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The Waxahachie Daily Light from Waxahachie, Texas • Page 2

Waxahachie, Texas
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Waxahachie Daily Light WAXAHACHIE DAILY LIGHT TUESDAY AFTEK.VOO.V JANUARY 19:5 OilLf LIGHT By Mali Ouuide County) 211 BmOy Light By Mail (Em, coanty Only) $4 ,00 $2.25 11.25 ,56 Ymr Six Month, Months If One Month This paper a first duty is to tii th, that fit to print, honmtlj and fairly to all, oy consideration, even including its own sdi- iorml opinio Published erwy day except Sunday by the Enter- Prtse Puahshiztg Company, West Franklin Street JhJtodS min i M. and entered in the postoffice in Tex as, as mail matter of the second elaas. Office teie phone No. 148. We accept advertising only from' ccacerns we be lieve io be absolutely reliable.

Readers are requested to notify us promptly of any failure on the of an advertiser to live up to the standard or promises ia pages, whereupor we will immediately take suitable action. Traitic- deal is drop but injurn a news item. Either the motorist's aim is improving or the pedestrian has been slowed down by weighty burdens of the day. W.Uii---------- main job because we doubt whether people can religious, heaithy. happy or good citizens unless hey and their families have a decent job at a ent wage.

But while we know many fortunes have been and many incomes lowered during the iepression, there are some social problems that ve may have overlooked. The to which we originally referred, and waieh am in the Dallas papers, give news hat there were more and more ill- -innate babies there during 1932 than any other tn history. What do these trends indicate? Pwhaps the student of sociology can find herein ror considerable thought. Have people of to- iay less fortitude for the problems of life? Is this complex life destructive to the nervous tem? Would we rather end it all than to endure and privation? Are we getting worse morally? js delinquency Increasing among young people? These are interesting, and vital, lations. wamm City, ita Folks, and Features.

By CASEY I But my Aunt's washer worn- I an a sister sor. Heard a policeman on his beat, I Say to a laborer on the street. That tie had a letter just las! week, Written in the finest Greek, l-Vnm wMAii Kir i a mt Buctoo Who said that the in Cuba knew jOf a colored man ijj a Texas town Who it straight from a circus OFFICERS OF R. N. A.

TAKE THEIR POSTS WCTXffpr FISFXDO Ot- IN DICTION. IT WHAT DO or IH INK? That a man in Klondike heard the 1 Royal of er news met in the Hall to i From a gaftg of South Vmeri can Jews. speeu- -Huy Wava- iuts wxMked, ami is? variant a tilgarism I lively i en vc the the fHiriM. I is fimiriveiy too ii Inubrou for I I (tty And someone far in Borneo Who heard a man ho (aimed 5 to know A swell society female take Who's mother in-law will dertakf. To prove that her ter's niece Has in a printed That she a son who has friend regular bud and the purpose of tasta (tin? the new With Neighbor Auta jae in.stailtns officer and Neighb (G Des riwirn 8M 'it- i UB.

marshal, the follow tog duct ed xi Who Sophie Clark, oracle; Tesannaj I Turner, vice I past oracle. Mary Wood, I outer nei; Fanny Shipper, inner knows when the dcpros- Sat cheli, roeeHair, One of the dirtiest dea.s ever put over on the United was when France refused to mak her 2 000,000 war-debt to us and then a week later loaned $14.000,000 to Austria. wond war enemy. But that's not all; she aim let a contract tor a $28.000.000 battleship the same week. France may find her default one of the cosuies: mistakes she ever made.

Boy PIIKY DO NOT OVERPLAY XKVVS RiiLATINAi TO For ten out of the last tourteer, da vs the Aaxahachie Daily Ught has the sanu oewg story as Dallas largest afternoon payer. That is. each newspaper has considered the same out of thousands, to be the biggest of that particular day. WITH UK NONA ED on a cracker barrel in dad a -tore, a 4-yea(. i kid sonivi hing uv-m two ago sang itiv- tor of the village aestors received a in pay.

Dad in and apanked him aut, advteed him to stay aw ay from music, for nev -r led a boy to any good end. Bur she today well nown in thmpian 1 coing to end -had a trie unusual part of the occurrence is that from Dallas paper uses the and draai a Ben, has AssOCIated Pw-ss icrnee, ja living for himself and aue the Light is a has been for Hivir cute little duging. ianc- xbout eighteen years Sometimes it pays fo be married, for in that ease even hijackers can he sympathetic with chelr tvictim. It so happened a fellow held up on the way home and relieved of $1.50. you married? the bandit asked.

Received an affirmative reply, the robber handed back four-bits, then disappears in the darkness. ----------Bay Albert Einstein discounts the idea that war debts are world disorders and Mb, loral causes mainly pabie. Sometimes the emdlte e.vplau- auon, of economic manors are about as lurid iTOcftmiag relativity Buy Bava of i he United Press. Ii in the first place, that both news as- icciations give world wjde coverage; -how the second place, that newspaper they live, to evaluate the Bews about equally; and it reveals, in the third place, that sg not overplayed, inasmuch as crime eomprteod about 5 per cent of the new? thus handled. jing laughter, Mary Jo In he in our year, i been three countries and as t.urty—ight of njl nliwi riat-s.

After earl) in men. no Woai a ranch, he North sad dace i WaxahnciJie ie.s beeu Mr. Lane'a I home. Music is natural with him, jfor two and four used to ilsi. the I jor town, father long aao had drunmier boy.

oi was on tgcra singer and hu bad ten brothers, all of whom were wridk For six years. he I eneral music in school, but nee- lliATSYM IN I'liov a IMiu a I NTII I'M i there. How i are highly interesting a tiny kid. he up a cornet tm KNH in I the xtnrj sate 1 three mvmgeitteu. whitni the ir part and one gol ttntd Four (wstfde managed 1 nr to town.

if went bbtoie trteml of the tier, Who along, did the 'wmtaHfan and hot pti-it eiih auto: that until one lib, gm a IMiiiHure. Then, I uni the 'em -trip uid heijierl nuil another drove roll nje pled car on and to UNI of another man. Fhe first two then wens why them gut tffjair The third reflow aln-mti pmiH for xiltr htopn, a die th. recorder; M.utie 4 ntst'shal; Matite titani tnarshal; vantt tbird I Al af coffee tuid ics aerved. The iNVifhhor, and ithird FHday in.j ts.tsn* N.

lare urged tu atfhrtd tlhg iit WAs sta ed. Bit QUALITY!" BY GUESS? NOI BY TEST! on les 00 CWy mete qu HNT mm sr- other Burleigh Grimes. ho A mot it a idaL biggest si ont gwisied veteran of hundrtdi- mound duels on the baseball field, will be a miik pitcher ror Chicago aoxt Burleigh, of the beard and fightic an a ppendicitis operation on a diet of mtik aaeociatioas. a me. or uuUL At every uieai he has a big Wlciiur or milk ki, Uurteigh a flgiter.

but II tlu-y give him milk ireiu tented cows, he may become herself. wo tuu-r and it am, XMIa lteB8 tremol important to world but noting to th, majority of on the some storie? important. Ail and Kwa-gathorlug I Igoncles. that th, Undborsh kidnat biggest Book Review Bj MWflCX mil fHH, TI ISI YKK I 1 1 DI 1 i 1 i 1 Tuesday i Drmohrr and I'oHf I i 1 Moran. 11 Wednesday and i fltetf Bte Frtday and 1 1 "Silver Dollar, Edward G.

i HohDtooa. i 1 Kandar and i Moo of Her Own i i tsfove 4 AAb om II en-dwyC i Im' wm mw ctm i mmew mm tml w- Mmi I Kl c- rmoqr. mmH 'Otfff Ht ymm Hrn nq. and i (and of ymter in writ ttu- ta a teqid wtu Wmn wr A.Hiuti l-'-e (Jj jt i ttc VV till. docile as Old learteed to un drmnie are bis nag wai ryilmit hanng been bora oi 1332, noi wae rlrM thA crtme.

bdt the tiond, babr fiotu tho tathor fland. at anxt, iie wirj a tiroMS Itarl I ibiiHt av.d und 0 vinuai agreemeuf. In a clown mi stoffe and ritt-r- ut! tonni ifven top rat- ci uba. l'roHntlf 'dare drurnm eotttpalinsf Thl, alliorml l. Whett i saoWr rtiiflW bo piare iu SCtMKW.

Al C't -n-l Yesterday story-, for example, tatlficaiioa of the Norm lame duck -Bay Waj do uot choose ihe most lurid Hie day lor shows that "The Soprgaa. pure art. For pr or at poma (de ni on, wltd the author hold sal key- Bm a H- Van It of It effort i v. intelLgently foot. rc-a ML-WOCHa Am.

i pggi nmmt compam-m ai It i in order aove siWOOf joy, I to cnuie story of The chare in to WaAabaeiii I au a id aid on act of lip newspapers w.trk on trutu not supported th. the -Bay Hina- Mtiii.tot orcasionully imy. tot to Couteud. They have bowgyer turn, a layman. doesn't happen oiten but to- QfrWs leU how a Wmeimr deiixered a to skull 0f his choir leader, laving lust lwfore aurfiecs Sunday the Rev, Lemue' Eocway, of the Madison Stree, church, largest clturth .11 'dueitt, struck Willard held out the allurin.

f-. Aurand. chair leader, lu 01 lh8 there -TOli4 b8 teaocJkang him the pmipR HM U'PKAItK TO KOiP KN Ps (Mf Lisr rtfj, It ail of lag James E. Ferguson. vri) 04 j.

rler for fhe present administration, i Whtlse ox ifc ektter com- 1 tU and joiBU i SLar oaud of ano to iwnvidt for n.n.ii?';-?“1'" i etti a mm had neon I of his father long before for dramoitcw, Mr. Lane Rented hy th, redimi five io ve, i 848,0 mm i i nj WMfMUig a i flffcir 1 in 4 flier lit ai-irtm, foi tis i 1 fW Hit lift? i tinnii I In i a sto tow. jtioubled on Imenta that dr Joan i figfj pwrtiwte w-kis rat -4 tose fw years inajlag juvanilaw Uqht Coastderalfelo of this lime pe spent the Ctmm Meadeo. Ai the qi d-water ptetyl sco. going Thrqfiii Riy a few tl out of bead.

over the chancel rail in front of er and petSom saw the and the minister admitted Monday fbat it Texani if the whole Democratic is showing open to i Tben Jim toy Hava WOULD YOl JUDGE A A skim for loan A writer in Nation Buying asking a auw they arc hlm and kdtlcds -ooked 1 sucrer- ptantod hack to ami wefie dios- lorgMitaE Ford a OrtiitMUri, which haa abou! ot Lacaiy job for and of lue a ior. But they show Mi sasiderabie ofi jWBh Sifyptoi iitgher a like topics, lb THF KENNEL OBK. Yaaewa toJ a coinbto.u: kaowioilge of Chine for toot liait she or ta i would bo I mesto was one of tu- cry of tor ti ttooai upon wowp 4 of ta find ont would go eo 1. Beware of the iriend you are the only friend 2. of the brilliant idler -rTn to toMMKtt toy that Itt of her.

i to MIJiity te darok. nttt Jt Huff Huff, Mr. w.ra*írfi^ ite at ftmr i HENijioN CNHE. THE I faced I RDEIi CA.4E, THE numero beat wriileu TH1 number Ui VJ a 8 ip rirasic ronuer governor uf he wrt ta- tCBK f.ffe Kos datosi. ioni ''Doni bctlwrs you jgtumm.

that HR js if dt ion 1 rac brtotto a gtat mn idMon yrsuMktbs as aVuhs dinari rtin if apparenti NEW? to Mai 4 office. fonnh day after the iaaugu- has no rvciproral llwue, featured tit of jim Fancboo 4 manifested considerable the awav fr feting knd irieud and former 4 from the of trouper. Jars ihirfcsr I Arriving for the How far they cation to iKain find loans tu i outer office nacWui land tancee. From -'-o rp. for jobs the I He had t.u» an se Dine dcx'otee sharply them they wer ho Hit- waeUnK t-beir ana shivs ernor time and tbar tay Md wh, ur and a half I huig tune to jot.

-i quickly began to dwindle. .1 I VIlire to done, which in the morning. 3. Beware of the ex-choir dnuer irom tfu. Stame town who was di old citizenry.

iways spoken of by 1 which up, copy ri? iand ym. over. So rythm t. in Mr, Lane's blood for half listen- auu only I can get it OQl of jr rrowd I a top dinato the evea PU1 leather into a few tap bad tie e.vj-.i- or paghi aj- dhtoPUotntod the pete r1w me a cw and hearing the lyric WnU Jhf to tosto LI i 1 -o in mow 4ft utry for a toM'iltetoq ma i of rtw- Jsurn ptosai Umt uf ano top ausili; mm iq but ittmmwmm itolR 1-. Stow I haip mmtmt twim THIAlStZf ta mas L.

D. nn. ltd case. THE KEN.NHL MI irDER a Tbtto story, by if, Dine. Seri hirer New York $2.

Sor at. Wmm FixdMaii. htasirt, THE Hf Lie s. orsfi Packard ling otor CALL Also of the chao wbn E- never asks outrigh you feci like mortgaging th- for money, hut makes IMarne to help him, Nod of the bsmtors pr cun toed and the oe to i it. you must give Ame to do trig figure boy Is abmu to swing a bAg ou mean 6, deal.

Beware ot the man who IdieiUy as to when he will pay. Ditto of the friend Promises too may no; think been VOil i bey nrmny aonny and dia. WFRM sin .1 ava i tor added many of lhm ULE SDN 1 ro viakf Ylrt fJTanted citiatm if stun ber msmx ot Dai esti- that righttoinkiu; in social treads, there imerested farts fa tu? tot saq us have bees putting 8 probi of the Thcr ta.rtak were no. now insls- the voto bm Phan job of Uto rimi, toakitii it 10 the Uta ota ta.B,tata,. ta tatartar-, otnl onerar 2 3 otilee Stave been filled.

he added -tare timo wanting If 0i the that Whta both tata KYKilKW up. Is BACIE. UsirtNG. H'hi-n kweit jhi I.UK C.iunti tun in hr and folk itl 3I Umting iRtodork cumn up i un. hr Itod bu took now, visit, and, never tiruj it tomi ha? mighty wvdl.

h. and miik ail rtgb, Ii v.ilv*. him hr irnaivr faitd aHlj mur prndtoi mu wells. The ferthooming First the Load, Ft an kiln fitonsi veli, of lai LUiott veli. mi younger hroibt-r RCHMKHfelt will pubt iu February by jtctibtier' under ih- title HCXTSM IMF THI LI the Letters of Ktlinfl HiHWeyeit At-nr

Counti 1 any iTexttfe. ad lot 1 in wte fis I Accmiat ot tkt at axa- Keystone Class Has Charge Of Service mi to red 21 Itole ika with a -4 ,4 j. I Lon. You ore re! by publican, 4 you loti i to iluto XQUirrzD uuumce stntec tadcrttoag Oja 2 2 3 PHONES aio dttte to ad to i Acswoni tor Floai'J riemersi mnren propter a toy on 4 1 HER HI- NOM tftaiv ntK A FT LR all this fltije Uwil know, wben tid town iotmd'. a Eisiii brought i t.

Ute tar Ml AlHotute knowte4g, tar. none. Droving pofwtor that i iucRibern the day suffffcstted at I of the i uf Me'bodttt xtmdvj I -Xiuoi inaday inght imd tf fhe churcha tm, Tbf rry of to by Lmp Wray, than chpir -teat? and al the (van Hou. In Jay. -aid As tuti 0.14 When Your Daughter Comes to Womanhood Ciw Her I.ydta 1 me idtentity of the -i v-j-Bteyond Horitqtt 1 Ijsqpp.

apb-f --torni rousing snmMra. erica WBK BM hate, Fight to (touqbter Alter the or by C. LeiDur.d rioted ihjrtf tat ut Dr, dii I til htaith ttu, a -na awtkcr dmaJc bom uuRmc Way loandlMpttie ta Radwsy Mr, n.nkiuü to Pt Wnrrh Moror amrtab Ft Wurth Dallan e. 2.

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