Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE TWO KOSSTJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA You will want your Garments Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired for EASTER Phone 330 for quick service Your Rugs, Drapes, Curtains will need cleaning. Prices were never cheaper. ELK Cleaners and Tailors MS HER HUSBAND IOST16 POUNDS IN 4 WEEKS BEST YEAR IS WOUND UP BY L, R, CHURCH Lone Rock, Apr. 11—The annual church meeting was held last Friday evening at Ihe local church. Financial reports were given by N. L. Colton and Mervyn Christenson. A Sunday school report was given by Neva Thompson; Lillian Angus a report for the cradle roll department, Mrs. A. A. Kruger for Ladies' Mite society, and Harris Wadsworth a Christian Endeavor report. Officers for the ensuing church year were elected. Trustees elected for three-year lerms were Frank Dacken and P. M. Christenson. Other trustees are William Knoll, Charles Osborn, and W. C. Heiter; treasurer, N. L. Collon; secretary and treasurer, Mervyn Christenson; pianist, Mrs. P. M. Christenson; assistant, Ersel Blanchard; :,hoir leader, Mrs. A. A. Krueger; ushers, Mervyn Christenson and iVilliam Hobson; superintendent of Sunday school, L. J. Hollister; as- islant, AVill Christenson; pianisl, Margaret Gladstone; assislant, Jane Hollister; secretary and reasurer, Neva Thompson; super- ntendenl of Ihe cradle roll depart- lenl, Lillian Angus. Financial re- orls given showed Ihe mosl suc- essful year the church has ever ad. Lunch was served by the La- ies' Mite society. [other's Club llciirs Program— The Mother's club met lasl week Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. L. . Godfrey, Mrs. J. M. Blanchard ssisting. Scripture was read by rs. L. E. Godfrey. Roll call was nswered by names of spring flows. Mrs. Robert Padgett gave a aper on How to Get the Most of appiness Out of Life; Mrs. V. V. rye gave a paper on Parties for "I have never found a medicine ;„.*„ S,, vuv<ir on ™ rtles tor that 'peps' you up like Kruschen £ £'J d ™- * *™ "f"' « [V™™ • Salts and better still, leaves you '.pepped up.' I take it two or three times a week—not to reduce 'but merely to feel good and clean. My fousband took it to reduce, he lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks." Mrs. E. A. Ferris, Washington, D. C. (Decem- . The next meeting will be held with Mrs. Fred Genrich, Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough assisting. Roll call will be answered by a scripture containing the word mother. The children will give the program. Senior Play Cast Chosen— for the senior class ber 9, 1932). To lose fat and at the same lime ! ., tP ,' 8f * R ? thH Cro * S ' * r *™U° in- gain in physical attractiveness and 1 .• " Ct °l, m the . local schools, has feel spirited and youthful take one ! half teaspoonful of Kruschen in ai glass of hot water before breakfast' T,' 1 '! 1 , 111 ? ^' e Harol(l Gl> oss, Ron- every morning u Christenson, Berneyce Roder- A Jar that lasts 4 weeks costs but !* ^^^^^ £en Marvin Marlow, Irene Whit ford, Margaret and Glenn House play will be presente within the next few weeks. WHY CIVILIZATION DRIVES OUT THE HAYSTACK AND HAZEL NUTS [F. A. Moscrip in Marshalltown Times-Republican.] Something reminded Dewel, of the Algona Advance, of a ride he made 45 years ago from Goldfieid to Eagle Grove. He recalls he "counted haystacks for diversion, hundreds of them, where now hardly one is to he seen." And further recalls that "in the 80's hazel nuts still grew wild along the Eoone," asking "why did our ctvilization drive them out?" The man grows old. Reminiscence of that sort is symptomatic of the approach of the burdensome grasshopper period of man's life. And references to 45 years ago clinch Ihe case. And the regretful question why we drove them out has as its inner inspiration the regret of age over vanished youth. We old folk get that way. Why did we drive them out? Because we desired a .better place to live In? Because, of course, we desired cornfields where the prairie grass 'grew and "where Ihe rank thistle nodded in the winfl and Ihe wild fox dug his hole unscared." (McGuffey's Fourth Reader). Darned good reasons, loo. Because we wanted fences instead of range, and cattle in the pasture inslead of a herd law. Because instead of fording sloughs on horseback and winding miles on prairie Irails to avoid impassable bogs we wanted to drive on real roads and spin past cornfields in automobiles, past fine homes instead of sod houses and haystacks. Why, Dewel wouldn'l have time to count haystacks while he was being whisked from Goldfieid fo Eagle Grove copper over an now. Forty-five years .ago! all-weather highway Better homes on good farms, railroads, growing towns, farm acres grown away from the $5 an acre period, fields instead of muskrat villages, clover and alfalfa where saw-grass grew, progress, culture, schools, independence, pursuit of happiness and catching up with that elus-ive leadership, smokestacks instead of haystacks, electric lights in the barn where the straw stable stood and the lantern shed through a glass darkly the light to do chores by, appje trees instead of hazel .brush; and. so on from mosquitoes to screen "16 to the inch." Nor hath civilization driven it all away. Those who choose may have a patch of hazelbrush, and ho who will may build haystacks—if he hath the hay. It's like us old folks passing where the old trills ran, and where, somewhere along them, we lost youth to mourn the old days. Most of us fail to realize that our sorrow Is for ourselves and our own vital loss, instead of the disappearance of the hazels and the haystacks. We miss the glamor that youth casts upon the future. Youth has no horizons. Age sees a creeping shadow close ahead, and, looking backward, sees a mist close in above the past. Never mind, dt's all right, the way it was intended from the beginning. We can't change it. Perhaps if we were given the power to change it we'd refuse to do it after mature consideration. and bigger year, than a cycle of whatto do Forty-five years ago! It's a lifetime longer than those extended years attributed to Mr. Methuselah, who had more hazel brush and goats than he knew Cathay previous to 1SSO. A new country populated by noble living merely habit. and from kept force on of son, Burt, and Edward Mawdsley daughter Dorothy, Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. George Petlil, laughters Relzine and Marjorie, Mrs. Ben Seegebarth and Phyllis were at Esther^ ttao| . .„ , Emmetsburg Friday. They Blue Bag." Those par- Vlsif0(1 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davis , _ . . _. £*«•»•» ,. 1 IJ'IIITM nl r-.Ui, „. and a trifle at E. W. Lusby, A. H. Bo?: ',»"«• "obert Sch cardl's. or ,-rnv dm^tnvo <„ *^' 1 .™' Marvin Mar the cardt's, or any drugstore in m ..,, . world but be sure and get Krusch-, ^",' «n Salts, the SAFE way to reduce ° ; n ' wide hips, prominent front and •fled after the first jar. A farewell party was given a Clarence Ackerson's Friday nigh fm- \Tdlir<n r. .__ , . J '"fa* FARM WOMAN 5AY5- farmer accidentall rtery in his wrist! Melvin Coates, who has bee I making his home there this schoc ,year. Melvin and his parents wi i soon move to Akron, Ohio. Attend mg: Marvin and Muriel Ackerson Pearl Wiener, Viola Bierle, Shii ley Marlow, Grace Newbrough Myrtle Orvick, Vernon Holliste Jesse Blanchard Jr., Samuel Or vick, and Russell Bierle. Teacher's Birthday Honored— The Junior high school gave •birthday party for their teacher Juanita Dunn, last Friday after noon. Ii was also a farewell parly for Melvin Coales, wlio soon moves They presenled bolh with sifts Mervyn Thompson, June Rahn and Doris Mae Blanchard celebrat ed their birthdays in the third and fourth grades last Friday af ternoon. Ministers HoIiFMeeTllerc— A sub-district ministerial meet s of Presbyteries met at an all day session last week Tuesday al the home of Rev. and Mrs. .S. M Gladstone. Attending were the Rev. S. ;H. Aten, Burt; Rev and Mrs. Archibald Conde, West Bend- Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerking, Lai ota; the Rev. Alexander Bngliah Tid daughter, Mrs. Casey Loss? Al- «I1 S<iuail Begins Practice— The high school baseball squad >>ad its first outdoor workout of he season last Friday. They have )een working out in the gymnas- um for the last two weeks. Seven f the boys have had previous ex- enence on the learn, and a good earn )s expected to develop from he squad out_for_ practice. Vins in Spelling- Contest- Shirley Marlow, 13, daughter of rlr. and Mrs. Dell Marlow, repre- ented Lone Rock school in the pelhng contesl last w eek Wednes- ay in Algona. Shirley placed v f C ° Unty - Floy Jones - altended '° Ugh> a " d L ° la • Prye J-lf'ers PInn Benefit Party- at Emmetsburg. The James Ackermans and Anna Flaig were Sunday dinner guests at G. J. Burl's, near Armstrong. 4 CORNERS M. & D, CLUB PICKS NEW SET £ OFFICERS Four Corners, Apr. 11 The Mothers & Daughters club met last Roll call was answered Gerirce IS fnv l*nr>nl il>..; 1,,,. Titonka, . with suggestions for beautitvimc Dorothy Burt, who attends school! bumla >' with Mrs. Violet Walker, here, spent the week-end at home, " resent - """ "" returning with the Ackermans. Mrs. Frank Flaig, Lillian, and fearl Ackennan <lrove to Forl Dodge lasl week Wednesday, Earl taking a treatment for his ey« which recently were operated on. The Fred Thomsens moved last Thursday to a farm south of Ringsted. A farewell party was given for them .last week Wednesday 29 CATHOLICS AT WESLEY BEGIN PASSION WEEK Wesley, Apr. 11—Holy week will he observed as follows at St. Joseph's church: Thursday, mass at 8 oclook, and during the remainder of the day, adoration before the Blessed Sacrament; at 7:30 Thursday evening, closing exercises and Benediction, with the Blessed Sao- rament. Friday, Holy Hour from 2 to 3 o'clock, when the Way of the Cross will he observed, in memory of the death of Christ. Saturday, blessing of the candles and holy water in the early morning, followed iby mass at 7:30. Sunday, low mass at 7:30, with the Holy Communion; high mass at 9:30, with s.ermon, WcntJicr Ilils Ball Practice— There has been little opportunity for baseball practice this spring. Some practice was done Friday. The county baseball tournament had -been planned for April 22, that for the east half of the county to be held at Titonka,' that for the west half at Hurt. The county music festival has ibeen postponed from April 15 to April 29. Wesley will be represented by members'of the boys' and the girls' Glee clubs, a mixed chorus, and the orchestra. Council Picks Two Officials— • At the April meeting of the city council applications were considered for the positions of water superintendent, street commissioner, and marshal. Mayor Hutchison appointed Carl Johnson for these posts, made vacant by the extended illness of Paul Friberg. The council then elected Carl Johnson water superintendent, and voted a combined salary for all four offices. Carl has resigned as councilman, and Matt Laux has been appointed in his stead. To A Wend JVolilbttton, JlnNy— The Rev. and Mrs. McNulty and perhaps others from here, will attend a. called mass meeting at the Algona Methodist church at 10 o'clock next week Tuesday. All dry sympathizers are invited. The temporary committee for Kossuth county consists of the Rev W G Muhleman, Mrs. Frank Geigel, and W. S. Windell. Dinner will he sowed ;it noon for 35 cents. here in the evening, but Easter services will'be held at Sexton. The Leatef Leases and lialvor Floms Jr. attended at Lakota Friday a,Joint Legion-Auxiliary meet-. ing for Kossuth and counties. Winnebago Leota Hall, who teaches Normal methods >in high school at New Richland, Minn., came home Friday for a week's vacation. The Ralph Flehler family has moved into the Fred Looft house. Mr. Flehler is assistant at /the Wesley Farmers' creamery. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaln, Algona, and their little daughter, spent Sunday with Mrs. Rain's parents, the Edw. Hildmans. The Bertha Looft family, including Mrs. H. Schutter, visited the .Terry Schutters at • West Bend Sunday. Mrs. Axel Carlson, formerly nil ma Larsen, has gone to Kossutl hospital, Algona, for a minor oper ation. Ben Studer and three daughters accompanied by Ben's father, Na. than, were Algona visitors Satur day. Certificates Ready for Golf Members Members of the Algona Country club are urged to apply at once for the new membership certificates which may be obtained from Secretary R. w. Horigan at the Brownell shoe store. Certificates are given out to everyone whose share is all paid for. Hereafter a fixed assessment of $7.50 wiH be assessed against inactive shares. The certificates were authorized at a club board meeting in February. Alg-ona Girl Wins Picture. Whittemore, Apr. 11 — Evelyn Bode, Algona, Presentation teacher has won a free sitting for a picture, 7x9, to be taken at the Peterson studio, Algona. It was awarded in a contest Saturday night at the Rusch beauty shop. The shop conducts such a contest every Saturday night. ABJHNG MACHINE ROLLS AT THE ADVANCE VfANTADS wanted Meyer is Dead- Mrs. Bertha Looft. mortician eyes, the home A scripture readfn'g was given by Jessie Mitchell, and a paper was read by Loretta Broesder wll , 7? t0r ' s Wife - Officers were elected: president, Pearl Potler; vice, Clara Drayloh; secretary- rrP3 miVOi* "Dnn »1 Trr 11 «•«** j will conduct the funeral of Mrs. four miles north of Evelyn Nickerson; floral committee, Maude Robinson, Iva William- calendar committee, Alice Dilsworth, Alta.Lowman, Lucille Rich"<"»«• reporter, Lucille Rich. e'vening by the neighbors. The Sewing Circle met last r-.^>, ^uume K i C n Thursday evening with Mrs. L. E.: next meeting will be with Mrs Godfrey. The next meeting will' lles Walker on April 20 be with Mrs. Watspn Shick on i Plans to send $2.50 to the ^ uu Thursday afternoon. I Bluffs orphanage as an Easier The Andrew Thomsens were Sun- ^ing. 6 an ^ aster day guesls of the Jay Goddens, of Seneca. Mr. Godden and 'Mr. Thornsen drove to Titonka to call on Jos S died at 5 p. m. Sun' : Meyer was 50, and had trom flu and apoplexy, hy her husband Council Mockery. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger entertained the Rev. S. M. Gladstone family lasl Thursday, ihis being in honor of Rev. Gladstone's birthday. The Tuesday club met last week with Mrs. W. J. Cotton. Attending were Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mrs. E M Jensen, and Mrs. Ethel -Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan, Al- ;ona, called at the home of their laughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton, last Friday Mr. and Mrs. Alex Krueger, Tommy and Muriel Long, and the Lawrence Newbroughs spent Sunday at M. E. Blanchard's, Irvington. Mrs. Emil Kraft.and her father- n-law, August Krafl, attended the uneral of Mrs. Fred Bierstedt of Fairville, last week Tuesday. Mrs. C. M. Gross enterlained the Busy Bee club, of Union township ast Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice drove to Hampton Saturday, returning Sun- ay. They visited Mrs. Rice's sis- ^ T; A ' Hcars The Lotts Creek No. 7 P T A ' . met Friday night at Arch Walker's. The school furnished a program- music by the Rhythm band; read^ mgsby M lldred Elmore and Helen and five children. 'The family formerly lived seven miles north of Wesley, and has also lived northwest of here. To Observe Mr. and Mrs: John Amesbury will observe their 14th wedding Sunday, April 16 by Easier services at the church in Mason City and spending Ihe rest of the day with friends at Nora Springs, Mra Amesbury's former home. Missionary Shipment- Priscilla Phoebes (Congregational Aid) will pack bundles^ clothes for Swaviland, South AM-! ™' ?,"' w _ 6 *- ?Jw society fre-' Mr§. Bierttedt, 50, Die. a| Fairville Whittemore, Apr. 11 —• Funeral services for Mrs. Fred Bierstedt, BO, were held last week Tuesday, the Rev. Mr, Stahmer officiating. She tiled a week ago Saturday, following a sickness of several months. Mrs. Blerstecit was born on a farm north of Fenton May 4, 1883, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Mueller, and In 1905 was married. The couple lived In the Fairville, Palo Alto county neighborhood. There are three children: Mrs. Arthur Gade, Lotts Creek; Lournetta and Alfred, at home. Plays In Hall 1/engue. Clarence, second son of William Dehnert, of the European Hotel, Is beginning his third season as catcher for the Houston, Tex., league baseball team. His younger brother Leon and Faris Miner took him as far as Kansas City on the way to Texas, returning early last week. Titonka Woman Is Dead, • Titonka, Apr. 11—Mrs. George Meyer, east of town, suffered a stroke Sunday morning and died that afternoon. ft - of contrast'"";;!! 1 cftuncll c,,(, ,,|, ""> month*. 1 " P0r TOnt for Con Chicago Kxcui-si",,,, Agent c. A. ,; $8 excursion today. The Monday nig],), for patrons in that they will cago Sunday tosta to 'cave ADVANUlfl loads of cobs on count, also a f ew ,„ c '/ wood. We credit y 0 " ket price and onr * rate and give you U- • - ,j un WICK n R check for each $2 Cn l«, must be delivered soon! °" The Widow's Highway The Widow's Highway is like way of the country—it is a lone ruts and detours. 1,, realizing n mind, have votpri n hn« 7» paving of Your widow's highway-this bon ' SPSB toer 11 ^ " ^ * a ™ you " '" be heavy for your widow. &n You have provided for the Paving of voiir mil ow's Highway—Won't You? Wld '* Safeguard Her Paving Bond CEDAR RAPIDS LIFE INSURANCE CO, CEDAK BAPIDS, IOWA £••% ^ *M»i^ " ••"•"""""•ll'IIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIHlll The Thrifty Buyer Will Buy before Prices Advance Think of it! A whole Dining Suite today at the price of a buffet I alone just a few months ago, I 1 rices like these cannot last, Les- dlalog ' by A1£re( l .? r , and Jimraie more; Ralph and Lloyd Walker, accordion nalre^ £ earl f Wa "«r. ' q naire. Present were Mrs. ear Potter sons Sherwood and Dur- h 0( J '-a n Henry Muellers, the Al- ra> the Mart BlmorM, Broesd ers, Pearl, Rus- lph Walker ' Rich, Mr «n Ed th Mlth , Mrs. Orville Holdren, and tma Knudsen, teacher The mg was spent at puzzles. Young People ]rare~Partv— even- >r, Edith Hoxie. Mrs. John Rath, son Lawrence nd the William Raths, Good Hope, •ere Sunday dinner guesls at Chris chaser's. Eva Helmke, Renwick, and Ethel Cruse, Hardj', visited Miss Helme's sister, Mrs. Otis Sanders, last aturday. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Newbrough nd her daughter Grace visited rel- tives al Humboldl Salurday. Juanita Dunn and Floy Jones sited Melva Hansen, Olho, over ie week-end. Harriett Fish spent the to F ' C " youn s folks went to Whittemore to skate last Thursday evening. The rink was before, so — Leslie Walker home, where the evening was spent at popping corn andmaMng candy. Other Four Corners. Mr. and Mrs. John Rich returned BUCh Thompson, Miss Scandinavian : Alliance missionary' there, who has !,^ unrnhere ° n Plough, will soon i Conjcl'H Plan Easter~Servlces_ will ho!^' ° on sregatlonal church li Qh °l d .£ a8t " se f vlces next Sun- 11 P iece Combination Walnut Dini s Koom buite at only BUY NOW ... - — B services m°,, n i« l ^ e Upper Flat - Communion services will be held at Wesley next week Thursday ew>n- Ofher We^ News. The J. p. Uhlenhake family of S-STA TSS-SSS •=» g We now have one of the gj largest showings of | Bed Room Suites S ever shown in Algona. Co.me S m and see them and remem- S bcr our low overhead means S a saving to you. . $52.50 Monday Wednes day from 'hey Marso, Clara Mrs 'mif 11 , 611 ! P e winte ' r w "h fuVS enl S 9 r ie n. Sel "so?^ C ° UrSe in a F ° rt ^d- £"J£*^^^ and Ruth Rluo the Riches and Mrs. Marvin ilal Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hanse?^"^' ei^' FHd hrothei ! > Le Rov Klel'r. talifwS MonlnigTuand ^ Aft**™*'*- *™«* 'lay al Edward R ch" f M,-f ij"± ±'I I 1 "'. 8 .^ v>!«ted Mr S . S, is a Ruth of Mrs. Rich. ,, 1P - — met Saturday with Mildred and Margaret Laabs. The club will give night card parly al the " eXt W6ek Lone ~ called a they rushed the injured man to a doctor. "The telephone saved my husband's life," she told us. We receive many letters from farm customers telling of their experiences in which one telephone call has been worth more to them than telephone service costs in a lifetime. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY P. J. A. Will Meet Ton%ht- The Parent Teacher's association will meet this Thursday evening in the high school auditorium An mterestlng program is being plan- Schools if end is Iteefected— meetin e of the school "°' S nh V r Coach V. V. Frye were reelected with a cut in wages. Mrs. Schmidt Ifns "Operation— William Schmidt accompanied jnis wile to Rochester early last ! week, and she underwent an oner- Friday. Other Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Whitney Mil- aukee, wis.. came last week fo ! visit with Mr. and Mrs H E I Micka. Mrs. Micka and Mr. Whit-' ; ney are brother and sister. Another .brother. F. M . Whitney, Eagle Grave, visited there last Thursday. I llie Glee clubs are working pro- jdigiously on their selections to be ; sung at the music festival in Algona April 29. A junior home music •festival is being planned for April j The C. M. Gross family had as i Sunday dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. ! Robert Leason, daughter Mabel | Mr and Mrs. Paul Dremmel. Mr' and Mrs. Robert Leason Jr., all of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lea- Jin The Ladies' Mite society meets this Thursday afternoon with Mrs Harry Hobson. The L. R. Rodericks were Sunday A™ guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert i X Dransfeldt. Mark Simmon, Fairmont, Minn., was a business caller in town las Thursday. Mrs. H. N. Osher, Graettinger, is making an extended visit at E M Jensen's. Mrs. Geo. C. Hanna spent the week-end with relatives at Story City. Lola Frye spent the week-end with her parents at Cylinder. The Busy Friday club met with Mrs. Alex Krueger last Friday. H. E. Micha spent the week-end at Milwaukee. , ,T Stenhpn* ! week e and Mrs. G — Des Moines, over i S Thursday night with the even- Walkers. L Al ' Ch Lowman wenl back to Illi- ! n week Monday after a two with relatives .here. be 'held at next Sunday be no services Partnership is Dissolved. MacArthur & Thaves, Burt Monitor publishers, dissolved partnership April 1, Mr. Thaves selling his interest to Mr. MacArthur. For the present Mr. Thaves remains in the employ of Mr. MacArthur and has charge of the mechanical work Mr MacArthur is postmaster, but will likely be succeeded by a democrat when his term expires. Fails to Land Job. Tom J. White, former Whittemore Champion publisher now operating a printing shop at Jefferson, was a candidate for appointment as state printer, but the state printing board, at a meeting at Des Moines a week ago Friday, gave the job to Charles O'Donneil, a Des Moines printer. ADVANCE 6ELL business of'tiie-'^rSSg! ish A 0La ^J n ? Ur , ance ^ency, ° f we S line within a S 1'are our quality as be happy ti ' shown above numbers at $29.50 to°$67.50 oil [BE style and a price to fit every home in our new spring) line of LivingRoom| Suites We can refer you to hundreds of owners of this fin" | 'tKn'iTyou^^ 8t tWs 8t0re ' C °™ : all their former patrons. We'are in* i 3 ffir^Hrajrre! Richardson's Furniture in< combined. ,„ , ' S "Where Furniture aillllllllW^^ HOW .MUCH IS 8 TIMES 5? THAT'S VERY GOOD JOHNNy , GOOD? SAV»My DAD SAYS IT'S

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