The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 26, 1968 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1968
Page 9
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West Germany Enjoys Wealth And Influence Pfc Harold Shankle Airborne Trooper i Birth Reports By JOHN BAUSMAN Associated Press Writer F R A N K F U R T , Germany ajP) _ A two-engine C47 cargo lane lumbered down the runway -at Wiesbaden Air Base 20 ears ago and the biggest air ransport operation to date was nder way--the Berlin Airlift. West Berlin, the city that air- ft pilots saved for the West, nd West Germany, the country ley flew from, showed every- hfcVe the signs of wartime .ruin nd postwar shortage. Only a ilot of rare vision would have sen below him the seeds of ^ealth end. influence evident in /est Germany today. And 'none cf those who risked neir lives in the airlift could ,ave imagined that the United States would be condemned in he streets of West Berlin 20 rears later by angry young stu lents 'because of a war in fair-off \sia. The students now clash with police in pretest against Uhe politics! and social system that the airlift made possible. By the time the 15 month air lift was over, American anc British planes had carried 2,335,509 tons of supplies to Wes Berlin to break a Soviet stranglehold on land routes to the city, Tt dramatized allied determination to block Communist designs to squeeze the West out of Berlin. It also set the framework in which the country lives today. The Berlin blockade of 1948-49 was the last serious Soviet move against German territory assigned to the West after World War II. By coincidence, ^another event that June 20 years ago was 'also a major factor in shaping West Germany. This was a bold decree for currency reform, devised by Ludwig Erhard and issued June 20, 1948, six days before the airlift began. Against the misgivings of allied planners and many Germans, Erbard dropped price controls and rationing, swept away worthless and inflated reichsmairks and created _the new deutschemark to work in a free economy. Scrambling to earn the new money, German business and industry revived. An advance in prices was reversed 'and in less than 10 years people were talking about the German economic miracle. The country existed little ANCIENT BOMBS SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) -Workers at a building site here have unearthed a five-ton cache of bombs believed to have been buried in the second half of the 19th Century. more than 20 years ago on a | barter economy in which ciga-i ·ettes were a chief item of exchange. Today it has accumu- ated $6.5 billion in gold and foreign currency. It has refinanced prewar debts of $1.2 billion, paid ack Marshall Plan aid of $3.3 oillion, and granted $9 billion in j aid to other countries. Last year the gross national product was P120.9 billion. Pfc, Harold R. Shankle Jr. 21, whose parents live on RFD 4, Frederick, received a Parachutist Badge May 30 upon completion of the Infantry School's three-week airborne course at Ft. Benning, Ga. His training, which included five jumps from a C-130 airplane flying 170 miles an hour at an altitude of 1,250 feet, qualified him as a parachutist. He also underwent strenuous physical conditioning. Outward evidences of prosperity are the sleek office buildings, the busy industrial plants and factories, new and efficient replacements of those destroyed by war. -More and more Ger-' mans own homes with gardens.! The backyard swimming pool; business is booming even' though summers are not notably hot. ! The woman's eye for fashion has been raised from the serviceable shoes and sturdy clothes of 20 years ago to more striking styles of Paris, Rome and London. Interest in (her appearance has trimmed the modern German woman below 'the measurements of a generation age, producing a crop of slender blonde beauties. Two Convicted Of Shoplifting According to the City Police docket, 14 persons foave been arrested for shoplifting since January 1, 1968. Of the group charged, eight have been convicted in Trial Magistrate's Court and the other six cases are pending. In court Tuesday, Michael A. Duncan, 18, of Brunswick, and William Wilder Shugars, of Linbung Road, Monrovia, were convicted and received a suspended $50 fine from Magistrate Murray H. Fout. Frederick Memorial Hospital .. June 13-19 Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. ;Lawson, 221 East 3rd St. first child, a daughter Kelly Ann, Thursday. Mrs. Lawson is the former Phyllis Bell, RFD 6. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fradiska, Walkersville, second child second daughter, Patricia Lynn Thursday. I Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Culwell, Mt. Airy, first child, a \ son, Matthew Thomas, Thurs- jday. Mrs. Culwell is the former Faye Farver, Winfield. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Summers, 114 Water Street, third child, first daughter, Christina Dawn, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Sherman Ma; son, Jr. 209 Center St., third ', child, second son, Radford Oli- j ver, Friday. ; Mr. and Mrs. 'Richard Eugene Fisher, RFD 3, third child, sec- jond son, Charles Boyd, Friday. I Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Kline, 'RFD 3, Middletown, first child a daughter, Jennifer Lea, Saturday. Mrs. Kline is the former Carol D. Yule, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. 'Runkles, RFD 1. Mt. Airy, a son, Norman Fillmore, Jr., Saturday. i Mr. and Mrs. William 1. iMackley, 8006 Chanute Place, | Falls Church, Va. second child, ' a son, William Newton, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Fal-j coner, 519 Fairview Ave. sec- j end child, second daughter, Karen Sandra, Sunday. Guilt Over Violence Changes Fashion Trend By JEAN SPRAIN WILSON AP Fashion Editor THE NEWS, Frederick, Maryland Pag* A-9 Wednesday.. June 2G, 1968 was peace, brother, with new' ! gems for Nehru-jacketed men. Along with a series of Asian! influenced double-medallions, 'Hagler has designed jeweled turtle ties." These are neck chains with a dangling necktie ..... "Bonnie and Clyde" craze which seemed destined to nd child, second daugnter, AP Fashion Editor craze which seemea destined to c ^ a - ins w fth a dangling necktie [aren Sandra, Sunday. ! NEW YORK (AP) --From put a beret on every woman's length of r^^ and gold brass Mr. and Mrs. Warren M. guilt over violence to party par- head and a pistol on her hip has rm .g s an j miniature golden Ridgley, 800 North Market St. tisanship, the many moods of slipped. The gangster phase of drums. first child, a son. Blaine Keith, America will be mirrored by the slouched fedoras and wide «·:,, , JtVJUJKi'C V · OVV 1 » U* WJL iTAfc** *v^-v ··* - · ll^t-lA'h?***^ v * * X f » « * v** *j -«.w^-i^ «-- ^.-j,^*,*-. first child, a son, Blaine Keith, America will be mirrored by the slouched icaoras emu wiuc HJs con t r ib u tior to the unisex Sunday Mrs. Ridgley is the for-' wardrobes women will acquire striped suits is now a source of trend is the p a i r O f his 'n' her mer Teresa Wilkins, RFD 6, or fall. . embarrassment to many mem- a i gu ii e ttes of gold plastic braid, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Toms, I - bers of the -! --^'^TM e - - · - · - ' ,, aiguilettes of gold plastic braid, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Toms, I - industry par-- Qne to be worn on his formal RFD 10 first child a son, Ro- child, a son, Joseph Eugene, ticipatmg in the New fork ^ou- turt i enec k and the other en her bert Eugene Jr Sunday. Mrs. Tuesday. Mrs. Poke is the for- ture Group's press week pre- black cocktail dress. Toms is the former Viekey Ba-' mer Wilma Corum, Morgan- views. Tne B lack Power wig by 'ker RFD 6 'town, W. Va. j "I had these umbrellas with Keid . Mered i lh , makers of ha- Mr and Mrs Gilbert EikerJ Mr. and Mrs. Raygene Stine, sword handles, and some with man . like dynal hair, is so new Rockv Ridge first child a son, 244 East Patrick St., second stiletto points on the other end. that it was no t ye t on display IBrLan Christopher M o n d a y , child, second son, Raygene Jr. But after all this violence in this wit h the braids, corkscrew curls Mrs Eiker is the former Re-, Tuesday. country I took them out of the and fl . p hair p iece s at the show, becca Mumma Rocky Ridge, i Mr. and Mrs. Donald Matt- line," said Polan Katz at the Ac- But it is due for fa n. It is thick, Mr and Mrs Nicholas P. hews, RFD 2, Keymar, first cessorama show Friday wooly and close-cropped, the : Zemo RFD 1, fourth child, child, a son, Donald Leon Jr. j Instead Katz chose to show ro- hair style adop ted by many second daughter Tara Lee Wednesday. Mrs. Matthews is mantic m-m umbrellas flutter- NeCTroes to sno w pride in their Monday ' the former Harriett Alsup, Li- ing with ruffles, or sunny-col- Afl ? ican heritage, a representa- I Mr and Mrs. James W. John- bertytown. ; ored maxi umbrellas for really Uye said ··son III, Clarksburg, second : Mr. and .Mrs. James N. I stormy weather or for shade at i ------ rniilrl second daughter Sara Hurst, 161 B O Ave. fourth. ihe beach. ' H I K E IN KK.M 'Ann Monday 'child, first son, James Frank-. The gem-studded pistol-holder, BANGALORE India (AP Mr and Mrs Henry Tribble lin, Wednesday. i strapped to a silver boot of a ; A new minister of Mysore state Tr RFD 5 fifth Child f i r s t ' Mr. and Mrs. Notley J. Offutt j mini-skirted lass at the January complained that as soon as his daughter Lisa-Marie Monday PFD 1, Walkersville, second show was not to be found Fri- landlord heard of his new posi- M? and Mrs". Mario Tpo!L. child, first daughter, Jeannette day. Stanley Hagler's new col- tiori he rmsed the rent from $67 ; 416 A West Patrick St., first'Marie, Wednesday. lection of sparklers, everything . to $113. The economy has now matured to the point of withstanding its first recession. A boom of nearly two decades slowed dswn last year. Production, which had been growing 'by 7 per cent or more a year, increased by less than one per cent. For the first time in 20 years, total wage and salary payments declined, a jarring blow to a country that had seen them climb by an average of nearly 10 per cent in the previous six years. A cominbation of easier credit and limited government pump- priming has eased the downturn and businessmen venture to be optimistic again. DEPARTMENT STORES Sgt. Baum,gardner In Athens Sgt. Bernard R. Baumgardner III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Baunngardner Jr., 806 Trail Ave., has arrived for duty at Afohenai Air p o r t , Greece. Sergeant -Bauragardner, a security policeman, is assigned to a unit of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe. He previously served in Thailand. The sergeant is a 1964 graduate of Saint John's High School. Great Grandmother didn't need Travelers Checks. Chances are, 150 years ago she didn't do much traveling. Now-a-days cars and planes have madia travel an everyday occurrence. And, the safe, convenient way to · carry money is with American Express Travelers Cheques or First National City Bank of New York Travelers Checks. Both available at either office in amounts from $10 to $100. FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK OF M3DBRICK 1 North Market St. Phone MO 2-21*1 ·RANCH OFFICE: 1602 Roscmont Ave. Phone 662-6444 Member Federal Deooslt Insurance SIZZLING SUMMER BUYS APPLIANCES TELEVISION · STEREO 6000 BTU! Choice of Five Colors! COMPARE AIR-CONDITIONER FEATURES COMPARE AIR-CONDITIONER PRICES Model AGKE606F Fashionette 6000" Air Conditioner! 115 Volt! * 6000 BTU * 2 Speed Fan * 2 Speed Cool * Thermostat Control * Air Exchange System * Rust Proof Case * Instant Mounting $7.45 PER MO. WOOLCO WILL NOT BE KNOWINGLY UNDERSOLD Rea/ism That Rivals The Concert Ha// TOTAL SOUND STER * Feather Action Tone Arm * Diamond Styus * Six-Speakers * FM-AM And Stereo FM Radio * 20 Watt Performance Stereo Amplifier Biff-Screen Color SPECIAL! 295 Sq. Inch Picture All Wood Cabinet $19.40 PER MONTH NO TRADE NEEDED FIRST COLOR TV The YORKTOWN Model Gj-699 23- di8g.. 395 sq.-in. picture FREDERICK SHOPPING CENTER W. 7th St. At Schley Ave. f Rt. 15, Exit 7-A Shop Mon. Thru Sat., 10 a.m. To 9:30 p m. iNEWSPAFERr NEWSPAPER!

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