NABBED & JAILED .,-_„>. uiiuiijuuai luj cen;ii uepeiiueiu. J3UL 'v iear .-vu wires is simply an _ . Hpr.hst The rate is one to five per cent, interlude, a calm before the storm. 'Sheriff Dahlhauser went to Gar- fl,. T,' Typical Comment A set of britching har- : Minnesota stole a march on Iowa, Because, -beginning tomorrow and ner Monday to get goods stolen in continuing three days, we are to February, see 42nd Street, the hit musical ness and some Drtciies \\-ere- show of the season. And we are _ neic ready for a musical comedy—oh, so R> P ' Leason . who farms six ready! So clear all wires'for 42nd mi les north of Algona. Street. | Fred Lieb, two miles west An Eighth district spring pep win "b? held^ex^ Tuesday "aflhe ! ^T^nSr^*" 1 ' 11 "'"" ^*™"^^Z £™'$a™ the 'cSSS^S . Each Kossuth unit will be repre- m" 1 " famllies Panning to attend sented in a skit entitled "Member- Mrs T A T^ i ' Elkins or ship," and the Algona unit's double , *recn. two numbers. The 0. E. S. to Sponsor Dance— of MesUames Theo.; The 0. E. S. will give a dance at .•sauciam, Leona Zeig- the Masonic temple tomorrow night A. for the younger set. Mrs. F. D. .-.iMathes is chairman of the corn- trios Stand by the President. . . , thlnk fiat money in large usually led to disaster. Supporters of the amendment claim that a retirement provision •would make the money safe. This j^e provision sets aside four per cent of the issue annually out of government revenues for cancellation of the greenbacks. The issue •would thus be in 25 years. The dent." It "PORTY-SECOND STREET, long advice to give I • heralded musical comedy, failed • at ,u B u ami'i ? e £ t0 Sa> - : ;to take Algona b >' storm - '» shows Lieb is ™v« UP H f 6f PreS1 " ! among almost everything ' else, ^ collars, makes no difference some glaring defects difficult to nf rt and two Md tW ° This pep meeting marks the close Woman's Club Meets Tomorrow— ! ot a membership drive in the : The Woman's club meets tomor-i , district. Every Kossuth unit [ row afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the ' 01 .reached its goal, and several went 'library. •of : over the top. The local unit's j „,, quota was .94, and the membership Other Society. members having! The Baptist Aid will meet the since November. Kos- j tirst Thursday in May -with Mrs. R. whether one is a republican or Evidence has been uncovered to ty " robbers, who and other requirements! White House, and he is entitled to of everybody. Oh, Such a Serious Offense! Iowa Falls Citizen—The Minne- ° f P10t " is the h ° ary both of Lewis Erick----- — — n^vii, trisdG 3 fair- who gets i ly good thing during the wHnter at 'her big chance through accident stealing harnesses and other farm (in this case a broken ankle of the goods and selling- them at farm leading lady), and rises to immedi-i sales, ate stardom. Numerous love an- The property recovered . „„ ere completely retired ^" congressman who went from ! gles weave their way in and out of sheriff had been sd at $47 e claim that this P"*-™ to congress made the hurdle ; the play, delaying the final out- for the harnesses The f harnesses The farmers .i.** .w ,i>..u,i^'. iu*_ i_jmin Liiai, LIIJB c i . . . , — *-•—.•» ——•—j"*» *-*ji_. iino-i UUL ' iui LUC ticirricSScS l np Ts would have much effect in keeping °/' s . op P posrt '°" and .will retain standing feature, the show within who bought them are out the mon *hP mnnpv Bn ,,T,H e «.»™= H n ,,v,«f,,i i h ' 9 ^ a <- He went to prison for ad- j a show, brilliantly executed and i ey, having bought stolen UoL Mr a 'hnnkor on/) ' nVilfnlUr ^f^« ntn ^ Thoro io 4« n t ' TV> h l v. " U "6"L HlOien gOOQS. MT. There is just j Dahlhauser comments that farmers 1 should be alert when they buy from ressing a letter to a 'banker and skilfully directed b ™^* »«»« ° f ° rphans and widows." In - j. -*- •-- -"".4i AV^ULO-UIC DLfUrCco hfefav y fwlth to ° n»">y stars. In an A load of hogs and other sets of «,„ s .,,,, „-„,„» ™ „„, ^ffis-^r.^K ss a ,x rt ,m r a ^ T\. -r, ~ Th Des the money sound seems doubtful. [V A better argument would seem to ?>e that in view of our gold position and our resources we could absorb $3,000,000,000 of fiat money •without ill effects. However, as Senator Borah pointed out, $3,000,000,000 would not count for much against the $20,000,000,000 or so of, fh' e •deflation which has been effected i Tnu-a^ shnwa thr^ ,^ • e , -, ° — since the crash of 1929. I P VP n ^°\ n !nl Z ^ favor men, only Warner Baxter's splen- „,.,., . ,, Even the women who voted at all did portrayal of the overworked ,' The idea in the case of the green- voted two to one for the beverage, harrassed director is outstanding backs seems to be the same as in; A lot of them in a few years will Into the role of this storehouse of ! the case of the first sub-section,, be suing their husbands for a di- energy Mr Baxter has out an PT to-wn to make money so plentiful • vorce on a charge of habitual eeedingly convincing characteriza- an thejbanks that they will adopt a i drunkenness and cruelty. Tarnation. """""S cndracienzd- and George Hofius. This will be T-> . , ,,. • 1, Q ~ -••«*•***«. A mo W Jll Uti Registration next Tuesday will : the «rst meeting in the new'church I oegin at 9, and the meeting will y ear open at 10 A group from here will i T he Methodist Centenary class attend There will "be a joint Le- me ets tomorrow evening at the gion-Auxiliary banquet and pro- ! church, and a 15c supper will be Erflni ax 6 i 30 p. m. ' Bible Searchers Class Meets- served. Mrs. Anton ".pidriksen chairman of the committee. 5£ place, it is top- other than reputable sources of " been j the Hancock sheriff on the casp introduced, which makes the thing drag unmercifully. Among the REPEAL is not clear in this case, any more i against. than in the other, why they would or could do so if there is no safe -demand for loans. The Hoover ad- Tninistration tired to inflate credit for to 238 i Of the women much less may be said. The real star, Ruby Keeler (wife of Al Jolson), has beautiful (Continued from page 1.) The Biible Searchers met last SS^*4'S£S^ Miss was Frost, Franzen, Beard, and Hohn. The opening hymn „», Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross. Easter poems were read. Mrs A D. Bradley, -who had charge of'de- votions, told of church constitution of uls. H. L. Turner, Mary Smith. Josephine Murtagh entertained her bridee c-lub last Thursday night. The club meets tonight with Meredith 'Lathrop. The Methodist W. H. M. S. meets work at i this afternoon with Mrs C ie spends j Hulse. Members , o-ter. A re- mite boxes. port of the prohibition meeting at ' the Methodist church the day be- tore was given. A duet, Nearer the Cross, was sung by Mesdames Hodges and Martin, and Christ Arose the United States of America proposed -by the congress of the United States on the day of. nim uooa tan «eer Do? ]egs , but her vofce 'and^cUng abii:! 19-—. Dated this'.TIday of Real?- n^w Booster ' Ex P res s !itv are negligible. It wouldn't)" " * ' of the economic situation? Far more revolutionary than i If merely means that a lot of mon- she possesses, but they demanded i and and certified by them a great deal of rather dramatic j to the secretary of state at Des even the greenbacks proposal is I ev will be spent by people not able work, which she does most incom- i Moines. another sub-section which confers i to afford it for something that will ; petently. on the president power to lower I do lhfcni no good in a revenue cause i To put the thing frankly of the the gold content of the dollar. The lhat does n °t amount to shucks, ihour and 20-odd minutes it takes only limitation is that he cannot T .. , ,. . . _ Life in the Gay Nineties. Shumway, John- cut it more than M per cent. This is supposed also to work out to increased circulation of money, the Bloomfield Democrat—The life of aoout Street, are required to show singularly : show, called Pretty Lady. By the'v now. No automobiles, : time you have endured the Drys Active; Wets Inactive. The chairman and secretary of each county convention will be | {chosen toy the convention, and they i tne i must fhrmap from- their one person to son, and G. E. Stewart. Twenty- seven members and four guests attended, Auxiliary Plans Badlo Party— The Legion Auxiliary will be entertained at a radio sewing party tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at Mrs. A. H. Stock's; Mrs W P French assisting hostess. The radio program will feature a talk by • M -= Grace Gilbert King over the station at 4:30. She is a officer, and her talk is ex- to be 01 . each agony of eicoand 6 u "-^ i or election and two —-— --- -. t *.-H.W vu \^*j t uia LJ \JH \J1 lilUJlc V t ' i Jbut economists are not agreed on ; " arren to •what effect it would have and the |no m , mi * a - n ° radios ' How toil- ' of 70 minutes of' prepar'ation™ '•^^^1^ ^Tt^^T 8 " question is too complicated for con- ' f".". 16 ^ A e _ y J?5 ged . around behind hearsa'ls, love affairs, you are al- | • as clerks, and the lists must to Bideration here. AVe have not ma- i,, , terially changed the gold content e fra & ment °* of the dollar since it was first fix•ed in Washington's time. Devaluation would present all sorts of grave complications. A final provision of the amend- anent permits the president to ac- "ept $100,000,000 in silver against •'its owed by foreign countries to they found their gaiety in ways. Instead of burning up ten- spots in swift motor parties, they had evenings of happiness singing a lit-! most too worn out to enjoy the ! The'Tudg'es and the world. Yet: delightful music and -------- Judges and ! scenes which take Ledyard Child i HurtJin^Accident Ledyard, Apr. 5-OrvaMe Engel- J>y. young son of the Clifton Engel- bys, met with a serious accident a week ago Monday. He and his mother were helping seed oats, and Orvalle, unnoticed stepped in the HtUe foot and to take «H* mu e 15 stitches. The wound was deeo and to the bone with oats in it He has been to the doctor every 'dav since and is recovering. successful, must be done at the **' time and for a specific pur- on gorgeous when the j to the state must serve Philadelphia. That the country was scoured for and1 ' eminine is evidenced minating cows peacefully chewed their cuds and looked on in wonder. ru : b 7 the comeliness of the "ladies of expense is to be paid by the state. The drys have perfected a county organization and are understood to jje going forward with precinct ' '"'" ' the S'^he-c^VK Sr^™^ thp f the last Friday afternoon of each month. At the sewing party plans will be laid for attendance at a t°, ln v t u pring pep meeting of the Eighth district at the hotel Warden, Fort Dodge, next Tuesday. Club Honors Des Moines Guest— ?^ M , rs ' R - p " Norton enter- the Jattert Birthday club guarantee to keep off the coddling moth when sprayed for that pur? S,°m ' ^ y ° Ung Sound trees the i railroad worm can be kept off. On : these we can also make a guaran- ! tee. But older, badly inteste^d trees ! ' an unsound tree ^ ^ from v™!^.* 111 s ? ra ying make it the leaf miner, to have One Stop j: > Two Stop.-.- , Every NELLY DON FABRICS are in line with Fashion 1 50 «o10 95 CREASELESS SHEER COTTON LACES ALABASTER CLOTH MATELASSES DOTTEDSWISS SEERSUCKERS VOILES BATISTES DIMITIES EYELETS "*>5' Nelly Don parades her fabrics wifh supreme confidence! A full range of paf- terns 1 A "" range of new textures! Here are values you rrTuTt'not mini P '" hi9hei+ qua ' ity '' ' ° f smartest fashion HUNDREDS OF NEW SILK DRESSES m the new pastel crepes—in the new chalk prints-in the darker prints—in the navy triple sheer suit dresses—all of these are being featured at $2.08, $3.98, $4.95, $5.95, $6.95, $11.75. Br 3s. C®. Algona's Style Center. Mrs. Tribon Says I will be at Christensen's on the lower floor again Friday and Saturday of this week with many more bargains in DRESSES, COATS, SUITS, BLOUSES, and SWEATERS. I will have dresses suitable for school graduation also. Be sure to come as I can save you several dollars on every dress or coat you buy. MRS. TRIBON At CHRISTENSEN'S STORE Coming! New RCA Victor M-34 'automobile radio employing I RCA rS? radiatrons RCA-6A7, and RCA 6B7. The A ots? radiotron functions as an intermediate ft*- quency second detector, aStomatic volume control and first audio all in one. A 4-tube radio doing the work of ten tubes. Other i^ator^l] 11 ^ feature: 1 ~ cha ssis, speaker, and b-elim- j, . m one ca se; 2—only one hole to drill, eas- conrrni ? in 3 ° uliwiQS - 3^dynamic speaker, tone control and automatic volume control. Priced at Only $34.95 INSTALLED Holecek Radio &Music Shop PHONE 371

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