Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 23, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1933
Page 7
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lid you W ear $4 shirts in'28? vs^iffS; Irffe good-bye and dash [own here tomorrow norning. [pring shirts at- $1.50 at vividly demon- B that while you ; y not have as much noney . - y° u certainly t ve more style. In British stripes... tn American checks... /ing point, tab and rounded collars. t Zender & Caldwell Clothing and Shoes 149 STUDENTS GET HOT MEALS AT SWEA CITY Swea City, Mar. 21-JLast Friday was served the last ot the three months of cooperative hot lunches at the schoolhouse. An average ot 149 pupils were served daily. The lunches were made possible hy cooperation of mothers, the home economics teacher, Mary Scylor, and the home economics girls. During the three months 25 quarts of cream, HO gallons of milk, 22 •bushels of potatoes, 12 gallons of sauerkraut, 147 Ibs. of meat, 22 Ibs. of Hver, 40 chickens, 3% bushels of carrots, five bushels of apples, 65 pounds beans, 25 pounds butter, 60 cabbage heads, 29 dozen eggs, 12 pounds sugar, 3 pounds lard, throe pounds cocoa, 48 sacks of flour, besides 502 quarts of tomatoes, apples, and other vegetables and ten quarts ot Jam that the Thursday club -women canned last fall, were contributed. A record of weights waa kept and it was found the children gained an average of four pounds. The cash outlay was small. Town Council Cats Budget— The town council, at a meeting last week Tuesday evening, cut $1,348 from expenditures for 1933. Last year's estimate -was $9,230; this year's Is $7,882. The clerk's salary was reduced from $240 to $200; night police, $40 to $30; street commissioner, 48c to 30c an hour; police, $&50 to $372; street 'lighting, $1200 to $860; sewer 'bonds interest, $550 to $530; street maintenance $850 to $500; fire department, $500 to $360; street improvement, $275 to $250; miscellaneous, $400 to $250; waterworks, $1500 to $1400; light bonds and interest, $1,000 to $800; town hall, fuel, and upkeep, $350 to $250; park, $200 to $100; sewer disposal bonds and interest, $775 to $760. The band fund levy for this year was cancelled. K089UTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA FARM NEWS TV. J. Payne, Editor C. II. Klamn, Field Reporter. Wo visited the Myron Meinzor farm, a half mile east and 1% miles north of Burt, Saturday. We always find Myron busy. He milks 14 cows and is farming 280 acres, doing the work practically alone His sister, Mrs. Clara M. Olson, keeps house for him. She had been at Phoenix, Ariz., a year, working in a beauty parlor, and while there stayed with a sister, Mrs. G. J. Gaston. Mrs. Olson said she iked life in Arizona, though it gets hot there in summer. CREAMERY AT TITONKA PAYS HIGH CHECKS Tltonka, Mar. 21 — The local reamery'a high cream checks for ast month follow: Nick Heesch, 153.64; Bruno Sleeker, $94.14; hrls Brandt, $69.66; Bartlett & Sons, $66.60; George Rippentrop,I [trend of motor vehicle taxes to a |$end for tkif IFREE (Book of CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR The itory of the World's Fiir :. . interestingly laid and beautifully illui- tnted with actual photographs. Really I hindbook of what to ice and do. Em? page is newsy, entertaining, helpful... just the kind of information rouwillwintasyourfirst introduction • to the Big Show. Scad for this booklet ttdijf... it's FREE. MAIL THIS COUPON .... ________.._, L THOMSON, Passenger Traffic Met. 'hiciso & North Western Railway )OW. Madison St., Chicago, III. , "»» Pltue lend me, without cost or oblivion, your new booklet, "A Century of UtesiEiposition." Stmj Mnslc Students Give Prograin- Swea City high school music students will compete In a sub Last week Wednesday 'we had a short visit with Andrew Peters who moved to Titonka last Augusl from Sebastopol, Calif. He is now the village blacksmith. He traded a 12-acre fruit ranch for the shop at Tltonka. He had always worked in a shop and did not like ranch work. Andrew told us that the Delicious apple which people here value so highly Js sent to the driers there. The finest apples they have on the coast are called Grav enstelns. There is a lot of hard work connected with picking ap pies, for they must be of uniform size and pass through a sizer jus as eggs are sized. Then the grow er gets only lie a 'bushel. Mr. Pet ers remarked he has a Roosevel tian family, eight boys and thre girls. There are only two girl and two iboys at home, however The baby toy, two years old, wa in poor health till the came to Iowa. Now he picture of health. famii is th H. E. Haverly, who farms hi own 100 acres southeast of Wes ley, across the road from the ol Mike Matern farm, was looking a: ter Algona busitiess affairs las Thursday. His wife is a daughte of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Laux, als Wesley farmers, and the Haverlys have seven children, four of .whom " are boys. H. E.'s mother, PAGE Motorists Paying Heaviest Taxes Ever Levied Upon Transportation AMERICAN motorists, constituting roundly one-fourth the I population, pay in addition to general taxes probably the heaviest special levies ever imposed upon any form of transportation I The chart, compiled from au- .thentic statistics, tells the story ;of the virtually unbroken upward 64.26; John Koestler, $59.76; Gray fe 'Sons, $68.32; Harry Ricklefs, 58.14; C. E. Brown, $64.36; Warner Smidt, $54.36; C. H. Christenen, $53.28; J. A. Harms, $52.56; j $928.00oioOO. Fennio Hanson $52.38; Graham Bros., $50.94; Ubbe Winter, $47,52; "'helps & Sons, $46.98; Edw. Zwel- el, $46.44; Ted Van Hove, $44.46; 3. J. Buss, $44.10; Fred Stecker, 543.38; George Peterson, $41.58; Bormo Schutter, $41.22; F. E. Wills, $41.04; A. Schram, $41.04; Phil Buffington estate, $40.32. Grade Operettafflllg' Success- Pupils who took part in a grade operetta, In the Land of Dreams ~!ome True, last week Wednesday and Thursday nights were Louise Bachau, Russell French, Harriett Schram, Junior Hansen, Jean French, Carol Reaser, Shirley Bruns, Byron Lamoreux, Anna Grace Blakely, Edward Callies, Patricia Ball, Herbert Schram, Doris Krantz, Lewis Geisking, Fern Oesterreicher, Herbert Is&brand, Jacqueline Callies, Duane Faul, Verdine Boyken, and Alice Budlong. Many others were in the chorus. The auditorium was full both nights, and the concensus of opinion was that it was the best operetta given here in a long time. It was directed by Irma Campbell. ;new record total estimated at $1,- J085,000,000 In 1932. This is 6% ; above the 1931 total, $1,026,000,000, land 17% above the 1929 total, Railroad tax accruals, represent- jlng taxes upon the only compar- /in conn} GIG in EL su D~ i — — t/ ~~ — —• — • — -•»*»»*iu*i ivirs> district contest at Estherville i? hl } Haverly. lives in the town of March 24-25. Preparatory to this weslev event they gave a concert at the high school auditorium this week Monday night. The program fol- At Henry Anderson's, three miles south and two miles west of Titonka, the men were baling -alfalfa lows: Edith Dahl, vocal solo; Dor- 1LU " lla ' u , le "'«» WBIB mums u,muia n th,, rihriatin™™ ^inHnot <min- !ast week Tuesday, and it reminded othy Christiansen, clarinet solo; Hutchinson, . solo; Mae Peterson, violin solo; Roger Linde, trombone solo; girls' glee club, Now Thank We All Our God, and Turn Ye to 'Me; boys' glee club, The Minstrel Boy and Mountain Pine; mixed chorus, Marianna, 'Tis the Holy Hour of Evening; band, Festival overture, Round-Up, and American Patrol. A blend pi the very finest coffees, roaster fresh in a vacuum container which is the best •fits kind. A better coifee, a really big value for your money. ''Hit W. C. T. U. Program Is Given— A large meeting of W. C. T. U. members and friends was held at Mrs. August Peterson's last week Tuesday. A program was given by Mrs. William Thomson -and Mrs. Samuel Warburton, and Mrs. Thomson conducted a questionnaire on timely topics related to prohi- 'bition. Mrs. Warburton gave a talk on the use of the W. C. T. U. year-book. The next meeting will be at Mrs. Frank Thomson's in four weeks, with Mrs. Charles McAdams as assisting hostess. Roalson Buys Norton House— The Norton bouse Just east of the Dahl blacksmith shop has been sold last week by the heirs, Wm. J. Norton, Denver, Anna McArend, Arizona, and Carleton E. Norton, Nebraska, to Marvin Roalson. Mr. Roalson recently moved to Lake Mills, and it is not known what disposition he will make of the property. J. M. Dye was agent in the sale. JONE'S •••• Illl irairie in liclow-zero weather. We lad to stack baled hay fast to keep Snowstorm Shuts the Schools— The local schools were closed early in the week because of the blizzard, which kept many pupils marooned at home, also kept teachers who had gone away for the week-end from getting back. It was not known Monday when school would be reopened, -but probably not before this week Wednesday or Thursday. Monday's train out of Titonka was stalled two miles east of town and had to come back. A county snowplow also got stuck twice Monday, once south of town, then northeast of the village. (able mode ot transportation, have ! been declining since 1929, the 1932 total being $280,000,000, or 9.1% less than In 1931 and 30.5% less than in 1930. The decline here was due to lower gross revenue and net income, but motor vehicle taxes generally disregard either valuation or use and thus, while 8.9c of every railroad revenue dollar in 1932 went for taxes, the gasoline tax, one of 27 levies imposed upon motor vehicles, took 29c from every gasoline dollar. The real weight of the automotive tax burden, averaging $45, is concealed by small payments. The gasoline tax, averaging slightly more than 5c per gallon, seems to the consumer merely an Increase in the price of fuel. Yet the tola gasoline tax in 1932 is estimated ,at $600,000,000, and in some in stances this tax actually doubled the cost of gasoline to the con sumer. The average vehicle opera 'tor pays $30 yearly in gasolln- taxes alone, or about two-thirds o the motor tax bill. GAS TAXES SOAR! | Mil IK •101 9 •e -5 -* '} -'. _ (JONS OfOOUARA DO DO 00 00 OO 00 00 $s oc oc / 1 J / S 101 1 ' xki AC / (DR.V TAX j / icv CRJ > / <SO JAl MEHI «. / TA1 * / ;u S.I / ? 'GASOL / 1 IN / / '•. ETi / N *XI / ,' .3 Sources: "Railway Age," National Automobile Chamber of Commerce;' U. 3. Bureau of Public Road*; American Petroleum Institute. Economists are studying the 1932 decline in gross gasoline tax col-; lections by states, the first in his-; tory, as a typical trend. Although' federal, county, and city gasoline taxes brought total collections to a new record, there have been definite declines in motor vehicle purchases, registrations, and use. The News at Ledyard Ace Warner was taken seriously ill last week Monday with appendicitis. He went to Doctor Williams at Lakota, and at this writing he Is much improved. Wallace, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mayne, was sick last week and under the care of Doctor Devine. Miss Jones entertained the Sewing Circle at the home of Mrs. Ella Gelhaus last week Monday evening, Mrs. Alfred Schultz was at Elmore last week Tuesday, having dental work done, and her son Wesley had some lead removed from one of his hands. He struck the hand on a pencil, and the lead broke off in the iflesh. V. A. Barrett went to Lone Bock last week Monday to attend a second meeting of county muaio supervisors. The Globe-Trotters and the Swea City Cardinals were to 'have played basketball here Friday night, but the Globe-Trotters failed to arrive. 'Saturday night and Sunday the worst snowstorm of the year raged here. All the roads were blocked and there was no school Monday. Miss Jones spent the weke-end at Algona; Misses Randall and (Nolan, at Fort Dodge; Miss Granner at Cedar Falls; Miss Kitley, a Hardy; Harold Giranner at Ren wick. Violet Pingle entertained he: Sunday school class at Mrs. Jamei Welfare's Saturday: Betty Matz ner, Maynard Warner; Alvira Hal- orson, Edith 'Logan, Evelyn dayne, Henriette O'Keefe, Mating tfason, and Doris Welfare. The William Garrys entertained ,t a bridge party St. Patrick'* vening. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson attended a county mail carrier's meeting at Thomas Garry's, Ban- :roft, last week Tuesday evening. Jerry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray! Gordon, near Rake, is spending al 3ouple of weeks with hi» aunt,' Mrs. William Flynn. The Gordon* lave a new baby. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reddinger spent last week-end at the Mrs. Blanche Jenks home. Janice Williams, Van Meter f spent the week-end at IL. W. Wle- mer's. Helen and Herbert Jenson, Buf- SWEA CITY AN FINDS BARTER STILL WAY TO GET SERVICE lalo Center, with their Yahnke. spent last Thursday sister, Mrs. Glenl BARLEY FOB SALE I have for sale some Vel-^ vet Seed Barley. Phone ot> write. '\g£ JOHN BECKER Bode, Iowa Phone BF12O Live? more READ the Want Ads.: Boys' S. S. Class Has Party- Friday night the Methodist boys' Sunday school class had a party at the C. L. Phelps home, west of town. Each member had the priv- someone not a . warm. Mrs. Anderson was away,! member . Attending: Niel Slack, haying gone to Illinois the Sunday | Mndped and H . arol(1 Krantz Edlth . ovenine- lififorfi to visit nn unp.lA i — ,, _ .,'„... evening before to visit an uncle mae Budlong, Donald Callies, who had a stroke Clarence Ander-| Kath Schram, Donald „„„„, son, Henrys brother, has moved : Edna It Qlen La , Barbara in with him from Blue Earth, not having been able to find a farm. Uarence has good farm equipment and seven good milk cows, and wants to find a farm. He has 'a wife, two boys, and a girl. * * * * At Florian Hellman's 'farm, two Boll _ Harvey Graham> Rippentrop, Vern Baron, Edith Reynolds, and the Rev. Fremont Faul and his family. With the money supply dlm-i The lock on the office front fobbing there Is still the prim- door had worn on t, and a new one was obtained by trading Itlye practice of barter to fall Fonr Attend P. T. A. Conference— Mrs. Roy Oesterreicher, Mrs. Ed Zweifel, Mrs. Roy (Ball, (Mrs. M. S. miles south and two miles east of, Craven, and Mrs. George Bonack- Bancroft, we found Florian in the er attended a P. T. A. meeting at house Saturday, at play with his Mason City Friday. Mrs. Bonacker two little boys and two little girls, | was delegate from the local P. T. whose names are Gerald, William, I A. The women heard an address Mildred, and Agnes. The last nam- given toy Nellie Holt, of Stephens ed will be three months old March i college, Columbia, Mo., also a 27. Mr. Hellman came to Kos- j short address by William McAn- suth in 1920 from New Vienna, i drew, superintendent of the Long back upon, said last week's Swea City Herald, which went on to say: ' Manager Henry Myhr, of the Northern Lnmber company, got to pondering about this alternative, and decided Tuesday to experiment. He remembered It was about time for a haircut, so he lugged a sack of coal to Bowman's barber shop and traded it to Herman for a haircut. Like all men with good appetites, Henry began to hanker for 'some chicken. Some scraps of wall board at the lumberyard suggested themselves as a m en in m of exchange, and he traded them to Tic Nelson for a chicken. merchandise to Ab Tweeten. Somebody had to pot on the lock. Carpenter Harry Berggren agreed to perform the labor, and in return Is to receive one board, his choice, from the stock at the yard. For some time Mr. and Mrs. Myhr have wanted a water heater in their home. In the meantime Plumber Geo. K. Nelson lias been wondering how soon he could get oak -flooring in the bath room of his residence. Now there Is a water heater in the Myhr home, and oak flooring in being laid in the bathroom of the Nelson' residence. Started Chicks ON HAND AT ALL TIMES This week 400 W. L. 2 weeks old; 900 W. L., 300 W. Wyan, 1 week old; 600 W. L.., 500 heavy mixed 4 days, old. Watch this ad every week. New low prices. i Hamilton Hatchery BANCROFT, IOWA Dubuque county, "batched it" five He years said on he Island, New York, and former su- the; perlntendent of the Chicago farm he now owns, 160 acres. The Anton Storks, 4% miles east of Bancroft, 'were doing the chores when we arrived last Thursday. They have 15 milk cows which show the best of care, and the Storks keep 60 head of cattle alto- schools. Surprise Honors Oscar Blanchard A surprise birthday party was given last week Tuesday night in honor of Oscar Blanchard at Burt, and attending from Tltonka were Mr. -and Mrs. Roy Budlong, Mrs. BlOrKS Keep ov ueuu ui ua.ii.ie aii.u- ( - - -- - --• - -• gether all of them the Shorthorn Carrie Bonacker, MaWe Tutton, Mr. breed.' Anton also has a purebred and Mrs. George Bonacker the Shorthorn bull, and he weighs ! Am<» Bonackers, and Albert, Julia, Lu Verne Visitor is Killed in Accident iLu Verne, Mar. 21^Norman Lamb, 48, Hardy, was Wiled last week Monday, when an emery wheel on a portable hlacksmithihg outfit with which he -was sharpening discs exploded. The shaft struck him in the region of the heart, penetrating and severing an artery and causing almost instant death. Mr. Lamb was well known here, for he gave a series of picture shows on. the streets last summer, and later managed shows at the" Lu Verne theater. He had been here the week. previous to his death, making plans to reopen the theater April 1. ANNOUNCEMENT / ; hav e taken over the 'i.n0ur- »we business of* Rahm & ocnemel and will be pleased to l W u V V° Ur In6ur ance needs. yrite life and acoldent ln _ akn n « e ' autom °bile insurance, ^flre and lightning.' . a share of your busl- N. KRUSE over Iowa State Bank Phone 185. -" 666 ID Eemedles l£no wn , .^_--. HOGRAPHING Iowa Cardinals' Gomes Are Cancelled— The Cardinals were disappointed in both basketball games last week. Thursday evening they went to Ledyard to play the Harlem G-labe- Trotters, who failed to appear. Sunday's game at Ceylon, where they were to meet the Hottentots, was called off on account of bad weather. Both opposing teams vrere colored teams. No School Election Excitement— The school election was quiet. There -was only one name on the ballot, that of D. W. Fultz; and fie received 60 of the 79 votes cast Edwin C. Hovey was reelected school treasurer. Mrs. J. H. Warner, board president, would not accept the office of director another term. • Club Husbands Are Entertained— One of the pleasant social events of the season was held at the Walter Smith home Friday evening, when the Thursday club entertained 'husbands at 6 o'clock dinner. After-dinner games were played, including cards and Jig-saw puzzles. Average Teacher Wage low— Swea City, it was disclosed op. election day, has the lowest average salary for school teachers in the county, it being $115 a month. This is explained partly by state aid for the Smith-Hughes department. Postal Savings Exceeds $50,000— Swea City's postal savings, nave mounted $3,000 since January 1 and now stand at $51.000. Snow Halts School Busses— No school busses were out Monday, the roads Jieing impassable. Otl)or Swea City. The Legion men recently ptester- ed their hall, and they have G. O. Anderson" painting the interior. Burton Thomson wijl leave tms week Wednesday for Ames to at- Mrs/John Anderson of Mitchell, S. D., are visiting rela- 2000 pounds. Anton said that for!Nellie and George Nelson, -while 25 years he had always bought' pending from west of Burt were purebred Shorthorn bulls, and his Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones and hogs, Duroc Jerseys, are also pure- Mr - ant5 Mrs - W. A. Stoutenberg. breds. , * » „ Jolm Swnnson 61; Party— . .... , . A surprise party was given In The annual stockholders' meet- toonor of John Swanson . s 61st ing of the Fenton farmers' elevator blrthday was • given last we ek company was held Saturday, .March Wednes( j a y evening. Attending: 11, and two new directors, M. E. ' Mr> anfl Mrg Hem , y Meyer , the B. Burwash and Charles Bleckwen, H Meyers fam ii y) the Dick Slepers, were elected. The business show- the fien v Meyers family, the Dick ed a net profit last year of more, SpearSi Myrtle Johnson, and the Tom Loats family. Lunch brought by the guests was served and cards were played. than $2,000. Following the meet- Ing the new board met and organized with Jacob Hengel as president. * * * * Henry Dacken, who had farmed many years in the Burt neighborhood, has had his Advance address changed to Corwith, near which town he is now farming. The Advance has made a large number of address changes in the last few rweeks. They are the regular thing at this time of the year. * * * * Arthur Fuerstenau was an Algona caller Friday. He is a son of the Rev. Mr. Fuerstenau, long pastor of the lLotts Creek Lutheran church but for the last few years retired and living here. Arthur lives a half miles north of the Lotts Creek store and a half mile west. He lives on his own eighty, and, strangely enough, has been permitted to remain single. He even does his own cooking and other housekeeping. A .brother lives in the same neighborhood, and <rMs. Schmiel, wife of the Lotts Creek Lutheran parochial teacher, is his sister. tivea here. Mrs. Barl Huffman has been M>*4 O* *Vr*** * *»«^»»*— _ critically sick, but is reported recovering. * * * * When we called last Thursday at the Fred Da Vries farm, 1% miles miles north of Titonka, the men. were discing a field of stalks and had finished 25 acres. Fred said Teachers Stalled by Blizzard- Mr, and Mrs. Ted Dunmire, daughter Kathryn-<Jae, Allene Johnson, and Irma Campbell drove to their respective homes Friday evening: Miss Johnson to T>es Moines; the Dunmires to Newton; and Miss Campbell to Hampton. Because of the blizzard they had 'been unable to get back up to the time of this mention, written Monday. Algona Girl Marooned Here- Stella Mae Breen, employed at Algona during the last few years, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Breen. She is stenographer for Attorney J. L. Bonar, but he had to get along without her Monday, the roads being too badly drifted to 'permit her return. Ledyard Woman Is 80. Mrs. Laura Niester, who is at Yale with a sister who is sick, celebrated her 80th birthday Friday. Two othsr sisters and a brother, spent the day with her. NOW is the time to order your Stromberg Quality Chicks. Healthy and vigorous. Economy chicks low as $3.95. Leghorns', $5.-50. Wyan- dottes, Orpingtons, $6.50. Standard Leghorns, Anconas, $6.25. WHITTEMORE, IOWA A LGONA MERCHANTS who use sales books ot any kind are invited to place orders with the Advance and thus leave a Httle of the money at home. Quality and prices guaranteed equal to any quoted by traveling solicitors. Chick Feed L STARTER and Growing Mash— We are again offering at our mill THE-ALL- FEED BABY CHICK MASH with which we have had so much success the last four years. In keeping with our policy we are mixing only qual- itylnill feeds including Cod Liver Oil, Dried Buttermilk and Oat Meal. The Price is Right * Only $1.40 per cwt. E, R, Rising Feed Mill C.[& N. W. Track, Algona flSlillUillllllliiilllllHItlllHtllllllllllllllllllllin I Mail a Want to Fill a Want Because «f the Advance's countywlde circulation, want advertising In this paper it exceptionally prrtaetlve. At the ume time tt 'Is lnex|teM«iv«. Replies often cost the adveitlser less than a cent apiece. Kote—Except Kmj "reader*," any kind of advertiser te« In the game type as the news Is a "want ail." You "want" to sell as well as buy, you "want" to trade, yon "want" to rent » noiwe or farm, r«« "want" to take cows to pasture, etc. All such advertising' Is called «w»nt" •ilv«rti»ln» by newipaperi. Stock Shipped Into Blizzard— Nine carloads of stock were shipped out of Titonka Saturday night. What happened to them, if anything, after the blizzard began had not yet been reported when this mention was written. Former Pastor Makes Visit— The Rev. L. G. Gartner, Rowan, t .„,„„. — - - -- former Methodist pastor here, was would rake up the stalks .and a Titonka caller one day last week, burn them He has 23 purebred He still has many beehives here, Shotted Poland China brood sows and the object of his visit was to *^ _ .1 -t.rn IT-_._.,, 1 n «.*• ^raai« ' Is*n1r O.ft^W t~Tl OTY1 nnd he raised ISO hogs last year. •Mr De Vries came to this country from Emden. Germany, 20 years ago. He was reared in the city, i-pceived a high school education, and was a sailor on the North Sea Thursday. The lesson was given two years. His parents died when by Mrs. Homer Downs and Mrs. hP -was 12 He had to make his Ted Dunmire, the subject being In- own way when he came to low^ teresting and Historical Spots in look after them. Other Titonka News. Mrs. C. V. Pendergast was hqst- ess to the Woman's clul) last Only 2c a Word Each Week No Insertion Less Than 20c a Week — We Do Not Charge Want Ads — Stamps, Cash, or Check MUST Accompany Order =5 CLIP THIS FORM AND FILL IT IN Your Name... — Address..... _ _ •_„ How many \teeks is advertisement to run?—..— — — Amount enclosed $ Note Write plainly, one word In ouch spucu below, Including name, address, and phone. • If yon do not want your name to appear, do not write name In form below bat count fmir extra words.to cover cost of keeping track of replies and forwarding. Advertisement must reach Advance by 10 o'clock Tuesday morning; to insure Insertion In regular want column; If received later it may appear •!•«• where. a Horace Schencfc drove ,ii-pUB Saturday to.visit, r.-'urnlng Sunday. Mrs. Frank Hagen went .thwvWe Friday for two •with, relatives. to . Bs- weeks nate enough to obtain a farmers daughter who has been a big help- They own 160 acres with Improvements. Fred remarked that he had six good ''tractors," but they are in fact fine horses. He also has ten roan Shorthorn milk cows and always keeps purebred S Center, came Saturday for with Mr. and Mrs, Charles Cooper, and •because of drifted roads she had not been able to go home up to the time this was written. Mrs. R. L. Krantz, Mildred, and Fern drove to Buffalo Center Fri* day, an<i Mildred and Fera got per- maneat waves th,ere.

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