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The Watchman and Southron from Sumter, South Carolina • Page 6

The Watchman and Southron from Sumter, South Carolina • Page 6

Sumter, South Carolina
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Will They Withdraw? Said ia Madrid That Next Session May be the Last. SPAIN WILL NOT CONSENT TO A TBBATY AMERICA WILL SIGN. Madrid, Nov. 13-El Imparcial says the government has forwarded instructions to Senor Montero Rios, president of the Spanish peaoe commis? sion at Parts, and that Monday's conference may be the last or the last bot one, "uaiess tbe American com? missioners moderate their claims." According to Ei Im parcial, a member of the oabioet bas virtually declared as The govern ci enc bas received a dispatch from Geo. Rios, governor of the Visayas, reporting the rebellion io tbe island of Negros and announcing tbe departore from Iioilo of the mail steamer Menos, with a number of invalided mea, whose repatriatioo has beeo authorized by the Americans. The Madrid papers to-day declare that the expected visit of Emperor William is a matter of oo political importance, tod that the German ambassador's visit to sr li is io no way connected witb it. THE IMPRESSION IN PARIS Paris, on-Iookers here the im pression exists-though it is no-; the result of any officia) statement -that the Spanish peaoe commissioners wifi bot consent- to a treaty which the American commissioners cooid sigo. it seems almost possible also that tn the pitiable pressera to which the Spanish commissioners are subjected between their large creditors, who are OD the spot watching them, aod the stem attitude of the Uoited States, the Spaniards may abandoo their struggles aod leave the two forces to confront each other. It viii not be decided until to-mor? row morning whether the next joint session is to occur to-morrow or on Tuesday. The Spaniards, it bas beeo arranged, will inform the Americans to mexrow morning whether they need tbe diy KO prepare their next memoran? dum. If they wast Monday the meeting will take place Tuesday. Under the roles of procedure adopted -by the conference, it is understood that deliberations may not be uoexpect concluded by either sida. fl The statement is printed here this eveoiog that the last memorandum from the Americans is regarded by the Spaniards as a virtual ultimatum. Bet, as a matter of fact, the Americans hive oct presented au ultimatum, save as their treat meat of the subjects io band may be unanswerable. It is ooly sr oe Wednesday last that the Span? iards have begno to feel that the Americans taking over the Philippines, aod that, too, without any assumption of Spanish indebtedness. As they are oow convinced of this, it may be tbat Spain's next presentment is conference will be the supreme rally of her diplomatic, argumentative and tactical forces. It may eveo mark the conclusion of all she bas to say, bot if the roles of proceder? are fol? lowed, the Americans would still have another presentation to submit. Ever since October 1 it has been within the raoge of possibility that at nay meeting ao opea raptare might occur, and oo one or two occasions, it might have beeo easily a fact eveo be joro, lb? taking np of tbe Philippine question. The bc un dari es of the field tn which that question ts being worked oat are becoming more appareot and the aogle of anal settlemeot cannot be far off. If a treaty is to result here, it may fairly be expected withio three weeks, although it is oot true-as reported fro TI the Uoited States to day-that the Americans have instructions em bodying a timo limit of the conclusion of the coofereoce. AS TO THE PHILIPPINES. Washiogtoo, Nov. 12 -The Cabinet held a special session tonight, at which instructions aoderstood to be of a positive character beariog oo the Phil? ippine qc es ti cn were drafted for dispatch to the American commissioners io Paris. These instructions were the outcome of tbe coofereoce held early to the day, aod instruct the American representatives lo admit of oo farther discussion as to the right to consider the disposition of the islaods and state that on that poiot the instructions already seat mast stand, the ooly matter for discussion from the Ameri? can view being the manner of giving over the islands. Saluda, Nov. 12, via Johnston Mr. J. F. Killebrew, who came to ibis town about three weeks ago and organized a Woodman of the World Camp, was to day arrested by Dep aty Sheriff Whittle in Augusta, 6a It has been ascertained through the Atlanta officers that Killebrew bas no authority to act in the capacity of camp orgauizer. He pulled this town for about thirty dollars He will be brought back and prosecuted for the swindle. Killebrew married into a very prom? inent Edgefield family, and for ten months he was p.incipal of the Ridge Springs High school. If want a oice organ aa easy terms ese Randie. Another Storv About Gomez Said He Doesn't Want Amer? ican or Cuban An negation? ists About Him. Santiago, Nov. War? ren, an American who bas been with Gen. Maximo Gomez for nearly two years, has arrived here. Ac? cording to his statement Gen. Go? mez will no longer have Americans about him, and is getting rid of them as fast as possible. He takes the same coarse in the case of Cabans suspected of favoring annex ation to the United States The result is that some of the best men who were long attached to his im? mediate staff are not now with him. It will be difficult, Capt. Warren believes, to get the majority of in? surgents to disband His idea is that when the American authorities get control of the other portions of the island they should give out no rations and punish severely all thefts of cattle and produce He thinks, too, that there maj be some trouble with the insurgents because of their insisting on the right to courtmartial delinquents among themselves. There is very little serious sick? ness among the troops here. Every body is improving with the cooler weather. It is estimated that no than 17,000 people in this section are learn ing English, in addition to the school children. The greater part of toe Marina street is now macadamized This im? provement is to be extended out the entire city, in place of ancient cobble stones The United States revenue steam er Manning is now here, with Capt Shoemaker, chief of the revenue cut? ter service, who came to investigate as to the need of a vessel for Collect? or Donaldson, Capt Shoemaker be Hevea that Donaldson's re quest is to be complied with Owing to the heavy weather, the Manning, instead of the converted yacht Hist, will be placed at the dis? posal of Gen Wood, the military division of Santiago lor his trip from Guantanamo along the northern coast of the province. Tbe Manning, with Gen. Wood prob ibly will leave on Tuesday, i- No Federal Interference. rHE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PROSECUTE THE GREENWOOD MOB. Nov. 12-Except tn unlooked for eveet of a recurrence )f the race rioting io tbc Carolinas it is il together improbable that tbe Govern ment wilt interfere by forceor otherwise. Tbe Attorney General bad another sonfereoee with tbe President -this morning tn regard to the matter, and oooclasion was promptly reached that as the demonstrations were not directed against the oolleotor of customs io the performance of his doties as such the Government had no authority, under Loe Cobstitotioo or laws, to exercise its Federal authority. Collector Tolbert was shot while away from his home and on business entirely disconnected from that of his cSce, and ucder the circumstances, it is said, has the of a right to If th? collector had leen shot in the discharge of his official duties aod io ao effort to eoforoe the laws of the United States, the case would have bceo very different, fcod the duty of the Government would have been clear. Io the present case, however, it is said that the lawless acts of the mob were not directed against the execution of the laws of the United States, bat against the individual The case would.have been tbe same had Tolbert been shot on the highway by a robber. Administration officials have no sympathy with the Carolioa rioters, and regard their acts with abhorrence, but up to this time, it is said, there is no evidence that would warrant any interference by the Government Negroes in the North. New York, Nov 13 -Concerning the race riots in North and South Carolina, T. Thomas Fortune said to day that a meeting of colored citizens and others would be held in Cooper union on next Thursday evening, aud that D. Bassett, ex United States minister to Haiti, will preside. All the pastors of Afro American churches in New York will take part Many prominent white citizens have been invited to attend the meeting, which will be strictly non partisan. It is also expected that meetings will be held on the same evening in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and Chicago Rudyard Kipling for Everybody. If con talk about bim in the news papers is an indication, Rudyard Kipling must r-e tbe most popular of living nutbors. A vast nuroOer of readers must, therefore, welcome a pretty and wonderfully cheap edi? tion of hi- '-Departmental Ditties, Barrack Room Ballads and Other Verses," just issued bj the faccous cheap-book publishing Hurst 135 Grand York, tbe price of only cents. You may get it of any bookseller, or from tb publishers, who will send their complete catalogue to any applicant. RUMOR THAT DREYFUS IS DEAD. Some Mysterious Circum? stances Reported From Paris. Paris, Nov. 13 -It is reported here this evening that Dreyfus is dead. The rumor is understood to be based upon mysterious telegram received from Colmar, capital of up per Alsace, signed by an unknown correspondent. So far as eau be ascertained, there is no official confirmation of the re? port The father-in law discredits it. He says be has received excellent ac? counts from the colonial office as to the prisoner's health. Despite these assurances, there are dark rumors afloat. In view of the curious manner in which the letter from Dreyfus, declaring that he had abandoned all hope, was conveyed to Mme. Dreyfus, on Friday, many peo pie believe he' is dead. A dispatch from Colmar on Friday said that Mme. Dreyfus had applied that day to the office of the minister I of the colonies for permission to send her husband some warm clothing for his return home. The request was refused, on the ground that the gov? ernment would do whatever was necessary. At the same time, according to the dispatch, the authorities read her a letter from her husband to the effect that, having for five months addressed appeals for revision to Gen. De Bois deffre-recently chief of staff on the French army-without getting any reply, and being weary and exhaust? ed by his useless appeals, he would write no more to his family cr to anybody. He described himself as ill and dying and bequeathed to the "generosity of my country the care of rehabilitating my memory." It appears thal Mme. Dreyfus then asked permission to telegraph her husband the decision of the court of cassation This request was also refused. Then, through a friend, she appealed to President Faure, but with no better result The dispatch said her counsel would bring the whole matter before the court of cassation. Careful inquiries made at Colmar this evening show that nothing is known there as to the death of Drey? fus. It is now believed that the telegram was a hoax. The Caban Assembly's Com? mission Starts. Habana, November 13 -The five members of the special commission appointed by the Coban assembly at Saota Cruz del Sor last Thursday oigbt to go to Washington to present to McKinley the wisnes of thc assembly, arrived to day The which consists of Geo Calixto Garcia, ita president Manuel Sacguily, Jose Miguel Gomez, Antonio acd Jose Karroo Villaloc, its secretary, leave for the United States CD Wednesday by the Plant Line steamer There bas been no exchange of note? between the evacuation commissions to-day. The order of the city is maintained and the patrol by Spanish regulars oootinues. The Maria Teresa. Washington, Nov. official report to the navy department of the finding of the Maria Teresa was contained in the following cablegram from Commander Craven, of the wrecking tug Potomac, which had been ordered to Cat Island from Santiago To Secretary of the Navy, Wash ington Potomac arrived. Maria Teresa near Bird Point, Cat leland, one mile off shore, in two fathoms of water. rising and falling inside. Temporary deck broken up movable articles removed by natives Vulcan not seen. Natives at work since Saturday. The Potomac was ordered at once back to Cat Island, with instructions to Commauder Craven to take pos? session of the Teresa and drive off the wreckers who are looting the ship He replied by cable that he would leave immediately, and would arrive at the wreck in the morniug The fact that the Teresa, a vessel drawing in trim twenty three feet of water, and waterlogged as she was when abandoned, probably drawing nearly thirty feet, should have been driven in twelve feet of water is regarded by naval officers as evidence of the great strength of the storm which caused her crew to lrave her Austin, Texas, Nov 14 -To day the last wire was strung by which Austin can have telephonic connec? tion with Bar Harbor, Maine The line is 2 600 miles long, and will be open to the public December 1. This long distance system will also embrace New York. Washington and all the large Eastern This is the longest telephone line in the world. More Trouble in Greenwood. AN INOFFENSIVE NEGRO WOMEN SHOT. Special to The State. Greenwood, Nov 14 -Eliza Goode, colored, was shot by white men at her home near the Pine Grove church to day She is wounded in the bowels probably fatal. No one was in the house but her invalid daughter and child, so Eliza says. Three white men rode up and shot through the wall She did not know them. Others saw the men on the road firing indiscriminately. It is thought they can be identified. Great shame and indignation is felt here. M. Leland Smith. TWO NEAR GREENWOOD'S BORDER Greenwood, Nov. 14 -Abbeville reports two crimes near Greenwood's border. The reports of both are unsatisfactory. Kennedy McCaslan, white, aged 19, at Hunter's, Abbe? ville county, near Troy, this county, was shot by a negro, Charley Hall. The wound is probably fatal Hall is in Abbeville jail lynching prob able The row was about labor on the farm John Fell, white, shot a negro at Smithville, Abbeville county, near Verdery, this county, last night. Fell accused the negro of theft. Leland Smith. MASS MEETING CALLED Greenwood, Nov 14 -Senator Waller and others have called a meeting of the citizens of the county for to morrow at 1 o'clock at the court house All points in the county will be represented. M. Leland Smith MCCORMICK OFFICE REPORTED ABOLISHED. Greenwood, Nov. 14 -Definite information received here is that McKinley has abolished the McCor? mick postoffice. James W. Tolbert, assistant postmaster at McCormick, who was banished a few days ago, went to Washington and asked the govern? ment for federal protection to hold office at McCormick. Tolbert's story is said to have been lavish iu describing his treatment. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tolbert, who held the commis? sion, ran the office. The president evidently secured information con trary to Tolbert's story. This morning he ordered the office, abolished, the McCormick office being a source of trouble. Mr. Clayton investigated the affair Leland Smith. OFFICIALS AVERT LYNCHING Abbeville, Nov. 14 -Charley Hall, near Bradley's mill to-day, was chased here this afternoon by white men and captured in the square The sheriff, mayor and citizens took the negro and jailed him, after some excitement The mayor ordered the dispensary closed, and the sheriff wired the governor All seems quiet Latest reports say McCaslan may recover ANOTHER CALL ON THE PRES? IDENT. Washington, Nov. R. Tolbert, wbose family suffered so much in the South Carolina riots, had a long interview with President McKinley this morning With Mr Tolbert were three refugees from that State. Thej are J. Collins, i postmaster at Abbeville James W. Tolbert, postmaster at McCormick, and R. Henderson It is claimed that the mob ran James W. Tolbert away, but permitted his wife to continue the postoffice. She is his assistant. Mr. Tolbert said that Henderson had been run away from the bedside of his dead mother and was not permitted to attend her funeral. Mr. Tolbert refuses to the object of his conference with the president It is said he made a request for interference From the white houee he and his party went to the postoffice department to con? fer with Postmaster eu Smith WHITES OF PHOENIX MEET. Greenwood, Nov 14 -At a meet ing of citizens at atson's store at Phoenix last Saturday the following resolutions 'were adopted It is asked that they be given wide pub iicity The Phoenix poeple want to be understood before the world. The following is the report ot the meeting at Phoenix as furnished by the secretary At a mass meeting at Phoe? nix, Saturday, November the following resulted Mr Stalworth, on being called to the chair, opened with a few remarks which were followed by resolutions offered by Mi aines Resolved 1st That we the citizens of Phoenix and surrounding country in mas? meeting assembled, desire to our deep regret at the loss of life and bloodshed that has occur red in this vicinity dining the past fc-w days and to call attention to the fact that this section has always been noted for the high morai character of its people, its peaceful law-abiding disposition and the friendly relations that have heretofore existed be? tween the races. 2d. The evidence of negro as weil as white eye-witnesses of Tuesday's riot agrees that the first hostile at? tack was make by Thos Tolbert and certain negroes and that the first shot fired was the one which killed J. I Ethridge and was fired by a negro. We regret that deluded negroes have had to suffer the misdeeds committed as a result of the influence of white men whose greed and selfishness bas led them to act the part of enemies to both the white and color ed peopie of our country. 3. We hereby express our firm conviction that the deplorable trou? bles through which we have just passed are attributable solely to the evil influences exerted by John R. Tolbert, R. Reit Tolbert, Joseph W. Tolbert, Thoa. P. Tolbert, and Rob? ert Henderson and, we believe their further residence in Greenwood county or its vicinity, will tend to imperil the lives and property of both the white aud colored people, ac? we earnestly hope that they will choose to remove themselves aud their evil influences elsewhere 4th. That we urge ail good citizens, white and colored, to go to their homes and U9e every effort to avoid further violence and bloodshed. 5th. That a committee of safety be appointed who shall be asked to suggest and put into operation such measures as will best insure peace aod the protection of life and property. That we desire to assure the colored citizens of this community, that we will, to tbe best of our ability, protect them so long as they are io the discbarge of their datie9 aud io the exercise of their rights as peaceful aod orderly citizens, aod tbat we condemn all reckless assaults on negroes by white persons. Immediately following action on the above resolutions the following informa? tion was read from Elias Tolbert auw. accepted as such To tbe citizens of Greenwood county Heretofore I have acted as I have from a sense of high Ccristiao duty from pure conscientious motives, not from a desire for any office, or the emoluments of office. I bave tried to do my duty bj my country, as I knew it, by church and school. I have never shirked my duty as I saw it. I triad to do my duty as a 15 year old soldier boy in tbe Second South Carolina cavalry, Company I. If there are any old soldiers present belonging to my old command (bey testify to the fact that I was always found at the front. I find that io many things I made mistakes. That the two races cannot act together in the formation of a goverment and that the country should have white supremacy, that the Anglo Saxoo race should predominate, and hereafter I iotsnd to stand shoulder to shoulder witb the white people to do ail in my power to have a government that will protect every ooe alike, but let it be made by the white people. I solemnly promise to do all io my power and shall heartily co-operate with them in doiog this. E. Tolbert. Stockmans, S. Nov. 12, 1898 According to seotioo 5tb, of the resolutions the following committee of safety was appointed Sr Penn. G. Stallworrb, E. A. Rodgers. A A Dominick, John Tedards, Whateley, Henry Cooper. J. H. Kemp and W. Bowers. This committee to be enlarged and improved upon as thought advisable. The committee of safety was author? ised to raise contributions for tbe purpose of reimbursing parties whose larders were so heavily drawn upon during the A resolution was also adopted tendering thanks to the people of Greeowood for their kind remembrances especially in the way of supplies. Th" tame resolution was also tendered the people of Phoenix for their doors and other hospitali? ties After force further discussion the meeting adjourned. W. H. Stallwortb, Chm. Bowers, Secretary. NOT YET IN COURT. Greenwood, Nov 14 -Court opened today. Judge Towosend made only ao informal charge. It was expected he would allude to probably make a strong charge, but be did not. Tbe lyuobiug master bas not gone before the grand jury probably will not The orjiy ut general interest at this term is that of Hiram King for tbe killing ot Pet Maberry at Hodges last summer Reporte from McCormick, are that Mrs James Tolbert, at McCormick, will leave. She hss been urged to remain and bas beeu given cvvry aod attention. She is a most excellent lady. Tolbert is in Washington WRITTEN IN THE FORENOON Greeowood, Nov. 14 -Home-loviog, property-owning citizens, are iu cootrol of tffices in Greeowood county There is no mob rule, no wild talk, no hasty There is a settled purpose to have no more violence, and the reckless few who might be able to further endanger the public peace will hardly defy tbe cool, responsible men in control by committing any bloody transgres? sion No niurc lynch law, these good citizens say, and they mean it. It is a certainty tbat the Tolberts will cot again eootrol and manipulate the negroes of this section. The retare of Jobo Ii. Tolbert, R. Tolbert, Joe Tolbert and R. P. Henderson to the couoty means death to them. This determination may involve lyoch law, but it is the solid truth. Tbere wiil be oo more of tbis awful ruinous meddling. Tbe Toiberts have been tbe beneficiaries of the forbearance of the people for forty years and this tempest of sorrow is the reward they give. The people of Abbeville have ban? ished J. Martin Collins, the white ring? leader of the negroes about Abbeville. He was to have been postmaster at Abbeville. It is understood here that Tolbert, brother of John and a man of good character, who bas never been known as a leader, is to be appointed postmaster. He was for? merly postmaster there and gave entire satisfaction. The Tolberts have a great deal of property, and will DO doubt endure some sacrifices. An effort will be made here to take the real estate off their bands at fair prices. R. R. Tolbert alone has probablv 2,000 acres of good land, and all of them are well-to-do. It is boped aod believed that these sev? eral 'thousand aerea of laod heretofore worked by negroes for the benefit of the Tolberts will be settled up with white people. The population io R. R. Tolbert's neighborhood, in Ab? beville county, io the Promised Land, about Pine Grove chorch, Saco, Phoe? nix and Gomes' is quite small. Elias Tolbert and Robert Tolbert elene of all the landowners of the fam? ily will remain. Robert Tolbert lives io Greenwood, and a few days ago his brother, George the postmaster at Seneca, went there to stay. Bob notified them to get out immediately Mr. Payne Henderson, one of the best citizens of Phoenix, is understood to have instructed Bob Henderson to leave the country and not to come back on pain of death, even while their moth? er lay a corpse at home. Bob left Phoenix before tbe fight. Practically co armed patrol is goiog oo. Nearly everyone has gooe to work, the Dogroes are returning. Among the most painful scenes of last week was that of women and ehildreo skulking to tb? woods to sleep. The negroes, are assured of proteotioo and they are as docile as negroes any? where. No farther trouble is heard of at Donnalds. Rumors even are begiooiog to get scarce. Stuart Miller is slightly better to-day. He is gradually recovering from the terrible nervous shock. His venerable father was here to day. He bad just discovered that Stuart was saved from immediate death by pistol' io his bosom A large ball hit the pistol, breaking off the hammer. Cresswell Fleming, who was pain folly shot about the head, will soon be oat. Mike Younger is able to be ap. M. L. Thanksgiving Proclamation. Governor Ellerbe yesterday issued thefollowing Thanksgiving procla? mation To the People of South Carolina Greeting By virtue of the power vested in me as governor of the State of South Carolina, I hereby set apart and appointed Thursday, the 24th day of November, 1898, as a day of Thanksgiving. Upon that day it seems eminently appropriate that the people should re? ain from their usual vocations and assemble in their places of worship, to express their gratitude to God for the blessings He has bestowed and to invoke a continuance of His mercy and care. And while thus giving evidence of their grateful feelings, let them not be uuraindfu! of those who have been less blessed-the needy and the dis? tressed. In testimony thereof, I have here? unto set my hand and caused the great seal of the tate to be affixed at Columbia this 14th day of Novem? ber, 1898, aud in the One Hundred and TweDty second year of the Inde peudence of the United States of Ariienca. William Ellerbe, Governor The Case of Dreyfus. Paris, Nov Court of Cassation today exaained Gen. Zurlioden and Gen. Chanoine, who recently resigned successively the portfolio of minister of war, aod it is said that their evidence was bigbly important io upholding the they have taken throughout tbat Dreyfus is guilty and that a couimnoi cation of the secret dossier would compromise tbe safety of the State ai tbe good relations of France wnh foreign nations. Gen. Zariiuden, now Military Governor of Parts, has decided, ir is reported, to Lieut Col Picquart a court carnal on the charge of having commui'ioated to his oouo-el, M. Lcblois. a chapter of the Dreyfus dossier containing the letter about "that canaille D-. since knowD to be a forgery, through the confession of late Lieut Col. Henry The latest effects in crepe tissue paper fbral, embossed and tinted-just received by H. G. Osteen Co.

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