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Cheyenne, Wyoming
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Depart. No. 1, (Pacific Express) 2:10 p. in. 2:40 p.

in. No. 3, (Fast Express) p. ni. MAIN LINE.

(EAST BOUND Arrive. Depart. No. 2, (Atlantic 9:50 a. m.

10:10 a. in. No. 4, (Fast Express) 5:15 p. m.

DENVER PACIFIC Denver. Arrive Cheyenne. No. 801 9:45 a. m.

2.1X1 p. in. Cheyenne. Arrive Denver. No.

802 10:15 a m. 2:25 p. m. CHEYENNE NORTHERN BRANCH. (DAILY KXCEIT Leave Cheyenne.

Arrive Wendover. No. 101 a. m. 12:30 p.

m. Leave Wendover. Arrive Cheyenne. No. 102 p.

ni. 7DO p. m. CHEYENNE BURLINGTON, Arrive 10:40 a. in.

P- THE GOLIIK3 fcIATK SPECIAL EASTBOUND. Arrives Mondays 10:40 p. ni. Leaves 10:50 p. m.

WESTBOUND. Arrives Wednesdays 11:20 p.m. I 11:25 p. in Meteorologically Speaking. Office, Cheyenue, Mar.

27. rainfall yesterday for the twelve hours ending at 8 p. ni. was as follows: Moorhead trace, St. Vincent .01 inch.

At all the other stations the weather was tair or partly cloudy, and the temperature about above the normal. Range of the thermometer in Cheyenne from to For to-day, fair weather with slight changes in temperature. TOWN TALK. Gossipy Little Paragraphs Picked Up Throughout the City. Several railway contractors reached the city yesterday.

Cheyenne is a great town for impromptu demonstrations. The work of placing iron at the capital has commenced. Suicide Sigelbar now talks rationally and wants to live. There was a large attendance at the show last evening. Pile driving attracted a large crowd to the shops yesterday.

Ninety-eight Italians on route west will pass through the city Saturday. Two cars of Wyoming horses were yesterday shipped to Council Bluffs. An orange special of ten cars passed east over the Union Pacific yesterday. Thos. Rutledge and wife have sold lot 7, block 331 to Jessie Strong for $3,000.

The Grimes carpenter shop is being moved from the site ot the county library building. Measurements'were yesterday made for the Union Pacific car repair shop to be built here. The remains of the late C. C. Burgdorf will be in tern at Denver at 2 this afternoon.

A deed to Jeffrey for lot 4, block 285. was filed for record yesterday, $250. Neil McCunnel, a Canadian, yesterday declared, his intention of becoming a citizen of the United States. The funeral of the late Peter McDermott will occur from St. cathedral at 10 this morning.

Ijarge congregations attended the revival services at the Episcopal and Methodist churches last evening. An even dozen vagrants plain drunks were sent to the street gang by the police justices yesterday. The home talent specialty entertainment to be given at Keefe Hall Saturday afternoon promises to be something extra fine. 11. G.

Balch will leave Laramie in a few days to take up his residence in Salt where he will engage in the banking business with CoL Donnellson. For tine watch repairing. David Miller, Idelman Block. Nasal catarrh, the forerunner of deafness and consumption, radically cured by Dr. 11.

J. new treatment. See his advertisement in another column. What on earth is the reason people will not, can not, or do not see any difference in nhcap nostrums put up by Cheap John houses or parties at enormous profits, rather than take a medicine of world wide reputation and one that is giving universal satisfaction at equal price? No medicine in the world is giving such unparalleled satisfaction for purifying the blood as Blood Purifier and Blood Maker, and every bottle that does not do its work will cost you nothing. For sale by W.

N. Hunt, druggist Before purchaHing elsewhere cull and examine my stock of Paints, Oils, White Lead, Tinted Lead, Mixed Paints, Colors Dry and in Oil, Varnishes, Turpentine, Brushes, Putty, Etc. B. B. David Wholesale and Retail Druggist.

SIXTEENTH and EDDY STREETS, Clicyoniio, yo. FOR THE SECOND TIME. The Hon. Francis E. Warren Again Made Governor.

Nominated by President Harrison Yesterday. Republicans Well Pleased With the Appointment. A Public Demonstration in Honor of the New Executive. The News Received. President Harrison yesterday nominated to the United States senate for governor of Wyoming the Hon.

Francis E. Warren of Cheyenne. The Leader was first apprised of the prooedure by a special telegram from its Washington correspondent, and a few minutes later the Associated Press announced the appointment to the newspapers of the country. A bulletin giving the news was posted at this office and in a very short time several hundred citizens were perusing the few lines. The news was received with genuine delight by Mr.

Warren's supporters. There was much handshaking and a great display of genuine enthusiasm. At 1 a reporter called on Mr. Warren with Judge Bergman and A. J.

Parshall. Several others were present to congratulate the new executive and the first lady of the territory. Among the number was Receiver Garrard, of the land office. Secretary Shannon Ailed later to pay bis respects. During the visit numerous congratulatory messages were received by telephone and telegraph.

On departure Mr. Warren accompanied his callers to the gate. F. E. Addoms halted to shake the hand of the nominee, while F.

8. He bard, W. M. Masi and a number of others happened along. All were very earnest in their congratulations.

Numerous friends were en route to the residence, and quite a large party had assembled before the first visitors were fairly away. The callers were in every instance most cordially greeted. An Arrangement Meeting. About noon a number of Republicans conceived the idea of holding a meeting to arrange for a jollification at once and a subsequent formal ratification. Two hours later the office of the Cheyenne real estate agency in the Post block was filled with the faithful keen to do honor to Mr.

Warren. Ixiuis Kirk presided at the meeting, while A. J. Parshall recorded the proceedings. These committees were named: On jollification and formal ratification to occur on confirmation of Mr.

Warren's nomination A. Slack, H. G. Hay, Dr. H.

J. Maynard. Willis VanDevanter, IL Donzelman, Wm. Sturgis. and Wm.

R. Schnitger. S. Hebard, Ed T. David and John Roberta.

Bonfire and M. Masi and T. B. Adams Sturgis, 11. G.

Hay and H. Donzelman. Manager Rhodes of the opera house tendered the celebrants the use of the Unde Vabin good one for last outbreak. The offer was accepted with a vote of thanks. After the business of the meeting bad been transacted Capt.

N. J. proposed three cheers for Governor Warren. They were given with a will. Judge Bergman suggested a repeater for President Harrison, and everyone responded heartily.

The cheering in the closed building was almost deafening. The committees had enlisted in earnest, and commenced work at once. Two brass cannon were brought from Fort Russell. Material for a great bonfire was collected and piled in the center of the street near the opera house, while every good and true party man was advised to be present and invitations were extended to the public at large. Many flags were displayed in honor of the event of the day.

John Chase draped the entire front of his Inter Ocean. Sixteenth and Ferguson streets presented a Fourth of July appearance. Banners were resurrected and the dealers in bunting did a rushing business. The Demonstration. For an impromptu affair the demonstration in honor of Mr.

Warren last evening was a howling success. The clans gathered at the opera house, where the brass cannon belched fire to the discomfort of nervous people and the bonfire sent a dense volume of smoke heavenward. Captains and Smith commanded the artillery in the regulation military style. W. M.

Masi and Louis Kirk massed the marchers. The splendid 17th infantry band was very appropriately placed at the head of the column, with prominent citizens bearing torches next. Then came the musical more light carriers. A drum corps and miscellaneous phalanx brought up the rear. At the Carey block a stack of campaign torches were pressed into service by the promeHaders.

This was the line of march: Seventeenth to Ferguson, north to Eighteenth, west to Eddy, south to Seventeenth, cast to Ferguson, south to Sixteenth, cast to Central avenue, north to Seventeenth, east to the mansion, corner Seventeenth street and Warren avenue. There was a magnificent display of lurid red fire at the Inter Ocean corner. Cheering commenced here and is continued to the end of the trip. The shouts were paiticularly in passing Mr. place of business.

At the residence of M. Masi there was more red fire. The post adjutant had instructed the band master to. leave bis dirge music at the garrison, and the order was dutifully obeyed. The serenade at the residence and the music given while marching was very fine and of an order calculated to wake merriment and elevate spirits.

After the rendition of several airs by the bands, Messrs. Adams and Masi were delegated to request the new executive to at once prepare and deliver an extemporaneous speech. Attorney General Donzelman mounted an improvised stump, and securing the attention of the serenaders and callers, formally presented Mr. Warren, who had been greeted with cheers upon his appearance on the balcony of his residence. He said: "Friends and Fellow Citizens I am indeed very glad to see you, but I propose to make a speech to-night.

The remarks shall be reserved for some future time. My heart is too full to talk now. I can only invite you one and all to come into my house and afford me an opportunity to grasp you by the hand. All come The tremor in the voice changed to a hearty tone during the utterance of the final sentences of the brief speech. The Reception.

More than 51)0 citizens, including the best people of the city, to the invitation to enter. Mr. Warren and his wife extended welcome to all and a surfeit of refreshments were served as the people stood in the elegantly furnished parlors. The visitors continued to arrive and depart until nearly midnight. Gen.

Mizner and a party from the fort were there. Mrs. Warren was assisted by a number of society ladies. The hospitality was of the genuine sort. Mr.

Warren was frequently called from handshaking to sign for telegrams or receive the floral offerings which were constantly arriving: The finest of the latter was a magnificent token from John Chase, This was a massive affair of rare flowers. In red buds were the words. An immense calla lily was the center piece. This offering elicited the admiration of all and was especially prized by Mr. Warren.

Hiogrnphicnl. The small town of Hinsdale, is the birthplace of Francis E. Warren, who is still a young man, being now in his 44th year. His boyhood was spent among the rugged people of that section, where he was regarded as a promising lad of sterling qualities. When a boy of 17 Mr.

Warren responded to his call and enlisted in Company of the 49th Massachusetts volunteers. His military record is an unusually good one and truly remarkable for one so young. He was promoted for bravery until a sword hung from his side. For three years he has been an active member of John T. Reynolds post, G.

A. R. of this city. At Port Hudson Corporal Warren and a comrade answered a call lor volunteers to perform some desperate mission and were successful in the undertaking. It was a case of forlorn hope and the display of courage was commended by all conversant with the facta.

Cheyenne acquired a valuable citizen and the territory a man who was to become a potent factor in its development and advancement when Mr. Warren cast his lot here in the spring of 1868. He had wandered about the West for twelve months and concluded to make the Magic City his permanent abiding place. He became a clerk in the furniture establishment of A. R.

Converse, ana by industry and frugality was soon enabled to pur chase an interest in the growing business. Mr. Converse gave his attention to other commercial enterprises, and in course of time the young clerk became proprietor of the house. Ho was, and still is for that matter, primarily a business man. He is now a in nearly all of the ten counties of Wyoming, president of the Warren Mercantile company and Warren Live Stock company, a director of the Cheyenne and Northern railway, and a stockholder in the electric light and gas companies of this city.

The new appointee has been in public life for many years. lie has been territorial treasurer, president of the legislative council and twice a member of the assembly, chairman of the territorial Republican committee, for two terms a Cheyenne aiderman and once mayor of the city. The Wyoming Republicans on one occasion tendered him the nomination for delegate in congress, but he declined for business reasons. With Mr. Warren it is a case of born again in a gubernatorial way.

President Arthur made him executive in February, 1885. upon the death of Governor Hale. De remained in the chair about two years. The new executive says that in the administration of the office he shall know neither sections nor Democrat or Republican. Congratulations by Wire.

Here are copies of some of the congratulatory telegrams received by Mr. Warren yesterday: Laramie (hi let us thank God, amen. 11. V. 8.

Groesbeck, N. K. Boswell. our most hearty congratulations. Frank Ames.

M. J. Wilson. Laramie our hearty congratulations. J.

A. Riner, J. W. Lacey, Robt. C.

Morris. just heard the good news and beg to add my congratulations to the procession. to your health and contii ued prosperity. J. J.

Dickey. Big Springs, are all very much pleased to hear it and, taking it for granted that settles it, extend hearty congratulations. E. Dickinson. Denver, congratulations on your nomination as governor.

Have marked up price of mv Cheyenne lots. Amos H. Nichols. Douglas, congratula tions. Converse county rejoices over your appointment.

E. P. Champlin. Rawlins, congratulations on your appointment as governor. J.

0. Friend. Rawlins, hearty congratulations. Will see you later. J.

K. Jeffrey. Douglas. We are all happy here. J.

W. Foster. Helena, Will join your Salt Lake party. Q. W.

Dickinson. Laramie congratulate you most heartily on your appointment as governor of Wyoming. William C. Wilson. President Pharmacy Board.

Denver, cordially congratulate you and the territory on your appointment. M. E. Post. Sundance, the cordial congratulations of your many friends in Crook county.

F. Fowler, R. H. Bcott. Brooklyn, N.

and best wishes for a successful administration on the broad guage principle. Arbuckle Bros. Jarvie. Brooklyn, N. Guage Governor Warren.

I congratulate you. Mav you live long, prosper and be happy. Charles Arbuckle. New me to congratulate Wyoming and her new governor. W.

8. Weaver. president has done well. Accept congratulations. Homer Merrill.

San congratulate you as governor. Got there just the same. Shake. A. Gilchrist.

Sidney, beard of your nomination. Accept my heartiest congratulations. A. Idelman. Many other telegrams were received and other friends will be heard from today.

Charmed With the Caves. Capt. M. W. Lyon and Russel Tracy of Carlin have visited the Cheyenne caves.

Capt. Lyon says that the newspaper accounts of the caves have not been one whit exagerated, and that the place is wonderfully grand. He thinks that either the railway company or individuals should place the caves in condition for visitors and charge a small admission tee. Eighteen other persons made the trip the day Capt. Lyon and Mr.

Tracy were there. Brothers Quarrel. Julius Welinitz was vesterdav arrested on the charge of threatening the life of his brother Ernest. He waived examination and was placed under bonds in the sum of $250 to appear at the next term of court and keep his peace in the meantime. Surety was promptly furnished.

The brothers are the well known barbers. Cheyenne Northern Material. Railway construction material is now daily shipped to the Chevenne Northern supply yards at Wendover, the terminal station. Two cars were hauled north yesterday and four more reached the Cheyenne yards last evening. A Mounter Addition.

F. E. Warren, J. K. Jeffrey.

W. J. Garland, M. Barber and J.V. Coffin have pooled to create a monster addition to Cheyenne.

TJie nlat now contains 131 blocks, and is that portion of the town as mapped south of ninth and west of Eddy street. The land will be cut into lots 24x132. It is splendidly located and will sell rapidly when placed on the market. Had Fun. Chas.

Ilynds, Joe Thomas, Tom Mc- Dermott, Geo. Miller and Chas. Berger spent yesterday at Cheyenne caves and had a glorious time. The boys tell some very amusing stories of their adventures. Railway Men.

Division Engineer Patten left for the West yesterday. T. A. Davies, Union Pacific master mechanic at Laramie, is in town. J.

H. Couglin, roadmaster for the Nebraska division, is in the city. Resident Engineer Bannister rctuined from the North last evening. Seriously 111. Thomas Cahill, a Cheyenne pioneer, is lying dangerously ill at his ICddy street residence.

He contracted pneumonia and has been at door since last Friday. Drs. Grimes and Corey arc in attendance. Commander Fisher. Thos.

M. Fisher, of this city, receives this notice from the Columbia, Intelligence was received on Tuesday that Thos M. Fisher, son of Gen. J. W.

Fisher, of Chevenne, had just been elected commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, department of Colorado. This is a big promotion, but Tom's interest and activity in the order commanded this rr ogn'tion. The general is happy over his preferment. Commander Fisher was born at Columbia. Fresh oysters received daily at the Saddle Rock.

For Flrot A great amount of political engineering will be done by friends of candidates to secure for their man the first place on the ticket, and the best man will probably secure the coveted place. Then if indorsed by the majority of the people, the election is assured. Electric Bitters has been put to the front, its merits passed upon, has been indorsed, and given the first place, among remedies peculiarly adapted to the relief and cure of all diseases of kidneys, liver and stomach. Electric Bitters, being guaranteed, is a safe investment. Price 50c.

and $1 per bottle at Dr. W. N. Hunt's drug store. What in the world is the reason you will cough and keep coughing and still keep trying inferior medicines when Cherry Cough Syrup will positively relieve your cough at once? This is no advertising an actual we guarantee it.

For sale by W. N. Hunt, druggist. Frog saddles at the Saddle Rock. Job printing at the Leader office.

PERSONAL POINTS. Trainmaster Green is out West. R. S. Van Tassell is in Colorado.

Mai. Glafckc is in from Silver Crown. G. C. Charlton yesterday returned from Pueblo.

Hon. E. Nagle yesterday returned from the East. L. I a Downing and wife are over from Laramie.

Mrs. W. E. Green left for the East yesterday. Associate Justice Corn was here a short time yesterday.

M. Idelman is touring in the West with his sample cases. Hon. C. A.

Campbell leaves for Horse creek this morning. United States Attorney Campbell is back from Evanston. The two children of Mr. and Mrs. W.P.

Gannett are down with scarlet fever. E. J. Purney and wife are visiting Kearney, friends. Chief Justice Maginnis has been quite ill, but is convalescing.

Jxniis Kirk leaves this morning for Grand Rapids. where he will here after live. Mayor Riner and C. N. Potter have gone to Ogden on real estate business.

They return Saturday or Sunday. A fresh lot of F. A. fancy crackers and cakes at E. 8.

Johnston Bro. For good hack service call telephone No. 9. Ntraj ed. From the Park stables, vray marc with halter on, branded three quarter circle on left shoulder.

A liberal reward for the return of the same. W. P. Rodd. To Whom It May Concern, Territory of Wyoming, 1 County op Laramie, 88 The board of county commissioners will hold a special session at 10 Wednesday, March 27.

1889, to hear and consider grievances of all persons claiming to have becu erroneously assessed on mortgages for the year 1888. No claim will bo considered unless proper statement of all thc facts is made in writing. Ira 8 Fbedendall, County Clerk and Clerk of the Board. The Union Pacific has added another round to its ladder of popularity by placing a buffet service for its sleeping car patrons in the Pullman sleepers run on the regular overland trains. ANTED.

or nurse girl to work Fort Rustfell. Apply at this office. FOK HALK TpOR SALE, young stallions, young teams, marcs and geldings in lots to suit purchasers at low prices. N. R.

DAVIS. TpOR good residence and A business property for sale cheap. Also a ranch and stock. JAS. M.

NEWMAN, 519 West Seventeenth street. furnished, lease lon building Address C. F. HALL, Chevenne, Wyo. FOK KKNT.

IpGR a double house. Offices, furnished and unfurnished rooms in Phoenix and First National blocks. Apply to N. R. DAVIS.

LU)R hotel bar and bli- hard room, all furnished. Apply at hotel. RENT rooms with or without board. Rooms for light housekeeping. MllS.

A. CURLEY, 2002, Eddy street. For Rent fitmitthed and unfumisheil roof ns. S. R.

TVTTJLE with F. F. PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY! When any article of Home manufacture is as good as that manufactured elsewhere and COSTS LESS Why not buy noMR ooonst CHEYENNE CREAMERY BUTTERS Cost you 20 Confs Delivered at your homes. Leave orders nt otlice next door to Dyer's hotel and receive Butter same day. (iuaranteed fresh and pure.

Caali to accompany orders. CHEYENNE CREAMERY. What Emulsion Has Done! Over 2S Pounds Gain InTen Weeks. Experience ot a Prominent Citizen. Thh Caufobxia Socirrr fob tux 4 or Vick, Saw Tbanc neo, July 7th.

1886.) I took a severe cold upon my ehest and lungs and did not give It proper attention it developed Into bronchitis, and In the fall of the same year I was threatened with consumption. Physicians ordered me to a more congenial climate, and I came to San Francisco. Soon after my arrival I commenced taking Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil with Hypophosphites regularly three times a day. In ten weeks my avoirdupois went from 15S to 180 pounds find over; the eough meantime ceased, c. R.


President. G. HAY, Caxhler. E. A.



Vice Pres. F. E. ADDOMS, er. 6.

L. BEARD. Assistant Cashier. Inter eat Pa ul on Fime Special Attention Paid to Collfchmf ano Eczchange Drafta Drawn on Oitiea of the Fiat and N. Lt.



HKEVB.ItS REMEMBER! Ist IS THE ZDJkY Hellman will Give Away Four Prizes. Ist Prize $100:00 2d Prize 50:00 3d Prize 25:00 4th Prize BEANS The one who guesses nearest the number of BEANS in the Jar, which you can see In our clothing window, gets SIOO in Uncle Money, second best $5 third best $25. all in clean CASH, and the last, or fourth besf. BEANS, which will make good Soup if costs noth in ff to make a guess, as every C. 9511 PI Rt lI.ISI tH entitled to a guess.

Our Spring Stock is now in and we can show a better line of SPRING OVERCOATS and SUITS than ever was shown in the West and our PRICES WILL SURPRISE ALL, as they arc MARKED DOWN TO BED ROCK. Call and be convinced. E- THE LEADING CLOTHIER. E. W.

STONE PUT COV RT STONE COVERT, MVCCKNMOKH TO A. K.KLLKY, Grocers and Commission Merchants A complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Flour, Grain, Hay and Feed. SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS FOR THE CASH BUYER. Correspondence and Solicited. ForgviHOYL Htroot, Clioyoiino, WYOM I Colonization.

Loan and Trust Co. JK. H. K. BOVUIITON, A.

CAMPBKLL, JON. 4d. Vice President. Her. A Trrem.


CORLKTT, Trnideeti. Iji -zx. ixr Made on Real Flstate Security, also, on Lands under Final Proof where law han Iwn complied with, at Rates Hzvxro Snlo City Property. Improved and Unimproved, Farms, Randiea, Live SUu-k, Mineral, and Oil Lands. Tj -A- KT ZD IB In lArge or Small TmcU, Irrigated and Improved, also Unimproved IxLnds nullable fur Settlement Colonisation Purposes, at from 82 to 825 per acre on easy terms.


WROUGHT IRON FAMILY RANGES. DAVID MILLER, Watchmaker and Manufacturing Jeweler. Licensed Watchmaker for the IT. P. Ry- Co Orders by Mail Receive Prompt Attention.

The Waterbury Watch, a good time keeper, in satin lined box, 82.50 each. fTTI Wl ATTXm. 7EHNER, BUECHNER Watchmakers and fttxte WATCHES DIAMOND Ai GOODS JEWELEP.Y CORNER OF SIXTEENTH AND FERGUSON STREETS, CHEYENNE, 1 VO. Mail.

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