Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 2, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1933
Page 9
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DECBYSGOLD AS BASE FOR WORLD MONEY TODAY By William Capculns. Wlnnetka, fill., Feb. 23—From the lorertflent established' by Mr. Hoover in negotiations with the debtor nations, I must pay my subscription before I can be heard on any other question. Hence, I enclose check for another year. So many years have passed since I was a resident of Kossuth that I •am now familiar with only a few •names in your news Items. However, • I enjoy the paper for the memories lit revives, and also because it gives ALGONA, IOWA, MARCH 2, 1933 Mr. Capeslus, who Is a Chicago lawyer, IB a brother of Frank and John Capeslus, Algona, Edw. Capeslus, 'Livermore, and Peter CapeslUB, Ottosen. I me some ideas of the troubles of the Ifarmer, whoso prosperity and well- iibelng have always been a matter of leollcltude to me,' '''.', . . Viewing the Plight of,the farmer tin the light of the history of this • country, there never' was .a' time Iivlien he was in a worso position fthan today. Good farms ' can be 'purchased not many miles from Ohi- loago for $20 -an acre. .'This I& less |than the pioneer had to- . 'lay out fen he .purchased raw la'iid .at : $2 an acre and made the necessary im- Iprovements. Editorial Is Criticised. ' May I be so bold as to. criticise •your explanation of the money question in your issue of two weeks ago? •The question was ably discussed, •but there are certain phases to which you did not refer. Maybe your republican principles kept you Jfrom referring to them, or perhaps |it was oversight. I have discovered that the -ultra- Mnservatlve citizen, usually the Jliolder of tax-free bonds or other •government securities, always has •i good argument against tampering ivlth the monetary unit. The trouble is that the fluctuation (in the monetary unit is an illusion. jJust as people say the 'sun rises, •when it fact it is the earth that [turns, so they say gold remains al- FISH & GAME COMMISSION ISWROVED Compulsory T. B.Law Upheld by House After Scrap. By A. H. Bonnstcttcr. IStatehouso, Ke« Molnos, Fob 21- Houso Flic 117 came up for consideration Tuesday morning. This bill the fact that in co mn H tc e cured 14 vote., In its favor a *» in opposition, I anticipated the votes were counted it defeated, SO-24. Therefore committee was packed with mem be £_." s « th >' ««th tho bin. MRS, F. S, JENKS, LEOYARD, PASSES Ledyard Feb. 28-(Last week Tuesday morning Mrs. F . S. Jenks died ±^°™ h <™«. *«<* * l°ng i county mor ° an having come before there was a railway and when th! ™ country but •• "*' ".iiuL/jur ni attracted more than ordinal- attention. This bin related to h protection of fi.s-h and game and t powers of the commission you will recall that this <L r was created by the 44th General AS sembly. During its short period o .> the commission hn<t mi/in a wonderful record. !„ fact the committee on reduction of governmental expenditures commended the work of this group highly because of the efficient and "econom- n the same in value, and other :oramodltles go up or down. (Let's lalyze the situation. Silver History Recalled. The ratio In value between gold knd silver is now 1 to 85. There was »time in the history of this country when It was 1 to 15. The amount of Hirer mined, as determined by Wit, is now only 12 to 1. If the md for silver and gold for mone- purpoees had not been changed n'il' 8 ? Mlshment of «!* gold be about 1 to 12 The trouble is that men cannot Werentlate between 4lue and - Vn,ue is a mental concept a,, ,' lyslC some economical manner in which the funds of the fish and game department were handled. During the discussion of House File 238, the following facts wero brought to the attention of the I~Touse: The commission has been study- Ing the problem of what it felt would constitute the most efficient regulatory measures. Information has been gathered from all sources, conservation and sportsman organizations, farmer groups, commercial fishermen, fur men, etc. The conclusion arrived at was that the Increased demand for wild life, the increased destruction of the natural habitat of wild life of the Swea City Schools in Brave Trophy Exhibit of the country raised nothing nay. Mr. and Mrs. Jenks a hotel here at that time. The maiden name of Mrs- was Kate Murphy, am i she was born December 31, 1850, at Nevada Iowa. At death she was 77. On Do-' comber 31, 1 S 78. in California she wn fl married to Frank S. j on k s Tho husband, and one daughter vivo 'P ai ' l€s Junklns ' °maha, B u£ \ive. Two —" ' of Ledyard, besides an dead. Norm Plngol, and James Welfare! Out of town persons not above mentioned who were- here for the funeral were Alva Hall, Webster •Mr. and Mrs. T. H. McGIll. gun, Algona; the Earl Jenks family Blue Earth; and Mr, and Mrs What Editors Are Saying IN SOME COUNTIES real progress nff mad6 ln tax Auction, th h though in many cases it will show up much till next year. not The sons, Fred, and Joe, of Bancroft, daughter, are were ^n the house by the Rev. C. E J3rv den Bancroft, and Interment was made in the family lot in Greenwood cemetery, Bancroft. Pallbear ora were Everett Hartehorn EB . ....i .ivjwvi. vuitr. j.ne T'-aer Star-Clipper, published in lama county, says"The list of heavy taxpayers of r ,;"7 townah iP. showing what each r-iim owner 5ias to pay this year •educed'T tiTLS ^ * to" •ears the cut in Perry township amounts to nearly $1.4,500. 1 his means an average reduction of a trifle more than $100 on each quarter section In the township AH townships may not show such radical cut, but the decline is heavy in all cases. The total tax n the county last yea,, was J^ and this year $107,000, average of more than - *• — «*.w^i Lciin, but thi officers of the taxpayers' league be liev e It will be unexpectedly heavy Certain the expenditures wii ures will be much less, but whether they can be reduced as rapidly as income is a serious question ii A l f IarleS> Jncludi "£ teachers il lie less, road work will be rad- caly cur t ailed( a material saving will be made in courthouse and other expenses, and there will probably be a reduction in the state levy, but the shortage in tax income in the rise year Wl " CaUSC a ffeneral s «- n nnn e o «°re tha $33 000 for each of the 20 township of the county. "What can be accomplished the ° £ the more burdensome than ever vhlch will offset some of the cuts iiade m other funds." HPHE YOUNGSTERS on -the Des -«• Moinos Register, including H Al., who play up Phil Stong's libidinous "State .Fair"' n e if it were a great play instead of a rotten libel on young American manhood and womanhood, are deservedly rebuke* '" thls comment by the veteran ™ °''' » A> Moscrlp ' as C,ty t0 Hera,dt ^ « *» "Editor Moscrlp, of the Marshan- town Times-Republican, says sonM- th ng .that needs to be said, thusly-; Who 6 right about Iowa, the low* authors who do the hyena-hunting- for instances of decayed morality. or the country press that knows It* communities name by name? Ana. rt-hats the matter with us, or BO many of us, who raid bookshops and ibrarles when an Iowa author, digs i bastardy case out of the grav*- card files of a justice of the peawv r, m the vernacular of the slums. reates women of the streets from chool and college, girls, to pictur* he morals and characters of our ecent state? Where do we get Hat smoking-car, train-butcher library complex? Inherent? Or cul- ivated? Certainly there are moral apses in Iowa, junk yards,' dead orses, the effluvia from dead rats the wainscoting; but, too, there re nobility, splendid manhood, an* omanhood, high character, decent ving. Which belongs in litera- , ,' ' store has had on display trophies won In the seasons, plaques, cups, and .s.U-er basketballs. The ten . figure of a player won by " n ° T T* '" a COUntj ' t at Ledyard this season The high school boys have three cups one for B championship in 1030, and 3931, the other for championship for sectional in 1932; two plaques high school class state, and the changing conditions, cooperative game Price Index Favored; e r the . <e foi P°» cents Mis. 90. i U-6 er received now receives 45 and a more flexible provision for regulation was badly needed to carry out a program of management. By granting- authority to the commission to make regulations the jsame can be made when and where I needed. The legislature Is not in a position to do 'this, because as a rule It meets only every two years, and if is impossible to adopt regu- latolns by statute in advance to meet conditions as they occur. Enforcement of unsatisfactory secure statutory regulations is difficult commodities, a "d expensive. The fish, game, and of Labor Sta- fur'resources of the state are worth $10,000,000 to $12,000,000 a year and can are too valuable to depend on inadequate statutory regulations. •For many years in the past, each session of the legislature attempted, to enact satisfactory regulatory measures pertaining to fish and game, but each following session changed or altered these regulations; arid as a consequence the present regulations are confusing, unsatisfactory, and difficult to enforce. The time expended by the legislature during the past three sessions on bills of this nature has cost the state in excess of $90,000. following this, a number of amendments were offered, but all were defeated, and the bill passed the house by a vote of SO-20. "Wednesday, .morning House, -File * *>.oji ouiiuui ciass 13 championships, 1929, 1930; and one Plaque for 1930 district high school class B championship. The Cardinals show two trophies, one for the northwest Iowa independent cham- . gold medal championship at Spen- 'lonship at aiason City i n 1931, and or in 1S32. lovers Arc Clmiig-lng; Homes- Moving- has begun in town as well w country. The H. E. Jensons have moved from the Ernest Miller house o one formerly occupied by William Poole. I-Iagbert Okon is moving from his town house to his farm derson, and dther relatives here His mother has been sick for BOme time. Mr. Anderson was once cashier of the Swea City State bank nere. Me is now assistant to courthouse officers in Dewey county, Other Swea City. Coach Schuler took .his high school basketball team to (Fairmont one night last week for a practice game with the Fairmont team. In view of the tournament at Algona practice on large floors was eesen- The Thursday club met at Mrs. Paul Larson's last Thursday. The program was in charge of Mayme Bravender, Alida Vaux, and Mary .eland. the er ' 16 " th6 .P rlc e index in the north of town. The Perry Torines who have lived on a farm south of town, are moving to the Rachel i •Stockman residence in the east part ! of .town. • The C. O. Pertemons are moving from the Payette farm to the Jake Kllman farm, east of Lakota. The Lester Knutsons are moving into the house on the- Bert Larson farm, and the'Hugh Butter- fields are moving from toe farm to a house- in' town. The Gus Torines are moving from near 'Lakota to a farm southwest of Swea City. ea6on: These as nations this in of our whlch for turn , , 311, a bill whidh imposes a license fee of lOc a gallon on all motor fuel which does not contain 10 per cent alcohol made from corn, barley, or a combination rye, of or the J Jons. much more , v , and the a > long .term obu , ,r i ?.!» nl f» ^ve same, was brought up for consideration. The supposition was that this would provide an avenue for disposal of surplus corn and other grains. For some reason I am not as en- tnuhiastlc about this proposition as some other members. I still recall the corn sugar propaganda. If anyone profited by this experiment, I am certain that it was not the farmer. We had a public hearing on this measure Tuesday. The affair struck me as a fight between a group of promoters and the oil interests. I am not saying that the bill will not yet my support, but I do say that 1 1 am doing some serious thinking about it. The spring vacation starts Friday, and this will give me an opportunity io concentrate on appropriations. I have a great deal of work that must be done before we reconvene, and I trust that I may realize my plans Telephone Cuts Ar o Demanded— The town council met last Thursday with a representative of the Iowa Union Telephone company to discuss lowering rates. It had been asked that house phones be reduced from $1.50 to $1.00 and business phones from $2.00 to ^1.50. Heny Myre, AV. C. Smith, and J. E! Vaughn were the taxpayers committee who presented the demand. The telephone company was represented by J. M. Shea, Emmetsburg, and T, F. Johnson. No decision wa reached, and it was decided to con tinue the hearing till the Marc meeting. The taxpayers commiitte also asked that light and powe rates be reduced one-third, but thei was no representative present fron the Interstate Power company. Men Servo Oyster Supper— Last week Wednesday evenin the Methodist men held a . monthly FREE COOKING SCHOOL Bryant Auditorium, March 2, 3, & 4 «. " ^ meeting. They had an oyster sup per at C:30, and Carl Arnold, Ray Lawrence, David Hosier, and J. E Young were cooks and waiters, Fol lowing supper the ~ Muhleman, district Rev. AV. G superintendent entertained with moving pictures and a description of a trip willi three students through the Yellowstone park, the Black Hills, and the Bad Lands of Dakota. Grades Have Sports Itecord— The seventh and eighth grades have had more than their share of victories ithls year. In declamatory work the}' won a cup at Ledyard. Later tho boys won a basketball toarnament there. 'Last Thursday night a tamiuet was served In the school dining room to honor the winners. Supt. and Mrs. Parsons, Mr. and airs. Sweany, and Misses Wilcox and AVylam were guests. [ 38 •« to GASOLINE USEDTO START KITCHEN FIRE EXPLODES Fenton, Feb. 2'S—It was an unfortunate experience when Arthur Prtebe, lame Rock, son of Mr. and Ftenton, attempted £%!ou e over, learned to start a fire In the heating stove- It with gasoline which he thought was kerosene. Tto gas In a gallon can caught fire and exploded, causing slight burns and setting fire to the dining room and living room. The dining room furniture was badly dWS&sred, and considerable damage 'was done to the Interior of the room -_-, ,-by smoke, and dames. The young ,4ftp People bad Jvwt started houaekeep- "~~'- --"- ' tbfr isw a hard Canilnals Win One, Lose Two— The Cardinals last week played three games. Monday night they won from Sibley, 34-23; Tuesday night they last to Spencer at Estherville, 39-33; last Thursday night they walked all over Algona, 68-22. Krumm was high scoi'er in the latter game, making 24 points. This week Thursday night the Cardinals play the Harlem Globe Trotters at Ledyard. Farewell for Richards 'Family— The Floyd Richards family are moving to a faj-m near Blue Earth. Last week Tuesday they were honored by a gathering of members and friends of the Methodist church in the church basement, and 75 attended. The evening was spent at games, and ttoene was a program directed by Miss Moats. Mr. and Mrs. Richards were presented with a gift. Bwjker Ylglis Wise Folks Have Their Clothes Dry Cleaned Says Miss Gladys icon- ey, School Expert. NO APOLOGIES NECESSARY You don't have to apologize to anyone when you have your clothes dry cleaned, In fact it is a mark of thrift and common sense. Our process is scientifically correct. Your clothes, furs, rugs, draperies, will be cleaned. Our Berlou service offers you permanent protection against moth damage. Ask about it. MODERN HoW to ENJOY Cooking How to plon meals-to prepare new dishes Learn about SKELGAS and how to save hours in the kitchen 1 n We invite you to be our guests at (Name of Cooking School). We want you and all of your friends to come and learn to enjoy cooking, ^nether or not you are interested in Skelgas, you ARE interested in menus, meal planning, new dishes and ways to save steps and minutes in the kitchen. * But every woman is glad to learn more about Skelgas, too. Every woman wants to see and know about the labor-saving, timesaving things that she can use in her daily work. Every woman wants to know how, at surprisingly low cost, she can have real gas conveniences in her home. never You You will see how easy cooking may be Ym, ^ Why P ° ts and P™S nS scrubbed nor scoured-only rinsed have the opportunity to light Skelgas, mtenseV hot heat, then turn out' the Skelgas is real gas-well gas that brings citv gas convenience to anyone, anywhere m?le« from the city gas mains. It is. l^T giotne "Hf BJUSTROWS BaftState

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