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BOUND DAIT.Y.) Arrive Depart No. 1 (limited passenger) .7:00 a. 7:20 No. 7 (exprou and passenger JkOO pni 3:40 MAIN LINE. (CAST BOUND Arrive Depart No.

2 (limited paaeenger) 6:10 a. 6:30 a No. 8 (express JNOpm 4:00 pm DENVER PACIFIC Lv. Den. Ar Chey.

No. 1- am. 4:15 a No. 7 9:85 a.m. 1:40 p.m.

Lv. Chey. Ar. Den. No.

3 5:25 a. m. 8:1.5 a. in No. 8 4:06 p.

in. 7:55 p. CHEYENNE A BURLINGTON. Dally except Sunday. Arrive Leave 1:00 p.m.

3:15 a.m. CHEYENNE A NORTHERN. Arrive Dally Depart 3.30 pm 7:00 am Postofiice Hours. MAILS CLOBK For the west at 8:06 am. For Denver at 9 pm and by express pouch at 8:46 pm.

For the east at 0 pm. For the east at 7:46 pm by the Burlington A Missouri. For the north at 10:40 am. MAILS ARRIVE From Denver at 8:30 am and 1:50 pm. From the east at 8:85 am and 1:85 pm by the Burlington A Missouri.

From the west at 4 am. From the north at 2 pm. Sunday hours from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. TOWN TALK. Gossipy Little Paragraphs Pickett Throughout the City.

Mrs. Robinson has home-made candy. Pleasant rooms and good board. 210 Maple Terrace. Addoms celebrated cough syrup for sale only at David's drug store.

A splendid twenty-five cent dinner served daily at the Germania Hall restaurant. Half stew, best oysters in the city, only twenty-five cents at Germania Hall restaurant. Leave vour orders for Rock Springs and Colorado coal with John 1). Howe, 1720 Ferguson street. Call at David's drug store for a bottle of Psugma, the best known lotion for chapped hands, face and lips.

Buy your real estate from Emil Dion. He always has bargains. No. 221 Seventeenth street, Kent's block. A.

S. Alexander has traded his interest in the Dyer hotel to Mr. Ingraham for hia interest io the market of Durbin Ingraham. Mr. Stone, a prominent rancher of Wendover, it very ill at his ranch.

Yesterday Dr. Wilson, of Douglas, was taken down on a special to attend him. Governor Barber yesterday appointed J. C. Baird vice-president for Wyoming of the Trans-Mississippi Commercial congress which meets in Denver May 19.

What makes Emil Dion sell so much real estate, and so much cheaper than any one else? because he always has something that there is big money in. Joe Adams, who was once a Republican political boss in Carbon county, is said to be making big money in Chicago as lhe general agcot of an insurance company. lor nioelv furnished rooms, singly or in suits, with table board, at Ferguson and Twentieth streets. Everything fiist-class, and charges moderate. The Magic City Record was issued yesterday in enlarged size and with a defined policy of representing the interests of labor.

The editors have Dositive views upon the many important issues of the day and are apparently not afraid to express them. Charles Berger wears a very comnlacent smile and for the past throe days has been inviting the to "Come in and have a cigar, lots of them here, all because of a short telegram which he received from New York on Wednesday. It read "Its a boy, Mrs. doing well." PERSONAL POINTS. E.

J. Fisher of Ogden is at tho Inter Ocean. F. J. Fillatn of Denver is at the Dyer house.

Mac Stewait of RawliriH is at the Inter Ocean. Chas S. Sutton of Deadwood. Dakota, is iu the city. G.

G. Whitmore of Lincoln, Neb, is at the Dyer bouse. Judge Scott his reached Sundance on his return from a trip to Minnesota. Today completes Lieut. service with the 17th infantry.

As colonel of the 10th he will be stationed at Fort Stanton, N. M. Capt. Christinas ol Co. was a reception by the members of his company upon his turn to Rock Springs from Cheyenne.

Senator James E. Keenan, is in Portland, Oregon, but is not favorably impressed with the great Northwest and may return to Wyoming. Geo. E. Bissell has returned from a visit to Central Wyoming, fie reports stock in good condition, but little snow on the plains and plenty of it among the hills.

The Statement Denied. Mayor Bresnahen authorizes The Leader to deny for him that be ever boasted of "bringing the council down on their as wao charged in the editorial columns of the Sun yesterday. Fresh brook and mountain trout at the Saddle Rock. Delicious strawberries and fresh spring vegetables. We Are Still In It.

By the above we mean that we are prepared to furnish the BESTMEALINTBECITY for the money. Bourd and Hoom by the tveek or month. Come and get our NORMANDIE HOTEL. UP STAIRS. HENLEY CLARKE, Propi.

HE HIRED fl HACK. Senator Carey Great Anxiety for the Passage of the Land Bill. He Makes a Hurried Trip at the Midnight Hour And Beseeches the President for His Signature. In the nos Fob. 26 last is a long dispatch frvm Washington, on what it calls Senator Carey's land bill, which in i main features is similar to the odious measure which congress and the president inflicted on the West at the last day of the session.

The concluding paragraph is as follows: "The bill is a wonderful hotch-potch and it is a cleaning up of many odds and ends in the West. Senator Carey of Wyoming is responsible for many of the provisions of the bill, and he says it is one of the most important measures that has been before congress for years," Undet date of March 5 the Washington corresp of the St. Louis Globe Democrat telegraphs the following information: "The new public land law revolutionized things had a narrow escape from a veto It reached the president some time Tuesday. About midnight information came to the senate chamber that there were features iu the bill so objectionable to the president and Secretary Noble that approval would be withheld. There was great excitement, especially among the Northwestern senators.

Mr. Carey, ot Wyoming, took a carriage and went in great haste to the White bouse Late as the hour was. the senator found the president at his desk, and be also found Secretary Noble there. The senator from Wyoming argued and pleaded. He could make no impression.

The president said that unless a bill was immediately making certain changes he would not let the measure, framed With so much labor, become a law. Mr. Carey hastened back to the capital. It was past midngight when the members of lhe public lands committee of both branches of congress drafted an amendatory bill to meet the objection. That bill was reported to the bouse and senate, passed both and went through the usual routine Shortly after breakfast it reached the president.

The main measure was still on the desk. It aid the amendment were signed at the same time. "That portion of the first bill to which objection was made was the section permitting seulers to cut timber on public lands for domestic, manufacturing and canning purnoses. The president and secretary- thought this allowed altogether too much latitude, and would result in wholesale destruction of forests. The amendatory bill passed in such haste re.

stricis that right to such rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by the secretary of the interior, and prohibits the general cutting on land, which is provided for in the u-t of congress, to such sections oi land as shall be designated by the secretary of the interior." Still City Sexton. To the Editor of the Leader. Cheyenne. March been informed that one Ross is circulating a petition praying that he be appointed city sexton, I avail myself of this oppor tunity to inform those of our people who have been asked sign said petition that 1 am city sexton, and as far as I know will be (unless removed) until the expira tion of mv time, which is June 8, 1891. After that time I will io all probability announce what my intentions are.

At this time the interests of the ceme tcry and its patrons demand my services. Having with the assistance of a hundred or more actual residents of Cheyenne and fifty non residents, placed the cemetery in a position to be criticized by none and admired by all. I claim the privilege of asking those people to endorse the policy pursued by me. I need not boast of what I have done, as every tree, shrub and flower ever planted or cared tor by me or unler my direction shows for itself. In con elusion I have to contradict Mr.

Ross' statement to the effect that he has consulted me in this matter, and I have informed him I have signified my intention of resigning. That is false, and when I cannot go before the people ot Cheyenne truthfully asking a public favor, give me according to my worth. A. Hastings, City Sexton. Newcastle Coni All Kight.

Superintendent Phelan has been questioned about the Newcastle coal, and says: "We have used nothing but Newcastle coal for the last year on the Wyoming division of the Burlington A Missouri riilway. and find it superior to any coal we have used, both for economy and steam. At first we were like the fireman referred to did not know how to use it. We soon got onto the fact that by firing often, putting in but little coal at a time, thus carrying a light fire, we would have no trouble in keeping our engines hot. A light firo of Newcastle coal will keep up more steam and haul more tons per mile, with the same engine and same amount of coal, than any coal that I have had anything to do with since being on the Burlington Missouri railroad.

Our experience with Newcastle coal, with tho exception of tho first two months that wc used it, has been very Grippe Patients. Fred W. Ransom is laid up with a bad attack of the grippe. Wm. Furguson of Silver Crown, who has been sick for some time suffered a relapse yesterday and is now very aick.

A. C. Campbell is another victim ot the grippe. The Saddle Rock serves a splendid Sunday dinner from 12 to 6. You will find it a very- pleasant change from home cooking to take your dinner there on Sundays.

Beef and pork, tenderloins, spare ribs and sausage at Heath's City Market. Rye bread at Kaida' market. Cheapest Ice in Chevenue. The Cheyenne Ice company has an unlimited supply of good clear ice, which it will sell cheaper than it can possibly be bought Leave orders at Riner Johnson's, or telephone 64. Murray Dyer.

City Market is the best. ELOQUENT SF.MORS. An Enjoyable Literarv and Musical Entertainment. The literary and musical entertainment given on last Friday evening by the senior class, assisted by the high school choir, deserves more than passing mention. The verdict of all present ranks it as one of the most successful entertainments ever given in connection with our public school.

First on the programme, Bert Evans stepped forward in a manly and self-possessed manner, and rendered "How the Old Horse Won the Bet." So well did be sustain the exciting spirit of the selection that the attention of the audience was fully secured, and their enthusiasm for the "Old manifested itself in loud applause an the talented young retired. Miss Mario Wedemeyer gave "Poor Little Joe" with so much of pathos and feeling than many an eye was seen to moisten. The Fee," a bright piece of humor, was modestly and prettily recited by Catherine Murray. Hobart illness deprived the audience of the pleasure of hearing the declamation, Its Own Detective." Mr. Martin has many times in the past proved his right to a high rank among the orators of the ciass of '9l.

Leah Ringolsky in Little Star" gained the admiration of the audience. This was one of the most difficult selections on the programme, and the ease, grace and elegance of Miss geeturc-s surprised even those who have witnessed on former occasions her ability in the art of expression. "The Jealous Wife, by Miss Minnie Garland, deserved the appreciation which it received. Miss Garland seemed perfectly adapted to the selection and rendered it in the most happy manner. Leonard Deitrick surpassei himself in the recitation ot "Lasca," and gained a place among the best speakers of the evening.

In gesture, modulation of voice and expression of feeling, showed great proficiency. Miss Edna Bartlett gave in admirable style two selections, "The King of Denmark's Ride," pathetic in character, and "Dame Friedegonde," of the humorous order. Miss Bartlett is a young lady of unusual mental ability and scholarship, and her effort on this occasion adds another to her many accomplishment). Many of the audience had never heard "The famous speech which gained woman suffrage in Wyoming," therefore, they looked forward to thia as one of the events of the evening, and they were not disappointed. Miss Wedemeyer had already shown her power to ren ler the pathetic effectively, and she deserves as much credit for her ability in the direction of humor.

The speech was comic in the extreme, and her delivery of it fairly convulsed the audience. We shall only echo public sentiment when we pronounce John Morrison's delivery of the "Address of Spartacus to the Gladiators at Capua," a masterpiece. Nature intended Mr. Morrison for an orator. Possessed of a magnificent physique and a rich full voice, he seemed in "Spartacus" "the noblest Roman of them all." The music, under the direction of Prof.

Pasmore, was, as might have been expected, a marked success. There is no finer musii in Cheyenne than that rendered bv the High School choir. The entertainment, at a whole, reflected honor upon the class of '9l and on all interested its preparation. L'aah Patents Received. The following named cash patents, issued Feb.

12. 1891, were received at the Cheveune land office March 6, 1891: Louis C. Van Eis beck, Emma Gold smith, James Hayes, David W. Bnce, Wiliam Dulan, Thomas R. Babbitt, Robert Grant, William W.

Uohee, William R. Akers, Charles A. Hoyt, Etta Cowan. Bradford B. Davidson, George Yoder and Eva L.

Ragg of Laramie county. Stephen M. Lehuier of Albany county. James Golby, Joseph Shoenbafer. Jonathan 1).

Condict, Antoine Lieber, Henry F. -Streit. T. Corlett, Charles McKay, John Swanson, Ixiuis M. Sederlin, John Milton Kelly.

William T. Windall, John B. Eager, John Langford and Mulford Haines of Carbon county. '1 he Female Minstrels. A large audience, all of whom were men and boys but nine, witnessed Duncan Clark's "bevy of beautiful young at the opera house last evening.

Those who attended expecting to sec a loud or indecent performance were disappointed, the entire play being excessively tame and insipid. Charles F. Haynes and Frank Wood, in skate dancing and contortionist specialties were quite clever. Mabel Hudson is a passable soubrette and in her topical song, it Quiet," was favorably received. The audience did not become very enthusiastic over the French high kickers and skirt dancers, and the concluding tableau, a mild imitation of the model scene in the Clemenceau Case, fell cold despite the red lights and slow music A Grievance.

The shop men held a mass meeting yesterday at St. hall, to consider the question of time. The men have heretofore had an hour given them on Saturday afternoon, but it has been taken away from them. A committc of shop men was appointed to wait upon Mr. Mertsheimer and state their complaint to him.

Geo. Bedgoode, S. Lynch, Wm. Pope, Geo. Bignell and Tom Gilmore, representing the different branches ot the shop work, were appointed the committee to interview Mr.

Mertsheimer The World Enriched. The facilities of the present day for production of everything that will to the material welfare and coni tart of mankind arc almost unlimited nnd r.hen Syrup of Figs was first produced world was enriched with the only perfect laxative known, as it is the only remedy which is truly pleasing and re freshing to the taste and prompt and effectual to cleanse the system gently iu the Spring time or, in fact, at any time and the better it is known the more popular it becomes. Try Heath's City Market. Fine relery at Kahls' market. Heath'i City Market is the best.

RAWLINS NOTES. Special Rawlins, March 6. -The county com miss loners have decided lo expend on the road between here arid'Saratoga. This is good news to lhe citizens of both Rawlins and Saratoga, as the chances of the mail route changing to this is very materially increased by the show of having a road that is passable. The firemen of this city don feel very well disposed toward Judge Kuvkendall of your city, owing to the statement that there were no fire departments in the state outside of Cheyenne and Laramie.

We have a very healthy and efficient fire department in this citv and would like much to have a state organization. The description of the new state seal in last Leader is lhe cause of great many broad smiks among the "great unwashed" in Rawlins, and universal is the cry, is the Republican legislator!" selah. Mr. J. C.

Davis left for a visit to California on Tuesday, expecting to be gone about two weeks. Mrs. L. C. Kelly will start tonight to Oregon for an extended visit.

She has been suffering a long with rheumatism, ar.d intends to try Oregon climate for a cure. Rankin Bros, will put a four-horse line of Concord coaches on the road between here and Gold Bill as soon as road is fixed up. J. Beall, junior member of the firm ot B. Hugu.s A Saratoga, was in the city Tuesday, en route to California.

STATE NEWS. The machinery torthetin mill at Nigger Hill has nearly all arrived, and at no distant day will be in manufacturing the much talked of tin plates. The mines of this district are among the richest of their kind in the world. The Alliance is to have a meeting here on Saturday next, tor the purpose of devising means to make a test of the beet sugar industry. (Evanston Messrs.

Beckwith and Quinn, of this city, sold to White A Son, of Salt Lake City, last week, 80U head of fat cattle. Tho price paid was a littlo rise ot three cents. They weighed on an average of 1350 and were an exceptionally nice lot of cattle. Charles Evans, mail carrier from Evanston to Bear Lake, reports twenty inches of snow from a point eight miles below this city to Laketown. The snow is beginning to pack and freeze.

The road is opened at present to traffic. There is plenty of feed for live stock. Buechner's Goddess ot Liberty. Mr. H.

E. Buechner has resurrected his drawing of a state seal which was adopted by the last legislature. The goddess of liberty is demurely and appropriately clothed. He says that he has likewise discovered that his drawing was on the enrolled copy of the act when it left the hands oi the clerk Between this time and the time the bill reached the governor the substitution ot designs was made. Mr.

Buechner is firmly oi the opinion that Senator Chatterton is responsi ble for the substitution because that gentleman had a design tor a state seal drawn which was similar to except, as to the female figure. This was an attempted reproduction of a statue of the Greek Slave which has been on ex hibiiion in Rhodes and store Mr. Buechner has had photographic copies of his drawing made and submitted to the governor to whose attention he has called the facts herein stated No defi nite action has yet been taken in tlie mat. ter by the executive. The Next Attraction.

A treat is in bl tor lovers of good music in (he coming engagement of the Swedish Concert company. Thurs day evening next. The Chicago Times says of the company The organization is a double quartette of young Swedish ladies, who appear io the picturesque Dalecarlian costume. Their voices are unusually pure and strong, and blend beautifully. Their repertory is exceedingly large, a proof of which is the fact that ol the nineteen numbers on the programme twelve were sung by the lady octette, who in response to vocifereous rc-calls sung fourteen extra numbers.

They sang many solos, not only in Swedish, but in English. vmnHsiuiii. A. Adumsky and Prof. Kuntz left yesterday for Pueblo, to purchase a complete gymnasium for lhe Turners.

M. P. Keefe has the contract fur erect iog their new hall and has the plans well under way. The building will be completed as soon as possible. Keefe hall will be used for the present as the gymnasium.

Ils Extent. Speaking of the Gold Hill mining camp the Rawlins Republican says: "So far only about two miles square have been prospected, and lhere is little doubt that a strip ot country five or six miles wide and twenty-five miles in length contains a sufficient amount of gold to pay well for working." End ot a Bicvcle Race, Detroit, March six days bicycle race, eight hours per day, termi ated tonight. Ashingcr, 733 miles and one lap, gold medal and 40 per cent ol the gate receipts. Reading, 733 miles, 25 per cent of the gate receipts. Martin 659, Shock 605.

Clark 420. The best previous record for forty eight hours was 717 miles. K.Jf Our dry goods and dress goods depart meat will be opened this week and will show one of the largest lines in the city, i No old styles carried over from last year but everything of the very latest, each pattern being selected by our Mr. Del Cowbick. We are also receiving a gigantic jag of everything for ladies, gents and childrens' wear.

We buy in large quantities for our four stores and can sell cheaper than anyone. Our prices will prove this at they will bo on the ground floor and as for style and quality of goods our altitude will be out of sight. The new firm has nothing but capital, experience and good looks to go ahead with but we hope to deserve a liberal share of put ronago. Yours, Watson Cowhick. Branch stores at Laramie, Rawlins and reeley.

Fresh and fish at Heath's Citv Market. AN I HI I Bulh-l- lu) Oik- ol tiK-li V) ould llm ii HIHI. The Evanston correspondent ot the Salt 1-ake Tribune gives the following of the killing ol James Maas by Toote Hereford on Sunday at Henrys' Fork A party of young folks had gone to spend the dav at a ranch house situated just over the Sweet water county line At i the table Hereford remarked to Maas "I want to see you, Jim. out-ide." They went out of doors and the persons who re- I mained at the dinner table were artled a moment later at the sound of a revolver I shot. They went outside and found i Janies Maas dying within a lew feet of bis sisver.

Maas died almost im-tantlv. He had no weapon on his body. Herelori shot him five times and any one of the five ahots would have terminated fatally. He claims that he killed Maas in sell defense, There were no witnesses to the fatal meeting, but the eircumstances are against Hereford's declaration. Public sentiment is strongly against the prisoner, who was taken at noon lodav to the county jail at Green River bv the sheriff of Sweetwater.

Gold Hill and Niiratogn. Special Correspondence. Saratoga, 5. Mrs. Nemeha Wilson contemplates a Iding a full line of millinery and fancy goods to her dressmaking establishment.

The extension and enlargement of the Gold Hill house is being pushed as rapidly as possible to meet the demands of the public. Not even the most sanguine ol the people here expected the rush lo Gold Hill to begin before the middle of April or the first of May, yet the rush has already begun. nn one be deceived in regard to the means of getting to this camp. There is absolutely no possible means of getting into this camp except via the Saratoga road. The Laramie road will probably be open next September.

The Carbon road lacks ten miles of completion through ten feet of snow on the north side of the range, and any one knows what time the snow leaves the north side of a mountain Any one desiring to go to Gold Hill bit ween now and the first of August that does not desire lo go in on snow shoes had bi tter come to Saratoga or they will find themselves left. If any one doubts this statement let him address any of the miners at Gold Hill and find out the truth. The Saratoga road is in good condition, traveled daily and this speaks for itself and supplies of every kind arc to be had of the Saratoga merchants just as reasonable, and, in some cases far more so, as at any point on the railroad. Miners can defer purchases until this place is reached and save transportation of supplies. A half wav house has been established between this place and Gold Hill on the stage route by J.

C. Brewer and J. Lucien. It will lie c-lied the "Ten Mile House." Hon. F.

O. Sawin started for Gold Hill tbits morning witii a wagon load of miner's supplies. Mr. Sawin has spent many ars and much labor iu prospecting-in the Medicine Bow ranges. All of which he supposed to be a dead loss until now.

He thinks his work may yet pay him a large nt urn Dr (). E. Edgerton who has been here for the na-1 three months leaves for his home in Kansas by tomorrow's stage. j. c.

isdom'n Roheriine is the only thing now used by fishionable women to perpetuate a beautiful complexion. Rulk oysters at Heath's Market. REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE CHEYENNE BANK At Cheyenne, lu the State of Wyoming, at the Close of Business February 26, 1891. ESOURC Es. Ixmiiih and UverdraflM.Ncc-ured and unsecured 5,911 77 H.

bonds to sccurv circulation 17 vi) no Stocks, NecurltleN, claims, etc Ujuy 117 Due from approved re- serve agents no Due from other national banks H.ti.l7 Due from state banks and bankers 10,72 Vl7 Banking house, furni- ture and fixtures 3,178 78 Other real estate nortgages owned 4,227 Current exwniM nnd taxes paid 22144 2ti Premiums on United States bonds tsS 75 Checks and other cash Items 5.372 KO Bills of other banks spi imi Fractional cur- rency, nickels and cents its, 10 Specie 30,. oii Redemption fund with U. k. treasurer, 5 per cent of circulation. 1,687 83,767 63 Total 59 LIABILITIES.

Capital stock paid In. 5150. 00 Surplus fund 00 Undivided Profits 3383 31 National bunk notes outstanding 33,750 0 Dividends imi 00 Individual- deposits subject to check 70,188 Demand certificates of dejioslt 2U7.106 6V Due to other national banks .30,478 OW Due to state bauks nnd bankers 33 316,806 28 Total 59 State of Wyoming, County of Laramie, Geo. L. Beard, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of tny knowledge and belief.

Geo L. Beard, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to" before me this 7th day of March, 18M1. W. A.

RICnARDS, Notary Public. A. G. McGregor, i J. Y.

Cow hick. Director-. A. C. SNYDER WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED CH bennaid at the Metropolitan hotel.

WANTED A LAUNDRESS AT THE Inter ocean hotel; German preferred. A CHANCE IN A LIFETIME FOR MEN with capital and active men without capital to secure a very pie.sant and profitable business No drones nor curiosity seekers need apply. Address with 2-cent stamp. Cousollduted adjustable Shoe Salem. Mass.

WAI.K, FIXIWERS- MRS. ULAFUKE, Writ AND Warren. For sale sixteen heap inside. lots. Fourth cash, balance long time.

Ap. ply at Li-nder office. FOR I RNIS li' ROOM IN A 1 private house street entrance, electric light. Apply nt tills office. C- It RENI A THltl-l IIUCSE.

Inquire of James Kerrigan, Vls West Eighteenth street. IF URNI MHED ROOMS, WITH OR WlTh'- out IsMird. Rikims for light housekeeping. Eddy street. C.

wvwvwww I Battar than Tag and Cottaa for the Nervaa Van Cocoa The Original-Most Soluble, i 1 Ask your Grocer for It, take no other. Sheuraatisin Sciatica JHOKIE RESTAURANT, 1716 FERGUSON STREET th headquarters tor good Hriug. Family rooking a specialty. RATES Regular meals. 25 Regulai meals, per week, 4 50 Meal tickets.

21 meals. 5 00 Special rates to tarn Hies. Short orders at all hours of the day. MW'4 Caoysnae Sew; Depot, Bsoks aai Sutisasr-. Directly Opp.

PostoSce. SANDEN'b er.Uoa, oa t.iu.l 1 de- I It.lie, aleepiMeaaM, Unfuor. rheumail.m, klducy, and bed ler lame bark, eeiaiUa, fenaral tll-baaltM, ata. elaetrle eaulalna Woaderfnl ovar all other, and I. fait the wearer or forfeit and oil! aura all orabava dleeaae, or pay boati eared by thia r.

other ratnedlre 'lat ot teatlmonlala from all Our powerful Improved aleetrfe euapaaaary la Caateat aval man with at I Ito. Sant tree foi the U. I upon revalpt of ataien. I. aand -Hat meaaur- I llMltb at atreaeih gMraiatewd in to day I Send for oar l.rae I ated peo-, I l.ta.

eaaled. free I I rnall. Addraaa the o.pany at either of the toUwwU, SANDEN ELECTRIC Skinner Block, DENVEP, COL. Biu Btnartwar, NEW YORK CITY. J.

W. HOPPER HUM Eddy Street. Stoves, Tinware, STEEL OVEN COOK STOVE. In the city. Roofing and Repairing given prompt Attention.

Agency new process Gasolene .1. Architect and Superintendent. 1818, FERGUSON STREET (Keefe Hall.) Dinneen Bros, 1718 Eddy Street, 6ROGERY STORE. fresh Hutter snd Fggs a Special! y. goodm: i.t»w ritit i Goods delivered free to anj- part of the H.

B. BROWN PLUMBING, Steam Gas Fitting. We carry a large Lne of new goods, and are prepared io do nil of work. 209 West Seventeenth Street. McNAIR FORD.

NEW AND SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, GLASSWARE, Carpets and Crockery. Call and price our No. 410 Wast Seventeenth Cheyenne. Stockgrowers National Bank CHEYENNE WYOMING Ixx MBOO.OOO Wurplua and ed INTFRKST ON TIME DKPOBITB. OFFIIKKM ANDREW PreeldenU HKN RY G.

Ha Y. CaaUler. IL A. ABRY, AMlatant IMAler. J.


COLLINS. Pres. fi. l. BEARD.

Cashier. G. F. MORGAN, Cashier on Time Depotiu. Special Attention Pbid to ColleciWfu an Draftt Drawn on Principal of the and Europe, SHE SAYS YES i irW A 1 Il And tliv reason she said yes was because lie was dressed in ol Hellman's Suits and a SIO Overcoat, and they fitted him so nice and he looked so well (as everyone does that buys their clothes of Hellman) she could not flay anything else.

your clothing of BEN HELLMAN, Wyoming's Leading Clothier, Furnisher, Hatter and Shoer, 302 and 304 SIXTEENTH STREET, CHEYEWNE TRAVELERS TO GOLD HILL Will find ample HCf-omniikdatlons s' the FT. STEELE HOTEL AT FT. STEELE, WYO, From which point Leave Daily Saratoga, Hot Springs nnEMMER, frop. The road from Saratoga to Gold Hill is open NOW and traveled every day. IVX.

F. K.EEFE GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, rtixcl 41U XJV Bexzontooiitli 0t- Building Stone, Stone Sidewalks, x. all kinds of Stone Cutting, gy Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Work. Stained, Ornamental and Bava Iron Fences, In fact all kind-, of material connected with 1 in-building trnde. moment In your down-town career and utep into The Wyoming Hardware Kt ore, Seventeenth street, Cheyenne.

YOTJ WILL be ktirprrned at the seemingly variety of useful and mechanical articles contained therein. it possible, surprise you more, Ik the really small amount of loose change required to purchase them. ZEHNER, BUECHNER CO. Watchmakers and Jewelers Fine Diamond Goods, Watches and Jewelry. vi Corner of Sixteenth and Fergazen, Cheyeaze, Wya.


Deering Mowers and Binders, and Omaha Barbed Wire. WROUGHT IRON FAMILY RANGES. A E. S. JOHNSTON CO.

Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Groceries, Grain, Hay and Ranch Produce, and everything found lu a First CIaHH Store. rompt attention given to out of town Orders. Subscribe tor The Daily Leader.

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