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Cheyenne, Wyoming
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POINTS. T. H. Swan is in the city. .1.

Bennet is up from McCook, Neb. S. I'2. Smith of Greeley is in the city. M.

Quealey, Carbon, is an Inter Ocean guest. Auditor Grant cime down to Cheyenne yesterday. Judge Lacey and Marshal Carr are back from the West. H. M.

Wilson of Douglas returned home yesterday. W. A. Comlcy, the Laramie dry goods dealer, is in town. A.

C. Beckwith and Judge Rucker left for Denver this morning. N. Wheeler of Meadow Springs departed for home yesterday. F.

W. Ott, publisher of the Laramie Tinies, is over to attend the fair. F. H. Jones, the Egbert surveyor, is in Chevenne taking in the sights of the city.

Wm. Lindenmier and W. C. Hart of Fort Collins are in the city attending the fair. T.

J. Montgomery of Douglas and W. J. Lyon of the same place are in the city. Dr.

J. H. Hayford editor of the Laramie Sentinel, came down to the capital yesterday. Judge Pease, who was speaker of the last house of representatives, came down tn Cheyenne yesterday. Cheyenne the Probable A local railroad man who holds somewhat close relations with the head men ol the I nion Pacific, says that the management has )ust received the proposition to build extensive construction and repair machine shops at a central point on the system.

It will be remembered that General Manager Calloway favored such a scheme some months since, but for various reasons it was abandoned. There is considerable speculation as to what point will be selected for the location of the general shops, but it is thought that Cheyenne will be decided upon. The latter point is midway between Omaha and Ogden, and less than a hundred miles north of Denver, and in fact is in a location to which all the lines of the Union Pacific are tributary. Nothing will be done towards the construction of the plant until next spring. An Inventor.

Elwood Mead, territorial hydraulic engineer, has invented a machine by which a correct record can be kept of the amount ol sunshine we are blest with each cloudless day. It is a very ingenious contrivance and having been tested by scientists it has been found work satisfactorily. Post Office Wanted. A. 11.

Branch, United States post office inspector, advertises for bids for the rental of a post office building for this city for live years commencing Nov. 10, 1888. The lessor of the building is re quired to furnish lock boxes, distributing eases, and all the necessary furniture used in the transaction of the postal business. Meeting. A special meeting of the Association is to be held at the court house this forenoon at 11 The association has been called together at this time for the purpose of devising some means of assisting the live stock commissioners who are just now short of the of war" and are unable to take such measures as they deem necessary to protect the cattle interests of the territory.

They have no available funds on hand with which to employ stock inspectors and this has to be done by private subscription. Every cattleman should feel it his duty to be present at this meeting, for this matter is a very important one. A Little Uncertain. A party quite well known in Cheyenne received in exchange for a couple of bills about $35 too much at the fair grounds yesterday. The mistake was soon discovered and the party alluded to, though not with lightning like rapidity, handed back the extra change and nothing was said about it the demand which resulted in the repayment.

Is It Really True! The St. Paul Globe, in speaking of Madam Blanch, the great mind reader and fortune teller, (who is now at the Arlington house), says she foretold the Republican nominee at Chicago a week in advance. The San Francisco CaZZ says: Many of our real estate men and stock speculators bought and sold on her advice. The Kansas City Star says: She is an intelligent and pleasant lady to transact business with This ladv has given more lucky numbers in the lottery than all others. The madam has a suite of parlors at the Arlington.

Nos. 1 and 2. She will only remain a day or two. Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pav required.

It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Dr. W. N.

Hunt. Ben Hellman is in New York and Manager Gus Lehman is cutting prices to beat the Go to for a trunk. THE RACERS IN MOTION. Kirkland, the Photographer, is Again to the Front. After toilsome and expensive experi- merits he has secured instantaneous pho tographs of a number of the racers now on the track.

He has caught them in every conceivable position. As the exposures are only about a two-hundredth part of a second it is plain to be seen that the very best instruments must be employed. Several of his very best are runners and trotters in rapid motion, showing distinctly every leg and spoke of wheels. A full set is on exhibition at his studio, where all are invited to call and examine them. Dreadful Accident.

gins A. sad accident occurred in the rear of the Republican office yesterday afternoon. The cover to a barrel which is placed under Mr. ice house to catch the water from the melted ice, had been removed and a poor little pig of the masculine persuasion tumbled therein, head foremost, and there remained until he was pulled out by the hind legs by a man whom we know only as The owner has the sympathy of the entire community for the loss of his pork. THE FOND FAITHFUL HEART.

down 'neath the bosom of ocean Unsounded by plummet or line. At peace from the storm and commotion. That rage its billows of brine. There are accrete that time shall not fathom. There are jewels unknown to earth's mart: As deep, as true, and as precious Is the voice of the fond, faithful heart Bartlett Davis Various Uses for Sawdust.

The uses for sawdust are steadily multiplying. and it is in ever increasing de mand It is used very extensively ia packing goods for shipment. For stabling purposes it is used quite largely, cheaper and cleaner than straw Many thousands of cords aro used yearly in the manufacture of terracotta. It also en ters largely into the of ipartment houses, for filling walls and doers to deaden sound. These are but a few of the uses for which sawdust is in demand Shingle excelsior, when me.

io of cedar, is an excellent moth extermi nator. and is much used in packing Planer shavings are used for all kinds of packing, and also for bedding in stables, stock cars and (Mo.) Industrial Journal. Railways in South America. The average reader will be hardly prepared to learn that in the Argentine Republic railways aro multiplying so rapidly that it is proposed to introduce legislation against Competing and unnecessary railways are being projected in largo numbers, and the country is fairly wild over railways. The republic has already a very creditable system, but needs some additional lines and some extensions.

But the projects afo coming up in astonishing numbers, far beyond the needs of the country, their promoters being stimulated by the concessions and guarantees which the government has been Opinion. Handwork and Brain Culture. Professor Joseph Le Conte declares that for every grade of culture, whether of the individual or of the race, there is a corresponding grade of handwork necessary for the best brain culture. lu the child of pre-school ago and in the savage and in palaeolithic man, it is the simple use of the hand, or assisted by rudo implements; in the schoolboy or girl, as also in the next higher grade of races, it is by the use of those finer instruments which we call tools; and in the university, as in the most civilized races, it is by the use of scientific instruments and Boston Budget. Dictionary at Hand.

A dictionary (an unabridged one if the means of the family permit) should have a place in every household; it should be kept in full sight, not shut away in a bookcase or closet. If there aro children they should be taught the proper use of it, and encouraged to turn to it whenever they hear in conversation or find in reading a word the meaning of which they do not understand. In writing also, if in the least uncertain as to the correct spelling of a word, or as to the propriety of using it in that place, recourse should be had to the Housekeeping Growth of the Trade. At the convention in New York one of the addresses was on the wonderful growth of the trade in this country. In 1840 Isaac McKenna was one of the few florists In New York.

He worked like a slave, standing all day long ou Wall street with a basket of flowers on his arm, shouting his wares and congratulating himself when fortune smiled on him to the extent of $2 per day. Now some 30,000 buds a year are sold in Now York alone, and thousands of stores are devoted to the sale of Herald. YoungMt War Veteran. The man who claims to bo the youngest war veteran in the country is Charles L. Stone, of Philadelphi He was 14 years of age when ho carrit a gun at the battle of Gettysburg.

At that battle ho was wounded in the left arm by a rifle ball. Part of tho had to bo cut away, and ho says that his appreciation of a joko is not as vivid as it should be. But ho still has the humerus of his arm. That ought to help him a goc in keeping up with American wP. York World.

A Case of Necessity. Visitor (to convict) aro you in for, friend? an ex-policeman, sir; in for stealing. bad. Can Ido anything for you? you could send mo in a pint of peanuts, sir, you would save my life. I was on the force so long, I live without Epoch.

Fresh mountain trout received daily at the Saddle Rock. For bargaina tn children's clothing call on Jn. Seventeenth and Eddy at recta. Special sale of boys and childrens suite at lesson, for heart is open to those who aro charitable and considerate of the misfortunes of Kaddour lifted his head again, bowed upon his breast in shame for duties so long neglected, tho genie had gone, and the floor of his boutique had literally disappeared under a thick carpet of diamonds, pearls and precious stones. Kaddour lived, and through the lesson taught him by misery was banished from Algiers, and wffien he died, as he did without issue, he left his wealth to be divided among the poor and needy.

blessed aro tho children and tho children of the truly Enquirer. Stray Dogs of Boston. After being taken in the luckless four footed prisoner is conveyed to headquarters, where he is put in a pen with a lot of other yelping unfortunates and kept until 2 the same afternoon and no longer. If a cur he is promptly executed at that hour; if a valuable animal his owner, who is always notified, invariably calls in time to save the poor bacon. The process by which the victims are eventually disposed of is adopted for such purposes nowhere else than in Boston.

In point of might be expected in this highly civilized is far ahead of the systems practiced elsewhere. For instance, in Philadelphia the stray dogs are suffocated with charcoal fumes, walking about in stifling agonies for two or three minutes before they finally succumb. In New York they are lowered by the cageful into the river and drowned. In Cincinnati their brains are dashed out with an ax, save only the puppies and other little fellows, which are seized by their hind legs and smashed against a post. Shooting and various unpleasant styles of inflicting the capital penalty are in vogue here and there, but only in the modern Athens is this sort of thing performed on a scientifically merciful basis.

A poison of so deadly a nature that a few grains would kill a human being as quickly as a rifle bullet through the heart, is the sole destructive agent administered. Each cur, as its turn comes, is held firmly between the knees, its jaws forced open, and between Jhem is poured down the beast's throat a teaspoonful or less of a white powder. The condemned gives but one gasp and is dead as nail. In this manner no less than 750 good for nothing brutes were disposed of tho dentists say, without month in this Cor. Chicago Tribune.

Flirting with an Englishwoman. I became interested iu the conversation of tho young Boston man and the haughty Englishwoman who sat beside him. ho Boston man had grown plaintive. always strikes ho said, thoughtfully, as he turned his handsome and boyish face toward tho stalwart girl beside him, the coldness and apathy of English said tho girl, looking into tho big eyes with a stony store, in which there was just a trace of admiration. I forgot to say that the youngster is a tremendous masher on both sides of the water, is more thoroughly good fellow at that.

ho said, takes years and years for an American to find out an Englishwoman likes him or not. You, for instance, though I have known you for a year, met you twenty or thirty times, stopped at your house, and all that, you still talk to mo about the weather, and look at me with the air of a countess examining the points of a fox terrier for whom she has no sort of such a ghastly said the girl, with just a trace of a caressing look ia her eyes, show ones Then she blushed. if Englishwomen," said the youngster, beaming back at her happily, a little more ghastly, they would boa thousand times more Then ho blushed, too. They glanced up, caught me in the act of eavesdropping, and I joined Hall in The Argonaut. To Mako Your Own Perfumes.

Our grandmothers well knew the delight of stealing the perfume from the flowers, and their where were all conveniences for this, was a part of tho machinery of every home. In our country vast quantities of flowers go to waste and wo send to France for our perfumes, yet nothing is easier nor more womanly than to mako the perfumes from flowers which wo use. Into a largo, flat, clean earthenware vessel pour some purified fat lard and suet mixed, warmed sufficiently to mako it liquid. Throw into it as many scented flowers of one kind as it will contain. Let remain twenty-four hours covered, then strain off the fat and add more flowers, repeating the process every day for a week.

The method of liberating this essence of flowers from the fat is very simple. Permit it to harden, cut it into small cubes and put into spirits of wine. Tho delicate odor immediately transfers itself from tho coarse fat to the spirituous solvent, and such a strength of perfume is procured wifch little trouble as would cost a great deal at a S. E. in Chicago Herald.

Among People of Port of Spain. Ashore, through a great sable swarming and a tempest of creole chatter, into warm, narrow, yellow streets. White faces have begun to look almost unearthly; and one feels, in a totally novel way, the dignity of a white skin. When a white face does show itself it usually appears under the shadow of an Indian helmet; it is formidably bearded, countenance of one accustomed to command. Against the black and fantastic ethnic background of these nrer little worlds, this calm, strong, -rded, aquiline English face takes outline, grandiose relief; you in voluntarily murmur to yourself, with pride of race: also am of such blood as Hearn in Magazine.

Constant Jar of Walking. The constant jar of walking on city pavements can be prevented by imitating nature. The human heel is covered with an elastic pad. Now, as to walk barefoot would be out of the question, it is suggested that we replace the hard boot heel with one made of elastic rubber. It would cost but a few cents a month to keep in repair and would have the additional advantage of lessening the noise of hurrying feet and preventing, to an extent, broken bones in the Journal.

Wooden Structures Safest. A series of earthquakes in Russian Turkestan last year destroyed 1,500 stone buildings without seriously injuring a wooden Traveler. Sever Give Up. It you suffer with asthma, bronchitis, or any other-disease ot the throat or lungs, nothing can surprise you more than the rapid improvement that will follow the use of Santa Abie If you are troubled with catarrh and have tried other medicines, you will be unable to express your amazement a the marvelous and instantaneous curative powers of California Cat-R-Cure. These remedies are not secret compounds, but natural productions of California.

Sold at $1 a package; three for $2.50 and guaranteed by Dr. W. Hunt. Go to for a nobby suit. Ao Absolute Cure.

The ORIGINAL ABIETINE OINTMENT is only put up in large two ounce tin boxes, and is an absolute cure for old sores, burns, wounds, chapped hands and all skin eruptions. Will postively cure all kinds of piles Ask for the ORIGNAL ABIETINE OINTMENT Sold by Dr. W. N. 25 cents per box mail 30 cents.

Spring chicken at the Saddle Rock. LROYAL UTtIY POWDER Absolutely Pure. This powder never varies. A marvel of purity, strength and wholesomeness. More economical than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in competition with the multitude of low test, short weight, alum or phosphate powders.

Sold only in cans, Royal Baking Powder Co. 0(1 Wall street. New York. OperA HousE OperA Rhodes Guertin Managers 49 and Ingomar. Loudon Supported by Mauri iHillcr and a strong metropolitan company, will produce the above mentioned playsdurlng their stay in our city, commencing WEI)NESI Evening with THURSDAY EVENING, be repeated FRIDAY evening.

This company has gained a reputation In the East excelled by none. Secure your reserve seats early. Now on sale at Rhodes drug store. TRY the PURE CIDER VINEGAR GROCERY MARKET. IT IS A STRICTLY PURE ARTICLE.

BY THE WAY, IF YOU FAY CASH Give Store a Trial fora Month. NERVOUS DEBILITY, WEAK A EMH, Etc. brought on by excesses, overwork of brain and nervous system; Disorders, result of youthful indiscretions, speedily and permanently cured by the direct use of MEDICAL A PURELY VEGETABLE COMPOUND For Quick Relief and Cure of NF.KV<W« IH HHITV. Exhausted Vitality Errors of youth, Kidney Complaints and Urinary Troubles. Price.

SI per Box, by Mall, with Plain Directions for Use. Ask Your Druggist For It. CONSULTATION AND HOOK FREE. DEPOT, 43 E. 19th STREET, NEW YORK.

First National Bank of Cheyenne Wyo. Capital -S2OOOOOI Surplus $75,000 T. B. HICKS President. J.

E. WILD Cashier. E. ABBOTT Assistant Cashier STANDARDMARKET! 224 Seventeenth Cheyenne, Wyo. Choice Fresh and Salt Meats of all kinds, Poultry, Fish, Game, California and Utah Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Ranch and Creamery Butter and Fresh Eggs.

Special Rates to Parties Buying Beef by the Quarter or Side. WATERMELONS. I have just received a carload of Rocky ford MELONS. Rockyford located on the Arkansas River and produces the finest Melons on earth. I am offering these fine Melons at way down prices.

forget the number. K3OV cfc IGO9 EIDIDY STH.EET. EEntDIJVG GROCER. Cheaper than ever before known in Cheyenne. A Bran New Stove Cheaper than any Second- I hand Stove you can Buy.

have a Large Stork and will Sell them at COST to close them out. Call and get prices before purchasing. Tinware, Graniteware and Tools Cheaper than the Cheapest. All you need is a little money to make yourself comfortable for tne winter. DRAPER, ORGAN MM, MIS, 13M, Ills, A' IMO.

Ferguoon F. E. Warren Mercantile Company. Rare Bargains HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. H'tftJiUig' to further reduce our Stock, we have placed ou our Bargain Counter a large assortment of articles used by all housekeepers, and offering at 5, 10, 15 and 25 cents each articles which are worth four times what we ask for them.

Wo are Also offering Bargains in TEA SETS, DINNER SETS AND TOILET SETS. 1 Choice Eine of BRIC-Jl-BRntC at Eess than Cost..

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