Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1933 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 11
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mm L WHO IS BRIDE "w^"- ****** Nlt Nil. entertained 3 lie I which a i,mt Thursday evening at a 1 shower 1ft honor o guests bough ^^ enough tolooki paJttern for a qull presented to th< received many othe LndVseTuI gifts. Oufoftowi f. were four sisters of th, f MM C. Rippentrop and Mrs M Madezke, Elmore; Mrs lld Buffalo Center Titonka /Mwer and Peter Bruer were A at the Lutheran parsonage y n lg h t with the Bev. Mr s offlciatnlg. .. wife Nearly Well— Vev.and Mrs. 'F. O. Johnson home Thursday from Knox whh *e they have been for th, /'four months. The' (Rev. Jtfhn 1,3 much improved since hte at I of mate fever ' and aKhou K h fas strong as formerly, hopes to .ntirely well soon. Although not ' recovered, Mrs. Johnson wll l »oon bo fl'Me to teke up her He In helping her husband carry L work, but both feel the lose • baby keenly. LCI'S Mother Is III— tieanor 'Lockwood, local teacher t called to her home In Illinois I Thursday evening by a message ing ih«r mother was critically 111 j Shultz and Harry Mussman her to Mason City that nlghi Batch a train cast. They missed ftratn by a few minutes and she a bus to Waterloo, hoping to I a train out of there. No word I afl ye t teen received from her i Women aro Honored— ies&unes E. R. Worley and Smith entertained 20 women at m Smith's last week Tuesday af- fcoon in honor of iMrs. Gus Tor- I and Mrs. Harold (Pierce. The trnoon was spent sewing, play- I cards, and visiting. Mrs. Plerce'e (ther, Mrs, Kessee, of Ellsworth i an out of town guest. leniim Holds Clmrcli Meet— jstrict Superintendent Muhle- r i had charge of the services at [Methodist church Sunday morn- and evening. Mrs. iMuhleman mpanied him. -A congregational r was served in the church „,£ room to 60, and a short busl- i session was held In the at ter- ity Honors Gus Torlnes— ihe J. H. Warburtons entertained •guests Thursday evening In hon- lof Mr. and Mrs. Gus Torino, who I moving west of Swea City.. The ig was spent with various :, puzzles, etc., and lunch was I. Mrs. Warburton and Mrs fine are sisters. Hj for Will Mali uses— i party of 70 was held at the II Mabus home last week Tuea- j evening in honor of the Map's, who are moving March 1 to i farm west of town formerly i iy (Postmaster Barger. Mr. p>us bought this farm last year. i Parties (or the Torlneg— neighborhood parties were I last week honoring -the .Qua Jrlnes. One was at Clarence Ed- Ird's Wednesday evening and one | the Torine's Friday night. They B presented a gift at each, and 6shments were served. I Member IB Honored— ( Harry Moe and (Mrs. An- r Johnson entertained Methodist at the Moe'e last week Wednes- Mrs. Pierce was given a ellvef *le as a parting gift. ' for Mart in Hobos— ^surprise farewell party was held |the Martin Bobo's last Thursday : by neighbors who came to w them before they move to a "i near Emmetshurg. re « Party~]s~Glv<m— Woodman and Royal Neigh » Save a party at the hall ]ae .Monday night In honor o "«s who are moving away ; • "owd attended. >t^^^_ HereJs K088CTH COUNTY ADVANr.tt »/!»«.. IOWA Schedule Official Schedule for the District No. 3 Basket Ball Tournament which opens today at the Algona High School Gymnasium and closes Saturday Bode B Schools A Schools Bye Swea City Algona THURS. 8:30 P.M. Emmetsburg Bye West Bend Buffalo Cent'r THURS. 9:30 P. M. Rolfe PARTY IS GIVEN FOR GEILENFELTS AT FOUR CORNERS Four Corners, Feb. 28—The P. T. . members of Union, Dlst. No. 7, ave a 7 o'clock dinner at the Arhur Crulkshank home last week 'uesday evening In honor of Mrs. Walter CteOentelt and family. The table was laid for the 16 P. T. A. membere amd place cards were tiny mblems of 'red, white, and blue, '1th table decorations of American aga. A P. T. A. isong composed by Mr. nd Mrs. Genrich was sung just be- THURS. 2:30 P. M, Wesley FRI. 2:30 P. M. THURS. 3:30 P.M. Seneca Cons. SAT. 2:30 P. M. Livermore THURS. 4:30 P. M. Ringsted Schedule FBI. 8:30 P. M. Lu Verne THURS. 7:30 P.M. Ottosen SAT. 7:45 P. M. Bradgate FRI. 9:00 A. M. Woden FRI. 9:30 P. w. FRI. 4:30 P. M. FBI. 10:00A.M. Titonka SAT. 8:45 P. M. SAT. 3:30 P. M. Lone Rock FRI. 11:00 A. M. Rodman FRI. 7:30 P. M. FRI. 8:80 P. M. Mallard FRI. 1:30 P. M. Plover X E. H. Beardaley, assesso Board Proceedings , Incorporation, has 325 bona fide wwim-bers and that , that the assessments on Lot /-!„ » I -., — -"-^- > -'=" «.uu men in tne County Auditor's office February 13. 12-95-29 were reversed -and the cor rect assessments should toe as fol February 16, 1933 Auditor's Office, February 16, ]Jf33. Board of Supervisors of Koesuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present Motion by McDonald -and •eocaiided by Heiken that the following Secondary Road Petitions if or graivel be placed on file: Nos. 221, 238 349 240, 241, 242. 2*3, :244, .245. '.Ayes: All. 'Motion .by Heiken and 'gnconded by 'Balgeman that final estimates of A. A. Mettler be approved: Project No. 6 for $129.75, Project No. 5 for $124.71, Project No. <6 £ar . : $H6'82 Ayes: All. ' ' Motion by McDonald and seconded by Heiken that the penalty on the personal property of Pertney Jack- eon, Burt, Iowa, tie abatua for the year 1923, and the County 'Treasurer ore ttoe Kuests were seated, and a oast was sung to Mrs. Geilenfelt at he close of the dinner. A Present >uou(m Dy 1( . unnemark a rom the members of the P. T. A. londed by Balgeman that a refund as also given to her. of $4.00 poll tax foe nnaofe -to one , instructed to abate same this 16th A » ec . ua uuiu given LU nci. uj. ?<t.uu jruu tax uae nnaoB& 'to one After the dinner the regular P. T. jClifford Johnson, Buffalo Township m<u*Tmr -ana hpirl Th« school because of beinft doublv taxed In th« V. meeting -was held. The school'because^of •being' doubly taxed in the ang two songs, The Flag, and ather of the Land We Love. Ed- Inkota News. Han >iutot8 called a hospital Saturday 8chwletert - Mis p~T"" north of town. P* E. R. w .,.u y waa hostes ^ t school class las ! "ing. Mrs. Gue of the leason on Mesdames Harry -y, and 'i the of i: fi cr^ price -^neea3t fo boys IIJU l-Vi/>/so „., 1 rth ot thPir fai ' m four "fa. w,,, P'^ent home. •«h «;.v Heetiand, John and ls the mar- In the won In re- ard Genrich eangr two solos ac- ompanled by 'Mrs. Genrich at the lano. The rest of the evening was spent community singing and visiting. 11 members of the P. T. A. and rs. Edith Rich, Elmer Witham, Walter Hauck, and Irene Thilges were present. The -next meeting will be with Mie Wm. Draytona, when Mrs. (Bishop, of Algona, will be speaker. Golden Wedding 1 Observed— Mr. and iMrs. Harvey Johnson, Algona, celebrated their golden wedding 1 anniversary at the home of their daughter, Mrs. John Rich, a week ago Sunday. The Johnsons were married 50 years February 14. Present at dinner were Mr. and Mrs. George 'Lee and niece, Ruth Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Johnson and childen, Algona, Mr. am Mrs. (Ben Terhune, and Mr. and Mrs. !Lee Works, of Swea City. Mi- Works is a brother of Mrs. Lyle Johnson. Surprise for Ethan Lights— A surprise farewell party was riven .Jn' honor ot the Ethan Lights Friday. Present were Mrs. Wm. Rich, Walter and Ruth, the Wiliam Oraytons, Pearl and Russell, rloberti Grace, Raymond, Leona, Luella and Melvin Walker, and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Broesder. A social evening was spent. The guests furnished late lunch. The Lights are moving to the Butterfield farm nortfh of Burt. M. A D. Meeting Is Postponed— The Mothers and Daughters clnb id not meet -last Thursday as was ilanned, but was postponed until urther notice. Other Four Corners. The teacher and pupils of Diet. '•Jo. 7 held a party at the school- ouse last Wednesday afternoon or t<he Walter Geilenfelt children, fames furnished entertainment and unch was served? The Geilenfelts re mqylng to the farm which Steve -ioss Is leaving 1 March 1. Etna and Noble Mitchell, and H. !. Rlst, Algona, went to Falrfleld a 'eek ago Monday to attend the] uneral of Dr. R. C. Sayere. return- ng 1 home Tuesday. at- .^k' ^^^? W?h «t Mr. and \ Lot 5 and N 1-4 ot Lot 6, assessed value $ Middle 1-2 of Lot S •assessed value 200 0 Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconde< by Funnemark tttiat Soldiers' Ex emption be given Mrs. Rose House holder for years 1931 and 1932 am the County Auflrtor Instructed to correct tlhe same 'on the property a follows: Lot 2, Block 1, of Reserva tion No. 2. Ayes: All. Motion by IBaJlgeman and seconded by Heiken tha.t School Fund Loan of $500 of Chas. E. Roupe for five years with interest per annum be approved. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to on o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—(Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. [RECOMMENDATION The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, recommend that all contracts for membership In Kossuth County Farm Bureau signed before January 1, 1933, be col- year 1930. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded eu DetO re January 1, 1933, be col- by McDonald that the County Audi- ]e cted and fllea in the Auditor's of- tor be instructed to make necessary ! fi ce corrections on 1932 tax list as per | Therefore, upon appointment of a affidavit of IS. «. Beardsley, assessor J committee of Geo. W. Godfrey J J of Algona Incorporation, aa follows: INurre and W. A. Murray the' con- A LGONAT MERCHANTS who use ** $alee~ books of any kind are Jn- ited to place orders with the Ad- ance and s t'hus leave a little of the noney at home. Quality and prices uaranteed equal to any quoted by aveling solicitors. Typewriter Ribbpn* pi " ome water It is tfcei«9Dre further agreed up- red by the Board of of Koesuth county Iowa, that said contracts will (be destroyed if they are not called for iri six mcrattrs. day this K,, ^."^ "' ^ al & ema n and seconded by Ftejinemark that the taxes for 1931 ran property owned by Agues K..Ijeveck described as follows- w +* °lr^ h ? ?"% 1 " t and the NW^i of the SB 1-4 Section 28-94-29 be sus- pendsd as recommended by the trux- tees 'o'f Eiverdale Township. AywT by Heiken and seconded by Balgeman Chat the request of A, W. AH. be rejected. Ayes: RESCKLUTION WHBRiBAB the Secretary and . « ° f l u e Kossuth County the dues for the 3<e-ar 1933 amount $1625.00. Therefore the Section 2930 of Code of Iowa 1981 prwddee-that the Board of Supervisors 'shall appropriate to said organizat'fim from the general fund of the county, a sum not to exceed a total «4 $5,000.00. Be It Therefore 'Resolved, That this Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, hereby appropriate to tne said organization the sum of $3250.0$ as provided in said section 2930 of the Code of Iowa, 1931, for the Tear 1933. Adopted this 16bh day of February, 1%S3. Motion t>y Funnemark and seconded fey Balgeman that pauper notice "be served on V. J. Thackeray, Swea City, Iowa. Ayes: ATI. RESOLUTION "Be It Resolved, By the Board of Supervisors of Koesuth county, . of said Board transferred from the T. E. eradication fund to the poor fund of said county. Whereas, it will be impossible to return the Fifteen Thousand Dollars (?15,000.00) to the said T. B. eradication fund. PAGE THRBli ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^% Therefore, by petition presented to the representative of this 86th district A. H. (Bonnetetter and O. w Patterson the Senator of the 47th Jt and by agreement -with ouu Budget Director Mr. Oscar Anderson, whereby Koesuth county received an extension of on« year on men- this vith of Approval TIVas Buffalo township— Ohrte Brandt. Hurt township— K. O. Ewoldt. P^n n ' Fenton township— Absent. larm" fwnship _ Herman German township—tnybe Winters. Grant township— (Prank Jacobs Greenwood township. — Andrew 1 angman. -fvuurew, Harrison township— peter LoofL Hebron township— Tom Bere Jrvington township— Henry Elsch- Ledyard township— <3eorg 6 Moul- Lincoln 6k . . Ed war(3g townshi P ~ George townshil> - ^^rank Clap- Portland township— W. H. Schwle- ^ Prairie township— John Arndorf- Hellman. townshl]>-^iohn Frieres. Seneca township-JL. C. Cast .Sherman township— fiim Leigh. Springfield township-e. B. Rlslc. Swea township— Axel Erickson. union township — A. K rrtiiv- hank. • ' < - iuut Wesley township-^l,. A. Eoleneua. Whittemore township — H F chultz. • Meeting organized on motion by unnemark and seconded by Georgtf Coulton that Chas. Morrie act Id hairman. Ayes: AIL ™'?? by , ^^Seman and seconded McDonald 'that E. J. Butler; v» n . ty AA , ud « or . act as secretary! yes. A.H, Motion by Sim Leigh and seconded y Cruikshank that following reso- ition be adopted: "WTiereas, H. M. Smith, County, ngineer, presented, hte report to the? oarcl of Approval and each repre- entative of township was given an pportumty to examine said report n regard to road program for hla espective township, and • ^S™* 8 '^ 1 ?^ Count y Engineer, aving read the road report recom- nending the roads to toe improved uring 1933, therefore, Be It Resolved by this [Board of Englneer ' s Report M this 16th •y, A. D., 1933. All members voting- "aye."(See road record for Engineer^ jport.) ' Motion made and seconded that oard of Approval adjourn subject •> call of Board of Supervisors. E. 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