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Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Baity PAPER OF WYOMING. INO7 CIRCULATOR Postoffice Hoars. MAILS CLMB Tor the 8:06 am. for Denver at 8 pm and by express pou-b pm. for the east at 7:46 pm by the Burlington A Hfor the north at 10:40 am.

MAILS AJUUVB from Denver at 6:30 am and 1:50 pm. from the east at 8:35 am and 1:36 pm by the anrilnfton A Missouri. the west at 4 am from the north at 2pm. Sunday hours from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. TIME TABLE.

UNION PACIFIC MAIN LINE. BOUND Arrive Depart 0 i limited a. in 7tfl) a Mo. 7 (express and 3:40 MAIN LINE. bound Arrive Depart so.

S'limited a. a Ma 8 4:00 pm bmvbb PACIFIC Lv. Den. Ar Chey. Mo.

1...... 11:30 am. 4C5 a Jo. BOUND.) Lv. Chey.

Ar. Den. Xa.l 8:15 a jo. 8 P- 7:66 P- CHEYENNE A BURLINGTON. arrive Leave hO p.

m. 8.00 p. m. C'HEYENNK A NORTHERN. 9a.

m. Mondays, Wednesdays and p. m. Tueedaj Thursdays and TOWN TALK. tool pi Little Picked Throughout the City.

Minstrels at the opera bouse this eveniM. John Roberts has moved hie office to 1707 Ferguson street. Chicken supper and apron sale at Keefe hall next Monday evening. Notice bills due the late firm of Myera Foster must be paid by the 29th. John Myers.

The grand jury meets to-day to act the case of Kingen, who is charged with cattle stealing. The Ramblers will institute a series of hoeing parties to continue through the rioter at an early date. Buy your real estate from Emil Dion. He always has bargains. No.

221 SeveniMotb street, Kent's block. A reception to the members of the legiiteiure will be given next Tuesday even mt at the residence of Senator-elect and Carey. What makes Emil Dion sell so much ml estate, and so much cheaper than any one else? because he always has noething that there is big money in. The entertainment at the parlors of the Congregational church last evening was iverj enjoyable affair and was largely at (coded. In addition to an appetizing dis: of refreshments a musical and literary programme was rendered in an ac gptable manner.

A grand lecture on science of palmistry ortho lines of the hand with spirit manifestations at close of lecture. Ail are invited whether spiritualist or not, as public teats shall be given. It will be both instructive aipd entertaining. To be held next Sunday evening at 7:30 at the Li- Wiry house. a most scientific life This lady will read your life to out a question or mistake by science palmistry.

Will give you faithful on business, money matters, changes, travels, sickness, health, family affairs, tells you what business you are most idipted for and whether your partner love or marriage is true or false. Kunember that the lady is no fortune teller, but a life reader from the laws of sciaoeand warrants perfect satisfaction or charge. Office, rooms 3 and 4 Hi Normandie. The World Enriched. The facilities of the present day for production of everything that will conduce to the material welfare and comfort of mankind are almost unlimited and when Syrup of Figs was first produced the world was enriched with the only perfect laxative known, as it is the only remedy which is truly pleasing and refreshing to the taste and prompt and effectual to cleanse the system gently in the Spring time or, in fact, at any time uid the better it is known thg more poptthr it becomes.

Until Dec. 1 a life size portrait in frame WS2S at Regular prioe from Make your appointments for smnra as this is our season and we rotoise no work in less than two weeks, takes time, but we do it right at Kirkhad a. Bargains in shoes this week at 8. b. got Bn you want at the v.

L. candy fresh and at New York at Rhodes A GOODS ARE ADVANCING IN THE EAST, But I am Still Prepared to Go One Notch Lower than any House in the State. In order to make room for my Immense Line of Holiday Goods, I will, during the Next Fifteen Days, offer my Entire Stock of Dry Goods at prices that will speak for themselves. Fl nn S. 8c WOrth 12i This department is well assorted.

A ju Unbleached Muslin, 7Jc, worth 10c. full ne c. P. Thompson's, elsewhere for 10c. and Dr.

American 25c. lin Lin complete line of stamped English Cashmere, in all shades, 20c. Tray Cloths, Tea Cloths, Napkins, Towels, etc. elegant line of Pattern Dresses at New York cost Call and examine my stock of UNDERWEAR. oBe a Wool Hose from 20c up.

95c per suit. Btoc nadieaj and Shoes is now complete and lam oflering extraordinary bargains in Children's sold at exceedingly low prices. Cloaks, Suits and Overcoats. It will be to your advantage to call and examine the Great Bargains I am offering before purchasing elsewhere. WILLIAM KUson Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming, i.

ft GETTING DOWN TO WORK Legislators Gingerly Approaching the Making of Laws. Notices of Bills Given in the Lower House. The Senators Have Not Yet Tackled Legislation. The House. The session of the house lasted precise- ly one hour vesterday morning.

The business consisted almost entirely of no- tioes of the introduction of bills udoq sub- sequent days. Mr. Clay of Converse gave notice of the intended introduction of a bill to amend section 3,919 of chapter 3of the Revised Statutes relating to the duties and defining the same ot county superintendent of schools. The same gentleman also gave notice of the introduction ot a bill to amend section 2. chapter 72 of the session laws of 1890 relative to the taxing of range stock and 1 personal property in all kinds and classes of live stock.

Mr. Brown will introduce a bill relating to chattel mortgages. Mr. Sutherland will submits bill permitting unincorporated poets of the Grand Army and other unincorporated 1 tions in Wyoming to acquire, hold and convey real, personal and mixed prop- erty. Mr.

Peterson will introduce a bill pro- 1 vidiog for the payment of coal miners and mine laborers semi monthly in lawful money. Mr. Bond will introduce a bill for an act to amend sections 2,019 and 2.020, Revised Statutes, relating to executors and administrators. House joint 1 was introduced by Mr Fullmer. It provides for 1 the appointment of a joint committee on taxation and revenue, consisting of three members of the bouse and two of the 1 senate.

The matter was referred to com- mittee. Messrs. Reals, Davis and Bond were appointed to draft resolutions of thanks to Superintendent Middleton for 1 sies extended to the members of the 1 house on their visit to the railroad shops. One hour after convening the bouse ad- 1 journed. 1 The Senate.

The senate was in session just half an hour. The solitary piece of business transacted with the introduction ot a resolution by Senator Chatterton requesting Attorney General Hugo Donzelman to assist and advise the senate in legal matters and in the preparation of bills and amendments. The resolution was re- ferred to the committee on judiciary. Stock Protective Association. Articles of incorporation ot the Eastern Wyoming Protective association were hied in the office of the county clerk yes terday.

The company is formed to do all reasonable and lawful things to pre- vent, as far as possible, the depredations 1 of thieves upon livestock running upon ii the open range in Eastern Wyoming, Western South and Western a Nebraska; to take such methods as will lead to the apprehension and punishment and to collect each compensation from the parties benefitted as may be agreed upon, The capital stock of the company is SIOO divided into 100 The trustees of the company for the first year are John B. Thomas. John J. Cairncs, Gorham B. 1 Goodell.

Elias W. Whitcomb and Marcus M. Mason. The operations of the com- pany will bo carried on in the counties us Laramie, Converse. Weston and Crook in Wyoming and the western parts of Neb- raeka and South Dakota.

A Woman Attorney. Mrs. W. J.Richardson of Gering.Neb., i will today make application to be admit ted to practice before the district court. The lady is accompanied here by her hus- band, who is the district attorney of a Bluff county, and will be one of the attorneys in defending Kingen, who is charged with cattle stealing.

Go to Theo. T. Woollens northeast corner Seventeenth and Eddy streets, a for the ingredients for a Thanksgiving dinner They have just received a full line of choice groceries, chickens, game, fruits and vegetables, nuts, sweet cider, cranberries, celerv, etc. Every thing the a season affords fresh and choice. Prices low as the lowest.

G. A. R. Poet G. A.

R. will meet this evening. Nominations for officers will be made. Visiting comrades cordially invited. J.

W. Fisher, Adj tan t. New mattresses. new woven 0 wire springs, second-hand heating and cook stoves at lowest prices. Every- 0 thing delivered free.

Corner Twenty-first and Thornes. Bohnsted, Manager. Back from Canada. Donald McPheh ot Islay, returned yesterday from Bruce county, Ontario, where he has spent several weeks visiting friends. Mr.

McPhee says the McKinley tariff bill has completely paralysed trade between the Canadians and their American neighbors. The fanners and merchants are already looking up new fields of trade and butter, eggs and other productions, are now being shipped to England instead of to the United States. If the McKinley bill remains in force the immense trade which has existed between Canada and the United States will soon be a thing of the past. The Canadians as well as the Americans near the border com plain bitterly of its result. Mr.

McPhee thinks the Canadians are ready for annexation and would gladly join fortunes with their neighbors in the states. Thanksgiving Entertainment. The celebrated Grism er- Davies Dramatic company will appear at the opera house on next Thursday, Nov. 27th, (Thanksgiving), at two performances, matinee and night. This organization has just concluded a most successful four engagement at the Bush street theater.

San Francisco. The company, headed by Joseph Grismer and Phoebe Davies, has never been better than for this tour and the plays selected have both proven successes in San TYco Nights in Rome, a character drama by Archibald C. Gunter, author of Mr. Barnes of New York, will be seen at the matinee and the evening Charles thrilling melodrama Lights and Shadows. Both playa will be produced with special scenery and mechanical effects.

The engagement of the Grismer- Davies company promises to be a notable one. A Congresitlonnl Committee. The sub committee of congress on immigration reached here yesterday en route to California. President own private car had been placed at their posal and the party was traveling in great comfort. The sub committees include Congressman Herman Stump of Maryland, who was re-elected at the recent election.

Congressman Lehlbach of New Jersey, and Senator Squire, the latter of whom will join the party on the coast. During the very brief stay here the party was called upon by several local people, including Mr. Ed. Gailey, whose former congressional district is now represented by Congressman Stump. The Bergman If a bean Corpns.

Mr. Stoll finished bis argument yesterday afternoon on the application to the state supreme court for a writ of habeas corpus in the case of Probate Judge Berg man. He was folowed by Mr. Davidson. he case was then taken under advisement by Chief Justice Groesbeck and Judge Conaway who will render a decision tomorrow.

Minitrels Tonight. Cheyenne theater goers will be treated tonight to an entertainment given by minstrels in the opera house. The company is very well spoken of and is expected to gire an exoeeding good en tertaiument. Lovers of minstrelsy, who are a host in themselves, will have an opportunity to indulge themselves. Notice.

Owing to the reception to be given by Senator and Mrs. Carey to the legisla ture on next Tuesday evening, the enter tainment for the benefit of the Methodist church fund will be on Monday evening, the 24th inst, instead of the 25tb PROPOSALS For Viaduct Construction at Cheyenne, Wyoming. Scaled proposals will be received by the mayor and council of the city of Cheyenne, in the state of Wyoming, on or before the 2d day of December. 1890, tor the construction of a wrought iron highway viaduct and approaches thereto, at Cheyenne, on Central avenue over the Union Pacific railway tracks, according to the plans, specifications and instructions to bidders, which may be seen and examined at the office of the city engineer at Cheyenne, Wyoming. All proposals should be sealed lor Viaduct and addressed to Frank Dana, city clerk, Cheyenne.

Wyoming. Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified check in the sum of ten per centum of the gross amount of the bid contained therein as a guaranty that the bidder will enter into a contract with said city for the construction of said viaduct and its approaches, in accordance with his bid. and said plans, specifications and instructions to bidders within fifteen days after notice that his bid is accepted. The mayor and council reserve the right to reject any and all bids. Attest: Frank Dana.

U. W. Riner, City Clerk, Mayor. Chejenne, Nov. 19, 1890.

The Wyoming Store is going out of and children shoes and offers the entire stock at a great sacrifice, to be closed out immediately. Printing at the Ijeader office. ALL OVER THE STATE. Paragraphs Found in the Columns of Our Exchanges. Signs of Activity are Being Shown Everywhere.

Building, Mining, Stock Raising and Prospecting Considered. Bulletin.) The B. AM. have put on another aurveying force who are cross-sectioning on the Buffalo extension about thirty miles from well, thank you. Lirge game is more abundant in the near vicinity this year than it has been for several seasons past.

Many deer, elk and antelope have been seen within a few miles ot the fort. Several bears have been in the near hills. A heavy snow fell in Buffalo and the widely surrounding country this week. The ground has not yet frozen and this moisture will freeze into the soil, making early spring range grass. A wagon load of stoves en route to Sheridan, which loft Buffalo on Tuesday, overturned about one mile north of the divide on Massacre hill The team ran away going down the hill and the tra'il wagon containing the stoves tipped over, breaking seven stoves.

The wagon was a total wreck. Horn The Big Horn Land and Petroleum company has been pushing the work on its Bonanza oil well with unusual vigor during the week and results may be looked for probably within a short time. Reports are being brought in every week of new mineral finds in the Big Horn mountains, and great times are anticipated next spring. Several fins specimens of coal taken from the Hollywood mine on the Big Horn were brought into town by visitors to that section this week. Journal UuL John 0.

Friend, who has been visiting at estern points for two past, returned home last nieht. Rawlins will no doubt receive a large increase of population in the least indications point that way at presen we should do all in our power to induce those who do come to build themselves homes and remain permanently. I Casper Derrick. Casper to have a church at last. Congregational inactivity has caused the Episoopals to make a second proposition.

Our citizens have subscribed SSOO and the denomination will furnish an additional A $1,500 church will bo erected as soon as the contract can be awarded. Mall.) Hon. Mike Murphy was down from the Lander wells last Friday. He reports everything as flourishing the upper country, and remembered the Mail by having it discontinued. The Pennsylvania Oil company will erect at the new well one building 40x60 and several smaller ones.

As the new well is in the middle of their oil properties it will be used as headquarters. They expect to do $45,000 worth of assessment work between now and January 1, 1892. Herald.) There were shipped from this point vesterday by Messrs. Hawley Newton, eighty double-decked cars of sheep, bound for Norfolk. Neb.

The bunch consisted of 17,000 head. Under Sheriff Joe Hazen came in from Douglas on Monday evening's train, and was here but a short while until he arrested a man named Henry Weise. It appears that Weise was under SSOO bonds for killing cattle near Lost Spring and that he was jumping his bonds, hence his arrest He was taken to the county jug, where he will probably be kept for some time and taught a lesson. The wolf question was laid on the shelf in this county last week and yet the wolves continue roving in large bands in this vicinity. L.

J. Lohlein reports that while hunting on Lance creek last week he saw and counted a band of thirty grays, but they were too cunning to allow him to get a shot at them. Allan Niver reports that a few days ago he counted eighteen in a bunch near Rawhide creek. One or more head of young stock were badly bitten or killed by wolves a few days ago at the LZ ranch. Journal.) Hon.

N. K. Briggs has been in Newcastle this week. He will open a laW office in the west room ot the basement in Kilpatrick Bros. brick.

A miner named Thompson in attempting to return from Schuh's saloon on Salt creek to the mines last Friday morning, disappeared, and has not since been stfen. Large parties of miners were out searching for him for several days, but no trace was found. He was last seen three miles northeast of Cambria, aud probably got lost and walked among the foot hills until he becatne exhausted, and died. He was 58 years old, tall, light compluxioned and a carpenter by trade. La fine shoes and slippers, all the newest styles at S.

Bona Morgan Clarke, corner Eighteenth andThomee. have a fire proof warehouse where they will store your carriage or buggy for the winter. Call on them for terme. NALK For sale -sixteen cheap inside Four! ii canh, balance lodk lime. Ap.

ply at Leader office, For house, price, termw. Apply at Leader office. MRS. GLAFCKE, IdTH AND JC Warren.

Fur and builjing Apply to TalltoU row azMT. COR RENT NICELY FURNISHED front rootn a week; board If desired. ZO9 Kart Nineteenth, For FURNIBHKD with or without board Good day board eheap. A. Curley, 20U2 Eddy NEW IMPORTATION OF Winter Millinery TELE J.

L. WALKER will show, today and tomorrow, a line of new French Pattern Toques Bonnets Also novel in Drenaes and The order having been placed for theae previous to the advance will enable them to well at the old Make your before the choicest are picked out. J. nMLKER. Opp.

M. E. Church. MUST BE SOLD i Good Chance for Buyers Bedroom Easy Chain, Crockery, Glassware. Tinware.

Notions, Etc. Bi; Miss It Will keep this bargain open to Dec. 1,1890. The best chance to get at very low prices ever offered in Cheyenne. 1716 EDDY Bet.

17th and IBtti. jeiokzeje: RESTAURANT! Robhson Calender, Proprietors. SHORT ORDER AND REGULAR MEALS. 1716 Ferguson Street. CHEYENNE, WYOMING.

Oysters, Oysters, Oysters RECEIVED DAILY. Fresh Oysters and Clams nerved on the hail Hhell at the TIV OLI anSTrestaurant HEADQUARTERS FOR Anheuser-Bush ot. norriai beeti. In Six for a Dollar. Richardson Sole agents for Yannlssee whisky, chemically pure.

HAVING PURCHASED THE ENTIRE FIMG GOODS STOCK of the late firm of Smith Harrington at a Decided Bargain, 1 am prepared to sell them at[stand At Prices Which Have Never Been Duplicated in the Town. I have Good Goods that I have Bought Cheap, and I am determined to sell them rapidly if the Lowest of Ijow Prices will do it. The Goods Must be Got Rid of to make way for my now stock, which is rapidly arriving. All I ask is that you examine the goods aud look at the prices. The goods will then sell themselves.

JOHN SMITH, hl Door to tho Pestoffice. Pormerly with Smith Harrington. PROGRAMME AT THE Opera House Nov. 24, 1890. Proceeds for the Benefit of the ILOM Biiliiij hi! PART I.

from Jakobowski Mr. Fred Sellick. Dramatic selection in two Sheridan Quarrel Personae. Sir Peter TeazleMr. J.

C. Baird Lady TeazleMu. E. J. Churchill Maria Miss Lisle Smith PART 11.

Vocal When the Heart is Dudley Buck. Miss Lizzie Whitcomb. Instrumental Miss Ada M. Williams. Indian Club Ida E.

Crouch and Mrs. Ira Frcdendall. Bid Me Bishop Miss Laura Richardson. part in. Mother and Mrs.

Browning Mrs. E. J. Churchill. Vocal Mrs.

Paul O. Brewster. Violin Solo de Bad. 11. Leonard Prof.

J. H. Hutchinson. Buck Mrs. J.

G. Cropsey PART iv. Delsarte E. J. Churchill, Mrs.

C. W. Walker and Miss Ophelia Allison, assisted by a group of girls from the Central school. Stockgrowers National Bank CHEYEHHEWYOMINH. fAld Ixx Mux-plua and Undivided Profita WTEBEST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS.




L. BEARD, Cashier. 6. F. MORGAN, Cashier.

Interest Paid on Time Deposits. Special Attention Paid to Collections ana Exchange Drafts Drawn on Principal Cities of the East and Europe. GFLA.KTD SPECIAL SALE Overcoats! Overcoats! For Week Beginning Nov. 31 150 Chinchillas, in blue, ats 7 00 worth $lO 00 180 Chinchillas, in brown, at 700 worth 10 00 163 Chinchillas, in gray, at 900 worth 14 00 148 Black Cheviots at; 12 00 worth 16 00 138 Kerseys is all shades 15 00 worth 20 00 116 Meltons in all 15 00 worth 20 00 aud 300 and Children's Overcoats at your own figures, as we intend to dose out all our Box's' and Goods. BEN HELLMAN, Leading Clothier, Furnisher, Hatter and Shoer, 302 and 304 CHEYENNEJ RACKET STORE.

JUST OPENED. Lot boxes Note Paper and Envelopes, 12 cents, worth 25 cents. Lot boxes Note Paper and Envelopes, 20 cents, worth 35 to 75 cents. Lot all wool Hose, 25 cents. Lot dozen Gossamers, latest styles, at less than wholesale prices.

Lot dozen Gents' Neckties, latest and linest patterns. For this lot see our window display Saturday. RACKET I F. M. WATSON.

STORE. Wait till you see our Holiday Goods. SEW IN (FmACH IN AGENCY. 1 Handles Six First-class Machines. 110 New Home.

White, Standard. Domestic, Household, Wheeler Wilson. NEEDLES FOR EVERY MACHINE MADE. Only first-class Sewing Machine Oil 1 mxl than any agency. 316 West Seventeenth street.

I Cold Wave Coming Latest by telegraph from Gen. A W. Greeley: will have a cold wave before Be prepared for it and get your HEATING STORES fxroxxx Xiao WYOMING HARDWARE Seventeenth street, where you will find the Best and Largest stock in the city. ZEHNER, BUECHNER CO. JaSfall Watchmakers and Jewelers Diamond G-oods, Watohee and Jewelry.

Corner of Sixteenth and Ferguson, Cheyenne. Wya by Mail receive prompt attentlou. The Inter-Ocean Hotel CjE.lTK.rm- I.OC.ITED. Strictly First Class Throughout. BEST $2 DAY WEST JOHN CHASE, Proprietor.

It heaiiqitai tern tor the T'ravelling Fublic..

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