Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1933 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1933
Page 4
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*AGB POUR KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCES, ALOONA, IOWA IOW BIOS RECEIVED FOR KOSSUTH ROAD WORK THIS YEAR A low price of 2.8 cents for casting and 12 cents for wagon work was obtained at the letting last •week Wednesday of road grading -work for 1933 by the board of supervisors. A huge crowd of bidders was on hand, and the auditor's t>Hice was crowded to capacity by the 'crowd, which overflowed into the hallway. J. V. Elbert, Whittemore, was the successful bidder for the projects in the south third of the county, and M. T. McGuire, Algona, re- tieived a contract for the north two- thirds of the county. The road grading projects fol3ow: Grant—Grade a mile on south of 24 and a mile on west of 25. Springfield — Grade on north lines of 7, 8, and 9. Hebron—Grade on east lines of 23, 26, and 35, and a mile on north «rf 26. Harrison—Grade on north lines -of 17 and 30. Ledynrd—Grade on east lines of and IS, and on east line of Sec- 4ion 2. Lincoln—Grade on east lines of 29 and 32; and on north and west •uines of 26. Seneca—Grade a half mile on west of 9 and a mile on south of 32. Greenwood-—Grade on south of •«4 and 35. Ramsey—Grade on east of 29 and .52; gravel on south line of 36. German—Grade on east of IS, 19, nd 20. Fenton—Grade on west of 30 and GOLFERS SIGNING DP FORJHE YEAR Members of the Country club are being solicited this week in an effort to determine whether they intend to be active in 1933. The board of directors last Thursday nlsht voted for such a canvass before deciding upon the budget for the season. Al'l expense this year is .to be strictly budgeted, and the outgo will be kept within Income. The solicitors have reported that nearly all previously active members, both those holding membership certificates and the club-privilege class, are signing rapidly. The hoard also voted to instruct the president and secretary to call a special meeting of the club membership to vote on whether the club shall obtain a beer license or not. The law requires a majority vote of club members before a license can be applied for. Country clubs are the only places outside of incorporations in which the sale of the new 3.2 beer is 'permitted, on license, and then it must "be served with food. The clubs must have at 'least 50 mem- .bers and have been active prior to January 1, 1933. A list of memberships which APRIL At The Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. C. rkANNY WAS A RAT and he 'done •*-' 'her wrong." We are back to gangster pictures with a vengeance when Joan Blondell and square-jawed Chester Morris swing into action in Blondie Johnson; but the truth remains, the era of racketeering is passing and will soon be as out of date as a last year's hat. There are plenty of tough "guys" and slanky "molls" in Blondie Johnson but somehow, the thing is not convincing, even to the strict adherence to the principle of Justice. The way of the transgressor is hard m'lads. We see Blondie first as a down- and-outer, seeking aid from a charity home. When her mother dies, to death by a firing squad of zealous revolutionists.. The part of the Tsarina is beautifully played by Ethel Barrymore, who puts into the character of the unhappy wife, a touch of real pathos and understanding. The entire production Is magnificently staged and directed •by Richard Boleslassky, imported from the Moscow Art theater. Numerous news ireel -shots have been Introduced to give authenticity to the picture and with startling effect. Rasputin and the Empress moves slowly 'but surely to its dramatic climax, the death of Rasputin: it ends in a logical anti-climax, the murder of the royal family. Every from supposed maltreatment of a role in the picture is in capa'ble heartless landlord, the embittered ['hands and the adolescent beauty of have for one reason or another 'become inactive was given out at the 'board meeting, and will be furnished to prospects who wish to buy memberships. young lady turns to racketeering as the "easiest way"—maintaining her virtue, however, by herculean efforts. Her first racket is a taxi scheme in which willing males are supposed to offer her as .much as $10 to enable her to reach <an appointed destination in time to hold the young daughters of the Imperial famiily is one of the poignant and touching features of the,play. Whatever may be your reaction to a picture of such cruelty and horror, it must be admitted that it serves to give each one of the Bar- rymores an excellent opportunity fine, much less explain, to most women who have watched over, and brought sons into the world. Diana Wynyard, a charming actress of evident English extraction, is seen for the second time during the week, her first appearance being in the cast of Rasputin. Miss Wynyard is most effective in her role of the mother but we would like to see her in a more convincing part. •Lewis Stone, as the father and husband, plays his usual splendid characterization while Phillips Holmes is particularly well cast as the well-meaning bewildered "boy who .is finally dragged into the conflict, against his will and better judgment. The scenes of aerial destruction during the next war are graphically foretold in a series of realistic FIGHT ('Continued from page 1.) bombardments. We see huge her job. (This must have been be- to do the thing for whlch he or ghe fore the Depression). She meets j lls best fitted> A more sulta bie pro- •» half mile on north of 27. Burt—Grade on east of 33. Portland—Grade a mile on north mnd south road in Section 10. Buffalo—Grade on south of G »nd east of 29. Lotts Creek—Grade a half mile <m west of IS, and on south lines "Of 18, 17, 16, and 15. Plum Creek—Grade a half mile •on east of 10, and a mile in center »t 10. Wesley—Grade on east of 17, and •south of 12 and 13. Whittemore—Grade on the south -"*)l 21, Irvinffton—Grade on east of 29, south lines of 11 and 12, and east »f 14. Riverdale—Grade on south of 7. and a 'half inilo on east of 7. Lu Verne—Grade a half mile on •east.of 5 and a mile on south of 4. Small Boy* Falls Algona Kiwanians Vote Wet by 23-1 The Kiwanis' club took a straw vote Thursday on beer, and the re- isult was 23-1 in favor. Mem- ibers had first listened to some of the state senate oratory via radio preceding the weekly luncheon. A review of headlines of the last 20 years in the Advance was given by D. E. Dewel as the program. M. G. Norton was elected secretary of the club 'by the board of directors following luncheon. The former secretary A. L. Cunning- Danny, a gangster, who sees in her cunning ways an opportunity to make her a valuable aid to the organization. From this point on, the plot becomes so involved as to ductlon could scarcely be imagined. Algona again evidenced her preference for good things by packing the Call to capacity and voicing its mute approval by the most pro- become a veritable labyrinth of in-, foum1 attention. This is something trigue, quite beyond our feeble |, for whlch we may all , be jugtl powers to transmit to the printed ' page. ham, resigned three and the books were weeks taken ago, over tempararily by Mr. Dewel, a member of the board, pending election of a new secretary. Auxiliary Plans a Skit for Pep Meet Burt, Apr. IS — Mrs. iL. H. Schenck, county Auxiliary chairman, entertained the county Auxil- _ lary board and the membership Ollt Or Car Door chair>man of each unit at a meet- St. Joe, Apr. IS—Robert, 4-year- on of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kirsch, Shad an accident Sunday morning that might have been much more ing at her home here last Thursday. Plans were laid for a membership skit by Kossuth county at a district pep meeting May 2 at Port Dodge. Kossuth county has Serious. As the Kirsches were I tlle lai .£hest record of any county in -driving home from church little Bobby, standing near one of the 3>ack seat doors, opened it without ^meaning to do so, and when it •swung out he hung on, swinging »ut with it. Then he lost his hold BS the door started to swing back and fell to the road, rolling over .several times. He was rushed to a •floctor, but no injuries beyond a *adly wrenched back and bruises •were .found. The 'Rev. Mr. Lang, Evangelical pastor at Lu Verne, was an Ad- Vance caller Tuesday. Typical of *ne way Lu Verne church people •work together, he and his wife ac- the district and expects to have a model chart at the meeting. Win Places in Oratory. Lakota, Apr. 18—In the men's preliminary contest of the freshman oratorical contest in the University of Dubuque last week Saturday evening Wilbur Hassebrook won first, 'Norman Frerking, second, and Virgil Smith, third. These boys are all from Lakota and vicinity. New Bulk Gas Station. A new bulk station is being erected by the Continental Oil Co. on the Northwestern right of way, --QW.."~», jn, emu ilia Wily (1C- j.tn*. ir. a j, j •eompanied the Rev Wm Baddelev J. the sectlon foreman's Methodist pastor, and lire Baddf ' Uae> ° n N °' 169 ' south of McGre a ~ *" ----- Stree - - Joan Blondell is a cheery, affable little sprite—always refreshing, always vivacious and always entertaining. She has a certain hard- boiled toughness which she uses as a cloak to veil an inward tenderness and charm. When the affected gold digger says sweetly to Danny, "I'll be trotting along," Blondie turns to her swiftly and counters with "What does she think she is, a horse?" And in a single scene, torn by anxiety for her lover, she exhibits a fine bit of really dramatic power. lASPUTIN^AND THE Empress L gives the three Bafrymores, Ethel, John, and Lionel, an opportunity for displaying tlieir individual talents in the best AFTER THE TEMPESTUOUS •**• Rasputin, Pleasure Cruise conies like a gentle, summer zephyr, blowing across the placid waters of a quiet lake; In plot, it is a page from Balzac or Maupas- sant, made more poignant and real by the charming Genevieve Tobin. It is naughty only as you make it so—but naughty oir nice, it is one of the most refreshing bits of comedy that the new season has brought us. To Director Frank Tuttle goes credit for having produced a first-class American screen comedy, as light as thistle-down and as harmless as a drink of wat- r. Pleasure Cruise is the story of a bridges, giant sky-scrapers and mammoth.towers, crumbling before our very eyes In this orgy of devastation. It is the most horrible portrayal of the destruction and waste of war ever given us by the silver screen. But when you have said this, you have said everything about Men Must Fight. Is it entertainment or is it punishment? 'T*HE VERt MUCH over-ballyhoo•*• ed Panther Woman, chosen from some 60,000 contestants In Chicago last year to take the leading part in Island of .Lost Souls, proves .to be only a sharp-faced, slant-eyed brunette of questionable charm. -She cavorts 1 giingerly among the Hollywood Jungles, sans shoes, stockings and dress, apparently as much In the dark about the mysterious proceedings on 'the isle, •as are her audience This is one of the minor "horror" pictures of the year, the management of the Call having spared us the agony of witnessing the others. (If you have a weakness for '^horror" pictures, we suggest of The Mystery of the Wax Museum, to be shown at the local theater the latter par.t of this month.) The Island of Lost Souls is from the pen of H. G. Wells and concerns itself with an unscrupulous 39 remained in the meamire that if your wife and child happened to be on the highway and were run into by some drunken driver and killed, it would be very doubtful if you could collect any penalty whatever from that drunken driver. "Might I say that I checked very carefully my opinion with some of the best lawyers here in the senate and I became convinced that I was correct. I was successful in that fight. I call your attention to the fact that after I pointed out these 'indefensible features of the bill Senators Tripp und Frailey filed an amendment to take from Section 1 the words "all intoxicating liquors whatever" and also Section 39. IVets Approve Stand. "It must be that when you say you disapprove my attitude on this bill that you do not refer to my work and successful work of the removing from the measure its most objectionable feature. "I might say to you that I have received expressions of gratitude on my work on that measure. One of the senators informed me that the sponsors of the bill received communications after my speech from some of the leading wets among radio listeners of the state in which they pointed out that I was absolutely right in my attack on Section 39 of that bill. Jfay Tote Had No Effect. "In closing, let me point out that I was responsible tor the CORNELL TEACHER SPEAKER MONDAY AT ROTARY MEET Professor Tull, of Cornell college, spoke before the Rotarians Monday on what the depression has meant to colleges and what young people of college age are. doing with their spare time. College attendance has fallen off, and young people whj cannot afford to attend collage have b°on unfortunate in getting Jobs. A serious situation lias resulted as regards their moral, physical and mental development. Moat of them have had to ilve off 'j.iulr parents, 'perhaps helping with chores'about the home or perhap*9 just loafing and waiting for some sort of Job. Professor Tull said that many young people have got into the wrong grouping as a result of Idleness, drinking, and dissipation, which have lowered their moral ibehavlor. Physically they have also degenerated. It is estimated that nearly a quarter of a milllo 1WI •"** •^"^'iOJa •' V I tor-We did not nut ' goal of BOO at Sun,' v , clay, but we can™ , V cho °l to, Prove that our fain!'^CJ s not( is and large. Such a couragement to era, and makes „ teaching easier. ?« MlJ ..... B ocvomr. '1'Jvnv ending services thu. s , tmct contribution tn M'^'M "on ami successor L the ""»« Thirty-two indiv° „ , 80rvl <*. 1 chHdren, those rS £ '"*• ' fer, and on profession fy tra >» new in.the chutS™,*'•»» We wish to and friends of «lncc all Queen Esther'""" " social evening _. „ at the church this w ,, plf evening. . " te * n 'l Hazel j 'v. Aug, with i doctor who tries to improve on Nature and makes animals out of human beings and human beings out of animals. (We have often suspected that in the case of skunks, asses and a few other animals, the elimination of Section 39 of the measure and if you have Code, I think you can readily understand the importance of that when I call your attention to the fact that Sec- toin 39 virtually suspended Chapters 94 to 99 inclusive of Iowa Code 1931. Especially, do I want you to read the first two sections of Chapter 99 of our Code. "My negative vote had no effect on the passage of the bill. My an- and gory sequence which almost offends the sensibilities, the production is an exciting narrative of the Russian revolution, glossed over to make even the despotic Tsar Nicholas (Ralph Morgan) and his beautiful family the objects of pity rather than hate. It is the story of sinister intrigue for which Russia is justly famous. It is the story of a holy imposter, who masks under the guise of a religious leader to gain control of the government and further his own selfish ends. It is grim, stark realism—dignified as befits the ve- husbands, this neirvous, suspicious gentleman almost drives bis wife •into the arms of a lover. He (imagine) suggests that she go on a pleasure cruise and when she takes up with his suggestion, he follows her, disguised as a barber, and ficult.) However, the Doc merely succeeds in producing a gallery of freaks, designed to' send mild shudders down the spines of intrepid, feminine customers. Charles Laughton, distinguished English character actor, gives his alysis and work of the measure, however, was the direct and effective cause of eliminating from the •measure features that I feel sure no one would care to defend." Resputin, the title role is handled in approved Lionel Barrymore 'fash- on, with gracious, pretty speeches to the men. guttural He is depicted she leaves the door o'f h'er stateroom open, he takes advantages of the situation but not before he has securely locked the supposed lover up for the night. The complications which follow provide plenty of opportunity for the usual farce comedy. Cruise is beautifully md the scenes on ship-board have a genuine salty tang. Here is 'French cooking served a la American style and Direc- given us a most ap- as the scheming, conniving religious fanatic, drunk with power when he saves the life of the be- oved Tsarevitch (Tad Alexander) )y his hypnotic influence. When Chegodieff (John Barrymore) poisons Rasputin, the offensive scene jects are good—all four of them, and we enjoyed a fishing and hunting sport reel, a screen song, a 25- years ago "souvenir" -and a ventriloquist along with the feature, an exceptionally well balanced and well selected program. referred to above, is enacted; after] A /TEN MUST FIGHT presents' the Rasputin toys with the helple S3 M prob]em .fearles S ly P probably - »* *'to Algona. hurch ia not Street . The Evangelical in ree e gasone- is -call- to be confused v n ?* ?™ c .°' . a word colned fr °™ the 5im Verne's Evangelical Lutheran -church. The Evangelical church •was founded in Ameria. *as corporation's name. George Elbert, Elmer Dole, Har****** Winkie ' Dyerattend Chegodieff in a cellar, firing at him and intentionally missing him as a cat plays with a mouse, the deadly poison begins to act. Chegodieff now pounces on the dying monk, mashes his face into a pulp and throws him mercilessly in a river •to perish. Sgnlo^haf he ^ ^ ^ ^rt operates the^dge^ -vance editorials with interest Ad- age here, and the other three men are employed by him. already gone too^faV; ^ truthfully; we have bad wars since the world ,began and . will . likely continue to have them for years to come, despite the honest efforts of peace conferences and tribunals. This gorgeous talkie simply presents the various angles in an impartial manner — a bit realistically destination and, huddled together jly j s <iweit m an underground room, are shot | something reaction, particular- but patriotism is difficult to de- Laughton is probably the most artful exponent of sinister villainy on the screen today. He makes a cruel and scheming mind even more treacherous and cunning. He has the faculty of always foreshadowing his dark deeds with an om'inous leer, a lurking smile, and well chosen word. His three performances, in Devil and the Deep, 'Sign of the Cross (Nero) and Island of Lost Souls all show the masterful interpretation of a particular character. Kathleen Burke (Panther Woman) should have joined a nudist cult and got used to running around without a complete street outfit—the poor gal is so self-conscious about 'her abbreviated wardrobe. But you can't really blame her—a short loin-cloth and a brassiere aren't really enough to protect her from the curious stares of theater-goers. Mrs. Kate Runyonj Dead. •Mrs. Kate Runyon, who since last fall had made her home with her great-niece, Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon, at J. T. Bohannon's, suffered a stroke Saturday night'and died at 11 p. m. Sunday night. She had been sick two weeks. The body was taken to her old home at .Sidney in the Merritt ambulance Tuesday, services Harlan Man is New A.-P. Manager Here C. H. Swanson, of Harlan, came last Thursday to succeed George Benesh as manager of the Atlantic & Pacific Tea company store. Mrs. Swanson and daughter Rosalie will come to Algona May 1, and the Swansons will live in Mrs. Oliver Moe's duplex house on south Minnesota. Mr. Swanson has been with the company four years and served as manager at Des Moines and Harlan. Mr. Benesh has been at the local store a year and a half and he will go to Spirit Lake some time this week to become manager of a store there. Arnold Elbert and Harold Blinkman will be retained as clerka of the -local store. County Music Fest Planne(r£Next Week A county music festival will be held at the Algona high school auditorium Saturday, April 29, and nearly all Kossuth high schools will be represented. The festival will be directed by L. E. Godfrey, Lone Rock, with the cooperation of music instructors of the school taking part. Most of the schools will be represented in a practice at the auditorium next Monday evening. Plans for the festival have not been completed. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oapesius, their daughter Irene, and Catherine Streit drove to Cherokee Fri- ™f-?, an , d / eturned that nj eht with young men and women have be come hobos, traveling about th country and living as best the can. The real problem, Professor Tul believes, lies in providing som means of home occupation,, so th' time of the young people can b put to advantage in seW-education Facilities for development alont the linea of music, painting, dra matics, and the arts should b sponsored by clubs. Professor and Mrs. Tull were here to visit Algona's high schoo English teacher, Ruth Messenger and her mother. Professor Tuli also talked before English classes in the high school and with students interested in Cornell college He and Mrs. Tull both spoke before the high school assembly, and Mrs. Tull read a number of her own poems. They came Sunday and went home Tuesday. Silver Wedding is Observe dat Fenton Fenton, Apr. 18—(Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Geronsin entertained at a dinner Friday evening in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. The evening was spent with cards and jig-saw puzzles. The Geronsins were presented with a chest of silverware. Attending: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Willadsen, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gc-etsch, Clinton; Mrs. Henrick Fauerby, Eldora, and children, Howard and Mata; the Charles Stewarts, Bode; Mr. and Mrs. Knud Bonnicksen, Hans Taft, and the L. A. Petersons, Ringsted; Mr. and 'Mrs. George Willson and George Geronsin >Sr., Armstrong; Mr. and Mm R. N. Kyle, Fenton. NAZARENE, A. iv. , win, Pnstors-Thc U( Nelson, a man of Gn<i ence and ability, w o "w e having success as an ev the Iowa district since and who has been an from coast to coast !>„ years, began a series of« the Church of the 7 .7. Hear till] you will want Rte o V -i5 0n '' We urge Christian •neonleT and ; _let us pray and Zl to , prayer. TRINITY EV. LUTHER^ p . Braner, Postor-^Next Sunday'H day school and Bible class u ™-' Ge ™ an servic e- 10:30. The meets afternoon Thej Edw. Will.. The S. S. T. morrow evening at 8. ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL L, llcnnlnghoff, M. Tl.-., neetor t Sunday after Eastur: early a™ nunion 9 a. m.; church schoo ,1 i. m.; morning prayrr j. nd ' 1 i. a. m. SHIRLEY Mildred Capesius, who is a student Teachers Reelected by Lohe Rock Board Lone Rock, Apr. 18—-At a recent meeting of the school board the following teachers were reelected- Superintendent, L. E. Godfrey coach, V. V. Frye; Florence Householder, first and second; Evelyn Behrmann, fifth and sixth. Christina Knudson was elected to teach third and fourth; JWrs. Meryl Milligan, Parnell, Mo., home economics and English. The junior high and music is yet to be filled Golfers Ate Out Sunday. •Many Country club members took advantage of the fine weather Sunday for a round of golf at the local links. The grounds are in excellent condition after the winter The (Continued from page 1.) • —^ ounty superintendent is ex offlcto seventh member. I 'The county superintendent's teral f office begins in September Members of the present county! oard of education are: Dr. H.H.I Murray, Lakota; J. F. Overmyerl Ugona; H. J. Bralay, druggist I Vesley; Walter S. Hunt, of 'erne; Mrs. J. H. Warner, S™ ity, -wife of the former superb! tendent of the Grant township coa- solidated schools; E. C. Welsbrot Fenton. The county superintendent is ex officio chairman of tie! board. The terms of Messrs. Hunt ... Weisbrod and Doctor Murray eii pire this year. Th? convention be -held May 9. The duties of the county of education are somewhat i ous. The board meets seral-ai aflly in August and February serves in an advisory capacity m! matters submitted to it by tt«| county superintendent. Mr. Hart, who is a civil engineer,! has for some years served perintendent at Bancroft. He lull an advantage over Mr. Shirley 111 that he is sure of a Job In awl event, for he has been reelected all Bancroft. ".Mr. Shirley, if defeated! might not ibe able to find a teacl-| ing or superintending job for nei year open at this late date. tennis courts are being worked into condition rapidly, and other needed work on the grounds will be done immediately. QUALITY PRI NTH i Now is your Chance to buy a rug at less than regular on All Floor feSPL?™** April sensational values you ever saw. An .*. co^yourwayasain. Co™ sale cost to us Christensen Bros. Co. "' ^* 9 Algona's Greatest Store" Open Saturday Evenings until 10 o'clock Sale Prices Must Mean Cash

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