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Arrive. Depart. No.l. 1:55 p.m. 2:15 p.m.

0.3 2.1 X) a. m. 2:15 a. in. MAIN LINE.

(KANT BOUND Arrive. Depart. No. 2. 10:00 m.

10:20 a. in. No. 4.. a.

in. 3:15 ft. m. DENVER PACIFIC Ar. Chey.

No. 301 1:50 No. 303 1:45 a.m. Lv.

Chey. No. 302.. 10:20 No.

301 3:30 ft.m. CHEYENNE A NORTHERN. Leave 11 a. m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Arrive 7:30 p. m. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. CHEYENNE A BURLINGTON. I Arrive 10:25 a.

m. 1:40 p. m. Meteorologically Office, Cheyenne, Aug. 10, 1889.

report of rainfall lor thfe twelve hours ending at 8 p. m. yesterday was as follows: Ft. Washakie .02 inch. Denver .04, Lalt Lake ,02, Pueblo .82, Bugalo .02.

Galveston 14, Baker City, Montrose, Kansas and Cheyenne trace. Range of temperature in Cheyennee from 54 to 74 degrees. For to-day, light rain followed by fair weather and slightly warmer. TOWN TALK. Gossipy Little Paragraphs Picked Up Throughout the City.

Old Jed Prouty to-night. The wolf hunt Wednesday will be a big affair. A horse buyer from Tennessee will be here to-day. Counterfeit $5 and $lO are in circula tion in Omaha. An Omaha firm advertises abstracts of title to Wyoming oil lands.

There will be an onen air concert in the park to morrow evening by the city band. it about time to replace Capitol avenue crossings taken up for the tournament track? The charming Mother Goose entertainment will be repeated at Keefe hall this afternoon. Sunday's ball game lie tween the Kim ball, club and the Capitols of this city will doubtless be a spirited contest The attraction at the opera house Monday evening will be the Lilly Clav Gaiety of forty In-witchiug lady artists. Oliver Shannon and wife have sold to Dan W. Gill an undivided one-half interest in the lots in Kelley addition.

A gentleman who drives considerable says that there arc not to exceed half a dozen good street crossings in the city limits. Picked nines played an interesting ball game at the fair grounds yesterday afternoon. The score 7to 6in seven innings. The funeral of Lewis, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs.

J. K. Shingle occurred from the family residence yesterday afternoon and was largely attended. The Palace barber shop and bath rooms opposite the postofficc are the finest in the city. For a good quick Saturday shave or stylish hair cut give them a call.

Z' Chief Washakie has presented Bishop Talbot with a handsome war bonnet of feathers, to be sold for the benefit of the Shoshone Indian school building fund. Straw in a car containing government mules was fired between this place and Laramie yesterday by sparks from the locomotive. The flames were extinguished in time to avoid serious damage. Richard Golden, the clever comedian who appears as the star in Old Jed P'outyvd the opera house to night, is sup ported by an excellent company. The play and people come well recommended.

Card of Thanks. Mr. and Mrs. John K. Shingle desire to return their heartfelt thanks to their many friends who remembered and min istered to them in their bereavement on the occasion of the death of their little son Lewis.

If you want to know how to buy or sell rubber boots, go and see Old Jed Prouty, ho will show you how it is done, to-night. Mr. Ed. Gearn of the Union Pacific railroad was operated upon yesterday by Dr. Birney for catarrh.

Mr. Gearn says the electric treatment is the thing. B.B.David, Wholesale Retail Druggist. PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED. FULL LINE OF PATENT MEDICINES, OILS, PAINTS, INSECT POWDER, FLY PAPER, Cor.

IGtH Eddy Finest Ice Cream Soda to be Found in Town. Only Pure Fruit Syrups Used. RUN THEM DOWN. Billy Lykins Corrals Cattle Thieves in Nebraska. Locks Horns With the Authorities of That State.

Unrighteous Methods of Grangers Over the Border. The intrepid Billy Lykins has run to earth a pair of stock thieves and has locked horns with the Nebraska authorities. It is well known that the bold gang which has been ravaging the Horse creek range for the past three years had headquarters in Nebraska. After the arrest of the and son who are now in the county jail here officers concluded to break up the lawless organization if possible and Lykins, who has been active in ferreting out the thieves was given permission to follow them into Nebraska if necessary. Billy was keen to corral the freebooters.

His scheme was to follow them over into Nebraska, make the arrests and hurry back into Wyoming with the prisoners. Os course this was a trifle irregular, but desperate remedies were demanded, and the state line is not very clearly defined. The courageous deputy was advised to secure reliable men to assist him in the undertaking, but it appears that he tackled the job single handed, being reckless as ever. At any rate he is having a little wrangle with the stale of Nebraska. From what can be learned here it seems that Lykins arrested two men, but was unable to return to his native heath with the captives atod is now attempting to push the prosecution in Nebraska.

He is at Harrisburg, Banner county, a small settlement fifty miles northwest of Kimball, the nearest railway point Prosecuting Attorney Stoll and Sheriff Martin leave for that place this morning and will doubtless straighten out the tangle. These Nebraska grangers who cause the trouble are hard eases. They slip over into Wyoming ostensibly to hunt antelope in a country devoid of game. They slaughter cattle, leave the debris and return home with the meat. Enough for home use does not satisfy them at all.

Stolen Wyoming beef is marketed through a scope of country fifty by a hundred miles. Three of these granger thieves were captured last year with a freshly butchered Wyoming steer in a wagon. Lykins landed them in the Laramie county jail. Two forfeited bonds and the third was acquitted. Old Jed Prouty.

Mr. Richmond Golden, who impersonates in the play passed his boyhood days in Bucksport, right at the old heels, almost constantly. Day in and day out did the embryo actor, boylike, note and study the gait, manner isms and utterLms of the chipper old village Boniface, little dreaming that the study would stand him so well in need later on. Mr. William Gill and Mr.

Golden, together, wrote the play. Their motive in writing it was to demonstrate the fact that a Down-east was not the boastful, nasal voiced, whittling ignoramus that theatrical folk have so far represented him. To-night. To Walk for a Wife. John Gallagher and Wheeler have been paying their attentions to a Fossil beauty for some time and to settle the question which should have the prize Wheeler has challenged Gallagher to a five mile go as you please race to come off about the middle of August.

Lilly Show. Francisco The performance given at the Grand opera house by Lilly Collossal Gaiety company was beyond expectation, and gave universal satisfaction to the large male audience. The soiree, in introduced some splendid singing and scenery. The specialties were now and clever, bringing forth rounds of applause. brought out the entire strength of the company.

People coming late were unable to get seats. Here Monday night. Ball Game. Kimball, an enterprising Nebraska town has sent a strong ball team on a tour to advertise the town. The neighbors will meet the home club at the fair grounds to morrow afternoon, when there should be a big crowd to witness the game, which will doubtless a good one.

Admission 25 cents, ladies free. No Kee polllhegrasss. The park will be wide open Sunday evening. Everyone who so desires may walk on the grass and look at the flowers at close range, but there must be no trespassing. Commencing at 6:30 p.

m. Sunday the city band will fill the park neighborhood with melody. Everyone should promenade to the park Sunday evening. To have a good laugh and enjoy yourself go and see Richard Golden in Old Jed Prouty to-night. Mother Goose.

In compliance with numerous urgent requests the Episcopal ladies have ar ranged for a reproduction of the Mother Goose entertainment at Keefe hall this afternoon. Admission, adults 25 cents, children, 10 cents. Lake Mabpalutah ice. J. L.

Murray, 1016 Ferguson street. OIL AND WATAR. Two New Corporations With Combined Capital of $3,000,000. Two big companies filed articles of incorporation at the office of Secretary Meldrum yesterday. The combined capital is $3,000,000 and in the directorate of each concern appears the names of gentlemen known to command much capital.

The North Platte Oil com par will de. velop petroleum and coal'lands with $2-, 500,000. It is an Omaha enterprise and these citizens of that place are named as trustees: E. A. Tillotson, B.

F. Benlow, Jj. Higgins, E. E. Clippinger and 11.

Franzen. A concern which will materially contribute to the advancement of Wyoming is the Sweetwater Land and Improvement company. The promoters of this combine propose to deal in land and water rights in the Sweetwater valley. The gentlemen who will manage the $3,00,000 capital arc John R. Bothwell, John C.

Baird, J. C. Davis, E. P. Schoonmaker and Albert J.

Bothwell. will be maintained at Bothwell and in Cheyenne and New York. A CORPSE IN BUCKETS. Unravelling of the Sensational Laramie Mystery. A sensation which has kept Laramie nervous for several weeks has come to a head.

Bob Burnett, an eccentric ranchman who continually quarreled with his neighbors disappeared mysteriously ten weeks ago. His claim was at once jumped by a man named Black, who said he had purchased the property and that Burnett had gone east- The neighbors did not believe this story, but when thev suggested a search for the missing man Black threatened to shoot the organizer of a party. The mystery deepened and speculation was rife until Chas. Pullman and wife cause to Laramie Thursday with a couple of buckets which they belidVed contained the remains of Burnett. The corpse was in the form of ashes though there were a few charred bones in the debris.

A peculiar button affected by Burnett identi tied the ashes as the corpse of the eccentric ranchman. The daughter of the Pullmans stumbled on an odd looking old camp fire while picking berries in a dense thicket. She investigated and reported to her parents. It is generally believed Black murdered Burnett and cremated his victim's body. He had previously occupied the claim he now tenants, Burnett being a himself.

Scoring an Officer. Marshal Scbnitger was standing near T. A. new bank yesterday when he'was approached by a stranger who proceed to lecture him on his duty. want you to size me said the man.

papers tell about crooks and tramps, but a respectable citizen. a deputy sheriff from Mr. Scbnitger answered the fellow quietly and decently, but the deputy from Kansas was mad and made a heap of noise, cursing loudly. For this he was jailed, when be soon became quite mild. The Tramps.

A rock pile is to be secured for the amusement of tramps. It is hoped that all arrangements will be completed at once. Tramps should be worked on the streets as they were by T. Jeff Carr, Frank Dietrick, Capt. Thos.

Cahill and other officers who were in the service of the city before Mr. Harnish and his policy materialized, but a stone yard properly managed will scare the gentry away from Cheyenne. Sheep Law. Inspector Meyer complains that our present laws arc wholly inadequate and do not protect the sheepmen of the county from scabby trail sheep. The law provides that owners of traveling bands of sheep shall notify the inspector upon their arrival in the countv.

while the law to be effective should provide that the inspector be notified and the sheep inspected before they be permitted to enter a county. As the law now is, trail sheep are often half way across a county before the inspector receives his notification. There are several other features of the law which need revising and the attention of the next legislature will probably be called to them. Moving Troops. Troops from seveial different western posts, notably Fort Douglas, Utah, were here yesterday afternoon enroute to summer camp via Bordeaux.

Mr. H. Ij. Davis of is tin the city for catarrh treatment from Dr. ney.

To Railroad and City People. Meals at the Inter Ocean 35c. Legal Blanks at the Ixiadcr office. Wyoming Creamery and Butter at E. S.

Johnston Bro LOOK AT THESE PRICES: In order Io reduce stock ire hare concluded, to close out our Summer Fndcrirear at the following ridiculously low prices: JLaeltes' Jersey Ribbed Vests in Ecru and JVatural Urey, only IDc, former price liOc to -lOc. There are only a few dozens of them and they will go fast. bent's Uauze Shirts and Drawers only Hie. Rent's JTlerino Shirts and Drawers only 2Oc. Rent's Jnerino Shirts and Drawers, heavy, only 2 tc.

Rent's Balbriggan Striped Shirts and Drawers, fancy, only tile. There is but a limited quantity. JHso about one dozen Ice Cream Freezers al cost. IIV' determined not to winter any summer goods. F-IIR." THE CANDLE FACTORY.

Work Commences Monday on a Building for the Plant. The Factory Will be in Operation by Sept. 6. Text of the Compact Made With the Board of Trade. Work on the building to contain the soap manufacturing plant will commence next Monday morning.

E. R. Hurd has been awarded the construction contract. A survey of the site will be made to-day. A.

M. Ross, the gentleman with whom the Board of Trade made the deal, returned to the city yesterday with C. W. Dailey who is to be superintendent of the works. Both reiterate confidence in Cheyenne as an excellent manufacturing and distributing point and arc certain that the Ross Soap and Candle $20.000 a bright future.

All work connected with the candle and soap factory will be pushed. The plant will be in by Sept. 6, according to the agreement with the Board of Trade. Here is the proposition submitted by Mr. Ross and ratified by the trustees: Ist.

board of trade to lease me one block as agreed with committee and to de posit in any bank in this city sufficient money, not to exceed $1,300 to build a building thereon one hundred feet long by thirty feet wide, as per plans and specifications attached, to be paid to me alter I have completed said building and placed machinery therein ready to begin the manufacture of candles. 2d. That I agree to have said building completed and machinery placed therein within three months from date and begin the manufacture of candles. 3d. That I agree to start and carry on the manufacture of.

soap and oils in connection with said candle business within one year from this date. 4 th. That I agree at the end of the first year to have in my employ not less than ten hands, and that at the end of the second year I agree to have not less than twenty hands employed in said business. sth. That I agree to carry on said business and put up other buildings on said land for the term of five years.

6. That I agree to give a mortgage on said building and machinery for the term of five years as a guarantee that 1 will carry on said manufacturing business for said term of five years. 7th. That the said land is to be leased to me for the term of fifty years fur the sum of one dollar and 1 to pay the taxes thereon for said yesra. Bth.

That at any time after five years I or my company operating or running said business should move said plant from said property the lease thereof shall become void and the bare land revert back to the owner of said land, and if I or my company carrying on said business should remove from said city the building shall become the property of the Board of Trade. Mr. T. A. Kent furnished the land, giving a sufficient tract in a suitable locality.

A Board of Trade committee consisting of Joo. F. Carroll, V. Bakerand L. Kabis collected the $1,300 and the Ross Candle and Soap company was soon after incorporated.

PERSONAL POINTS. Dan M. Arnold is in from the ranch. Miss Kate Davis returned from the East yesterday. Jesse Harris, the Fort Collins horse raiser, is in town.

John Palmer is here from Douglas. He soon leaves for South Africa. Col. Thos. Appleton, Union Pacific assistant engineer, is in the city.

T. J. Colpas, Denver; 11. Emerson, Denver, are registered at the Hotel Normandy. Capt.

Robt. Kinzie, who was here with the Fort Douglas artillery yesterday exchanged experiences with Capt. E. 8. Smith.

They were together twenty-eight years ago. J. T. Flavau, Denver; 11. H.

Hackney, New Salem; E. G. Griffith, Chicago; C. 11. Pierce, St.

Louis; C. W. Kingsbury, New York, are among the guests at the fetor Ocean. fail to see Old Jed Prouty tonight as it is one of the best, shows on the road; critics say better than Josh Whitcomb. W.

T. Hall of Laramie is under Dr. treatment for catarrh. Annual Meeting. There will be an annual meeting of the Muddy Creek Ditch company Aug.

26 at the Cheyenne office for the purpose of electing officers and other business. 11. Altman, President. Dr. office hours for the treat ment of catarrhal diseases and diseases of the eye and car will be from 2:30 to 5 p.

m. Carey block, room IG. Send two cents in stamps to E. L. max, general passenger agent Union Paccific railway, Omaha.

and secure a copy of Outdoor Sports and Pastimes, containing complete rules for lawn tennis, croquet and base ball; just issued. the Matter With Ferris? To the Editor of The Lender. Cheyenne, Aug. 9. am tbe owner of nine houses on which I pay taxes in this city which I have been unable to rent since Aug, 5, 1887.

When anybody has attempted to rent any of my buildings they have been told by the police that they would not permit them to live there. Other houses in the same neighborhood rent readily. Why should I alone be made to suffer? James Ferris. The whole house has been sold at the Tabor Grand for Old Jed Prouty. Denver people know when they get a good thing.

Mr. Golden is a big favorite there. ondcriul. The INTER OCEAN will board you and your friends for $25.00 per month. OPERA HOUSE Rhodes Guertin ONK MI.HT ONLY.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 10. FIRST TI.IIE HERE. RICH HARRIS' G-rcat Yrtlllteo Production or W. A- nich'd Golden jed The Comedinn Golden I A9 old jed Heats on sale next Wednesday at Rhodes A drug store. Prices, Si, 75c and 50c.

omiT-A. nousu. on only. ht Monday, August 12, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. LILLY CLAY'S COLOSSAL GAIETY CO.

SAM T. JACK Manager. HANDSOMEST I.ADIES JA IN Till'. WORLD. Hu First ITeaentntlon of the Grand Spectacular Soiree, entitled BEAUTY IN DREAMLAND OR OF THE ORIENT.

(COPYRIGHTED) And the GeorgemiH Burlesque of the DEVIL'S FROLIC OR LITTI FaIJST ON A LARK. Superb Double Hit I. Proudest SurccNM of Modern Thues. Prices, 60c, 75c and SI. Ilenerved scats on sale nt Rhodes A Drug Store.

ANTED. WANTED class dressmaker. Apply 1722 Ferguson street. WANTED also laborers, on the water works. Apply to Lawler.

ANTED competent girl for ral housework. Apply to Mrs. W. A. Whitcomb, No.

2002 corner Twentieth and Ferguson streets. FOR MALE. Flowers Glafcke, 16th and Warren. 'I largest stock of fine brandies, old whiskies, choice and superfine cigars at George well known house, corner Sixteenth and Ferguson streets. FOR KENT.

FOR furnished rooms in Maple terrace. Apply at Rhodes A Troxell's. rooms with or without board. Rooms for light housekeeping. MRS.

A. CURLEY, 2002, Eddy street. SPECIAL SALE FOR THE COMING WEEK WILL BE IN Muslin Underwear and Corsets, Which I offer for one week regardless of New York or Chicago prices. If you will notice carefully you will see that it is to your interest to Take Advantage of These Special Sales. Note carefully the following prices and see if you ever heard of such low prices before: Rcgulur Price Chemisess 29 50 Chemises 41 75 Chemises 59 1 00 Chemises, extra long and tiimmed in Torchon 1 63 3 00 Drawers 28 50 Drawers 53 90 Drawersl 94 1 50 Corset Covers 28 45 Corset Covers 39 65 Skirts 49 85 An Al Corset, warranted 39 75 Dr.

Corset 64 1 00 All the popular makes of Corsets, such as P.D., C.P., J. 8., Model, Glove Fitting, Dr. 250-hono, all reduced in the same proportion. Remember, these prices are for one week only, and will not be duplicated. Next Special will be in some other department.


in tai $400,000 fcixxriolviai and Undivided Profits INTEREST PAID OX TIME DEPOSITS. OFFICEBM ANDREW GILCHRIST. President. HENRY G. HAY.

Cashier. E. A. ABRY, AsMiHtAnt Cashier. J.



HURD. Vice Pres. F. E. ADDOMS, Cashier.

6. L. BEARD. Assistant Cashier. Interest Paid on Pime DepotiU.

Attention Paid to CoUectwna and Eczchange Drawn on Principal of the Eaet and Europe. a N. It. TJA.VLS. IC.

It. HURD. KJADDOMB w. inh. G-.

w. ive. GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER. ktmlK of CarpeHtrr ami Jobbing tt'ork Promptly alt ended to. Agent (or Fairbanks Scales, Eclipse Windmills, Tanks, Ac.

Also Agent for Mast, Foos i Wrought Iron Fences for Residence and Cemetery Grounds. ALL WORK AND MATERIAL FURNISHED GUARANTEED. n'ill build houxes and additions on JfontMy Payments ONLY FOR SIXTY DAYS. A- CUxaxxoo to FI FTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS With Every Cash Sale of 815 We will Give You a Ticket I2XT THE Louisiana State Lottery Which may win you the above amount. Our Prices are Lower than Ever.

B. HELLMAN, LEADING CLOTH IKK. P. Beans have changed to Buttons..

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